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FM Show

Segment 1 – Sly and the Family Stone

The show started off with some Sly and the Family Stone as bumper
music, Bubba said the music was provided by Miller, we then heard Ned
cracking open a beer, Bubba thinks it’s pandering, he then said he can
picture Miller listening to this, Spice thinks a lazy pimp is singing
this, Bubba thinks the guy is laughing while singing, he thinks he
could do a whole show like that, Ned said he couldn’t talk like the
guy does. Bubba said he can pictures bubbles and shag carpet while
listening to this, Manson thinks this is free styling, Spice said he’d
rather listen to this guy over Bob Dylan any day. Bubba said he’d like
for Manson to get really high and recreate that, he then recreated a
situation about that, Spice joined in. Bubba recapped some sports
scores, he thinks he really sucked it up on the brackets,
Brent said Florida didn’t deserve to win; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “NC double D’s”.
The guys think a homeless guy is singing, Bubba thinks he’ll use
“Family Affair” as the background. Monday – Ferret, Tuesday – Gale,
Wednesday – Dick, Thursday – Ned, Friday – Spice. Bubba then went over
some birthdays, he thinks it was a sad day when Mr. Rogers died, Ned
said he was a great man. Bubba plugged XFC 10; Spice thinks he’ll be
there. The first email of the day said they can’t vote for the
contest, Bubba thinks the emailer is an idiot, Spice said he’s doing
better with this than the NCAA. Bubba said he likes 23 and 24, he’s
not sure who he wants; he said he voted for 23, Spice said without the
braw, 24 would look nice. Bubba said his favorites are girl number 4
and 9, he said 9 is really creative, Spice said 10 has a tattoo, Bubba
thinks 9 has the most votes. Another emailer said they tried to call
in, but the lines were busy, saying most parents enable their kids,
Bubba said they used to get their asses kicked, the emailer said a
parent blamed a teacher for grading their kid. Another emailer said
Sandra Bullock did mention her husband at the Oscars, Spice said
Jessey will have a tough time getting his rep back, we then heard the
clip about that, Bubba said you’ve never heard anything bad about her.
Another emailer said Nicky Bens kicks ass, Spice gave her schedule.
Another emailer said they’ve had to fight with John Gallagher for
money. Another emailer said that they were at Back College Reunion
week; Bubba thinks Manson had a spot about that, which we then heard.
In the bit, Manson suggests you visit Daytona Beach, saying the
weekend of April 9-12 is available for $11, while an announcer
comments that April 9 is Black college reunion week. This bit does not
appear in the catalog. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – NC double D’s Participant number 10

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Anna in Long
Island said she’s girl number 10 in the contest, Spice said she’s the
one with the paws, the guys think she’ll regret them, Bubba said he
was having a tough time getting passed the raccoon paws, she said
they’re not for everyone, she said her husband likes them. Spice
wonders if she got the tattoo before or after the boob job, she said
she never had one, Manson said he didn’t get it, Spice thinks the guy
is into bestiality. The guy picked up, saying he was tired. Bubba told
the guy he can’t get by the raccoon paws, Rob said he does, Bubba
thinks he’s whipped over her. Spice asked if she got a tattoo on her
face, Rob said that would be stupid. Bubba said there’s a lot of white
trash issues that could come up from it, he wondered if the guy is
into animals, he wonders what it means, the guy said he has no idea,
he said the only other person that has tattoos that means nothing
would be Miller. Rob thinks the guys are looking too far into it, he
said the paws are just there, he said she’s had them for seven years,
Bubba doesn’t think so, Spice said she might’ve, Bubba thinks they’re
trying to feel each other out. Spice read about the bear paw tattoo
being popular in the gay community, he thinks they have an
unconditional love for each other, with animals; he thinks she
should’ve used Crime Scene tape. Rob asked what she said, Bubba
recapped it for him, he thinks she’s looking for some kind of
validation, he thinks they look like hillbillies, he thinks all they
want is a handout, the guy said he’s met Bubba before. Bubba thinks
they were on channel 13 and 10, we then heard the clip about that, the
guy said he couldn’t believe it, Spice sarcastically thinks the guy is
excited, Bubba said Paul from channel 13 never wants to put him over,
as he’s really good friends with MJ, he then said they’re really close
to April, and it’s still cold. We then heard the clip from channel 10
about Bubba, Bubba thinks the news guys are idiots, as the check says
$70,000, Spice said this is why he can’t trust the news. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Caller convicts Child rapist

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. We then heard a tmz news clip about the texts Tiger
Woods sent, Bubba came on saying he didn’t mean to play that, he
thinks Miller’s music consists of saying the working title of the song
nine times before it gets to the hook, he then decided to read the
texts. Manson said if that was him, Donna would look at his texts as
ammo against him, Bubba thinks this will kill his career, ed said he
likes Tiger now, Bubba read a text where Tiger asked the girl about a
golden shower, ned said yes to that, Bubba told him he was just
reading, he said he feels like a nerd saying “Potty Games”, Spice said
he would call the cops on the guy. Bubba read some more texts, he read
one that said “Parenthood meltdown”, Spice wonders if there are any
good guys left, he thinks we’re animals, he’s bummed out that she
didn’t post any of her replies. Mike in Pasco county said he was on a
jury for a child rapist, Bubba thinks they should’ve discussed his
past, Brent said sometimes it’s allowed in, sometimes not, he said
that stuff is determined pre trial. Mike said one of the guys on the
jury will be on “Americas Got Talent”, the guy said if it wasn’t for
the Bubba Army, he said he was one of the first people to get the
Bubba Army mud flaps that bubba saw, Brent thanked the caller for
putting the guy away, Bubba then read the article about that, he then
read about the guy’s scars. The guy said the guy on trial was the Step
Grand Dad, Manson said it fits the theory. Bubba thanked him for
stepping up, Brent said the judge decided not include the prior
charges, as the acts weren’t similar. The guy thanked the crew for
making him cynical. Bubba said when they were getting put on trial
with the trial, he was told to not take the stand, he said in the mock
trials, when they didn’t take the stand, it was 3/3 that they’d be
convicted. Joe on protection said he’s known Frank for 30 years, he
said years ago, his sons would bring home girls for him, the guy said
the scars were from a really bad car wreck, Bubba wishes it would’ve
killed him. We then heard a news clip about Casey Anthony running out
of money, Bubba goofed on the judge in the clip, he thinks she won’t
get away with murder, Spice thinks it’s disgusting that ABC News paid
Casey Anthony $200,000. Bubba wonders why ABC, which has Disney
associated with it would shell out money for a murderer, Spice said
that they’ve tried to get various ESPN personalities on the show, yet
they can’t, do to the content of the show. Bubba said this really
pisses him off, he said they’re cooler than Disney. We then heard
“Caylee’s Mom” from “Bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol. 7”, tracks 1 and
2, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 11. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. Bubba said Richard Marx will be on the show in about a
half an hour. We then heard a news clip about a woman who is about six
hundred pounds, Spice said she set up a website where you can watch
her eat, Manson thinks she’ll be one of those people who will live in
her bed. Spice said he can only imagine the being the kid’s Mom. Bubba
and Spice recreated what it might sound like at the drive-thru, Spice
suggested she kill herself; Manson thinks if she jumped off a bridge,
he’d need flood insurance. We then heard a news clip about a game show
that shocks people, Manson said this has been done before. We then
heard a news clip about a guy who got his gold teeth ripped out; Bubba
said they give you a hell of an opportunity to pay child support. The
guys then discussed Jessey James; Bubba said the new cd players are
driving him crazy, he thinks Dave Rice is freaking out. We then heard
a news clip about that, Spice thinks Jessey is thanking Tiger, as it
took some heat off of him. Bubba said this isn’t the first time this
has happened. Nicole said she listens on Sirius, she said a jail
shouldn’t have to worry about pulling out the guy’s grill, he said no
one wants to take the other side, he said teachers and cops have to
deal with scumbags. The guys then discussed Richard Marx; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Richard Marx in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter.
Bubba asked for the guys to bring Richard Marx in, Natasha said she’s
girl number five, she said she was reading the recap, as she missed
it, she said she just skimmed through the rules, Spice thinks she got
lazy. Bubba asked her what she does; Natasha said she works at a tire
place. Bubba had Richard on; Richard thinks he had a fuzzy mullet,
Spice thinks he looks good. Richard said he was in Los Angeles, he
thinks you can’t start a career in Chicago. Spice asked him how often
does he go to LA, Richard said he goes there just for fun, he thinks
the place could be a crack den. Bubba said he thinks they outgrew
their current place. Spice asked the plan of attack; Richard said it’s
about being good live. Bubba thinks they can make anyone sound good,
Richard said it’s just bad karaoke, Spice thinks that show makes
Richard sick, Richard said Chris Dautry is a great guy, he said he’s a
successful song writer, Bubba thinks Sea crest and Clay Akin had
something going. Bubba thinks they should do Acoustic Idol, Richard
said he’s worked with Randy Jackson before, he said Randy is really
good, he thinks his kids would talk him out of doing Idol. Bubba
thinks Richard’s Dad has a great name, Dick Marx. Bubba said he grew
up in Warsaw, he said he worked in Chicago twice, Richard said he
remembered Dave Shakes, bubba said he was playing Richard’s music in
1989, he said he got fired for calling his competition gay, he said
some kid called in, Spice said Bubba didn’t learn his lesson, Richard
thinks it’s cool the guys got fired because of the FCC, he said
Howard’s first E Show featured him, Spice thinks Richard is the guy
who gets it. Bubba thinks when Ozzy was on the how, he fell asleep,
Brent said Howard once brought in a black guy to translate what James
Brown was saying. Spice asked about the riaa, Richard said all the
record companies are concerned about is money. Bubba read an email
from a guy who is thinking about suing Sirius for charging him extra
for a royalty fee, he said if the fees goes up, stations will more
than likely switch formats, Richard said he hates that he sees both
sides of it, he joked he has a gold Starbucks card, he said the value
of music has gone to nothing. Bubba wondered if the money goes up,
Richard said the format thing is a joke, he mentioned Larry Lujack.
Spice remembers trying to record with tapes, Richard said that
compression was the best, he said “hazard” was a song he didn’t like,
he thought it was stupid, he said he likes it. Spice asked him if he
was rolling hard, Richard said he’s been married 21 years. Bubba
played one of his songs, Richard said he can do both Barry Gibb voices
for them, he said there’s a YouTube video of him doing that, he then
sang like Barry for a few seconds, the guys were impressed by it, we
then heard “Staying Alive”, Richard sang along with it, he thinks this
is a career highlight. Manson sang a little of the song, Richard said
he’s really good. Bubba told Richard he should hear some of their
work, we then heard “Horny Black Guy in the PGA” from “Bubba Show
classics Vol. 12”, track 8, Richard thinks the guys are contributing
to the apocalypse. We then heard “Chris Brown Song” from “Bubba’s new
and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 7, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3,
track 17. Richard cracked up at it, he thinks if you hit a woman, game
over. Bubba recapped when he called Orlando to ask him to stop playing
Chris Brown’s music, Richard said he never believed Michael Jackson.
Bubba said Lionel Richard discovered him, Richard said he sang on some
of his solo records, he said Lionel listened to the tape and liked it,
he had his phone number on it; he thought it was a prank call. John in
Ft. Meyers said he saw him a few years ago, he said on Clay’s third
album, he covered one of Richard’s songs, he then said he’s lame for
knowing that. Richard said once a song is out, just as long as they
pay him, we then heard “right Here Waiting”, he said this was when his
wife was away making a movie, he said he married a woman who doesn’t
like shopping, Manson said Donna hates shopping. Richard said Big dick
was guiding them to the station, Bubba said sometimes when it’s
someone he doesn’t like, he won’t stand up. Richard said he did Howard
when other artists would tell him he couldn’t do this, he said he
doesn’t know where Ft. Pearce is, he said he’s hung out with the guys
of REO Speedwagon, he said he opened for them. Whenever he’d hear
interviews where Kevin would mention him. Bubba said that he wished he
knew him years ago; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into “Jane & Doug Clem”. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Nicky Bens

Bubba had Nicky Bens in, Spice said he’ll be at the Penthouse club,
Dwayne said it was good to see him. Bubba asked her where she lives,
Nicky said she’s Canadian, she said Toronto is a great city. Bubba
said Gina Lin got her in a scene, he thinks they look like sisters.
Nicky said she went after it, Bubba thinks Travis is shady, Brent said
he pencils himself in every time, he then asked her how it happened,
she said the girls in Florida are cheaper, Spice thinks miller would
shoot her for free, he then asked her about the deal, Nicky said her
contract was good, but it went sour, she referred to Tara’s husband as
Biohasben, she said he macked on everyone, she said she worked with
the Hedgehog, Spice said he’s the hand grenade. Nicky said she’s never
done interracial material, she said she likes hip-hop, she said if she
does an interracial scene, she’d own it. Bubba asked her who she’d
cast, Nicky said Mr. Marcus, Spice thinks he’s shredded. Nicky said
she’s never seen anyone do Viagra, she said she’s never seen anyone o
cocaine before a movie. Bubba asked how corporate is the porn company,
he said Ceaser Capone is a good guy, she said hello to him. Dwayne
said its all business, he said it used to be a party, icky said she’s
a pet of April 2010. Bubba asked about Stormy Daniels, Nicky said
she’s fine, she thinks it’s her last year of doing movies. Bubba
wonders how you retire from porn; Spice said you can just put your
clothing on. Nicky said she was in Australia, she went out with a Rug
be player, he didn’t have sex with her, she said the guy had no
personality, she said her boyfriend was a loser; she said she stayed
with him because the sex was good. Bubba asked if she has a website,
her website is, Bubba thinks she caught them on a good
day, Nicky thinks it’s because they brought food. Spice said that
would be like Bree Olson coming with a delivery truck, Bubba said he
hates her, Nicky said she didn’t know who that was, Bubba said it’s
better that way. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Richard Marx in studio

Bubba started by saying he was having all sorts of problems, he said
Spice was suppose to have “Juicey”, but it wasn’t there, he said
everything is one over, he thinks he’ll take Richard Marx for a full
hour, Spice said he’s awesome. Richard came in a short time later, he
said he can go an hour, he said years ago he did the Garden State Art
Center, he did Howard’s show that morning, he said he can go 15
minutes, Howard thought it was bologna. Later that night, a girl held
up a sign that read “Richard, can you spare 15 minutes?” Bubba asked
where his stuff is, Manson apologized to Richard for witnessing this
bitch fight. Brent asked if he knew the Sticks guys, Richard locked
up, Spice told him to shit on Denis, he said they were doing some
event in Chicago. Bubba thinks Chicago is the biggest radio wise,
Richard said he grew up with Larry Lujack; he said no one has ever
asked him about the size of his Dad’s package. Bubba thinks Spice has
the biggest dick in the building, Richard said he was never into Kiss,
he said Gene is a good guy, he joked Gene’s dad dick is big; he said
Gene can buy all the hair he needs. Bubba said Kiss gets a cut of the
concessions, Richard said he was recording; Gene told him he has four
strippers for Paul Stanley’s birthday. Bubba asked him about OAR,
Richard said he’s heard of them, Bubba said they started out the right
way, Spice said they have a great deal with the label. Richard likes
how Spice is well researched; Bubba thinks Spice is a computer boy.
Richard said the Life house has been on his iPod since “hanging by A
Moment”. Bubba said Spice the most selfish guy ever, Richard said if
it was an artist he didn’t like, he’d want to be paid before he gets
in the car. We then heard some Bruce Hornsby, Bubba said the song
always puts them in such a great mood, Brent said he has a lot of
talent. Richard said Henry Rollins once did some really dumb show, he
said Henry said he wrote letters to Richard, telling him to just quit,
Spice thinks he did that. Bubba said when he needs a pick me up, we
then heard “southern Cross”, Brent thinks Neil Young isn’t on it,
Bubba said he loves the vocals on it. Richard said he likes Earth Wind
and fire. We then heard “Twenty-five or six to Four”; Manson said the
horns are killer. Bubba remembered when Lesley West was there (August
7, 2009). Spice asked about John Mayor, Richard said John dissed him
on VH1 talking smack about him. Richard then played a song about John
Mayor, Bubba was cracking up at the song, Manson thinks it would be a
hit. Bubba asked him what he’s got acoustic wise, Spice as Bubba asked
for “Mississippi Queen”. Richard then did the song he did with Life
house, the guys liked it. Bubba asked him to do the song that made him
the most money, Richard then did “Hazards”. Bubba said Richard sent
his stuff from Chicago to various people; it ended up in the hands of
Lionel richy. Richard then did the song that every record company
turned down; he said some companies wouldn’t even cal him back. Bubba
asked what he did before, Richard said he didn’t start playing in
bands, he said he’d record in studios; he said he had to pay for
studio time, he then did some jingles his Dad did. Spice said Richard
will go around humming stuff, he wondered if his Dad stole any of his
stuff, Richard said no, he said he worked with his Dad on a track.
Spice wonders if he stashed his money, Richard said no, he said part
of it is that their more responsible, he said when his wife did “dirty
Dancing”, she had some other movies, the guys think she got backside,
Richard said they had to sue the company ten times for money issues.
Spice asked what it was like when Patrick Sways passed away, Richard
said it was sad, he thanked the guys for keeping the interview
positive, he then suggested they talk about starving children in
India, he said he was smart about putting his band together, he stayed
at a Days in every day. We then heard “Staying Alive”, Richard sang
along with it. Bubba thinks this show is a first for him, Richard said
Robin Gibb is hard to do; he said it’s tough to sing with a dick in
your mouth. Brent said the whole deal was to hate everyone who was
respected, Richard said Henry was sucking the cocks of corporate
people; Bubba egged Richard on to say bullshit. Spice said that
Richard was an early Justin Timberlake, Richard then did a song he did
on BET, he said Luther Vandross was a funny guy. Bubba asked if
Richard still keeps in touch with Lionel Richy, Richard said they
talk; he then played a little bit of the song he helped Lionel out
with. Bubba remembered when he bought the album, he fingered a girl to
the record, Richard said that Lionel had a fuzzy mullet, he said he
was 46. Spice asked how Ringo Star was, Richard said he was great, he
said he got laid way late, Bubba thinks girls wants you to beat them
down. Richard said he toured with Ringo, saying he was the best. Brent
said Paul McCartney does Howard’s show, Bubba said you should see
Paul’s rider. Spice asked him if Richard had the same over thinking
going on, Richard said that’s par for the course, Bubba freaked out
when Richard said Henry Lee Summer, he said he was the first radio guy
to put Henry on the radio. Richard said he had Henry opened for him in
his first show, we then heard some of Henry’s show, he said he stole
Billy from Henry Lee, Bubba thinks Billy mixed him, Billy said he was
after all that stuff. Richard said that it’s sad to see Henry on an
episode of Cops, he said when Henry Lee was on stage, he would talk
like a Southern guy, he said off stage he would be different. Spice
asked him the biggest dick he ever toured with, Richard said Night
Ranger; he said they turned their sound off when they went 90 seconds
over. Bubba asked about John Cougar Melon camp, Richard said he was
really great, Bubba said he’s heard mixed things about him. Bubba
thanked Richard for coming in, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Calvin the Cowfer calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour at Bonker’s Comedy club in Orlando on April 23. Bubba wonders
what’s up with his pages, Spice said it’s gone. Bubba isn’t sure if
Calvin the Cowfer was on, Calvin said it was him, he said he lost
his job, he went back to working on the farm, he got drunk and was
breeding cows, he got caught having sex with his cow, Spice called
bullshit, Ned told him to go on. Calvin said it was animal cruelty,
and “I guess having sex with an animal”. Bubba told him to be on hold
with Spice, Spice thinks he could keep believing, Calvin said he was
arrested by ticket, he said he has a public defender, Bubba was still
wondering how he could verify it. Spice told him he belongs in jail;
Ned said it’s a victimless crime. Calvin said he’s known the guy for
years, he said he won’t pick up his calls; he said this happened a few
weeks ago, Spice thinks it didn’t happen. Bubba thinks if he got them
they’ll admit it, Calvin said this is true, Brent said Bubba doesn’t
have time for this. Bubba asked him for the first name of the guy,
Calvin aid Frank, the guys goofed on him, Manson and Spice did a
situation about that. Bubba told him if it’s for real he could help
him, the guys then recreated how it would possibly happen, Calvin said
he could get jail time for it, ned thinks the jail has no room for cowFriday, March 19, 2010ers, he then went on to describe a bull’s dick, saying it’s big,
saying when it shoots it’s load, it’s like Spiderman. Spice said he
doesn’t have any information, Calvin said he wanted his real name.
Spice said he was now calling this guy named Frank, ned said he
believes it, Bubba thinks it’s a setup, Spice said he had to leave a
message, which he then did. Calvin thanked Bubba for trying, Bubba
told him to keep his cock in his pants, he hung up on him a few
seconds later. Carl in Canada said that’s a tough call to follow, he
said the guys should come to the Stampede, Bubba said they’ve done
that, Carl said he hasn’t heard the show, he said he’ll drive four
hours to see the guys, he thinks they’ll sell out the place, he listed
the places where Bubba is drawing from, Manson thinks the Canadians
are talking smack. Bubba said if they sell out, they’ll try to produce
some really high stuff, he said they’ll do the meet and greet on
Friday night, the tickets won’t be hard to get, he said they’ll try to
do it in a lounge session, he said he’s yet to have had a nay sayers
from Canada, he said he’ll try and call Janie Cakes in a few, he
thanked the bubba Army for the well wishes, he asked if Spice saw the
guy who said he’d like to lick Tyler’s asshole, he said he’d go to
prison for that, he would never say that to even the worst person in
the world, Manson said it’s not worth mentioning them, Brent thinks
you can’t say that. Spice wondered who truly is hacking his account,
Brent said to get your account back, you have to get the founder, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview, then into “Billy Bob” from “Bubba show classics Vol.
13”, track 2. Bubba said Miller gave him two versions of a song, Ned
said they’re both shit, Bubba then plugged Tyler’s race schedule,
Spice said he’d rather go to the Middle East, he then went over some
birthdays. The first email said they’re thinking about suing Sirius,
the emailer didn’t like how they’re charging for royalties, Bubba said
it’s not how it works, he said you should say no to the Performance
tax. Another emailer hoped Jane was getting great care, the emailer’s
Dad had a heart attack, saying it’s amazing what doctors can do, the
emailer ended by asking if Bubba ever heard of Stimulators, he said
yes. Another emailer said Bubba should stop the J The Brick, the
emailer didn’t like Bubba calling Hassel beck Hasselhoff, he said
they’ve called him that as a rib, he thinks he knows enough about
sports to get around. Another emailer said his girlfriend works for a
hospital, the Haitians have been given free medicade, Brent thinks
Bubba was quite the visionary to say “Fk Haiti”. Another emailer
found, Spice said he’s beat off to it
before. Another emailer said they’re excited to see the guys in
Canada, Bubba thinks they’ll be about 600 people for the meet and
bubba took a call from a guy who said his guys were getting sent to
Iraq for the fifth time, he said this is his last tour, the guy said
the most he’s heard was four times, he said one of the new rules is
that if you get fired on, you have to radio in and ask the Iraqi
Government if you can fire back, Brent wonders what the point is,
Bubba thinks we’re playing Kindergarten Cop over there, Manson said if
it’s a real war, you’d be killing everyone. The guy said they painted
the Bubba Army logo on the back of their truck, Bubba said he’d like a
picture of it. Bobby in Texas said he knows Nicole from the Pussy Cat
Dolls, he said he had them all nude in his trailor; he thinks Jessica
is the hottest. Spice said he heard Nicole didn’t get along with the
other girls, the guy said they stayed in their own circles; he said
Nicole stayed to herself mostly. Bubba wonders how you can be a group
and act like that, Spice said they were a manufactured group, the guy
said he’s not that big of a fan, he said the music is like the music
you’d hear at a strip club, Spice he’s sad he knows their putting
together a new group. Bubba asked if they’ve had any pussy licking,
the guy said one of the blondes was wearing daisy dukes while on
stage, Bubba thinks it’s shitty, Ned agreed. Spice he’s heard that the
guys in rock bands have gotten it on with each other, Bubba said he
doesn’t want to get sued, Ned said he’d like to see the list, he then
thinks the guys are jobbers, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – A Ned classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
We then heard “My Lonely Bonor” from “bubba’s new And Misc Hits Vol.
9”, track 12. In this song, Ned sings about masturbation, originally
aired on February 27, 2009. This was the only Ned live song to date
that he’s screwed up; he blamed his error on too many papers, saying
they should cut it again. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Lisa G and Steve Langford

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in New
Orleans. Bubba said the music gives him a headache, he then brought
Lisa Gee on, Bubba said he got a text from her, saying she’ll be
released. Lisa asked how she was feeling, Bubba said she had a heart
attack around 7:30, she was transported to a hospital, he said it was
caused by smoking, they put a stent in it, he said she needs to
exercise, he said she’s like Ned with smoking, Manson thinks this is
the only thing that would stop her. Lisa said that doctors say woman
are for more fatal in women than breast cancer, she hopes Jane will
stop smoking. Bubba asked Lisa if she smokes, Lisa said no, Bubba
wondered who smokes in Howard’s world, Lisa said Howard smoked a few
times. Bubba said he thinks he grew up resenting smoke, Brent said his
Dad used to puff away. Spice said he hates when people smoke with
their kids in the car. Bubba asked her what they’ve got going on, Lisa
recapped what they’ve got, she said Monday will be juicy. Bubba
wondered if JD got anything, Lisa thinks he got nothing; she likes how
TMZ was more into JD than Ashley. Spice said she’ll be a whore for
life, he said her name hasn’t been in the media since JD. Bubba thinks
Jessey James is a little too tatted up, he thinks Sandra is a great
woman, Brent said the woman Jessey is with is a Nazi. Lisa thanked
Bubba for the update, Bubba said he likes messing around with her,
Brent said she’s single. Bubba thinks she’s pretty hot, Lisa said it’s
hard to meet someone, she said she loves her job. Spice asked if any
of the rappers macked on her, Lisa said Mace was flirting with her.
Bubba asked about Jarrid Fox, Lisa said no to that, Ned thinks Jarrid
Fox is dreamy, Lisa said Ross is age appropriate, she said she
wouldn’t go for Tiger Woods. Bubba asked her about the beauty pageant,
she said it was the most fun she ever had, Brent said they don’t have
that kind of budget, Bubba said he thinks they’ll be around for
ten-fifteen years, he thinks the guys would be sleeping there. Lisa
said this is Howard’s baby, she said everyone deserves their jobs; she
thinks Steve Langford is hot. Steve came on; he said anyone who laughs
at them wonders how serious anyone could be. Spice said he sounds like
such a serious guy, Bubba then goofed on Steve, Steve was cracking up,
Spice joined in. Brent asked about the Leno ratings, Steve said one of
the online publications said that leno is doing better than Conan was
doing, which is no reason why they did that. Bubba asked Steve to give
him an official sign off, he said he likes him, Brent said Langford is
relentless, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Janie Cakes describes her heart attack

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the NC double D
contest. Bubba said a kick ass fan bought them some pizza, but the guy
didn’t leave the name. Doug on protection asked if he could hear the
show online, Bubba told him to go to the website for more information,
he said his company does background checks, he said it’s some
interesting stuff, he said his company checks everyone out before a
lawsuit is filed, bubba said he’d like to put him on hold. Spice said
the fan who sent them pizza wants to be upgraded from Captain; he said
it was Anthony Ross. Bubba said he’s still a captain, Ned told him
thanks for the pizza. Bubba called up Janie Cakes, she picked up,
saying that she’s doing good. Bubba asked her what time it happened,
Jane said it was around 7:00, she felt bad, she said she and Jeff were
having sex; Bubba said that had she died, he would’ve told Jeff he
fed her to death. Jane said they were done having sex, she said she
was having trouble breathing, she said she felt worse between a drink
of water. Bubba asked her if he cleaned up her pussy before the emts
came, Spice was grossed out by that, Jane said she cleaned herself up,
she said Jeff hadn’t gotten the nut yet, she said she can’t believe
she’s getting asked this, she said it was on Jeff’s, Ned said no we
know that Jane is on top. Bubba thinks they’re the only show to do
stuff like this. Jane said she started sweating like crazy, Spice
thinks Jeff was busy playing with his jiz. Bubba asked her how big
were her tits, Jane said around Triple D, she said she took two
aspirin. Spice asked her if she thought it would be over, she said
yes. We then heard “The Sanford and Sun” theme, Bubba said he almost
broke down and cried on Wednesday. Jane said that she felt like she
was going to be sick, she said it was about five minutes, she said the
ekg machine scared her, the doctor said the copter needed to be
called, she didn’t think much of it. Bubba asked how fast did the
ambulance get Jane to the hospital, Jane said about six minutes, she
said she was thinking it would be the end, Bubba said this makes him
want to cry. Spice said stuff replays before death, Jane said she was
scared and wasn’t ready to leave, she said it’s a miracle she made it.
Bubba asked what artery was it, Jane said it was the left one, she
said she got some nitro; she credited the speed with saving her life.
Bubba asked if they put her under, Jane said yes, she said she was in
surgery for fourteen or fifteen minutes. Bubba said they’ve told her
that smoking caused it, Jane said she’s done with cigarettes, vowing
to never touch them, she said she doesn’t want one. Spice wondered if
this was the thing that made her stop, Jane said she enjoyed it; she
thought it would never happen to her. Bubba went to Dr. White, he said
if it’s a blockage, he said she has impaired filling, he said she
needs a nitrate. Bubba thanked him for calling in, the guy thinks
Indiana isn’t familiar with Branexa, he said the reason why she didn’t
die was that she didn’t have left main disease, he said as the wall
gets thicker, less blood flow, Bubba and Brent said they had a hard
time figuring out what the guy was talking about, the guy said she has
to stop with cigarettes. Bubba said he’d like to privately get the
guy’s information,, Jane said she heard that, saying it was kind of
hard to understand, Bubba thinks he’s a big wig who didn’t want people
to know he listens to the show. Bubba asked her when she had an EKG,
Jane said not to long ago; Bubba said they can’t pinpoint how placky
her blood is. Manson said smoking will kill you, he said you won’t be
able to get a hard-on. Bubba he didn’t want Jane to go, Jane said all
she heard in the chopper was Bubba saying it was because of her
smoking, she thinks she’ll feel better, she said God does work, Bubba
said the bubba Army works better than praying, Jane said she wishes
she hadn’t said that. Bubba said he’ll call her on his way to Atlanta,
he thinks she ran into a buzz saw. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers, if the guys went Religious

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. Bubba said he’s in a bit of a situation, he said he
has to leave a little bit early today, he said he has to get to
Tyler’s school in about 25 minutes, he said he has to pick something
up, he asked the listeners to find it in their hearts to let him leave
early, Spice then went into his nerd voice. Brian in Vegas said he’s
glad Jane is okay, he asked if Bubba would be mad if he would be mad
if Jane died after sex, Bubba thinks she shouldn’t be so fragile, Ned
thinks Jane has an addiction to cock. Doug in Indiana said he’s glad
to hear Jane is okay, he asked Spice his no porn for 40 days, Spice
said he lasted one day. Bubba said he’s on the fence with religion; he
then recreated a phone call to Manson on doing a Religious show, Spice
as Donna yelled “Fk him” a few times. Bubba then told Brent he could
double his pay with believing in God, Brent said he’d pretend how it
would go. Spice thinks he would be out of a gig in the Christian show,
bubba thinks Spice is fed. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Woman fks her boyfriend

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour. We then heard “Waitress Chick Bangs her Boyfriend” from “Morning
domination masturbation CD”, track 9. In the clip, a girl named P girl
gets fed by her boyfriend. They then ended the show a few seconds

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