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Top Stories:
35 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit?
Court filing: Man accused of stalking ESPN reporter to plead guilty
3-month-old baby found dead in car in Miami
Obama Accepts Nobel Peace Prize
Police: Local Man Raped Prostitute, Sold Her To Others
U.S. to investigate leak of airport security manual

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Manson’s Springsteen BRN bit explained

Bubba started off by saying that Ned’s iPod was being used today, he
said he’s shot out of a cannon, he said he wants to be prepared for
his big Phil Hendrie interview, he then went on to discuss last
night’s football game. Manson said that he’s burning both ends of the
candle with the Springsteen bit, where Manson goofs on the guys at the
show. Bubba went over how long each bit is, Spice said they can’t play
some of them on regular radio, he said it’s around sixteen minutes.
Bubba said he’s got a page of various Christmas bits, he wants Ned to
go to pri with him sometime, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Football picks, emails, birthdays, disturbing picture of Manson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Cold weather Bubba
Army stuff. We then heard some Justin Timberlake as bumper music, Ned
said he’s talented, Bubba wondered why Dave Rice was asking for him,
Dave said he has a sinus problem, Bubba wondered if Dave got it from
making out with Jabberjaw, Dave joked that he’s made love to her on
the bear skin rug in his office. We then heard the Monday night
football music, Bubba went over the stats on, the guys then
went over there football picks, Bubba is convinced Spice is not only a
counter programmer, but also a counter picker, Spice said that he’s
working smart. The first email of the day said they just got
Satellite, they asked about Lummox getting beaten silly, Bubba said it
should be on Another emailer said they ordered “Bubba
Wonka”, he noticed that there’s a 20% off code, Bubba said it should
be the first thing you see. Another emailer didn’t like the Rodman
interview, Bubba said not being able to understand Rodman is part of
the comedy. Another emailer wondered if they could hang out with the
guys during the Bubba Wonka event, Manson thinks the guy saying he’s a
cool cat should disqualify him; Bubba thinks he shouldn’t say
anything. Another emailer said they couldn’t access the photo gallery
on, the emailer said that Ft. Meyers has a long delay. Bubba
went over some birthdays; we then heard a little bit of Sheila D,
Bubba thinks she’s not that good of a drummer. Bubba thinks Deion
Warrick looks like a bulldog. We then heard the Price is Right music,
Bubba said that today is Bob Barker’s birthday; he thinks they
should’ve neutered him. We then heard some Frank Sinatra, he would’ve
been 94 today, Spice said he heard that Frank never played an
instrument. Bubba asked Spice how he’s going to feel when a rock star
hooks up with Akira. We then heard some Taylor Swift, Bubba said she’s
a sweet 20, he said she’s moldable at this stage. We then heard the
opening of “Gold Digger”, Jamey fox is 42 today. Bubba called Big dick
an idiot for finding a crappy song, Dave said they had a limited time
to find stuff. We then heard “Cat Scratch Fever”, Bubba said that if
anyone doesn’t know who it is, they’re fired. We then heard the dick
Van dike theme, Bubba wondered who the girl was on that show, he
thinks Marry Tyler Moore isn’t looking so great, Spice said he’s
really digging Dean Martin, Manson said that stuff was hilarious.
Bubba said he’s disturbed by a picture he got, that showed three guys
with their shirts off, a dog was there, Manson said every Thursday
night, he drinks and gets high, the picture was taken in Manson’s room
edition, Manson thinks his house is 6,000 square feet. Bubba thinks
the show is like diarrhea, waiting to become solid, he thinks Kevin
Vargas is like a military guy as far as program directors go. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bubba doesn’t like how The Bone starts off the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Manson’s “Second largest Fine” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 7”,
track 14. The song parodies Billy Joel’s “for the Longest Time”, and
focuses on the show’s fine of $755,000, which lead to them being fired
on February 24, 2004. We then heard some Dixie Chicks as bumper music,
Bubba wants to get her on the show, he said Natalie Maines was a cool
girl at Howard’s wedding. Bubba said that Dr. Joe Saturley will be on,
Brent said he’s had a few sessions with him, he thinks it’s really
helped out, he plugged and Bubba went over the
Bubba Bucket list for 2010; he said Thursday will be busy. Bubba
described Toys for Ta Tas as a drive-thru gentlemen’s club. The guys
wonder if they can call mentally challenged kids. Bubba said he was
listening to the start of the show, he said when he flips over to Cox,
he plays a sink up sounder, we then heard it. Bubba said he doesn’t
know how the other stations start it back up; he thinks The Bone uses
computers. We then heard a bit of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You”, Bubba said
The Bone is the most important affiliate. Bubba said that everyone
comes in at Jimmi Hendrix, Bubba said it could be anything, he thinks
The Bon is lazy for not playing positioning statements before the show
starts. Spice thinks they should start sprinkling in elements about
the show with about thirty minutes left, Bubba said it’s not like back
in the day when he and Manson were doing it with carts. Bubba said if
you have a show you’re proud of, you should have a big opening. We
then heard the clip again, he said it’s no wonder that Larson is such
an idiot, Bubba goofed on the last part of the song, he thinks it
sounds dead. Bubba took a call from a guy who said that South Florida
has a nice little thing, where a guy comes on and says that you’re
sixty seconds away from the show. Bubba said that Larson has ruined
Cowhead’s show. Andy in Ft. Meyers said they do it like Miami does.
Jason in Richmond said that Y101 leads right into the intro; he said
the billboard looks good. Dwaine in Ohio said Sirius is good about
pumping the show up, Bubba said Kevin Craft at Sirius is one of the
best. Keith in Orlando said they do it like The Bone does. Jason in
Jacksonville said they play a bumper explaining the show. Bubba wants
to make Kevin Vargas the boss, Spice thinks they could get that done.
Animal in Tampa said they know when Bubba is on; he said Bubba is the
reason why they listen to the station. Bubba said Kevin Vargas is the
only guy who cares about the show. Bill in Jacksonville thinks the
intro is stupid, Bubba apologized to Jacksonville. Bubba thinks you’ll
hear the same Pink Floyd record today at 4:15; he’s convinced the Bone
only has two bumpers; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Dr. Joe Saturley Visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview, then into Queen’s “Another One bites The Dust” as
bumper music. Bubba said Dr. Joe Saturley is a few minutes away, he
said he has some phone calls to get to. Johnny in Orlando said the guy
who called in earlier with Orlando is full of crap; he said Orlando
does a recap of yesterday’s show. Bubba said he’d like to hear some of
the openers. Joey in Hollywood said the program directors need to pay
attention to Kevin Vargas, the guys think they need to hire him as the
show’s agent. We then heard Dr. Joe Saturley’s bumper, Joe said he was
doing great. Bubba wondered if the holidays are the toughest, as a lot
of bad stuff have happened, Joe said he sees that a lot, he said
people have had some pretty bad memories, he said he always tells
people in his office to make their holiday plans early, he said five
meals with family is plenty, he said family difficulty takes place
after that. Bubba likes the line about family and fish stink after two
days. Spice said he has a one meal rule with Bubba. James on
protection said that about three or four months ago, his wife was
hanging out with an old fling, he wonders if infidelity is a custody
issue, Joe said no, it has to be something that really messes stuff
up, the guy said that she wants to move to Virginia, Joe said that
it’s difficult to move out of state, he then gave his information, his
website his now Jay in Jacksonville said he shares custody
with his ex wife, she’s been in and out of rehab for a drug problem,
he wonders if he should file for sole custody. Joe said if he has a
restraining order, you have to leave, Jay said his lawyer took a
testimonial from his daughter about her mother, Joe said he would have
a video camera at all times, Jay said he has to pay $1,000 for child
support, he said it goes right up her nose. Joe said that if you’ve
been told you have a crappy lawyer and you’ve kept them around, you’re
a fool. Bill in Miami said he was having sex with his girlfriend, her
kid walked in, Joe suggested the guy lock the door, Bubba thinks the
woman is a pussy for not locking the door with her kid, he asked the
listeners to shut up after asking their question. Danny said he had a
one night stand with a woman eight years ago that he didn’t know
about, Joe said there’s probably a bunch of reasons why she wouldn’t
notify him. Bubba read some emails, the first email of the day was
from an eighteen year-old woman who said she and her boyfriend are
head over heels in love, Joe said it’s not real love, he wonders if
that’s the end of the email. Bubba read more of the email, she has
recently gotten pregnant, ned suggests a belly kick, Bubba thinks
she’s coocoo for cocoa puffs. Joe said he believes that all marriages
are savable; Spice said he has issues with that. Joe said if you’re a
woman who hasn’t had a good relationship with a mother, it’s going to
lead to issues, Joe said he wouldn’t send her anywhere, Bubba said he
would love it if abortion city really existed. Joe said if every
single woman aborted their baby without getting married, Bubba said he
wouldn’t be around, Spice thinks Doug would play football with Bubba’s
fetus, Bubba said it’s no wonder he’s a nervous wreck. Bubba went over
some comments on the screen, he selected Danny from Orlando, he said
he had a son, his ex wife got another child, the judge agreed to two
or three visits a year, everything was cut off after the first visit,
he said he doesn’t know the judge’s name. Joe asked if he has a
lawyer, Danny said no, he thinks it’s a problem. Spice goofed on the
guy’s voice; Bubba suggested the guy write a letter to Regina Hunter.
Bubba thanked him for coming on; Joe wished everyone a happy holiday
season. Bubba wondered how Tiger Woods should handle this, Joe thinks
he needs counseling, he thinks everyone is bad on the inside; he
thinks the guys are pessimistic. We then heard “Abortion city” from
“Bubba Show classics vol. 1”, track 2, then into “sounds Like An
Abortion” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track 10. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – John Ditullio discussions, racing talk

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “toys for Ta Tas”,
then into “dancing Queen” as bumper music, Bubba cracked up at the
selection, he went on to say that the judge in the John Ditullio case
has ordered that John’s tattoos be covered up, Spice thinks they
should have him wear a gas mask, Bubba wants the guy to be sentenced
to death, he wants everything thrown at the guy. Bubba told Ned he
could find anything at pri, Spice sarcastically thinks the technology
is amazing; he wonders how this is interesting, Bubba explained,
Manson thinks Bubba is speaking Chinese. Brent asked if Bubba was in
the media go cart event, Bubba said he quit, as it started to rain,
everyone was spinning out, he said he hit the wall, Ned was laughing
his ass off at this, Brent was cracking up at this, he asked if Bubba
has video of this. Bubba said he’ll race the guys in cars, Spice is
convinced that Bubba’s go-cart is iggyed up, Manson said he’d like for
it to be a bicycle race, Bubba ended up shutting off all of the
microphones except for him and Ned’s. Bubba said that the racecar guys
recognized him as soon as he arrived; Ned said he would love to go to
pri. Bubba said he knows some guy who is making some cranks; he thinks
Ned is just repeating stuff he’s saying. Bubba turned the mics back
on, he called the guys dicks for snoring, he thinks Spice doing that
isn’t funny, he said he was going to hit him. Bubba hit him with a
Wiffle ball bat, Manson thinks Spice is patronizing him, ned thinks
Bubba is a low rent Saddam. Bubba said he has the best idea ever, Ned
said biker vest, this had the guys cracking up. Bubba said he’s going
to take Brent, Spice and Manson’s paychecks and make them go through
pri to get them, Manson said he’d like to cut off his pinky, Bubba
asked the guys to give him a little book report as to what the product
does. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Innocent man freed from jail, Chris Brown calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for various locations
where you can get Bubba Army merchandise, then into “Cruel Summer” as
bumper music. Bubba said Ned is weird with his bumper music selection,
he said that people can pick who will be the hero of the year, that
will be honored at a Lightning game, he thinks he’s going to start
using the Dr. Saturley template of five meals. Bubba said that
Huckabee won’t look at the DNA for the West Memphis three situations;
he said if you refuse to look at evidence, it should be a crime. Bubba
talked about a guy who spent thirty-five years in prison, Spice thinks
it’s a lot of life gone. We then heard a news clip about that, the guy
was accused of raping a nine year-old boy, Bubba said he almost wants
to cry for the guy, he thinks 19-54 are the best years of one’s life,
Spice thinks you get a hooker. Bubba went to Chris Brown in Largo;
Chris said this typical white man stuff. Bubba said they should give
the guy a million dollars a year, Chris said the guy went through a
lot, Chris thinks he was called everything in the book, Spice thinks
they should call up Denis Hoff to book this guy a trip. Spice wonders
if Chris is shoplifting, Chris said his show is going off. Spice
wonders if they should really have the guy flying, Bubba told him to
shut up. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Big Dick and Jabberjaw, then into Manson’s “Horny Black Guy
In The PGA”. We then heard “How Deep Is your Love” as bumper music,
Manson said he likes the song, Spice said his girlfriend would laugh
at him if he played this, Manson sang along, Bubba had to dump him.
Bubba said there’s a skyway jumper; he wondered if a cop is up there,
Manson thinks it takes balls to jump off a bridge. We then heard a
clip of Mike Huckabee explaining why he released the cop killer in
Seattle, Bubba stopped and started to comment, Manson thinks the guy
is off on a technicality, Bubba thinks you have to be amazing to deal
with politics. Spice said cops are combing the water to look for the
jumper, Spice said he’s disappointed in John Stewart for this
interview, Bubba thinks they’ve gotten off script. Mark in St.
Petersburg said he just went by the Skyway, he saw cops searching the
area. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he’s going over the
skyway, he doesn’t see anything. We then heard a clip of Jamey Grubs
talking about Tiger Woods, Bubba wonders why people can’t interview
them the way they interview people, Spice said they wouldn’t get
interviews, the guys goofed on her crying, Spice suggests the woman
Google him the first day she met him, Manson said if you’re not a golf
fan, you know that Tiger Woods is married. We then heard a clip about
the escort service Tiger Woods uses, Bubba thinks it’s a homosexual
vs. a tranny in the clip, Manson thinks it’s the worst interview ever,
Spice goofed on the woman’s voice. Brent said that if you’re a hooker,
you shouldn’t tell, Bubba said they need to abide by man laws, Manson
wonders how he kept this stuff quiet for so long. Bubba said once he
gets laid, he’s worn out. We then heard a clip about a woman who found
a python; she got strung along by 911. Bubba wonders if snakes are
really fast, Brent said no, Bubba thinks he could outrun a python, he
thinks it’s not cool that the operator is scolding the caller; Spice
goofed on the woman’s voice. We then heard the 911 call, Bubba thinks
the operator is an old redneck bitch, Bubba thinks this should be a
skit for Saturday Night Live,
Spice said he would’ve made nine pairs of boots out of the snake,
Bubba thinks this should be used as what you shouldn’t do. The guys
like how the woman at Fish and Wildlife told her to call someone else,
Bubba thinks this would be like someone calling 911 for a break in,
and the 911 guy telling someone to call the Lock Smith. We then heard
Manson’s “Snake Snake snake” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 10”, track
14. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. Bubba said that Ned is outside, he then plugged what
they’ve got coming up for next week. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Various callers, Bubba decides not to discuss his contract

The show started off with “Juicey” as bumper music. Bubba thinks Phil
Hendrie is a good guy, he thinks he’ll be on time, or a few minutes
early, he said he’s very talented. Bubba caught off guard with some
pizza, he asked for a diet coke, he thinks he can’t eat on the air,
Spice said he’s done that for years. Bubba wonders if he should do
words now, he said he’s trying to be more appreciative, he asked Spice
to take a bite of the pizza; Spice thinks it’s pretty tasty. Bubba
said that one of his friends sent him a calendar; he said the woman in
the calendar is an ass model. Bubba took a call from guy who told him
to eat the pizza, he thanked Bubba for calling Larry Byrd on his
special day, he said he couldn’t believe it. the guy asked about Tebow
not winning, Brent thinks he didn’t deserve it. The guy wondered if
Howard will retire, Bubba said it’s not happening. Chris in
Philadelphia said that they should play the ned bit featuring Spice
having phone sex with him, Spice thinks it was better. Tom in Boston
asked about Bubba on Sirius, Bubba said that he doesn’t know what he’s
doing; he said he’s not making the mistake like he did last year. He
said he’s not answering any more questions about that, he said he’d
like to leave regular radio, but Sirius needs to step up. Bubba said
it would be sad if they weren’t able to talk every year, Tim thinks he
met Bubba at a bar a few years ago. We then heard the Ned and Spice
phone sex, where Ned and Spice have phone sex, the bit ends with Spice
whipping cum off his face, Ned calls him a dirty cum guzzler. This bit
appears on “bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol. 5”, track 10. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”. Bubba
welcomed Ned back in, Brent thinks this is a great pick for bumper
music. Bubba wondered if they get shit for new bits, Manson said it’s
sixteen minutes and forty seconds, Manson thinks he should be fired
for it. Bubba wonders if it’s arable on regular radio, Manson said he
has plenty of room to cut. Bubba wonders if he should stop and start
it, he wants to turn to the fans on this. Bubba said at one, they’re
having an ass model in; he likes how the girl thinks they’re dirty.
Spice said he couldn’t see her ass; he likes how she has a sweet ass.
Back Tracker thinks Frogger should be in charge of a body guard
division of the Bubba Army, Bubba hung up on him, he doesn’t know if
he should even do it. Bubba thinks if he had ten stars, he would have
a lot of space. Bubba wonders if the President was to rule himself a
ten star guy, Brent said it wouldn’t happen. Craig in Utah said some
marshals looking for a guy who killed his girlfriend, he was found
drunk, Bubba said that was good. Blind James in California said he
wondered if he ranked in the Army, he said he won the blind Olympics,
Bubba thinks he’s not blind, Spice said he breezed through the
obstacle course as if he had eyes, James said he’s happy being in the
army, he wants Bubba to stop and start the bit. Kevin in Canada thinks
they should play it at the end of the show. George thinks Bubba should
play it twice. Bubba said that Tom the Treeman was on a podcast, we
then heard the clip of it, Manson thinks it sounds like his answering
machine; Bubba doesn’t want Tom talking to Howard. The guys cracked up
when tom came on, Spice goofed on his voice. Bubba wonders if Tom gets
to talk, the guy wondered if Tom has ever said no to some stuff, tom
said he has done that, but once he looks at bubba, he knows he has to
do it. The guys cracked up at the guy describing the rat coffin
(February 13, 2009), Tom said it was hurting, Bubba thinks the host of
the podcast is a mark for the show, Brent thinks the guy is beating
Tom down. The guy asked Tom what he considered to be the most painful
stunt ever, Tom said it was when they had the dream girls in, he got
hit, Bubba thinks the guy in the clip is jerking off. Tommy said her
husband would drive her crazy with Bubba stuff, she now enjoys the
show, she said she’s a 36 double D. Spice wonders if her husband
spreads her ass. Bubba thinks if you’ve never heard the show, you
might think this is Saddam like stuff; Spice goofed on Tom’s voice a
little more. Bubba asked tom why he got fired, Spice as Tom said he
was irresponsible with his surgeries. Bubba wonders if Tom has been
recognized, Spice thinks he tells people who he is, Bubba said he
wears his merchandise because it fits, Ned said that he’s an
egomaniac. The guy thinks Bubba is a hard working man, Bubba said the
guy knows his show is so crappy, that he’ll put Tom on to look like a
jackass, he thinks they should have a tom the Treeman shirt, just as a
rib. Lance in Northern Canada said it’s cold up there, he thinks the
guys have never experienced anything like it, Bubba thinks they should
go to Calgary, the guy said he’s been handing out Bubba Army stickers,
Bubba thinks the army is strong in Canada, the guy said people come up
to him and talk to him, Bubba thinks it’s the hottest Decembers ever.
Bubba thinks they should go the second week of June, he said he
doesn’t want to compete with the stampede. Bubba checked his schedule,
he thinks he could do it in August of 2010, he said he’d take a Monday
off to travel, he thinks he may have to be doped up to go to Canada,
Bubba thinks the guys would have to kill him if he was on a plane for
more than five hours. Brent reminded Bubba to do the winner, Bubba
asked for Sara Broderson to cal in, as she has won the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Randy thinks they can fire up the state of the Bubba, Bubba
said no. Rolo in Indiana said he knew Bubba back in the day, he said
he runs into Denzel at the gym. Rolo asked about John Ditullio, Bubba
said they know it’s him, he thinks he’s over thinking it; Brent thinks
the guy will have the death penalty on Monday. Christian in Canada
said the previous Canadian guy was dead on. Bubba wonders if he could
sell 5,000 seats, the guy thinks so; he wants Tucker Carlson to come
with them and beat the crap out of him. Bubba thinks they need to go
to Canada. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Manson’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. We then heard some Blue Oyster Cult as bumper music,
ned played the cowbell a little, Bubba wondered what he was doing.
Bubba potted up the audio of the Price is Right; Bubba said he
wouldn’t pay $1530 for a. Bubba said he’s got the new bit ready, he
said 16:40 is un heard of. The bit starts off with Manson as
Springsteen talking to Manson; Manson said the bit gets longer and
longer every year. Pantera said it was time to smoke weed, he said
sells mixed tapes on EBay. Bubba thinks Jabber jaw’s part is about
fing James, Jabberjaw said MJ was a jackass; she said that Bubba
isn’t short. Bubba thinks Spice has a hair peace; it turned out to be
shirts that said “uncle Matt touched me in a naughty place”. Bubba
wonders why he gets enjoyment out of this. Al-kida said he’d like a
new gimmick, Springsteen has him as he is now, sucking chocolate
cocks, ending up in gay porn. Ned gave him a quarter and asked him to
take off his pants. Ned said he’s got a big list of stuff, Santa tells
him to slow down, he then said he’d want everyone to realize he’s not
gay. Blind Lawrence was asked to come over, Springsteen told him to
pucker up for Naughty Alysha, Ned said it was his cock, Springsteen
said they’ve got a new cane for Lawrence, it was Ned’s cock again.
Lawrence asked for his site back, Santa said he’s not a miracle
worker, Springsteen told him to take some candy canes and leave.
Sluggo got a new webmaster’s license. Bubba went to Sara, he asked her
to hold. Ferret ended up having Santa groping his man boobs. Bubba got
a billion dollar check from Santa, to stop talking about chicken dip,
Bubba ends up calling Santa a pussy. Tom Bean was told the elves cut
the top two buttons off his shirt, the guys were laughing their asses
off at this, Tom ended up beating Santa. Dave rice said he was trying
to edit something, Ned gave him the wha treatment, he then goofed on
him. Twenty-five Cent said he wanted to be a super hero; it was a pink
slip for saying the n word. Big Dick said he could care less about
Christmas, Springsteen thinks the negative gimmick is getting old; it
was a song with Manson singing “Put n A Happy Face”, Bubba thinks it
should be done in Bubbapalooza. Hammil got nothing, as he’s a
millionaire; Bubba said a lot of this is Manson’s true thoughts. Brent
was challenged to a drinking contest, Santa got in some jabs at Brent,
Santa thinks it was the best insult he ever heard, in his life, Brent
ended up throwing a trash can, Bubba told him he was fired. Miller was
there to teach Santa how to talk shit, we heard Miller’s bumper. Santa
called Miller his bitch. Carl Harris flipped out on Santa. Manson came
back, he said he was doing this for about twenty years; he set up a
booth for those who want to suck his cock, ending the bit. Bubba
congratulated Sara for winning the boobs, he read her the legal stuff,
she thanked them, she said she’s 24, she said she’s a stay at home
Mom, she said her husband listens to the show. Bubba wants to talk to
the kid about Santa, Bubba asked the kid if Santa was coming, he told
the kid that Santa doesn’t’ exist; Sara said that Santa was real;
Bubba said he devastated the kid, but he’ll give her tits. Bubba
thinks as a parent he shouldn’t have done that, he gave the next
contestant seven extra minutes to call in, he asked for Katie Petrin
to call in. they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Brent on the wrap up show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview, then into some Bob Seger as bumper music. Bubba said
he wants to make this segment short, as he wants to be on time with
Phil. Spice said he’s going to Disney, Manson as Mickey mouse told
everyone to f off. Bill said West Jet is a great airline, he said
they’ve got stuff like Jet Blue; Bubba said he could deal with it.
Bubba said Brent was on the wrap-up show yesterday, Brent said he was
calling into answer a question. Brent said you can’t copyright adult
material, he said he couldn’t copyright Toys for Tits, as it had the
word tits in it. Spice said he sees the fbi warning at the beginning
of his pornos. Bubba chided Brent for saying Amanda was in bad shape.
Bubba wondered where he was wrong, Brent said he didn’t want to bug
him, Brent said he doesn’t break dance, Spice thinks it was a weird
segway, he thinks Brent is hyping stuff up. Bubba said Amanda and
Heather talk every day; he wonders what’s going on. Bubba explained to
Brent classifies a bad injury; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Phil Hendrie calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Bob Seger, Bubba said he
wants to get to Phil, he said he’s nervous. Phil said he was doing
great, he doesn’t’ mind being on hold, he said he’s just waking up, he
said he got divorced three years ago, he got one of the houses. Bubba
said he got a pre-nup, Phil said they’ll really hurt a guy, he said
she gets half of your business, he said the blowjobs are fewer and
fewer. Phil said his Dad walked out, he understands what it’s like
that, he said he hopes his ex wife burns, Bubba wonders if he can call
her a cunt, Phil said he did that. Bubba thinks cunt is the
exclamation point, Phil said it is, he said he saw The Vagina
Monologs, where they said that they’ll be taking cunt back, he thinks
losers sticks more than jerk, he thinks they have to put two together.
Bubba thinks the girls he and Phil date aren’t that smart, Phil was
laughing his ass off at that, his Dad told him that women are smarter
than men, he said one of his friends told him they got into radio for
pussy, Bubba said that was true. Bubba asked Phil when he first got
into radio, Phil said it was in Orlando in 1973, Phil said he went
there to work on construction, he was talking with a guy who new Billy
Barber who was selling everything he had. Bubba asked him about the
asshole program director, Phil said a guy named Tom would put sharks
on his memos, Bubba asked about the program directors who have messed
with him, Phil said the industry is so fed in the ass who don’t
know anything about content, he said Bubba and Howard on Sirius are
all they need, he said they lick Mel’s ass for everything, he said Mel
represents everything fed up about the industry. Bubba said you
also have a problem with not knowing the audience, he said it’s not a
woman who is watching Oprah on TV. Phil said if Bubba ran that
company, it would be great, the guys were laughing there asses off,
Phil said it doesn’t have to be this way, he said Scott Greenstein is
a movie guy, he thinks price is the big thing, he said the problem is
that radio guys don’ stand up for themselves. Bubba thinks he’s been
fired more than Phil, Phil said he got fired seven times; Bubba went
over the times he got fired. We then heard a clip of Phil talking
about his appearance on Bubba’s show, Bud Dickman said radio stinks,
he said Phil will be on the Sponge, Bubba loved when he and Ted Bell
were messing with the waitress, Ted said he doesn’t remember doing
that. Bubba told him about Hogan lighting joints with $100, he said
Hogan is fked and more fed. Bubba wondered if Phil is in a
submarine, Phil said it’s all fked up where he is, he said he can’
get cell service. Bubba asked him about the biggest amount of money
he’s made, Phil said he made more money with syndication, he said he
never got higher than a million three. Bubba wondered if mark and
Brian were pulling down six million, Phil said he heard it was about
three million, he said Glenn Beck is a bust out star, he said his
radio show blew herds of buffalo, Manson said he’s the biggest sell
out ever. Phil said no one will ever understand. Bubba asked about
Rick Dees, Phil said he was rolling in money, he said kiss fm had a
budget of ten million, he said Rick was pulling down large money, he
said a morning show signed for $300,000 back in 1980, he said there
was a lot of shit back in the day, he said he had a girlfriend who was
a Dj at a Christian radio station, he fed her in the control room,
he saw Chevy chase do cocaine with a radio host, he said that the DEA
had one of his stations under watch, one of his pds asked him if he
was leaving because of the drug issue, he said no, he said there were
a bunch of machine gun wars in Miami. Bubba asked him about the best
girls, Phil said Miami, he said they had the worst money and worst
roads, Bubba said he was paid in sunshine, Phil said he got that same
line of bullshit. Phil said when he moved from Minnesota to Miami, he
stayed on the beach to heat up. Bubba asked him about his podcast,
Phil said you have to own your content, Bubba said he licenses all of
it, Phil said there are guys who are doing deals with archives, he
said Casey Casum made a ton of money with his top 40 gig. Bubba said
he could talk to Phil all day, Phil said he’s going up to New York for
something, he said he’s got about 100 affiliates. Bubba called Phil a
breath of fresh air, Phil said he appreciates that, he said we need a
generation of people who understand content, he said guys steal money
from advertisers, he wonders how much more bullshit can these guys
higher, he thinks Gary and Steve were hilarious, Bubba said it’s sad,
Phil thinks the programmers are just trying to hold on to a job, he
said if you turn the volume down, Bubba could get fired, the guys were
laughing there asses off at this. Bubba said that people are analyzing
stuff minute by minute, Phil said the result of all that stuff is one
dollar a share, he said guys have destroyed the radio, Bubba thinks
they should start their own company with Phil, Brent said it would be
successful, Bubba said he couldn’t get a fcc approval with those
names. Phil said he met with a fcc guy, the guy told Phil to check
with his lawyer if he could say asshole after ten at night, Spice said
it was like Phil is in the room with them, Phil said he would be happy
to stay in touch with the guys. Bubba wished him a great weekend,
Manson said Phil was dead on, Katie in Maine was on, Bubba
congratulated her for winning the 12 boobs of Christmas®. Bubba
asked for Kate Hurl to call in, as she has won the contest, they then
went to commercial a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba reads a live commercial, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into “People Are Strange” as bumper music. Bubba said that Kate Hurl
has already called in; he wants people to comment on Phil Hendrie.
Brent said he had a spot for Tom Taylor, Bubba thinks he’s being a
dick, he told Spice to shut up. We then heard the 12 Boobs of
Christmas® bumper, Kate said she was great, she said she’s a Longhorn,
Bubba thinks the Longhorns are undefeated, she said she’s pre med,
Spice thinks she’s rich. Bubba thinks he should do the commercial
live, Brent said he dreaded telling Bubba that. Bubba went through his
instant replay, we then heard a clip of bill O’riley flipping out over
a mal functioning teleprompter, Bubba said if that ever happened to
him, he would be done, he likes how the producer is unflappable. Bubba
said he hates reading live commercials, he thinks Brent is bringing
him down, he told Brent to look the other way, he told Brent to not
look at him. Bubba thinks some of the stuff in it is a little un
needed, he said that the ass model doesn’t want to play ball with
them. Bubba told them that was all they were getting; Brent said he
needs a copy to edit. Ryan in Nashville said the interview with Phil
was fantastic, Bubba said he’d like to do a radio roundtable, he said
he’ll be giving him $500. Bubba said they have Rali in, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Rali from Strobe comes in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
Bubba asked for Rali to come in, Spice said she’s a Bulgarian, Bubba
said he’ll go easy on her. Bubba thinks he shot with her for Bubba Raw
3; she said it was in the studio. Bubba wondered why she’s nervous;
Rali said her thing is an ass model. Bubba wonders what’s up with Ray,
Ray said he has a bad eye that kicks in, he said he loves her accent,
Bubba said it’s great, Spice thinks it’s retarded. Rali said she’s
been with a guy for eight years, Bubba thinks she’s married, he
wonders why she’s downplaying it, he thinks Spice isn’t filing on all
cylinders. Rali said she’s been in America for four years, the guys
were interested in seeing a Bulgarian man, she said he’s about two
hundred pounds. Bubba thinks the Bulgarians take marriage more
seriously than Americans, Spice is surprised they have a Bulgarian
maxim. Bubba asked to see her ass, he thinks she’s a zero, she said
she’s a three, she said she lives in St. Petersburg. Bubba asked her
how long she’s been in Tampa for, she said about four years. Bubba
said he has Janessa Brazil, she said she’s not into stuff that Janessa
is into. Bubba wants to see her in the underwear, she said you can go
to her website, Bubba said he doesn’t have her in real life, Ray said
the shoot was about five hours, Bubba likes her face. Bubba thanked
her for coming by, Spice asked her if she’d do a dildo show for a
million dollars, Rali said it would depend on who it is, Spice said he
would do it for a million dollars. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Ned’s Butt Beer bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a prom for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Ned’s “Santa’s Butt Beer” from “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1”, track
24, and “Holiday CD” disc 1, track 17, where ned thinks it’s part of
the gay lifestyle, ned and the operator end up trading insults. Bubba
said he has to take a shit, he said the people can’t talk shit, he
said their here. Dan in Los Angeles make Fridays worth it, Bubba wants
to be syndicated. Mark asked how the Howard parties are, Bubba said
you can talk like men; they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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