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Top Stories:
California kids blasted for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo
Ex-Boy Scout Leader Faces Child Porn Charges
Ex-Husband Arrested in House Bomb Case
Dry Ice Sends 3 Middle Schoolers To Hospital
Taylor arrested, charged with rape
Lakeland man arrested for preaching too loud
DNA-cleared man free after three decades
St. Pete bars to stay open later
World stocks slide on Dow collapse, debt crisis

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports Scores, Dave Reinhart’s Funeral discussed

The show started off with audio of The Rays winning. Bubba said the
music was provided by Spice, he then recapped some sports scores,
Brent said Seattle isn’t a bad team. Bubba went over some stuff on and, Spice said the media loves to name stuff,
he thinks he would be the power alley get away guy, Bubba then plugged
Brent’s appearance tonight in Orlando, he then plugged his appearance
at Lumber Liquidators in Plant city, he said he can’t make it to Dave
Reinhart’s funeral, Spice said you wouldn’t want to be the guy to role
in late to a funeral, Spice said he’s not a fan of funerals, Manson
said he’s not going, as he didn’t know his kid’s names, Bubba wonders
if he should even go now. Manson said he went into Dave’s office one
time, he had some mints in a geometric shape, Brent thinks Bubba
shouldn’t show up, Spice thinks people wouldn’t look at him any
differently if he was to show up, Bubba said the guys have the ability
to twist things. Ned said he’ll go, provided they have an open bar,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – ITouch discussions Street Preacher

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
lumber Liquidators, then into some OAR as bumper music. Bubba asked
what the ITouch is; Spice said it’s like the iPhone without the phone.
Bubba said Larry Plummer wants to hear the show, Brent said it’s
Wunder Radio, Spice said you have to be near a WiFi signal in order
for it to work. Dave said the ITouch won’t work in the car, he said
the Black Berry Curve will work just fine. Bubba said there’s a street
preacher in Lakeland, he then read the article, where the guy uses
amps and speakers, we then heard a news lip about that, the guys think
they should send Twenty-five Cent to the opposite corner and say
“yeah”. Bubba thinks they should get him on the show for 30 minutes,
he said the resolve is great, Spice thinks they should do it
10:00-10:30, so it doesn’t affect their numbers, he thinks they should
do a street show, Bubba said they do Bubbapalooza, he said he’s always
labeled as a shock jock. Twenty-five Cent came in, he said he had no
idea, Brent said he could contact some people to find out. Steve in
Tampa said he lives near the guy, he said he’s not near Downtown
Lakeland, he said he’s on exit 28 and us92, Bubba guessed the guy
likes to sleep in, he thinks the guy and Aubry Huff have the same
phone. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails and Birthdays

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Aaron in Chicago came on, he asked Bubba about his Chicago deal,
Spice said Howard 100 News said something about it, Bubba said he’s
not supposed to comment. Aaron said if you call in, use the Bluetooth,
he then said that Manson kicks field goals barefoot. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said the Street preacher is a great guy; he said he’ll
try to see him today. Biren in Lakeland said the preacher has a
regular job; he described the car he drives in. The first email of the
day said they haven’t heard the show in a while, but are impressed at
what he does. Another emailer thinks Bubba is a racist pig for his
argument with Awesome Kong. Another emailer said TNA is a sinking
ship. Another emailer said they haven’t heard Hogan call in, Bubba
thinks the emailer is on to something. Bubba said some kids were
wearing American Flags on Cinco De Mayo, they got suspended, Manson
said we’re losing our country. Rick in Detroit asked what will happen
with Hogan’s show, Bubba wondered why he should do that when Hogan
can’t stick up for him, he said Hogan left him a message asking if his
show was on, Ned said Hogan has moxy. Bubba went over some birthdays,
he thinks he shouldn’t even play “rock and Roll part 2”, he wonders
how the song got so popular, Brent said they don’t use it in sporting
places, Manson wonders where Rock and Roll Part 1 is. We then heard
“Musk Rat Love”, Manson said that would piss him off, Bubba said we
were pathetic back in the 70’s, Spice said he’d blow his head off, the
guys cracked up at the sound effects in the song, Bubba is convinced
the Captain had chicken dip. Tim in California said he was calling
from a marine base, he said they just got back from Iraq, he then hung
up. Bubba and Spice think Lawrence Taylor is screwed; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Lawrence Taylor discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada on
Saturday August 14, then into a news clip about Lawrence Taylor on
trial for rape and prostitution of a 16 year-old girl. We then heard
“Loves Crack”, parody of “Love shack”. The song recaps the time when
Taylor was arrested for crack possession in Florida, which isn’t in
the catalog. Bubba said the bit was horrible, Manson said it was bad
edits, he thinks the audio clip was the best part, he joked he must’ve
been on crack when he did that, the guys groaned at the audio, Bubba
thinks they should play Manson’s ten most horrible bits, he thinks
they should do Best of concept shows, he said the Raiders finally got
rid of Jamarcus Russell, Brent said he’s a bust, Bubba went over the
guy’s history, he then read the article about Lawrence Taylor’s latest
situation, Spice said the guy is a scumbag. Brent said Lawrence asked
if he knew where he could get any Cocaine. Bubba took a call from a
guy who said when he loses 102.5, he has to switch to 96.5, he wonders
why the signal is ahead by a few seconds, Bubba said it’s about the
location of the towers, it’s also about delay. Jeff asked if Bubba
will really give the street preacher time, Bubba said yes, the guy
said Shelly is just trying to make a living. Bubba asked who Dj Ravi
is, Spice explained who he was. We then heard a news clip about
Lawrence Taylor. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Manson’s new Bit, TNA tough Guys

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bikes for Badges on
May 22. We then heard “Take A Walk, you got fired Guy”, the song
recaps Bubba’s history at TNA. Bubba came on saying the bit was
brutal, but good, he thinks Spice has the glow sticks with the song,
Spice said he never saw “Drum Line”, bubba said he watched it on BET
with Heather a few weeks ago, Spice as Bubba said he’ll watch some old
movies, Brent said he loves the Friday series of movies. Bubba said
they’ve got a new thing called “TNA tough guys”, Spice said some
videos will lead to more videos, Brent said they’ve got some losers.
We then heard a clip of a guy named Armon, bubba thinks the guy looks
like Tom Taylor on aids, he said the guy is a grone man trying to
editorialize on a fake sport. Armon called the guy a jobber radio guy,
Bubba said he can’t play the clip of the ten year-old ranting about
him, as it’s too dirty; Manson said 42 people will look at this stuff.
Bubba told Dixie this was her audience, he said Dixie did him a favor,
he said he doesn’t’ care about the job. We then heard another guy
talking about Bubba, Bubba thinks the guy is hurting for
entertainment, he then goofed on the guy in the clip, Brent said this
just proves that people are pussies. We then heard a clip of a guy
called “The Fury 617” talking about Bubba, Spice said boopity, Bubba
thinks the guy is mildly retarded, he thinks the guy looks 45, Spice
thinks he’s retarded, the guys cracked up at the guy stumbling over
his words, Bubba thinks it was a blessing, he thinks the guy in the
clip is a black, rugged version of B-Fudd, the guys cracked up at the
guy in the clip, Manson said the guy is ignorant, Bubba said this just
shows how pathetic TNA is, he said this just proves what he’s been
saying for a long time, he said he’d like to do this every day, Brent
said Vince laughs at stuff like this. We then heard Ned’s “Big Black
Bitch”; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – DJ Ravi visits the BRN

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS newsletter.
DJ Ravi came in, he said he’s 31 in LA Years, he joked he’s 73; bubba
said his dentist has told him about him. Ravi said if anyone likes
Indian food, He said he’s the 711 Indian, Spice joked he looks like a
trendy terrorist, DJ Ravi joked that they like to talk to him at the
airport; he said the party is at the ICC, Spice said $60 will get you
dinner. Bubba said his wife goes to an Indian place that gives her the
worst breath, Spice said he had some neighbors would cook with that
stuff, bubba thinks he could go to India and be like a cow, DJ Ravi
said he was at a Grammy party, he talked with bono a little, he then
did his impersonation of him. Bubba said he’s tired of Bono preaching
at concerts, he then asked him who inspired him, D Ravi said the guy
from Deaf leopard used to live in Tampa, Brent said he had no idea
about that. DJ Ravi said he grew up on Zeppelin, he said the first
song he ever learned was “Back In black” by AC/DC. Bubba asked him if
he has something, DJ Ravi said he created live remixes, he said Travis
Parker and Tommy Lee saw him do it at the Playboy Mansion. Bubba asked
him if he saw Drum Line, Dj Ravi said yes, he then played a little,
Bubba said it was nice. DJ Ravi said he did a project called “Playing
for Change”, he said this guy went around the world and found street
players who would hook up with bono, he said the guy was CNN person of
the week, he said the song is called “War No More Trouble” is a Bob
Marley song, Ravi said it’s the first time the Marley estate ever
released his vocals, Spice said they’ll have some information on the
site. We then heard the song, while the guys jammed, bubba said it was
nice. DJ Ravi said he’s got a five year-old, he said no Indian girl
would go for this, he said he had to mix it up. Bubba said Hue Heffner
knew about his skills, Dj Ravi said that was a defining moment, he
said he tried to get Hue to play the drums, he declined the offer,
Spice thinks an old, shaky guy would be perfect for the drums. Dj Ravi
said the guy from Perfect 10 Magazine tried to be like Hefner, he said
they recorded a record in the same room “We Are the world” was
recorded. Spice said he saw him on TV with Will I Am, DJ Ravi said
Will is a cool guy, Bubba had no idea who that was. DJ Ravi said that
he’s always had a vision of doing a live remix, he said he wanted to
be like a Jimmi Hendrix or a Van Halen, he said every other club in
Los Angeles dies, he said the Rainbow is still open. Bubba asked if
it’s harder to infuse with vynals, Ravi said yes, he said he has a
bunch of songs. Bubba asked him if he remembers his first night, Ravi
said he became friends with 311, he said he went on to do 7-11 gigs a
week. Bubba said the money is in publishing, Ravi then explained how
it works. Spice asked if it’s tough to write hits, Ravi said yes, he
said he programs, he thinks Captain will Nine Mile him. Spice said
he’s got some chard Walls Of the Dammed, Ravi cracked up at the
drumming, he thinks the guys are on Meth, Bubba said it’s good until
the lyrics kick in, Brent said Richard is a double peddle, Bubba
thinks it sounds like he runs a track meet. Ravi said he met some guy
who came from the future to change the past; he then said the song is
called “Bang Bang Booty”, which he then played. Bubba thinks he’s an
Indian Blue man Group, Ravi said he’s seen them, Bubba thinks he
masturbates with rhythm, the guys think he should do a gig in Miami.
Ravi said he danced with Oprah, he said she was mad cool. Spice asked
him if he’s done pain pills with Pala Abdel, Ravi asked if yesterday
counts, Bubba thinks Pala should come back to the show, he then said
Brent thought he could play drums (August 21, 2009), he then thanked
Ravi for coming in. DJ said he’s 43, Bubba thinks he smiles too much.
DJ said he’s just chilling, he said he owns an insurance company,
mostly on the commercial end; he said he listens to Howard every day.
The guys discuss the dot on the head for Indian women, Ravi said his
twitter is:, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into
Manson’s “Take A Walk, You Got Fired Guy”. We then heard the clip of
“the Fury 617” talking about bubba getting fired. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Greg Fit Simmons visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Lumber liquidators. Bubba picked the music for next week:

1. Monday – Carl
2. Tuesday – Twenty-five Cent
3. Wednesday – Manson
4. Thursday – Ferret
5. Friday – Gale

Bubba had Greg Fit Simmons in, Greg said there’s no better intro for a
comic than to come in and hear another comics plug, Bubba thinks Greg
looks like Scott Greenstein, he said Scott is very intense. Bubba said
that Greg killed a few years ago, Greg said he heard the DJ Ravi
interview, he said it was the worst interview, as he didn’t hear the
name. Bubba told Greg to say he’s sorry for the Lewis CK interview
(February 11, 2009), Greg said phone isn’t as bad as email, he thinks
Bubba didn’t talk to him as he didn’t have breasts, Bubba said he
looked like a human Jiffy Pop while at the AVN Awards. Greg said he’d
like to see Bubba’s house, Manson joked Bubba wears that suit around
the house. Bubba said he still has his Colonel Mustard suit, he then
said he’d spend about $3,000 to $4,000 on suits, he said his waist on
his fattest was 77 inches; he said it’s a numbers game. Spice thinks
no one will care about the oil spill, until people see birds covered
in it. Greg said he has a book coming out called “Dear Mrs. Simmons”,
he said that he and Beth are working with the same publisher – Simon
and Shooster. We then heard a news clip about Lawrence Taylor, then a
clip of Beth on letterman’s show; Bubba likes how Howard takes over
the interview when he’s on Letterman. Greg said he’s been married for
eleven years, he said he pictures his kid asking where his Dad is,
they then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius show

Segment 1 – Greg fit Simmons in Studio, Mike from Michigan wants to rob a bank

The show started off with “Juicey” as bumper music. Bubba said that
Greg fit Simmons was in studio, he then recapped the days when he was
really fat, Spice said he remembered the days when bubba would have to
get an extra seat for the Rollercoaster, Manson said they’d have to
jam the bar down, Greg asked if he ever got the photo after the ride,
he said flight attendants have to work harder with fat people, he said
they f the back half of coach, he said this guy couldn’t get the
armrest down, he felt like he was against the bouncy thing. Bubba said
when your fat, you need to be humble about it, Brent said Bubba made
him and Spice sit in the same row with him, Bubba said Heather rarely
travels with him, he said he’ll go to the gym, Spice then goofed on
Bubba flipping out over having to pay for an extra seat. Bubba said
some fat people are overly nice, Greg wonders if someone with a clef
pallet is a step up, he thinks there should be a sliding scale. Bubba
said Greg can be more abrasive, Greg said he wears really nice stuff,
Bubba said Schimmel looks nicely dressed, Greg said Robert’s special
with cancer was fantastic, he said Robert ended up fking his
daughter’s best friend, she was fking the next door neighbor, he
said it just unfolded, he said Robert’s wording is tight. Bubba
explained Bubbapalooza to him, he said he has a whole new appreciation
for comics, Greg said when the producer asked him to do the AVNS, he
said he was told he had 30 seconds, he wondered if Americans really
have to care about it. Spice said when he takes a shit, sometimes it
hurts, Greg said the porn stars are tiny, Bubba asked for a cock like
Lexington Steel, Manson said it’s a burden. Greg said he has a large
penis, he said several people know that, he said he doesn’t get a
hard-on while talking with Collin Quinn, he thinks Collin’s black
helper is allergic to big dicks. Bubba suggested they measure Greg’s
dick, Greg said he’s circumcised. Bubba said he’s a mechanical kind of
guy, he guessed it’s around six to seven inches; he guessed that Greg
is 8 inches hard. Greg said something is wrong with Jim Florentine, as
his balls are ridiculously big, he finds shaven balls to be
fascinating, Bubba said women love it, he said he cut himself one time
for being careless, Spice said that’s the one thing you need to focus
on, Greg said he’s a ginger, he said if girls suck their dicks,
they’ll do anything, he jokingly said bubba has four female listeners,
he said his crotch hair is soft, Spice asked what his technique is
with shaving his asshole, he said he’s tried that. Bubba said he
shaves everything, Greg asked Bubba what shaving would do for him.
Bubba asked for Big Dick to come in, Greg said hair makes you more
manly, he thinks bubba looks like a bad swimmer, he cracked up when
bubba said “new York and shit like that”, bubba said they’ve got the
humidity of Vietnam, he thinks Dick’s arm hair is horrible, Greg said
it looks good, he then said that his wife has never talked about
shaved crotches, he said Monday at Midnight is a bad time, Bubba said
he would love to have Greg fill in for him on the show, Greg said
he’ll do it, he said he’d like to put it on the wall, he said he’ll
glue it to his face when he does the show, he said Corolla is a Los
Angeles guy, Manson said he doesn’t shave, Bubba said Tucker doesn’t
shave (may 27, 2009), Greg joked that Irish people hit puberty when
they’re 24, he said when you’re wrinkly as your ball sack, it’s the
same day you die, he said he wants to see the old porn stuff. Spice
asked what Greg could do to look manly, Bubba said he’s manly for the
size, he said Greg doesn’t talk gay, Spice said the fake voice pisses
him off, he then did a gay voice, Greg said Bubba has a deep voice, he
says the accent is something, he thinks it’s a way to sound more
manly. Spice thinks Bubba’s goal is to be the manliest man of all
time. Bubba said the only other goal he’s looking to reach is to weigh
190 pounds, he said Tim texted him, saying that they could do that, we
then heard the tymbal. Greg said any guy who weighs 500 pounds and can
get a girl to clean his ass, that’s manly, Bubba said he’s a hell of a
bullshiter, Brent said cocaine. Bubba said Brent bought in a
vaporizer, he said he smoked K2; he said he stayed high for two hours.
Greg said he had a legal pot license in Venis, he said someone brought
a bud from a shop, he had one hit, they talked about fking coy fish.
Bubba said he finds it stupid that the government made pot against the
law, Greg said it’s the number one farming item, he got some medicinal
stuff, Manson thinks the doctor has a great gig. Bubba said mike from
Michigan was going to rob a bank, Greg thinks he can’t hear them
through the Nixon mask. Spice asked him if he feels himself getting
less mean, he thinks Greg should smoke pot, Greg said he’s been going
to anger management, he said he drove some guy off the road, he said
he’s never been afraid of anyone, he said when he was in College, a
girl was sexually assaulted, he held some guys back with a broken
fruit punch bottle, he said the charges were dropped. Bubba told Greg
about their next guest, Spice said Naughty Alysha could swallow him
with her vagina. Bubba said they did this stuff before, Brent said
it’s not a felony if they don’t pay, Greg said it’s brilliant, Bubba
said Sirius gives them all bunch of rules, Greg said they class it up,
he said the best part is hearing the offer, Greg thinks people would
think they’d wake up with their kidney in a cooler, he said a Father
with kids should try that, Bubba told him not to say that, he said she
says stuff loud, he said he’d like to get Lewis CK on the show, Spice
explained what happened, Greg said he slid in a bit of his material,
he said he likes the phrase “over looking my hairy ball sack”. We then
heard the clip, where Spice is talking to Lewis about cell phones,
Lewis said a lot of it is because people are unhappy, he said we have
all this plastic stuff, Spice said if you go over a bridge, your phone
goes out, Bubba said he’s paying his money, Manson said it’s happening
again. Lewis said the phones are as good as they are. Bubba said
another cell phone company will drop, Lewis suggested you make your
own cell phone company, he asked if bubba was saving a life, bubba
said he’s talking about a deal, Lewis told bubba to take a breath on
the bridge, Brent said Bubba was getting pissed by the minute. Spice
said he doesn’t take a breath for anyone, Greg interjected with some
commentary. Bubba told Lewis he wasn’t Joe Rogan, he then said how
he’s going with Metro PCS, the guys think it’s part of Lewis’s act,
bubba said he didn’t know what it was about, he thinks Lewis hacked on
him, Greg cracked up at some of the stuff in the clip, he said he’s
trying to figure out the relationship between bubba and Spice. Spice
said Lewis was back on, Lewis said that bubba doesn’t need to be a
baby, Bubba said he doesn’t’ have to put him back on, Lewis said bubba
was no Howard Stern, Greg was cracking up saying “Oh shit”, he said
Bubba takes stuff in, the guys cracked up at his comments. Bubba told
Mike on protection that what he’s about to do isn’t believable, Mike
said he just lost his job, he said he’s not at the bank yet. Spice
said they keep a little, mike said all he needs is a few thousand
dollars, bubba told him he’ll get locked up, Brent said they count
injury as pre-meditative murder. Mike said he didn’t want to say too
much, Bubba asked him to wear a Bubba Army Shirt. Manson asked him if
he’s practiced, he said he’s never been in jail, he has a note typed
out, he then read the note, Bubba thinks it’s wordy, plus it’s a
threat, he said none of them in the room want him to do it, he said
while he’s passing the note, the woman is hitting the button. Greg
said the note will say your name, then your skills, he proposed the
guy go in with a resume. Bubba thinks the guy is desperate, Mike said
he’s never been in handcuffs. Bubba told the guy he could suck dick
for money, he thinks going to jail for the rest of his life would be
like killing yourself, Greg said your costing everyone money, Spice
said it’s traumatic to the kids, Greg suggested he become involved
with Medicinal Marijuana. Spice asked him what went wrong, Mike said
it was about three weeks ago, he said he was paying them when he
could, he couldn’t feed six people on $10, Bubba proposes the guy’s
wife does Glory Holes, Spice asked why a bank, bubba told the guy to
Google successful bank robbers, Greg said the cookies would track him
down. Bubba told him no one gets away with it; Manson said if he
commits the crime, he’ll be caught, Bubba asked that he beg for money,
Spice said he moved on. Greg said he lost some money, he said you have
to do something. Bubba said he’d like to see the guy rob a bank, so he
can tell the guy he was right. Mike said he was going to use a white
dust mask, Greg said that would raise the radar. Spice said people
will know he’s robbing them, Greg asked him where his family was, Mike
said two of the kids are his, he said he’s not married, Bubba told him
to drop the dead weight and leave, Greg suggested the guy find a
balloon, hide the kid in the attic, and sell the idea to a reality
show. Bubba told him to think about his kids, Greg asked him to be a
street performer, Mike said he doesn’t play the bongos. Mike said he
hasn’t even gone into the bank yet, Bubba thinks the guy is
incompetent, Mike said he doesn’t have the balls to rob a bank, Bubba
said he’s afraid to apply himself for jobs, Spice said Wall mart hires
retarded people to greet you, Greg said he used to ride his bike for
10 miles. Bubba asked about the Mom, Mike said he doesn’t know where
she is, he said the guy takes the kids every other weekend. Greg
suggested the guy start a church, Mike said he can’t believe he didn’t
think of it, Brent said the guy could really preach to people, the
guys recapped how he would preach stuff, Greg suggested the guy sell
pot downstairs, he said he’s distributing god’s herb, bubba thinks he
should send the guy a bill, he hung up on the guy a few seconds later.
Greg said Dr. Phil would’ve had a thing where the guy has to be real.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – A ned classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Big Black Bitch”. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bubba displays his new gun, Naughty Alysha visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada. Bubba asked for the guys to bring in Naughty Alysha, Greg was
shocked that they went from Van Morrison to her, Spice was freaking
out over Bubba waving his gun around, bubba told him it was
unchambered, Greg said that this is the first time he’s held a gun,
Alysha said her Dad taught her how to shoot when she was young, Spice
said it’s one of those things he’s nervous about, Brent said bubba had
it loaded, Greg said he could five curls with it and it’d be a
workout, Spice was freaking out, Bubba said Brent knows what he’s
doing. Greg said he’s sitting next to a porn star with a guy and a
gun, he said he’d like to be a part of this world. Bubba asked Alysha
if she’s ever had a gun fantasy, Alysha said no, she said she doesn’t’
like the idea of having a gun to her head. Greg said you know your
fed up when even naughty Alysha won’t deal with guns, Bubba told
Spice he was pointing the gun at him, Greg said he’s on board all of
this, he said he’s not coming home, Spice goofed on bubba saying he
was manly. Brent said they had eight home invasions last year in st.
Petersburg, as a lot of people had guns, Alysha said this is a downer,
she said they’ve got something for the listeners, go to, she said you get a major discount, she said
she’s trying to get away from the large objects, she said the biggest
thing she had was a fire extinguisher, Greg said you know you have a
big Vagina when you put a sprinkle in it. bubba asked what the biggest
thing is that she liked, Alysha said she likes a normal cock, Greg
said the wildest thing she did was marry an Asian guy, Bubba said Adam
is the camera man when she jerks guys off, bubba said he’s really
cool, Adam said he was half Korean. Greg said Asian guys need to use
porn, Brent said he found some Asian girls with big tits, Alysha said
she’s been with at least a thousand men, Spice said he saw one of her
tossing a guy’s salad, she said she’ll do it if the guy is clean.
Bubba asked if that’s part of her thing, Alysha said she doesn’t
script anything. Bubba asked her about Glory Holes, Alysha said she’ll
look through the hole, Greg asked if he has options when the penis
enters the hole, Spice said his problem is the dry wall takes away an
inch of his penis, Bubba said he’d cool-aide right through it, Greg
said he’s never heard Cool-aide as a verb. Bubba recapped the time
when they got D-ball sucked off by a tranny, Spice said Alysha said
she’s interested in a tranny situation, Brent said Howard did a hot
tranny contest. Spice thinks a tranny would be dirty than anything,
Alysha said she doesn’t swallow as much as she used to. Bubba asked
how many cocks will go through the glory hole Alysha said about 15-20.
Brent said sometimes a guy is doing the sucking, he said that’s why
he’s scratched if off his list. Spice asked if it’s like fishing,
Brent asked if a guy doesn’t know, Bubba said he’d cool-aide through
if that was a guy, Alysha said a mouth is a mouth, Greg said he’s
never had gay sex, he said he was curious, he said to find out if
you’re gay is to blow a guy, he then said he was at the Fenway, drunk,
he said some guy jumped out in front of him, the guy showed him his
dick, he ran away, he said he hasn’t drank in 20 years. Bubba said
naughty Alysha liked the van idea, he asked what she says, Alysha said
she’s very blunt, she said a car followed them one time, Spice
sarcastically said today they’re very inconspicuous, as they have
“handy Van” on the side. Alysha showed Greg her breasts, she said
she’d like to get her nipples redone, Brent said it makes her more
milf-ish. Bubba said he likes to see the tits flap back and forth,
Greg said when he sees fake breasts, it turns him off. Bubba asked
Alysha to speed bag Twenty-five, he said she wasn’t that fat, Bubba
told him he’s on deck to get pussy from Alysha, he told her she’s not
fat, Alysha said she’s a GILF, Spice said that got him hard, he joked
she had the quickest labor. Bubba said every time he sees a couple
with a baby, Heather wants a baby. Bubba asked Greg who he likes, Greg
said Lewis Ck, Dave Attell, Schimmel, Lampanelli, Sarah Silverman,
Alysha said Greg is kind of gay, Greg said that’s aggressive. Alysha
said Greg is admirable in doing that, she thinks he wouldn’t like her,
as she’s shaved, she said they’re swingers. Spice asked the ratio of
guys to girls, Alysha said she likes to watch more than anything. Greg
asked if they do a clean switch, Bubba asked what that was; Alysha
said she likes to do that. bubba asked who has the best nut, Alysha
said Adam, she said it all depends on what you eat. Spice asked if
Twenty-five came, he said no. Bubba said Alysha has been known to find
a guy and f him, Alysha said Adam is cool with that, bubba said
he’d think she’s a cop, Brent said it could be a private investigator.
Spice asked what happens while she recaps it, Alysha said he gets
hard; she said he likes the idea of someone just being there. bubba
asked if she was with a guy who didn’t’ use a condom, Alysha said she
loves it. Spice asked if Adam will eat cum, Alysha said no. Bubba said
some guys are going to be very lucky, Alysha thinks she’ll get tipped,
Brent said it’s a story none of the guys would believe, Bubba then
recapped how it would possibly go down. Greg asked if they lay down,
Bubba said he doesn’t cum when sitting down, Alysha said Adam can cum
wherever; she said he often has pre jiz. Spice asked if she gets jiz
on her wedding ring, Greg thinks Jesus will freeze the footage, Spice
thinks they would’ve called it “Jacking for Jesus”, Bubba opposed the
idea, Greg said the priests aren’t doing a good job, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – A Manson classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Calgary meet and
Greet, then into Manson’s “Take A Walk, you got Fired Guy”. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes For
Badges. Bubba told Greg this is probably the craziest day he’s ever
had, Greg said this is like him landing on a desert island, and being
exposed to everything he’s been afraid of. Scott asked how the tickets
are selling, Bubba said he’d like to sell the place out, Scott said if
he needs to buy more, he’ll do that, Greg thinks they should have the
van do laps around Canada, Manson thinks they shouldn’t have taken the
advice from 30 Canadian callers. Greg said he has a podcast, he said
sometimes he has some Hollywood person come to his show, he then
recapped his feud with Dave Navarra, he said women can’t get past
stuff like that, Spice said they went through the same thing with him,
and also Dee Snyder, he said Dave admitted to never eating his own
cum, Brent said Howard played the clip of that, bubba then recapped
the feud they had with Dee. Greg said a man gets mad, then admits it
could be a problem. Wheels from Los Angeles said he did a call-in with
Andrew Dice Clay, he said the show is excellent, he said Dice is doing
great, he just got married, he said it was a few months ago, he said
Greg does well for himself, Greg said he sounds like a tinker bell,
Spice said this is like an Eight Mile comedy off. Wheels said that
headlining the Improv doesn’t give you a lot of money, Greg thinks you
get smaller paychecks. Wheels said that he decided to quit when he got
married, Greg said he opened up for Andrew dice clay, wheels said he
likes opening for him. Bubba asked him to give a little bit of his
act, Wheels thinks he’s delivering his stand-up while talking with
them, Manson said he’s not funny at all. Bubba said they’re busy men,
Spice said Bubba is getting paid in food. Wheels said he was in “A Low
down dirty Shame”, Spice said he wouldn’t count the TV shows as
acting, Greg said he does about 50% material. . Bubba Eviled him a few
seconds later, Brent said he would like to challenge Greg to “guess
the Asian”, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into Ned’s “That’s Right I Said It – Abortion”. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Cowhead calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada.
Bubba said Twenty-five Cent was standing by, Twenty-five said the
first jacking was a pan handler, the guy has a full-time job, he makes
more money pan handling, Greg suggested Mike do that. Twenty-five said
that the guy’s cum was kind of gritty, Bubba said he has the dribbler,
Spice told him he has to watch the volcano, Bubba thinks they’d get
stopped if they pulled into a campus. Twenty-five said he’ll pay
attention to keep his job. Bubba said he’s got Cowhead on the phone,
he said Cowhead canceled Greg, Cowhead said that he’d be burnt out,
Greg said everyone was saying he should do the Cowhead show, Cowhead
said he’s happy to have him, he said if he was drunk enough, he’d f
Twenty-five’s afro, Bubba said he’ll be fine, Greg wonders if a midget
giving you a hand job will take twice as long. Brent said Pete rose
got back to them. Ricky in Seattle came on, saying he’s a big mark, he
asked Greg if he and Ant go on tour for being homosexual comics, bubba
hung up on him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Seth in the handy van

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Naughty Alysha in the
handy van. Bubba said he’s trying to get a hold of Twenty-five, he
said he’s surprised she’s a Grandma. Greg said he can’t get a read on
Asian men. Twenty-five came on, he said he got some guy named Seth,
who is a proud Bubba Army guy, Greg said this stunt is great. Seth
came on, he said the van drove passed him, he said he listens to both.
Bubba asked him if he knows what he’s in for, Seth said he’s in for
fun, he said he’s not used to having the cameras on him, he then
recapped what was going down, Greg thinks she’s creating something to
jerk, he said it’s like in “ghost” with the clay. Seth gave the phone
to Twenty-five, Bubba asked him to give play-by-play, he then
described what was going on, Brent joked it sounded like a golf match,
Twenty-five said the guy is a fat motherfer, he said the guy has a
needle dick, he said the guy was pathetic, he said the volume was
huge, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. mark

    I enjoyed the show today, I was driving most of the day here in south Texas heading North for a top 3-Gun Match at Byran Texas this weekend you made my drive fun today Thanks, it was better then being at Federal prison were I work.

  2. tx tornado

    show pics of whats going on the show. asshole!!!

  3. from canada with love

    Finally Bubba is Comin to Canada!

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