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This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports, coming up on the show

Bubba started off by saying the music was provided by Spice, he said
he’s got four random tickets to give to a hot sounding woman, he then
went over some sports scores, he then plugged what they’ve got on the
show for next week, he then selected the bumper music for next week.
Twenty-five Cent came in, the guys talked to him about stuff, Bubba
thinks he’s the only guy at the show that is bald with his pubic hair,
he then said Ned is able to twist stuff, he said he’d like to see
Twenty-five in a colonel mustard Suit.

1. Monday – Twenty-Five Cent
2. Tuesday – Big Dick
3. Wednesday – Carl
4. Thursday – Hammil
5. Friday – Manson

Bubba said he doesn’t want to hear Ned complain, Ned said he’s two and
a half beers deep, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada. Mike in Dexter Maine said he saw that Chris Jericho will be
hosting a game show, Bubba said that’s good for him, he said he loves
him. Mike said it’s a trivia show where the participants are on a
conveyer belt, Bubba said it’s about time we have a show about that,
he then got sidetracked with a woman getting fired for being too hot,
he said he’d fire her, based on that he couldn’t really understand
her, he then went on to talk about the blown call, Brent said baseball
has gone back and looked at different plays, Spice thinks Budd is on a
complete power trip, Brent said in the bi laws of baseball, he can
change the call, Bubba said all we need is a hard cap in baseball,
Manson thinks they should go to 80 games a year, and seven innings.
The guys went over some birthdays, Bubba said Angelina Joe Lee used to
be hot, when the rest of her body fit, he then asked Spice who the
best male tennis player is, Spice said Roger Federitor. The first
email of the day said the Honky Tonk Man is appearing in Canada.
Another emailer said a company named Eco Safe has something that will
make the oil clean, the EPA said it can’t be done, as it’s not safe.
Another emailer said they found some TNA trading cards and found
Bubba’s picture in it, Bubba thinks they might be worth something, he
then said some of his friends bought a race track. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Oil Spill, Scottish guy calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for being a wrestler,
Spice said this is a guilty pleasure, Bubba groaned at the selection,
he then said Kevin Vargas said that Ned might be a wanted man, the
cops are looking for a guy who looks like Ned, without the beard, we
then heard a news clip about that, Ned said the guy isn’t as good
looking as he is, Bubba thinks Ned would do something like that, he
said he’s got audio of Ned yelling for kids to shut up, he thinks
Vargas is right. Mike said he met the guy that built the Eco Safe
product, he said the guy did a demo for him, he said it was like the
oil vanished. Bubba wonders if that’s dog poop, or tar ball on TV, he
thinks Brent could’ve been running the dogs at the beach, the guys
cracked up t the story, we then heard clip about the saw not working,
Bubba thinks it would be a part of the next Saw movie, Manson thinks
the top kill method wasn’t epa approved. We then heard a news clip
about BP getting a $69,000,000 bill, Spice thinks obama should show up
to the spill with the bill, Bubba thinks anyone could make the bill on
Microsoft Word, he cracked up at James Cameron got denied the chance
to help out, Manson said they could make a cool movie about the oil
spill. Brent wonders where the navy is; he thinks they should go
there. We then heard a news clip about a woman claiming to be really
hot, Bubba thinks they’re trying to get some ass, he then goofed on
her accent, he thinks maybe the customers didn’t understand her, he
then said some animals have died from the oil spill, he asked where
PETA is, Brent said that they gave octomom $5,000 to put a sign on her
door that reds “Don’t be an Octomom”. Bubba said that there’s a new
teacher who got arrested for sex with a student, he thinks she looks
pretty hot, Spice said she doesn’t look too bad. Bubba said he
probably would’ve hooked up with a few teachers; Ned thinks Bubba
wasn’t hot enough. Angus came on, saying he’s got a good show, he said
he’s in Scotland, Spice said he could never live there, he said this
guy sounds like Willy from
The Simpsons. Angus said Bubba is the Father he never wanted, he said
he’s a farmer, he said he’s trying not to talk like a robot, Spice
told him to keep going. Angus said it’s a disgrace, the guys cracked
up at his accent. Angus said Pantera hung up on him, he said they had
fakers coming in all the time, the guys couldn’t stop laughing at his
accent, he suggested child toucher get thrown in a women’s prison,
Brent said now he doesn’t believe him, as he said shit differently.
Bubba asked him what time it was in Scotland, Angus said it’s twelve
past eight, he then gave some shout outs to some people, the guys
cracked up at his accent. Bubba asked to get a number for this guy, he
said he’s not sure, Manson said if he’s fake, he did a good job. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. Bubba said he doesn’t want to hear Spice complain
about the music they play at Spin Class. Audrey in Boca said that her
friend’s four year-old son had to have his whole frontal lobe removed,
as the step father did it, she said she knows the real father. Bubba
asked if the cops investigated, she said she’s not sure, she said that
she’s just calling, as she knows what an advocate of Children’s rights
Bubba is, she said her kids were just waking up, she told them to go
take a shower. Bubba thinks Ned’s kids have shunned him, Ned said he
might’ve partied a little while they grew up; he said he’s ready to
shape up now. We then heard a news clip about a woman who drove her
car in the water, Bubba said she was disabled, he said he’s hd that
dream where you’re in the car, and you can’t open the door, he thinks
drowning has got to be one of the worst ways to die, next to burning,
he thinks they’ve got seconds to do it, he said he’d like to be an
ambulance driver, s he could drive fast legally. Spice said he could
get life hammer, Manson said he has one. We then heard the 911 call
about that, Bubba said the real heroes are the people who dove in and
saved her, he likes how the old timers get snippy with you when they
have to explain stuff, he said he hates seeing women on cell phones,
he said he feels bad for the kids, Manson said it’s a huge problem,
Brent said it’s worse than being drunk, the guys crapped at how fast
the woman was typing, Spice thinks she’s about 110 words a minute,
Manson thinks people don’t think that quickly, Bubba thinks the
operator has it all down, the guys think she shouldn’t be driving,
Manson thinks if the water is up to your chest, you won’t be able to
get some stuff. Spice said this freaks him out so much, he’s buying
one on EBay, Bubba is shocked the call ended the way it did, Spice
said he can only hold his breath for about 20 seconds. Tammy said her
husband has a life hammer, she keeps it in the pocket of the door,
Spice thinks it’s a great invention. Larry in Orlando said Bubba
shouldn’t be surprised with International fans, he said he’s from
Australia; he said he listens on line. Bubba said he’s surprised he’s
in 14th place. Josh said they make the life hammers, he said they have
a fold out saw, he said they make about 500-600 at a time, he said
they’re about s big as a hatchet; Bubba said that’s a little big for
him. Spice said Dave could easily shot the window out, Bubba said no
to that. Bubba took a call from a guy who said the kid falling down
the stairs seems like bullcrap; Manson said anyone can fall down the
steps. Mark in Daytona said Bubba fighting with the brawd yesterday
was great radio, he thinks Bubba beats things into the ground, Bubba
said he got his email, the guy said he’s never used a computer, he
thinks the ratings will go down the toilet. Bubba asked him what he
does for a living, Mark said he follows the NHRA circuit, he said it’s
good enough to pay the bills, he said he can get through to the show
anytime he’d like, as Bubba as crap ratings, Ned thinks Mark is
bringing it, the guy hung up, Bubba thinks the guy is a pussy, he
thinks they didn’t spend 20 minutes on the ratings, he asked Dave to
replay the audio of the guy. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Burnout
shirt. Bubba said all the lines are packed, he called the show just to
prove it, he got a busy signal, he then plugged TNT’s racing coverage
this Sunday at Noon, he said Brent will be at Elder Ford for a Post
9/11 event. Christin said there’s no advertisement, Bubba said that’s
Cox for you, he asked her to spread the word. Christin asked what
shirt size Bubba is, she said 96.5 is selling some station based
shirts, she said her man can’t find a shirt in his size. Bubba took a
call from a guy who said that he doesn’t beat stuff into the ground,
he said they just talk about stuff, Bubba thinks they won’t make it in
South Florida, he said it’s insulting that Ron and Paul are popular.
We then herd a news clip about a principal calling up a teacher with
bad news, the teacher was pregnant, she ended up losing her baby.
Bubba said stuff that used to be sloughed off, is now a pay day, Spice
said it all depends on how the call went down, Bubba thinks they’re in
the middle of downpour, Manson thinks you shouldn’t be allowed to sue
someone for being a dick. Mark in Jacksonville said he sent that email
the guy referenced earlier, he said he switches back and forth, bubba
told him to not listen again, he thinks the format of the show has
changed, he said they’ve always been long and drawn out, he said if
you don’t like it, don’t listen. Jessey came on, Bubba had no idea
what the noise in the background was, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds
later for saying he didn’t like something. Bubba said he didn’t think
he opened the show by asking for critics, he thinks he won’t be able
to fly out today, because of thunder storms, Ned thinks Bubba should
just go, Spice as Bubba said he should go. Bubba wonders if the
problem of the show is him, he thinks a lot of hosts wouldn’t do this,
Spice said everyone gets criticized, he said some days, Bubba takes
the critics to heart. Mark said he didn’t send the email, he said the
show wouldn’t be better without Bubba, the guy got Eviled for calling
back in. Ron in St. Pete asked why Bubba is passing out; Spice said he
was a consultant. Jeff said he loves the show, he asked that the guys
stop playing the 1-800-AskGary commercial, Bubba said he can’t control
what commercials run. Tina said she loves the show, saying how nothing
should change. David said it’s a great show, he said the other shows
are packed with commercials, he suggested Bubba go to the phones while
they have a guest on. Mike said if Bubba left the show, it would be
like listening to MJ, Bubba asked the guy not to compare his guys to
other guys. Katrina said if they don’t like the show, change the
channel. Scott said the show is great, he said it helps him deal with
life. Bubba read about David Caridean’s wife suing the producers of a
movie, Brent said that Tyland is shady; Ned said he liked being
surprised when he get a woman, Brent said he was scared to get hookers
while in Tyland. Page said it took her an hour to get through, she
said she does that, Bubba thinks there’s a difference between holding
one’s breath, she said that she’s been choked out during intercourse,
Spice said he’s done that, it’s not fun. Bubba read an article about
that, Manson sarcastically said that when he’s left at dinner, he goes
to a closet and masturbates. We then heard Manson’s “Caridean Was
Strangulating” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 10”, track 2. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Hulk Hogan Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Clem Racing shirt.
We then heard Jimmy Hart’s song, Bubba wonders if Hogan has heard
Ned’s song yet, he called him, Hogan said he hadn’t hurt, we then
heard the song. Bubba called up Hogan, Spice reminded him they’re on a
delay, Hogan had the song on in the background, he cracked up at it.
We then heard one of Hogan’s bumpers, Hogan said it was probably one
of the best things he’s ever heard, he said sex with her was brutal,
he said the smell was bad, he said the smell would run you out of the
building, Spice said that’s one of the worst things you can say about
a woman, Hogan thinks Jennifer will die when she hears it, saying it
was a master piece. Bubba told Hogan he’s on the bill for a show in
Canada, Hogan said it’s an autograph signing, Bubba asked that Hogan
talk to Honky Tonk, he told him to document it on the phone, Hogan
said he doesn’t know how to charge it, he said Willy and Toby Keith
have copy of the song, he then recapped some midget show he was
watching last night, he said some guy tried to do a move on a card
table, he fell through it and blood went everywhere, someone was
snoring, we then heard the bell, Hogan continued talking. Bubba thinks
NOW got too big; Hogan said it got too dangerous. Bubba said he’ll be
at Smackdown this Tuesday, he said Tyler wants to meet Ray. Hogan
thinks Bubba and Cowhead set up the Awesome Kong situation, Bubba
called him a dick, he told Hogan he needs to let it go and stick up
for his friend. Hogan said if bubba is a visionary, he’s a
“visionterry”. Bubba wondered if Jack will be calling in on time, he
thinks that if he goes to commercials, Jack will call in. We then
heard “I’m Done Scrizzewing That Cow”. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Jack Swagger Calls in

Bubba thinks jack is on; Jack came on, saying his handler found him.
Bubba asked him if he worked in Miami last night, Jack said he’s in
Dallas. Bubba asked him what his work week is like, Jack said work
starts on Saturday, it ends Wednesday, he said he lives in Texas.
Bubba said the rags got him fire, he then recapped what happened, jack
cracked up, he said he would’ve fired him too. Spice said Jack’s wife
is hot, jack said he stole her from South Florida, he said married her
a few days after he won the championship, he said he’s a Country boy,
he said he waited about a year and a half. Bubba asked about the hand
cuff, Spice said it’s part of her photo shoot, Jack said he just gives
it to her the way Swagger gives it, he said it takes longer to get
something off of her, he said it was magical night on New Year’s of
2009. Bubba said he’s never seen jack kin real life, he thinks he’s
six foot five, Jack said he doesn’t look as big as he does on TV, he
said the Big Show tossed him off of him like he was nothing. Bubba
remembers the time when Big Show would Flair chop someone for being a
smartass, he said some people would get blood blisters. Jack recapped
what they’ve got this Tuesday night, he’ll be in a steal cage with
some guys,
Bubba said tyler just wants to meet Ray, he asked Jack who he’s
wrestled that he thought was money, Jack said he can’ get Hogan
hitting the 619, Bubba said all Hogan can do is cut promos, he likes
how the guys in the back don’t take Chris aside and talk to him. Spice
asked if Jack has ever cut a promo and lost his train of thought, Jack
said it’s happened before. Bubba said Jack had a financing job, he
said Jack got the wrestling job the same day he was going to work
there, he said JR is money, he then asked about Randy Orten, Jack said
he’s very intelligent about the business, he said he learned a lot
from him. The guys got sidetracked with an alarm, Spice told him to
run, the guys goofed on him, saying that someone was trying to steal
his belt, Jack joked that he pulled his pants down, Bubba said it was
small penis alarm. Bubba asked if Undertaker was okay, Jack said he’ll
be out for a little while; he thanked Bubba for having him on. Ned
went over some wrestlers he liked; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for dating a porn star,
then into Ned’s “F BP”. Bubba said they’re pretty much done for the
day, he then plugged Brent’s appearance tomorrow, he then plugged and, he said they’ll be offering up Jazella
moore in a dating game. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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