Friday, January 07, 2011

January 7th, 2011 by Staff

Friday, January 07, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

The show started off with some Linkin Park, Spice and Manson said they
were a hell of a band. The guys cracked up at Ned fumbling with a
beer, Bubba said it was hard to laugh, he then said that Ralph Farias
is the fan of the day on FaceBook, he then said that they’ll be doing
the William Tell Paintball Challenge with Tuddle, he thinks that the
tacks would make him quit, he thinks mental scaring would make more
sense with him, Spice thinks Bubba is getting sicker and sicker by the
day. Jabberjaw said that everyone is good as far as paying for the
lotto; she said that Pantera and Russ each have 21 balls in the
machine; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Bucs – Pantera

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s FaceBook
page. Bubba wondered if has anything for the common cold,
Spice said he loves that site, saying he has it bookmarked; Bubba
likes how the site has pictures. Spice then read some tips about the
cure for the common cold:

1. Have soup or tea
2. Drink fluids
3. Moisturize the air
4. Breathe in some steam
5. Soothe your nose
6. Gargle with warm salt water
7. Get some rest

We then heard the lotto machine bumper, Spice said he loves seeing the
show “the Lottery changed My Life”, Bubba joked this lottery will only
take you to dinner, adding that it will make you break even, he then
decided that Jabberjaw is the employee of the week. The machine landed
on Pantera, we then heard the tymbal, Spice told Pantera to flop on
into the studio, the guys think he seized up with excitement. Bubba
asked how much the person gets; Jabberjaw said the total take is $280.
Pantera said he’s happy, Manson said that Pantera is happy that he’s
in the studio, and not in trouble. Pantera said he’s getting a power
steering pump, Bubba said he could help him with that, Pantera said
that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Bubba called up Keith Nozbich, he
got sent to voicemail, he clowned Keith for his attempt at doing Evil
on the outgoing message, he then left him a message, he thinks they
should try Bob Murry. Spice asked Pantera if he’d put rainbow stickers
on his car, Pantera said no, the guys think he’s homophobic. Bubba
asked if Pantera would let Al-kida kiss him on the lips, for the free
installation of the steering pump, Spice thinks Pantera’s morals will
go out the window, Pantera said that he’s almost about to do it.
Manson said that he saw Pantera eat chocolate genitalia for free,
Pantera said it was $50 (Friday January 9, 2009); he then said that
he’ll do it, saying he’s not a homosexual. Bubba said that Al-kida is
a hell of a worker, which is why he selected him; Pantera thinks his
blood pressure is going up. Bubba said he’d like for the kiss to be
like the post WWI picture, he then decided to post pone it, until they
have sailor outfits. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Al-kida in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance in
Orlando. Bubba said that today, they’ll be having “William Tell
Paintball” with Tuddle. Dock, the branding iron guy said he’ll be hand
delivering it today at 12:00, he said they tested it on leather and on
someone last night, he said the handle is a Dawalt, he thinks that
will make Bubba happy, he then said that they’ll need a big torch, Ned
told him to wrap it up. Bubba said that about 9 people have asked to
be branded, he thinks that could be one of the gimmicks, Spice
sarcastically thinks that won’t get them in any trouble. Tim in
Charleston said the show is kicking ass there, Bubba said he’s
planning a trip there, he then said that Gary Grubs recorded a song
for them. Tony in Jersey said he’s a Sirius listener, he said the show
with Tim Sabien last night was stupid, Bubba said it sounds like it
was a show about who would replace him, he said that’s Bubba’s spot,
the guy said this was a bad business decision all across the board.
Ian in Canada wished the guys a happy new year, he said he’s the same
as the last guy, he said Radio IO is awesome. Jordan asked how long
Bubba is locked in with Radio O; Bubba said it’ll be about three
years. The guy asked f he could listen on hold, Bubba told him he
can’t do that anymore. Christina in Orlando said she listens every
morning from 6:20-7:00, Bubba thinks they’re appearance in Orlando
will show management different, he then wondered if it’s hot in the
studio today, Manson said it’s warm. Al-kida came in, Ned thinks he’s
lean and mean, Al-kida said he’s on a lot of chicken breast; he’s been
training at Gold’s Gym. Bubba had Al-kida take his shirt off, he said
that Al-kida’s editing area is right next to Ned’s studio, the guys
pointed out Al-kida’s man boobs, Ned said he’ll oil him. Spice doesn’t
get the oil; Al-kida said it brings out the definition. The guys asked
him if he still does the Arabic gimmick, Al-kida said he still does
it, but no one has seen it. Bubba asked Pantera if he’s thinking about
the kiss, Pantera said he’s thinking about the power steering pump,
Bubba thanked him for coming by. Spice said he didn’t know about the
William Tell situation, until he looked it up, Bubba admonished him
for that, he then said that there was a story about a guy who blew up
some of his family members. The guys cracked up at a clown horn when
Brent was on mic, Bubba is convinced Brent is working for Mason Dixon.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Emails, Larry Plummer sex stories

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba said that they’ll be shooting Paintballs at Tuddle in about an
hour, saying they’re not very good shots. The first email said that
they canceled their two Sirius subscriptions; Bubba thinks they’re
getting a lot of cancelations. Another email included a picture that
says “ALNGA”, Spice thinks it looks nice. Another email thinks Bubba
is right with the kid doing dress up. Another email said they’re glad
Bubba is off Sirius, and thinks that they’ll do fine on Radio IO;
Brent said if you’re having an issue with the Sprint Droid users, you
can see it on Another email wondered if Sirius ever thought
of what would happen to Howard. Another email said Spice’s dog was mad
because it left Twenty-five’s, Spice said he’s been sweet the past few
days. Another email said that a radio station in California was
talking about Bubba, in a good way, in regards to his move to Radio
IO; Spice said it was mark and Brian who were talking about it. Bubba
thinks they should have a talk radio channel within Radio IO. Mark in
Dayton asked if Bubba will make an appearance in regards to the fallen
cop, Bubba sad he’ll be there in Dayton. Mike in Dexter Maine said
Howard is still hopeful about Bubba being back on Sirius, Bubba said
he’s been in contact with him, he said that Bubba 1 will be free,
Bubba 2 will have specialty programs, which is a pay channel, he then
said that yesterday, Radio IO went up two shares. We then heard a news
clip about a Puerto Rican attacking his family in Puerto Rico, Bubba
said this is a bizzar story, he said the whole thing is sad, he said
there a nice looking couple, he then read the story about that, where
the guy’s Uncle went crazy with a blow torch, Manson thinks the guy is
dramatic, he said it’s hard to believe that people would still sit at
the table, he wonders why people wouldn’t run. Bubba thinks maybe they
could smell the oil. Joel thinks the guy just should’ve stayed in
Seattle, the guys think he’s stating the obvious, Manson thinks the
Captain of the Hindenburg was saying that he should stayed in Germany.
We then heard a news clip about a teacher who got caught having sex
with one of her students. Spice wonders how a car is comfortable for
sex; he said he used to be able to do that. Bubba said that if Westin
and Trace were 16, and got caught having sex with a teacher, he’d
probably high five him. Spice said that his first girl he was with
wasn’t all that exciting. Bubba said that his sexual exploitation was
watching Larry Plummer have sex, while he was in the closet; Brent
said he’d want to get that story on tape. Bubba said that one time, he
had to pretend he was falling asleep under a glass table while Larry
Plummer had sex with a girl, he said he’s known Larry since 1970, he
said Larry is lucky that he didn’t get a girl pregnant, he then asked
if the guys have ever watched sex under water, he said his Uncle Jerry
had a pool, which was the cool thing back then, he remembers when
Larry and Tonya had sex in the pool, he jumped in shortly afterwards,
he then said that one time, there was something of a BP oil spill, he
thinks they should’ve skimmed the pool, Ned thinks Bubba was keeping
himself a float with one arm. Bubba called up Larry Plummer, he got
sent to voicemail, and decided not to leave a message, Brent is bummed
out he didn’t get this for the book, Spice said he’d like to draw an
illustration. Bubba went back to the teacher having sex with her
student; Spice thinks some of that stuff is a blow to the ego. Bubba
thinks they should ask the parents what they’d like, he then said that
Larry Plummer texted him with some information. Dallas in Claremont
said she and her husband were having sex, her five year-old son waked
on them, she said that you can’t help but look, Manson thinks the kid
is scared for life, Spice thinks her explaining sex seems like a
classic story, Ned thinks she has spunk. Scott said he lives near
Debra Lafave, he sees her a lot at Publix, Spice said she has a lot of
makeup, he said that every time a teacher gets caught having sex with
a student, Ragusa gets lower and lower. Bubba then said that tomorrow
is when the chicken Dip Publix experiment will happen, Manson chanted
“We want chicken dip”; Bubba said Mike’s Pizza is his new hangout.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Larry Plummer alls in, Bubba and Spice Argue

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.
Spice said they’ve got Larry Plummer on, Larry came on shortly; Bubba
said that Larry will be staying with him in February; Larry said he
had to avoid the BP spill before he got done. Bubba said that they
couldn’t go to the big city; he said that they’d be spending the night
at a guy’s house, he then remembers the time when he almost killed
them, he said that Larry hit the seat when he stopped before hitting a
guy. Larry then told a story about Bubba having sex with Jenna, Spice
was heard laughing his ass off in the background, he then wondered if
Bubba would let Larry watch him and heather, Bubba said he wouldn’t
have a problem with it, he said Larry is his best friend in life, he’s
not sure if anyone has seen him have sex with Heather, he thinks the
closest he’s been was in a Hotel Suite, the guys like how Larry refers
to money as dough, he said Bubba tried to drink him under the table,
he said Bubba was passing notes under the door. Spice said he hears a
lot of stuff, that he doesn’t want to know, Bubba thinks a lot of it
is embellished, he asked Brent about it, Brent said he holds confident
stuff on a hire plane. Bubba said he hears things, he then said it’s
all not true, he then said that if he was in Warsaw, he’d have to call
Larry first, Manson said he’s interested in Bubba’s life, Bubba said
that at least he gives people and open look into his life. Spice said
he couldn’t do role-play, as he’d crack up during the fantasy, Bubba
said his role-play consists of him just being himself, he thinks Spice
is turning it around on him, he thinks Spice is always covering his
ass, Manson told him to open up, he said he’s just looking for good
radio. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – William Tell challenge with Tuddle

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App,
followed by “why don’t You Get a job” by The Offspring. Bubba thanked
Grady Judd for letting his officers do a charity ride, he said Greeny
at Jim’s Harley Davidson has the template down, he said they need to
get the Cream Machine on the road once they have it going. We then
heard a bumper for the “William Tell Challenge”, the guys went
outside, Bubba thinks someone was crying, Spice thinks Tuddle is
freezing, he described how Tuddle looked today, he wonders if he’s
gotten fatter, he said Berlin is with them today, Berlin said she’ll
contribute in the shooting. Spice said you can see this live on, Bubba came on saying it was cold, he said the kids
hated him back in the day; Berlin said she’s still on break. Miller
said that they’ve tested all of the guns, Bubba remembered Berlin’s
talent of doing a handstand on a Soccer ball, Berlin said she never
did it in a game, Manson said she’s too humble. Spice wondered if
Berlin will kill her first boyfriend, he thinks she already hates men.
Manson said he calls Berlin Mini Donna, Berlin said she wouldn’t want
to go first, Bubba said that he can never drive with Donna, as she
always corrects him, Manson said that he’s asked that donna not drive
with her anymore, as it’s always a meltdown, bubba then goofed n Trace
fighting with Donna. Bubba told Tuddle he couldn’t flinch, Tuddle said
that it was freezing, Bubba said it was 60 degrees outside, he thinks
they shouldn’t have frozen the paintballs, Tuddle was heard moaning in
pain, Bubba said they could’ve welded the apple on, he had a tough
time hitting the apple, he came really close with a shot, Tuddle was
heard gagging. Bubba proposes $100 for hitting the apple, Manson told
Berlin to take some shots, bubba wondered why they can never get a gun
to blast properly, Tuddle was heard moaning as Bubba blasted him in
the chest, Manson said that he had a feeling that would happen. Tuddle
was heard complaining that he got some paint in his nose and mouth
Bubba told him to quit being a pussy, he then suggested no more frozen
balls, he then told Berlin to stay away from guys like Hammil, he then
cracked up at Tuddle with paint all over him, Tuddle said he got some
in his eye, Spice thinks William Tell’s son didn’t act like this.
Spice said they’ve got a grenade launcher that shoots air soft
pellets, Bubba thinks they should be friends with this guy; the guys
are convinced Tuddle is a drama queen. Tuddle said it feels like when
he was welding, Berlin can’t believe Tuddle is married, Tuddle said
that at least he’s white, he then said that he likes her singing,
Bubba thinks Tuddle is a panderer, Manson suggested Berlin just ignore
Tuddle. Miller said they’ve got Liquid Ass balloons that will pop once
a paintball hits it, Spice joked that his jet was here, as one was
heard coming by in the background. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – William Tell Challenge Part 2

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “William Tell
challenge”. Bubba said they’ve duct taped the apple to Tuddle’s head,
with a $100 prize, they’ve also taken a balloon full of Liquid Ass,
and have put it on his gut, he thinks Tuddle looks like a big chicken,
he then goofed on Tuddle as he talked. Tuddle wondered if he really
sounds like that, the guys think he does. Berlin took four shots at
Tuddle coming very close. Manson was next, he also came close. Bubba
went up, and hit Tuddle in the arm. Spice was next, he didn’t hit the
apple. Berlin went for five shots, one hit Tuddle in the face. Manson
was next, but didn’t hit the apple. Bubba was next, he almost hit the
apple. Spice was next; he hit a piece of tape. Berlin went up for six,
but didn’t get it. Manson went up next; he got him in the arm. Bubba
went up next, Tuddle said he can hear them going by his head. Spice
went up next, Manson told Tuddle to stay still. Bubba told everyone to
grab their guns and just fire; Tuddle was heard screaming like Sam
Kinison throughout the firing, he then yelled “Power Pig Hello, I’m
burning”. Bubba called for everyone to stop firing, Manson said that
Tuddle is covered in Liquid Ass. Tuddle was heard saying his safe
word, Bubba thinks Tuddle is a drama queen, he then decided to have
everyone empty their guns at him, Manson said that Berlin is excited
about shooting Tuddle, the guys goofed on him a little. The firing
started up again, Tuddle quickly yelled his safe word, the firing
continued, Manson thinks Jesus took his crucifixion like a man. Spice
wondered if Berlin would want to go smack Tuddle, Bubba said he’d like
t run a Country or two, Manson pointed out Hitler had said that. Bubba
said he feels bad, even though their almost done, Tuddle was heard
saying he couldn’t talk, Manson cracked up at Tuddle getting hit in
the jock strap, he then talked like Dick Clark giving a countdown,
Tuddle was heard saying “I can’t breathe, corporal”. Spice and Manson
said they felt awful, Berlin said she doesn’t, Manson thinks Tuddle
brought it on himself, Bubba thinks it was the worst paintballing
ever, Spice thinks the quote of the day is bubba saying “We need to
get you looked at”, Tuddle was heard saying that Bubba is treating him
good, the guys think he’s redeemed himself, Spice was bummed out he
got some paint on his shoe, Bubba was heard cracking up at that, he
then said they’re in the flight pattern because of the magnetic poles
switching. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Ted Williams audio, Hulk Hogan Calls in, Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of Christmas.
Bubba said he has some house cleaning announcements, he plugged Mike’s
Pizza, where you can get either the chicken dip pizza, or Ned’s 12
Inch meaty Mandingo, he then said that Keith Nozbich texted him,
saying they can hook Pantera up with the steering pump, he then
thanked Todd and Shelly from The Car Store, $100 of every new car sold
will go to the Btls foundation, he said Steve Hurley is doing
likewise, he’s thinking about going to Scene. Manson said its Donna’s
parent’s anniversary, Spice thinks he has to go to the Circus, the
guys booed him for that, Bubba said it wasn’t all that great, Brent
said it’s just sad. Bubba said he’s now over the homeless guy, Spice
thinks he looks like Obama now, Bubba wonders how many talented people
in their industry that sound just as good as him, he said this just
proves how sappy we are as a Society, he thinks you’d need to say
you’re homeless, he said this is like the Haiti situation, Manson said
in this guy’s defense, he was offering a service. Bubba thinks the guy
is putting it on at times, Manson said that people who just don’t
care, Bubba thinks the reporter who discovered him won’t get much, he
said that people are stupid, he then goofed on the Mom a little, Spice
as the voice over guy said he was sorry for being the deadbeat Dad.
Bubba said he’s all about a feel good story, but the media chooses
what they like; Ned thinks the guy will have the world’s biggest crack
party. Brent said the guy had a radio job, then blew it, Bubba said
this doesn’t make it all that special, he said at least the guy knows
his way around the business, the guys think Palin is interviewing her,
Spice hopes the guy goes horse, Bubba hopes he has to talk through a
voice box, he thinks they should do Homeless Hogan, he thinks Hogan
could do the Lightning announcements. We ten heard a clip of Ted
Williams on the Today Show, Spice said the Ted Williams who had talent
is forgotten about. Bubba called up Hogan, we then heard one of his
many bumpers, Bubba told him that he should’ve listened to him, Hogan
said that he doesn’t want to be a football announcer, he said he
worked his ass off, he said he’ll have his own show on Radio IO, he
then said that his cat died, he said he couldn’t handle “Idiocracy”,
saying it was too retarded, he said he felt bad seeing Clint Eastwood
shooting everyone, he then recapped a movie he saw with a lot of blood
in it. Spice asked if he ever wanted to be Governor, Hogan said yes,
Bubba told Hogan not to mess it up, he then said Hogan looked rested
when he saw him, he said he’s always helped Hogan out, he said he’ll
be popping bottles at Scene this weekend. Sean said he’d like to make
a contribution to the foundation with his mortgage company, Bubba told
him how he could donate. Rob said there’s a fire fighting event in St.
Petersburg, Bubba said he knows where that is, the guy said the event
is Saturday from 11:00-2:00. John said the State of Florida will stock
his pond, Bubba said Randy Bernet told him that. James in Arizona said
Radio IO sounds great in Arizona, bubba said Bubba 1 will always be
free; Bubba 2 will be about $9.95. James said that Sirius called him,
he said he was the guy who came down he thinks he sounded like a tool
with his phone call, he apologized for sounding like that, he said
that the top floor was the best. Jeff in Ohio said he can’t agree with
the guys more, Bubba said he hasn’t seen a story about the war, the
guy thinks we’re trying to make the headlines, he said it’s a killer
for Cleveland; he said their sports teams are horrible. Bubba said
they need to road trip it up to Charleston, Manson said he hasn’t been
on bubba’s plane yet, he said Donna isn’t a fan of small planes, he
said if he drinks beer, it goes right through him. Bubba said he just
wants Charleston callers, he wondered if they’d hang out with him, he
said if he could get a full phone bank, that would be a good starting
point. Mike in Charleston said he’d be there with his shock the puss
shirt on. Kevin in Charleston said it would be great to see them. T
said he’d love to see the guys, bubba asked him a good hang out place,
the guy said it was hard to say. Kyle suggested the guys go to market
Street Saloon, the guy said he’s high; Bubba thinks Ned won’t want to
leave Charleston. David suggested the guys go to Market Street Saloon.
Bubba took a call from a woman who suggested King Street Grill. Chad
suggested market Street Saloon. Chris said he’ll see the guys where
ever they go; he said it’s great that the guys have Veterans on the
show. Tim in Charleston suggested the guys go to Red’s Ice House,
Bubba thinks it sounds like a redneck place. They then ended the show
a few seconds later.

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  1. Rob Johansson

    Hey Bubba, Brent, Manson, Spice and Young NED! I Have been off work for awhile but have not been able to find you guys. I used to listen to you all the time when I was on the road with my bus. Made my nights so much more tolerable. I have not heard you on Sirius… are you no longer on there? Where can I get access to you. I am in Ontario Canada and I will be ever saddened if I can’t hear you and your crew. Please let me know. All the best to You All and your Other halves.

  2. Left Lane

    Can’t get on my BlackBerry Storm 2.Comes up as a error,also comes up but can’t do anything on it.What’s up with it???/

  3. Scorp

    Bubba, check out this funny ass article. It’s about time crooked promoters get theirs.

  4. Pa.Pollock

    I can’t love without Bubba much longer.

    That is a gross exaggeration but I do want my Bubba back
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