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Top Stories:
Movie Theaters Plan Price Jump This Weekend
Urban Meyer Melts Down Again: Florida Gators Fans Should Be Concerned
Man On The Run After Firing Several Shots At Trooper
Gitmo Habeas Petition Granted, Bin Laden Threatens Americans
3 Montclair High students accused of sexual assault

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Ned late for the show, sports scores, vacation

The show started off with some Fleet Wood Mack as bumper music. Bubba
said the music was provided by Spice, he said he can picture Spice and
Tasha listening to this, Spice said Tasha tells him to turn it off.
Bubba selected the bumper music for next week. Monday – Carl, Tuesday
– Twenty-five, Wednesday – Miller, Thursday – Manson, Friday – Hammil.
Spice said that Ned was on the phone, Ned said he was on a pre
vacation, he said he passed out, he woke up in his boxers, he then
yelled at the cops. Bubba asked him when he’ll be there, Ned said
he’ll be there around 8, he hung up after that. Bubba recapped some
sports scores; he said he didn’t know that Tom Bean wrestled at
Cornell. Brent said that the Lightning have eight games left, Bubba
thinks they have to win five of them, Spice said they need them all.
Brent said some Autistic kid has picked 48 for 48 games, Spice said he
can’t trust that guy’s selections, he wonders if he has a gimmick.
Bubba said regardless of if the guy is Autistic or not, it’s a
Miracle. Bubba wondered what the guys will be doing for the vacation,
Brent said he’ll be in town, Dave said he’ll be doing yard work; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, cop gets shot

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. Bubba wondered why they were playing this, Spice said
he’s ready for a drug fueled weekend, he said he’ll be going to a
rave, Tasha won’t be attending, he said he’s not on a Cocaine binge.
Brent said Spice is like Barry Sanders, Bubba said if he was Tasha,
he’d be fit to be tied, Spice said when Bubba was his age, he probably
didn’t take his girl’s feelings into consideration. Max said he’s kind
of familiar with Devin James; he then said “Corndog” in a high pitched
voice and hung up. Mike asked Brent if he’d ever run for a Political
office, Brent said he’s thought of it, Bubba thinks all the bad stuff
would be too open. We then heard a clip about Devin James, Bubba
congratulated Extra for naming them, he then went over some birthdays,
he then went on to say that he’ll be on TNA, he thinks it’s getting
moved to 8:00, he said he’ll be in the opening segment, Brent said
it’ll be at (. Bubba wonders the last time when Ned was late, Ned
apologized for being late. Bubba took a call from a guy who thinks
Heather isn’t included with Tyler’s racing, Bubba said she has barrel
racing. The first email of the day thinks Bubba is a hypocrite for his
stance on a call from yesterday, he thinks the emailer is just hearing
what they want to hear. Another email was addressed to Ned, suggesting
he put some Midol in bubba’s mic over his Linzy comments. Another
emailer told Bubba to stop putting Catholics in the same group, Bubba
thinks the emailer is hypocritical by not condoning the child
molestation, yet they continue to go to a church that supports that
stuff. Spice said it would be great to hear a priest stop and discuss
the child molestation. Bubba suggests that the Catholic Church break
off from the Vatican, he said the next email had the subject line of
“bobby Schindler had sex with students”, he then read the email.
Another emailer said the troll story was real. Another emailer said
they were listening to Opie and Anthony, they said Devin James would
be on, when they came back they were pissed to learn that Bubba is the
only guy to do interviews with her. Another emailer said Obama is
tanner than most of his people, this had the guys cracking up. Bubba
said there’s a ten percent tax on tanning; Brent said the science is
in that the tanning beds are worse than ever. Bubba thinks a black
person doesn’t tan a lot, Manson thinks its reparations. Another
emailer wondered if they can play the Ned meltdown when he didn’t know
what Bubba wanted; Bubba recapped how the old Bubba would’ve handled
it. Another emailer wondered why Bubba is so angry with the world,
Bubba wonders who he attacked, Spice said bubba attacks on a daily
basis. Another emailer said Andrew Wilkow was putting them over, Bubba
said Andrew is a great guy. Mike said one of their priests said they
should step away from a celibate lifestyle, Bubba said he finds it all
disturbing, he then plugged the Bikes for Badges event on May 22, he
said they should get a hold of Randy Travis and give them the
information. We then heard a radio transition of a cop who got shot,
Bubba read the article about that, he said the phrase “Shots fired,
I’m hit” brings chills, he said when it says “all units”, everyone
comes in. Spice wonders what would happen if someone gets pulled over
and this happens, Bubba said the cop lets the person go. Spice wonders
what it’s like to get shot; he said he hopes he never finds out. Bubba
thinks all the cops who are listening to this are crying, he said
they’re efficient. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Macaroni, various news clips

Bubba said he went through the fridge yesterday, he found some
Macaroni, Spice said Jim Courier’s Brother sent it to them. Bubba said
it takes about twelve minutes to make it at home. We then heard a news
clip about Osama Bin Laden, Spice thinks Osama should shorten his
messages. We then heard a news clip about Nattily Hallway’s remains
being a fake. Bubba said when they have a boopity story, the people
talking are isolated. We then heard the news clip about that, Bubba
thinks the story is horrible, Spice said he’s trying to figure out the
story, we then heard the isolation. Bubba thinks he can’t have a
boopity off when it’s a tragic story; we then heard the isolation of
the remote control story. Spice wished Big dick a happy birthday, Dick
said he’ll be 37, Bubba thinks dick doesn’t have a lot going for him,
dick thinks everyone outside of the room is single, he joked that
Sluggo has a boyfriend. Bubba wonders who could pull in a club, Bubba
said he really likes the macaroni, he thinks they should get Big Dick
a girl, Dick said he’s seen a girl a few times, he said he’d like to
screw this one up on his own, he told her to look at his FaceBook
page. Spice said everyone should know that the sow ruins
relationships. Brent said for him it’s the opposite for him, Bubba
thinks he and Brent have a good friendship, Spice thinks it sounds
weird. Bubba then went over the people he loves at the BRN, he thinks
his love for Ned is an attraction, Brent said he can’t get mad at Ned.
Bubba apologized for being so mean to Russ; Brent said Bubba runs him
through the ringer. Bubba said he has four levels of love, he then
recapped who he has in those categories; he said level three is level
four with talent. Bubba said Manson handed him something, he thinks
Miller fired Tony, Miller came in, saying Tony still helps them out,
he said Tony will be working on a picture, Spice thinks Tony quit him.
Miller said he likes working with Tony, Bubba wonders if Miller gained
eighteen pounds over night. Manson said he was going to film the tiger
Woods Macho Man bit, he said it’s a clip of Manson and Al-quida
wrestling, with Manson as Macho Man. Bubba was cracking up at the
clip, where we heard a lot of banging as Manson talked as Macho Man,
Bubba thinks it sounds like a thunder storm. Manson said he was really
high while doing this, he said he couldn’t remember anything; he
thinks the shots were pathetic. We then heard Manson’s “Macho Man
Translates Tiger Woods Apology” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 13”l,
track 17, Bubba likes the blue screen in the clip, he thinks it’s on, he then said an official called Michelle obama and ape,
we then heard the news clip about that, bubba wonders how you can say
that without getting in trouble, Brent said you could get enough
public pressure to resign. Logan said that evolution tells us that we
evolve from apes; Bubba said that it’s a polarized issue. Jeff asked
if we’re allowed to say stuff like that under the First amendment,
Bubba said it’s different when you’re apart of the Government. We then
heard a news clip about urban Meyer flipping out on a reporter, Brent
translated what the guy in the clip said. Bubba said he can hardly
hear the meltdown, as a truck is backing up, Spice joked that he
really went off, he thinks it’s the worst sound clip ever, Manson said
he’d have a meltdown over the truck backing up. Bubba thinks chip
Carder is acting like a pussy, he wonders how they should set the six
of clubs meltdown up. Rick in Ft. Meyers said Linzy was trashing
Bubba, he said she feels her boobs are bigger than anyone in the
Double D’s contest, Bubba told Rick to give him another example, he
hung up on the guy a few seconds later. Ned thinks Bubba kicked him
out of the studio; Bubba said he sent him home. In the clip, Bubba
thinks ned is a six of clubs, he then said he’d like a wildcard
outburst, Ned told him to make up his mind, he then yelled about what
he’s supposed to be, the guys were cracking up. This clip appears on
“The Fat and The Furious” disc 2, track 20, and “bubba meltdown”,
track 6. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Manson’s new bits, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour, then into “Ants Go Marching” as bumper music. Bubba thinks ned
is on a Miller Lite, ned said he’s on an Ice Daddy, he then said Ned
asked him for a case of Red Line Oil, Ned said he loves that stuff.
Bubba said Manson has two new offerings, a Tom the Treeman song and a
Bubba got punched song. Jim thinks Bubba was that insecure with his
Linzy commentary yesterday, Bubba said he’d like to talk to him about
it, he then said he’s been doing this for a long time, he thinks radio
is a lot like what Jim does, he said it’s a small fish bowl, he said
he’s giving the biography of the show, he said he’s 1/20 of the
equation, he told the guy that he might have someone who is just
starting talk down to you, he said he doesn’t appreciate that, he said
Howard believed in him, Jim said he thinks Bubba brutalized her, bubba
said he stood up for her earlier, ned thinks the guy is a tool. Spice
hd the poll numbers, ned thinks the pole was rigged, he wonders how
many days later can he think of a song about Bubba getting punched in
the nose, he thinks the subject matter isn’t all that compelling, we
then heard “Punch Me”, Bubba said it doesn’t even rhyme, Ned said he
was true to the song. Spice wonders how much longer the song is, Bubba
thinks it’s horrible. Ned said if Bubba stepped in dog crap, the song
wouldn’t be all that good. We then heard Manson’s offering about Bubba
getting punched, the song parodies “I’m Gonna Knock You Out”, Bubba
thinks Ned’s offering is better. Manson thinks it’s a combination of a
bad idea and a bad concept, he was heard yelling for the bit to stop.
Bubba said that at least Ned parodied a white man, he likes how Ned
did it the day after, bubba cracked up when Manson said the bit
sucked, Manson said he can’t make it good, Spice thinks this might be
the free download, Manson said he’d like to be knocked out after
hearing that, he then said he has an offering about Tom called “the
Treeman Can”, parody of “the candy man”. We then heard the bit, the
guys cracked up at it; Bubba thinks Tom is in Hog Heaven. The song
recaps various stunts Tom has participated in, Bubba thinks they
should have the Fire Aunt challenge again; Spice said he doesn’t care
about Tom name dropping anymore. Jarrid in Jacksonville said Religion
screws everything up. We then heard Hogan’s bumper, Hogan said he was
sitting in the corner, he said he knows Mick is really stiff, he said
Bubba got a lot of respect from the boys, he said Bubba would crateak
him with stuff like that, he said Bubba did a great job in the ring.
Spice wonders if Bubba will no longer get punched, Hogan said bubba
does what he does, he said it started by Bubba saying Kevin ash is a
great guy, he told Bubba to be careful. Bubba said Kevin is money, he
thinks he could keep it together; Hogan said they might be known as
the wolf pack, he said the spud from Mick could be the beginning.
Bubba said if he was hanging out with those guys, he’d have zero hits
on him, he said he’s 0 for 2 on getting his ass kicked. Hogan said he
hates to see Bubba turn into a sitting duck all the time. Hogan said
ash and the guys aren’t liked by the talent in the back, nor does
Spike TV like them, Bubba thinks Hogan will do nothing. Hogan said
Bubba could’ve taken other roads, Bubba thinks Hogan and Abis are
making out, Hogan said the numbers cracked when Bubba has been on TNA,
he thinks Bubba is working, Bubba said no, he thinks he’s like a
girlfriend, he thinks Hogan is acting like an idiot for not getting
his way. Hogan said bubba has been involved, Bubba said he couldn’t
come up with anything, as Hogan hasn’t pulled the trigger. Hogan said
he’ll be there to support him, Bubba said he’d just like to be Hogan’s
friend, ned thinks he’ll have to do a song about Scott hall pulling a
groin muscle, he then yelled for the dog to shut up. Hogan thinks
Awesome Kong would’ve been big, he said she blew it. Bubba said he’s
tired of hearing the fans say “fire Bubba” over and over again, he
thinks Hogan is up to something, Spice said he fears for Bubba’s
safety, Bubba said he thinks he has more in common with Nash and hall,
he said he belongs with them. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hogan Bits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the NC double D’s,
then into “Hulk Where’d You Go?” from “The Kabuki Project”, track 12,
and “bubba show classics Vol. 5”, track 21. We then heard “Hootie and
bubba” from “bubba show classics Vol. 1”, track 19, and “bubba Show
classics Vol. 5”, also track 19. The song parodies “Lady Madonna”, and
focuses on Bubba’s relationship with Hogan. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Sour shoes at Scotty Ferrall, Chris Dingman calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said he was listening to the commercials, he heard
Cowhead’s Wing house Spot; he said he ate there last night. Eric in
Orlando said he’ll try to go to TNA, bubba told him to chant “fire
bubba”, the guy said it ads for good entertainment. Bubba went to sour
shoes, he said he sounds just like Scott Ferrall; Sour Shoes was doing
some stuff. Bubba said Sour Shoes lives at home and does voices; Brent
said the Steve Langford calls are great. Sour shoes as Ferrall said he
gets calls from people. Bubba went to Chris Dingman, Chris had no idea
who he was, Bubba thinks Chris came back from an all night party,
Chris said 250 pounds doesn’t’ move as it once did. Spice said Chris
was one of those guys who was in the goally practice. Chris said he
drank out of the Stanley cup, bubba thinks he should’ve charged $50
ahead. Bubba thinks Chris is good friends with Vince Neil, Spice said
Vince started a Private jet company, he then asked what it was like
working for Tortorella, Chris said he could be awesome at times. Spice
wonders if he’d call out a player, Chris said Vinnie had some battles.
Bubba thinks Stamcose is the man, Chris said he’s the real deal. Bubba
wondered if the Canadians like it here, Chris sad everyone loves it
here, he said he was in Canada and it snowed in October, he said
Calgary is a good place, he said he owned a bar there called
“Cowboys”, he then admonished Spice for not getting him a beer, Bubba
told Chris Spice is cheap, the guys cracked up at Chris saying Spice
has an alligator wallet. Bubba thinks they have a four home game
stretch, he thinks it would be cool to have the Lightning make the
playoffs, he then asked about the new owners, Chris said they’re
really cool people. Bubba asked about the off season, Chris said
signing a huge contract is a big deal, bubba said he doesn’t have a
problem with Vinnie, he then said he was bummed out to see Halpern
Chris said that when Freddie Modean left, it was a huge loss. Bubba
thinks Dan Boil leaving was a big mistake, Chris said he used to be
roommates with him. Bubba asked him about the us vs. Canada game,
Chris said it was a great game, Bubba said watching hockey on TV
doesn’t do it any justice, he said he likes to see guys fight, Chris
mentioned Bubba getting punched by Awesome Kong, Spice cracked up.
Bubba said he’s tried for years to get Marty St. Lewis on, but he
won’t come on for some reason, Spice thinks Chris is old, he said he’s
33, Spice thinks it’s 90 in hockey years. Spice said if you call
813-301-6700, you can get a
Bubba Army special. Chris said that the Storm will be playing tonight,
Bubba said the Storm once did a thing, he said Markum likes Miller
Lite, he said Manson did a bit about it, which we then heard. The bit
is from “bubba show classics Vol. 4”, track 15, where Manson, as Tampa
Bay Storm Coach Tim Markum, drunkenly attempts to do a commercial,
Bubba was cracking up at the bit, Chris thinks the guys are dead on.
Dave from Back9BBQ was in, he said his place opens the Monday after
Easter, the place will be called “Back9”, he said he’s got some
chicken dip. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Sour Shoes and Scott Ferrall

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt,
then into “Heaven Is A half Pipe” as bumper music. Bubba went back to
sour shoes, he was doing a Marv Albert voice, Spice thinks he’s on
drugs. Sour then switched into Ferrall, he then went into Bababbooey,
he then switched into Artie, Bubba was cracking up. Bubba asked for
him to do Howard, Brent asked for Richard Christy, sour then did it,
he then went into Robin, Bubba was cracking up, he then asked what
Sour shoes sounds like normally, he said he called up Playboy Radio,
we then heard a clip of him on Playboy Radio, he was doing some stuff.
Scotty Ferrall called in, he said he was losing weight listening to
this, he thinks sour Shoes could do his show. Bubba proposed a Ferrall
off, Sour shoes as Ferrall said he was all over hockey, the real
Ferrall said Butler schooled their opponent. Sour then did Chris
Russo, Scott thinks he’s overpaid. Bubba thinks if you were high, this
would really mess you up, he then started cracking up at Sour Shoe’s
Ferrall impression. Ferrall said that Indiana thinks they’re going to
win the National championship, he said everyone gets blamed. Bubba
said Indiana is in the final four, Ferrall said he grew up watching
Warsaw, he said Indiana is the best basketball. Bubba said they had
Chris Dingman on, Ferrall said he needed to get some of that, he
thinks the Lightning aren’t there yet with talent, he thinks Vinnie
should be traded. Bubba said he’ll be talking with Sour Shoes, Sour
was singing about Bubba, he came on as Ferrall saying some hockey
stuff. Bubba said the guy is amazing, he thinks you’d need Scotty and
sour shoes to take things over; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Joe the Supermark Calls in

Bubba played Joe the Supermark’s bumper, Joe asked where Bubba will be
going, Bubba said he’s getting ready to leave, Joe said Tom Bean’s
birthday is today, he said he’s celebrating with Pumpkin, he said TNA
is doing something different, he thinks they should do a Fire Bubba
T-shirt, he thinks Mick’s punch was intentional, he said the Manson
chat on BubbaRaw was great, he then said he’ll be doing some wrestling
events, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. JESSI

    OMG,i cant even understand 2/3 of this recap. You should get someone who atleast can spell at a 5th grade level. Anyway i love the show..YOU ROCK BUBBA

  2. Doug

    Dear Bubba,
    As a long time listener, I have to tell you that your show is not funny or interesting anymore. (Well at least not on a daily basis as you once were) Why are you so angry at everyone? World treating you bad buddy? Ah poor thing! You’d think with the success and the money you make, you could at least pay your listeners back with a little entertainment once in a while. We don’t want to know your politics,and we don’t care about all of the other jobs you got going on and all the iggys with the isits and other BS. You should be catering to us, your fans on the radio, and not pushing us through all of your other stuff everyday. Man jus be funny or interesting or relevant or shocking but STOP BEING BORING!!!! If you need me to beg you then, PLEASE?

    Doug in Zephyrhills

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