Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10th, 2010 by Staff

Friday, December 10, 2010

Recap by Blind Lawrence

This recap is dedicated to all of the Sirius fans. We thank you very
much for listening to the show on Howard 101 for the past four years,
and we hope that you follow Bubba and the crew to their new home on

This recap goes out to Danielle Cressey, as she won the Twelve Boobs
of Christmas. Congratulations Danielle!

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with “American Girl” by Tom Petty. Bubba came on
asking Ned how he was, Ned said that he was awesome and ready to
party. Bubba went over last night’s Magic game, he then said he met
Doug Yates yesterday, he said the guy was money, he then said that his
legs are tired from all the walking at PRI, he then asked Spice how
his McDonalds appearance went yesterday, Spice said it was strong.
Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up, he said that they’ll do the
Shake weight with the 2001 girls towards the end of the show, they’ll
do the Baby Bird on Satellite. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Bucs results in Controversy

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said he has the lotto coming up, he then said that today is the last
Satellite show of the year, he thinks they talked about something for
next week, Mike in Dexter Maine came on saying that at least they made
contact, he then asked about Sylvester Stallone getting inducted in
the Boxing hall of fame, Bubba said he doesn’t have a problem with it,
Manson wondered where it is, Spice and Manson cracked up at the Rocky
movies, as their not realistic. Collin in Naples said that a 15
year-old kid killed his parents, Bubba said he’ll look into it. We
then heard the lotto machine bumper, Jabberjaw said that Pantera has
19 balls, Bubba thinks they should make him employee of the week. the
machine was fired up, it landed on Russ, we then heard the tymbal, ,
Bubba fired the machine up again to determine who would get it next,
it landed on Twenty-five, Spice said it’s up to Bubba, he thinks Russ
not paying sluggo would diss qualify him, Brent said if you don’t pay,
you shouldn’t be in it, Jabberjaw said he’s the hardest one to pay,
Manson then goofed on Russ saying he’ll pay Sluggo next week, he then
thinks they should ban the upstairs guys from partaking in the
lottery, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Officer Brandon Coats’s death discussed

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. The first email of the day was about the Orlando cop dying,
Bubba said he’s going to Orlando to do something for the family, we
then heard a news clip about that. Another emailer thanked Bubba for
talking about the cops. Another emailer said his friend was hit by a
drunk driver, and is fighting for his life. Another emailer thinks
Keith won’t last, Bubba said he’s not sure, Spice said the guy doesn’t
favor rehab all he knows is that his knee hurts, Manson thinks he just
likes crack, Bubba wonders if their considered enablers, Manson thinks
they should’ve sent Auggie and Tuddle after him. Another emailer said
they tried to get the dip in a grocery store, Bubba thinks the guy
isn’t trying very hard. We then heard another news clip about Brandon
Coats, the officer in Orlando who died, Bubba thinks the guy should’ve
still been in prison, Spice said that we lock up the wrong guy, Bubba
thinks the suspect is a pussy for taking his own life. Dave in Tampa
said Brandon Coats was a great guy, he said the marine Core lost a
great guy. Bubba said they’ll get Russ on next, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba Bucs – Twenty-five Cent, Trace and Berlin’s bit, Russ calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Get Down Tonight” by KC and the
Sunshine band, Ned sang along with the song a little, Bubba read that
the base player got arrested for touching kids, he thinks Ned should
do a parody about that, Ned thinks the song is ruined for him, Spice
said the guy left the band in 1980. Larry on protection said it’s been
a sad few days for the cops, he thanked the guys for what they’ve done
for cops. We then heard a news clip about a guy who committed suicide
during a traffic stop, Bubba thinks everyone should do this, he then
said he’s going to get Russ on the phone. Russ came on saying he’s
been up, but he hasn’t been listening, Spice thinks he doesn’t like
the show, Bubba said that Russ’s speaker phone is driving him insane,
he then asked him about being the worst payer, Russ said that he gave
the money at the last creative meeting. Jabberjaw ran down who Russ
still owes, Russ said he doesn’t know how it happens. Bubba thinks he
could diss qualify him, split it with 25, or take it all, Russ said
that he should be diss qualified, Bubba is socked by this, Brent
thinks he should get half for honesty, Bubba thinks they should have
upstairs probation, he said that they’ll pay his debt off, he then
told him he’ll see him Monday, he then said that Twenty-five is the
winner, Manson thinks they should just give Twenty-five the whole
thing. Bubba decided to fire up the machine to see who would’ve won,
it landed on Brent, Bubba thinks Brent has the best luck. Bubba fired
up the lotto machine again, Brent thinks the lotto machine doesn’t
like Pantera. We then heard a news clip about a teacher who had sex
with two students, Spice said that she was ugly, he thinks she looked
like a Hippo. Bubba asked if the teacher had a statement, we then
heard some pig sound effects, Spice thinks she sounds like Tonk the
Bare (May 9, 2008). Bubba then played sound effects over the news
clip, Manson thinks she ate both of the students. We then heard
“Airplanes”, Manson thinks the song is deep, Manson said his parody is
about the Pat downs, this one is done by his children, Trace and
Berlin, Brent thinks Manson is sub contracting his work. We then heard
the bit, where Trace raps about the TSA nightmare, Bubba thinks Berlin
is quite the ticket, he thinks he’ll have Manson’s nightmare in a few
years, he then played the tymbal for them, he said Steve Hurley texted
him, saying that they’ll set aside $50 for any car purchased from now
until January 10. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Dr. Joe Saturley and Regina Hunter in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Ned Fliction”
Shirt, followed by a combo promo for Dr. Joe Saturley and Regina
Hunter. Bubba asked if Regina helped Hogan with her pre-nup, Regina
said yes. We then heard the clip from November 12, 2010, where Joe
said he brought some muffins, Ned thinks Joe could be dipping his deal
in the batter, Joe said he’ll bring breakfast, he then said the guys
are dicks. John on protection said someone in his family was abused
physically. Joe asked how old the person is, John said 16. Regina
asked if the Department of families was called, the guy said yes. Tim
came on asking about his daughter, Joe said when she’s 18, she can
make her own decisions, Regina said that a 16 year-old will more than
likely go with the parent who won’t make them do homework. Joe on
protection said his kid was sexually abused by a Cousin, Regina said
that if Florida is the home state, they can file a level of
protection. The first emailer asked for a marriage councilor in
Brandon, Joe suggested a woman named Nancy. Another emailer said
they’re 15 year-old has been depressed lately, Joe said the only
medication for a 15 year-old would be Prozac. Spice said he’s amazed
by cutters, Joe said the song “she Talks To Angels” is about a person
with personality disorder. Dana said her 13 year-old step daughter’s
Mom is thinking about giving up parental rights, Regina said it’s very
common, but it wouldn’t warrant tpr (Termination of parental rights),
Joe said he’ itching to backer act someone today, Bubba thinks he’ll
backer act himself. Mindy in Pasco said her sister is 30 years old,
she’s a long time cutter, seeing the blood makes her feel better, Joe
said you can only be backer acted if you’re a threat to yourself or
someone else, Mindy said she has scars from her vagina to her feet,
Spice said nice to this, he wonders if a cutter hits a major area, Joe
said that she’s experienced at this, Joe said only a professional can
backer act, Mindy said her sister abuses Oxies. Chris said she has
four sons, she has a bunch of support for being a single mom, she said
her 10 and 14 year-old fight with each other, Bubba said he’s not a
pro, he thinks they need a good Father like figure that beats ass, he
thinks she can’t pull them apart. Chris said she’s dating someone,
bubba thinks the guy can hold his own. Joe asked if there’s some sort
of a theme, Chris said the 10 year-old is a whiner, Ned suggested the
10 year-old get a set of brass knuckles. Amanda in Tampa said she was
adopted, she didn’t know her4 biological Dad until recently, she
doesn’t’ know what her Mom did, as there’s no record of her birth, as
her birth certificate is nonexistent. Regina said in Florida, a birth
certificate would be issued with the step Dad’s name, she said that
they’ll file a motion to get this done. Bubba asked about the people
who post pone the holidays, Joe said that a lot of people come from a
diss functional family, bubba said he doesn’t talk to his family.
William said he and his ex had a nasty split up, she’s disappeared,
the guy said they were never married, he said that she has two felony
charges, Regina said we only do time sharing plans now. Joe wished
everyone a Merry Christmas, he then said that when he walked in, he
discovered he didn’t have his wallet with him, Ned called him a cheap
sob, Bubba thinks Ned will kill him. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba admonishes big dick for missing a story, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Toys for Tatas”.
Bubba said he feels bad looping the guys into the family drama, he
hopes the guys don’t think bad of him, Manson said that everyone’s
family is diss functional, Spice said he wasn’t paying attention. Joe
in South Carolina said there’s a kid at a high school who set himself
on fire, he said he just sent the link, the kid ended up passing away,
Jabberjaw said that Big dick didn’t see it on line, Brent said he’s
sending it to everyone. Bubba wonders what Big Dick does at the BRN.
We then heard a news clip about the wiki leaks founder. We then heard
a news clip about Palin going to Haiti, the guys then goofed on her
accent. Bubba then read an article about a kid setting himself on
fire, he said they should’ve covered the story, he thinks the problem
is Big Dick. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba said they
might be covering the lack of coverage, he said this is one of these
high ranking schools. Big dick came in, he said the update was from
7:50, he doesn’t remember seeing the graphic, he said just because
it’s on the 11:00 news, doesn’t mean it’s up on the website, Spice
said he prints out all the headlines. We then heard a news clip about
the kid setting himself on fire, Dick said the websites aren’t always
updated, bubba asked for the Charleston audience to cal into report
the story, he thinks dick is an idiot for missing this, he said
there’s a lot writing as to when it was posted. Brent in Charleston
said it was on the news last night, he’s not sure about the website.
Matt said his son goes to the school where this happened, they knew it
was going to happen, it was on YouTube before it was on the news. Mike
in Charleston said this happened Wednesday at 10:30, the kid died
yesterday, Bubba thinks it makes dick look even more like an idiot,
dick said they don’t know when it was posted, bubba asked him to leave
the building if he’s going to be like this, he said that he’s n a
great mood, but he doesn’t like laziness, he thinks that’s why they
can’t get syndicated. Kenny in Charleston said all information was
blocked on it for a while, Bubba told him to go back to his media
center. Chris said the story was first posted on at
Wednesday at around 10:30. Frank on protection said that he has a 15
year-old boy, he thinks the kid is screwing around with one of his
teachers, bubba thinks he should take the guy off protection, as he
was having a tough time understanding him. Tara in Charleston said
she’s a high school student, her friends were blowing up her phone,
she said she doesn’t feel bad for the kids, she said she feels bad for
the people who had to see it. Bubba said that Manson is busy, as he
has a new offering called “Thirty thousand Hundred Million”. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Manson’s new bit, various news, Mili Cyrus on Salvia?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Moving On Up”
sale, followed by “Ride to California” by Paper Tongues. We then heard
a clip about Donald Trump saying he’s not interested in being
President, but figures the Country needs him. Bubba took a call from a
guy who said this is the first he heard of the story. We then heard
“thirty Thousand Hundred Million” by Soulja Boy, Manson said it’s
horrible. We then heard Manson’s version of it, which takes shots at
Bubba, with Twenty-five as the hype man, Spice was cracking up at the
song. We then heard a news clip about a 14 year-old who murdered his
parents. We then heard a news clip about a man who was diss membered
and put in a back pack, Spice thinks it’s a dirty job, Manson thinks
they just gave up. Spice said he’ll be damned if he sees a hitch hiker
in this day and age. Bubba said he picked up a male hitch hiker once,
he said he went from Warsaw to Philadelphia, he saw a guy with a
guitar, he said the guy was really nice, the guy gave Bubba $5 for
gas. We then heard a news clip about Captain Awesome, Spice as Tom the
Treeman said this was bullcrap, he then thinks Tom should change his
name to Major Lee Awesome. Bubba thinks he needs to get high for the
Satellite show. We then heard a clip of
Christine O’Donnell talking about unemployment benefits. We then heard
a clip about mili Cyrus getting high off of Salvia, Spice said it’s
nothing great, ned said she’s tripping her balls off, Bubba said he
has a little bit of respect for her, Manson said this was great. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – 2001 Girls shake Weight contest

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba asked for Spice to bring everyone, he then recapped
who they’ve got, Sierra said she was at the club a few nights ago, a
girl named Spice came on saying she’s new, Jimmy said that he’s got
some new girls. Sierra said that she was in the Bikini contest at
Bikes for Badges (may 22, 2010). Spice said her birthday is September
6, she’s been in America for 20 years and has had two kids, Spice
likes how she’s kept the body together, he thinks she’s made of
elastic. Carmella said that she’s been at the club for two years, she
said she’s been dancing for four years. Spice said she’s been dancing
for 15 years. Sierra said she’s been dancing for about a year, she
went from being a waitress to bar tender. Bubba wondered why they only
had two shake weights, Hammil said that they might’ve lost one during
“Bubba Saw”, the girls had no idea what baby birding was. Bubba said
that Spice will be sitting out during the Shake weight, he then asked
for the girls to go topless, we then heard a promo for the “shake
Weight Challenge”, Spice said the prizes are really stellar, Bubba
thinks Carmella has a good technique, he said the girl that quits
first will be the loser. Sierra and Carmella started the contest,
while Bubba provided play by play, Spice thinks it’s a ridiculous
invention, Bubba thinks she should have longer stretches. Sierra ended
up tapping out of the contest. Bubba said they’ve got a toaster and an
Iron. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – bubba’s Idea with Sirius, various callers

The show started off with “Juicy” by Notorious BIG. Bubba said this is
the last live show for Sirius of the year, he said next Friday they’ll
be live at 2001, he said that will be replayed on Saturday December 18
at 5:00, he said that Howard signed yesterday, and that’s all that he
has at this point, he thinks Howard will get some more vacation time,
he said that will be changed to, he said the
application is almost done, Brent said the app looks fantastic, Spice
said they just have the basics, but it’ll get better. Bubba said that
they had to sign Howard before getting to them, he then said he’ll do
the 2001 girls for a segment, he said it’s sad that it’s their last
show, he said when they got into Satellite in January of 2006, it was
liberating, they didn’t want to go back to regular radio, he said that
with Satellite Radio is cult like, you’re more of a follower, Spice
said that he likes the haters for having so much passion. Bubba said
that the regular listener will email with no evidence, while the
Satellite listener will give information, he said that regular radio
was three times the money, Spice said that Bubba was told what to say
with his deal in 2008. Bubba said that he known what the backlash
would be, he would’ve fought to the bidder end, Brent said that
sometimes you have to do. Bubba said that he fought and fought for the
content he likes, Spice said that for the stuff they couldn’t do, they
should enjoy the stuff they can do. Bubba then said something about
one year, Spice thinks Bubba should Price is right it, Bubba thinks he
shouldn’t, he then said that he’d like to be exclusive to Sirius,
Brent thinks bubba is too honest, Spice thinks Bubba would make for a
bad poker player. Bubba said he’d like to be at Sirius so bad that, he
should sign a one year deal, he said they’ve got one more year left
with regular radio, he thinks they should sign a one year deal with
Sirius, he thinks they should go back with Sirius and ask for the
money, Spice said the money thing is a big deal, but it’s not
outrageous, he thinks there’s no more proving left to do, he said the
merger has gone through, and that everything is fine, Manson thinks it
wasn’t wrong for Bubba to say, Ned said he hates the new set up. Bubba
said he has two Twelve Boobs of Christmas winners to do today, Brent
thinks it should be easy for them, Spice said he would look at the
number and laugh, Bubba said he’d sign it right now, he thinks they
can say they’re gone for a whole year. The first email of the day was
a copy of an email about the chicken dip to a grocery store manager.
Another emailer said his friend is in critical condition after a drunk
driver hit him, the emailer asked that the listeners pray for his
friend. Another emailer thinks Keith McCants will fail, Bubba joked
that Deion wrote the email, Brent said he heard the Sirius replay,
Keith was cursing like crazy, Spice as Deion talked Bubba about that.
Another emailer thanked Bubba for all the laughs, the emailer said the
last few weeks of shows have been great. The last email of the day
said they drive the largest dump truck, the emailer said they love
Bubba’s show. Bubba thinks snowballing might’ve scared the girls off,
Brent said he had to tell them that, as Baby Birding wasn’t working.
Jen in Texas said her boyfriend and her are a freaky couple, there’s
nothing their not willing to do, Brent said if you screw your
boyfriend on film, they can only use it once. Spice asked if she’ll do
scat, Jen just cracked up at that, she said she’ll do anal. Spice
asked about fisting, Jen said yes, if the guy would let her do it.
Spice asked about a strap on, Jen said he might do it. Spice asked if
she’d drink his piss, Jen said she would. Spice asked about large
object, Jen said it wouldn’t fit, Bubba then gave her the Evil
treatment. Specialist Haring said we’re not going to leave Iraq, he
thinks we’re doing nothing over there, Manson as Bush said that’s part
of his master plan, bubba told the guy not to go back. Mike in Dexter
Maine said he likes Bubba’s idea, he then said that whenever he gets a
client, he has to explain to someone what it’s all about. Bubba said
he was listening to an old show, he said it was the woman who said
that Hue Heffner would beat off (August 23, 2006). TJ thinks it would
be great for the guys to come back, he said that it’s hard for him to
pick up the morning show. Derik, a black FTE called in, he said the
guys are like Cornflakes without the milk, he said we need Howard in
the morning, and Bubba in the afternoon, he thinks the guys are like
the warm wash rag after love making. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers, Miley Cyrus on Salvia

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Sitting Behind Bars” from
“Bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol. 6”, track 6. The bit parodies “Sitting
At A Bar” by Rehab, and is about Ned getting raped in prison, Spice as
a black guy is also featured in this offering. This bit originally
aired on Friday September 19, 2008. Brent wondered what the song was,
Spice said it’s Rebolution, Brent said it was pretty good. Bubba asked
Brent if he’s gotten high, he then asked for everyone to get high. We
then heard Israel’s bumper, Isreal came on said it’s the last show, he
asked for Spice to look up a YouTube video, he said his cousin is
featured in a video, Bubba thinks Isreal is bringing him down. Isreal
said that he’s happy to be a part of the Bubba Army, he thanked the
guys for years of service. Spice said bubba was out of his mind at the
moment, Bubba said this is like the jungle when he gets food. Isreal
said the guys have his info, he asked for them to haller at him. Dave
in West Palm said he remembers when the guys did Shocking the Puss on
Howard’s show, Bubba told the guy to let it go, Dave asked for a
bumper, as it’s his birthday, Bubba then did one, Spice as a voice guy
called Dave a “cock Sucking Faggot”, he then said that Miley Cyrus is
getting after it, Brent thinks Billy Ray Cyrus should be told how to
parent. We then heard the clip of Miley Cyrus doing Salvia, Spice
thinks her Dad is attracted to her. Bubba asked for Spice to get the
2001 girls ready. Bubba thinks that it would be a pay day if Miley was
in porn, he then asked for Danielle Cressey to call in, as she won the
Twelve Boobs of Christmas, he then said that he likes a girl on the
Disney channel, Brent thinks she’ll be dangerous with boobs. We then
heard some Pat O’Bryan audio clips, spliced with B-fudd and Jeff Byrd,
Brent said each line gets creepier and creepier. Bubba then asked for
the girls to come in, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Twelve Boobs of Christmas – Danielle Cressey, 2001 girls Baby Bird

Spice said the girl Bubba was talking about is named Victoria Justice,
Bubba wondered how old she was, Spice said she’ll be 18 on February 19
of next year. Bubba said that has something for
wrestlers, Al-kida came in, he said it sounds great. Danielle Cressey
came on, she thinks what she has is a little too small. Bubba thinks
she has beautiful natural boobs, she gave Bubba the green light to
show the pictures, she said that her boyfriend was listening for her.
Bubba asked what she does, Danielle said she’s going to graduate from
College on Monday, Jimmy thinks she could use a bit of a lift. Bubba
asked if she’ll kick her man to the curb, she said she’d never do
that, Brent said they’ve heard that for years. We then heard a promo
for the Baby Bird challenge. Bubba asked for Miller to get some ice
water in spray bottles, hammil thinks the girls should drink it. Bubba
told them they could say anything they’d like, he said you can go to The girls were heard licking whip cream off of each
other nipples. Bubba asked if the girls do snowballing, Sierra said
she’s done that, she said it was a few days ago. Carmella said she’s
done it, Spice said she’s never done it. Carmella said it’s a good
moisturizer, she said she doesn’t mind it, Bubba thinks Sierra is
against guys cumming in her pussy. Bubba said they should do
snowballing now, he asked hammil to stop picking his nose, Hammil said
it was a bad habit, Spice thinks Hammil is board with hot girls, Bubba
thinks Hammil is like Anthony Hopkins, he thinks Sierra has a nice
ass. Carmella said she’ll take in the mouth, bubba asked for the
camera guys to not worry about him, he thinks he’s flipping back to
2006. Spice then described what was going on, Brent thinks it’s a
Peter North sized load, the girls were heard moaning. Bubba told
Twenty-five to reload, he then asked for a triple shot, he then goofed
on the girls moaning. Bubba said they had Jenna Haze on the show
(October 22, 2010), we then heard Brian’s call, bubba asked Jimmy if
this was what goes on at, Jimmy said it does. Bubba
thinks they couldn’t find a guy like this again, Spice said the guy
knew what he was doing. Calvin the Cowfucker came on, Bubba thinks
nobody could hold a candle to Brian Godamn Brian. Sierra and Calvin
went back and forth for a little, Bubba cracked up at what was going
on, Spice said Calvin just pretended she was a talking cow. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Ice Tea calls out Soulja Boy, Manson’s new Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Springsteen Rags the BRN 2010”.

1. Big dick – vibrating butt plug of marijuana
2. Pantera – hired to screen letters
3. Brent – pooped on the floor
4. Twenty-five – wants color in Christmas
5. Jabberjaw – misses David Rice
6. Miller – a contract for a six dollar bar tab
7. Bubba – Wants to be Santa
8. Chaz and Al-kida – a role in “Two Jabrones and one cup”
9. Spice – questions Santa’s job
10. Sluggo – got nervous and chickened out
11. Ned – said he’d like to fuck Rudolph
12. Manson – considered to be hotter than Jesus, he then tells the
guys the bit is over

Bubba came on talking about a Buddy Scott trick, he then said that
they might’ve done a good thing, Spice thinks it took them five years
to figure it out, he said no one can complain about it. Jason said
he’s a construction worker from New York, he said that he wishes them
the best of luck, Bubba said Sirius will determine what will happen,
he then said there’s a clip of ice Tea calling out Soulja boy, Brent
said Ice Tea has talent, we then heard “Thirty thousand Hundred
million”, Bubba said it’s not talent. We then heard a clip of Ice Tea
talking about Soulja Boy, Manson said it’s great how he’s always mad,
the guys cracked up when Ice Tea said he apologized for telling Soulja
boy to eat a dick, Brent thinks Ice Tea is the Bubba the Love Sponge
of rap, the guys were cracking up at the clip, Manson thinks he’s
right. We then heard manson’s version of “thirty thousand Hundred
Million”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Soulja Boy audio, Ralph calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, followed
by “1800AskBrent” from “Bubba Show classics Volume 17”, track 2,
followed by “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. Bubba said he’s having fun
today, he said it might be coming to an end, he said you can go to for more information, he then asked for Siera Eades to call
in, as she has won the contest. We then heard the clip of Soulja Boy
responding to Ice Tea. Ralph Sarella came on, he said that he loves
hearing this, he asked what is up with the guys, Bubba then recapped
what he had said earlier. Ralph said that’s how it should be, Spice
likes “Geek Time”, bubba said it’s the worst, Brent said that the
exclusive deal ends today, Spice said he loves Mac, as it doesn’t have
viruses, Ned thinks they’re a bunch of Apple marks, Bubba said that
he’s sending heather up to New York to represent them, he then joked
that Brent hit Amanda with a hammer to cripple her, Brent said he’d
never do that, Bubba said that she was drunk and fell on another girl.
Bubba wondered if Howard is done after five years, Ralph thinks Howard
won’t be doing the radio deal, he thinks he’d like to hear Howard all
by himself. Bubba said that if Benjy was down there, he’d whack him in
the mouth, he then said he’ll be sending Howard a Wiffle Ball Bat,
Ralph thinks every chair should be wired, he then said that Sam Simon
is doing great, he has a 200 inch TV projector bubba thinks it’s worth
$3000,000 Ralph thinks Sam has more money than Howard, he then
mentioned robin, Ned said he’s been there. bubba told Ralph he needs
to listen to Soulja Boy, Ralph said the miss usage of the English
language of these guys is hilarious. Bubba then went back to Soulja
Boy’s response, Brent thinks ice Tea would kick Soulja Boys’s ass, the
guys were cracking up at the clip, bubba went back and forth between
the two clips, he thinks Soulja Boy is a little fucker, Spice said
he’s good at hating though, Brent said he’d like for Soulja boy to run
into Ice Tea somewhere, Spice said he likes Soulja Boy in this one.
The guys think you could get a bunch of drops from both of these
clips. Bubba thinks that black people like calling each other the N
word, Brent thinks it’s like the exclamation point for them. We then
heard “thirty Thousand hundred Million” by Soulja Boy. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers, Blind Lawrence’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Bush VS Kanye West”,
followed by some Michael Jackson. Bubba said the guy could sing, Spice
thinks no one would take him seriously if he was on American Idol.
Andy said he drove across Calgary to see them, he then asked about the
applications, Brent said you should be able to download it without a
problem. Mike in Texas on protection said the ruling went out, he took
bubba’s advice and tried to talk it out with her the right way, he
said that his lawyer is a Pit Bull, he said that divorce is ugly, he
said he didn’t take Ned’s advice of kicking her in the cunt, Ned
thinks the guy pussed out. We then heard a clip 0of blind Lawrence
raping about Christmas, Manson said that Lawrence must think he’s
black. We then heard the rap, Bubba thinks Lawrence should just rest
his lorals on being blind, Brent wonders if a blind person could be
racist, Bubba thought the rap was horrible, Manson thinks Lawrence
should just rap what he writes. Kurt thinks Bubba only appeals to
rednecks, he then said that his phone was dying, the guy then got
Eviled. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Pedro, Scout and big Gulp, Twelve Boobs of Christmas
participant is a loser, Trace and Berlin’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “My Dick” from “bubba Show
classics Vol. 11”, track 21. Bubba thinks he’s playing Ned’s favorite
song, “smack My Bitch Up”, Spice said it was such a good video, that
MTV banned it, Bubba wondered if Pantera broke out into a seizure when
he heard it. We then heard Pedro’s bumper, Pedro hoped that Bubba
would be exclusive on Sirius, Bubba said Sirius can make it right,
Pedro thinks the complainers are faggots. Spice thanked Pedro for
being supportive, Pedro said Brent is the biggest man, as he said
Amanda is beautiful. We then heard Scout and big Gulp’s bumper, Bubba
said he doesn’t have the Twelve Boobs of Christmas person on. Scout
said no tits for you, she then said there are other alternatives,
she’s not sweating this out. Bubba said when they got fired from clear
Channel, he vowed that they would never be stuck like that.
Scout said she likes the loyalty with the fans, Bubba said he’ll be
sending some pink hoodies and the new Ned Fliction shirt, scout said
she doesn’t mind buying her swag. We then heard “Airplanes”, Bubba
doesn’t get what the song is about, he thinks the woman sounds hot. We
then heard “Airports” from Berlin and Trace. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – The Fans good-bye

Coming out of commercials, we heard “shot down In Flames” by AC/DC.
Bubba said that HeatherWiz is one of the good female fans of the show,
he then said that she’s calling the wrong number, he then said that
Soulja Boy’s album had about 13,000. We then heard a clip of Soulja
Boy talking smack on Lill’ Bowwow, bubba thinks he works hard at
making homemade videos, he asked for the guy to put a wind screen on
the microphone, he thinks the blacks kill each other because they get
themselves into a work, he said he’d like to see computer nerds should
fight each other. Spice thinks Bubba should call out Soulja Boy, Bubba
then recreated a scene with that. Andrew in St. Lewis asked what was
up with the rap stuff, bubba told the guy it’s his show. Dave in West
Palm asked if Bubba could ride out the show with 199, bubba said no.
Don in Indiana wished the guys the best of luck. Captain hawk Eye came
on, he said he’s trying to get through this week, he thanked the guys
for the entertainment he’s a fan for life. We then heard AJ’s bumper,
he came on saying he loves the show, he hopes it’s not the last show,
he mentioned “The Boondocks”, Brent said he loves that show.
HeatherWiz came on said she was a dumb bitch when dialing the wrong
number, she then said that Maine is cold. Bubba asked about her diet,
Heather said she’s at about 40 pounds less, she said Brent’s Booger
was working from home. Bubba said it’s kind of a sad day, he said that
they’re doing internet radio regardless, he hopes everyone gets their
stuff together. Manson said the fans have been great, Brent said it
was fantastic, Ned said everyone could suck a dick. We then heard “My
Way (Sirius 2008)” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 4,
and “The Clemulus package” disc 4, track 11. The bit parodies
rank Sinatra’s “My Way”, and says the show is done with Sirius. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. coon

    Bubba and crew thanks for all the good times on sirius. Hope you can cut the deal you need to be back full time sirius in a year…the good old days .. if the bubba army in florida is so strong them cheap fs can pay for you on sirius and listen to all the crazy fs uncensored

  2. Mark Carlson (FTE)

    Thank you for the last 4 years.. All you guy’s have given me and all of the Bubba Army one hell of a ride.. Thank you and i hope sirius doses the right thing and if not will catch you on .. Bubba Army 4 life!!

  3. Larry

    I hope you’re back on Sirius in 2011!! YES!!

  4. scott mcinnis

    this suxks i want bubba back!

  5. Casey

    I was hoping someone could help me out with what song was played coming into “Segment 8 – 2001 Girls shake Weight contest” in the morning?

    I emailed the show, but that normally doesn’t get a response.


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