Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th, 2012 by Staff

Adam Hill of San Antonio, Texas is the Facebook friend of the day.
Bubba thanked a gentleman named Thomas Lacey for fixing his 55 inch
TV, the site is
The guys don’t get what is so great with 3d TV; Bubba thinks the 3D
glasses are ridiculous.
Caller Sam – Bubba shouldn’t have a problem with his hammer down trailer.
Emails: Listener asks for her son to get off pills, listener wants the
old 98 Rock stuff for download, disgusted by Penn State’s actions,
listener wants to know why Bubba is disgusted by the President, a
beating victim thanks the guys for helping out the 17 year-old who got
attacked recently.
Bubba talked about seeing some guy with his dome light on while on his
way to work.
Twenty-five talked about semi retarded people, this had the studio cracking up.
Tara said one of her friends who live in LA said a radio station there
talked about Tara possibly fighting Octomom.
Listener thinks Bubba would be great on “Celebrity Apprentis”; Tara
thinks people like Bubba would do great on that show.
Audio clip – Paterno knew about the 98 child molestation, followed by
Manson’s “Hey Joe Paterno”.
Bubba said he heard some talk radio yesterday, he thinks they’re
pussies for taking the anti Joe Paterno stance now.
Ned’s Neditorial about Joe Paterno.
Bubba thinks the whole show is the lone wolf for taking the anti Penn
State route, he wonders why the show isn’t cindicated.
Ned’s “Then You Raped Me”.
Negative Mike asked for everyone involved to be charged, including the
wives of Paterno and Sandusky.
Caller asks about past players, Bubba said he feels bad for them.
Caller Jeff – why are people giving the Governor of Pa a pass on Penn State?
Ned’s Load – “Apocalypse Ned – The White Light” (“Raw & Uncensored”
disc 1 track 4, and “Apocalypse Ned Classics”, track 7). Ned has a
near death experience, and ends up getting into a fist fight with
“Word Up” was used as the rejoiner; Tara thinks it’s a good song for
male strippers.
Audio clip – “Magic Mike” has a sequel?
Audio clip – Brittney Spears walks off “X Factor” again, Bubba thinks
she should record another album.
Bubba wants to be a judge on “American Idol”.
Audio clip – Katie Homes, Bubba thinks mauybe Tom Cruise never even
had sex with her.
Audio clip – Tom Cruise wants to sue the National Enquirer for calling
him a “Monster”.
Audio clip – Steven Tyler is out of “American Idol”.
Ned’s “50 Shades of White Trash, Pt. 2”.
A Carl Harris produced intro for the magic Mike contest is played,
Bubba got a laugh out of it a few times.
Bubba checked out, he liked some of the girls on
there; this led the guys talking about some of the guys on the site.
Bubba picked who the guys would go with, as well as who Tara should be.
Anthony, Zult, Christian and Jeff from Florida hard Bodies in studio.
Anthony is the owner of the site, has been in Florida for 12 years,
and thinks Florida is a better market than St. Lewisl.
Zult has been in Florida for 16 years, he danced with Channing Tadum,
the actor from “Magic Mike”.
Christian was in Playgirl in 2006.
Jeff was “Mr. Daytona 2011”.
The guys from Florida hard Bodies put on a show for the females in attendents.

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