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Phil Hendrie Show
Cat mistakenly euthanized after routine animal hospital stay
Peter Max exhibit
Lauren Ashley Pictures: Miss Beverly Hills Thinks God Wants Gays “Put to Death”
‘Boner’ found dead in Canada
After standoff, police arrest St. Petersburg robbery suspect who jumped into lake
Lawmaker wants to stop red light cameras
SeaWorld in San Diego cancels orca show for 3rd day Friday after death in Florida

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

This recap is dedicated to Gary “Bababbooey” Dell’ Abate, for getting
the show’s Twitter account going again. The Bubba Army appreciates
your hard work, Gary.

FM show

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with Trace Adkins as bumper music, Bubba chided
Ned for selecting it, he thinks people are tuning out, Spice said it’s
huge at the country bars, Bubba said he’s disturbed by that, Bubba
thinks he wouldn’t fit in there, Manson thinks you have to practice
before going. Bubba said he went to the Dallas Bull one night, he said
it was an off night; Spice thinks it’s like a giant orgy on the dance
floor. Bubba said his neighbor is racing, he said cool people race, he
thinks a guy named Louie would name for a guy named Tony, this had
Bubba and Spice do some mob like voices. Bubba plugged what they’ve
got coming up today, artist Peter Max will be joining the program,
Spice said he’s bringing a bunch of new stuff, Bubba thinks it’s a
porn name, he then plugged the Leech challenge next Thursday, he said
the leeches they got were $8 per leech, he then plugged Midget
Wrestling with Jimmy hart, Spice thought Jimmy always said “never
Trust A Midget”. Bubba then plugged the garage sale tomorrow, he
thinks it’s the original Buddy’s Home Furnishing, he thinks Manson
won’t be coming, he joked that Manson will have a soccer ball. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – NC Double D’s, Birthdays, Olympics

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “NC Double D’s”.
Spice said he was having a hard time knowing that Ned likes “Relax,
Don’t Do It”, Bubba read about the NC Double D’s contest, he thinks
Sluggo is an idiot for not putting the list of sponsors up, Spice said
he’s not really a fan of hearing sluggo talk. Bubba had Sluggo in, he
thinks Sluggo should put the sponsors up, Sluggo said he’s working on
it, Bubba said it’s no wonder why they can’t get anyone to sign up.
Spice clicked on it, Bubba thinks it looks like he’s ready to mortgage
a new home, Spice said all the rules are because of the lawyers, Bubba
said he wouldn’t do it, Brent said the lawyers have gotten way out of
control, Bubba thinks the lawyers have ruined the show, he then thinks
about not doing anymore contests. Spice said blind Lawrence messaged
him saying that Sluggo screwed up Captain Janks’s name, Bubba is
shocked Lawrence is pointing that out, he then asked Sluggo about
Twitter, Sluggo said that it’s an open source, Bubba thinks Sluggo is
an open sour, he then told him to get out of the studio as quickly as
possible, he then said that under Armer is doing a football training
event, he then went over some birthdays, the guys are shocked that
Fats Domino is still alive. Bubba went over the girls Michael Bolton
has been with, before losing his hair, he thinks Chelsea Clinton has
shaped up nicely, he said that Gilbert Gottfried is celebrating a
birthday on Sunday, Spice said he’s funny, bubba said Gilbert is on
Howard’s show all the time. We then heard the Olympic theme, Bubba
thinks Russia is really sucking,
Spice said the Canadian female hockey team is partying, bubba read an
article about that, the guys were cracking up, Spice thinks it may be
the greatest Olympic story. We then heard a news clip about the
Olympics, Manson thinks it’s insane, Bubba thinks they should slow it
down, he wonders what’s up with the weather, he said he can’t remember
a winter that has gone on this long. Spice said the girls have one
chance to make it for themselves, Bubba thinks the article he read
makes the most sense, he thinks the IOC will take their medals, Manson
thinks the girls are set for life. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba thinks Ned is killing him with the music, Ned said he can’t edit
the intro on his iPod. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he’s
bringing his Sprint car to the garage sale, he said it’ll be orange
and blue, Bubba wondered why he’s doing that, the guy said someone
might want it, Ned told him to keep it at home. The first email asked
the title of the sitting behind bars song, Ned said that was the title
“bubba’s new and misc hits Vol. 6”, track 6. Bubba said the ten
billionth song was downloaded the other day, the guy got a $10,000
iTunes gift card, Manson thinks it doesn’t cost much to run iTunes,
Bubba and Spice think the record industry wouldn’t feel much better if
you still had to buy physical CDS, Brent said he never goes to a
record store anymore. Spice said music stores aren’t about music
anymore. Another emailer said a bunch of Bubba Army signs were on TNA,
he said he’ll be on next Thursday. Another emailer said there’s a huge
dog show near Orlando; Brent said he’ll be busy tomorrow. Another
emailer wondered if Jane will be at the garage sale, Bubba said yes.
Another emailer asked about some hot spots in Tampa, Bubba said it
depends what you’re into, he suggested the emailer to check out island
Way Grill, or Buffalo Wild Wings, as well as Wing house, also 2001.
Another emailer suggested Metrol to cure the flu issue, Bubba said
everyone in the family has it, he said his house has turned into a big
quarantine area. Another emailer said their Uncle trains the whales,
every whale attacks the dummy, Brent thinks maybe we shouldn’t do
that, Spice likes the guy from SeaWorld. Another emailer said that
they’d like an update on West Memphis Three, Brent said there’s no
update, he thinks maybe they’ll get out of prison. Bubba said that
Johnny Dept has the worst hygiene ever, he then read an article about
that, he said if he doesn’t shower at least once, he feels like a
scumbag, Spice thinks he has moxy, Manson thinks it’s gross, Brent
thinks it’s swagger. The last email of the day said Spice has good
taste in music, the emailer wondered about Society Red; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Peter Max on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Donna Waters, then into a news clip about the killer whale,
then into Manson’s “Wild Whale”. Bubba came back cracking up for some
reason, he thinks the music is a good selection, Spice said he was
waiting for Kid Rock to break in. Bubba went over peter Max’s history,
Ned thinks he’s a white trash version of him, Bubba thinks Ned’s art
is spoken word. Bubba said that peter did something pretty neat with
the Berlin wall, he thinks he looks like Lionel richy and the Dali
Lama, Spice said he’s white, Bubba wonders how much money he gets for
painting stuff. Peter came on, he said it was good to talk with him,
he said he’s a cool guy, he said he’s been a Vegan for 22 years, his
doctor says he’s like a regular guy, he said he takes all the
vegetables and blends them up, he said he’ll send the recipe. Bubba
told Peter about Ned, Ned said he starts every day with a glass of
jack Daniels, Peter thinks the guys are great, he said he missed the
Hudson landing. Spice asked about his warehouse, Peter said he loves
his job, he loves to go to work, he never wants to leave when it’s the
end of the day, he said it’s like a Jazz artist inventing stuff. Bubba
asked him if he has some interns deal with it, Peter said he just
focuses on being creative. Spice asked if he has people watch him,
Peter says it’s inspiring when other people watch him. Bubba said he
can’t draw, he wondered if Peter thinks differently, Peter said he’s
been doing this for so long, he’s skilled, he said he has a tremendous
passion of art, he said he had an art teacher named Frank Riley, he
said there was a young kid who used to sit next to Frank named
Rockwell, Peter said he showed a guy his work, he got 66 gold medals.
Bubba asked him the very first piece he ever did was that made him
money, Peter said it was a Hank Williams album cover, he got about
$20. Spice said he remembers Woodstock 99, Peter said every Thursday
night, one of his friends swings by his studio every Thursday, he
ended up making a collage of his best drawings, it took fourteen weeks
to print the stage, he couldn’t believe it, each role of the stage was
about two bags for. Bubba asked him his favorite Presidential picture,
Peter said he was good friends with the Presidents, he said Bill is a
great guy. Bubba asked what he’s painting, Peter said he paints the
picture of the President, he said he’s going to meet Obama. Manson as
George W. Bush said he didn’t paint him, Peter said Ronald was a great
guy, Nancy asked that he paint at the Whitehouse lawn on July 4, 1981,
he said Ragon had about six hundred people there, he said he ate jelly
beans with Ragon. Bubba thinks Peter was responsible for “yellow
submarine”, Peter said from the time he was asked to do it, he had a
Bronx snow with 72 people, he couldn’t do it, a German guy ended up
doing it, the guy called himself the German peter max, he said he was
really cool with it, he said that Ringo comes to his studio. Bubba
wondered how much does Peter’s paintings go for, Peter said around
$100,000. Spice wonders if people are waiting for Peter to die, Peter
said the thing is to be popular, and do radio shows like this, he said
you can go to, he said he painted a life sized picture of
Shaque, he said you can buy one. Bubba wondered if people can buy
stuff from, Peter said yes, he said Shaque will even
personalize it. Bubba said for a guy his age, he’s got his act
together, Peter asked that people come by and visit, he said he’ll
sign his book “the Art of Peter Max”, Peter said if he had the guys in
New York, he’d listen to them. Spice thinks he’ll be tapped out by the
time he’s 72, Brent thought it was awesome, Bubba thinks that when
he’s 72, he’ll be the meanest guy ever. Spice said his stuff was
always popular; he really enjoyed watching Earnhardt’s car. Bubba
thinks if some German guy called himself the German Bubba the love
Sponge, he thinks he wouldn’t be so nice about it. Spice said you’ll
get a signed, Peter Max print, Bubba said to get it, you’ll have to
answer some questions about him, Bubba wonders if they could do a
Bubba Army print, Ned thinks Peter went to Vietnam with a roller,
Bubba thinks ned almost got court marshaled for smuggling a flame
thrower, Ned said he doesn’t remember it, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN Garage sale.
Bubba said that Tom Bean texted him, saying he’s collected peter Max
stuff, he said most of the stuff at the garage sale will be sold for
pennies on the dollar. Greg said his Brother in law has some Peter Max
stuff, he said he has a shirt from the Clinton days, Bubba said he’ll
get the guy some personalized stuff, he suggested the guy get the
book. Bubba said that SeaWorld is disputing what happened, Spice said
the accounts are different; he said SeaWorld is saying her hair got
caught in its mouth. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba
thinks its bologna, Manson thinks the whale thought it was a fish,
Bubba thinks it’s going to be a South Park episode. Brent said the
Rubio deal with the American Express card is getting legs, Bubba said
that Rubio is trying to play the shell game, Brent said Rubio is over
a million dollars in debt, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba
thinks it shouldn’t matter who released the information, he said he
doesn’t care if Charlie’s team uncovered that, Manson thinks he’s
another John Edwards, as he paid $134 for a haircut, Bubba thinks
$4,000 of damage to a van would be something along the lines of
running it into the wall, he thinks Rubio will look as dumb as Awesome
Kong, the guys cracked up when one of the guys in the clip said
“Welcome to the NFL”. Bubba read over Rubio’s credit card bill, he
thinks when the adviser snaps, he said it would be a problem, Brent
thinks Rubio was moved up to the front of the line. Bubba wonders what
Rubio is doing in Vegas, Brent said Rubio is pandering to the Tea
party, but he’s not doing much, he thinks they’re moving towards a new
party, Bubba thinks they seem really mad, he thinks we might be worse
than back when Bush was in office, he said it’s impossible to start a
third party, Brent said the media wouldn’t allow it, bubba thinks the
name Tea party just sounds ridiculous, he thinks you should just vote
for whoever you think is right, Brent said no one in the building
agrees with everything the party stands for, Spice suggests a
free-thinking party. . We then heard a news clip about bonor passing
away, we then heard the “Growing Pains” theme, Spice thought he said
something else, Bubba said he never saw the show, Ned and Spice had
some fun with the guy’s name. We then heard a news clip about a family
that was told the Grandma had died, however she was alive, Bubba
stopped and started to point out how fast the reporters were, he said
the guys in the truck can’t throw in together. We then heard “The
boopity song” from “bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track 23. Bubba
wonders how Manson would feel about it, Manson said he might be
disappointed, bubba thinks someone will get sued over this, Spice
goofed on the woman saying “Scraight”, Manson thinks they should be
happy she’s still alive, Bubba thinks the reporter is on meth. Carlos
in Plant city said he’s upset with Bubba over something, Bubba thinks
it’s some jackass who wants to hear himself on the air, Ned thinks
it’s the worst Cuban accent ever, Spice thinks Iron Sheik does a
better voice, bubba then goofed on him, he said all the Iron sheik
does is go on and on. We then heard a news clip about a Beauty Queen
who is under fire for quoting the bible, saying that God wants gays
put to death. Bubba wonders if Ms. Beverly hills’ is such a thing,
Brent explained it, Spice thinks she’s steamy. Bubba said it’s amazing
how true Religious people stand behind it, yet when it’s mentioned,
people hate it. Bubba thinks they don’t care where you’re from, it’s
just sign up and go, he think the old fart represents Beverly hills’,
Manson wonders why we care what Beauty queens say, Bubba thinks they
should take the question and answer session out of it, he suggests
they use sign language, he suggests basic math, he thinks they should
have a Bubba Beauty contest, he said he probably didn’t want to hand
out Pepsi to people in 1985, he said it was horrible, Spice thinks
they’ll have a tough time looking for women like that. Bubba said that
the Buffalo chicken dip is available, you can get it at,
he thinks they should have personal containers. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tucker Carlson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for next week. We
then heard a news clip about a cat that got euthanized, when it
shouldn’t have, Brent thinks it’s animal services, Bubba said that you
should microchip your pet, he then said that a German Sheppard ran
from one state to another, Spice thinks someone put in its car. Bubba
thinks they have a case after the shelter didn’t scan the cat, Brent
said he would be pissed if that was to happen to him. We then heard
Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Tucker came on saying he’s parked near the
Whitehouse, he said he’s about two blocks from there. Bubba asked him
when he flies out, what airport does he use, Tucker said he uses
Ronald Ragon National Airport, he said it’s the best airport ever, he
said you fly right next to the Whitehouse, he said it was put in there
because of congress. Bubba told Tucker to be careful with his Twitter
account, he then recapped the story, Tucker is shocked by this, Bubba
said that there’s no one at Twitter to help them out, Brent said they
can’t get a clear cut answer, Tucker said he’s got about 7,000
followers, he went on to say that he saw Charlie Crist, the first
thing he said was that Bubba says hi, Bubba said they had him on the
show yesterday, Tucker said he’s a great guy. Bubba recapped the
situation, Tucker said he knows all about it, he thinks Crist
supporters leaked the information, he said it bugged him reading that
stuff, he said Charlie was mad about Rubio. Brent said you can paint
anyway you’d like, Spice thinks Obama looked board after the health
care situation, Brent said the whole room was arrogant, Tucker said
Bush was like that, Manson as Bush said he only had 15 minute
meetings. Spice said no matter what you do, you can’t win, Brent said
he agreed with Tucker talking about that stuff. Bubba thinks it’s
ironic that a guy named Rockefeller is looking for insurance, Tucker
thinks we can’t afford Medicare, Bubba said we need to cut other
stuff, Tucker thinks they should stop telling old people they have a
right. Manson thinks the democrats don’t want the health care bill to
pass, Tucker said they’ll find out. Tucker said you can force things
through, but it’ll bite you in the ass. Bubba asked Tucker his
thoughts on the lawsuit with Awesome Kong, Tucker wonders if it’s
real, Bubba thinks they should be careful how they word it. Spice said
they looped bubba in and slandered him, Bubba said they can’t say that
kind of stuff. Tucker wonders if it’s a crime to call someone up and
threaten them, Bubba said it’s not a point that matters, he said the
stuff listed is stuff he’d never say. Tucker said the race card is a
big thing, Bubba said it’s easy for him to say, Spice said this is the
show’s good agency year, he said that they have to really be careful.
Bubba said this makes him look bad, he said they don’t see that he
didn’t do it, tucker thinks she’s messing with his livelihood. Bubba
said if Denzel gets through, Tucker will be in Indiana on July 8,
Manson and Spice did some Southern voices, Tucker said he likes doing
this kind of stuff, he said he doesn’t like strip bars. Bubba asked
him if he’s heard of Peter Max, Tucker couldn’t believe Peter was on,
he said he likes him, he thinks it’s cool that max is doing something
for the bubba Army. Bubba likes how Pam Iorio is a no nonsense kind of
woman, he said she’s the anti politician, Manson said she’s the anti
Palin. Tucker thinks Palin isn’t a bimbo, Bubba thinks he’s a
panderer, Tucker said he just does that to drive the guys crazy. Bubba
asked Tucker who is prettier, Tucker said Palin, the guys cracked up
when bubba thought Al Sharpton on TV, Brent told him it was someone
else. Spice said a journalist wrote an article about Tucker, calling
him a sexist, he said Gene Lasker wrote the article, Tucker said he’s
never heard of him, Bubba told him he’s a man’s man, Ned thinks Gene
is a hermaphrodite. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – House gets broken into

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 inch Meaty
Mandingo (With a Side of man Sauce)”, then into Manson’s “The Devil
Went Down to Haiti”. Bubba wondered what Ned was playing as bumper
music, he thinks it’s stupid, he said you shouldn’t mention Pudding
around Spice, as it drives him crazy (Spice used to work for a guy
with that name, with the Phatty and Pudding show). Bubba read that the
Dutch bobsledding team quit, he thinks it’s because they’re slow, he
then wondered if Tiger Woods is a drug user, Spice said he’s got a
Vikidin problem, plus he can’t sleep. Bubba wondered what people did
before Ambien, Brent said it shoots holes in your memory, Bubba said
he used to wake up and realize he did stuff, Manson said a woman once
ate buttered cigarettes on that stuff. Bubba said that Harrison Ford
loves to fly so much, he would often fly to get a cheeseburger, he
thinks we don’t care about the Carbon footprint, Brent said that Al
Gore’s electric bill is $30,000 a month. We then heard a news clip
about an intruder breaking into a ten year-old girl’s room, Bubba said
that certain things make you nervous, he thinks they’ve all shoplifted
a candy bar, he wonders how stupid do you have to be to break into a
house and stand over someone’s bed, he said he gets nervous when he
drives by an old girlfriend’s house, Manson thinks they get a rush out
of doing that. Bubba wonders what Manson would do, he thinks no one
would want to sell their house after that, he wonders how hard it is
to be a good person, he thinks we shouldn’t have to have fifteen
different locks. Spice as an old guy said some stuff, Bubba thinks
Manson could sleep with the windows open. Spice said his car got
broken into, he didn’t want to use it for a while, Manson thinks it
has to be a kid’s worst nightmare, Spice thinks the parent’s sex life
is over.
Bubba thinks nothing sucks more than when the parents are having sex,
only to have the kid knock on the door and spoil the fun, he then
recapped some situations, Spice said he’s trying to bang the kid’s
mom, Bubba thinks Spice will never have a kid of his own, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Caller’s girlfriend dated Tom the Treeman?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Garage
Sale, then into “Wild Whale”. Bubba thinks Ned is strange with his
bumper music selections, Ned thinks its awesome stuff. Bubba thinks
Carl Crofferd is gone after this year, Brent said he’s one of the
fastest guy in baseball, he wished the Rays the best of luck, Manson
said it would suck if Carl was to get away. Bubba thinks he has
something in common with Lill’ Wayne, as he’s quitting Twitter, Spice
said he’s going to prison. Tim on protection said he’s on a second
date with someone he’s met on the computer, she said she dated Tom the
Treeman, Bubba told him to run, the guy put her on, she said that
she’s friends with tom, Bubba wondered if they could put her on hold,
she declined the offer to go on the air. Tim came back on, he said
he’ll hold. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius show

Segment 1 – Bubba flips out on big dick, should Spice host today’s show?

The show started off with “Juicey” by Notorious BIG. Bubba said he
hates to start off the show full hot, he admonished Big dick for not
getting the dip done right, he told him to heat up individually bowls,
Dick said he heated up the whole thing, Bubba said he couldn’t eat it
for another thirty minutes, he told dick he should’ve used his head.
Dick said he wasn’t originally doing it, Bubba said he got the whole
thing, Manson thinks the dip is tearing the show apart, Bubba said
there’s no pressure for Big dick, he then yelled for him to get out of
the studio, he thinks the people out there don’t care, he said they
have no idea, he decided to eat the dip now, which he did, the guys
cracked up as Bubba crunched a chip, Brent thinks Manson doesn’t care.
Spice thinks Manson has a chat with Donna about everyone, Bubba then
said he was low on chips, Spice said Dave didn’t know to stay or go,
Bubba then said him needing more chips was a false alarm, Brent then
goofed on Bubba telling Dave he does chicken dip. Dave said the
paperwork is filed, they have to wait, he said the worst thing is that
he has to do it via snail mail, Brent said it’s just red tape, Manson
thinks it’s the small guy getting squashed, Ned thinks he could’ve put
Butt Fer Georgia, Spice thinks he should put that on an
application. Bubba thinks Dave puts crack in the dip, Brent thinks it
would be a funky chicken, Manson thinks Bubba is out of control, he
thinks it’s getting sexual. Big Mike in Detroit thinks Bubba should
lay off the chicken dip, he thinks Spice did a great job, Spice said
he doesn’t want to do it now. Bubba thinks he should do a pole, he
said he’s being supportive, Spice said it’s a no win situation for
him, Bubba said he wants to give the audience what they want. Screw
Louie in Canada wondered when the guys will be coming up, Bubba said
October. Dave in Indiana said he’s a ups driver, he said he got some
horny housewives as some customers, he said a guy would go to their
houses with the zipper down, Bubba doesn’t believe him. Soul Train
said in 2002, he was working at the Olympics, he said they found a big
bag of dildos from the Swedish team, Ned thinks it’s bologna, Brent
thinks it’s penthouse. Bubba said it’s either yes Spice or no Spice.

1. Nick – no
2. Darrel – no
3. Rodney – yes
4. Sue – no
5. John – yes
6. Dan – no
7. Dave – no
8. Rick – no
9. Ghost Rider – no
10. Todd – yes
11. Will – no
12. Tony – no
13. Chris – yes
14. Chris – no
15. Nick – yes
16. Chris – no

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Killer Whale discussions, Bubba flying, B-Fudd calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt,
then into Manson’s “Wild Whale”. Bubba said he forgot to select the
music, he then decided to check the pole on Spice said he’d
like to lie about the results, Bubba told him not to, Brent thinks
Sluggo screwed it up. Monday – Jabberjaw, Tuesday – Spice, Wednesday –
Carl, Thursday – Ned, Friday – Russ. Bubba said he’s taking some balls
out of rotation, Ned thinks Bubba is a madman, Spice thinks he’s
becoming an old man. Bubba wonders if he’s a genius, or if he’s
insane, Ned thinks he’s an asshole, this had Brent laughing. Bubba
said they’re making a big deal out of the killer whale in Orlando, he
said there’s conflicting reports about it, he thinks the whale played
rag doll with the woman, he said the working title is killer whale, he
thinks the working title describes you nicely. Manson thinks a killer
whale has never been reported if it was in the wild, Bubba as the
whale says that all he does is f other whales and kill people.
Spice thinks SeaWorld should say they like the whale’s cum, Brent
thinks those are the breaks, Bubba thinks if you’re a whale, nobody
will mess with you, except for the Japanese, Spice thinks Akira is on
a boat hunting for a whale. Bubba as a whale said sharks mean nothing,
he doesn’t like what SeaWorld has him do. Bubba potted the TV up, some
guy was talking about killer whales, Manson thinks the guy is
bullshit. Spice said it shouldn’t matter if it was intentional or not,
Manson said they’re definitely attacking, Spice told Jack Hanna to get
off of him. Bubba thinks they should just let the whale being a whale,
Spice thinks they should start a fan club for the whale. Mark in New
Jersey said Spice did a good job, Bubba agreed with him, saying that
they wouldn’t put a best of on. The guy said he’s seen many deaths
because of Pit-bulls, he thinks the whales should be left alone. Bubba
said with Pit-bulls, it’s a DNA kind of thing, Spice said they think
it’s cool to have one. Bubba thinks you can have a Pit-bull, but you
need to be responsible for it. Brent said a woman was bringing home
her groceries, when two dogs attacked her. The owners were charged,
yet they got off. Bubba said you can’t outlaw Pit-bulls, Brent said
the barn door is already open, and every horse is out. Bubba said that
Tony recorded him all weekend, he’s not sure what it is that he has.
We then heard a clip of some flight guys talking about Bubba, the guys
were cracking up, Bubba isn’t sure if this is relevant to the radio.
In the clip, Bubba says this is better than TSA bullshit, Brent thinks
Bubba is mad all the time, Spice thinks this video is a big kiss ass
fest, Bubba thinks why Spice envies him, he said the video isn’t even
funny. We then heard a clip of Bubba talking about the plane, he said
Mike gets mad when he takes over, Spice said that stuff kind of scares
him, Bubba said he loves it, Brent thinks they should show this video
to terrorists, Spice goofed on Bubba as a pilot. Manson said tony
showed him this, he thought Bubba wouldn’t like it, Bubba thinks
Manson was quite the visionary, he said this is shitty. We then heard
a clip of Bubba yelling about food, it then segways into “bubba Eats
whatever He Likes” from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits vol. 9”, track 11,
and “the Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 17. Bubba described the
video, the guys were cracking up as it played, Spice was grossed out
at Bubba eating food off the floor, Bubba thinks its bullshit, he
asked that it not go on the website, Spice thinks it’s too late. Bubba
said he’s firing Tony after today, he said they don’t have footage of
Bubba getting thrown around in the car, but he was able to get all of
him eating, Spice thinks bubba really “Ate the fout of that
spread”. Manson thinks the second track was great, he thought track 1
was horrible. Bubba went over the stuff Tony missed. B-Fudd thinks
someone tried to mouth pump the whale, Spice thinks they should have
B-Fudd as the spokesperson for SeaWorld. We then heard a bumper for
news channel 8, the guys cracked up when bubba messed it up. Bubba
said they’ve got B-Fudd live, B-Fudd said the reason why the whale
killed the people was that they were touching the whale, saying that
they mouth pumped the blowhole, saying the whale was saying they’ve
had enough. The guys cracked up when B-Fudd asked Bubba if he’s had
this issue, Ned thinks it’s a party. Bubba wondered if the other
whales are cool with the mouth pumping, B-Fudd said yes, he said that
some people saw Bubba at Burger King, the guys cracked up, Ned thinks
B-fudd is owning him. Bubba told him as fat as he is, he can lose
weight, yet B-Fudd is still retarded. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Twenty-five in a Porno?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “NC Double D’s”, then
into Manson’s “Bubba Army Special Forces”. We then heard “patches” as
bumper music. Bubba had Twenty-five Cent in, Ned thinks he’s ready to
kick it in. Bubba wonders why Twenty-five is whiting it up, Spice said
boopity a few times, Bubba thinks chopping wood and feeding chickens
has got to suck, Spice told him to feed his own chickens. Bubba asked
Twenty-five what he’s got going on, Twenty-five said a guy named Bruce
from Delaware would like to buy the guys lunch, the guys cracked up
when Twenty-five said Bruce. Spice said Twenty-five is in the porno
“Swallow My Throffy Load”, Bubba thinks it proves his theory, Brent
thinks it was a knife attack, Twenty-five said its one dude and a
bunch of chicks, he said he didn’t stay that long. Ned thinks a
Throffy load should really deliver, he thinks Twenty-five is a
fluffer, Twenty-five said no to that. Twenty-five said it’s in Miami,
he said it was when they went there for the Twelve Boobs of Christmas
(Nov. 20, 2009). Bubba is shocked that Twenty-five did this,
Twenty-five said he was invited, Bubba thinks its homo, Twenty-five
wondered how it’s gay. Bubba said if he and Manson saw that, they’d
never be able to live it down, Manson thinks it’s strange. Twenty-five
said he was behind the scenes, Spice said he’s on the DVD, Bubba
wonders if “Assholeology” is about him, he said Brent used to stretch
him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Chris Illuminati calls in, TSS-Taylor in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Donna. Bubba said they’ve got Chris Illuminati on the phone,
he thinks he could be the star of the book. Chris said he kept bubba
in mind, he said it’s a term of interment, Ned thinks he’s an asshole.
Bubba asked him the difference between an asshole and a douchebag,
Chris said the asshole is out for personal gain, the douchebag is a
guy being an asshole for no reason. Spice thinks there are seven in
total, Chris said there’s the neighborhood asshole, Brent said he has
that. Chris said the gym asshole is the guy who just talks. Spice said
he really likes the office asshole, Chris said he’s in the middle of
everything, Bubba thinks Big Dick, Spice said Big Dick selected Russ.
Bubba asked about the asshole demandments, Chris said never taken no
for an answer, the asshole is always right, asshole rarely apologizes,
asshole cares about himself the most, always in control, always has a
plan, always takes what he wants, always looks good, always learns
from very few mistakes, and is always evolving. Spice thinks Bubba is
more cunning at being an asshole, Ned thinks he’s a loon. Chris said a
narcissist doesn’t go many places, we then heard a clip of Ned saying
asshole. Chris said it’s usually someone who is hirer than you, Bubba
said they also call that a prick, he wonders why success is spun down
to male stuff. Spice asked about various celebs, Chris said Denis
Leary, Bubba said he’s a good guy. Chris thinks tom Cruise is a D-bag,
he thinks Kady Homes looks like a prisoner. Spice likes the quotable
asshole, Chris said it’s from people you’d probably like to be around.
Spice wonders if they’re born assholes, Chris said you can be born, or
you can become one, he said he worked around various assholes. Spice
asked about not being an asshole towards people, Chris said it’s about
not being an asshole to the boss, Bubba thinks Spice is a bigger
asshole than him, Ned thinks Spice and bubba are assholes. Bubba said
Ned likes asshole play, Ned thinks that was uncalled for. Spice asked
about women who are digging for gold, Chris said women can learn from
the book, Ned called them cunts, Chris thinks he couldn’t write “Cunt”
in the title. Spice thinks you can’t be an asshole to your Dad, Bubba
thinks his Dad is more of an asshole than a douchebag, Chris said you
can by the book anywhere. Spice said it’s a very relatable book, Chris
thinks Bubba works with some douchebags, he mentioned Ronnie, Bubba
told him he’d fight him for that, Ned said Ronnie always takes care of
him. Bubba asked who else does Chris not like, he thinks Glenn Beck is
a douchebag, Bubba thinks Beck is an asshole. Spice asked about guys
who pop their collars, Chris said they’re not worth mentioning. Bubba
thanked him for coming on, Ned called him an asshole. Bubba said they
had Tom Taylor in the studio, he said Tom is always a guest, Tom said
he’s down for anything. Bubba asked if they still have the tazer gun,
Dave said yes. Spice thinks they should make him look like the cat in
Dr. Evil, Tom said no to that idea. Bubba ran down the options, the
guys cracked up at the hairless idea, Ned thinks he liked the
electronic wand in the asshole, Tom wondered if he could just go,
Spice told him he had to bring it up. Tom said he could do the rubber
balls, he then suggested tazering, he wonders how long it lasts for,
Brent said about seven seconds. Bubba suggested electronic wanding,
Tom said no, he wondered which one is he least nude in, bubba thinks
flying fish hooks. Bubba said he’d rather take the super balls, Ned
thinks Tom should take his pants off, Tom then decided on the Super
balls, Bubba thinks they should do it at 1:30. Wayne in Chicago said
the sideways middle finger doesn’t work, Bubba said a lot of people
don’t know about it, the guys goofed on him. Travis in Canada wondered
if Bubba could play a bit of Ned calling a Catholic Priest, Bubba said
it’s a slippery slope, the guy said F Stern Fan network. Mark
didn’t like the chicken dip talk, Bubba hung up on him, he thinks the
guy is pathetic. Restart Redneck said he knows why the whale grabbed
the woman, he thinks she was on the rag, and she stopped smelling like
Tuna, he then Eviled him a few seconds later, Ned thinks it was the
worst joke he ever heard, Spice then goofed on him. Bubba said Heather
has to hide food so he doesn’t find it, they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tom the Treeman, Steve Langford, Bubba vs. Awesome Kong

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
We then heard Ned’s “catholic Town” from “Ned’s Crank Calls vol. 1”,
track 11, and “On The chip” disc 2, track 2. N the call, Ned calls a
guy about a town in Florida, he thinks they should buy a couple of
farrace wheels and call it the Neverland ranch. N the next call, Ned
wonders if he’ll get Catholic stuff instead of stuff at McDonalds,
saying that the body of Christ isn’t all that filling. In the next
call, he wonders if he’ll get a dozen nude altar boys at Dunkin
Donuts. N the next call, Ned wonders how many little boys he needs to
f to get to Catholic Town. In the next call, ned has a video
produced, saying “What happens in catholic town, stays in Catholic
Town.” The last calls ends with a parody of “paradise City”, where he
says the priests f boys and their dicks get shitty. Bubba wondered
if the Ferret was around, he asked for his publicist to chill out,
Brent thinks the interview with Phil is up on Peter on
protection asked for a man law ruling, he said he and his wife asked
about swinging, Bubba wondered why he asked him, Brent said he’s a
swinger when the time is right. Peter said he and another guys has
been double penetrating his wife, Brent suggested the guy lay the law
down, ned thinks the balls touch, Spice thinks the guy’s wife is a
whore, Peter said he switches. Spice wonders if he slurps the load
out, Peter told the guy to f off, he said he’s fed his wife
after his friend has gone in there. Spice wonders if the guy has ever
pulled out and hit him with jiz, Peter said he’d hit him in the face,
he thinks in the moment, you don’ even think about it, he thinks the
guys should try it. Spice asked if she’s ever given the guy head,
peter said that he kissed his wife’s friend, the guy hung up a few
seconds later. AJ, the black TE said he was thinking about taking a
trip to “bum F Georgia”, Spice goofed on his voice, Bubba asked him
to speak up. AJ said he tried listening to Jason Ellis, he said it was
horrible, he thinks Chris Illuminati is a hater. Tom the Treeman was
on the phone, Spice said Beaver Phillips emailed him, saying that Tom
banged a girl from the internet. Bubba wondered if he really got some
pussy, Tom said Beaver called him, he said he got two girls, he said
he always throws his name around, he said he used some tips from
Beaver’s book, he said he was on, Spice said that was
the site where the guy spread aids, he said the guy looked like Tom.
Bubba was interested in finding Tom on there, Tom said its “Tom Tree”,
Bubba found his profile, the guys think he had a real goofy picture.
Bubba then read from his profile, Manson wonders who wrote that, Tom
said Beaver wrote that for him. Bubba had a guy on protection, Tim
said the reason why he was calling was, he met someone who said that
his girlfriend dated Tom, he said she didn’t want to go on air. Bubba
wondered if he’s fed her yet, Spice thinks Tom has. Tim said she
swares they never did anything. Bubba asked how it came up, Tim said
they were listening to his show, he said he was laughing his ass off
when he heard that. Bubba said he’s got a lot of stuff going on, tom
thinks he fed the girl, Tim said he wouldn’t say her name, tom said
when he goes out on a date 99% of the time he ends up having sex.
Bubba asked Tim how hot she is, Tim said she’s cute, Spice said he’s
sloppy seconds to tom the Treeman, Brent said tom ate dog food without
phase (march 4, 2009). Bubba asked Tom who the kid was in the picture,
Tom said it was his grandson, Brent was shocked by it, the guys
couldn’t stop laughing. Bubba couldn’t get over that the kid was his
grandson, we then heard “the Boopity song”, Tom said Beaver posted
that, Tom said the Dad is a piece of crap, Spice thinks the kid seems
alright, Tom thinks the kid will be a football player. Bubba asked him
if it costs money for, Tom said you can upgrade.
Bubba thinks they need the Howard 100 News Sounder, Steve came on,
wondering why Janks doesn’t like him, Steve said it’s because they
don’t like the coverage, he said you can’t fool the many clubs. Bubba
thinks Janks has made restitution, Steve said he hasn’t, he said he
has eight years to pay off six grand, he said it’s sad. Bubba said
they have Janks for a reason, Steve said all you have to do is show
up, Steve said they do plenty of nice stories. Spice said Janks has
been calling Langford’s mom a cunt, Steve thinks it’s pathetic, he
said the guy should be working to pay back his victims, he said he
calls the news department. Bubba said he’s good at it, yet Janks won’t
man up. Steve said he did three separate pieces on Janks, praising his
work, he asked about Awesome Kong. Bubba said he didn’t make the call,
he said he’ll give him any phone record they want, he said everything
is documented, he thinks she was pranked, he it started after the
Haiti comments. Steve said she’s not claiming for sure that it was
Bubba who called her, Bubba said you could get the same information,
he said she could say she’s had a feud with Bubba. Steve asked if
Bubba has any legal action, Bubba said yes, he said the things that
she’s saying are very disturbing. Steve wondered if TNA has said
anything, Bubba said yes, he said they’re behind him, he said he’s
usually in the building by 4:50, he said Steve’s mom isn’t a cunt.
Spice thinks she’s gearing up for something else, Manson wonders why
you’d say something that isn’t true, Spice said she was able to
slander bubba. Bubba said all she knows is that she did something
really bad, and knows she messed up, he thinks she didn’t want to be
affiliated with him, he said that TNA didn’t hire him because of his
comments, but rather that he can plug the product, Spice thinks she’s
got a chip on her shoulder, Bubba thinks she’s playing the race card,
Spice hopes Bubba drains her of all her assets, Bubba said it’s a very
delicate situation, Brent said you should look at Political
Correctness. Spice said if she gets the records, it’ll never go away.
Bubba said she’s fishing for a payday, he said it’s bad when the race
card use it for personal gain, Spice said Bubba is being discriminated
by her. Danny in California said he can see where Bubba is coming
from, he didn’t get why Bubba was busting up so much. Bubba then read
from the lawsuit, he said he’ll never say anything like that, he said
it’ll never be corrected. John in Virginia said it’s defamation, Bubba
said he wishes ATnT would give the information, John thinks Bubba has
a case, he thinks it would make sense if she thought it was someone
else, Bubba said he’d like to read the actual lawsuit, the guy said
there’s a fine line between you thinking something happening, and
something actually happening. Bubba read the lawsuit, he told the guy
to pay attention, Manson thinks it’s a stretch. John thinks it’s her
opinion that it sounds like him, he said if you think something k it’s
not defamatory, Bubba thinks it’s a slippery slope, Brent said Kevin
disagrees. John said the problem is, if someone really called her, it
wouldn’t be an issue, he said if the call never happened, the problem
is her lying, he said it’s difficult to prove intent. Bubba thinks the
history should speak volumes. Spice asked Bubba if it
S too late to charge with assault, he thinks he should go for it,
Manson said Bubba has witnesses. John thinks that someone else got her
number and decided to play a joke, Bubba thanked him for coming on.
Bubba said he was way late, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Skin,
then into Ned’s Tribute to Awesome Kong. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – The show’s Twitter account is back

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for taking
PayPal. Bubba came on, he’s not sure if they’ll get to tom the
Treeman, he thinks he won’t have time to get to the Twenty-five Cent
situation, he then said they should pay homage to Bababbooey, as he
got the show’s Twitter account back, Brent said Gary is a great guy.
Fred said he’s a lawyer in Miami, he said every lawyer has an
obligation to research what they’re client tells them, he said he’s
delt with the guy, he should know what he’s supposed to do, he said he
listens to the guy’s regularly. Mike said his wife had a miscarriage,
the baby went into the toilet, Spice thinks it’s time to adopt, Ned
wonders why the guy told them that. mike in Phoenix thinks bubba looks
like a racist, Spice said it just looks funny, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – tom Taylor from TSS-Radio gets hit with balls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba asked to get Tom strapped up, he thanked Bababbooey for
getting the show’s Twitter up and going again, he thanked various
people at Sirius, he wonders what Ellis’s problem is, he thought they
turned the corner with him, he told him to just do his job, he said
he’s going to heaven. Tom said Bubba messed his name up, Bubba isn’t
sure what he is, he thinks Tom is in the cool club. The first ball
missed, as did the others, Tom was freaking out, one hit Tom in the
leg, he asked that people follow him on Twitter, Bubba thinks they
should have you plug stuff, Spice hit tom in the gut. Bubba told him
to pitch his stuff as he got smacked, Bubba hit Tom in the belly
button, one almost hit Bubba in the head, Tom said this isn’t good.
Another one was fired, Bubba was cracking up, he told Tom that he
knows what the Treeman goes through, Tom asked that his shirt be put
back on, Spice said that Tom is the best sponsor, yet they should look
at what he’s doing. Bubba was shocked when he hit the microphone, he
said he’d like to hit Sluggo. Tom said the look on Spice’s face is
frightening, Tom was freaking out during all this, he said he felt
like the guy on Family Guy. Bubba told the guys they had about 40
seconds left, he then said that he wished the guys could do this at
home. The balls continued to hit tom as the show wrapped up.

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