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Top Stories:
Boost Breast Size Without Silicone
Miami-Bound Flight Has Body Fall From Wheel Well
Woman dead after sexual escapade gone wrong
Delray Beach girl, 16, ordered held in secure detention in murder of mom’s boyfriend
Disgruntled man flies plane into federal offices
American Red Cross must explain $175 million in unallocated Haiti donations

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

FM Show

Segment 1 – Olympics

Bubba started off wondering if the bumper music was serious, he’s
shocked that Carl likes this stuff, he then apologized to Ned for not
getting to his bit yesterday, he then plugged what they’ve got coming
up on the show for today, he then went on to say that the “NC Double
D” contest has a new sponsor, a gun place in Plant City. Spice likes
how America has the most medals, Manson thinks curling is ridiculous.
Brent said that the last day to enter is March 11, voting starts on
March 15. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “NC Double D”
contest. Bubba said that the garage sale is next week; he thinks it
will be a success, or a flop, Manson said he doesn’t have a lot of
stuff. Bubba told Ned not to bring junk; Ned said he’s bringing one of
his trikes. Bubba selected the music for next week. Monday Miller,
Tuesday Brent, Wednesday Spice, Thursday Big Dick, Friday Ned. Bubba
went over some birthdays, he thinks Smoky Robinson is a hack, he then
plugged the Brew Review in South Florida, he thinks that they’re
Kevin’s bitches, he then went on to plug the Unity in the community.
The first email of the day told Bubba to talk to them for eight hours
a day. Another emailer thanked Bubba for the dating game, the email
was from Dwight. Miller came in; he said it went very well, he said
Emily filmed some of it. Bubba thinks Tony was being a dick yesterday,
Miller talked to him about that, Spice thinks he’s dumb. Another
emailer thinks Bubba is great, Bubba thinks he doesn’t have that big
of an ego, Ned thinks he’s messing with his head. JP called in with a
recap of nhra, he said the race in Florida is in March 14, Bubba
thinks he should call Ron Caps. Another emailer thinks Palin’s kid
doesn’t have down’s syndrome, but rather fetal alcohol syndrome, Bubba
thinks they can’t say it just yet. Another emailer said she’s a part
of, Spice thinks it’s ridiculous, Bubba said it’s a
shakedown, Spice wonders who is donating money. Another emailer
wondered if Dave will have a stand of chicken dip at the garage sale.
Another emailer said the country would be better if Palin went back to
Alaska, they didn’t like Bubba’s thoughts about disabled kids being at
home. Bubba said he’s not saying that at all, he said you shouldn’t
expose it if you’re running for President. Spice thinks one of Palin’s
advisers suggested to do it. The emailer told Bubba to be more
tolerant. Bubba said if his kid had a brain injury, he wouldn’t bring
him on stage, he said he doesn’t bring Tyler on stage now, he thinks
the Tea party could be an extension of the KKK, he said it’s white
older people who can’t deal with Obama in the White House. Brent said
he can’t think of one Republican, other than Ron Paul who would like
to down size the Government. Another emailer wondered if the yard sale
stuff will be on line, the fat burner is called FB Plus. Bubba thinks
they should do No Net Ned next, we then heard the original, “ironic”,
Bubba thinks it’s nicely produced. Jason in Tampa said the idiots who
always wish that Tyler would get brain damage need an ass kicking.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – No net Ned

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Unity in the
Community. Bubba thinks they had a special mix going on, Manson said
he had no idea Carl was so angry. Bubba said that next Wednesday,
heather and Amanda will do a video chat on, he then went
on to say that he missed everyone going to Fifty-two seasons, the guys
said it was great. Bubba said that Frank from Sault Rock isn’t sure
about Ned; he said that Ned demanded thirty pounds of Alaskan king
crab legs. Ned said he’ll try to get passed the ban of Fifty-two
Seasons, Bubba said this was back when people bought CDS, Spice said
“jagged Little Pill” had about nine hits on it. Ned thinks Dave is
having a coffee clenz with Jabberjaw, Bubba ran Ned through some
settings, Bubba thinks he got it. Ned said this is called “The
Chronic”, he said it’s another term for weed. The song is about people
who took a bunch of drugs, when they should’ve done chronic. We then
heard the tymbal sounder, Ned thinks he got bumped off the wire, Dave
said he had no idea how it happened, Ned said he could recut it in the
studio. Bubba said he doesn’t want the tymbal in it. Scott said he
loved the songs they do, he wondered if he could download them, he
said he’s not happy with iTunes. Spice said he thinks Dave is out
there fuming. Bubba said when he finally gets something really good
like the latest offering, he’ll put it up on, Spice said it
should be up there for 24-48 hours. Smoky in Orlando said Ned rules,
Ned thinks the guy is a mark. Chris in Orlando thinks Bubba is
retarded with his comments on the Tea party, Bubba said if a tea party
didn’t exist, the media wouldn’t have anything to cover. Brent said
that Fox news promotes it; Chris said he met Hogan there. Joe in
Richmond wondered why Bubba wasn’t on TNA, he wondered what he could
do to get the word out to people, Bubba told him to just to tell
people. Bubba ran Ned through the settings again, Ned redid his song;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Dr. Joe Saturley

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Janessa Brazil. We
then heard the instrumental for “Ironic”, Bubba said that Fridays are
killing him, he said he’s got a lot of stuff to do. We then heard Dr.
Joe Saturley’s bumper, Joe said he was great. Bubba showed him what
Kevin had for him; Joe said he’d do it. Bubba said he has something
very disturbing, Joe said they like that stuff. Joe said he had to
revise his book, he said there’s control freaks in every business.
Bubba read an email from someone who said their four year-old daughter
was fingered by a class mate; she had blood in her anus. Joe said it’s
not abnormal for kids to explore each other, he said the blood is an
issue; he said something has fallen through the cracks. Bubba said if
it happened, Joe needs to talk with the girl. Joe said kids cope much
better with stuff like this, Bubba said kids are like sponges. Another
emailer asked about Regina Hunter, Joe said she has a lot of good
people who work for her. Joe in Miami said his wife suffers from
bipolar, he said that she’s not sleeping, when she does she ends up
sleep walking, he’s not sure on what she’s taking. Joe wondered if he
has her hooked up with a good doctor, Joe said he’s not sure on that.
Steve in Jacksonville said his two year-old has anger issues, Joe said
there’s a reason why it’s called the Terrible twos, Bubba thinks he’s
allowing it, Steve said he spanks him when he does that. Joe said it’s
normal, he said spanking isn’t going to do anything, he told the guy
to wade it out, Bubba thinks protection really screws them up. Jenny
said she lost custody of her daughter, she said she was working full
time, Joe wondered who the lawyer was, Jenny said she’s been
unemployed for eight months. Joe thinks she doesn’t have a good
attorney; Bubba said there’s some stuff they don’t know. Joe asked if
an expert came in, Jenny said yes. Joe thinks if you have hired
whores, she needs a good lawyer. Jenny said the guy has twisted the
court, Joe said they’ve accused her of parental alienation, he
suggested she get a free evaluation. Brian said he lost his Mom, he
said he’s having some tough times, he wonders what he should do for
this, Joe told him to stay hydrated, he suggested they call hospice,
Spice thinks they’re angels of death, ned thinks the guy should call
the drama queen hotline. Joe said that weed is a heck of a lot better
than alcohol, Brian said he does. Roscoe wondered if you can train
small children with the word no, Bubba joked that Hitler was on line;
Joe said you can train kids like dogs. Jim said his daughter suffers
from TMJ, he said she’s 20, Joe said it’s a hard thing to treat,
Manson suggested a mouth piece. Bubba thanked him for coming on; Ned
thinks Joe is a psycho whore. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba’s latest crash, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. We then heard a news clip about Misty Cummings talking to her
parents in jail. We then heard “Ronald and Misty cummings Weddings
Vows” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 4, and “The
Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 11. Bubba had no idea Carl was so
violent, we then heard audio of Bubba’s crash; he thinks he was out
for a few seconds. Spice wondered what happened if he wasn’t wearing a
honz, Bubba said everyone has one, Spice thinks it was like a police
bump. We then heard a news clip about a woman who was parking on a
boat ramp, the car slipped out of gear, it started to float, the woman
ended up dyeing, Ned thinks she was getting crazy, Spice thinks the
guy pulled a Kennedy, he thinks a white trash Chappaquiddick, Manson
thinks he killed her, he thinks White Trash Csi would be great, Spice
thinks they already have Cops. Bubba said Tom the Treeman has a
merchandise commercial, the guys cracked up at it, he said he pulled
the shirts yesterday, he said Tom is quite the handler, he put a big
clamp on Tom’s nipple, he then put it on Tom’s testicals, he thinks
the guys were board, he said nothing is better than horrible content,
Manson said he tries to never give Bubba something horrible. We then
heard a news clip about a cop who found a Marijuana pipe in a broken
down car, Bubba thinks if you can grow Marijuana, it shouldn’t be
illegal, he said Marijuana is identical to Tabaco, he said has no
usage for weed, Spice said the Government made it evil, Manson thinks
it would free up the space in prison. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Drew Garabo

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army skins.
Drew came on, saying the Devil’s lettuce will send you to places.
Bubba likes how the magic are partying, Drew said they’re six games
behind Cleveland, he said Antwon got traded to the Cavs. Brent said
Antwon is good, but he ends up playing on crappy teams. Bubba wonders
if Labron is going to New York, Drew said that they’re shedding salary
like nobody’s business; he said if the price was right, they take
Mcgrady. Bubba wonders if he’s at the apex of his salary, Drew said
yes. Spice wonders how much longer does Shaque have left, Drew said he
looks good, he thinks he’s about 20 million a year; Brent thinks Kobey
is the highest paid player in the NBA. Bubba wonders if there’s a
thirty million guy, Drew said no, he said that anything is possible,
he then said Trace Mcgrady is the highest paid player in the nba, with
a grand total of $23,239,561, he then rattled off some more stats,
Bubba thinks Dwight Howard was at a fire sale, Spice thinks Dwight
looks like a real man. Bubba wonders if any of the Magic players know
who they are, Drew said yes, he then said possibly not, the guys
cracked p, the clowned Drew for saying he’s turning tricks. Bubba
asked how they’re doing with the new arena, he said the first game
will be on Sunday October 10, 2010, Bubba is convinced Spice and Drew
are im-ing each other. Bubba wondered about Greg Oden, Brent said he’s
hurt, Drew said he looked really promising, ned likes how he has a big
penis, Bubba joked Ned has that as his screen saver. Bubba wondered
about first year contracts, he wonders how they have a salary cap; he
said that it allows for parody. Drew said he’s happy that New Orleans
mad it to the Super Bowl. Bubba said there’s the Byrd rule, Drew
explained it. Manson said he hasn’t gone to a magic game, Drew told
Manson to check it out. Spice wondered who comes out to the games;
Drew said they had Joey Fatone, saying he was a celebrity at one time,
the guys cracked up at that. Drew thinks the Kobey VS. Shaque argument
is nerdy; Spice thinks Shaque would kill Dwight Howard. Drew thinks it
would be an epic battle, Ned thinks Drew is a dork. Bubba likes how
Drew gets him on a technicality, Drew thinks Indiana won’t be coming
back, Bubba wondered what’s wrong with them, he thinks Larry is over
it, he thinks Bobby Knight should coach Indiana. Drew said he would
like to see Phil Jackson coach a different team. Bubba wondered if the
fans can do a walk-through with the fans, Drew said not yet, he went
on to say it’s about $220 for a whole season. Bubba said he’d like to
have Drew on, Drew said he can be reached at;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba thinks he’s not paying attention, he said he was looking
at the comments section on the screen, Spice said Bubba had a Power
Tools website, Manson thinks they should block those kind of websites,
we then heard some bells. Bubba said he’s got eight minutes to look at
some stuff, Spice thinks this is like porn to Bubba; Bubba said Dawalt
is the kind of power tool you’re looking for. Ned said he never gets a
warrantee, as he thinks he’s going to die within eight months. Kurt
said he knows about the car that fell in the water, he said the guy
swam to their area, Spice wonders if he called the cops, the guy said
no. Bubba read an article about a guy who punched his girlfriend in
the mouth for not waking him up in time, to turn himself in for
domestic violence. Spice said he would never go to Moon lake, the guys
think it’s horrible. David said he was listening to Cowhead, where he
suggested switching spots, Bubba said he has six other stations he’s
responsible for. Bubba read that Chris Brown got good marks during his
hearing, Spice thinks it’s a domestic situation, Bubba said he’d like
to see Chris Brown doing community service, he said this is just
volunteer work. Bubba went back to the clip he was playing earlier,
where a 17 year-old boy was with a 34 year-old girl, Bubba said
sometimes you can’t help but being double standard, he doesn’t like
how the media called the guy a boy, Manson in a Southern voice said he
needs to have sex now. Bubba said that the Fare had a low attendance
this year; he thinks the weather is reasonable, he didn’t like the
commercials. Spice thinks they should have Chris Brown at the fare
next year, we then heard “Chris Brown Song” from “bubba’s New and Misc
hits Vol. 9”, track 7, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 17.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Bubba said
they’ve got Mindi Abaire in studio, Mindi said she liked her music,
Mindi said you can never have enough Sax, he thinks Eric Darius didn’t
understand. Mindi said she knows Eric, Bubba then plugged her show at
the Capital theatre, Mindi said they say the theatre is haunted, Bubba
thinks she has great breasts. Mindi said she’s made a record, Bubba
thinks too far long to have an abortion for it, Mindi said it’ll come
out in June, the working title is “Mindi Abaire In High Fie Stereo”,
Spice thinks they should change the name to “C Section”, Bubba told
her to settle down. Mindi said she toured with the Backstreet Boys,
she said she played keyboard; she said she got a call at three in the
morning, Spice acted like a drunk guy. Mindi said she’s got a mp3,
Bubba asked that she play something, she then went into “Miss You” by
The Rolling Stones, we then heard the tymbal, Manson thought it was
great. Bubba thinks he finds it sexy to play the sax, Mindi thinks
Clinton did great on the sax. Spice thinks L.A. Law had a sax in it.
Mindi then did the theme from “Sanford and Son”; Mindi thinks she
should do something for the Bubba Army. Bubba said they’ll ride out
the show with the theme to Saturday Night Live. They then ended the
show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Various stuff

The show started off with “Juicey” as bumper music. Bubba told Ned to
get ready, Ned sang along to the part he likes. Bubba asked ned if he
could redo his bit, Ned yelled about freedom of speech, Bubba told Ned
he may have taken it a little too far, he then said he’d like to
address the Top 100 talkers, he thinks Howard Stern and Jim Rome got
screwed, Manson wondered who is really reading that stuff. Bubba said
one of the Twitter guys told him about a contest where you can design
a car, Ned wants to have a wiener mobeal, he then said they’ll be
launching the special forces page today, Manson said he has a bit to
go along with the special forces, he also said the Wonkas came in
yesterday, he said it’s like Santa’s workshop. We then heard a tymbal
for a guy who provided the guys some lunch, Bubba thinks Spice
infiltrated it, Spice recapped how it went down, Bubba thinks Dave
should’ve asked him where it was from, ned said f the free food.
Spice said Carson couldn’t keep it hard, Ned thinks he’s a fag. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Mindi Abaire in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Janessa Brazil, we
then heard some Mini Abaire as bumper music. Bubba offered Mini some
food, she turned it down, saying she’d have to play sax later, Spice
thinks the read is golden. Bubba said Spice is hooked on this
Backstreet Boys story, Spice said all he knows is what she’s told
them, Mindi said there was no ass grabbing, she said that she was the
only girl on the road; Brent is shocked they have actual people tour
with them. Mindi said they got stuff thrown on stage, she said they
got teddy bears and stuff like that, Spice said most of the fans were
girls, Bubba had Mindi guitarist, Jay try the dip, he liked it, Mindi
asked to try it, Manson thanked Bubba for killing the concert. Mindi
explained the IPhone AP for farts; she said it’s great, Spice said
he’s got to get it. Bubba wonders if she ever farts, Mindi said she
never farts that much, Bubba had her check out the fart bucket, Mindi
was cracking up during all this. Spice said he was trying to go for a
record, Bubba explained how it went down, Mindi couldn’t stop
laughing, Bubba proposed the fart bucket camera, Mindi likes how Nick
is un effected, Mindi said she’s never seen a fart bucket like that.
Spice said he can’t get off the Nick Carder situation, Mindi said her
Dad was staying in the same hotel room, Nick called her cell, Spice
thinks all those guys were gay. Spice asked about smooth jazz guys,
Bubba said he’d hook with her if she was shoveling shit. Bubba thinks
Eric Darius would like to have Mindy’s guitar player. Jay said it all
depends on where your standards are, Mindi said there’s a lot of love.
Spice said you can rape girls at wine festivals, Bubba wonders what’s
on Spice’s mind. Mindi said she was signing a girl’s cd, the guy
thinks the girl’s mom was with the base player. Spice wonders if
Mindy’s husband gets mad over Mindi possibly getting ass while on the
road, Mindi said no. Spice wonders if there’s a big casting couch in
L.A, Mindi said yes, she said she never slept her way to the top, she
said one of her promoters pushed her down on the bed, saying that
she’d want some of this. Mindi said she had a movie offered that
featured handcuffs, the guys cracked up when she said f, Mini then
apologized to her Mom. Slow hand played some porn like music, mini
joined in on sax. Bubba thinks the truckers could use this as
background music for fing a lot lizard. Spice thinks the Smooth
Jazz are really good with that, Mindi said that Billy Idle bit her ass
once. Mindi played a high note, bubba thinks it sounded like a Segal
getting ed in the ass. Bubba wondered if Mini would ever be on a
show like this, Mindi said she’s been training for this, Bubba thinks
he’s a smooth jazz DJ guy on meth. Mindi said she had a song called
“Reefer”, the record label didn’t like it, she called it “the Joint”,
which we then heard. We then heard the tymbal, Bubba said he’s not
covering the Tiger Woods press conference, Mindi thinks Tiger’s wife
took a nine iron to his face, she thinks she should say that she had
sex with Tiger. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Date a Porn Star Recap

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “NC double D”
contest. Bubba asked for Ally and Britney to come in, Jay told Bubba
he could call him whatever he’d like. One of the girls said it was
amazing, Bubba said he knows what happened, he then plugged, Spice thinks he’s jacked off to Britney before. Bubba
explained the chicken dip to her, Britney said she’s getting into anal
for her next DVD, Mindi played her high note. Emily said she met the
right man who talked her into anal, Spice thinks it was a family
member. Ally said she’s new, Brent thinks she’s great on the pole,
Ally said she’s not into asshole play. Mindi thinks she should watch
some of the porn on the screen, Bubba thinks they had some lunch, the
girls liked how he had game. We then heard the audio of the Ally
rubbing Carson’s cock, Emily said she was behind the camera, she said
you can’t put pressure on the guys. Spice thinks the nipples look like
daggers, Bubba thinks she has triple nipples, Britney said they were
hard, he thinks Emily is great on camera, Ally said that she’s farted
on the microphone, bubba thinks Mindi and Jay are distracted by the
movie. Bubba likes when girls curse, he likes how Ally is blowing
Carson, Spice said he’d be a smartass with all this, he likes how she
stopped blowing him, and looked at the camera wide-eyed, this had the
guys laughing. Bubba thinks he has a better showing, he thinks he’s
feeling gay with all this cock sucking, he likes how Britney is
talking dirty, he thinks they’re the only show to get their listeners
laid by a porn star, Brent said Big foot got blown by Tabitha
Stephens. Bubba thinks the guy is a loser, he said he would’ve came at
this point, Spice thinks the guy’s dick looks like a new crayola
color. Bubba asked the most disturbing cock, Emily said the strangest
one she saw was one about the size of a pinky finger, she felt like
she was molesting a child. Bubba asked her looking wise, Emily said
she’s seen one where the shaft hangs down. Spice said he used to refer
to a porn guy as “Dick balls dick”, he thinks the guy had an extended
taint area. Bubba likes it when girls beat dicks in the face, Spice
thinks maybe that’s how Chris Brown got in trouble, Bubba thinks they
should’ve gotten this done to one of their friends, he wonders when
they’re getting to the fking, he thinks Mindi isn’t like this, he
likes how they used the Tara twist, the guys cracked up, Spice wonders
how Bubba will get his way out of it. Bubba then recapped the story,
Spice said he was so broke back then, he had to push start his cr.
Ceaser said this is easy stuff, he said he didn’t want to scare the
guy. Bubba thinks that fking a porn star possibly has a lot of
pressure, Emily said they had to keep him hard, as he was getting
soft, Bubba thinks they look like two baby birds, going for a worm,
the guys are convinced Carson has a dog dick, Spice thinks it’s on
fire, the guys were cracking up at the audio in the clip, Bubba told
Tiger to take a swerve to the left if he’s listening to the show,
Brent said there’s a minute delay. Bubba potted up the audio of Tiger
saying he was unfaithful, he then went back to the clip, he thinks the
guy is a jobber, he thinks she sounds like Britney Spears a little,
the guys cracked up when he mentioned Jimmy Kleavis. Emily said that
Greeks are dirty, Spice thinks it’s a bad finishing move to get an
asshole on your face. The girls say the video gets better, Brent as
Bubba said “that was real” when one of the girls said he was cute,
Spice thinks the girls are being mean. Bubba said he got a text from
someone saying that sluts are cool, the guys guessed who it was, Bubba
said the guys couldn’t impersonate him, as he doesn’t talk much, he
said he can make girls squirt, Emily said it’s old school shit. Spice
thinks if Mindi flubbed a song, she could rub her tits. Ally said that
if it wasn’t for Britney’s moaning, she wouldn’t watch it, Emily said
she had to yell cut. Bubba thinks the guy has a “S” dick, Spice said
it looks like a lower case “I”. Bubba wishes he could find girls like
this, he said he’d have a build up, he thinks porn stars are fakers,
he thinks Mindi has nice boobs. Mindi then did “Work Song”, we then
heard the tymbal. Ally said she wanted to eat her as soon as she saw
her, Mindi said she’d be backstage, she wondered if she could use some
of the quotes in the liner notes. Britney thinks it’s hot, she then
said she’d like to shave her head. Bubba asked for jay to do some
stuff, he then did a riff, Bubba said he’d fu him. Bubba asked for a
musical rendition of how Jay fks, he then went into it. Emily thinks
she’d break Jay in half, she said it all depends on getting fed,
someone let out a loud burp. Ally thinks he was sexy, she said she
needs new panties, Spice thinks this is like Porn Star Idle. Mindi
said the last time she was on, they had homeless guys singing
(December 17, 2008), she said her husband turned the show off in fear.
Bubba thinks they should mix it. Britney recapped what happened, while
the music played. Ally said Britney looked really sexy, saying they
saw Carson, saying he was cute. She said that they took him out of the
bar, they couldn’t wait to get more of him. Ally described grinding
her pussy on Carson’s leg, she couldn’t stop thinking of Carson
licking her snatch. Britney said that she was kissing him, Ally rubbed
Carson’s jeans. Ally said her pussy was wet when she saw Carson’s
cock, she said that she wanted him inside her. Spice started cracking
up for some reason, bubba thinks they were ad-libbing, Ally said once
he didn’t get hard, it was over. Spice thinks it was the worst ending
to a story. Mindi said she’s glad she could provide a sound track, she
then plugged her Twitter page, Jay said he’s
in Hollywood, he thinks this is normal. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Tiger Woods

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army
Hulkamaniac shirt. Bubba wondered who dressed Tiger, Spice thinks one
of his handlers. The guys were cracking up at Tiger talking, Bubba
said he’s sometimes sat in the dentist chair and thought about stuff,
he thinks none of it is between him and his wife, Manson thinks he’s
on a lot of pills. Bubba thinks that had Tiger been married to a
sister, he would’ve been dead, he thinks the formal setting is bad for
him, he thinks Tiger is saying that this is in his house. Manson
thinks it would be easier to not cheat on your wife. Bubba thinks the
world would be better if Tiger died, so that his kids will remember
him for being a great golfer, he thinks they should’ve had a big black
woman hit him, he thinks tiger is racist, he suggested that he’d f
a few black girls. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 –
Bubba Army rankings, Ned Dragons shirt

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “NC double D”
contest. Bubba said some people have been holding for two hours, he
said the Special Forces page, he said Manson has an offering called
“The Bubba Army Special Forces”, he then described where it was, he
then listed the people who are in it. Mark in Jersey thinks Tiger
Woods is a pussy, he wondered how he’d rank Howard and the guys, Brent
said they have their own thing, Bubba thinks he should put Howard at a
7 star, he then said he wasn’t sure. Mike from Vegas was on, he
thanked Bubba for plugging Screamin Norwegian, Bubba hopes he sells a
bunch. Buck in Memphis was on, he said boopity a few times, he thinks
Spice is a fool, he thinks they should’ve left it alone, Spice and
Bubba talked in some black voices, ned thinks “Chock full of
Boopities” is a good name for a breakfast. Jimmy in Delaware wondered
what Tiger will do when Howard gets a hold of the girls, Spice said
they’re already clowning him on Drudge Report, he then goofed on one
of the golfer’s voices. Jimmy said the girls sounded hot, Bubba said
they were good looking, Spice said Mindi really roles with it. Bubba
said you can’t map out radio, he said he wouldn’t be surprised if she
doesn’t come back. Jason said he’s a truck driver, he said he turned
it up, after kicking out a lot lizard. Bubba said the new Ned shirts
just came in, he said Al ate the cost for the shirts, Spice plugged, Ned said he’s been waiting so long to see it.
Bubba told Ned he could have a fashion show, Spice was cracking up.
Bubba thinks Big dick shouldn’t model Ned’s shirt. Ned said that Gale,
Twenty-five, and Pantera can wear the shirts, he then changed it to
the Ferret, Ned then settled on James, he asked that James use the Ned
shirt has a diaper, Bubba thinks Jabberjaw should put it on James, he
then decided against it. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Manson and Ned’s New bits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Janessa Brazil. Bubba
plugged the new shirt, he then called Ned an asshole for not reacting
to his softball. Brent thinks Manson would have to eat a shit sandwich
if he was caught cheating on his wife. Bubba said Twenty-five doesn’t
get his work done when they have whores in town, ned thinks it’s not
too hard to chill diet coke, he said that Twenty-five gets drunk with
the white pussy. Manson said he loves the Bubba Army, he thinks
everyone should be goofed on. The bit starts with a clip of Manson
saying he was dead, Brent said there’s gun fire everywhere, Bubba
said he’d do that. Manson called Bubba maniac, Bubba thinks this is
Manson’s true thoughts. We then heard a lip of bubba talking about
the Magilvery sandwich, while some guys yelled Bubba Army. Bubba said
he would put people who didn’t listen to his show and kill them.
Manson said they staged a coup against Obama, with Twenty-five playing
him. Spice likes how Bubba is stopping the bit to say it’s a good
idea. Anson said that the Economy went down, he went on to say that
Bubba built a statue, Bubba thinks it’s fed up that Manson talked
about Tyler, he then wonders why everything has to be Bubba. Manson
thinks Bubba is the byproduct of Hitler and Saddam’s sperm with Linda
Hogan’s eggs. Bubba thinks Manson is playing a nerd, he’s reading a
book called “
Reading For Fags”. Bubba said they’re no fags in the Army, he thinks
Manson is making fun of the people who made him rich. The bit ends
with the guy dyeing. Ned said he has a bit about Ms. California, where
he interviews her. Bubba thinks Sluggo has the worst teeth in the
building, he thinks Ferret could win in a man boob contest. Ned starts
off by saying he could fist her, he then wonders how much of his
seamen is she going to swallow, he thinks she owes about six million
dollars with parking tickets, for sitting in front of the fifteen
minute meter made. Bubba thinks they’re the dirtiest show in the
world, Ned wishes he could cut her ovaries out with a rusty knife, he
thinks she’s had a dick in her ass, he told her that Terry Schiavo
wanted her brain back. Bubba said Ned should do a show like this. Ned
ended by saying he’d like to by her double penetration porn. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Ned Dragons Fashion Show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army skins.
Bubba went over the birthdays for the next few days. Spice said he’s
never seen the guys so excited, Bubba wonders if ned Dragons was his
idea, Spice said sluggo came up with the idea, ned thinks it’s top
two, he told the guys to hurry up. Spice had Twenty-five cent in,
Bubba cracked up at this, ed thinks it’s a package, the guys were
cracking up. Spice brought in Sluggo, Bubba was cracking up, Ned
thinks it looks really good, he said he’d like to knock Sluggo’s teeth
out with a hammer. Bubba told Sluggo to bend over, Spice thinks his
shake was horrible. Spice brought Gale in, Ned thinks it looks really
good, the guys were cracking up, ned said he was flabber gassted by
this, the guys cracked up when Gale did jumping jacks, Ned thinks Gale
is well hung. Spice had them come in the order that they came in, the
guys clapped as they entered, ned thinks it was a show stopper, he
then yelled that he’d go out with Gale, saying he’d rape him, he’d
then get wasted and go out with Sluggo. Spice asked a f, marry kill,
ned said he’d kill Sluggo, he’d marry Twenty-five, he’d f Gale. Gale
said he’s usually nude with girls, he doesn’t know why he’s fagged
out, Ned told him to leave. Bubba said he’s got something for Ned, he
got some Red Line Synthetic oil, Ned said he’ll put in his car after
he lubes up Gale, the guys were cracking up. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Janie Cakes Calls In

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “NC Double D”
contest, then into Ned’s “Black Guys”. Ned thinks the bumper music is
donkey shit, he said Janie Cakes is trying to get a hold of him. Gary
from The Shoot complimented Bubba on the Hulk shirt, he said there was
a sign that said “We Want Bubba”. Bubba said he cut on Hogan, he hopes
he can be himself. We then heard the clip, Gary said he saw one, he
then wondered where he can be in the Army. The guys think that “Hung
Out to Dry” is a great name for a tna pay-per-view, Bubba thinks
they’d give someone a blank screen, he decided to make him a sgt, he
also asked to put Eric from Bubba called up Janie
Cakes, she picked up, we then heard her bumper. Jane said everything
was fine, she said she hasn’t talked to Bubba in a long time, she said
the shit sucker guy is at her house. Bubba told her she was a five
star, he said they need a picture of her, he told her she could answer
the phones, he decided to make Adam from the Packers a captain, Ned
thinks the shit sucker will be a colonel. Bubba said since Zamboni_guy
should be a ranking, Bubba made him a sgt, he said he’d have to stop
it eventually. Jane thanked Bubba for sending some flowers, Jane said
she doesn’t’ know how to do that much on Twitter, she said Zamboni_guy
will carve Bubba Army in the ice. Bubba said that if you mess up and
you have a ranking, it’s gone. Jane said she thought about selling
meatloaf sandwiches at the garage sale, Bubba told her no, Jane said
she’ll answer the phones next week. Bubba thinks Jane loves everybody,
he thinks Jane would be cool high, Jane said the show has been pretty
good today. Bubba said they had Gale in, Jane said she liked that.
Bubba thinks Jane wants to fuck him, he then wonders if he should’ve
said that. Will said he’s a photo consultant, he said he takes
pictures of kids, the guys cracked up at that. bubba told him he’ll
put him on hold, Spice thinks it’s to send the guy’s info to the FBI,
they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. bigwood

    would it be possible to get pics in the re-cap?

  2. Barnzee

    Hey bubba,up here in cincinnati,oh a radio station has stole your NCDD contest..The station name is WEBN…Just thought you needed to know…

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