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Top Stories:
Continental Airlines joins in charging for exit-row legroom
Teachers Accused Of Using OJ Simpson, Rupaul To Mock Black History
Soldier Killed During Parachute Jump at VA Fort
Controversial bill targeting pit bulls, other ‘dangerous’ dogs advances in Florida Senate
Joel Miller Won’t Sue Former South Florida Coach Jim Leavitt
Deadly killer whale attack: 911 calls released
Man dies after shooting Pentagon security officers

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports, professionals?

Bubba started off by quoting a line from the bumper music, he then
told Brent that he lost his scores, Brent ran them down, he said that
he was disappointed in the Lightning, he thinks they blew it last
night. Bubba said that Russ was providing the bumper music for today,
he then said they’ve got a new CD player, which kind of messes with
his timing, he wonders if he’s a professional broadcaster, Manson said
it’s just some guys talking. Bubba said he doesn’t like TV, Manson
said he likes Tony, as he’s all about getting out. Spice said Bubba
judges people a lot, he said Bubba really hard with interns, Bubba
said he likes Twenty-five for being the whole package. Spice said he
talked to Tom the Treeman yesterday, Bubba said the one thing that
really kicked Tom’s ass were the leeches, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Juice, Dayton Ratings

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Wall Mart
appearance tomorrow. Bubba thinks Russ is a hip-hop head, Spice said
LL Cool Jay is a cool guy, he likes how he talked to a handicapped kid
for a half an hour, Spice thinks Lady Gaga has extra pieces and parts.
Bubba plugged, he said that Mindi Abair is one of his
favorites, he then plugged his Wall Mart appearance, he then plugged
Spice’s appearance at the hard Rock, Spice thinks it’ll be a good
time. Bubba said he was about to buy an expensive juicer, he realized
that he has it, Spice thinks you’d see it in a restaurant, Manson said
he’s been trying to tell Donna for years that a juicer is different
than a blender. Bubba said Heather puts a plastic bag in the hopper
for all the pulp, he said that Peter Max got Shaque to tweet the show,
Manson thinks you could make two a day, he said Donna cut the
ingredients, Spice thinks Donna is on point, Bubba wants to send
Heather to her, he then read the ingredients, Spice thinks two glasses
a day are a little much. Bubba told Manson to get two apples, a grape
fruit, and a coconut, he wonders if they can throw some celery in
there, Spice said its 99% water, Manson thinks it’s ruining the whole
thing, Spice thinks it’s going to be really good, or really bad.
Miller came in, he said he was ready to cut the Leech Challenge, Bubba
thinks Miller is second to none. Spice thinks he’s never seen anything
like that, Bubba said Big Dick will be getting a radar machine, he
guesses it was going 150 mph, he thinks this was one of the more
controversial stunts ever, Manson said donna was outraged. Mike in
Tampa thinks Tom isn’t rugged, he said Tom is just a mark out, Bubba
said Tom goes through a lot, Spice hopes Tom gets laid out of it.
Bubba said the show is top five in Dayton, Spice thought it was going
the other way. Bubba said they’re show is far better than Bob and Tom,
he said Bob and Tom have had a strangle hold on Dayton. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Tom the Treeman update, birthdays

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba thinks Russ has issues in regards to his music, Manson thinks he
made millions off of “Foot Loose”. Jim said he liked the tweet this
morning, he asked about the dino last night, Bubba said the motor shop
doesn’t have internet, he said the cops came to investigate the sound.
We then heard a clip from Bubba’s IPhone of an engine being worked on;
Jim thought it didn’t sound so bad. Dave said hopefully they’ll be
able to get the sound on the air, Bubba thinks Dave’s set up will be
better than his iPhone. Jim suggested Tom would eat some of the
leeches, Bubba said no, he went on to recap Tom’s situation, saying
Tom had 98 shots, Spice said it had to be twice the pain. Bubba said
he got updates from various people about Tom, he said it was touch and
go, Brent said Tom didn’t seem too flapped up about it. Bubba then
went over some birthdays; he thinks they have more listeners than
Entourage has viewers. We then heard “Staying Alive”, Manson said it
was fake, he sang along with the song. Bubba said they haven’t heard
from Bubba Sparxx in a while, Spice said he’s gotten rich off of
ringtones. Bubba said Tom Arnold had a great comeback when Rosanne
said he had a small penis. We then heard the theme to “All in the
Family”, Brent said it was a great show. Bubba thinks Frank O’harris
makes him feel old, we then heard “Angel Is a Center Fold”, Manson
thinks it was one of the worst songs ever. The guys think Tammy Fay
Baker was ripping people off, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Emails, Bubba on TNA

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “NC Double D’s”.
We then heard “whatever You Like” as bumper music; Bubba thinks they
should put his tna appearance on Mark said he watched TNA
last night, he wonders if Bubba was wearing a girdle, Bubba said he
had an under shirt on so he wouldn’t “pit out”. William in Dayton
thanked Bubba for mentioning a race track, he said a bus race is fun,
Bubba thanked him for listening. The first email of the day referred
to Bubba as a butt sponge, saying that the show puts women down, the
emailer thinks they’re unsuccessful abortions, the emailer thinks
Palin’s comedy was funny. Another emailer said thinks Bubba has no
options, saying that Palin has a national following; Bubba thinks the
emailer hates gays. Another emailer wondered if the guys would make a
song about David Weathers, Bubba said David would probably make fun of
the guys if they didn’t’ make fun of him. Another emailer wondered
about her picture for the “NC Double D’s”, Bubba thinks they’d win.
Another emailer said they’re a fire fighter, saying that an
investigation will be opened as to why Mark Ober didn’t investigate,
bubba said MJ’s strangle hold on politics are ridiculous. Another
emailer said that a station in Ft. Meyers stole the “NC double D’s”
contest. Another email thanked Bubba for his comments on the kids on
the airline radio. Manson said Donna said someone must’ve been
notified. Another emailer said they’ll be with a girl who is really
freaky; the emailer said they’d like to perform on a ridiculous level.
Another emailer said they really enjoyed TNA, Spice said the video is
up on Another emailer asked if they can get a podcast of the
show, Bubba said coming soon. Another emailer wondered how many
gimmicks Bubba took for the Hogan segment; Bubba said he’s not sure,
Manson thinks Bubba was nervous. We then heard the clip of Bubba
telling Hogan all the stuff he’s done for him, Bubba wonders where the
girdle is, he said he’s worked out a little. Bubba thinks Hogan is a
liar, Hogan said that he’s him, and Bubba is not Hogan, Bubba said he
rattled Hogan’s cage. Hogan said the one thing that didn’t leave him
was the business, Bubba told Hogan to stop believing his own hype, he
told him to not be a mark for himself, he told him to not be a
cripple, Manson thinks he locked him up, Spice said his arm hair was
standing up. Bubba said he feels good about it; he said you can watch
the video on the site, the guys then goofed on Roger Ebert reviewing
the clip. Bubba said he’s guilty of wearing an under shirt, he thinks
it looks like he’s going to fight, Spice thinks it’s weird that Bubba
rubbed on Hogan’s back, Bubba thinks Hogan was freaking out, the guys
think being a cripple in the ring isn’t cool. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – No Net Ned, Jessica Simpson on Oprah

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Tiffany Rice. Manson wonders if Russ has more than just
tucking songs, Brent said no. Spice said he’d like to hear Russ sing
with the song, Manson as the Ferret sang a little, the guys were
cracking up. Bubba said for the first time in his career, he saw
someone he doesn’t know dishing out some stuff, the guy was in charge
of delivery food, Bubba wonders where he can sign up for that, Spice
proposes a latter match for the midgets to get their food. Bubba said
the fans really like it when Ned does a live song, Ned said you may
seem him fall off the wire and die, Spice wishes Lady Gaga would go
that way. We then heard the original, “Just Dance”, Bubba said he’ll
get to the hook, he then wondered where “it” came from, Manson said
she used to right songs, Spice said she’s trying to act cool, he
thinks she sucks so bad as a human. Bubba got distracted with Charlie
Beltcher wearing a kilt; he thinks his wife Linzy would look better.
Ned said they did it six days ago (February 19, 2010). Ned went
through the settings, he called Bubba a chunky DJ, he said that today,
he’s the most frustrated parody man ever, he then said he didn’t like
it, he thinks it’s not full enough, Bubba thinks Ned is on a subway
with a guy, Ned then recreated what it would sound like, he said he’s
under a lot of pressure, he said his title is called “Tramp Stamps”.
The song focuses on girls who have the tattoo above the butt. We then
heard the tymbal, Ned thinks he did too much of a bump, Bubba thinks
Ned was spitting some game, he thinks the free download won’t be
offering, he thinks James may have got in some trouble for not showing
up. Brent said he had something, but the thought was gone. Melisa said
Bubba rocked TNA last night, she liked the under Armer shirt. Bubba
said that Jessica Simpson was on Oprah, Manson thinks she gets around.
We then heard a clip of Oprah talking to Jessica, Bubba then goofed on
her, Spice said he loves her for that kind of stuff, he thinks Jessica
and Manson have matching mom jeans, Spice told her to be fat. Bubba
read that John Mayor referred to Jessica Simpson as “Sexual napalm”,
Spice said John had to apologize for his comments, he thinks she
must’ve been really good, Bubba wonders if Jessica is truly a size 4,
he thinks they don’t know how to work, he thinks Oprah is a size 46,
Spice said his mind is racing, Ned thinks John Mayor is sexy. Bubba
thinks dumb girls are great in bed, Spice joked that Jessica’s sister
had to read her the article, he said Jessica Simpson is his hall pass,
the guys think Joe Simpson is weird. Ned said he’s sexual napalm, he
throws gas on people, then lights them on fire. Spice said he’d pay
$10,000 to sleep with Jessica. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – The Bubba Cooking show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Wall mart, then into some Michael Jackson as bumper music. Bubba said
he’d like to try the juice, Spice thinks Bubba looks like an
infomercial guy, Bubba thinks he’d get bored with it, Spice this whole
thing got started because of Peter Max, he thinks they’ll put it on
the website. Bubba described what you needed; Spice goofed on Bubba
for not knowing what one of the vegetables was. Bubba said he doesn’t
have a boom mic; Twenty-five is in charge of that. We then heard the
juicer, Bubba thinks Donna should go with something like this, Manson
said lettuce is really juicy, Spice thinks this is a horrible
infomercial, Bubba didn’t know what Spinach looked like, Spice goofed
on him, Manson thinks it looks disgusting. Bubba yelled for various
items, Spice chimed in, Bubba thinks they’re maniacs, Spice thinks
it’s better than Martha Stewart’s satellite show. Bubba yelled for
some more stuff, he then said he wasn’t sure of all this, Spice said
this smells better, Bubba yelled for the stick, Spice wonders if Billy
Mays was this demanding on set, Bubba then yelled for an overflow
container, Spice said it’s different than a blender, as it has to
power it down, Bubba thinks they need a tea jug to hold all the stuff.
Spice said he would’ve changed the channel at this point, Bubba then
said his back was hurting, he then yelled for a spoon, he thinks he’s
working with idiots, Spice thinks Bubba is like a Nazi version of
Martha Stewart, the guys cracked up at Bubba eating the sunflower
seeds, Manson as Bubba said they should put bacon and ketchup in the
device, Spice thinks it’s quite the recipe. Bubba asked for the jug to
be miced up, Spice thinks it sounds disturbing, Manson thinks it
sounds like him last week, Bubba thinks Twenty-five is the only guy
who cares about his job, he likes how the device powers down, he
thinks peter Max would freak out over the way the guys made it, he
thinks it looks better than how Manson did it, Manson thinks it tastes
really good, Bubba thinks he could crap like a goose for the rest of
the day, he decided to call it “Clem”, he wonders if birds would take
the pulp, he suggests “Pulp Wrestling”, Manson thinks Bubba’s cooking
show would work out, Twenty-five thinks the pulp is awesome, Big Dick
liked it, Twenty-five said it was the best pulp he ever had in his
life, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Peta, John Gallagher discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Unity in the
Community. Bubba wonders what the midget wrestlers would like to be
called, he then said Peta is protesting Bob White, Brent said he read
the article. Bubba thinks no one else has taken a tour of a jail,
Spice said the problem is the pigs are dying, Bubba said before anyone
writes anything, they should look at Sgt. Woody, who is in charge of
tours, he said that Woody would be more than happy, he said they
produced 12,000 pounds of pork a year, Spice thinks Peta is kind of
terroristic with their tactics, Bubba asked that Peta not even make an
appointment, Manson said Peta could care less about facts. Brent said
the prisoners giving evidence is pointless, as they have an ax to
grind with society, Bubba thinks it costs a little bit of money for
the tax payers, he thinks Peta is a shakedown, he said the spca is a
great place, Brent said they’re no different than Sharpton or Jackson,
he thinks Bob White has a great system, Spice said Jim coats gets
blasted for everything he does. Bubba said someone needs to put a stop
to John Gallagher, he told him to step lightly, he said one of these
days, he’s going to do a Tampa only show about Gallagher, he said
he’ll fact check it. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Midget Wrestlers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Wall Mart. Bubba said he’ll be having the midgets in, he said he’s a
little concerned at what’s happening in St. Petersburg, he said he’s
pissed about it, he’s tired of leaders being pussies, Brent said he’s
with him on that. Bubba said he’s not sure on the group of people
coming in, he said that they know one of the guys. Johnny Green came
in saying what’s up to Bubba, Bubba thinks he looked like Mr. T,
Johnny thinks it’s a great description, he said the midgets are his
family, he said he’s all of it. Bubba liked the girl he was with, her
name is Trixy from Seattle, she said she’s four foot three, King Kong
Bundy said he’s four foot three. Johnny said they have a gig tomorrow
at the Dallas Bull, Demo Man said the word midget doesn’t bug him;
Bubba thinks he’s the smallest. Blix said he had his teeth yanked out,
as they bothered him, he said he was two inches taller than Demo Man,
he’s had his teeth out for two years. Bubba wondered who Trixy will
wrestle, Johnny said they’ll be doing a casting call, Spice suggested
Gibb Town. Johnny said that Trixy is the sexy ref, Bubba asked that
they see the rest of her, he thinks she’s the hottest little person,
Johnny said she gets paid good money. Bubba wondered if she’s sexually
active, Trixy said she loves it, she said she’s attracted to average
height; she said she’d be with Demo man. Bubba thinks he’s good
looking, Demo said he has a kid with a regular sized girl, the guys
cracked up when he said he was small. Bubba wondered who was the best
hung, he thinks it’s Blix, Spice thinks it’s a cruel trick. Johnny
told her that it was just between her and Bubba, Bubba said she might
as well validate, he then asked her if she could pick between him,
Spice and Brent, Trixy said she’d pick these two. Spice said he’s
watched midget porn, he thinks she’s pretty steamy. Bubba thinks Trixy
reffing is a waste of her beauty, Johnny said Bubba was reading his
mind, Spice thinks he’s Dana White of midgets, bubba thinks they’re on
the wrong show, he thinks they should’ve gone on MJ’s show, as he
would qualify. Trixy said she was 27, Bubba thinks she slept with
Blix, Brent thinks her silence is speaking volumes, bubba thinks Blix
is clarifying it. Blix said it was a onetime thing, he said a lot of
alcohol was involved, Trixy said it was almost a year ago, Spice
thinks it was rape, he then asked if he wore a condom, Bubba said Blix
can’t brush his teeth, Spice joked that he cut his penis off, as it
was getting in the way. Bubba asked if anyone of them has kids, Blix
said yes, Demo said Blix was the first guy he ever fought. Bubba asked
one of the guys said he was Justice, the guys think he’s high; Spice
thinks he’s the X pock. King Kong Bundy said he’s the biggest midget,
at four foot six, he said he can see his penis in the mirror, he said
he’s originally from Chicago, Johnny said they started this in August.
Bubba asked King Kong if he’s tried with Trixy, King Kong said no, he
said doing a little chick would be a problem, Bubba had to dump him
for saying something, the website is, Bubba wondered why
they don’t have dot com anymore, Brent said they ran out of stuff.
Trixy said she wouldn’t’ show her boobs, she finally did, Spice jumped
out of his chair when he saw that. Bubba said they’ve got some girls
from 2001, they’ve arranged for the midgets to have a wrestling match
with the girls in a swimming pool, which is full of KY Jelly. Justice
said he can’t do it, Brent said she can’ hear the show; bubba told him
to be a follower, Meatball said he’ll step up and do it, Trixy said
she’s not into girls. Bubba told meatball to head on out, Trixy
advised him to not keep his hands to himself, he said that Hogan will
be at the Dallas Bull, Johnny said he loves Hogan, he thinks Trixy is
a tease. Spice asked Trixy if she’d ever do midget porn, she said no,
she then said that she’d do it for fifty thousand, she said she’d like
to be the first little person in Playboy. Brent took over for a few
seconds, he thinks Trixy has an ice ass, he then plugged
Spice came on, saying it was a pool setup, he thinks the pool looks
weird, he said you can really see how cold the girls are, Bubba thinks
it’ll b cold, Spice said this is like the old guy in Old School. Spice
wonders if they can pin Meatball, Bubba told him what to do, he told
the girls to get him on his back for a three count, Spice thinks
meatball could try to pin them. Bubba told the guy to keep his tongue
in his mouth, the match then started, Spice said the girls were having
trouble moving the “giant Man Baby”, Brent said meatball weighs 292
pounds, Spice referred to him as a man baby, he then yelled for the
girls to step on him, Bubba suggested they try to choke him out. The
girls came close to getting him down, Bubba liked how Meatball was
coming back, Spice said this is like trying to save a beach whale.
Some people were chanting for Meatball, Bubba kept referring to him as
a man baby, Meatball ended up pinning one of the girls, Brent said
they’re at 50; bubba asked that they take him out of there. Bubba said
that was fantastic, he thinks the midgets have a good contract. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius show

Segment 1 – Bubba rants against Jason Ellis

The show started off with “Juicey” by Notorious BIG. Bubba said Tim
Sabean is working on something, he said he can’t get into it, he
thanked Ned for his latest offering, Ned said he hates midgets. Bubba
lugged his Wall mart appearance, he then plugged Spice’s appearance at
the Hard Rock in Tampa, he thinks the new juice is awesome, Manson
said it was really good. Spice said he was wondering about the
calories, Bubba said he added extra sunflower seeds, he thinks Henry
Rollins will be on, he said Henry is the biggest supporter of the West
Memphis Three, Brent said they gave Henry no credit for the dna
report, he said it goes back to Manson’s theory of the step father or
boyfriend being the guilty party. Rob said Bubba talked over chunks of
what Howard had said, Bubba thinks the guy is unfamiliar with his
methods, he said people like Rob piss him off, he said unless
something is breaking news, he doesn’t have the right to broadcast
long portions of a show, unless he doesn’t editorialize. Rob said he’s
not a hater, Bubba told him to name another show that is more
respectful of Howard’s show than them, Ned thinks Bubba fed the guy
up, Spice said everyone has a theory. Kyle in Mississippi said he
thought he and Ellis were on good terms, Bubba said he’s heard some
things, he asked Brent to find him the audio from December 4, 2009
about that, he wondered where all this comes from, Kyle said he’s
never heard of Ellis until he was on Howard’s show, Manson said people
are tired of hearing him say f, he said it’s his last shot. Spice
said the callers are just trying to stir shit up, Bubba said it’s a
one-sided fight, Spice wonders why Ellis is fighting with Rich and
Cavino. Bubba said their show was personally selected by Howard, he
said they’ve grone up, he wonders who Ellis is, he wonders why he’s
allowed to make fun of Rich and Cavino, he said we don’t need in
fighting, he told the program director to listen to his show, he told
him to stop being a mark for a former skate boarding guy, he said he’s
got radio pros who would love to have a show, he told Ellis this is
game on, he said they’re a larger platform, he said Sirius has radio
guys, he said this shouldn’t be the first radio job, he said he’s been
doing radio since 1985, they’ve established themselves, he said they
have the moxy to say stuff, he thinks Ellis doesn’t have stuff like
that in his contract, he said it’s an insult to have Ellis do this to
him. Manson said he understands where Bubba is coming from, he thinks
talking about Ellis is a problem, Bubba said he’s now in it, he said
he’ll be fed if he lets a mma guy fight him, he said the guy is a
hack, he said it’s not cool to f with your own. Spice said they’re
supposed to be on the same team, Bubba thinks if you have a problem
with rich and Cavino, you should look at yourself, he said they are
talking about Ellis, he said no one else will deliver this kind of
message, he said little things bug him, he wonders who else is left to
call people out, he said no one else would do it, he said he doesn’t
care if they take it from him or not, he said he likes both, but he’s
not going to let some fing asshole that has never gotten one ounce
of regular radio ratings, and he wouldn’t have gotten the job, had he
not been a friend of Tony Hawk, he said Scotty Ferrall is a great guy,
he said no one outside of Howard will deal with this, he said if this
conversation offends him, fire him, he wonders where Ellis is allowed
to plug his website, he thinks if Ellis is so good, put him on a
station that is talk based, he called Ellis an insecure backstabber,
he said he buried the hatchet, he wonders if Ellis has any content, he
wondered if Ellis can speak of anything other than whores. We then
heard a clip of bubba talking to Ellis, saying that they’re in the
growing pains, he then told Scott he should either shit, or get off
the pot, Jason said he’d like to do something, Bubba said he hasn’t
done anything about this, he said he’s kept this in, he said he’s
imploded. Jason thinks Bubba has said some stuff to him to the higher
ups, Bubba said he’s said some stuff to Jason that he doesn’t follow
through on, he said he’s never spoke a bad word about Jason management
wise, he said Jason needs to be gone, out of respect to the business,
he said regular radio pales in comparison to Satellite, he said the
satellite people are loyal, he thinks just because your someone’s
friend, Brent said Bubba has the most experience. Bubba told Jason
about his shirt idea, Manson thinks Bubba is being honest, he wonders
if he can get a memo when he’s done something wrong, Jason said he has
respect for Bubba, Bubba thinks Jason is either dumb, or is a
hypocrite. Bubba said he’s heard the show, he thinks the music really
brings Jason down. Spice said Tim Sabean would like to comment on
this, Bubba hopes Tim was listening to this. Tim thinks the listeners
stir up a lot of stuff, Bubba said he’s heard it, he’s seen the war,
Tim said he’ll try to keep piece, he said it doesn’t make sense for
this to happen. Bubba thinks he wrongfully has said stuff about Jason,
Bubba told Tim where this is from. Bubba told Jason he was a
cocksucker back then, he suggested Jason get a team and a good coach,
he thinks it would be better if he had a better setup, Tim said he
agrees with Bubba. Bubba said if Scotty Ferrall was doing stuff like
that, Tim would be up his ass about it, Tim said he doesn’t want in
fighting. Tim said Jason isn’t allowed to do that, Manson thinks Tim
is acting like Clinton. Bubba said Howard is the sinner, and they’re
the goons, he said Tim is like the coach; Tim said he’d report on it,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Ashley Low, birthdays

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Tiffany Rice, then into “Black Guys”. Spice thinks the song
is filthy, Bubba then goofed on the Ferret, Manson chimed in, Brent
thinks you can lotion up your tits to this kind of music. Bubba
wonders what people would think if people found the show for the first
time and heard the song they played earlier, Ned said maybe the song
didn’t happen. Bubba thinks Ashley Low fits the Spice template (July
15, 2008), Brent said she almost left in tears, Spice thinks she’s a
shallow cunt. Bubba thinks if you’re hot enough, someone will have sex
with you, Spice said they usually end up taking care of some scumbag,
Brent said that Benjy has some good game. The guys think Kevin Conley
is a twink, Bubba likes Kevin’s wife, Spice said she was voted sexiest
woman. The guys goofed on the song “Electronic Avenue”, Bubba thinks
they should change it to a song about Haiti. We then heard “Staying
Alive”, Bubba thinks Andy Gibb used to do cocaine, he thinks you have
to practice doing falsetto, Spice said he’d like to have this song
playing while he goes through life, bubba thinks all the guys should
do something like that. Spice wondered if they should do the fog
machine, bubba thinks the title “Scenes of cheese” is a great title,
he thinks the bubba Cooking Show from earlier was a great idea, he
then found a picture of Victoria Principle, he asked that it go off of
his screen. The guys then discussed Jone Collins, Bubba wonders if
she’s still hot, Spice is bummed out that Bubba Sparxx said boopity,
bubba thanked Shaque for mentioning them on Twitter, he thinks Carry
Gray used to jerk off to Peter Wolf, he said he was really
disappointed when he met Henry Winkler, Brent said the Fonz would’ve
beat the daylights out of him, Bubba said that Fonz did jump the
shark, Spice had no idea what it was about, Manson said he was young,
Bubba said John Hine made a bunch of money for the phrase “Jumping the
shark”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Peter Max calls in

Bubba said Peter should be standing by, Spice said he loves the guy;
he said he could only get so close. Bubba told Peter he didn’t know
much about him, he thinks Peter is the man, peter said he can’ wait to
get to the studio. Spice said he tried to talk to him, he thinks
$48,000 is steep; Peter said he’d like to send the guys some stuff.
Bubba thinks it would be cool if Peter Max would do a painting, Peter
said he’ll do it. Spice said Peter was drafted to Nam, he thinks Peter
would dodge it, Peter said they called it the six months reserve, he
said he met a bunch of people, he said he was never in Nam, he was in
jersey at some camp, he said the major found out he was an artist.
Bubba wondered how much ass did peter get, Spice said he’s been
married for a long time, Peter said his ex wife is his best friend, he
said his new wife is all about animals. Bubba told Peter about
Howard’s wife, Peter thinks its great work, he explained Sam Simon’s
organization to peter, he likes how Sam will take care of the dogs,
Brent said that Sam turns the dogs into service dogs, Peter said he
would love to do a still of the Simpsons. Bubba told Peter to thank
Shaque for mentioning them, peter said Shaque is a great guy, he
tweeted two posters of Shaque, he said if anyone wanted a poster, they
could get it, he said it’s a great gift, he said you can go to, Bubba said his agent has some stuff by him, Brent said
he never heard of Peter before. Peter said he was big in 1967, he said
all the big organizations were looking for him, he said in the day, it
was around one point one billion dollars, he had almost seventy-eight
one man painting shows, he thought he would be struggling. Spice said
he heard some girls talking about his art, he wonders if people read
into his art, Peter said when he goes to the building, he gets
excited, he said there’s no place that’s better than his studio. Spice
wonders how he hooked up with Shaque, Peter said some guy was hanging
out with him, the guy suggested painting Shaque, he said when you
stand next to the painting, it’s life like, Spice said it looks really
neat, Peter said that Shaque personalizes his audience. Peter said all
people have to do is go to and email; he said he gets a
lot of letters from people. Spice wondered when he’s asked to do a
personal piece, Peter said if he does a life-sized painting, it could
be around 30-50 thousand dollars, he said he’s an artist of the
people, he said Michael Lang was with him at Woodstock. Spice wonders
how crazy Woodstock was, Peter said nobody expected it, he said
traffic was bumper to bumper. Bubba told him about the drink, he said
they added some stuff, Peter said that’s alright, he said when people
used to drink vegetable juice, the pulp is where the Vietnams are, he
suggested you drink it with the pulp, Spice thinks they did it
completely wrong, Peter said he knows a guy who lost 35 pounds, Bubba
thinks they made the mistake with his juicer, Peter suggested half a
cup of water, then stir it all up, he said he had a half of a glass,
Bubba said it’s quite entailed, Peter said it’s the drink for the
future, he said when he goes to the studio, he feels 28, he said he’s
been drinking this juice for about 12 years, Manson said he’s going to
do it, Peter said you can go to, he said Shaque will do
it. Bubba thinks Peter has the greatest porn name; peter thinks the
guys are funny. Spice wondered about peter painting Dale Earnhardt’s
car, peter said he eyeballed a toy car, he said he painted it in about
35 seconds, he said Dale loved it. Bubba wondered if Peter has ever
painted something he didn’t like, Peter said he just paints over it,
he said that he painted a model of a plane once, he painted an actual
plane that flew all around the World, he said he was in it about
twelve times. Spice wonders if there’s one person he didn’t like,
Peter said he got along with everyone, he said one of his friends put
him on the phone with Elvis, Elvis asked for him to paint him, they
went back and forth, Peter said he never painted Elvis. Bubba thanked
him for being a good sport, Peter asked that you visit;
he thinks his Twitter account is on his website. Bubba said they’ve
never met Shaque, Peter said he’ll call Shaque today, Spice thinks it
would be kick ass to get a picture by him, he said they’ll put the
juice recipe on Bubba said that random people today will get
a peter Max Shaque poster, he said you can’t ask for them, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Caller knows Damien from West Memphis 3?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Hulkamaniac shirt.
Katrina said her friend lived next door to Damien, she said he never
had blood on him, Brent said she’s dead on, Damien had only two feet,
Katrina said the cops wouldn’t listen to them when they tried to tell
them. Bubba said he watched the documentary on it, he said Henry
Rollins paid for the DNA test; he said the cops lost some of the
evidence. Brent said the judge is an asshole, he said they should get
a new trial. Bubba wonders if she tried to get in touch with the cops,
she said yes, Brent said it should be criminal on the police’s part.
Katrina said that you can tell the guy is lying, Brent said the
murderer has the boy’s pocket knife in his possession, Manson said the
guy is a Loony Toon, Bubba thinks someone knows something they don’t.
Katrina said Hobbs’s friend’s hair was found in the tree, she said
Damien has never snapped, she thanked the guys for helping out, Bubba
asked her if she’d like a Shaque poster, she said yes, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – No Net Ned Replay

Coming out off commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Wall Mart
appearance, then into “Whatever You Like”. Bubba said that Janie Cakes
is in the building, he said she made some chocolate covered
strawberries, he said Jane would like to answer the phones, Spice
thinks they’ve got pros like Pantera, Bubba said that Jane used to
answer phones while Bubba was younger, he told Ned they have his
offering, he thinks Roberto from Pittsburg is the asshole. Roberto
asked if Bubba could get to him in a minute, Spice said the guy poked
Bubba in the chest, Bubba told Spice he doesn’t have the savvy he has,
he said he’ll use his stuff against him, he said he only knows him to
be an asshole, he thinks he only wants to hear himself on the radio,
he said he can always hang up on him. Manson said he has an offering
called “bubba Saw”, he said Bubba is in various traps. Bubba went to
Pittsburg, he said he’s listening to the show, he said he
S passionate about stuff, he said Sirius has fed Bubba over. Bubba
said shame on him for not remembering the good times, Roberto thinks
Fed is underpaid, he thinks Ellis is taking a page out of bubba’s
book, bubba said when he did it after Howard, he had some huge
numbers, Roberto thinks bubba isn’t being honest, Bubba said it’s
idiotic for talking about him, he thinks Bubba’s show is better than
Howard’s show. Bubba said ned emailed some people in Ohio, Ned said he
and Brooke is a match made in heaven, Bubba said he was blind copied
on an email, he said it’s not right that ned got a crank shaft for
free, he wondered what Ned needs a big crank for, ned said he’s about
to die. Bubba told Ned is car looks like crap, he told him to work on
the body, Ned thinks this is the day to hurt his feelings. Bubba
emailed Brooke, telling him to ignore Ned’s emails; Ned thinks it’s a
dick move. Bubba said that Ned has a new offering, it aired earlier on
the FM show, he said it’s about tramp stamps, he called them “Cum
target”, we then heard it, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Henry Rollins calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons Shirt.
Bubba said they’ll be thanking Henry Rollins for sticking up for them,
he then recapped the Tom the Treeman situation, he said he’s over the
cold weather, Manson said he had frost on his windshield. Bubba told
Tom Taylor “F you”, he asked him to never get a hold of him again,
he wonders what Ellis has ever done for him, Brent said he can see
Bubba’s point, Spice said Bubba is a loyalist, Bubba said as much as
he expects it, he wants you to at least give it back, he asked for him
to go away, Brent said Ellis shouldn’t even be here, Manson thinks
Ellis is just another Australian. Bubba read from Ellis’s Twitter, he
called the show bullshit taped radio, Bubba told him to get off the
tough guy, Manson thinks that Ellis would pick fights with
pre-scholars, he told Scott Greenstein that if something isn’t done
about it, he’s done, Spice said people have no idea what they’ve done,
Brent called him a Foreigner, Ned thinks he’s a xenophobe. Bubba said
f you to Tom Taylor, Jason Ellis, and the fans that are listening
to him, he then wondered what Jane did, Henry was accidently hung up
on. Henry apologized for not making it to the studio; he said he did a
few days. Bubba said he’s been following the West Memphis Three, he
said he wants people to understand the time he has put in it. Henry
said he’s with Bubba, he thinks Dept is good for presenting his
documentary on it. Bubba recapped the caller from earlier, he thinks
they should mp3 him the call, Brent recapped it a little for him,
Henry said a lot of people have been shot down, he said they need to
bring some real proof. Brent said arguments will be heard, Henry
thinks the best case situation will discover that people will admit
that they were scared, he said a sunny day is when a judge gives you a
new day in court, he thinks a judge won’t watch the documentary. Brent
said they need a new trial, Henry said it would be grounds for a
mistrial, bubba thinks the judge should be hung from the highest
something, Henry said when you have three dead boys, you need to
think/solve very quickly. Brent said luckily, people caught on to the
duke Lacrosse situation, the prosecutor was disbarred. Bubba asked how
long has it been since Henry talked to Damien, Henry said it was a few
days ago, he talked to his wife, he said he’s been on the road since
mid October. Bubba wondered when he’ll do “suns of Anarchy”, Henry
said they killed him off, Brent said the character was scary, he said
you can get Henry’s latest album on, he then asked if
they’ll do a musical tour, Henry said no, as he’s not interested in
doing old material, he said he’d rather be where he is now, he thinks
Palin is the gift that keeps on giving, he thinks she’ll be sidelined
by the GOP, he thinks she’s a fluffy American pundent, he thinks she
deserves anything that comes to her. Bubba said Henry is his all-time
favorite, he said Henry is the only guy who will go to a foreign
country by himself; he said he has all kinds of swagger and moxy.
Brent encouraged the listeners to check out one of Henry’s shows, he
said it’s funnier than any stand-up, Henry said it was good to talk
with them. Brent said that he yelled for Chas to step his game up,
Bubba told Ned he couldn’t have phone sex with Janie, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Jane and Tara in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “NC Double D’s”.
Bubba said Janie Cakes was in the studio, Jane guessed that Vanilla
Ice, she said she only knows three black guys, she said she’s only
seen pictures of a black guy’s cock, she said she’d like a black
friend, Bubba thinks it’s not cool to say, she said she’d like to
touch a black man, Bubba thinks she’s treating him like a primate,
Spice goofed on her. Janie thinks Twenty-five looks like chocolate,
she told the guys to shut up, Bubba said you can talk to Janie Cakes.
Spice wondered if she ever considered an abortion, Jane said yes, she
said she wouldn’t know where to go, she said she was too young, she
said she never wanted to abort Tara, she said no, Brent said he would
be spun down to zero if that happened. Tara came in, she thinks
Twenty-five left. Bubba said Jane was told to have Tara, Tara said she
heard the same thing, Jane said she was young and didn’t nowhere to
turn, Ned thinks she drank a lot while having Bubba, she thinks
abortions were done in Chicago, she said she was too afraid to ask for
an abortion, she said that she didn’t visit the doctor when she was
five months pregnant. Andrew in new jersey asked to talk him through
one, Jane said no, she said she’s listened to the show, Jane said
she’s an old twat, the guys think Doug Clem wasn’t her first, Tara
said that Jane had a boyfriend before Doug, she wondered why Ned has
to say “whore”. Bubba thinks Jane fed a black man, Spice said Sam
Simon was on, Jane asked to be Marge Simpson. Sam is shocked by all
this, Bubba explained the Peter Max situation, Sam said Peter is
great, he said he knows who peter is, Spice said Sam has the thinker
in his backyard. Bubba asked him what he’s paid for in art, Sam said
he got an Andy War hall from his Mom, she was really into art, Spice
thinks Andy’s art is over rated, he said he’s tweeting at SimonSam,
Spice likes how bubba has Twitter fights with people, Bubba said he’s
weird, Sam said Bubba is the best, he said they wrote something for
Artie, Bubba told Sam about his appearance on Hogan. Sam said he was
on Wrestlemania, he then recapped it. Spice said when he first saw it;
he thought it was Clark Gable. Bubba asked Jane if she knew who Sam
Simon was, the guys clowned Jane for saying “Sam does dogs”, Bubba
thinks Mud is the only people who call blacks “mudds”. Michael in New
York asked Jane if Bubba was retarded, Jane said no, she never thought
it until now. Will said the show today has been spot on, he said it’s
god to hear her. Dee in Georgia thinks Jane is hot, he said he’d like
to crank her down. Bonnie in Buffalo Grove called in, she said she was
fine, the guys clowned Bonnie’s accent, she said she’s aiming for all
three, Bubba thinks he’ll have the dates next week. Martin in New York
asked if Jane likes it in the butt, the guys goofed on his accent,
Jane thinks the guy is disgusting, she then said that she did a lot of
rubbing on Toby, she said Doug Clem never made her cum, she said that
she’d like to answer the phones. Bubba thinks Jane was into a lot of
shady stuff, Jane said Heather goes to the horse farm a lot. Bubba
asked for a woman’s perspective, Spice knocked saying the truth was
there, she said go away. Bubba said they love Janie unconditionally,
it doesn’t matter who she had sex with, Tara said she’d like to high
five her, Jane said she wished she would’ve, Ned thinks Jane rubbed J
bird’s cock through his pants. The guys think Janie likes to f,
Jane said that she likes thin mints; she thinks Tara should say it,
Bubba thinks Jane looked like Cher back in the day. Jane said that she
likes to f; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Manson’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Jane said bought her a purple helmet, bubba thinks Jack is the best
listener. Jane thanked Anthony Ross for some mittens, she then listed
some people on Twitter she likes, Bubba said he would’ve sold the
helmet for $2, Jane went on to say that she liked her Canadian
friends, Ned didn’t know who Zamboni was. We then heard some clips of
Saw, Bubba had no idea what it was, Spice explained it to him. We then
heard “Bubba Saw”, where Bubba’s leg is chained to a drainpipe, he
thinks it was Treeman; he threatened to set him on fire. Jigsaw asked
him if he’d like to play a game, Bubba told him no, Jigsaw called him
Todd, Bubba was laughing his ass off, Bubba told Jigsaw to foff,
and to come back with a chainsaw. Jigsaw said there’s a key in the
intestinal track of someone, we heard Hogan and Deion, the knife he
needs is in dog crap, Hogan said that it’s in Deion’s gut. Hogan and
Deion went back and forth, Deion thinks Brooke swallowed a key, Bubba
thinks it can’t be aired on regular radio. Bubba ended up cutting
Deion, Deion told him to f off. In the next challenge, Bubba’s
employees are on a table, the other guys end up calling each other
out, Spice egged Bubba on, Bubba hopes he would shoot Spice, Brent
ended up getting shot. Jigsaw told Bubba to go home, Bubba called him
Rickshaw; they then ended the show a few seconds later.

5 Responses

  1. Josh

    Enjoyed the hell out of Ned’s “tramp stamp” song, where can i get it???

  2. Paul Foley

    I have to say..Mansons new bit (Bubba Saw) is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Good job guys.. keep up the good work! The show is better than ever.

  3. jesse T

    Ellis>Bubba in every way.

  4. Tom

    First, use a spell check. Or at least a grammar checker.

    Second, Bubba is no where near as funny as Ellis. Unlike Ellis Bubba had to go crawling back to terrestrial radio becuase he can’t handle uncensored radio. If he could he never would have left.

    Bubba represents the past, Ellis is the future.

  5. jp

    Is the music from Tramp Stamp copied from a song, or is it a Ned original?

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