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Top Stories:
Elderly Man, 83, Charged With Beating 99-Year-Old
Linda Bollea settles suit brought by crash victim John Graziano’s family
Man Allegedly Kills Wife, Dies by Cutting off Own Legs
Bubba the Love Sponge speaks with 10 Connects on Haiti comments

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports scores, general housekeeping

The show started off with Foreigner’s “Feels Like the First Time” as
bumper music. Bubba said some of the lines to Ned, Ned thought Bubba
was serious, Bubba said no, he thanked Spice for posting on Twitter,
Spice said they should do a Tiger Woods lookalike contest, Bubba
suggests some prizes, he then recapped some sports scores, Brent
wasn’t sure if the Lightning won in overtime or in a shootout. Manson
said he’ll fire up Twitter again, he said his life is mundane. Bubba
thinks channel 10 buried him at 6 last night, he wondered why the
lines are packed, he then told Spice about a Lex and Terry YouTube
video, he feels that reality has caught up with them, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers, Football Picks

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Pagan Potheads
Tour”. Bubba said that today’s music is provided by Brent, he then
selected the music for next week. Monday – Spice, Tuesday – Bubba,
Wednesday – Manson, Thursday – Dave, Friday – Bubba, Ned thinks his
ball isn’t in there, Bubba suggested he put a dent in Ned’s ball. Dave
in West Palm said having Howard on the show yesterday was great, Bubba
said he agrees, Spice said a got a lot of press yesterday. Bubba took
a call from a guy who said he saw the interview with 10 Connects, he
thinks it’s okay, Bubba said it’s not, he suggested celebrities go on
TV for other things, rather than Haiti. Bubba thinks Hogan has tna in
the right direction, BJ said it’s better than it has been, Bubba said
they’ve got to do some stuff, he thinks The back Pope can work his ass
off, BJ said he can’t sell, but he can work, he wondered if the Jeff
Jarrett stuff was a work, Bubba said no. BJ said that a lot of people
are saying that the Awesome Kong thing was a work, Bubba said he’s
going to try and stay out of it. We then heard the Monday Night
Football music, Bubba thinks Manson is going to be the winner in the
Football pool.

Jets at colts – Spice and Ned Jets, Manson Colts, Bubba Colts, Brent Colts

Vikings at Saints – Brent Saints, Manson Saints, Ned Vikings, Spice
Saints, Bubba Vikings

The guys think New Orleans has a great story, Bubba said Minnesota has
choked at the Super Bowl four times. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Birthdays, Haiti

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into Ned’s Tribute to Awesome Kong. Bubba said Ned doesn’t
work well with Twitter, he then went over some birthdays, Spice thinks
Willa Ford is hot. We then heard some DJ Jazzy Jeff, as he’s 45 today,
Manson thinks Will Smith left him in the dust. We then heard “Don’t
Stop Believing”, the guys think Steve Parry can’t hit the high notes
like he used to, Spice said Rolling Stone claims that Aretha Franklin
was the number one singer in the top 100, Manson went over the list,
the guys couldn’t believe some of the selections. Bubba said he was
cleaning toilets when he learned that John Belushi died. We then heard
some Neil Diamond, Bubba thinks Manson likes him, Manson said he’s
heard him live, he said it brings you down. Rob in Cape Coral said
bubba made the news last night, he thinks Bubba was ment to made to
look like a jackass, he thinks Bubba is spot on. Bubba thinks channel
10 spun his positive comments as negative, we then heard the clip
about that, Bubba thinks they’re putting themselves over, he said this
is the last interview he’s doing with Melanie Brooks, he said that at
least they published his apology the night before, he didn’t like how
they sandwiched some of his comments. We then heard another news clip,
Bubba said this is the one with a different spin, Manson thinks the
set up was much better, Bubba said they could’ve put that stuff in the
original footage. We then heard the 11:00 footage, Bubba said this is
much different than the other story. Joe in Ft. Lauderdale said he was
at Wall mart yesterday, he said he saw some Haitians cursing him out,
Bubba doesn’t believe him. Alex said he was listening to NPR, he said
a lot of Haitians agree with Bubba. Spice thinks a lot of people who
agree with Bubba’s thoughts are being anonymous about it. We then
heard a news clip about help going to Haiti, Bubba said we can’t
afford to bailout our Country anymore. We then heard a clip of Wyclef
Jean on Oprah, Brent said he agrees with him, Bubba said we don’t need
Americans mugging for the camera over there. Bubba said he still has
the Lex and Terry stuff to get to, he thinks Karma has caught up with
them, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Haiti

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various locations
where you can get Bubba Army stuff, then into some Rush as bumper
music. Bubba plugged the latest stuff on and,
he said Blitz emailed him saying that the comments section on Channel
10’s site probably changed the story, he then read some comments from
the page, Brent thinks Blitz is on to something. Matt in North Port
said he can’t go anywhere without hearing about Haiti. Ashley said 98
Rock was dogging him, Bubba thinks 98 Rock has a bit of an ax to grind
with him, as Lex and Terry didn’t work out, Spice said the night guy
is voice tracked, he thinks we’re like the guy who still hangs out at
the party once it’s over. Bubba said that no matter who comes over,
there’s going to be a problem, he said that we’ve got a no vacancy
sign that’s flashing like crazy, Manson thinks you’ll have unskilled
workers who don’t speak issues. We then heard the latest channel 10
clip about Bubba’s Haiti’s comments, Manson said Donna was right
behind Bubba on his thoughts, Bubba said that he and Donna are alike,
he then read an article about a guy who was wanted in Haiti, a guy
flew into Florida, he thinks it’s just the beginning. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tyler’s Football Picks, Lex and Terry discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Sluggo, Pantera and Chas the intern. Bubba said he has to
call Tyler for his football picks, he called him a few seconds later,
he thinks he miss dialed. Tyler picked up, we then heard his bumper,
we then heard the Monday Night Football music.

Jets at Colts – Colts
Vikings at Saints – Saints

Ned thinks Tyler is just marking out to Brent, Tyler said he likes
Brent, Spice, Twenty-fie, he said he kind of likes Big Dick, he said
he kind of likes Manson, he said he loves Dave Rice. Bubba thinks Ned
scares kids, Ned doesn’t think so. Bubba said they’re number one in
Tampa, ahead of Lex and Terry in other markets, Spice said they’ve had
long time hatred, Bubba said he talks about the ratings, both good and
bad, he said it’s no wonder why Cox let Lex and Terry go, he said that
kind of stuff doesn’t work if you’re competing against a show like
his, he went on to say that Lex and Terry were on 102.5. Brent wonders
if the caller from yesterday was a listener. Bubba said the writing is
on the wall when you get bounced off your flagship station, he said
he’s never heard of that happening a lot, he said it happened to
Mancow, Brent said it happened to Ron and Ron, he thinks they’re on
the way out, Spice said Clear Channel doesn’t like you. Manson said if
you’re a big name, you don’t get tossed off your flagship station,
Bubba thinks building their own studio was one of the best decisions
he’s ever made, he said Lex and Terry aren’t worth the money, he said
Terry has gotten fat. We then heard a clip of Lex and Terry explaining
why they’re not on in Dallas, Bubba said if they ever said that, it
would be bad, he wonders when radio has ever been the bad end of a
business decision, Brent thinks they’re killing time, Bubba thinks
it’s like a car guy kind of deal. We then heard a clip of Lex and
Terry thanking Dallas for making them number one, Bubba wondered who
would say that, when they were in 26th place, Brent said they have the
“We can fool them” mentality, Bubba called them lazy, unprepared
hacks, he said they would be out of the building by 10:05, he thinks
Orlando will be the next market to go, he said that if you were number
one in Dallas, they’d be kissing your ass. Bubba went back to the
YouTube clip, Bubba thinks this is like the eighth grade mentality,
Manson said that board the pants off of him. Bubba said they make
radio guys look like nerds. We then heard another clip of Lex and
Terry talking about the industry, Bubba thinks they sound better
prepared, he said you know you’re in trouble when the radio station
you work for decides to play music, Spice said Double Down was head of
Lex and Terry’s syndication, Ned thinks they’re rambling, he told them
to shut up, he thinks they could’ve wrapped it up in about ten
seconds. We then heard a clip of Lex and Terry saying that they’re
great, Bubba thinks you could put Tom the Treeman, Twenty-five, Nick
and Pantera on a show, the guys goofed on Terry making a noise, Manson
said that would be like saying the Detroit Lions are great, but the
nfl sucks. Bubba thinks Lex and Terry won’t be rehired, he said
they’re finally getting it, Manson thinks it’s double talk, he said he
refuses to except the new ratings system, Bubba said the common
denominator is them, Spice thinks they might’ve been begging, Brent
said Lex and Terry can’t even beat MJ. We then heard a clip from
yesterday’s show. Mike from Tampa thinks Bubba should do some online
research, he thinks Lex and Terry have a better show. Bubba told the
guy he’s heard on seven stations, as well as Sirius/XM, he wondered if
Lex and Terry were still in Tampa, Mike said they’re not, he said they
didn’t have a very good ratings. Bubba said he’s not sure if the guy
is in radio, he thinks the guy is drinking the Lex and Terry cool
aide, he thinks Mike is just coming up with excuses as to why they
didn’t last in
Tampa, he asked him why they didn’t get any traction in Dallas, Mike
said they don’t need to explain, Bubba said he has a larger audience
than Lex and Terry combined, Mike said that wasn’t the case. Bubba
asked him for their largest market, Mike said there was no need to go
around in circles, he accused Bubba of interrupting him, Bubba said
he’s not answering his questions. Larry in Jacksonville said he was
bouncing around the stations, he said they called Bubba a pussy, he
thinks they’re punks. Spice said they need to hurry up, as they’ve got
thirty minutes left. Bubba cracked up at them listing all they’re
affiliates, he said he’s giving them nine minutes of heads up, Spice
said when they got fired, it was for a big reason. Bubba said he’s the
bigger fish, he said he would have more respect for them if they were
honest, he said he’s making a big mistake by doing this, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Sour shoes calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Hulkamaniac shirt.
M wonders what Bubba’s problem is, he asked that Bubba show a little
compassion, he doesn’t like how Bubba pokes fun at other people’s
problem, he didn’t like the song about the trunk we then heard the
“You can’t handle the Truth” sounder. Sour Shoes was on making some
sounds, he was impersonating Imus, Sour shoes said Imus has his wife
cleaning his ass, Sour shoes then switched over to Gary, the guys were
cracking up. Brent asked for Richard or Sal, he went into a Richard
impersonation. Sour shoes then went into his Scott Ferrall
impersonation, Bubba thinks its dead on. Sour shoes then went into his
Gary the Retard voice. Bubba asked for him to do some Bruce Hornsby,
sour shoes then did a Jackie Martling impersonating, he then sang a
little, Bubba was laughing his ass off, Sour shoes then did Artie,
this had the guys laughing, he then said he had to go. Bubba asked
Spice to try and get Lex and Terry on, Bubba thinks he could help them
out, Spice said he was on hold, he asked if he could go live on lie.
Bubba said he’d like to tell them that he feels bad, he went over the
Orlando ratings, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba Talks with Lex and Terry

Bubba wondered if Lex and Terry were ready to go, he went to them a
few seconds later, the guys said they wouldn’t sue Bubba. Bubba said
he feels for the guys for getting hung out, the guys said they wanted
to call him before they signed, Terry said they couldn’t find him, he
said he was getting their asses handed to them, Spice cracked up at
this. Terry said there’s no way they could beat Bubba in Tampa, he
said he respects the guys, he said they should build their own
studios, Terry said they’re in the process of doing it, Bubba said the
delivery has changed, he said you don’ have to be held hostage by a
company, Terry said they’re crappy business man. Spice said Double
down has been talking smack about them, Terry said he’s one of these
douchebags who puts too much trust in people, he said there’s a bigger
douchebag in the industry. Terry said they had to ass kiss, Bubba
wondered if they’re screwing with them. Bubba wonders why this phone
call took so long to do, Lex said bubba has been a thorn in their
side, Bubba said that’s just how he is, he said they would embellish
stuff, Terry said they thought Bubba was lying about stuff, Bubba said
he would never fragment stuff, Lex said Bubba took the funeral idea,
bubba said he said Howard did that, he asked the guys to be honest.
Terry said he’s always admired Bubba for being able to do what he
does, he said there’s room for everyone. Lex said they would’ve been
taken calls from various people, Bubba said he feels for them, he said
it sucks. Terry said that’s the advice they needed to hear. Bubba said
you don’t have to be held hostage by a company, he said Cox has been
great to them, Lex said they’ve never talked bad about Cox, Terry said
they didn’t share the same vision, he said they never sent tapes to
the FCC getting them fired, Spice thinks Bubba might’ve said that.
Bubba said he’s glad it didn’t go down the way it did, he said they’ll
probably bag on each other, he said he has a whole new respect, Lex
said they never had an issue with Bubba. Bubba wondered if the guys
would come back home, Terry said they might, he said the ppm blows.
Bubba said Steve Dole got ran out of town because of the ppm. Terry
said in Dallas, they were going up and up, Lex thinks a couple of guys
came in. Bubba told them to believe him on this, he said that he was
out of radio for four years, he said the day he was fired was the
worst day of his life. Terry said he can’t believe that Bubba made his
eyes to tear up, Bubba said he’s looking for a good rivalry, Spice
wondered if they’re going to go on double Dates. Dee came on and said
he used to listen to Bubba back in the day, Bubba said he likes how he
can pick up the phone and talk, he said it went the way he didn’t
expect it to go that way, Ned thinks it was ridiculous, Brent said he
didn’t know what to think, ned thinks they’ve should’ve kicked them
while they were down. Spice told Bubba there’s a fresh box of tampons
in the bathroom. Dave said Bubba was a professional, he feels strange
about it, Brent said he was looking for a wild man on the air. Manson
said he enjoyed it, ned and Spice think it was a suck ball, Spice
thinks Clear Channel is the Scientology of radio, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Hulk Hogan Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various locations
where you can get Bubba Army stuff. Bubba said hello to Jefferson
Davis, Brent said he’d like to send a get well card to Lee Corso.
Bubba said in 1982, he said Lee Corso came up to his table with some
other guys, he said hello to him, Lee said he hadn’t seen any tape on
Bubba. Spice said Jim’s Harley Davidson was great to him, Brent
plugged a poker run tomorrow. Mark in Daytona said it was ass kissing
on all three of them, he thinks Bubba has lost a lot of listeners, he
wondered who will take their panties off first, Ned yelled for the guy
to preach on. Spice said it’s a great thing from an industry
standpoint. John in Plant City said he doesn’t know what to think, he
wondered what happened to Bubba from back in the day, he said he’s
waiting for Bubba to make up with Opie and Anthony, bubba said it
would never happen. Bubba took a call from a guy who said it was great
from radio, Spice said they’re finally feeling their pain. Nate in
South Florida said he used to live in Dallas, he said he doesn’t like
Lex and Terry, he thinks Bubba marked out. Bubba took a call from a
guy who thinks they would start praying, Spice joked that he ordered
Bubba a Lex and Terry hat. Bubba said Hogan still owes Linda money, he
said she took the money and cut a backdoor deal with the Graziano, to
get herself out of the lawsuit, Spice said it’s about as bad than
that, Bubba thinks she’s the biggest cunt ever, we then heard a news
clip about that, Bubba thinks she got $3,000,000 out of it. Hogan
picked up, Bubba recapped what happened, Hogan wondered what Bubba was
talking about, Bubba explained it, Hogan wondered where it came from,
Bubba played him the clip. Bubba thinks it’s dirty, Hogan said he’d
rather be sitting in the court room by himself, rather than sitting
next to her. Bubba said he watched TNA last night, he said it’s never
been better, he hopes Nick and Brooke can see through Linda’s tactics.
Chris Brown thinks bubba is a kiss ass, he said he lost some respect.
Jeff in Miami said what Bubba did was classy, Bubba said real men
stand up and do what they did. Bubba plugged what he’s got coming up
on the show for next week. Spice said he got an email from Terry,
saying bubba’s personalized autograph was on its way, they then ended
the show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – F Travis calls in

The show started off with Ned’s thoughts on Balloon Boy’s Dad being
behind bars. We then heard “Juicey” as bumper music, Bubba said he
liked Ned’s points on that, Spice guesses Balloon boy’s Dad is getting
his shit pushed. Ned wondered if Bubba is going to censor him from
doing Lex and Terry bits, he said he’ll do that. Bubba said he would
love to do mid days, he said if he could wake up at 8, he’d be happy.
Spice said he goes to bed before his girlfriend’s kid. Spice said he
gets up around 3:55, Brent said he gets up at 4:00. Bubba potted up
the audio of Lex and Terry, Ned wondered if Bubba would like to mark
out to a pile of his horses shit, this had the guys laughing. Fing
Travis came on, he wondered how the guys are, he said he’s not
married, Spice said he would love to hear Travis’s wedding vows. Bubba
said Travis says f more than anyone, Travis said his truck got
repossessed, he has two warrants, he said he doesn’t remember beating
someone up. Spice wondered if he beat a lot of people up, Travis said
he’s humble guy. Bubba asked him why he beat him up, Travis said it
was probably the wild Turkey, he said he would go to Tampa, some guy
broke into his trailor and took some stuff. Travis said he visiting
his step Dad, as he had cancer, he was asked to leave. Bubba wonders
what was stolen, Travis said his gun, ned thinks he’s sucking dick,
Travis said he can’t get his own dick sucked, which is why he doesn’t
suck dick. Bubba asked him about fat girls, Travis said the last girl
he was with was fat, he said he’s having some vodka with a bit of
Redbowl, he said he’s got $580 with food stamps, he said he can’t buy
boos, cigarettes and dirty magazines. Bubba asked him about Manson’s
idea, Travis said he’d do it for $20, he said he’d bring his own
knife, he said he’s a simple mother fer, Bubba said he’s one of
Bubba’s favorite callers. Travis said his step Dad pays for it. Travis
said he’s got two kids, Bubba goofed on him a little, Travis said he
calls his kid a little bastard, he said he has no money, he thinks he
could sling some pills, Manson wondered what Rednecks do on Adderall.
Bubba wondered what you do for three days, Travis said you hit the
truck trails and go bowling, Bubba thinks Ned missed his calling.
Travis said he had some Charlie Daniels, he cranked it up for a few
seconds, Travis said its good music, he said it’s party 24/7. Bubba
thinks meth is popular, Travis said he doesn’t like that stuff, he
said some guy tried to bring that stuff in his trailor, he through the
guy out of the house, Bubba thinks Travis should have his own reality
show, Travis said Bubba Army crazy where he is, Bubba wonders how they
should validate it. Travis said he’s six foot, he said he’s about 204,
he said he’s been in County Jail twice, he and his friend got caught
smoking a joint, he got busted for selling weed. Bubba thanked him for
calling, Travis said he’s ready to go underground, he said he’s
interviewed for some jobs, he asked to get some Bubba shirts, Bubba
said they could do that, Travis said he’s extra large, he told Bubba
to surprise him, he likes to see Bubba on TNA. Bubba thinks Travis
should be the show’s agent, Travis wondered if the station is full of
idiots, he suggested that Jim and Rick to suck his dick, the guys were
laughing during all this, Spice thinks Travis is better than Lasker.
Manson thinks he’s care free, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Amanda Hatley, Brent’s story

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Seven Things” from “Bubba’s
New and Misc Hits Vol. 6”, track 11, and “The Clemulus Package” disc
3, track 22. Bubba said he’ll post some pictures of Heather, Spice
wonders how more provocative than it already is, he said his
girlfriend is nude on the internet. Ned said he’ll post Garnet from
now, Bubba said he’d like something from 1972, Bubba suggested he get
Ned an atv, Ned said he’ll do it. Bubba said he’d like to get JT The
Brick at 7,000 followers, he said he’ll offer up Heather’s tits.
Manson said if they ever hit 100,000, Donna would show her asshole, he
then said he was only kidding about that, he said he doesn’t spend a
lot of time, Spice said you’re right in the area. Brent said he
wouldn’t want anyone near his asshole, he thinks they should get Ned
doing that on, Spice said she has a nice asshole. Brent
said he’s never had his asshole licked, he thinks Amanda would
subcontract it out, he said the power is out in his neighborhood.
Amanda picked up, she said she’s cleaning up. Spice did the asshole
licking sound effect a few times, Amanda had no idea, Bubba told her
what it was, she said she’s never licked his asshole, Ned told her to
get off her high horse. Bubba wondered if Amanda would lick Brent’s
asshole if they could do that, Brent proposed a dinner, some dancing,
then an asshole licking. Spice said there are two different ways of
doing it, he said one his to roll the legs up over the ears, the other
one is to t-bag the woman, while she licks his asshole, Bubba referred
to it as “head hanging over the bed”. Ned suggested a reverse cowboy,
Spice said it’s like a 69. Amanda wondered what the most comfortable
position was, Brent thinks he has to jack his dick while she licks his
asshole. Bubba wondered if it was locked in, Amanda said it was. Bubba
had her recap it, he said that they’re very detail oriented, Amada
guessed she’ll give a blowjob, Bubba thinks she’s not into doing it.
Spice wondered if they’re going to clean the kitchen, Ned said he
likes a messy kitchen. Amanda said she’ll do it, Spice wondered if
she’ll yell out Ballard while it’s going on, Brent said he never lies,
he said he ripped some of his asshole hair out, he said he does that
with his balls. Bubba wonders what a therapy session with Brent is
like, Brent was laughing at this, Brent said when he gets out of the
shower, he pulls his butt hairs off, this had the guys laughing their
asses off at this, Spice couldn’t stop laughing. Amanda said he
doesn’t put it over at all, Spice wonders if he’s nude during that,
Amanda said no, she thinks Brent is insane, Brent said he puts his
ball hair in the ash tray, he said he used to rip his hair out, Spice
described what it was. Bubba wondered if Brent has swung lately, Brent
said there’s no story. Bubba thinks they should change the names and
places, Amanda said she’s going to kick his ass, she said that she
knows what Brent is doing, she said Brent can’t lie to save his life.
Manson thinks donna will kill him when he gets home. Brent said he
didn’t want to give any names or places, Spice as Deion said no names.
Brent said he met a black guy and his wife, Ned thinks the story
sucks, he said his dick has gone back into his body. Brent said Amanda
stopped the girl, Spice joked that it was John Lynch and Melanie.
Brent said Amanda took the guy to the dance floor, he said she’s bossy
in certain situations, he said he made the girl comfortable, the girl
ended up making out with him, he said this place is where people hump
each other on the dance floor, he said they went to a place, Bubba got
caught off guard with Tim requesting a spot to be cut. Brent said they
went back to her place , they ended up getting after it, Bubba told
him they can’t say that, he said some stuff is missing. Brent said
they went straight to the bedroom, he said it was single file, he said
it was a nice house, he said Amanda took charge of the situation,
Amanda told Brent to get to the fing, he said the girl got to her
bra and panties. Brent said he made out with the girl, he said he was
watching Amanda, bubba thinks he should keep an eye on her. Brent said
the girl said she liked getting her pussy licked, Spice said that’s
not a romantic typesetting, he then goofed on Brent saying he pulls
his ball hair out, this had the guys laughing. Brent said he tried a
technique, the girl went wild. Spice wondered if they were black,
Brent said no, he said he had a brain fart, ned thinks Brent is a
horrible liar. Brent said Amanda was sitting on the guy’s face, Spice
did some farting noises, the guy ended up eating Amanda’s pussy. Brent
said that he fed her, Amanda told the guy that she probably
couldn’t cum again, Brent said he climaxed in the condom. Bubba
wondered about how long ago it was, Brent said it was in the last
three months. Bubba said he was asked to read a commercial, they asked
him to recut the commercial, he said he’s not reading it, he asked Tim
to call him and explain why he should read it. Bubba did a commercial
for the product, ned thinks it’s brilliant. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Society Red

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Hulkamaniac shirt.
Bubba wondered if Spice recognizes it, Spice said he doesn’t, Bubba
said it’s a local band from Jacksonville, the band is called Society
Red. Bubba played some cuts, he thinks the first few seconds of the
song weren’t that great, Spice said he thinks he knows the guitarist,
Brent said the singer is good. We then heard another song, Manson said
its good, Spice thinks the lead singer is from Bird Seeds, Brent said
he likes the production of it. Bubba wondered what happened to Rev
Theory, Spice said they’re doing great, the lawyers are handling the
RV situation. Bubba said he made up with Lex and Terry today, Ned said
he hates it. martin in Canada thanked Bubba for calling him in on the
Captain shirt, Bubba said they’ll call you. Martin wondered when the
guys will come to Calgary, Bubba said they’ll be doing that. Bubba
said they’re going to have a special page for the special forces. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Captain Janks calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Pagan Potheads
Tour. We then heard Bob Seger’s “Hollywood Nights” as bumper music.
Bubba wonders if there’s a virus in Next Gen, Dave said no. Bubba said
he got an email from someone who said they do the same thing as Brent,
ned thinks it’s weird. Eddie in Chicago asked Bubba his thoughts on
Mike Helton, Bubba said they’ve dummied down the sport, Brent said
taken their points away hurt the drivers. Captain Janks was on, he
said it’s not over yet, he said he went through a lot of shit in his
life. Bubba told Ned his bit didn’t finalize, Janks said it was never
intended, Bubba suggested the guy pay the people back, Janks said he
can’t get into it. Janks said he doesn’t have a car, he said he can’t
get into it. Bubba wondered if he has pending stuff, Janks said they
put a bail on him. Bubba asked him about how many places came after
him, Janks said it’s under 12, but over 10, he said people are getting
paid back, he said he’s working at a gas station. Bubba thinks he’s
reading a Dr. sues book with Janks’s story, he thinks Janks was on
drugs, Janks said that if Langford finds out about it, you’re fed.
Bubba potted up the audio of channel 10, Spice thinks they’re playing
the one that aired at Six that he didn’t like, he thinks he’s getting
old, Janks laughed a little, bubba told him to shut up. Bubba thinks
he picked the wrong forum with regular radio. Bubba asked Janks about
his ice, he said he’ll do the vasectomy, Bubba denied him. Cory asked
about the Lex and Terry situation, he wondered why it happened, Bubba
said he was prepared to be an asshole, he decided to be nice to them.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Rich Franklin

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Hulkamaniac shirt.
We then heard Ned’s “Hubby Hubby Ben and Jerry’s Call” from “bubba
show classics Vol. 12”, track 1. Spice said Rich was on hold enjoying
the bit, Rich wondered if those were actual calls, Bubba said yes,
Rich didn’t know what to think of it. Bubba asked rich what he’s got
going on, rich said he got surgery done a week ago, he said he’s in a
catatonic state, he has about four and a half or five weeks of stuff,
he said he had a hernia near his stomach, Spice said that happened to
a guy that he knows, the guy got it from moving furniture. Rich said
he noticed it after a fight, he said he didn’t know wha it was, ned
thinks it was hot. Bubba wondered if he wears a cup, Rich said he has
a steal cup with a string that goes up the butt crack, Ned thinks it’s
like a cow tongue up your ass. Bubba wondered if Rich has ever had a
cow tongue up his ass, he said no, but he has gotten his asshole
licked. Bubba asked about his fight against Forest Griffin, Rich said
he was contacted to fight in late May. Spice wondered if a medical
suspension is a good or bad thing, Rich said after every fight, you
get it regardless, he thinks 30 days is around the limit. Brent asked
about concussions, Rich said he thinks about that stuff, he said this
year in the nfl has been horrible. Bubba asked about bobby Lashly,
Rich said he’s seen him fight, he doesn’t know his wrestling stats.
Ned thinks Hershel Walker would kick bobby’s ass, Bubba thinks it
won’t happen. Spice said he gets excited over John Jones, Rich said
he’s young, he thinks he’ll have a long career with mma, Spice said he
likes how he moves. Bubba asked if anyone can beat Anderson or gsp,
Rich said no, the guys cracked up at this. Spice said after a guy
loses a fight, people think the person is distracted with a girl, Rich
said it all depends, he said he’s got some other situations to deal
with, he said he’s never gotten head from his woman the night before a
fight. Bubba asked about sex before a fight, Rich said sprinters will
often masturbate before a race, Ned said he’d do it on the track, Rich
said it will mess with your opponent. Bubba asked about getting a nut
after three weeks, Rich said the night of his fight, he’s still coming
off his high, he said he hasn’t done an interview like this, other
than the last time he was on, he said that a lot of bubba Army people
talk to him. Spice asked about American Fighter, rich said he was
having a meeting with his business partner before he came on, he said
the Tap out guys are great guys, Bubba said they hustle. Bubba thanked
him for coming on, Rich thinks Brock Lesner will be at an event with
only a Budd Lite, Bubba asked Rich to tell the guys he said hello.
Anne in Florida said she heard him on Channel 10, she said she agrees
with him, she said she’s 56, Ned thinks this is perfect, Ann said
she’s got nothing going on, she said that she’s bald eagle, Bubba
thinks this is excellent, Spice thinks they should have her in the
studio. Ann said she’s a nurse at the moment, she said she cleans
asses, Ned said this is her dream woman. Ann said her first husband
used to f cows, she said if she knew that, she wouldn’t have
married him. Spice asked about anal, she said no to that, Bubba thinks
she’s a good old Country girl, Ned said he’s feeling like shitting his
pants, he then said he just did it. Ann said she likes tight jeans and
a T shirt. Ned asked if she likes to get smacked around, Ann said she
might like that. Ann said there were two kids in a play pen, the girl
yelled out rape, the boy told her that she just fell on her pacifier,
the guys cracked up at this. Bubba wondered what she was doing, ned
thinks Ann is rubbing herself, she said someone does that for her.
Bubba asked her if her boyfriend has a big cock, Ann said no. Spice
wondered if she makes noise during sex, Ann said she’s not going
there, Bubba asked for a sample of it. Bubba thinks she should call in
more often, ned said he can’t get enough of her. Bubba said he’d like
to talk her through a masturbation session. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into “Bubba GPS”. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour. Bubba said they were going to have Jennifer Emerson in the
studio, but she’s late, he told her to turn around, he told her to
reschedule, he went on to say that Donna is flipped out over the
asshole shot. Ben in Buffalo said that in November, his girlfriend
went Christmas shopping, she stayed at some guy’s house, bubba wonders
what kind of ship does he run. Ben said she stayed at this guy’s
house, he said that she had an emotional friend, Ned thinks the guy is
a fag. Ben said she’s at work, bubba thinks she won’t be able to
answer if she’s a waitress, Spice called her a cum sniffing whore.
Bubba wondered where they met, Ben said she met the guy at work, Brent
said you could put it on the register, Ben said he does construction,
he said he’s at work, he said he could get pussy anywhere, bubba is
convinced the guy has no swagger, Ned thinks there was a snowball
situation. Spice said he’s dated some whores, he suggested the guy
leave her. Bubba wonders why he’d want to be with her, Travis thinks
Ben is a pussy, he thinks he fed her, this had the guys cracking
up, Ben thinks Travis is on to something. Travis said he’s dazed out.
Spice said he got an email from Gene Lasker saying that no one can
take his spot, Spice as Lasker read the email, Travis said he’ll break
Lasker, he said f him, he said that he’d like to smack Angelina,
Bubba said he likes her, Bubba said his problem is with Awesome Kong,
he wonders if Travis could do some stuff at Bubbapalooza. Spice said
he got an email from a guy who said he didn’t like Travis, Travis said
he said nothing about being racist, he said he doesn’t have a problem
with black people. Bubba said he got an email from someone who asked
about the girl from Pittsburg who ruined the guy’s Bubbapalooza
experience, Spice said they can call her. Bubba said he had a DVD of
the high spots from the live chat with Hammil and Russ,
bubba thinks he has it figured out, Brent thinks it’s cool for the
listeners, Ned thinks some jacking parameters after the girls left,
Bubba thinks it sucked. Spice had Kelly on, bubba recapped her
situation, she said they’re back together. Bubba said you need to
listen to the show to understand the Bubbapalooza, Bubba explained how
the show would go if you never saw it, the guys were cracking up,
Bubba said he thinks of Ralph when he says cunty. Bubba said if you
need anything Sirius related, go to Kelly said she got
the unit, she said that she’s been listening to the show. Bubba asked
her some basic questions, she knew some of them, she said ned was her
favorite. Bubba asked her about the show, she likes the guests that
they’ve had on, she likes when Dave Moore is on, she said the show is
interesting, she said it’s kind of a guy’s show, Bubba thinks she’s so
uptight. Bubba asked her if she likes getting it in the asshole, she
didn’t say anything, Spice suggested she send the radio back, Bubba
said he’s glad her subscription ran out. the guys cracked up at Ned’s
hand, Ned said he hit his thumb with a hammer. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – tom the Treeman’s shirt

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into Ned’s Tribute to Awesome Kong. Bubba said the new Tom
the Treeman shirt is out, Bubba thinks Tom should wear the shirt, he
thinks Tom should wear it all the time. Tom thinks people should buy
them, he said he feels awesome. Bubba said he never wants him to see
him in another shirt, other than in a formal setting, Spice as Tom
said he’d like to give the shirt to his daughter so she can stuff it
in her mouth while she’s getting railed behind by some black guys. We
then heard the promo for the Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty Mandingo (with a side
of man sauce), Bubba thinks Al-kida has bitch tits. Tom said he’s got
the shirt on now, Bubba congratulated him for it. Spice said his
cousin has a Bubba Army hard hat, his coe-workers love it. Bubba said
they’ve sold 77 Bubba Army bakinies, the money will be donated to the
foundation, it will then be given to the spca. They then ended the
show a few seconds later.

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