Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18th, 2011 by Staff

Friday, February 18, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Daytona 500

The show started off with a special produced bumper for the show’s
live appearance at Daytona, followed by “American Girl” by Tom Petty.
Bubba came on asking what the program directors thought of the name
“The Bubba Clem Show”, Brent said some guys didn’t like it, Bubba
thinks they should switch it back at times, he then talked about what
they’ve got coming up on the show for today, he then said that the on
location stuff is tough, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Captain Thunder

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns N’
Roses. Bubba came on saying that Captain Thunder is joining them, he
said Captain Thunder got drunk last night, Thunder said that he was
driven home yesterday, as he had a lot of alcohol. Bubba asked Brent
and Spice about arriving at Daytona, Spice said that he got stoned and
fell asleep, Brent said he took a nap yesterday afternoon. Bubba then
asked about Regan Smith, Thunder then explained his story, saying how
his parents almost went broke getting his racing career going. Brent
said the Nelsons’s manager has dropped the tray; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – More with Captain Thunder

Coming out of commercials, we heard “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by
Twisted Sister. Bubba said that the race will start 1:00 on Sunday,
Brent then read the lineup from, Bubba went over the guys
who didn’t make the cut, Spice said he was talking to Blitz and
Thomas, saying that even the last car, some guys will do just enough
to make the show, if they get the green, they get paid, he then asked
about the start and parkers, Thunder thinks it’s the owners. Bubba
thanked Joanne for all that she’s done, Spice said this is like the
Super bowl, he then asked who the guy is that could get it, Thunder
said Trevor Bain, he then explained who Robert Richardson JR is, Bubba
said he likes him, based on him being a College Football player. Brent
asked about Brad Keselowski, Thunder said his team mate Kurt Bush, has
the fastest car on the track. Spice wondered if Kurt will pass
everything down to Brad, Bubba said they will, but they’ll leave some
stuff out. Thunder said the truck race tonight at 7:30 is going to be
great, he said that the fans don’t understand the magic number is 200,
for some reason it’s big with the fans. Spice said he’s amazed by the
track, he said that he likes watching all the stuff getting set up.
Thunder said he missed one Daytona 500, he said it was the one when
Dale Earnhardt died, as his daughter was born a week before. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Truck race

Coming out of commercials, we heard Berlin’s “We are White Trash
Stars”. The guys came on talking about the truck race, Brent said that
Matty Yokem is emailing him some stuff, Bubba told him to get out of
the bus and come on the show.

Segment 5 – Regan Smith

Bubba said they’re in the fan zone, he said they’ve got two super
stars, Matty Yokem and Regan Smith, Matty said he’s the God father of
the generator, bubba thinks it’s all a big racket with the generator,
he then said that he’s been messing up Regan smith’s first name, Regan
said he’s used to saying Ragan. Bubba said that Gooch has a fear of
unused foods, even if it’s brand new, he then asked if Regan got any
heat, Regan said she wasn’t here the last time he was on, he thinks
he’s safe. Bubba said he came in second, Regan said that they did
really well yesterday, he said that he just looked the other way, he
hopes the motor won’t go before Sunday. Matty said they used to have
fifth wheel trailor, he said the motor would be changed every other
day. Bubba said the rule is now the motor has to be the same, Matty
said the shootout has to be different, Regan said the cars are
similar; he said it has a lot of win tunnel time. Bubba wondered if
they’ve done a lot on it, Regan said after they do two laps,
everything they’ve done with the car is considered worthless. Bubba
thinks Matty is a free agent, he then asked about the two car packs,
Regan said they’re doing that through spotters, he said guys run
around like rats on acid, Bubba said he liked that phrase. Regan said
they’re going to race with the two pack situation. Bubba thinks it’s
never been like that, Matty thinks it’s carried over nicely, he said
there was a miscommunication yesterday. Regan said they always do the
car that went out first; he said it’s a temperature deal. Bubba asked
what the temperature generally is, Regan said it all depends, he said
you’re giving up time when trying to maintain pit road speed. Brent
said he’s heard that Chad Kanouse has white stuff on his car, Bubba
said had is a control freak. Regan said he has a lighting system,
saying its color coded, he was shocked when he discovered NASCAR could
recall the water temperature. Bubba thanked Regan for coming on, he
said this is a sleep in for them, Regan said he normally goes to bed
at around 3:50, Regan said he learned he’ll get tested every week.
Bubba said he had the late, great Jimmy Hunter on the show once, he
said that he takes a lot of Adderall, he said they have a drug test,
he tested positive for eth, as he took some Claritin D with his
Adderall. Regan said he’s starting fifth on the lineup, he said he
likes having the 22 car in front of him. Bubba said that Matty is
giving Regan some good tips, Matty said the person is much bigger on
Sunday; Regan said he made the wrong move recently. Bubba said that if
you’re the guy in the lead, he’d need to protect the guy in the back,
he’s not sure if it could happen though. Matty said it’s like throwing
a dart at the board, he thinks the 78 car will win it, saying that
he’s really easy to work with. Bubba thanked the guys for coming by,
Brent said they’ve got Kevin Conway coming up; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Kevin Conway

Bubba said that Kevin Conway was with them, Kevin said that he has
Extensor; Matty said that one time he missed a driver chucking a coke.
Bubba asked what happened yesterday, Kevin said he and Joe worked
together great, he said Joe locked himself into the race, he said they
had the 46 lapped out. Bubba said this race Sunday, communication is
very important, Matty said you can’t assume. Kevin said it’s hard to
communicate, he said that people need to know. Bubba wondered if a
spotter uprising will happen, Matty thinks they’ll have agents, he
said some of these guys are championship qualified. Bubba asked who
Kevin’s spotter is, Kevin said he had Rusty Web for a long time, he
said he’s before Conway. Bubba said Captain Thunder will ask some of
the hard questions, thunder said he can’t hold a candle to Matty, he
said Matty had the whitest teeth he’s ever seen. Bubba said that every
driver they’ve talked to has said they get a little nervous whenever
Roby Gordon is behind them. Thunder then talked about Kyle Bush’s
truck series, he said it’s a Toyota team. Bubba then remembered the
time when he had Harvick on, Thunder then did the Seminole noise,
Bubba jokingly told him to shut up, he then asked the guys to try the
chicken dip, Matty and Kevin said they loved it. Kevin said they made
a shirt that said “never finish first”; he said they had to burn them.
Bubba then explained who Dave Miley was to the guys, he said he
invested in the dip, he thinks Matty is like the Dick Clark of Nascar,
he thinks Matty has no rap when it comes to the girls, Matty said he
knows that, he thinks they can’t bust Mattie’s chops that much. Matty
said he went to Florida State, adding he’s not stupid, Brent jokingly
said that ment he was stupid, this had the guys laughing. Kevin then
described how he met his girlfriend, he was looking at her butt, it
went from there. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bobby Allison

Bubba came on talking with Bobby Allison, Bobby came on saying he’s a
Miami native, Bubba thanked him for coming by, Bobby said it was a
great day. Thunder said he doesn’t know of anyone who was tougher than
Bobby, saying he does things his way. Bubba said the Nascar hall of
fame is a public venue for the fans, Bobby said that he heard Alabama
has good tracks, he said that racecar guys used to be able to smoke,
he said he doesn’t remember the race of 1988. Thunder said he
remembers Bobby doing the okay sign, he said that was one of his
favorite shots, he then asked Bobby about his engine controversy in
1973, Bobby said he never got any money that was exchanged, he said
his car was legal, he had to protest four cars, 24 hours before the
race, he said his car was torn down first, he was told he couldn’t
watch while the other cars were torn down, he said one of the chief
inspectors said that an engine was 40 cubic meters too big, Daytona
proved that the post race inspections were the same as the pre-race
inspection, but that the ruling still stood. Bubba said that in 79,
everyone was watching NASCAR, he thinks the Bobby Allison and Cale
Yarborough feud was what put NASCAR on the map, Bobby said he
shouldn’t have questioned his ancestry, this had Bubba cracking up.
Bobby said there’s a race that doesn’t have the winner, it was in
1971, Bubba thinks NASCAR just wants to screw Bobby. Bubba thanked
Bobby for coming by, Bobby told the guys to keep up the good work,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Mike Skinner, David Reutimann, Spice in a two seater

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Egypt Filibuster”. Bubba
came on wondering what break this was; Jabberjaw came on saying it was
the last one. Spice said that he went to the bathroom with Matty; he
said that he fixed his hair when he was done. Bubba said they’ve got
Alex Young with them; he’ll be going second, Thunder thinks if Spice
went first, the seat would be wet. Bubba wondered about the fuel
injection, Matty thinks they’ve done a great job with keeping their
product in line, he thinks it’s another slow process of not wanting to
jump into the water too soon. Thunder said that the fuel injection
will be cheater proof. Bubba asked if each team has their own ignition
box, Matty said yes. Bubba asked about the odds, Matty said if he had
a racing fantasy league, he’d go with someone out of the RCR state,
Bubba joked that he won’t have Spice and Brent next year. Spice
wondered about the sport 20 years from now, Thunder said that it’s
like the Super bowl every weekend. Spice said the ufc still has room
to grow, Bubba said that baseball needs a salary cap. Matty thinks the
sport will grow because of the competition, Bubba said these guys are
fan friendly. Brent pointed out Mike Skinner’s arrival; Thunder said
that Mike is a perfect example. Bubba said if he’s ready they should
bring him up. Matty said he has a gift for Angie, Bubba thinks he’s a
panderer. Mike said he moved back to North Carolina, he said they keep
the Skinner roundup in Daytona. Bubba said he’d love to get behind it,
Mike said his charity will be on March 16 and 17, Angie was heard in
the background, Bubba said she’s quite the cheerleader. Mike said one
night they had an electrical fire, which is why he couldn’t make it to
the race. Bubba said that Mike was Dale Earnhardt’s only team mate,
Mike said he knows a guy who is known as the weather king. Avid
Reutimann came by, Bubba said that Mike has a good set up now; he said
Angie is on wine. David then went over some stats; he wondered how he
won a race that had some rain. Thunder said it won’t rain on Sunday,
Bubba joked that he’s done, he said Reutimann’s guys are always
calling him, he ten joked he’s Russian. David said Mike skinner has
taught him a lot, he thinks the only issue they had was when he
wrecked him by mistake. Bubba said that he loved when David hit the
number 18 car; David said that he almost died; Bubba said that Jimmy
Hunter used to act as the buffer; he then asked Mike Skinner his
hauler story. Mike said that he didn’t want to be put in a smaller
car, he said Mike Helton told him that they’re doing it his way, David
said he used to be a good qualifier until the plates came along, he
said Robby Gordon is a guy he respects, Mike said nothing is like the
Black 3. Matty asked about what Mike learned from Dale, Mike said he
always said that Dale could see air; he knew where the good pavement
was. Brent said they’ve got Spice via the phone, but a dial tone was
heard, Bubba said that he’s got Smoke and Chitwood coming up, Mike
joked that David still has $0.98 of his original dollar, he said that
he should let Joie come in. Spice came on, he said he’s strapped in,
he’s not sure of what’s going on, Bubba recapped Spice’s anti racing
commentary. Spice described what was going on, he said it was weird,
the signal cut out a few times, he said he doesn’t know why these guys
do this for a living, Bubba was laughing his ass off at this, Spice
said he had no idea what they were doing, he said his head was shaking
like a leaf, thunder said this sounds like an early Apollo mission.
Spice said this guy whipped him into shape, Bubba suggested he change
his underpants, Spice said he’ll go change his tampon. David said he
knows the Chitwood family history, he said that the time off is a
little too long for him. Joe Chitwood came on, he said they always
look for what you can do better, he said they’re all about the fans.
Bubba asked David if he’d pee himself if he won the Daytona 500, David
said that other stuff would be happening, saying that it was the race.
Brent said he’d like to see Reutimann in Winner’s Circle with a Bubba
Army hat, Bubba told David he’d love to do that. joie said he brought
buy some stuff he made just for the drivers Bubba said he couldn’t be
one, thunder said he saw Bubba at the chili bowl, Bubba said he almost
died. Bubba asked David if he’d thank the Bubba Army if he won, David
said that he wore his Bubba Army shirt this week. Bubba thinks that
David is rich by Zephyrhills standards, he joked that buzzy is almost
homeless. Bubba asked about the two car packs, avid said that he
couldn’t imagine not doing it. Bubba thanked Matty for coming by,
David asked if Spice’s pants were wet, Spice said when they started,
it freaked him out, other than when the driver got six inches near the
wall, Bubba said he liked Spice’ line of “Soft walls my ass”, Spice
said the drivers have quite the balls, he thinks they still have a
skill set. Bubba asked David if he likes dip, Thunder joked that David
will be pooping blood in the morning, David said he likes it. Bubba
thinks maybe he could get Buzzy some sponsorship, David said he’ll pay
Buzzy some cash. Bubba said if David wins the Daytona 500, will Buzzy
get a new hauler, David said yes, he thinks Spice hasn’t gotten the
full effect, he told Spice he’s tired of the bashing, Spice cracked up
when David said he’ll be the driver, he cracked up even more when
David had t explain the insult to Bubba, as Bubba said he was texting
Heather. Brent said they need to break in nine minutes, as they need
to get to tony right at 10:00. Bubba thinks David will win, David said
that his wife won’t be attending the race, as there a horse race.
Spice said that David needs to practice his speech, Brent then gave
him a brief intro, David said he was happy to be here, Bubba then
recapped how the speech would go, Spice joked that David had some of
the chicken dip, and had the runs because of it. Bubba then said he
and David will write down prices Texas style, the guys cracked up at
Bubba writing out a number, only to cross it out. Spice said that
David wrote $100,000; Bubba wrote down $2500, Bubba joked that he’ll
make a better deal with tony on his chicken dip. Brent said they need
to get to break, Bubba thinks avid will pee his pants if he gets it;
he said he’ll have a tub for David, Spice told David to not be like in
“Ricky Bobby”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 9 – Tony Stewart

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “chicken Dip Update” from
“bubba Show classics Volume 17”, track 6. The bit is fake news report,
done in the style of the Hindenburg disaster from May 6, 1937. Spice
came on saying Bubba was settling in with Smoke, Bubba thinks he’s a
little rough today, he thinks the uniform is new, he said when he
wrecked at the Chili bowl, he just met Tony, Tony said bubba flipped
on the fourth turn, he said he didn’t have anything to do until 8 that
evening. Bubba asked how he was; Tony said they’ve had an interesting
speed week. Bubba asked how fast does the car cool off; Tony said it
would start pumping the water out within two seconds. Bubba said they
had Matty Yokem on the show earlier, Tony joked they’ll take the
wheels off his bus for fun. Bubba said that Matty said Nascar isn’t
proud to make adjustments, Tony said the plan was to skip the morning
session, he got there for the second, he said Nascar just sling s
stuff, he said he didn’t like the pack that much, he said the least
qualified car was the 48. Bubba told Tony about his chicken dip, Tony
said that he loved it; he then said you can get his bbq sauce at Bubba told tony about his deal with Reutimann, he
then told Tony he’s the second famous person he met, the first being
Hogan, Brent joked that Bubba cheats at goe carts, Tony said nobody
likes a cheater. Thunder congratulated Tony for his award he got,
Bubba said that tony once outfitted all the police dogs with bullet
proof vests, tony said they did it through his foundation, he said the
names are stitched into the vest, Thunder wondered if Burger King is
stitched in, tony said no. Bubba asked how Tony’s monkey is, Tony said
he’s doing great, he’s in an area with female monkeys, Bubba hopes he
thanks him at night. Some live music was heard in the background,
Bubba wondered if tony could sing some Karaoke, Tony said no, he then
said the Kevin Harvick roast will be on Speed tomorrow night. Bubba
said tony is great on his feet, he said only three guys don’t need to
read the teleprompter, Tony is one of those guys who doesn’t have to
worry about that, Tony said that if the teleprompter is on, it screws
him up. Bubba said that he’ll work on Mike Arny’s tires; Tony thinks
Bubba is a kiss ass. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 10 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard “American Girl” by Tom Petty.
Bubba thanked Kevin Conway, Regan smith, Mike skinner, and Matty Yokem
for coming by, he then plugged, he said you can do a
two seater, or you can follow a guy, Brent said he’d like to wheel one
around. Bubba thanked Rob from, he then said that
everyone will get in for free at Scene, they then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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