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Top Stories:
Fla. lawmakers open special session on rail system
Police: Dad visits Indianapolis strip club; leaves son, 5, in car
Gutter keeps 2 workers from sliding off Cowboys Stadium roof
Emotional Iverson Coming Home
Hot Pecan Pie Used In Assault, Police Say
Tiger Woods offers wife Elin Nordegren $80M to stay for seven years in revised prenup

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

This recap goes out to both Matt in Orange county California, and
Justin in Maryland, as they have both received the third and fourth
golden tickets respectively. Congratulations gentlemen!

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports scores

The show started off with some opm as bumper music, Manson thinks the
song is catchy. Bubba plugged the Rachel’s appearance in Orlando,
adding that they’ll all be there, less one of them gets killed, Spice
said there’s chatter about being engaged. Bubba said a guy named Matt
in Orange County California who claims to have a golden ticket; he
said he’ll go to him. We then heard the Monday night football music,
Bubba and Spice were bum med out, as they lost the game, Spice said
Sluggo told him the game was in Buffalo, Bubba called Sluggo an idiot,
he then recapped some sports scores, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – third Golden ticket

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba said the Bubba Army Belt buckle is on,
Spice likes how this one is nice and round, Bubba thinks it’s $21.95,
he went on to plug the toy run at Jim’s Harley Davidson, the website
is We then heard the Bubba Wonka Golden ticket bumper,
Bubba went to Matt in California, Matt said he got his medical
license, he wonders if he can travel it, Brent said it’s only in the
fourteen states where medicinal marijuana is legal, we then heard a
bumper proclaiming Brent is part of the fun police. Matt said as long
as the guys have Miller Lite, he’s happy, Spice thinks Pantera has the
best weed, Manson said Pantera once made for them a heaf bar, he liked
it. Matt read his ticket, we then heard the tymbal, we then heard the
Bubba Wonka golden ticket bumper again, Bubba congratulated him, Spice
thinks the guy called before, Matt said he called in before, he said
he called in on November 20, he’s thinking about taking his girl,
Bubba wants him to bring someone who is familiar with the show. Matt
said when he got the Golden Ticket, he jumped up and down out of his
car, Bubba thinks the ticket is right there, he said they should get
the other two. Matt said he’s looking at a picture of Melissa Midwest,
he said she has inverted nipples, Bubba wonders why she won’t return
their calls from some reason. Mike in Maine wonders the name of the
herb that Pantera smokes, Bubba has no idea, he said he was watching E
last night, they mentioned a girl named Jenny calling into a radio
show. Spice said he got a bunch of phone calls about that. Bubba
thinks he should go to words now; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, and then into Manson’s “Chris Brown Song” from “Bubba’s New
and Misc hits Vol. 9”, track 7, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3,
track 17. Bubba said today’s music is from Spice, he said that Chris
Brown is devastated that America won’t take his apology seriously.
Spice said he didn’t take any time off, Bubba read an article about
that, Manson said doing it doesn’t even cross your mind, Spice said he
could’ve gone to rehab. We then heard Hogan’s bumper, Bubba went to
him a few seconds later, Bubba said Hogan is the only guy who called
him out, Hogan thinks Chris is a piece of crap. Bubba wonders about
Hogan getting married, Hogan said he was getting married to the
wrestling business. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks
they’re taking it out of context. Hogan said if you can’t talk, nor
work, hit the door. Bubba thinks Hogan should have a meeting; he said
he’s thinking about making an announcement tomorrow night on ufc,
Bubba asked Hogan to put Marcus Jones over. Hogan wonders if Macho Man
did a Santa, Bubba thinks they should be under contract. Hogan gave
the phone to Jimmy, Jimmy said he’s in business mode today, he said
he’ll be at Toys for Tits. Hogan thinks Jimmy is afraid of his own
shadow, he said he’ll have a face to face with that guy, Bubba thinks
Hogan should call up Scott Hall. Hogan wondered what happened with his
boat, Bubba said that was years ago, when Hogan was relevant. Hogan
passed the phone to a flight attendant who told him they have to get
going, Spice thinks the biggest bullshit law ever is with cell phones,
Bubba wonders why it’s so bad, Brent said they want you to pay
attention to the flight attendant. The guys went over there football
picks for this week, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – emails, Tracey from Tampa Breeze calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Belt
Buckle. Bubba said that today on, they’ll have the clip
of Manson as Billy Mays, he wonders when Miller will fire up Moonshine
Miller again, he wants Spice to be in the mix. Bubba went over some
birthdays, he thinks he’s nerdy to say “Can I Get a What What?” Bubba
and Brent reflect on Randy Roads, Bubba said that Disney was a genius;
he said they don’t mess around. Bubba said they’re the largest
targeted radio show, Brent said they’re the last ones standing. Sandy
in Richmond came on, she said she loves how the guys say it like it
is, she said she’s five foot two, blonde hair, blue eyes, 150 pounds,
Spice thinks she’s a little fat. Spice said he’s no good on Facebook,
Bubba thinks she’s not that bad looking. Sandy said she’s a single
Mom, she said she last got laid on Halloween. Spice thinks twenty
year-olds shouldn’t be married, Sandy thinks she’s a 34 double E,
Bubba put her on hold. The first email of the day said that a guy is
being forced to take down his American flag, as it’s a violation of
the home owner’s association, Bubba said he has an article about that,
he wants to try and get him on the air, he thinks the Government
should step in and say what the Home owner’s association should do.
Another emailer thanked Bubba for talking about Buddy’s Home
furnishing. Another emailer wonders if Bubba’s marriage problems are
in reference to his anniversary. Another emailer said they loved the
Tom Carnegie clips, Bubba played some clips, he said it’s an Indiana
thing. Another emailer thanked Bubba for his discussions about being a
single parent. Another emailer said they got some steaks from a
country store. Another emailer wondered how she’ll be able to hear her
name, as she doesn’t hear the show live; Bubba recapped how it will go
down. Another emailer said they’d like to talk to Bubba about sales
and Syndications. Another emailer thinks Bubba has no idea how much
Gary from 1-800-AskGary gives back to the community. Another emailer
said they heard The Point’s bumpers bagging on them, Brent said he’s
going to send Keith a strongly-worded email, Bubba told the phone
screeners to stop being so rude to the other callers. Another emailer
thanked Bubba for playing the race track clips. Another emailer
wonders where Bubba got his Christmas tree from, Bubba said it was
from Gram’s Produce, he said he does all of his shopping online. Kim
in Ft. Meyers asked about heather’s run-in with a snake, Bubba thinks
Heather is a pussy for having the snake go to a pet store, he thinks
Craig the Bulldog killed it with his car. Kim said she was looking
through a magazine, she saw the Back9bbq chicken dip, Manson said he
had to ban it from the house. Jeff said he was driving to work, he
heard one of the promos bagging on him. Another emailer said they saw
Grady Judd on TV. Another emailer wondered if feature any
of Brent’s meltdown. Another emailer asked if bubba will be PRI. The
last email of the day loved Bubba tearing into Larson, the emailer
loved the days when the guys were cross promoting other shows. Spice
said Miller was in, Bubba thinks the emailer is blind, Miller asked
the guy to email him; he said he has no problem drinking with Spice.
Bubba asked Miller if he’s going to Rachel’s tonight, Miller said no,
he said he no longer needs his job at Hungry Howey’s. Tracey said she
plays for a football team, they’ll be playing at the St. Pete Times
Forum, the website is Bubba wonders if she’ll play
them, she said she would. Spice wonders if a lot of girls on the team
are strippers. Bubba said there isn’t a picture of her, she thinks the
loading time is messed up, Bubba thinks he melted it. Bubba asked her
if she’s married, she said she is. Bubba asked her how many people
have attended one of their games; she said this is the first one.
Bubba wants to get some girls together. Spice wonders if she entered
one of the contests, she said she might’ve, Bubba wished her the best
of luck. Bubba thinks only nine people will show up at the game, he
said Tyler hates girls. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Tiger Woods discussions, Manson’s new bit, Jenny from Orlando

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”. Bubba
plugged the Rachel’s appearance tonight, he went over who will be
there, he thinks the only other time they were in Orlando was for a
box set signing. Ned said he’s looking for the Winter nationals, the
guys goof on the announcer’s voice. Bubba thinks ned should be up
front with what he’d like. We then heard a news clip about Tiger
Woods’s situation, Bubba said he can’t validate the call from
Wednesday. Rob said Dixie Carter put Bubba over on TNA; Bubba said he
has a whole new appreciation for her. Bubba likes Spice’s theory on
the Tiger Woods situation. Manson thinks it’ll be a big payday. Bubba
said if your Tiger Woods’s neighbor, you probably don’t get a chance
to meet him, he said he would be making stuff up. Spice said if you
have $300,000,000, there wouldn’t be a need to be married. Spice said
he would leave, as did Brent and Bubba, ned said he would leave for
$3,000. Dave said he doesn’t’ need the money. Craig wondered about Big
Wally, Bubba said he got fifteen of them. Bubba thinks they’ll have
more parody elements about Tiger Woods, Manson said it’s “Horney Black
guys in the PGA”. Bubba wonders where the clips in the song are from;
Manson said it was “the 40 year-old Virgin”. Bubba said people wanted
to hear stuff like that, he thinks John Daily will play this, he
wonders if he should play the call from Wednesday, he thinks they
can’t play that enough. We then heard the call from Wednesday’s show.

“Jenny said she’s in Orlando, she said she’s been seeing Tiger for a
while, she doesn’t’ know who to talk to; Bubba hopes this isn’t a
copycat ploy. He asked her how long it’s been going on, Spice thinks
she sounds freaked out. Jenny said she’s not married, she said she
slept with him, she said she’s done that many times, she said it was
about three weeks ago. Bubba wondered how old she was, she said she
was 24, she said she’s seen him on and off for about a year, Bubba
told her he could help her with whatever she needs, he told her not to
get upset, Spice said she shouldn’t be ashamed of being a slut, he
thinks Tiger is the bigger scumbag in the situation. Jenny said she
was attracted to him, he was attracted to her. Bubba wonders if tiger
is a freak, she said it happens sometimes, Spice said they don’t know
if it’s true or not, Bubba said someone could say “Die fat man Die”
any second. Jenny said she didn’t want to embarrass him, she said that
he has a mole on his left ass cheek. Spice thinks she’s on the verge
of a big payday, he wonders if she feels guilty, she said she didn’t
know it would be a public thing. Jenny figured that Tiger wasn’t happy
with his wife; she said he’d say that all the time. Bubba asked about
the kids, she said that work comes first; she said he’s good in bed.
Ned asked her well hung he is, she said he’s got a big one. Bubba
asked her if she’d be willing to talk to Kevin, she said she would
like to. Bubba wonders if Tiger supports her, she said no. We then
heard the voicemail message, she said it sounded like him, Bubba said
he didn’t mean to upset her; he put her on hold a few seconds later.”

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – More Tiger Woods discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into manson’s “Tiger Woods Song”. Bubba wonders why
Spice is playing this, he told him not to start with him, Manson
thinks Spice is being a dick. Anthony in Ft. Meyers said his brother
is a pro catty, he said Tiger isn’t the kind of guy they make him out
to be. Bubba said he’s getting various reports that Gloria Alred cut a
deal for $100,000,000, he thinks she should’ve cut a better deal.
Spice said the woman who sold the voicemail had it for $10,000, Bubba
thinks it’s $100,000, he recapped how he would handle it. Bubba thinks
they edited something out, Manson thinks it’s just a glitch in the
digital. John in Richmond said they’re going to get his billboard up,
Bubba said he’s the first guy to ever do that, John said he could get
one in Orlando. John said it’s a rooftop billboard on I95, Bubba said
he’d like to do something nice for him. Bubba read some stuff about
Tiger’s pre-nup; Spice thinks renegotiating a deal is stupid, he
thinks the relationship isn’t fixable. Bubba thinks she wants out, he
said if she wanted to stay she could. Manson thinks she tried to kill
him with the golf club, Spice thinks Tiger will wake up without his
penis, Bubba wonders how much it would go for on EBay. Ned said he has
a song in mind, Bubba said very few times, they’ve been right on cases
like that, he told Spice to send Tiger Woods a Bubba Army shirt and a
cd of the bits about him. Spice thinks Tiger shouldn’t lose his
endorsements, Bubba read some stuff about that, he thinks Tiger should
come on the show. Bubba thinks they should have Jimmy Kleavis train
him with his calves, as Tiger said he was insecure about that stuff.
Christine said she doesn’t understand why the girl needs a payday;
Bubba had to dump her for saying something. Bubba explained why she’s
getting a payday, Spice goofed on the caller’s voice, we heard “the
Boopity song” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 23 under the
caller, Ned said she’s a ball of fire. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various locations
where you can get Bubba Army merchandise, then into Ned’s thoughts on
Tiger Woods, then into “Professional Wrestler 911”. Joe in Miami said
he talked with the station manager of Clear channel there, the guy
said that he thinks that Bubba will be off the air within in a month,
the guy thinks Bubba is local, Bubba recapped the various Bubbapalooza
events. Spice said working with clear channel is a brain washing
experience. Tracey in Tampa said it was Monday after Thanksgiving;
she’s trying to figure out why bubba is telling Tiger to man up, but
not discuss the marriage at home. Bubba said he’s not a Tiger Woods,
he said he and his wife having a small fight doesn’t’ even come close
to what they have with Tiger Woods, he thinks it wouldn’t be that
compelling if he talked about the situation he had with Heather. Spice
said that if he’s not saying anything, he’s not doing himself any
favors. Bubba gave a quick rundown of what happened, Spice and Ned
acted board, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. Bubba plugged the Rachel’s appearance; he thinks the
girls will be a prime example of breasts. Bubba thanked Big Dick and
Jabberjaw for getting the TNA audio, we then heard a clip about that,
Bubba wonders if they can play the call about Jeff Jarrett and Carron
Angle from July 15 of this year. Bubba thinks Dixie should be a
politician, as she isn’t saying much, he thinks he made an error by
saying Hogan will start on January 4, he then debates if he should
even talk about it, Ned thinks Bubba should shut up. We then heard a
clip of Allen Iverson crying, the guys goof on him for doing that,
Spice likes how the cameras start going when he broke down. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Bubba Army belt buckle, Phil Hendrie discussions, fourth
Golden Ticket

The show started off with “Juicey” as bumper music. Bubba apologized
for accidently potted the audio down, Ned called the fans various
names, he said he doesn’t want them listening, he then said he was
just fing with them. Bubba said he doesn’t’ have a problem with ned
wanting some belts; Bubba said he only has two. Bubba wonders why Ned
needs 12 Bubba Army belt buckles, he thinks Ned will give them
away as stocking stuffers, he told Ned all he was getting was four.
Bubba thinks the gift card are being processed, he went on to say that
matt in California got the third golden ticket, Brent said this is the
kind of guy you’d like to party with. Bubba said the remaining tickets
are out there, he said the last day to get a pre-order Bubba Wonka, he
said he heard J.T. the Brick said he would be listening to his copy of
Bubba wonka. Bubba said that Phil Hendrie will be on Bubba’s show, the
guys reflect on his career. Rick in Indiana asked about a gun permit,
Bubba said the laws are the same as in Florida. Bubba told the guy he
would be sucking a dick, he said the show has a way to make people
suck dicks. AJ, the black FTE in Georgia came on, he thinks it’s the
pussyfication of the black man when Twenty-five got censored, Ned
asked “What’s up Soulja boy”, AJ is bummed out with that. Spice asked
him if he sells drugs, AJ said he’s a bfte, Manson thinks the guy
sounds like a black Nascar driver. AJ said he’s not offended, he said
it’s 2009, not 1969. Bubba wanted him to call him fat nigga. We then
heard the bubba Wonka golden ticket bumper, Justin in Maryland came
on, he thinks he knows the code, we then heard the tymbal, he said it
was box number 1306, he’s thinking about bringing his wife or a crew
member. Justin said his wife is a fan of the show, he’s hasn’t gotten
Bubba Raw Volume 4 yet, Bubba thinks he sounds like a good guy. Bubba
thinks one of the guys got fed out of a golden ticket. Bubba thinks
the last golden ticket will be uncovered today. they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Justin the race car guy

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Ned and Twenty-five Cent apologizing to Miami. Bubba thinks it
wasn’t that bad in the context it was used, he said he’s ass fing
Spice’s iPod, Ned thinks it’s date rape music. Bubba said that the new
thing now is that ecstasy pills have Obama on them. Rob in Buffalo
said the guy who just got the Golden ticket is a stock car driver,
Bubba doesn’t think they can move the weekend, Spice thinks Bubba
jobbed the guy out. Justin was back on, Bubba told him he didn’t know
he was big time driver, Justin said this year was rough, he said he
races for himself. Brent pulled up the schedule for May, Bubba is
thinking about moving it to the weekend of Memorial day, Justin said
that would be good for him, Bubba thinks they won’t be able to move it
to that weekend. Bubba said he would never get in a funny car. Bubba
told the guys they can hang with the other fans; he’s hanging out with
Justin. Bubba said Dave from Back9BBQ brought in some lunch; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Downer Dave, Jason Ellis calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the bubba Army belt
buckle, then into Ned’s thoughts on Tiger Woods. Bubba thinks the
“horny Black Guy in the PGA” is dirty, he said that Dixie mentioned
them last night, he thanked Spice for having O.A.R on the show, he
wants to go to a show. Brent said he saw them in Gainesville, the show
was awesome. Bubba said he’s tried to shoo straight on Dixie Carter,
he thinks she’s hot. We then heard the clip about the Jeff Jarrett
situation, Bubba said they were the ones who uncovered that, he told
Spice to play the clip of Spice having phone sex with Carron Angle,
the guys remember the Ned bit about that “Bubba’s new and Misc hits
Vol. 5”, track 10. Bubba called Kurt, only to get sent to voicemail,
Bubba left him a message, the guys beeped as Bubba talked, Spice said
that they’re loading the phone sex. We then heard Downer Dave’s
bumper, Dave asked Bubba how would he dish out the death penalty,
Bubba said hanging, electrocution, he thinks the lethal injection is
gay, Ned suggests getting fed to death by a bull, bubba thinks
“Running Man” sounds stupid, the guys cracked up when Bubba said
Arnold is from Australia. Dave thinks Jason needs to learn how to work
with the ned Dragons concept. Bubba said he’d like to fight Clarkrow2,
Dave thinks Sfn is the devil. Spice said Jason Ellis was on, Jason
said Bubba fs with people all day, he said he’s not mad at Bubba
for anything, Jason said his show came on the same time Bubba’s show
started, he said he doesn’t trust Bubba, this had the guys laughing.
Bubba said in the past, he talked some smack about Jason, he said he’s
never said a bad word about him to management. Bubba thinks Jason will
flip out over the shirt, Jason said if Bubba has a shirt called Ned
Dragons, it makes fun of the fans. Bubba said he thinks Jason is good,
he thinks the music kind of messes with the show; ned asked that they
stop tonguing each other’s assholes; Jason said he’s trying to get a
career out of this. Bubba thinks Jason is in the wrong situation, he
thinks Jason needs a team of guys, he needs a coach to help him out,
Jason said that stuff costs money, and money takes time, he thinks he
should do a regular radio show. Spice said they never wanted to go to
regular radio, he wonders if Jason would do what they did, Jason said
no. Bubba asked him about his contract, Jason said he’s got one more
year, he said he thinks he won’ get paid until Howard and Bubba are
gone. Bubba said Jason’s show dominates other shows, Spice thinks Bam
Marjara’s show was recorded in a basement. Jason said he knows Tony
Hawk, Jason said Tony sucks on radio. Bubba said tony Stewart is a
great guy, but the handlers really mess him up. Bubba said he’s trying
to tell Jason that a lot of important people are listening, he wants
people to know that Jason is on his way of doing well, Jason said he’s
good friends with Scott Greenstein; he said he’ll be there when he’s
ready. Jason said he can’t move the family anywhere, Spice remembers
the TV show Jason had, Jason said he’s trying to get on TV again, he
said he’s better than Jamie Fox. Bubba said you could almost build a
radio station in the house, Jason said he has a garage. Dave said
bubba’s board was $20,000, he thinks for $50,000. Bubba said he put a
mortgage on his house, he took a chance on himself with the studio,
Jason laughed at the idea of wearing a Ned Dragons shirt, he said his
twitter name is jellismania. Bubba wonders why Jason is being so mean,
the guys crack up when Bubba said he was burying an olive branch.
Brent and Spice remember a skater; Jason said he turned into a druggy.
Bubba asked him if he’d take a picture, Jason told him to go f
himself, Bubba said he wanted to get Ellis a little fired up. Ned
thinks it took 45 minutes of ass kissing to get Jason to dig the
shirt. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Jim Neighbors audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “bubba Wonka”, then
into a clip of Dixie Carter talking about TNA, Bubba thinks she’s hot.
He backed it up to the part where Dixie said that she’s heard Hogan on
the radio. We then heard another clip of Dixie talking about Hogan,
Bubba hopes Hogan fires Jeff and Vince. Wes in Indiana said he’s from
Gas city, we then heard a clip of Tom Carnegie, we then heard a clip
of Jim Neighbors singing, Spice thinks his jaw was made for sucking
dick, Manson thinks this is the worst song ever. Brent said Jim used
to sing about his Christmas albums, Manson thinks he has a bad voice,
Bubba stopped and started to quote some lines, Spice thinks David Lee
Roth should sing it, he said the guy from Blind Melon was from there.
Bubba said Scott Landers is a big fan of the show, so much so in fact
that he bought two of everything; Bubba sarcastically told the guys
that they busted him on sucking Jim Neighbor’s dick. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – BJ calls in, Manson’s Billy Mays video

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various locations
where you can get Bubba Army merchandise. We then heard the clip of
Dixie Carter talking about Jeff Jarrett, then into a clip from July
15, 2009, where Bubba took a call from a guy who claimed that Carron
Angle is living with Jeff Jarrett. An excerpt from that day’s recap

“James on protection said Carron Angle is living with Jeff Jarrett.
Bubba doesn’t believe it. Bubba wonders if Kurt can work with Jeff.
Bubba hopes this isn’t true. Bubba tried to call Kurt, but got sent to
voicemail, he had to leave a message, and he wasn’t sure if he should
be saying what he heard on the voicemail. Bubba debated if he should
say anything or not, he decided to say it. Bubba wonders if Kurt has
email. Bubba thinks Kurt is stupid for leaving money on the table.
Bubba thinks he double-whammied Kurt on his voicemail.”

Bubba thinks this is a pretty good day, he belched a few times; he
said he’s in a really good mood for some reason. Spice asked about
bubba and the Ferret, Bubba said it’s good, he said if you’re a
finalist for the 12 Boobs of Christmas®, you’ll be contacted
tomorrow, he said none of the Satellite sponsored it. Bubba asked BJ
if what Dixie said validates the phone call we heard earlier, he
thinks Hogan will be in the booker, Spice as Bubba said it should be
“the MeNA”. Bubba said Fabrizi thinks Bubba has skin cancer; this had
the guys laughing their asses off, Spice as Heather wished it was the
case. Bubba had Brent look at it, Brent thinks not cancerous. BJ said
his Dad gets his moles cut out, Spice as Bubba said it’s just dried up
chicken dip. Bubba said he’s ready to play the Spice/Carron angle
clip. BJ thinks the six-sided ring is ridiculous, Spice as BJ goofed
on him a little. Ned said he was waiting for BJ’s Pancreas to tap out.
Dave in Nashville said he was supposed to do hard wood flooring in
Jeff Jarrett’s house, he said it was someone else. Brent said he heard
that Jeff burnt his bridges with Vince McMahon. We then heard audio of
Manson as Billy Mays, Bubba thinks too much effort was in it. In the
clip, Manson as Mays asks where his straw was, the guys were laughing
at the clip, he said they’ve got Tony on payroll with
Bubba cracked up at the part where Manson as Mays tells bubba to hit
the road, he said he can’t wait for the fans to see this, he thinks
Manson looks like Billy Mays. We then heard another clip of Manson as
Billy, saying he can have his notes anywhere, Bubba was laughing his
ass off at the clip, Manson said he was really high during this shoot,
he said it’s why the thing was almost all out takes. Brent wonders how
much cocaine you need to make your heart hard, Bubba said he knows how
much food he needs to make his arteries hard, Bubba laughed when he
saw Manson as Mays with Spice’s pushup device with a chord attached,
Spice said he was wondering where it went. Manson said he’d like to
show this to the kids. Bubba said he has some stuff to get through, he
said he has an idea, he’s afraid of what Spice will think of it. Bubba
took a call from a guy who said a guy said he tried to sell his DVDS
on Bubba’s show. Bubba admonished Spice for only giving him fourteen
songs, Spice said he thought it was just for regular radio, Bubba
thinks his lamest idea what the biker vest, he said his idea is
invitation only, he said he’s not going to get into it now, they then
went to commercial a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Carron Angle and Spice boy phone sex, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard Spice’s phone sex with Carron
Angle. In the clip, Spice asks her what she has on; she said she has
no panties on. He tells her to take her right hand, and get her middle
finger wet, then rub the outside of her pussy with it, then insert it
back in the mouth. Spice asked her to suck on three of her fingers, he
said he was playing with himself, Carron thinks they‘ve done this
before, Spice said he’s a professional at this, he asked her if she
could get two fingers in her, Carron thinks this is insane. Spice
asked her to pull her tank top down to expose her breasts, he asked
her to tweak her nipples, Carron said a little bit of pain is good,
Spice said he was excited. He asked her what she’d be doing if his
dick was in her mouth, she said she get it wet, she’d then have him
slide it in, then pound it in. Carron said she would be wet, Spice
thinks she’d glide on his dick, she said she hated him for saying he’d
like to fist her, she thinks something is wrong with him, Spice said
he was trying to have phone sex, he put the mic down his pants and
zipped it up, he said she totally ruined the moment, the clip ends
with Carron hanging up, Spice called her a bitch for doing that. We
then heard “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)”
by AC/DC as bumper music. Bubba asked the fans if they liked the show
today, Spice thinks he liked phone sex with Ned better. Bubba thinks
he’ll go to SFN, Brent wonders why Brent would want to ruin his day,
Spice as a nerd said he’d do that. Bubba said if he had done the same
thing with Carron angle, how bad would the guys be fing with him,
Brent said that goes over to Ned and Manson, Bubba said he was
cringing with that, Spice told Bubba he told him to do it, Bubba
turned Spice’s mic off. Dave thinks any phone sex is creepy, ned said
he would pay eight dollars a minute. Bubba said they’re would’ve been
a bunch of bits about that, he asked Spice what chair he used, Spice
said he used Bubba’s, Bubba told him that Jack from Tampa got it.
Bubba said that Lex and Terry got fired from 98 rocks in Tampa, Manson
thinks it was creepy. Mark in Jersey said he called about Dave Rice’s
bumper music, Dave said he’s entitled to his opinion, he told him to
go back to his flock before Little beau peep kicks his ass. Mark went
on to ask about Janie Cakes talking Blind Glen through a jacking,
Bubba said she wouldn’t do it. Bubba took a call about Linda McMahon;
Bubba said he doesn’t have a problem with it. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba talks about sfn, Bubba’s star ranking idea

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said the general consensus with the fans is that the show has been
good. Bubba thinks The Butler got fed over by Slide Job Jones,
Spice thinks they should use their real names. Bubba said Slide Job
messed up the Butler’s meet and greet for Bubbapalooza Pittsburg, ned
has no idea what Bubba is talking about, Spice wishes he had a butler.
Bubba beat the counter, asking the guys if they were done being
cocksuckers, he said he runs this deal, he said he’s going to give the
Butler something. Spice said Bubba didn’t even check the water
temperature, Brent said Bubba’s sky diving didn’t work out, Bubba hit
Brent with a Wiffle ball bat, Brent thinks this is a hostile work
environment. Bubba said he’s mad that Slide Job fed over The
Butler. Ron in Austin Texas said he’s waiting for the horns to win the
championship, Bubba thinks it’s not going to happen. Spice told the
guy not to be a waste of high, the guy said he lays pipe, Spice thinks
he’s a dick. Bubba said if he was six foot eight, he would’ve retired
years ago, he said he’d like to give the guy $500. Bubba called Slide
Job Jones, Slide said it was his error, Bubba wonders how it could be
a mistake, ned thinks Slide Job is miley mouthed. Bubba asked him how
the show is; Slide Job said the show was excellent. Bubba said he’s
going to give The Butler a two star general. Bubba said the highest
rank you can be is a two star general, the top twenty purchasers will
be getting a custom Bubba Army dickey shirt, with the name on it; he
said this will also go for the top twenty subscribers.
Ned asked about a weapon, Bubba told him to shut up. Ned told Bubba if
he was in World War II, we’d all be speaking German, Bubba told the
guys he was getting mad over it, Spice was about to ask something,
Bubba told him to shut up. Spice wonders about gay people, Ned said he
wasn’t a faggot, he thinks he should wear Spice out for doing that.
Bubba said certain listeners will be one star listener. Bubba said
everyone that works there is a three or four star, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba Rethinks his idea

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Belt
buckle. Bubba thinks Spice is singing in the bumper music, Brent said
he knew people would complain, Bubba thinks he’s jumping the gun, he
ran down the Army’s listing of people, he thinks he gets more room at
work, Ned told him this is all fake, Bubba told him that this was his
deal, he admonishes Ned for calling it fake. Bubba thinks the highest
rank you can become is a captain, if you don’t work there; he thinks
Hogan would be a four star. They then ended the show a few seconds

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  1. alan spence

    Blind Dude Lawernce, a little bit about Justin Humpries, he runs 1/4 mile drag racing! not Stock car! they go around a track. also 2005: Justin Won World Championship in NHRA Xplod Modified division in his rookie season; Earned three victories, two runner-up finishes, and four No. 1 qualifying positions en route to the title; established the Modified national record for elapsed time, and drives a Pontiac. Just a lill FYI FOR YA BROTHER.

  2. Matt

    Hey dudes, Thanks again for everything, I loved hearing y’all put me over on the sat show and wished I called in then. I can’t fin wait to come party with you fers!!! Thanks again, Matt Bailey PS. f karaoke Manson, I wanna see Tampa’s finest ass!

  3. Larry Fiannaca

    Bubby or Brent, I have a guestion. I am trying to help a friend with her credit report that has a lot of negatives. In the past Bubby has said there is a company that he used to clean up he’s credit report. It was posted on the BTLS web site but no longer. Does Bubby still recommend that company or is there another one he can recommend? If so can you guys email the phone # please. This is very important to me if you guys can please help me. My email address is Thank you Larry

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