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Top Stories:
Judge sets April 12 trial date for Ragusa in teen sex case
California woman’s car repossessed with 2-year-old son sleeping in backseat
Nasa launches investigation after cocaine is found
USF player wants Leavitt to ‘man up,’ apologize
Four shot in Brooksville; two dead
Manson and his Mom Jeans

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports Scores

Bubba thinks the music is something Spice came up with, he thinks he
can’t make it to the hook, he said that JT The Brick is coming up,
Spice said he’s everywhere. Bubba thinks Vargas is still masturbating,
as the Panthers beat the Lightning 3-2, Manson didn’t like the song.
Bubba said he was in court until 7:00, he said it’s pathetic to know
how obsessed they are with him; he said that Michelle Schnitt was in
court taking notes. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – JT the Brick on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Hulkamaniac”
shirt. Bubba said for awhile, he didn’t know who JT The Brick was. JT
said it was great to be a part of the Army, he said Vegas never
sleeps. Spice asked him if he ever lays down money, JT said that he’s
never placed a bit; he said that it was because it could overwhelm
him. Bubba thinks all men should have that conversation with their
kids, JT said if you gamble consistently, you’ll end up getting
whipped out, he said he’d put his life savings on one game, the team
he selects will often end up losing, he said he was confident in the
Packers, they ended up losing, he said that if Arizona makes it to the
Super bowl, it’ll be the biggest ratings disaster. Bubba said JT
really punches through, JT said he moved in August or September, he
said he’s been on mostly at night, he said it’s like Bubba; he said
he’s in the toy department. Bubba said he’s going to have Teddy Dopay
on the Satellite show, he asked JT his thoughts on the Cowboys/Vikings
game, JT said that Dallas and the fans haven’t won a playoff game
since 1996, he thinks the Vikings will win, he said they could be
awful in the defense, he thinks it’s going to be 31-28 in favor of the
Vikings. Bubba asked him about the Saints game, JT said he likes the
Saints; they’ll be able to host the nfc championship. Bubba asked him
about Jets at The Chargers, JT thinks the Jets don’t have a shot, he
said that they shouldn’t have gotten into the playoffs; he likes the
Chargers by 10. Bubba asked about the Ravens at the Colts, JT said he
likes the colts, he said a lot of fans think that the Colts tried to
be like the 72 Dolphins, he said people will be rooting against them,
he thinks the final score will be 24-17. Bubba asked about the Jim
Levit situation, JT thinks he was done dirty; he said that he likes
Skip Halt. Bubba wondered about the Boise State coach, JT said Chris
Peterson is doing it right. Spice thinks Tennessee isn’t a stepping
stone program, JT said it looked like a shady deal, he said things
fell apart with Al Davis and lane Kiffin, he said this was the only
job he could have, he said Lane’s wife is incredibly hot, he’s not
sure who will have that job. Bubba asked about Notre Dame, JT thinks
Kelly will coach well, he said the rodeo is different. Bubba said they
used to have the appeal of the nbc contract, he asked him about urban
Meyer, JT thinks it was a quick, emotional decision, he gave him a
free pass on that. Bubba wondered about Jacksonville, JT said that he
talked to a nfl insider yesterday; he said Tebow is going to work his
tail off. Bubba wonders if Jamarcus Rustle will bust, JT said that it
might happen, he said if Tom Cable doesn’t want to give Rustle a
chance to compete, Al Davis will more than likely let him go, the guy
only got $30,000,000 in cash. Bubba asked about Dez Bryant, JT thinks
Deion overstepped his boundaries with that selection. Bubba said he
heard Loony, JT’s sidekick commenting on the Heat, JT thinks they’ll
have more salary cap room next year, he thinks Labron James will be
there, he said that all of Tiger Woods’s money was released, he said
Labron could take it easily, he asked a member of the Bubba Army to
take a picture of Tiger, he can’t find him. Bubba said that he handled
it in the worst way possible, JT said his face had to be so busted up,
he said the picture would’ve stayed with him, he finds it deplorable
that Tiger hasn’t said anything since thanksgiving, he thinks that if
she takes him back, it’s going to be a divorce. Bubba said Tiger needs
to bond with his kid, JT said that he has an 8 year-old and a 6
year-old, he spends time with them. Bubba thinks maybe Tiger had to
mess up his marriage for other athletes to be above board. JT said
that when he went to his first Nascar race, he got in line at the Dale
Jr. tent, the guy hasn’t won yet. Bubba said that Dale Jr. isn’t a
great driver; JT thinks that Dale doesn’t have the balls anymore.
Bubba told him about Larry Byrd, he thinks Indian is pathetic, JT said
the fan interest isn’t what it used to be, he said before he was going
to bed, he’d be like Ned and get his sheep on (“Public Enema #1” disc
2, track 2), Ned thanked JT for marking out. JT went on to say that he
got his “Bubba Wonka”; he said it’s changed his life. Bubba asked him
about Scotty Ferrall, JT said Scotty took him under his wing, he
thanked him, he said if a guy on the radio doesn’t sound entertaining,
turn the dial. Bubba asked the Bubba Army to follow JT the Brick on
Twitter, JT said he’s, he said he doesn’t look
at his email anymore, he considered Bubba a revolution. Bubba told
Spice to start checking him out; Spice thinks JT and Ferrall together
would be a great show. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – birthdays and emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Pagan Potheads
Tour”. Bubba said that Dr. Joe Saturley will be on in about a half an
hour, he went on to plug the Tom the Treeman slingshot Challenge,
Brent said he was planning on running the board. Bubba said that Gold
Dust will be on the show at around 9:15. Bubba said that as much bad
stuff that they get, he gets some good stuff, he said Florida Bank
isn’t paying him a dime to talk about them. He said that he got his
loan approved yesterday, he said you can’t have a relationship with a
banker at Bank of America, he said they were re selling the loans.
Brent said there’s a national campaign to take your money out of the
big banks and put them in the smaller banks. Bubba said that Bank of
America wanted him to pay 35% down; Manson said it proves that they
don’t value you as a customer. Spice said that when he was 11, he got
his first savings account, all he could put in it was $50, the bank
took the money after a few months. Bubba said the BRN garage sale is
going to be February 27, Brent said he needs time to get some stuff
together, Bubba joked that Brent take the day off to sort it all out.
Bubba went over some birthdays, the guys think Lloyd Bridges was
great, we then heard “Sweet Home Alabama”, he said the guys were so
drunk, they told the pilot one of the engines was out. We then heard
some Lisa Lisa, Bubba said he used to post the song. We then heard
“YMCA”, Bubba thinks only Ned would appreciate this; the Cop from the
village People celebrates a birthday. Spice said he once took a
boombox to an abortion clinic. We then heard “Walk Like An Egyptian”,
Bubba had no idea that some from The Bangles was 51; he said he can’t
masturbate to her anymore. We then heard some Kid Rock, Bubba said he
likes “Picture”, Spice said he’ll go from instrument to instrument.
Angle in California said he’s working at a hospital, the guy said he’s
on a 1021, Bubba wondered what that was; Angle said that it means to
not disturb him while he’s on the phone. Angle said he didn’t like the
guys’s spin on the 911 call was a problem he went on to say that he
didn’t want to disrespect them, Ned thinks the guy is hypersensitive;
Bubba hung up on him a few seconds later. We then heard a news clip
about Skip Hults. The first email of the day said they just got the
O.A.R album, they loved it. Another emailer said that before the show,
they were cursed with Bob and Tom, there’s a tent drive for the people
in Haiti. Bubba said that he’s going to apologize for his comments on
Haiti. Another emailer said they could help out with the GPS voices,
ned said he would love to do that. Another emailer said they used
Certain Dry, it’s great. Another emailer wondered if there’ a Fast
Train discount for the Bubba Army, he said he’s not sure. Blind
Lawrence emailed the guys thanking them for playing his bit, Bubba
said it was surprisingly good, he said they need to work on editing,
Manson said it was one of the best non professionally produced bits
he’s ever heard. Another emailer thanked Bubba for being who he is.
The last email of the day asked if Bubba could donate some clothing,
Bubba said yes. We then heard O.A.R doing “lay own” from August 27,
2009. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Mental Issues with Dr. Joe Saturley

Coming out of commercials, we heard a pormo for “The Hulkamaniac”
shirt. Bubba wondered if Spice was ribbing him with the bumper music,
Spice said he only put it on his iPod, mainly because of its usage in
Boogie Nights, Bubba thinks Joe Saturley would be the old guy who got
caught for child porn in the end, Joe sarcastically thanked the guys
for that, we then heard his bumper. Bubba thinks they should play the
Bubba GPS bit, Joe said Bubba isn’t a narcissist in some situations,
he said lots of us are like that, Joe said he hasn’t heard it yet. We
then heard the bit; Joe said Pantera was telling him about it, the
guys goofed on Pantera getting high. Bubba thinks the guys will have
more problems messing with him, Joe thinks they have a tough time
climbing the mountain, Spice is surprised that Joe would say that, Joe
recapped what JT the Brick had said, he said he can’t imagine going
through his life without seeing his kids, he said a divorce is the
worst thing you could do to your kid, he said Spice is angry at the
World, Manson said Tiger is a whore monger. Joe thinks Tiger has a sex
problem, Manson thinks sex addiction is for someone who is a self
absorbed asshole. Joe said a true sex addict is after just the high,
Spice said he has a problem with Dr. Drew’s intro of “Sex Rehab”, Joe
said it could be deadly if you have a spouse that can shoot you. Bubba
wondered if they can give you some medicine to get you off of ass, Joe
said they’ll give you a Prozac; it lowers your sex drive. Manson said
they only know one guy who was fixed by prison, Scotty the body. Joe
said people only pay the kind of money they pay if they want to hear
what he has to say, he said it might take about two years to fix
Woods’s marriage. Joe said when he first came in, his website was
long, he said he had a tough time spelling it half the time. Bubba
read an email from someone asking about their grandson, the kid has a
tick. Joe said leaving a message is the worst thing to do; he said the
tick may be permanent. Another emailer said that he has a ton of anger
issues; he said he’s almost lost his girlfriend over it, Joe said
he’ll follow up. Bubba realized he didn’t finish the bit, he told John
from Orlando to stand by. Joe said he’s going to program his gps to go
to Mike’s Pizza, he said it’s about 16 inches, Bubba thinks ned was
scaring the customers off. Joe was laughing his ass off doing the bit;
he thinks the show doesn’t qualify for various problems. John in
Orlando said his wife had post partum depression after her second
child, he wondered if it’s fixable, Joe said he needs someone who
specializes in it. The guys goofed on the caller, Bubba wonders if
some women have faked it. Joe said you don’t want to let it get out of
control. Scott in Kentucky said his wife decided to opt out of their
relationship; she started taking anti depressions, Bubba thinks she’s
cheating, Manson thinks the guy should control his four year-old.
Bubba thinks the kid is a brat, Joe thinks you need to have consistent
discipline. Joe thinks they should help him, Bubba suggests they send
the guy to the bunny ranch; Joe thinks she’s not coming home. Bubba
wondered if the guy has himself to blame for lack of discipline, he
said that’s the case, he said they had a lot of problems the first
three years his kid was born. Bubba asked what the kid does, the guy
said the kid puts his hands on his sister, Joe said they call that the
screaming meanies, Bubba thinks the guy is a pussy, Joe thinks Bubba
is fired up from yesterday. Bubba thinks he drove her to another man,
he said it had been stopped for a few months, Joe suggested the guy
ask for her to come back, Spice told him to man up. Joe said the guy
wants to learn. Debbie in Lakeland said the last fifteen months, she’s
lost some family members, she suffered major depression, her husband
has changed, Joe said men get angry when they’re depressed, he
suggested she send him to a hospice. Marry said she needs some info,
she said her husband is a first responder, she said she knows he’s
going to see some really horrible stuff, she wonders how she’ll be
able to help him, Bubba suggested she call her girlfriend for a
threesome, Joe suggested she hook him up with an EMDR specialist, he
gave Bubba the shut up treatment a few times. Bubba said if he was
home from Haiti, he’d be party, he thanked Joe for coming on, Joe said
if you’re not a narcissist, you won’t be able to come in. Bubba thinks
he’s Hannibal smart, Spice as Hannibal said some stuff, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Clear Channel lawsuit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Hard
Hat. Bubba told Manson he has a surprise for him today, he sang along
with the bumper music for a few seconds, he then got on the bullhorn,
telling the people of Haiti to relax, Spice sang along a little. Bubba
said the Tom the Treeman Slingshot Challenge was going to start in a
few minutes, he thinks no other radio show will tell you when the host
will tell you he has to poop, he thinks Howard would do that, Spice
wishes that Rush Limbaugh would say that. Bubba took a call from a guy
in Miami who asked about the court situation, Bubba said he doesn’t
want to talk about it, he said it’s still pending, he said it’s
disheartening that Clear Channel is doing this, he said it’s churn and
burn. Brent wonders if someone on the opposite side purged themselves,
Bubba said he’s not optimistic on this issue, he thinks it will
bankrupt him, he said they’ve made it what they want it to be, he said
he can’t afford Howard Stern’s lawyers, he said it doesn’t say in the
agreement that it can go on forever, the guy thinks it’s
disparagement. Brent said the non compete didn’t go on, Bubba thinks
they should have a regroup meeting, he said he’s taking over. We then
heard a promo for the Slingshot challenge; Ned said he’ll be getting
high during the event. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Slingshot Challenge

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Slingshot
Challenge”. Bubba came on and said that he hit Tom once, Spice said
Twenty-five is keeping score, Bubba thinks they’re over thinking it
with the colors, Manson wishes he had a nickel every time Bubba asked
for some balls. Bubba said he hit Tom again, Manson didn’t have much
luck, Spice hit him in the shin, he thinks tom is like the Carney at
the dunk tank. Bubba hit him again, in the left arm, he then got hit
in the chest, Bubba thinks he got it him in the nuts. Spice wonders if
a speed gun would pick this up, Tom got hit in the crotch, he then
took a shot to the arm, Spice thinks this is the most fun he ever had.
Manson hasn’t had much luck, he said he hit himself in the thumb,
Bubba told Manson he needs glasses to read. Tom got hit in the leg,
Bubba said he’d like to hit Gale, he said he could do what he wants,
he told Manson to get to the ladies T. Tom got hit in the arm pit,
Bubba said he was going as far back as possible. Manson finally caught
Tom in the ribs; tom then got hit in the belly button. Bubba said he
can’t get much pullback with his arms, he said that the good thing is
that this is all could’ve, would’ve, should’ve stuff. Tom got hit in
the ear, Bubba thinks Spice is a marksman with his tattoo, Bubba
talked with a rubber ball in his mouth, he asked that Dave free the
balls next time, he accidently blasted Big Dick. Tom said his safe
word, he said his neck hurts, he then got hit in the thy, Bubba is
bummed out that he doesn’t have any welts. Tom said the right side of
his ribcage hurts, Bubba asked him to keep his neck down, he asked Tom
to not die for the show, he told him to ride it out. Tom got hit with
some more balls, Spice said he’s looking for the belly button shot,
Bubba said that even Manson could hit him. Spice said if Bubba had a
Neverland Ranch, he’d have this apart of the activities. Tom said
Manson couldn’t hit him, he then got hit, he told Manson that he
finally brought his purse. Tom got hit in the head, Spice asked Bubba
to get the secret weapon, he brought out a pellet gun, Tom had no idea
what it was, Bubba fired it at him, Tom asked that Bubba put it down,
he thinks it’s worse than paintballs, he said his safe word, Spice
said he didn’t hear it. Bubba noticed there was blood, Tom yelled his
safe word a few times, Bubba asked that he be let off the rack. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Gold Dust calls in, Brent at a Barry Cohen Press
Conference, Jimmy Kimmel on Leno

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Pagan Potheads
Tour”. Bubba wondered what the music was; Spice said it’s The Dream.
Portor said any scientologist will tell you that a billion years is a
long time. Bubba went to Gold Dust, Dustin said he’s in Ft. Meyers, he
said he’ll be wrestling an up and comer; he said they have to make
sure they’re doing it right. Bubba asked about his Dad, Dustin said
he’s doing fine, he said his Dad is always is on him. Bubba thinks
dusty was the most over guy, Dustin said he was, he said it’s
interesting to know that Hogan used to watch his Dad; he said
Christian runs the show. Spice said he hates the Honky Tonk Man,
Dustin said he couldn’t beat anyone up. Bubba wonders if Steve has a
nice place, Dustin said it’s a state of the art place, he said these
guys have it easy today. Bubba wondered what brand Dustin will go to,
Dustin said he could go back to Raw; he said he won’t know until after
Royal Rumble. Bubba wondered if the guys collectively like Raw, Dustin
said yes. Bubba said he loves Randy Orten; Dustin read about Orten
assaulting someone, Bubba said it was bullcrap, he asked him about
Scott hall, Dustin said they had a great feud back in the day. Bubba
asked him who he likes now, Dustin said he has respect for some
people, he said it’s all about respect; he said if you have a story,
you’ll succeed. Bubba thinks Cody is getting a better push then
Dustin, Dustin said he has to train these young guys. Bubba told
Dustin to tell his Dad that he said hello, he said he appreciates
Dustin coming down, Dustin said there’s a show in Crystal river; he
said he won’t be at that one. Bubba thanked Brent for going to the
Barry Cohen press conference yesterday. We then heard a clip of a guy
asking Barry about something, Bubba thinks Barry sounds like Steve
Spurrier, he wonders who made this guy so special. Brent asked a
question about the University being responsible for coach Levitt’s
actions, Bubba thinks USF should be off the hook, he likes how Brent
got Barry flapped up, Spice wonders if they were holding the press
conference in a store, Brent said they had the door locked, the noise
was someone buzzing to be let in. Bubba hopes the town turns on Cohen,
Brent thinks they’re going to shake Levit down for money. The guys
cracked up at Barry tumbling over some words, Bubba said Barry hasn’t
been slapped enough. Spice cracked up at a phone ringing, Bubba told
Spice to clean up a juice spill in isle four, Manson thinks he’s
horrible. Brent said his impression of him is that he’s a down home,
Southern guy who can get stuff done behind the scenes. Bubba thinks
we’re pathetic for getting this guy to where he is. We then heard a
clip of George W. Bush saying “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me
twice, you can’t get fooled again”. Spice said he would pay any dollar
amount to hear Bush reading Shakespeare. Bubba thinks Jimmy Kimmel
buried Leno on his own show. We then heard a clip of Jimmy on the
show; the guys were cracking up at Jimmy doing his stuff. We then
heard another clip, where Jimmy said he would interview Leno and Conan
in the same room. Bubba thinks Leno is horrible at getting thrown a
curveball. We then heard another clip, where leno asked Jimmy his best
prank, Jimmy said he would have a show for five years, then once the
contract was up, he get another show, then take it back, Bubba said he
has more respect for him. We then heard another clip, where Leno asked
him if he’s ever ordered anything off of TV, Jimmy said it would be
like NBC ordering Leno’s show off TV. We then heard another clip,
where leno asked him how many lap dances he had; Jimmy said his mother
was watching, he then said no one is watching the show. We then heard
a clip where leno asked what is jimmy’s biggest fear; Jimmy said his
biggest fear is that his show would be moving to 10:00. Jimmy told
Leno to leave their shows alone, Bubba thinks Jimmy is a genius, he
told Manson to look on his computer screen, he has something for him,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Steve hurly, Joel Miller news clip

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said Steve Hurly is in the studio, he joked that Donna likes things
black and extended, Steve said it would hold roughly 7-8 people,
Manson said it looks nice. Bubba asked Steve what they’ve got going
on, Steve said they’ve got great mileage on the Equanox; he said it’s
a small suv. Bubba asked him about the 1500; Steve said they have a
great number of that stuff. Bubba said Steve never talks about used
cars, Steve said they have a great used car inventory. Bubba wondered
if Steve is the only dealership that isn’t going over sticker, Steve
said they don’t go over sticker price; he said they get a lot of
people who have had some bad experiences. Spice wondered if Tiger
Woods would ask for an endorsement, Steve joked that Tiger would have
to be towed in. Bubba said Hogan is so impatient, he then recapped the
first time he drove with Hogan to the place; Spice thinks Hogan is
like Grandpa Simpson. Bubba thanked Steve for coming in. We then heard
a news clip of Joel Miller asking for an apology from Levitts, Bubba
thinks it’s just posturing, Manson said the guy originally lied about
what happened. Bubba thinks Cohen doesn’t know anything about
football, Brent said he knows about playing hardball. Spice said he
doesn’t know how Barry sleeps at night; he thinks the ghost of Sabrina
Acenburg is in his head. Walter wondered who was representing who in
this situation; Bubba said the kid is a walk on. Spice thinks Levitts
should call a press conference, only to ask for him to apologize for
the kid being a pussy. Bubba said he doesn’t’ know how they’re still
the bad guy; Spice said he’s bowing down to Barry. They then ended the
show a few seconds later.

Sirius show

Segment 1 – Jeff Byrd’s birthday

The Show started off with “Juicey” as bumper music. Bubba wondered if
ned was in the studio, Ned wished Jeff Byrd a happy birthday; Bubba
said he used to be roommates with him. Bubba wondered what would ned
play for Jeff Byrd, Ned said he couldn’t think of one, Bubba suggested
“My Dick”, ned said it would save him the trouble of looking for one,
Ned said his dick is small, he said it has a purple head, Brent thinks
Ned can’t shoot ropes of jiz, Bubba thinks he can’t get it passed his
belly button. Bubba said he’s tired of the Haiti footage, he potted up
the audio of it, he thinks we’re behind the eight ball with money, yet
we have money for Haiti, Bubba suggests they send Tom the Treeman
there, Brent thinks they’d carve him up, the guys goofed on Bill
Clinton talking about Haiti. Bubba wished Jeff a happy Birthday, we
then heard Ned’s “My Dick” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track
21. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Hulkamaniac”
shirt. We then heard OPM as bumper music, Bubba thinks he’s not that
diverse, ned said some artists take it up the ass, others suck dick.
Manson thinks this is quite a job, as they got joints, moonshine, and
a pizza party, Bubba acted like an outsider, he’s stunned that this
kind of stuff happens. Bubba wonders if they should replay the
Slingshot challenge from earlier, he said he’s been told that Tom has
a bunch of welts all over him; he said someone gave him a pellet gun;
he left it up to the listeners. Bubba said hello to Kelli from Supreme
Protein, he said they’re now in Sam’s club, Brent said it’s all about
volume, Manson said he’s heard fish oil is great. Bubba said his
cholesterol was 182, he thinks he’s got the lowest one of all. Manson
said he wishes martin Luther king JR said he had a mother fing
dream. Bubba said mentioning Lynyrd Skynyrd gets ned up set, ned told
Ronnie to rest in peace. Brent said that Ben Franklin was a filthy;
Spice said he looks like a child toucher. Drew in Chicago thinks
manson’s mom jeans look bad, Bubba didn’t get the reference. Roberto
wondered why Bubba bitched out the guy, he said Bubba never gave a
shit about the Lightning, he asked Bubba to stop being so local, Brent
said Howard used to talk about new York stuff all the time. Bubba told
the guy to shut up, he said they would’ve had a national show, had
Sirius stepped up, Manson said they’d like to say f, Bubba said he
has to do what he has to do. Bubba said he’ll never work for Clear
Channel again, Roberto said that Howard didn’t have Bubba’s back at
Sirius. Bubba said Howard is in the business of not having to worry
about people, he told the guy he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,
he hung up on the guy a few seconds later, Bubba said he’s getting
churned up again, Manson said he can’t wait to see the sock puppet
theatre on that, Bubba said the puppet would be red. Limo Joe asked if
Bubba would be going to the 500, he said no. Crazy White boy asked
about Obama, he got Eviled a few seconds later. Bubba said he’s got a
lot of stuff to get to. Bubba took a call from a guy who said the
blind Lawrence deal was the shit. Ken said do what you do, he said
we’ll take what we can get. Bubba took some more calls from some
people voting, he thinks he’s on fire. Ned chanted Blow pack blow over
the Packer sounder. Bubba said he got his ass handed to him in court.
Brent said it was 7-4, Bubba told a guy that Mexicans suck. Bubba
wonders who is screening the calls, he threatened to hit Pantera with
a Wiffle ball bat, Bubba beat on something, he then called Pantera to
come in. Bubba asked Pantera what took him so long, Pantera said he’s
not saying anything, he said he’s not high, Bubba thinks he should get
high. Pantera said he can’t hear the people on the phones. Bubba ended
up hitting Pantera a few times, Ned asked for Pantera to freak out.
Bubba brought Tom in, Spice thinks they should do it live, Bubba
thinks they should do it live, he asked for Dave to freeze the balls.
Spice said he got a message saying the gear was torn down, Bubba
suggested they just tie Tom to the fence. Manson wondered it would be
like if Bubba was President, he yelled that we’re going to Jupiter.
Bubba wonders if they could do it in the studio, Dave said they could.
Bubba asked about Tom going to Canada, he told Tom he’ll be getting
coach air fare, as well as some other stuff, Tom said he’ll do it.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Moonshine Miller, Scott Ferrall flips out

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Hard
Hat. We then heard manson’s “Bubba GPS”. Bubba asked Moonshine Miller
to come in, we then heard a bumper for Moonshine Miller, Miller said
he’s ready to solve some problems; he said he’ll do some cocaine.
Bubba told Spice not to take the bigger slice of pizza; Manson thinks
it was a ballsy move. Miller thinks Jabberjaw can’t trust James, Spice
thinks James is into men, Miller thinks some of his actions, Spice
thinks Jabberjaw should suck off Twenty-five, Ned wants it to happen.
We then heard a promo for “Moonshine Miller counseling”. Bubba said
Scotty Ferrall had a hell of a meltdown, Spice likes how he says cunt
a lot; Bubba said he doesn’t use it much. We then heard a clip of
Scotty Ferrall said he looks at sfn periodically, Bubba said it’s a
mistake to do that. Scott said he sees all these hateful comments, he
called the haters assholes, he said comment on church of Ferrall is
where to go, Bubba told him to keep it going. Scott told sfn to shut
up, he told them they don’t care about them, he said he’s delt with
genius critics for 26 years, he told them to suck a dick. Scott said
he’s cool with Mutt, Bubba said he’d run it differently. Bubba said
he’d like to meet some of these guys, he asked them to post a picture
of themselves shirtless, he wants to measure some guys up. Bubba said
he should stop talking smack about Scary clown Guy, Spice told him
it’s the internet, anyone can lie about that stuff, Manson told him
not to read the forums. We then heard Pedro’s bumper, Pedro wished the
guys a happy new year, he said he loves them in a non faggoty way, he
wants people to donate to Haiti, he doesn’t want them floating over to
his country. Bubba wondered if a big hurricane hit him, who would help
out other then Fema, he yelled “F Haiti” a few times, he proposed
the Haiti challenge, if you could get to America. He said that if you
get to America in a timely manner, they’ll get anything; Brent thinks
they would die coming over. Ned said he likes getting rimed, Brent
said his wife has never licked his asshole, he said he’s not into
that; Bubba said he can’t hang out with him. Pedro likes the
challenge, he said it would be funny, he said he was threatened with
getting sent to Haiti. Brent wondered why the Dominican Republic is so
good with baseball, yet Haiti isn’t. Pedro said no one in their right
mind would go over the border. Bubba wondered what the boarder is
like; Pedro said you have to pay off some cops. Bubba wondered why
people text him on Fridays, he thinks people should know, he said that
would be like trying to talk to Favre during the game. Bubba went back
to the clip, Scott said no one cares what sfn thinks, he told them to
get out of the basement every so often, he said he has more enemies
then anyone; the guys were laughing their asses off. Wes in Atlanta
thinks Bubba has gone a little too far with the Haiti comments, Bubba
thinks having some rugged Haitians would work, he said he’s trying to
turn a negative to a positive. Brent said the Government in Haiti is
corrupted, Bubba said it’s Haiti’s problem. Bubba said that Pat
Roberts said Haiti cut a deal with the Devil, Brent said that the
Seven hundred Club rules. Bubba told him shit happens, he thinks we
should worry about our situations before we handle other stuff, Brent
said that the world is bad. The guy hung up, Bubba wondered why the
guy was leaving him. Brent said in 1906, San Francisco had a bad
earthquake, he said Haiti is on a fault line, the Government doesn’t
have a building code. Bubba said all we want to do is worry about
other Countries. Spice said if he was over there, he’d try to build
some stuff as quickly as possible. Bubba asked the guys if they had no
money, and had nowhere to go, Spice sarcastically thinks Bubba is a
sensitive guy. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Moonshine Miller councils Jabberjaw and James, Teddy Dopay calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Moonshine Miller. We then heard Moonshine Miller’s bumper,
Bubba said they’ll bring him in with James and Jabberjaw, he said he’s
a little fatter than Dr. Phil, he recapped James and Jabberjaw’s
situation, he said they don’t know what happened. Bubba thinks they
were too drunk to get in the studio, Miller said he was mixing a
drink, he got a point one three. Bubba thinks they look like a cute
couple, Miller said if you pull back the curtain, it’s not so great.
We then heard the bumper for the event. Jabberjaw said she was wasted,
she said she doesn’t drink that much, Bubba thinks she holds the mic
like she’s drunk. James said he’s feeling good, Spice said some stuff.
Miller said that James and Jabberjaw dated for ten months, he said
it’s not ah nutjob in the back of a car. Jabberjaw said she couldn’t
blow into the device, James said that’s the case. Jabberjaw’s Mom told
her gay cousin to try to feel up James. James thinks guys are
attracted to him, he said he walked into a gay bar to meet her; he
said people were looking at him. Jabberjaw said she has a lot of gay
guys she knows, she said that James was horrible in bed, Bubba finds
her funny while intoxicated, Jabberjaw said he’s mad that she fed a
black guy, the guys were shocked at this, James said it happened over
Christmas break. Miller thinks James’s ability to hold his alcohol is
something, he said that he’s lied to Jabberjaw four times; Jabberjaw
said that fing a black guy is good, Manson thinks she fed the
only black guy in Green Bay. James said it came as a counseling
session, Jabberjaw said they went to Green Bay in November, she said
she went back over the vacation, she said the guy cock blocked her in
November. James said the guy was very flurtish, Miller thinks the guy
was a body guard. Bubba thinks James is pathetic for going with a girl
who wouldn’t want to f him; James thinks Jabberjaw fed him a bunch
of shit. Miller said he’s changed names on airline tickets, James said
you can’t do that after September 11. James said she had a
conversation with the guy before she met him, Jabberjaw said he’s full
of shit, she suggested they start from the beginning; she said that
she sucked him off. Jabberjaw said on her first date, James said he
went to the Obama rally, she admitted to not be sharp at some stuff;
ned said he can’t get passed Jabberjaw sucking a black man’s cock.
Bubba said that Jabberjaw handcuffed herself to Twenty-five’s pants,
they guys then goofed on Twenty-five cent a little. James said he lied
about where he was at the obama rally, he was in the back, some
redneck confronted him, he thinks Jabberjaw is an idiot. Bubba told
Miller to step it up a notch with his drinking. James said one of his
friends is obsessed with the Phillies. Miller thinks James’s asshole
is like a gate. James said he got pussy the night of Bubba’s man
party. Jabberjaw said that the second lie was him saying he’s never
done drugs in his life, he admitted to smoking weed; they talked to a
girl who said that James and her got high on shrooms. Bubba thinks
they should get Miller high, the guys think he doesn’t get exercise.
Jabberjaw said that James is a liar; James said she didn’t have a nice
pussy. Jabberjaw said she had it waxed, she said when you aren’t
playing with papers, she wouldn’t want to deal with it. miller said
that some stocking stuff came up, Jabberjaw said that when she moved
to her apartment, he was stocking her, James thinks she’s psychotic,
she said that if she didn’t talk to her, he’d hack into the security
gate, Spice thinks he could’ve jumped the gate. Jabberjaw said that
she’d like to f black guys, she said that James isn’t all that well
hung, she said the black guy’s was big, she thinks it helped that she
picked someone who is pussy. James thinks Jabberjaw is a liar, Bubba
asked if he whipped it out, would she blow it, Jabberjaw said no, she
thinks James is balding, James said he can’t take any more of it, do
to his heart condition, he said that she likes Dick because she
couldn’t cut it at Stanly Steamer. Bubba asked James to bring it up,
James said that Jabberjaw is jealous of the girl who replaced her on
MJ’s show, he thinks she was one of the worst fs he’s ever had.
Miller as James said he was getting himself off of cock, but then he
found Jabberjaw. Manson thinks they should get the terrorists drunk;
the guys talked over each other in Arabian voices. Jabberjaw said
James talked smack about Russ, she said James laid his way through ten
months. Miller thinks Russ is a bank robber without a pisstle.
Jabberjaw said that James claimed Russ doesn’t think highly of people,
James said he wishes he could suggest something better with a
suggestion over a hosting company. Jabberjaw said James’s dog would
study Jabberjaw’s sleep patterns. James said the dog will sniff the
bed if a girl has been there, we then heard the coocoo sound effect a
few times. Jabberjaw said that James lied about being in love with
her; she said that on new Year’s Eve, he was going to find her in
2008; she said she never let him cum inside her pussy. Bubba asked
about her pussy, James said it was ridiculous hairy, Jabberjaw said it
was maintained. Bubba asked for them to leave, he thinks he’ll bring
them in for one more session. Bubba went to Teddy Dopey was on; he
said he’s in Utah. Ted said there’s a lot to do out there; he said he
got a business started. Bubba wondered about his business, Ted said
getting marijuana is the right thing to do, he said they’ll be paying
people to get on the cause, Bubba thinks you have to be high to
believe it. Ted said they had to put a spin on it, he said more then
potheads want to legalize pot. Bubba wonders what he’s selling; Ted
said he sent the guys a package. Bubba wondered what Sboal was, Ted
said it’s a plant, we then heard the coocoo sound effect. Spice
recapped how it went down, Ted said he got it, he said he’s all about
solutions, he said the problem is that we arrest around 800,000
people for marijuana, he said that when Obama was on the campaign
trail, he was asked about it, he laughed it off. Ted said this is a
simple and fun business. Spice asked where the money goes, Ted said
that there’s a monthly fee; he said they’ll put the BTLS foundation on
the list. Spice Teddy’s name really sticks out, Bubba asked him why
trouble followed him, Ted said it was a couple of years ago, he said a
lot of what was reported didn’t happen, he said he got into a fight
with his girlfriend. Bubba asked him how much did he average, Ted said
he got around 42, he said he wants to get behind the marijuana moment;
he said the JFK smoked pot every day for his back pain. Bubba asked
him what Billy Donavan was like; Ted said he was hardnosed guy. Bubba
asked him about point shaving; Ted said he wouldn’t know anything
about that. Brent said they got Teddy on associating with known
gamblers, he said the rumor was about point shaving, Ted said it
wasn’t like that, he said they were 23 and 1, he said if he was
shaving points, he’d be in a ditch, he said he likes to jump into the
crowd after a game. Bubba asked him if he was a starting point guard,
would it be easy, Ted said yes. Bubba asked him who were great players
vs. the dicks, Ted listened some people he likes, he said he talks to
some of the guys he mentioned. Bubba wonders if Donavan ever had a one
on one meeting with him, Ted said a few; he said you learn from your
mistakes. Bubba wondered how much pussy is a guy like that getting;
Ted said enough to go around. Spice asked him how many girls did he
bang, Ted didn’t give a number. Bubba thinks if you’re that popular,
girls are throwing themselves on him. Spice asked him how much weed
does he smoke, Ted said it’s never been his thing; he thinks no one on
pot has ever hurt anyone. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Bubba’s gift for Howard

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tom the Treeman. Bubba
said it’s hard to tell who is smashed out there, Spice thinks
Jabberjaw is a typical female; the guys think Spice would shave his
balls to the bumper music. Bubba said he doesn’t want to say what he
has; he wondered you’d get Howard Stern for his birthday. Bubba said
he and Hogan were at a truck stop, he saw some mini Fins, Brent said
he sues those during ecstasy. Hogan ended up buying every container of
Min fins. Bubba said he got with Beth at the Christmas party, he told
her an idea he had, he told the guys to not say what it is. Spice said
it’s nice, as did Manson, Ned thinks it’s pretty cool. Spice asked
bubba what he got for heather, Bubba said he got a handbag; he had to
dump Manson for saying something he shouldn’t have. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Ned’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Pagan Potheads
Tour”. Bubba said that ned has a new offering, Ned said he’s got a
headache, he said they need to chill out, Bubba thinks Dave’s office
is crazy, Miller said he could take more than Ned can take. Bubba
suggested an object off with Naughty Alysha, Miller said he would,
Spice suggested she milk his asshole, he described how it works, Ned
said he’s trying to learn. Spice said he thinks he saw it on some
porn, Bubba said he’s heard of it, but he’s never explained it. Manson
said if he wanted his prostate milked, he’d go to Spice. Ben suggested
a block o’ pussy, Bubba hung up on him, Brent thinks Howard would hit
him over the head. Bubba took a call from a guy who thinks Bubba is a
toad; he hung up on him a few seconds later. TJ in Canada said they
appreciate Bubba, Bubba said they’re doing three Bubbapaloozas; Brent
said it’s refreshing to talk with them. TJ said they’ll try to bring
tom the Treeman up there, Bubba said the hard hats are oca approved.
TJ suggested half the fee, Bubba said they could work with this, Spice
thinks a cheap airplane would be funny. Bubba said Ned has a new
offering, about Britney Murphy’s mom calling 911, where Ned inserts
himself in the call. In the bit, Ned is calling from a 1900 line; his
wife has a dildo up her ass. Ned said he’s chained to a drain pipe, he
cuts through some handcuffs. Ned thinks the guy is nasty, he thinks
the guy is messing with him. The bit ends with ned ejaculating on the
phone; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba Army Rankings, Spice Vs. Miller

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Hulkamaniac”
shirt. Bubba thinks he’s at a rave party with the bumper music. Tom in
Boston thinks Bubba is an asshole, he said the Britney Murphy call is
wrong, he hopes that Tyler dies in a crash, wishing that Opie and
Anthony play Bubba’s 911 call about that, he then hung up, ned said
you get a virus by getting seamen way up your asshole. Bubba said he
needs to get into the special forces, he said the highest ranking you
can become not being employed there are captains, unless he wants to
pull favorites, he then went over the list of people, he said the
people pay nothing, you don’t have to buy your shirt, he said Bonnie’s
husband Marvin doesn’t get a shirt. Bubba then went over the subscribers, Spice as Butt-head said some stuff. Bubba
said he’s a six star general, he said they don’t get a five star, he
said Brent is four, Spice is three. Bonnie from Buffalo Grove called
in; she said Marvin doesn’t listen, he thinks she’s not excited, the
guys goofed on her not sounding so excited. Manson would be a four
star so would ned, Dave asked to move to Canada. Carl Harris would be
a two star, he thinks Miller will be one star, he then switched him to
Cournel, Hammil is one star. Big Dick will be a one star; Twenty-five
was a three star. Spice said he doesn’t’ care, he said Twenty-five is
a good dude. Bubba said that sluggo is a private, Brent through the
people Bubba has left, ned thinks there’s a bunch of 4fs, he thinks
Al-kida is an enemy combatant. Tom Bean was a four star, Craig the
bulldog got that ranking, Ned thinks he’s mp. Gale was a captain, he
then switched to major, Al-kida and Nick were captains, Lawrence was
made a captain, Bubba said that you could tell him anything, he
wouldn’t know the difference. James and Pantera were majors, he
switched Sluggo to major, he thinks he should make Jabberjaw a Cournel
as a rib. Bubba had no idea who Ryan was. Bubba said he has some
appointment guys, he wonders where he should put Tom the Treeman.
Bubba listed some people as major, Miller thinks the rankings sound
impressive, he thinks giving Spice a three star is a gift. Spice and
Miller went back and forth; Miller said he likes to find girls who
shoves stuff up his ass. Spice goofed on Miller, he said it’s great
living in his world, Spice and Miller went back and forth. Spice told
him to go back to his square office; he said he’ll pay him $20 to live
in Panama. Bubba wondered why the hate, Manson said Miller cut him
off, Miller said he won’t come crying to someone. Spice wondered if
Miller will be giving the receipt from his sweater to BubbaRaw, Bubba
thinks Miller is getting owned. Spice said he doesn’t do comedy, he
does hate. Bubba wondered where Spice went wrong, Miller thinks he
didn’t start it; Bubba thinks they should replay it. Miller chided
Spice for signing off in his emails with a quote, we then heard
Miller’s bumper. Bubba thinks Miller got owned, he thinks he should be
able to walk in and get broken down by Spice, Miller said he doesn’t
live in a strange world, Spice said Miller has a Bart Simpson tattoo,
Miller and spice went back and forth, Miller called Spice DJ tumble
weeds. Spice told Miller to stop being fat, he then goofed on Miller.
Bubba said Spice is doing a better Moonshine Miller act than Miller is
doing. Spice wondered if Miller took the first shot, Miller thinks he
might’ve taken the first shot, he then said he doesn’t’ give a baker’s
f, ned wondered how he could get that. bubba thinks Spice is doing
great, Spice said that Miller is doing what he likes to do, Miller
said he didn’t default on his mortgages, Spice said he got the second
job for a wedding. Miller said he had bills he had to pay; he said he
couldn’t buy stuff. Spice wonders why Miller and his girlfriend broke
up, he thinks it was because she was tired of sticking stuff up his
ass, he said that he got fed over by some friends. Miller said his
girlfriend wasn’t picking any fights at Bubbapalooza. Bubba thinks he
should let these two guys have a show; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Spice gets upgraded

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Hulkamaniac”
shirt. Bubba said he has a clip of Miller and Spice fighting, Miller
thinks it’s a gift Spice got the three star ranking; he then said that
Spice has a Tony Little haircut. Bubba told Spice he likes how he came
out fighting, he said that’s what a four star guy would do, they then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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