Friday, December 03, 2010

December 3rd, 2010 by Staff

Friday, December 03, 2010

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Christmas Bonus Lottery?

The show started off with “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones. Bubba
started off by saying that Tuddle was in Orlando, he then ran down
some sports scores, he wonders how they’ll give away the Lightning and
Magic tickets, he thinks this is Tuddle’s last chance in radio, he
then said he’s thinking about coming up with $5,000 or $10,000, he
thinks they should have a ball for everyone there, each ball produces
a lower value, Manson thinks they should vote Hammil out. Bubba
wonders if giving a Christmas bonus in the way he’s doing it would be
illegal, Brent said no, as no purchase is needed. Bubba said he talked
to Gary Grubs yesterday, he said that he has a motor for them. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Bucks – Sluggo, emails, Bubba impersonator,
Charleston listeners

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tuddle’s appearance,
followed by the Lotto machine bumper. The guys came back goofing on
the bumper music, Bubba thinks it doesn’t sound like the BGS at all.
The Lotto machine was fired up, Bubba decided to give employee to the
week to Ray Mackey, the guys then goofed on him a little, Jabberjaw
said that Russ and Pantera each have 18 balls in the machine. Manson
then gave the countdown, the machine landed on Sluggo, Bubba said that
was a good selection, Jabberjaw said he’s won before, she said he was
a pain in the ass, Bubba thinks Sluggo will cry just based on winning,
the guys cracked up at him getting excited, Sluggo said it was great
to see the check, Bubba said he feels bad for Pantera, Jabberjaw then
went over how many people had balls in the machine for this week, the
guys cracked up when she said Russ and Pantera had 18 each, Bubba
thinks maybe he’ll win the $5,000. We then heard the Tuddle appearance
promo, Tuddle came on saying when he pulled up, the parking lot was
littered with people who wanted Bubba Army stuff, Bubba said that
they’ll give the females Lightning tickets via a shake weight. Tuddle
said that the girls are going to be dressed up like Elves and Santa
next week; he thinks that they should do that today; he then said that
the bar will be open at 7 today. The first email thinks Bubba should
hook up with the emailer’s Mom, Bubba said no to that. Another email
was a copy of an email from Paul from the Paul and Ron show. Another
emailer said it’s great to know that the guys will be working with
Neil Stroce with Bubba’s book; the emailer said they can’t wait to
hear him on the show. Another emailer said that Cox has been running
promos for Christmas music on the old Miami station. We then heard
Sabrina the Witch’s bumper, Bubba said he’s not believing it, Sabrina
said there’s no way she’s going to stop listening, Bubba said that Cox
just didn’t believe in them, he said they do great in Jacksonville, he
thinks that they do great in everywhere except for Miami, he then
asked for Charleston to step it up, he said that he needs that
station, he said once the cream machine is done, he’ll be taking it up
to Charleston, he then said that he’ll give away some Bubba Army
fleece, the guys goofed on Spice for saying the pullover with the
zipper was a hybrid. Bubba said he showed Baba Booey the new studios,
he thought it was great. Bubba then said that it’s not a hybrid, Spice
as Twenty-five goofed on him, Bubba said he’s looking for three guys
and three girls out of Charleston for the Fleece. Trevor in
Jacksonville came on goofing on Bubba, this had the guys cracking up,
Bubba thinks they should have the listeners do impersonations of him
to get the Fleece. Spice as asked what happened with the fat, Trevor
said he won the fight, saying because it was about him. The guy
continued his impression; this had the guys laughing their asses off.
Bubba said the guy’s impersonation is so good, he’ll give him a
Fleece, the guy as Bubba asked for some trivia, Spice said he pictures
Hammil, Bubba told the guy to get out of Bubba mode, the guy said he’s
about 245, he said the show makes the day go faster for everyone.
Steve in Charleston came on; Bubba said he’ll just give him the
jacket. Jerry said he listens to the show every morning, Bubba gave
him the jacket. Jason in Charleston came on, Bubba told him to spread
the word, he said he’s now looking for three girls, he thinks they’ve
got pink ones for the girls, Twenty-five said they’ll be in next week.
Bubba said they have a new Ned Tap out shirt coming out, Ned said he
didn’t know about that. Christy in Charleston came on, she said she
lives there, Ned thinks she sounds hot. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Tuddle in Orlando

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tuddle’s appearance at
the Wing House. Bubba said that Gary Dell’Abate will be calling in.
Olivia in Charleston came on, Bubba wondered what was up with her
phone, Olivia said it’s an iPhone, she ended up dropping it. Kelly in
Charleston came on, she said she loves listening to the show, Bubba
thinks she’s no nonsense. Bubba wondered if they had a positioning
statement for Tuddle, Spice said they don’t have one. Tuddle said he’s
catching heat from the male listeners about magic tickets, he said
there’s a guy there who has about a C cup of man boobs, he then asked
the guy if he’d like to use Bubba Army stickers as nipple tape and use
the shake weight, the guy said he’s about 295, he said he doesn’t want
them that badly, Tuddle called the guy porky, he then asked the guy if
a cup of Hot chocolate and a sticker would work. Bubba asked if any
girls have swung by, Tuddle said it’s a big sausage fest. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba’s WGRD days, various power Pig Elements

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tuddle in Orlando.
Bubba said they’re racking up questions for Dr. Mark, he then talked
about Ned at Jim’s Harley Davidson this Sunday, he then said that the
new Ned shirt will be online soon. We then heard a news clip about the
woman who killed Abraham Shakespeare, she wrote a bunch of letters to
Fox 13, Bubba thinks she’s guilty just based on her sound bite, he
thinks that they should write a book “The Dumbest White Trash Bitch
Ever”, Manson said he can’t believe that the news is falling for this.
Spice thinks she should write to the show, Bubba hit the delay for
some reason, he then said he’s not proud of the WGRD tapes, he said
that this was from 22 years ago, he said he’s not proud of this,
Manson said his first bits were horrible. We then heard a clip of
Bubba saying that Hogan will be calling in at 9:15; Manson thinks
bubba couldn’t do this voice now. Bubba thinks he sounds like a Jewish
White Trash guy. In the next clip, Bubba was saying that he get naked
on the third date, he then said that Thursday nights are for
Cheerleaders, the guys cracked up at the clip, Manson thinks he was
high on blow. Bubba said the clowning has set the foundation for the
show being what it is; he thinks the guys don’t appreciate it. We then
heard “40s and Blunts” from “Bubba’s boys with The Base” track 17,
Manson thinks the hook is cheesy. We then heard a clip of Bubba
plugging The Affection connection, he points out him stretching a
clip, Spice then goofed on Bubba a little. Bubba then switched back to
the rap, he sang along with it, he thinks Jacksonville is having
flashbacks. Manson wonders who wrote the song, Bubba wasn’t sure. We
then heard a clip of bubba calling Hogan, he thinks it’s odd that they
know Hogan, he remembers Hogan coming into plug The French Hen, he
wonders why his program director didn’t sit him down, the guys think
it’s a horrible Hogan impersonation, Bubba said he’d like to move on,
the guys were cracking up at the clip, Bubba was groaning at the
audio, Spice as Butt-head said it sucked. We then heard a clip of
Henry Lee Summer promoting the show. Spice said this is why he can’t
be mad at Glen Beck for being a zoo keeper back in the day. We then
heard a clip of Bubba talking to a caller about band people, the guys
cracked up when Bubba said Skin Flute. We then heard “Conceded” from
“Bubba’s boys With the Base”, track 7. Dan in Sarasota asked if Bubba
has any of his V95 stuff, Bubba thinks its coming. Jeff said he heard
Bubba back in the early 90’s, he said listening to the tapes brings
back memories. Wayne asked how much Bubba weighed back then, Bubba
said about 300 pounds he said he does radio while sitting down, he
thinks everyone has been sit down guys, Manson said he just kicks back
with his feet propped up. TJ said that Tina Novak is on FaceBook, he
said he plays golf with her brother. We then heard “We now OJ” from
“bubba’s Boys with The Base”, track 13. In the clip, a guy called in
asking bubba why he’s trashing OJ; Bubba came on saying he liked it
back then, as the listeners were dumber4 than he was. The guy thinks
he has more brains than the Power Pig, a woman was heard yelling in
the background, Bubba thinks he’ll shift the heat to her, cal her a
dumb bitch and hang up on her. Bubba said he can’t talk to the man if
she’s talking, the woman said that Bubba shouldn’t tell kids that OJ
is guilty, Manson thinks the people are OJ marks. Bubba said that all
these trailer trash people don’t understand shows like All y children,
the woman thinks it was real white of him, she thinks Bubba is so
stupid, he doesn’t which way to wipe his ass, she then hangs up. We
then heard “what you gonna do” by Tina Novak, Bubba wonders why she’d
get married. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Men’s health with Dr. Mark

Coming out of commercials we heard a promo for Tuddle’s appearance in
Orlando, followed by a promo for him. Tuddle said he never got a
positioning statement like that, he said the flow has been steady; he
said he’ll be there until the Bubba Army stickers are gone. We then
heard Dr. Mark’s bumper, Mark said that Revita Labs is doing great; he
then said there’s 20% off on Revita labs with a Bubba special. Brad on
protection said he was with a girl with hurpies, he said that he used
protection, mark said if she doesn’t’ have an outbreak, it shouldn’t
be a problem. Spice wonders how the news came out, the guy said her
computer was there, he said she must’ve gone on a site for single
people with STDS, Ned thinks it’s an online Leper Colony, Spice said
its, he doesn’t get how people are smiling in the
pictures. The guy asked what kind of outbreak he’ll get; mark
described what it will look like. Bubba said he’s never had a cold
sore, mark said that’s type one hurpies. Bubba asked Ned what he has,
Ned said he doesn’t have anything, he said he’s as clean as the wind
driven snow, with hurpies. Bubba tried going to Richard, but no one
was there, he guessed the guy had fallen asleep, he said the guy’s
question was about one of his testicals being bigger than the other
one, he then attempted to wake the guy up, but to no avail, he thinks
the guy might’ve died while waiting to get on. Jeremy said when he was
25, he had a heart attack, Mark suggested the guy see a cardiologist,
Brent thinks the guy should chill out. The guy said that if he does
that, he’ll get kicked out of the Military, Bubba told the guy to go
to his Cardiologist. Joe said that his testicals role around n the
scrodum, he said it’s like a puppet show down there, Ned told him to
enjoy it. Mark said that’s known as Torshin with a variant, the guy
said his girlfriend thinks it’s hilarious, Mark suggests the guy
either get surgery or get a website, he said this is unique to
Florida. The guy thinks his testicals are having a dance off. Tony
said his grandson is 15 months old, he has a white head on his penis,
right around the spot where he was circumcised, Mark said it’s a sist,
he suggested the guy call Dr. Riceman’s office. Justin said that he
was lifting a keg, he had a large pop in the left side of his
testicals, mark said there’s a thing called a sport’s hernia, he said
it doesn’t often get diagnosed properly. John in Dayton asked if he
was to take a form of roids, is there a proper way to use it, is it
dangerous if it’s not prescribed, mark said that’s a huge problem, as
it’s a felony, Spice said the guy wants to get jacked up. Mark said
the guy could end up infertile; he told the guy to work out, get a
good sleep and eat a good diet. Bubba then went over some roids he’s
known people have been on, he then read an email from someone asking
about low levels, the emailer wondered if he should do the shot or
wait, Mark suggested the guy get Androjell. Another emailer said he
needs to get rid of his outbreaks, Bubba joked the email was written
by Ned. Another emailer said he has pain in the taint area and cloudy
urine, Mark suggested the guy call him (813-875-5855). Laruen in St.
Petersburg said she’s been married for five years, had unprotected sex
from the beginning, she’s unable to get pregnant, mark suggested an
examination with the guy, Bubba thinks she won’t get pregnant, as she
won’t shut up. Charles said he was practicing some kegel exercises,
mark told him he should never stop his urine flow. Bubba thanked Dr.
Mark for coming in; Mark said that turning 50 sucks, as he has to get
his butt checked. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Gary Dell’Abate Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tuddle in Orlando.
Gary Dell’Abate came on, he said he’ll be going to Books and Books in
Miami, he thanked Bubba for the good time last night, he thinks Bubba
could sell memberships to the Clem Gym, he likes the boxing ring
there. Bubba said the new place will be like a radio playground, Gary
said he got the full impact of it, he thinks the beach is crazy. Bubba
thinks Howard has the largest, he thinks they’ll have the largest
independent studio. Gary thinks Bubba benefits from not being in New
York, Bubba said he’d rather have more contract money, he then
wondered about Howard going to Apple, he doesn’t think it’s
unbelievable, Gary said that he called John Hine about it, he thought
it was just a rumor, he said nothing is real until Howard tells him
so, Bubba said Sirius hasn’t even called them with anything, Gary said
they’ve had an odd relationship Bubba thinks being in Florida has gone
against them, he said dealing with them has been horrible, Gary said
they’re good to them. Bubba asked Gary wear he’ll be, Gary said he’ll
read a little from the book at Books and Books in Miami, he said that
Howard has told him the tour should be over by now; he said it’s hard
to figure out the book business, he said there’s a total of 120,000
books. Spice wondered what a good sale is, Gary said he thinks they
sold 20,000 in the first week, he said he’s been in the top 25. Spice
doesn’t think there’s a lot of money in books anymore, Gary said it’s
worth it to him, he said almost everyone has a number, he said no one
is retiring on what he’ll make on the book, he said Howard sold a
bunch of books, he said that Bush beat out Palin with his book sales
this week. Bubba said Artie did well with his book, Gary said he was
going to compare his numbers with Artie’s, he said they couldn’t do
that, he said he talked to him the Saturday before he was on
letterman, he said Artie is doing better, he thinks he’ll come back
next year, he said Artie will need to be ready to come in. Bubba said
that Howard was never in Tampa, Spice sad he was, but it was a low
frequency (1010 WQYK), Bubba said that everyone who was there was
familiar with the show, he thinks Howard has a huge thing in front of
them, he said he’d like for all of them to come back, he said Howard
could explore the new technology. Gary thinks the years of Satellite
were some of the best shows, he thinks Howard still has a desire to do
it, he thinks that had Howard gone to XM, Sirius would’ve been out of
business, he thinks Howard had a lot to do with the merger, he said
he’s never been this close to the edge without knowing, Bubba thinks
that Howard is a hell of a poker player, Gary thanked Bubba for the
support. Bubba said that if he had the smallest bit of info, he’d be
talking about it, Spice said that not knowing about the future is
scary. Sandy said her son was Jeff Cocab, Bubba said they’re sorry for
the loss, she said that you have a new perspective for police officers
she then talked about Tears, the kickoff is tomorrow, there’s a
carwash tomorrow at Star Bucks in front of the Wall mart at 1044
cypress park way in Kissimmee. They then went to commercial a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Rob Kahn calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “toys for Tatas”.
Bubba plugged the Toy run at Jim’s Harley Davidson, he then said that
Rob Kahn was on hold, Rob said there’s a XFC event tonight at the St.
Pete Times forum, he said that there’s going to be two heavy weights,
he thinks the guys will try to take their heads off. Bubba asked about
the Pit Bull, Rob said the dog needs operation of the knee, Bubba said
they’re ready to love on the dog, he thinks that would be like him
showing Spice a bag of pu7rple Kush, only to tell him he’d have to
wait about a month. Rob said the main event will be special, he said
if you can’t make it to the event, you can watch it on the HD Network
at 9:00. We then heard a clip of LeBron James getting booed when
entering the Miami game, Spice said they didn’t even put him over with
the announcement. Bubba thinks the announcer should be the announcer
for the show, as he doesn’t put anything over, he then recapped how
that would go down, the guys booed Bubba when he announced himself
coming in. We then heard a clip of LeBron talking about how he doesn’t
have anything against the fans, the guys think he’s like the Honky
Tonk man, as he has a list. We then heard a clip of Jessica Simpson on
a radio show, Bubba thinks she’s stupid, Spice said that she’s steamy,
bubba said this is from the Moe Joe Morning show, he doesn’t get
people being a life coach, Spice thinks that’s a thankless profession,
Manson thinks you’re pathetic if you do that, Brent said Tony robins
just does a pump up speech. K Tooth said he likes the show, Bubba said
he’s after Bob & Tom, the guy said he’s been listening every morning.
Bubba went back to the Jessica Simpson audio, Manson wonders what
makes Tony Romo to be a life coach, Spice said the word on the street
is that he’s sucking her dry. Bubba asked if Spice would kick Tasha
out if Jessica Simpson was to fall in love with him, he then
admonished Spice for not answering the question, Spice said the whole
thing is a hypothetical. Bubba asked Brent who it would be for him,
Brent said he would’ve said Beyoncé Knowles, but she’s pregnant, he
said that Shakira is now what he’d like. Bubba said that he’d go with
Minka Kelly, he said that Megan Fox isn’t who he thought he was, Spice
thinks none of them would have a shot. Bubba said that a friend texted
him, saying that his dream girl is heather, he said the guy could have
her, he then went back to the audio, he thinks Spice was right with
his theory, he then goofed on a woman in the clip, he thinks she’s
over processed, Spice thinks Jessica did nick wrong, he then said he
interviewed her once, and was able to ask about her Dad managing her
career, she looked at him like he was a retard, the guys think they’re
that kind of people for wanting to propose on 11/11 at 11:11 am,
Manson thinks they’re tools. Spice thinks she sounds like the kind of
person who would put a banana in a blender, and be shocked with the
result. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – he Guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas winners. Bubba came on saying that a state senator wants a
law about saggy pants, Spice said if they want to look like jackasses,
they should do that, he thinks the guy really doesn’t like saggy
pants, Bubba said it’s sad that we send our kids through the school
system, and they come out sounding like this. We then heard a news
clip about Cheney getting investigated by Nigeria. We then heard a
news clip about Bristol Palin trashing Keith Olberman, Spice said the
whole Palin family are hypocrites. We then heard a news clip about a
guy who texted a 12 year old girl about sex, Bubba thinks that shady
people are in the Comic Book conventions, he then read some names of
people who have lost their virginity at various ages. We then heard a
news clip about a 70 year-old guy who raped a 14 year-old girl, Ned
said that was a crime. Shane came on saying that he was watching
Regis, Bubba thinks it’s the V version of a nut hutter. We then heard
a news clip about a teacher having sex with a student. We then heard a
news clip about Wesley Snipes’s tax issues, Bubba said he should just
go to prison and stop complaining, he suggested the guy just pay his
taxes. We then heard a news clip about a guy who punched a TSA worker,
Bubba then stopped the clip, Brent said the San Francisco case about
the guy ejaculating was real. They then ended the show a few seconds

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  1. scott

    Bullshiz that the show was not live on serius again this week. We look forward to Friday show at 10am to only get punked by hearing a repeat show from 4 years ago. This two weeks in a row now, what is going on.

  2. Dale Fraser

    I realize that Blind Lawrence is, after all, blind….but Jesus can somebody please proof read the show recaps. Fifth graders spell better than Blind Lawrence. It’s horrible for Christs sake.

  3. Jason

    What the hell is going on with Sirius and what I mean about that is on Friday they played your old show August 26 2006. Just a question if you knew about this or not? It’s starting to piss me off knowing Friday is coming and gonna hear some real live action and it turns out to be what you did 3 or 4 years ago like seriously what the F!! I am a paying subscriber have two radios in each vehicle. Would just like an explanation. I know you don’t deal with Sirius’s shit but I have also emailed them about this bullshit.

  4. Dave

    Same question as jason, What’s up

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