Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3rd, 2011 by Staff

Friday on the show we heard the newest Bring it on Bubba segment from WTSP and Tuddle continued his coverage of the Casey Anthony trial.

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  1. Kaylei Jones

    Maybe baez realized how incompetent he is as a trial lawyer and is now just being horrible on purpose so Casey will have grounds for appeal due to having an idiot representing her. That’s the only explanation for this moron continuing to be stupid. And how about Casey trying to say her dad sexually abused her but in the jail video when he visited her alone she kept telling him he was the best dad and granddad in the world?? She’s lying bitch and we can only hope that when she’s in prison some butch lesbian tortures her every day for the rest of her pathetic life

  2. Paul

    Tuddle is great… and like Bubba said this mornin… He needs to bitch slap this “camera” guy….

  3. Austin

    Miss you on sirius

  4. joe

    Is it possible to put up the audio of Tuddle?

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