Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11th, 2011 by Staff

Friday, February 11, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence
Segment 1 –

Bubba started off by saying that yesterday, he was on the phone for
hours and hours yesterday, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up
on the show for the next couple of days, Brent said that David
Reutimann will be Spice’s driver next Friday, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early Enlistment,
followed by “Shot Down In Flames” by AC/DC. Bubba plugged who will be
on the show for today, including Dr. Joe Saturley, divorce attorney
Regina Hunter, and NASCAR’s Regan Smith. Bobby came on saying that he
called Sirius, he claimed that the customer service rep said Bubba was
back, Bubba said that wasn’t the case, he then took a call from a guy
who said he heard “Sensamilla Street” last night on a radio station,
the guy contacted them to let them know it was from Bubba, the station
told him that they never heard of him. The first email of the day said
the Black Crows song Bubba played yesterday is about a woman addicted
to Heroin. Another email said they went by Airport Chrysler, they
couldn’t get the meet and greets, Bubba said it looks like they’ll be
getting 80 or so. Another email said they heard the show when it was
on in Hartford, the guy figured that Early Enlistment would be around
less than a dollar a day, Bubba said that it’s $0.04 cents a day, he
then went over his racing schedule for the year. Another email thanked
Bubba, as in their psych class, the topic of Goliath Davis was brought
up, a majority of the students heard about it from the show. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Teacher Chokes out Students?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Android
App, followed by “tom Sawyer” by Rush. Bubba came on talking about
Metro PCS, he said they carry cheap smart phones without a contract,
he then plugged Spice’s gig at the Penthouse club, he’ll be appearing
at The Cougar Hunt. Spice explained what it was, while Bubba played
wild cat sound effects, he then talked about the show’s appearance in
Charleston at market Street Saloon; you can visit for more information. Eddie said he listens to
the show on The Bone, he wonders if that matters in the ratings, Bubba
sad he doesn’t know how that works. Andrea in Charleston said no one
has mentioned Bill is getting paid by Goliath Davis to keep his mouth
shut. Bubba said that Bill is an honest man, he thinks Bill tried to
take the high road, but had no idea what he would be like, he thinks
Goliath will be gone sooner than soon. We then heard a news clip about
Linzy Lohan taking a necklace, Spice sarcastically said that it’s not
like she has a track record. Bubba said she’d be better served to sit
at home and chill out, he thinks three years in prison would do her
well, Spice said he wouldn’t mind hearing anything about Linzy for a
year. We then heard a news clip about a first grade teacher who choked
out nine kids, Bubba thinks they need to slow the kid down on speech,
he said when he was growing up, the teachers could put their hands on
you, he said that one of his teachers would yolk people up, he then
recapped how a spanking in school would go, he said that it would go
throughout the school. Manson said that he used to be a substitute
teacher; he wanted to choke the kids out. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Guys with their junk out

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early enlistment.
Bubba came on saying that they’ll be playing the Twenty-five Cent song
about Goliath Davis. We then heard the song, he then came back saying
that it’s hard to believe that certain places employ one or two people
to monitor the show, Brent said electronically transmitting it is a
federal crime. Jamal in South Carolina said he heard about Bubba
coming to the Market Street Saloon, Bubba then had to dump him for
cursing. John on protection said he had interaction with the Uhurus in
the 90’s, he made a wrongful arrest on one of them, the Mom slapped
him, he ended up pepper spraying her, and arrested both of them. he
suspect filed a complaint against him; the guy said that his saving
grace was a tape recorder. He said the Uhuru movement tried to sue
him. The guys made farting noises over his story, Bubba then told the
guy how he should’ve told the story in about a minute, Ned then told
him to shut up, Bubba told Ned he had only 20 seconds left, he then
got up and whacked Ned a couple of times, he hit Spice, saying that he
was watching. We then heard a news clip about two guys who got
arrested or exposing themselves, Spice thinks exposing yourself is a
narcissistic move, he joked that might’ve been on the guys’s bucket
lists. Amanda in Jacksonville said that the first time she visited
Jacks Beach; a guy pulled his stuff out, Spice said this is what the
nudist colony is for. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Regina Hunter and Joe Saturley in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Interstate Love Song” by Stone
Temple Pilot. We then heard a bumper for Dr. Joe Saturley and Regina
Hunter. Bubba doesn’t know what’s dirty, mental health or divorce, Joe
said one is more fun than the other, Regina said they’re both dirty.
Bubba got caught off guard with Joe playing with the microphone; Ned
told Joe that everyone can hear him playing with the microphone. Bubba
then read some letters to the editor about his Davis comments; he
thinks people think he’s dumb, Spice said that Bubba has common sense.
Regina said her Mom is going to school; she has a Bubba Army iPhone
cover, two women got into a fight. Steve said his wife has started the
process of adopting a child, Regina said you need to hire an attorney
that handles adoptions, she said there’s only about two attorneys in
Florida that she feels comfortable dealing with, Bubba thinks it’s a
big shakedown. Regina suggested the name Gene Tate, Bubba thinks they
should adopt some kids, he then read an email from someone who said
that Donna Waters suggested she write the show. The emailer asked
about Asburgers, Joe said that it’s what Rain Man had. Bubba mentioned
Blind Lawrence, Joe said he knows of him, Joe thinks since Lawrence is
sightless, he commits certain things to memory, the show being one of
them, Spice said that Lawrence said that he’ll be tested for something
like that, he’ll let them know on the results. Bubba took a call from
a guy who said his wife left for the Philippines with his kids; Regina
said there’s something called The Haig convention. Another email asked
if Dr. Joe Saturley has contacts in Denver for Juvenile sexual
therapist, Joe said it deals with a person who deals with a teen who
abused someone. Bubba brought up the call from form this
past week, where a guy’s 16 year-old daughter and 14 year-old step son
had sex, Joe said the kids need to be sat down and talked to, he said
that if Tyler was caught with porn at a young age, Bubba would have to
talk to him about that kind of stuff. Bubba asked why Joe had to put
Tyler into it, Spice thinks 12 is appropriate. Bubba said that he was
watching his cousin when he was 13, Spice said Bubba was in the
closet, this had Joe cracking up. Bubba took a call from a guy who is
paying child support; Regina asked the guy if he’s getting overnights
with his kids, she said that will make the child support lower, she
suggested the guy do it from Friday night to Monday morning. Bubba
read that divorce goes up 36% around Valentine’s day, Regina said
that’s the busiest day for her, she said a judge used to where a red
sweater whenever the day was on Monday to Friday. Joe suggested
getting more than just flowers. Billy on protection said he’s not
responsible for his house, as he filed for bankruptcy, Regina said
that if there’s equity he’d get a small percentage of it. Bubba then
read an email from someone saying they need marriage counseling, Joe
said he has an office in Sarasota with an opening tomorrow. Josh said
his girlfriend’s son is getting taken away by the original Dad, who
wants the kid to live at the house, Bubba thinks that doesn’t work
with kids; the guy said the kid lives with him. Regina said there’s no
more custody in Florida. Josh said they’ve talked to an attorney, who
thinks nothing can be done, Bubba said he’ll put the guy on hold. Joe
said if you really want to screw up your custody, hire a Realistate
attorney, Regina said that makes her job harder, she said she likes
going to court when it’s her absolute worst day in court. William in
Jacksonville said his wife decided on a divorce after five days, he
said they dated for 2 and a half years, Spice wondered what changed,
the guy said his wife’s Mom went to a psych ward. Regina said she once
did a two day marriage, she said that not consummating the marriage is
the basis for it being nullified or not. Bubba thanked Joe and Regina
for coming in, he then gave out their respective information.

Dr. Joe Saturley:

Phone: 727-726-1013



Twitter page:

Regina Hunter’s information:

Phone: 813-Divorce (348-6723)

Twitter page:

They then went to commercials a few second later.

Segment 6 – various News

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App,
followed by “today” by The Smashing Pumpkins. Bubba said that next
week, they’ll be in Daytona, he said that if Spice was driving the
car, he’d go at around 60 or so, he said that Alex Young is interested
in trying it out. Eric said he got T boned by a stupid bitch, he said
he dropped the tray last night. We then heard a news clip about a guy
who got arrested yet again for child pornography, Bubba said that
1,557 of anything isn’t an accident, Spice said he’ll get his ass
kicked in jail, Bubba thinks the guy should be executed, he then said
this is a red flag or the boy scouts. We then heard a news clip about
a woman who got attacked by a Pit Bull, Bubba thinks it’s white trash
if you sick a Pit Bull on someone, he thinks the guy who did this
should be diss emboweled, he thinks a guy convicted of Domestic
violence shouldn’t own a Pit Bull. Steve in Georgia came on saying
“Partly Cloudy”; Spice said he couldn’t understand him. Steve then
said he called a while ago (January 5, 2011). Bubba asked him if he
knew what was happening in Egypt, Steven said he didn’t know. The guys
then goofed on him saying “white Power”; Bubba had to dump hi several
times for cursing. We then heard a news clip about Ft. Wayne wanting
to change the name of a building as Harry Balls, Bubba then said that
Ceaser from Rubber City asked him what dropping the tray ment, he then
cracked up at the Indiana story, Spice thinks they should put his
middle name in there. John in Australia said the guys have a wild
show, he thinks Bubba is missing on the radio over there, he then
asked about NASCAR, Bubba hit the dump on him a few times, this had
the guys laughing. Bubba said that the women in Australia like, he
ended up hanging up on him for cursing. Ben in South Carolina said its
big joke up there in Ft. Wayne; he thinks they wouldn’t be able to
touch it in Indiana. Bubba thinks things in radio are getting worse.
We then heard a news clip about Twitter possibly getting bought for
$8,000,000,000, Spice thinks it will be a bad idea, he thinks it would
be the death of Twitter. Bubba said that Airport Chrysler will have 80
meet and greet tickets left he thinks you can get up to four. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Regan Smith Calls in, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s appearance
in Orlando on Feb. 19, followed by “Against The Wind” by Bob Seger.
Bubba said that Regan Smith will be on in about ten minutes or so.
Tony in Jersey said that he loves, he said that Sirius
really blew it, he thinks they disrespected the heck out of them,
Bubba said that it’s a sad time. Tony said hello to a guy overseas.
Tony in New Port Richy said he saw the truck at the fare, he said he
didn’t care for the chicken dip, he said they give you a little tub
with chips and dip; he said it didn’t look good. Bubba said he’s tired
of these lawsuits, he asked that people leave Disney alone, as a
family is claiming nacho cheese burnt their four year-old, he doesn’t
think that’s a good snack for a kid that age. Regan Smith came on,
Bubba asked if the shootout was tomorrow, Regan said it was, he said
practice is today, they were down in December doing tests, he said
that you can only let so much air out of the gas can at one time.
Bubba said that NASCAR comes by and inspects the gas cans to make sure
the guys aren’t cheating; Regan said that they inspect everything.
Spice wondered if Regan thinks someone cheats while on the track,
Regan said that happens at any form of racing, he said it’s only a
matter if you get caught. Bubba said that during testing, the Toyotas
were about a tenth faster, Regan said that they can push the car in
front of them very easily, suddenly his line dropped. Bubba asked if
they have a Satellite team, Regan said that all they have in Carolina
is a small shop, everything else is based in Colorado. His line
abruptly disconnected again, Bubba thinks he’s getting bump drafted,
he then got Regan back on, telling him that he should upgrade with a
new cell phone, he asked if he paid his bill, Regan joked that was
questionable. Bubba thinks Regan almost crapped his pants when he
heard he qualified, Regan said he originally thought the guys were
messing with him. Bubba asked if the drive is different with a race
trim, Regan said that they just optimized the speed on the car. Bubba
thinks this is the go between, he thinks not a lot of cup guys will be
partaking in the shootout. Spice asked about other athlete’s crossing
over into the sport, Regan said it’s good for them. bubba asked how
Ricky Carmichael is doing, he thinks he’s top five, Regan said Ricky
was doing good, he qualified well. Bubba asked if he’s married, Regan
said it’s a crazy life, he joked that he threw five girls out before
the interview, he then said he’s engaged. Bubba said Brad Keselowski
is tight, Regan said he’s like a rat on acid. Bubba asked who the
driver is that Regan doesn’t care for, Bubba said a lot of guys have
said number 7 Robby Gordon; he then said they should do the Nascar
word association game.

1. The 39 car – good driver
2. The 14 car – great competitor
3. The 24 car – don’t fight with him in Texas
4. The 00 – Hilarious guy
5. Mark martin – Classy Veteran
6. The 42 car – a jackass

Bubba said that Spice doesn’t think NASCAR guys are athletes, he then
told him that they’ll be doing the show live in Daytona, he thinks
spice will act like a bitch when he’s in the car, he thanked Regan for
coming on, Spice said that he likes how Bubba spins him as a dick.
Josh in Orlando said it’s bullcrap in Orlando, he said he was the
fourth one in line for the tickets, Spice said it sounds like the guy
who is reporting for the Hindenburg, Manson then goofed on Herbert
Morrison a little. Bubba then played a little bit of Madonna, he then
switched over to Lady Gaga’s newest song, Jabberjaw said that the song
is called “Born This Way”, it’s like Madonna’s “Express Yourself”,
Spice thinks it sounds just like “Express yourself”, Bubba thinks they
sound alike, Manson thinks lady Gaga has a better voice, he said it’s
a similar style, Spice is convinced that lady Gaga is a dude, Bubba
thinks it sounds like two bad DJs trying to out battle each other.
Nick in Chicago said he dropped the tray, he said he’s been listening
since the Sirius days, he remembers when Manson was on in Quad City,
Manson said they were incredibly dirty, Bubba thinks Manson should
play his stuff from those days, he said that he has it on real to
real. Spice aid that the passes are all gone, bubba thinks that’s not
what the 19th rated show would have happen, he then thinks you can’t
call anyone anything anymore, we then heard a news clip about a guy
using the term “Brother”, Spice said if it was a racist term, Hogan
would be the most racist man ever. Bubba then said he wasn’t sure if
he had a Kenny E. Kenny bumper, he’s not sure if he has it, he then
found it. Kenny came on, he said the Prelude to Ocala will be
happening, Ned thinks it’s “the Prelude to the day dream”. Bubba
thinks he’ll make it to Kenny’s track, Kenny told Spice to take care
of himself. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba apologizes to Publix, Female Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various
subscriptions packages for, followed by “Ride to
California” by paper Tongues. Bubba said that when you do the kind of
radio he does, a lot of times he says stuff he regrets, he said no
matter how popular he is, he’ll never be able to not say sorry, he
said that he’s said some bad stuff about Publix, he said it was wrong
for him to admonish Publix, he said he needs to get better, he said
that stuff gets away from you at times, he said that’s why he turned
Ned’s microphone off, he said that no one told him to say all this, he
said this has been bugging him, he then asked the guys what they’ll be
doing, Manson said soccer. Jabberjaw said she won’t be doing much, she
then said Thomas, the new engineer is working out great. Bubba threw
it over to Brent, Brent said that Regan forgot to give away tickets
for the Shootout, Bubba asked for women from Orlando and Jacksonville
to call in, he then plugged Spice’s appearance at the Penthouse for
the Cougar Hunt tonight at 11, he then said that he tries for Spice.
Nicole said she’s five foot six, 160 pounds, Spice thinks she
shouldn’t have described herself. Hilary in Jacksonville said she’s
32, she said she’ll take one of her coe workers to the shootout.
Jessica in Orlando said it’s her boyfriend’s birthday, she got laid
off. Summer said she’s taking a girlfriend from work, Bubba said he
didn’t like her story, Jessica ended up the winner for Orlando,
Hillary from Jacksonville ended up hanging up. Sarah in Jacksonville
said she’d love to go the shootout, she’s 39, Bubba told her she won,
he thinks she was doing bong rippers, they then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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