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Top Stories:
Mistress Cori Rist speaks about affair on Today Show
DCF Reportedly Visits Tiger Woods’ Home
USF Bulls coach Jim Leavitt: ‘So wrong’ to say he hit player
Woman, 98, charged with murdering 100-year-old roommate
New trial set in Neo Nazi case

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

To everyone in the Bubba Army, have a very safe and happy Holiday season.

Segment 1 – Live from 2001, sports scores

The show started off with a special bumper introducing the show, live
from 2001. Spice came on laughing a little, Bubba said he literally
just got in, he said he stumbled around like a drunken homeless man,
he thinks he got only sixteen seconds of sleep. Spice told Bubba he
has to keep him away from the chicken dip, as the driver complained
about it. Bubba thinks it’s unseasonably warm, he said hi to some
girls who were there, he wished Janessa Brazil a Merry Christmas.
Spice said if you love in Tampa, you can’t miss 2001, he said people
will direct you where to go, Bubba cracked up at a black Santa, Spice
said it’s not believable. Bubba goofed on Big Dick a little, Spice
joked that Dick’s ten pound chip on his shoulder went on him. Bubba
said that in the past, girls have almost gotten ran over, he wonders
why the Texas hangman is dressed in Sunday clothes, he went on to
instruct the drivers to put some dollar bills on the windshield. Jimmy
said she never met Janessa Brazil, Bubba said he could go alone after
seeing a stripper, Jimmy said he’d like to talk with Janessa after the
show, Bubba told him no. Bubba recapped some sports scores, Jabber Jaw
came on, she said the introduction didn’t fire; Bubba thinks MJ
would’ve torn her apart for something like that. The guys wondered
what was up with the T-shirts, he told Big dick to tell the ladies to
get excited with the dances, Spice thinks this is like the Bunny
Ranch. Bubba congratulated the first guy in line, Brent went over to
interview him, Spice thinks it must be an honor to do that. The guy
said his name is Jack, Spice goofed for his voice to be covered up,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba talks with some girls

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Twelve Days of Bubba (2008)”.

1. Fourth place for MJ
2. Lesbians in trucks
3. A fake penis doctor
4. Interns puking
5. Frozen corndogs
6. Missed Clem Gym work outs
7. BK Stackers
8. Seizers for Pantera
9. Calls from Hulk Hogan
10. Chicken Concasadillias
11. Unused condoms
12. Joints for Brent Hatley

The unedited version of this bit appears on “Holiday CD” disc 1, track
5. Bubba thinks he has about thirty or forty girls there, he told
people to not let the rain scare them away. Bubba plugged what they’ve
got on and, he said if you couldn’t make it to
Wal-Mart to get a toy, donate ten dollars to the guy at the front.
Bubba said if you have a truck, tell one of the guys to get a push
through, where they put you on a chair with rollers, Bubba said he
would do that if he was participating, Brent said he loves the
tattoos. Bubba asked for Mike to get on mic, Bubba said this was the
first year they ever had to get a fan, Spice thinks one of the girls
has a tattoo of the guys from Kiss, Bubba said those are eyes that
look at you if you have relations from behind, he asked to interview
one of the strippers, he thinks he messed around with her, Spice
thinks she’s the one who accused him of rape. Bubba said that Jimmy
hart was there, Spice likes how he always brings lots of toys. Jimmy
said it was great to be there, Bubba had him laughing at some stuff he
was saying. Bubba said Jimmy is one of the best guys when it comes to
charity events, he told Jimmy that he patched up the relationship with
him and Cowhead, Bubba said Jimmy makes a lot of donations, he’s
convinced he messed around with the one of the strippers, he said that
he went to a prom as a rib, Spice said Bubba will confuse other girls.
Bubba can’t believe that she’s been married for 17 years; Brent said
there’s nothing wrong with swinging. Spice wondered if the guy is
allowed to watch, the girl said yes. Bubba wondered if she’s a girl at
2001’s website, she said she’s on there. Spice asked her if guys get
freaked out and turn her down, he wonders how she explains the husband
aspect of things, he thinks she’s selfish, he thinks her rock doesn’t
mean much of anything. Bubba asked to see her ass, the guys liked it.
Spice said that this is a nice change from New York; he said his eyes
were hurting. Bubba thinks this is the most girls they’ve ever had, he
said he doesn’t want conservative girls, he thinks Dave Rice wires and
rewires stuff, Brent thinks Tom looks like an idiot, Bubba said he
would find him guilty in a court, as he thinks Tom looks like a child
molester. Bubba said that there’s a jumper on the bridge, Brent thinks
if you’re going to do it, swan dive, Bubba suggested you tape the
phone to your head, he said they’d play the audio, Brent thinks it’s
brutal to do that. Bubba told Spice he got a hot chicken dip fart on
deck, he had Spice ride it out. Bubba talked to a girl named Ally,
Bubba thinks she doesn’t even know what’s going on, Ally said she has
a wig, Bubba said that nothing can get by him. Ally said that she used
to work in Realist ate; Brent thinks the market bottomed out so bad.
The guys are shocked she has four kids, Spice joked that the kids were
hatched, Ally said that one of her former husbands is gay. Bubba asked
her if she ever had relations with a guy in property, Ally said only
if it’s her boss, Bubba said he likes that. Spice cracked up with
Bubba saying “Front side of her butt”, Brent goofed on Bubba, Spice as
an old guy asked for looking at her knockers. Bubba thinks Mike is
miserable, Mike said he just got done with a surgery, he plugged
Cowhead’s show, Brent thinks the Jesus VS. Santa boxing match is
creative. Bubba said Twenty-five hasn’t given out one TNA pass,
Twenty-five said Grant is doing that. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard “bubba Neezer Scrooge” from
“N.F.C” track 23, “bubba’s Holiday Classics Vol. 1”, track 9, and
“Holiday CD” disc 1, track 1. The bit is a spoof of Charles Dickens’s
“A Christmas Carol”, with Bubba as Scrooge, and Spice and Brent as his
workers. Bubba tells them they can go home to spend Christmas with
their families, under the condition that they don’t get paid, adding
that they drop the English accents. Ned plays all three ghosts,
sniffing blow the whole time. In the past, we learn the family can’t
stand Bubba for fing the shop vac. In the present, various BRN
members voice there disgust with Bubba. In the future, Twenty-five
Cent is pissing on Bubba’s grave, showing his disgust for being the
token guy to say n. Bubba asks Ned if it’s too late to change,
ned said he has to go take a shit. Bubba wakes up and, after learning
its Christmas day, he hales a taxi to manson’s Christmas party. He
wishes everyone there a merry Christmas, however the celebratory
atmosphere is short lived. After inviting the party goers to go to the
Dollhouse with him, he gets denied, reverting back to his old ways,
telling everyone to f off. He leaves in a huff, only to come back
and say “F tiny Tim Too”, the bit closes with an announcer saying
the bit was brought to you by Levitra, “Help keeping your cock hard
for the holidays”. Spice said some girls were there, Brent
said he needs one. Bubba said the manager pulled him aside, he thinks
Bubba took the joke too far, as he said he never had sex with her, he
hopes her husband isn’t mad at him. Bubba listed the various people
who were there, Spice asked him his thoughts on Chris Henry, Bubba
said something like that is bound to happen. Spice said that everyone
is kind in death; Brent said that he caused his situation. Bubba still
thinks this is the hottest event ever, Brent sarcastically said he’s
grateful he brought his long sleeved shirt. Spice feels bad for Dave,
as he has to run around and do everything, Bubba thinks they’re
spoiled. Bubba asked a girl what nationality she is, she said she’s
Puerto Rican/Indian, Bubba thinks it’s a bad combination. Bubba
apologized to the girl he talked with earlier, she said Bubba was a
perfect gentleman, Spice cracked up at Bubba not getting any that
night, Bubba thinks she’s getting back at him. Bubba said it was just
part of a promotion, Spice said it’s still not right, he thinks
Bubba’s farts are out of control. Bubba said he’s tired, he said he’s
trying to push through the show. Spice said that Jimmy will be coming
out with a new rotation of girls. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba interviews a stripper, Chris Jericho’s new song

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Baby Jesus” from “Ned’s
Story time vol. 2”, track 2. The bit starts with Ned smoking a bong,
singing a parody of “Mele Kalikimaka”; however he is brought to a halt
by his grand kids, who change the song’s title to “Melvin Can Lick My
Nut sack”. The kids ask for a story about Christmas, Ned explains how
it happened. The kids ask about Santa, Ned said he died in the Great
flood. The kids think he’s bluffing, Ned said that he killed Santa,
saying that his head was mounted on the wall, this causes the kids to
cry, ned ends up yelling “merry Fing Christmas, you brats”. Bubba
said one of the girls there won the Twelve Boobs of Christmas last
year; the crowd went crazy upon seeing her boobs. Ashley stepped up to
the mic, Bubba is shocked she’s only 20; Ashley said she’s engaged,
she said it was in Italy at Epcot. Bubba asked her what made her come
here, Ashley said the economy, Bubba thinks Jimmy likes that. Brent
said that no one should get married until they’re after 30; Spice got
grossed out by Bubba’s farts. Ashley said she gets nervous every time
she’s up, she said she’s on every now and again, the
audio got dumped do to cursing. Bubba thinks the girl is high, Brent
thinks Bubba got it. Bubba wondered how high she was, Brent said it’s
no big deal, Ashley thinks Bubba should do it more, Spice told her to
go dance for some homeless guys, Bubba thinks she has no idea what
happened. Bubba said he’s been working nonstop for 28 hours, he said
half the stuff on his bucket list was trying to be a better husband.
Spice asked about Botox, Brent thinks Spice doesn’t need it. Bubba
wondered if Ashley is mad at them, Brent said they’re saying good
stuff about her. Bubba asked to see her butt; he thinks she has a nice
butt. Some car horns went off, Brent told the guys to settle down,
Bubba said some of the girls’s asses were touching the horns. Bubba
asked her about her gromming techniques, she said she’s a bald eagle.
Spice asked her if she’d be open to another woman in the bedroom, she
said no, Bubba wonders why she’s acting so offended, he thinks she’s
freaking out; Spice thinks her parents don’t know that she’s a
stripper. Bubba explained carpet or tile, which refers to a girl’s
private areas. Ashley said all she’d like for Christmas is an iPod.
Bubba asked her who she’d like to sleep with, she said no comment,
Brent said they’re asking for one, she picked Spice, saying he looked
like one of her ex boyfriends, Bubba said he has to ask the tough
questions. Ashley thinks Brent looks ridiculous, Bubba got distracted
by a horn going off, he said it caused him to fart. Bubba asked for
two girls to kiss, Brent said Small Man almost fell into the ice. the
girls ended up kissing; Bubba liked Joey saying “Oh, Santa’s helper.”
Jabber Jaw was in the studio, the guys said some stuff about Chris
Jericho, Bubba said he has creative control of his show; he said
Chris’s band has a new single “Martyr No More”, which we then heard.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba chats with the Bella Twins

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “You’re A Mean One Mr.
Clem”, from “N.F.C” track 15, and “Ned’s Misc Hits Vol. 1”, track 6.
We then heard “fire Flies” as bumper music, Spice called this the
happy song; Bubba said this song puts him in a good mood. Spice acted
as a strip club DJ, Bubba cracked up at this. Bubba said the guys are
pulling a rib on Russ, the guys made Russ the boss, he doesn’t know
how it’s going down. Bubba asked for the Bella Twins to get on the
mic, Spice thinks they did a run at FCW, the girls said they did.
Bubba asked if they’re twins, they said they’re identical. Spice
wondered about the time difference, they said it was sixteen minutes,
they said they’re from Arizona, Bubba thinks Arizona gets you every
time. Bubba went over the schedule; he likes how Vince does it. Spice
said he never saw the girls out, the girls got Bubba and Cowhead mixed
up. Bubba asked how they got discovered; they said they were
discovered in Los Angeles. Bubba said he got a text from Jericho, the
girls said they love him; they went on to say that John Cena is great
to work with. One of the girls said that Nicky is single. Bubba
wondered if they went to College, the girls said they never went to
College, Bubba thinks a lot of hot girls are in Arizona colleges. The
girls said they always work with the guest host, Bubba thinks Mark
Cuban has more money than Vince, Brent said mark is all about putting
himself over. Bubba thinks Generation X should break up, he thinks the
promos are made by the guys, the girls confirmed that the Undertaker
runs the show; they loved training at FCW with Steve. Brent asked the
girls if they knew Kelly Kelly, the girls said they know her. Bubba
thanked them for coming by, he said people know how to work, he joked
that Edge is quitting wrestling to be a Geico Caveman. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Rudolph The Red Bud Reindeer”
from “Bubba’s Holiday classics Vol. 1”, track 14, and “Holiday Cd”
disc 1, track 6. The bit parodies the story of “Rudolf the Red Noised
Reindeer”, and has Rudolf and Hermy the elf interested in weed; they
end up on the island of misfit sex toys, wishing that Santa would
crash and burn. Brent said the bumper music isn’t that bad, Spice said
that Bubba is hitting the wall, he said it’s turning into a nice day,
he then plugged, Brent said they can run hd stuff.
Spice said Denzel came by, also Tasha swung by to make sure he’s not
doing anything wrong, Tasha said she was doing great, Brent thinks
she’s looking great. Spice plugged, he described it.
Brent said he loves seeing the girls get dressed. Spice said that
Chris Brown was there, Chris said he appreciates them; Spice recapped
the Miami situation, Chris thinks you should be allowed to say that,
the guys piled on him for saying the n word a few times; Brent thinks
I’s odd that the white man is holding Chris down. Spice asked his
thoughts on Chris Henry, Chris thinks he’s dumb, Spice thinks it’s
like a white trash story. Spice said that the day before, Chris argued
with his wife over a price, he thinks Tiger Woods is a douche. Mike
thinks tiger got caught; Spice said the lockers are to hold the bat
phones, he said LL Cool Jay called him once. Spice thinks one of the
guys in the club is a pimp; he likes how the dog is getting a lap
dance. Brent thinks Dean’s Gold would be a great place to hold Toys
for Tatas, Spice is a little suspect of Dayton, he asked that someone
keep an eye on Tom The Treeman, he said that kids toys aren’t all that
expensive, he said he went big last year, he joked that he get the kid
a car, as he got him a Wii. Spice said he loves to take old gift cards
with a balance of roughly $0.30, he puts a $50 sticker on it, he does
that to his friends. Buckly from 96.5 stopped by, he said they brought
by some stuff. Spice said last night, they went to Howard Stern’s
Christmas party, Brent said Howard is a great guy, Spice thinks it’s
funny to know the media paints Howard the way they do, Buckly thanked
the guys, Brent said the Orlando people are great. Brent said all of
Howard’s crew are great people, Spice said that Jackie Martling was
there, the guys think Robin is hot. Spice said he didn’t like being a
landlord; he recapped his situation with that. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Cowhead stops by

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Kings of Leon as bumper music.
Spice said this is the last show before the Christmas break, he
thanked some people for donating some toys. Spice said they were going
to play the latest Springsteen bit, but Cowhead swung by. Cowhead said
he’s doing the Cowhead show Christmas party. Cowhead said he wanted to
put some extra effort into yesterday’s show, he asked how the party
was, he thinks Bubba is puking, he thinks Bubba is puking up an
abortion. Brent said he’s interested in the Jesus VS Santa match,
Cowhead said that he was thinking about putting Medicine Man as Jesus,
he remembers when they had Whity Pippin dressed as Jesus. Spice
recapped a situation last year, where they talked down to Jews, Tasha
confirmed this. Spice said that Mj tried to fry a turkey, it started a
fire, Brent thinks the fire marshal should charge him, Cowhead hopes
that he’s charged with doing stupid radio bits. Spice thanked him for
coming by; Cowhead thinks this year’s Springsteen bit is over the
line. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Springsteen Rags the BRN 2009

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Springsteen Rags the BRN 2009”.

1. Pantera – Told to freak out under the missal toe
2. Jabberjaw – compared Bubba and MJ, saying that Bubba isn’t short
3. Spice – T-shirts for his step son
4. Al-kida – Asked for a new gimmick, but was denied
5. Ned – had a big list of stuff, he then told everyone he’s not gay
6. Blind Lawrence – ended up touching Ned’s penis twice, he was denied
the chance to get his sight back
7. Sluggo – Got a webmaster’s license, but then got it revoked
8. Russ – groped his man boobs
9. Bubba – Got a billion dollar check to stop talking about chicken dip
10. Tom Bean – Beat up Santa for having his elves mess with his stuff
11. Dave Rice – Got the Ned wha treatment
12. Twenty-Five Cent – Fired for saying the n word
13. Big Dick – Sang “Put On A Happy Face” with Manson
14. Hammil – got nothing
15. Brent – Threw a trashcan at Santa
16. Miller – Talked smacked to Santa
17. Carl Harris – cursed out Santa
18. Manson – had a booth for those who wanted to suck his dick

We then heard some 3 Oh 3 as bumper music. Spice said that he would
like to thank the listeners; Brent said they’ve got a big pile. Spice
went on to thank some people for stopping by; he said it was a fun
time. The guys hoped Bubba would recover, they wished everyone a Merry
Christmas, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Ken Craddock

    I am close to 60 yrs.old and you guys ROCK!!!! I listen every day and have since Bubba hit town. Thanks for all of the fun.My wife and I lost a daughter to domestic violence and we would like to thank you for your support of the shelters. It is always great to hear Bubba kicking it up and doing for the troops,police, and the abused women and children. Thanks again!!

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