Friday, August 6, 2010

August 7th, 2010 by Staff

Friday, August 06, 2010

This is Blind Lawrence with your double shot Friday recap.

Bumper music provided by Big Dick:

Terrestrial Show
Testament – Practice What You Preach
Stone Roses – Love Spreads
The Smithereens – A Girl Like You
Spot – Moon June Spoon
Weezer – Hash Pipe
White Zombie – Thunder Kiss ’65
Oleander – Why I’m Here
Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

Sirius Show
Metallica – So What
Nonpoint – Victim
Mudvayne – Determined
Anal Cunt – You Were Too Ugly to Rape So I Beat the Shit Out of You
Anthrax – Startin’ Up a Posse
Insane Clown Posse – Fk the World
Body Count – There Goes the Neighborhood
Pantera – Fing Hostile
N.W.A. – Automobile

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports, McCollum VS. Scott Debate

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing, followed by
“Practice What You Preach” by Testament. Bubba started off by saying
the bumper music was provided by Big Dick, Ned asked who won, Bubba
thinks that it was a fluke play, he then went over some sports scores,
he thinks Bill McCollum and Rick Scott are the biggest idiots ever, he
thinks Rick Scott is at the top of the not to be trusted list, he said
he won’t be getting into the birthdays or emails today, as he wants to
get right into the debate, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Love Spreads” by The Stone Roses.
Bubba said that has the footage of Rafael in the Green
room, Manson said that was one of the funniest things they did. Tim in
Dover called Bubba a pussy democrat, Bubba said he doesn’t think
McCaine would’ve done better, he said he’s not happy with Obama at
this point, he said that neither one of these guys are better than
McCaine/Palin, he said McCollum and Sink haven’t been fined for fraud,
the guy got Eviled a few seconds later, the guys then goofed on his
voice, saying he votes for Republican every time. Mike in Dexter Maine
said he’s an avid listener, Bubba said things will be interesting in
January of 2011, he asked if any of the guys have got poison ivy on
his deal, Bubba said he’s had that before, he said it’s the worst,
Mike said he’s had it every summer, he said you end up scratching like
crazy. We then heard a news clip about the Casey Anthony case. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls foundation.
Bubba said that they would play “My Trunk”, however it’s on a very hot
rotation, he said one of his favorites is “Caylee’s not In the
Cradle”, which we then heard. This bit appears on “Bubba Show Classics
Vol. 10”, track 5. We then heard “A Girl Like You” by The smithereens,
Bubba said that Rob Kahn will be on the show today, he then said the
Rays are in the middle of a Pennit race, he thinks the Trop is a joke,
as the ball hit a speaker, Spice said he’d rather sit in a dome,
rather than sit in the heat. We then heard the play; Bubba said
anytime the play-by-play guy talks about the rigging, you might want
to reconsider where you play. We then heard a clip of Joe Madden
talking about the play, Bubba thinks the Angles could use Madden,
Brent said they find away to lose every night, the guys cracked up at
Upton’s comments, Manson said that stuff happens once every year,
Bubba said the problem is it’s not in the right place. Spice said he’s
talked to some people in south Florida, he said the tax payers are
getting screwed by the new stadium. Bubba said that the ownership of
the Rays would like to go to Hartford Connecticut, he then said that
India legalized homosexuality, Spice said if he was gay, he’d be
afraid of catching something. Bubba wonders how you could change the
shape of a condom, Spice grunted when the name of the condom was
announced – “Spice up”, Manson thinks it’s a lot of hype for some more
lubrication. Bubba said he has mixed feelings on this next story, he
read that a woman accused a pilot of drinking; Spice thinks the woman
is probably on Neighborhood watch. Bubba thinks she embarrassed the
captain, Spice said he’s with him on that, Manson said if he was the
Captain, he’d think maybe it’d be a situation, Spice thinks the plane
does most of the work for you, he said his friend’s Dad used to be a
pilot, the guy used to take his pants off and put on a Speedo, the
guys don’t think a drink cart and a Stewardess will stop a terrorist
attack. Bubba read that Mel Gibson got hypnotized, he thinks they
should try to get hypnotized, he thinks Pantera would be beat down in
30 seconds. Bubba said that Shannon Burke’s wife is out, Spice
sarcastically said he can’t believe the marriage didn’t’ work out,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bill McCollum/Rick Scott Debate

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said they don’t miss an opportunity to bag on Mel Gibson, we then
heard Manson’s “Maniac Mel”. Bubba said Spice wasn’t able to get a
hold of Shannon Burke, Spice said he talked to him a few weeks ago;
Manson said he’s an inch away from murder. We then heard a news clip
about the Republican debate, Spice said that stuff is always funny,
Bubba thinks Alex Sink will chop both of these guys down, he said that
he watched the whole thing, Brent said he watched it for a little bit,
he couldn’t take it, Bubba said he finds both of them disgusting, he
thinks one of the guys comes across gay, he thinks if he had a gun to
his head and was only allowed to pick one of these guys, he’d select
McCollum, he said he’d like to do a very unscientific poll, which one
would you vote for? Jeremy in Indiana said he was listening to O&A,
saying that Bubba was fired after this year; Spice said he thinks Jim
Norton is hilarious. Bubba said it was because of timing, he said he
doesn’t have the power to tell Cowhead. Dave in Jacksonville said
McCollum. Mike in Orlando said McCollum. Dave in West Palm Rick Scott.
Eric said Rick Scott. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he’s
voting for Alex Sink, he said he doesn’t trust Scott, bubba
interjected saying McCollum, he thinks someone is high while screening
calls. Hidey in south Florida said McCollum, Bubba wasn’t sure where
Coral Springs was. Spice said he has them broken down into separate
charts. Bubba thinks his pole is a scientific as the ones that are
conducted, he wondered if it’s right down the middle, Spice said bill
has a slight edge, he said he needs some more votes, he said that
South Florida is almost done, Bubba said the call screener can’t keep
up, Spice said Bill McCollum won the vote for south Florida, that city
is closed. Bubba said Tampa is closed out, Spice said its 60% of the
vote for McCollum. Bubba asked if any other media does stuff like
this, Spice said McCollum is cleaning up in Orlando. Bubba said
Pantera is pissing him off, as Brooksville is part of Tampa. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Shannon Burke

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans. Bubba thinks they should play some Shannon Burke elements
before putting him on, we then heard “I shot a dog With a Hand Gun”
from “bubba Show classics Vol. 10”, track 9, followed by “Shannon
Burke Song” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 10”, track 13. We then
heard “Hash Pipe” by Weezer, Bubba plugged what they’ve got on Shannon Burke came on, he said Rick Scott will be the next
guy, he said the bits are hilarious. Bubba asked Shannon if he heard
the bits, Shannon said he had lunch with Debbie Moral, the Orlando
station’s GM, he said he’d do the same thing if the roles were
reversed. Bubba asked how it got going, Shannon said he’s a stinkin’
Alcoholic, he said he’s mad because his wife let the dog out, he said
he’s a drunken idiot, he said he was an asshole, he said he was drunk
and forgot about gun safety 101, he said that’s how Alcohol and
destroy a life, he said he was telling his wife not to call anyone.
Spice asked what happened after it happened, Shannon said it bounced
off two items, he said he was so shocked, he probably doesn’t know
what he was saying. Bubba asked what kind of gun it was, Shannon said
it was a 40 caliber, he said the dog fell on the gun, he said he had
his finger on the trigger, he said he’s only had one dui, he said it’s
amazing that he’s only gotten one, Ned said he wants to party with
him, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Shannon Burke,

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs for Pain”,
followed by “Thunder Kiss ‘65” by White Zombie. Bubba said Shannon is
a good radio guy, Spice said he was great on air. Bubba asked him to
pick it up, Shannon said the cops came by and put a boot on his head,
the detective said he’s a drunken idiot, he said they patted him down
before he was put in the squad car, he said she was on morphine, he
said he loves his wife, he said she’s been through some much in one
year, Spice thinks you can’ blame her for wanting a divorce. Shannon
said he’s a difficult guy to deal with in marriage, Bubba said he’s
hard to interview, he said if you can’t do it then you can’t do it, he
said you can’t stop the press, he mentioned the hog trial Bubba went
through, he said he’d expect nothing less, he said him adopting a dog
made the paper, he said he had to wear the same thing Linzy Lohan
wears, he said he can’t go near his house, as he had a gps on him, he
had one of his friends go into his house to get his stuff, he said the
lawyer who handled the case is a douchebag, he said the cops came up
with shotguns, he wondered if it was needed, he said he’s raised
thousands and thousands of dollars for the cops, he said he had to go
to jail for 21 days. Spice asked how jail was, Shannon said all the
guards listen to his show, he said he got along great with everyone,
he bonded out and lived in a hotel for six months, he said he’s been
sober for almost 16 months, he said he had a contract on his desk for
five years, his contract expired on May 9, he was fired on May 4.
Spice asked about him finding Jesus, Shannon said he wonders how
anyone can truly find Jesus, he said he goes to a bible study thing,
he said he’s not on a street corner with a mega phone, he said he was
in solitary confinement, he said he listened to the show every
morning, he said he’s a huge fan of the show, he said he likes
Political stuff in the mid day, he said he needs to follow Bubba on
WHTQ, he said everyone leaves the station after Bubba signs off, he
said he’s having breakfast with Cox next week. Bubba asked if someone
would hire him, he wonders if that will make him drink again, Shannon
said he’s faced with temptation, he said everyone knows who he is, he
said he does a Political show, but he’s not really into it, Bubba said
he hates to see good radio guys get dropped, he then asked about the
divorce. Shannon said he kind of saw it coming; he said they were only
allowed to see each other in their Councilor’s office. Spice said
they’ve got Tuddle, he asked who he was, Shannon said he knows him, he
thought he was a squirrely hanger-on, he said the kid gets it, bubba
said they’re trying to help him out, he’s not sure if it’s shtick or
real, Shannon said it took him three years to hear what he sounds
like, he said he’s heard great things about Cox, Shannon said it’s a
great station from what he’s heard, he asked that Bubba place a call
to ask that someone pick up the phone when he calls. Spice said they
look at alcoholism as if you can just have one, Shannon said he can’t
drink like a gentleman, he said he doesn’t like when someone leaves
after having a few beers. Bubba said he finds him to be a breath of
fresh air, Manson said he’s better than half the guys out there.
Elliot said he thanked Bubba and the crew, he said that recently he’s
gone through a divorce, he thanked Bubba for hooking him up with
Regina Hunter, Bubba said Regina Hunter helped him out, Spice said
that’s who he’s going to see if he gets divorced. Bubba thinks that no
one will have a bigger station than them, Dave said he’s looked
around, Bubba said he could almost fill up his radio network with them
in the mornings, Shannon Burke in middays, and Lex and Terry in the
afternoons. Dwayne said he’s been listening for a few years, he thinks
the last segment was great. Bubba said it’s only a matter of time if
Shannon learns from his lesson. Josh said if Bubba did his own radio
thing, he said his radio would never leave that channel. Robbie said
that was almost as good as when bubba had Howard on (January 21,
2010), he wondered if they can do a weekly segment with him. Bubba
thinks Rich Reece is paying attention, he said Cox took a big chance
with them, he thinks being unhireable is worse than what Shannon did.
Rob asked about Cowhead, Bubba said they could always consider him; he
said he’s talking about people who need jobs. Stacey said that the
trigger on a 40 Cal weighs about 16 pounds, he said he owns the same
kind Shannon does, Manson as Clinton said some stuff, he thinks they
should just get Shannon to take over the morning slot in Orlando. Matt
in winter park said he’d put the Bubba show on top of shows like Phil
Hendrie, he said Bubba flip flopped like with Iraq, bubba said he’s
always wondered what we did over there. We then heard a news clip
about a fight at Publix, Bubba thinks a stabbing at a stop sign isn’t
worth it, he played it because of the 911 call. We then heard a news
clip about Planet 93.3 making a format change, Bubba said they did
great with Jacksonville on a horrible signal, he said Lex and Terry
are hurting, the guys think think they should have an Urban station
called Boopity, he said moving to Dallas was one of the worst things
they’ve ever done, he thinks that Terry didn’t want to say Planet
wants to make a business decision to play Jimmy Buffett, Spice thinks
no one plays that stuff. Bubba said a station will never flip back to
its old format, he said he feels bad for what happened. Spice said the
worst thing that can happen is when a radio station would flip
formats. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – 911 from killer, Brett Farve audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bitch I Told You”
shirt. Bubba said Rob Kahn will be in about 15 minutes or so, we then
heard the 911 call with the guy who shot his employees at a Liquor
store, the guys goofed on the guy during the call, Spice wondered if
they’ll be able to hear the gunshot of the guy killing himself, bubba
thinks he distanced himself from the phone, he then said that he
didn’t play Farve’s mini press conference, Manson thinks Farve is him,
ned said you can’t help but love him. We then heard a clip of Farve
saying he’s not sure what he wants to do, the guys had a hard time
understanding him over the truck, Manson thinks he has a few beers at
night, bubba thinks Farve is screwing with people. Steve in Lakeland
thinks Farve is in a Power Stroke, bubba said he had one, but it
sucked. We then heard a news clip about a base jumper who spent hours
hanging from a parashoot, Bubba said real base jumpers don’t carry
cell phones, Manson said the guy wants to break the law, then call for
the Police, Spice thinks that could happen in a cartoon, the guys
goofed on him saying he’d never carry a backup shoot. We then heard
the 911 call about the snake that ate the guy’s kid; Bubba said that
one is the reigning champion of the der der der. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Rob Kahn in studio, Manson’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard for the Btls foundation. Bubba
thinks big dick is killing him for playing “Sweet Caroline”; Spice
said the slowest intro Neil Diamond has done. Bubba said you can’t
help but be Rob Kahn’s friend, or he’ll kill you, he thinks Rob looks
like a beefier version of MJ. Rob said he’s doing a lot of work with
the Military, he said the new gym is a part of Joy Fitness, he said
they’ve got about 4,000 square feet, he said Monster Lobsta still has
the free beer offer, he joked that he promotes Alcoholism, he said he
watches all the Pay-per-views, he said that he just writes that off as
a business expense. Bubba asked how Anderson will do, Rob said he’s
good, he thinks matt Sarah catching GSP was an upset, he said he’s
excited about this fight. Bubba asked about bobby Lashly, Rob said
they’ve been matching him with tomato cans his whole career, he thinks
no one will be able to beat Brock Lesner, he thinks a title fight
against Shogun will generate about 800,000-900,000 viewers, he thinks
a fight with Brock will generate about 2,000,000. Steve in
Jacksonville asked about Kara Gracey, Rob said he’s familiar with how
pretty she is. Steve asked if he can tap Rob out, he said he has a red
belt. Bubba asked Rob if he’s been tapped out before, Rob said yes,
Spice said he did that (June 5, 2008). Bubba thanked him for coming
by; he said he has a new mark Ober bit to close the show with. We then
heard the bit, which is a recreation of a phone call between mark Ober
and MJ, where MJ says he wants to make sure the fire is out, mark had
no idea what he was talking about, while MJ dropped hints about it.
They then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Moonshine challenge

The show started off with “Juicey” by Notorious BIG. Bubba said that
their live, he said they’ll be off next Friday, as they’ll be
traveling, Spice said he’s always wanted to go to the Admiral’s club,
Bubba said they could set that up, he said it’s a lot of free stuff,
he said he has a black card, but he’s thinking about canceling it, as
he rarely uses it. Brent said one of the perks was the black card got
them out of Vegas, he said it was that fast to get home, Manson thinks
they bumped some people, Spice as Bubba said “Move aside, fk faces”,
he said Jamie Kennedy has a black card, he then recapped the time when
she used it, Bubba said this is the year of him downsizing. Spice
described how the Ferret shows his black card, but he’ll use something
else, Manson as the Ferret said he’s a baller.
Bubba said he doesn’t have a wallet, he has a money clip, he then said
when he landed in Miami for something, he wore flip-flops, Spice said
he remembers the Louie, Bubba said he had to accessorize. Bubba said
he has The moonshine Challenge today, he said they’ll randomly choose
someone, Spice thinks they do it every fifteen minutes, Brent said he
has a jar of Moonshine in case the bottle runs out, Spice said the
only thing left in the cabinet is Jack Daniels, Bubba said if that was
all they had, he’d pull Brent’s name out, Brent said he doesn’t want
to kill someone. The lotto machine fired up, it landed on Miller,
Bubba is shocked it came out that way, Brent thinks Miller is happy as
hell, Spice said he wants his ball to get picked. Miller said you
can’t beat this job, Bubba said he draws the line with cocaine, Manson
said there’s no work place like this, Bubba said that all they do is
f with people, he said that it takes a special kind of woman to
work at the BRN, Brent said Jabberjaw was tortured before. Bubba
decided to draw all the names now, Miller said he has a show tonight,
Miller’s name came up again; he asked if he was the only name in
there. Bubba drew the next name, it landed on 25 Cent. The next name
was Miller; Spice said at least the moonshine is good shit. The name
for 11:15 was Jabberjaw; the name for 11:30 was Big Dick. The name for
11:45 was Bubba. The name for High Noon was Miller; Miller said there
has to be more of his name in there. The name for 12:15 was Miller,
Brent said this is a good bit, Miller asked that he get to look at the
machine. The name for 12:30 was Bubba. The name for 12:45 was Brent.
Bubba told Miller to chill out, he then asked for everyone to chill
out, he told Brent not to look at Miller. The name for 1:00 was 25
Cent, as well as for 1:15. The name for 1:30 was Carl Harris. The name
for 1:45 was Brent. The name for 2:00 was big dick. Bubba doesn’t like
how Miller is like Ronnie the Limo Driver, Spice said Miller is happy
about it, Brent and Bubba then recreated a scene with bubba as Ronnie,
he said you have to have a ticket for the Bubbapalooza show; you just
need to get in line and pay. Ed in Calgary said he’s heading back with
a load, he thinks Bubba answered the question for him, he said they’re
coming up from Thunder Bay, he said he’d like to take Ned out fishing,
ed said if the guy comes to his room, he’ll suck the guy’s dick, Ed
said he’d f Jabberjaw. Bubba asked the guy if he had to suck
someone’s dick or die, Ed said Ned, Bubba asked for someone to give
him a temperature in Fahrenheit, not Celsius. Bubba said the only
wives that are going will be Donna and heather, Brent said he’d have
to pay for Amanda, Manson said she gets so mad at him; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Phillip in Toronto

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Calgary,
followed by Manson’s “You’re Fatter than me”. We then heard “so what”
by Metallica, Ned thinks this is his theme song, Brent said he’s heard
this song live, but never on record. Bubba asked for Twenty-five Cent
to come in, Spice thinks Twenty-five’s car is pimp. Twenty-five then
took his shot, Spice thinks he’ll have Twenty-five blow on some soup,
Bubba thinks Miller was getting in his face, he then asked Twenty-five
if he’s going to Calgary, he then said he wanted his Moonshine, Manson
said he has a hankering for it. Twenty-five said he’ll be going, he
said he’ll carry Bubba’s bags for him, he said that it would be cool
if JD from Howard’s show could make it, he thinks it would be like
Howard Stern opening up a club in Bababbooey’s home town, he thinks it
would be impressive if Howard calls, he then said that Donna had a
good question, will the cell phones work in Calgary, Brent thinks so,
Spice joked that Manson has a Nextel from 1984, bubba said they get to
Calgary around 9 on Thursday night. Phillip in Toronto came on, he
told the guys to be careful because of rooming charges, Bubba said
jack Stiefel texted him saying that ATNT phones work fine. Spice asked
what way do the toilets flush, Phillip said he would go, but the hotel
was too expensive. Phillip said he had the chance to look at the
btlsFoundation, he said he was calling to thank Bubba for that. Spice
asked him how much he’s polling down, Manson said he’s the cfo of
Tiger Lilli’s, yet he’s not making anything, Phillip said he met Donna
and he knows why that’s the case, Bubba said he’ll get it converted at
Bank of America, he then said it was time for Miller to come in, Brent
said Blind James delivered his Moonshine. Miller came in, he said
Bubba’s is much better, he then said they’ve got some Wonka Weekend
DVS for the fans, he told him to look for it the next couple of weeks.
Phillip said bubba went above and beyond, he said Venue was a blast,
he said everyone was cool, he said Al-kida had him going for a while,
he said planning his Calgary trip should’ve been planned sooner. Bubba
said if they come back to Sirius, they’ll do a show in Calgary,
Phillip suggested Bubba just come up to Toronto regardless. Bubba is
convinced that matt from Orange County wasn’t sober; Spice said he’s
out on the Monopoly drawing; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Monopoly Lottery Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans, followed by “Ned Talks to Mel Gibson”. Bubba said one week
from tonight, they’ll be in Calgary, he said tickets are still
available. Spice said he heard that girls in Canada like to get butt
fked, bubba asked for Jabberjaw to come in to do her shot, he asked
for Ned to not bring anything. Jabberjaw came in, she said she’s fine,
she said she’s never been butt fed, Manson said he doesn’t see her
as a butt fer. Jabberjaw said it was really good, she said she
doesn’t have any cash, but she’ll gladly participate, she said she’s
not going to Canada, as she’s not on the list. Bubba asked about the
family situation, Jabberjaw said they had a cookie party, Spice
sarcastically thinks they’re shocking. Jabberjaw said she hasn’t seen
her sister Michelle, she didn’t talk to her Mom in July, she emailed
her. Bubba said that Big dick doesn’t’ get top shelf moonshine, he
asked for big dick to bring in the roster of people who are in for the
lotto, he said they’re only using Monopoly money, Big Dick said it
tastes like a shot. Bubba asked who isn’t participating in the lotto,
Brent said Dave Rice said no to the lotto, Dave said he lives his life
like he’s getting fired, bubba thinks Dave is the tightest asshole at
the BRN, Spice said he over tips at restaurants, he asked why Carl and
Miller said no, Miller said bubba is giving him more than $10, Bubba
said this means a lot to him, he then told Miller he’s in. Carl said
he doesn’t have $10, he thinks Spice is a cheater, he said he does
debit cards, he asked that Spice not win again, Spice doesn’t know how
it’s a problem. Brent said that sluggo and Al-kida aren’t in it, Spice
said he’ll cover Al-kida’s, Manson said he’ll cover Sluggo. Bubba
asked Dave if he’ll split the costs, Dave said he wouldn’t, as he took
$20 and lost it, Manson thinks Dave is like Manson squared, Brent said
gambling pains him, Dave said he feels like this is the back allie of
Atlantic city. Bubba said all deals are 50-50, he said he’s sponsoring
Jabberjaw, he wonders why Carl is that mad, Carl said it’s Spice.
Bubba asked for Dave’s ball to be removed, he said they should keep it
in just to see how it works, he thinks hammil would buy everyone’s
ball. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Manson’s new bit, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Calgary.
Bubba had no idea what the bumper music was, he thinks big dick wants
to be dumb and weird, he said they have the “Bitch I Told You” shirt,
he jokingly suggested he wear the shirt at the track, he then took his
shot. Manson said all they do is fk with each other, he said he’ll
fk with Canada, he said he wrote it, but then learned Weird Al did
it, he decided to do it anyway, he said he’ll even perform it live,
Spice thinks it would be better than Weird Al’s version. We then heard
the bit, that starts off with a clip of Chris Jericho saying he’s a
Canadian. Bubba thinks Manson might as well dress up like Tucker,
Manson thinks the fans will love it; Bubba thinks the fans will be hot
over this. The song rips into Canada, and features anti Canadian clips
from “South Park: bigger, Longer and uncut” and “Family guy”, Spice
likes how Manson is ripping Bubbapalooza; Bubba said he’s out; the
guys were cracking up during the song. Bubba said he’s the keeper of
this madness, he said he doesn’t condone the song at all, he thinks
people have ripped their tickets up, Spice as a Canadian asked what
the song was about. Twenty-five said they’ve got the Bubba Army
sleeveless, the Bubba Army Canadian shirt sleeveless, Bubba told him
summer will be almost over. We then heard the promo for the Bubba
lottery. Miller said he’s cruising along nicely, he then took his
shot, Bubba thinks Miller is a panderer, the machine fired up; Manson
booed him when Bubba turned the machine off. The machine landed on
Brent, the guys clapped for him, Spice as Big Dick said f
everybody, as everyone else has won, he thinks Carl is out of it. AJ
the black fte came on, asking who Jack Stiefel is, Bubba thinks he’s a
colonel, he said he loves jack, the guys goofed on AJ asking who Jack
Stiefel is, AJ thinks he’ll perform at an open mic night, Spice thinks
it’s just to hang black guys, he then did his KKK guy voice. Bubba
asked for AJ to rap, AJ said he doesn’t freestyle, he then asked for a
beat, Spice provided him with one, he then did a rap, he stopped a few
seconds into it, Bubba thought it sucked, he asked him to do something
he wrote, Aj then did a rap about Georgia, he then asked Bubba to
Tweet him next time he’ll be in Georgia, Bubba said he’ll be there
August 28, Spice as a black guy said some stuff. Matt thinks bubba is
getting worked on the lotto, he said they should split it 50-50, bubba
thinks they’ve got way too much time. Cindy said she’s a female FTE,
she said her boyfriend got her introduced to the show, she got tickets
to the show, but couldn’t make it, ned said no refunds, Cindy said at
least they have a good sense of humor, she said they don’t do anal,
ned called her a butt fg Canadian. Bubba thinks ing and
dildoed are great words, Miller came in for his shot, he then drank
it, he said it’s happening. Bubba wished Miller the best of luck for
tonight, Miller said he’ll probably get free beer, he said the people
at Side Splitters are doing really well, he said he’ll be opening for
Nick Dapolo in October. Brian said they got a good sense of humor
about Canada. Bubba wondered if O&A were talking smack on them
earlier, he said they need to check their facts, he thinks they’re
nerds. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Brent Shit on the floor?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Calgary,
followed by Ned’s “Black Guys” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 13”,
track 4. Bubba thinks big dick is pissing him off, Spice thinks this
is hot bate. Dave said something happened radio worthy, he said
someone shit on the floor, Brent said he did it, this had the guys
cracking up, Manson thinks it was the fastest confession in history,
Ned thinks it’s swagger. Brent said there was someone in the bathroom,
he had to wait, Manson thought he did it, Spice was laughing his ass
off, Brent said he cleaned it up with rubbing alcohol, bubba said
they’ll have three bathrooms at the new BRN, he said everyone will
have their own shit world, Brent said he was about to die, he thinks
the first drop landed on the floor, Spice wonders how he didn’t
notice, Ned said sometimes you shit on the floor. Dave in West Palm
came on saying he was almost peeing his pants, he then said Shalom,
Spice then recreated Bubba saying Shalom, this had the guy’s laughing.
Brent said he’s a fast shitter; Spice was still cracking up at Brent
shitting on the floor. Bubba thinks Brent should change his technique
of standing up to shit, Brent said he stands up to wipe, he said no
one will check his asshole, he said he’s been standing up to wipe as
long as he can remember. Angel in Canada said she enjoys anal, Bubba
said they call it ng, he thinks that would hurt like hell.
Angel said she’s been married for nine years, she then recapped how it
goes down; Spice said he’s been milked before. Angel said she doesn’t
milk her husband, she thinks he might like it, Bubba thinks it sounds
dirty, he thinks it sounds like something Beavis and Butt-Head would
say, Spice then explained milking, Bubba thinks he’s like Ward Cleaver
when it comes to sex. Bubba asked if Dave has seen the shit caper
footage, Dave recapped what they’ve got, Spice thinks he’s like the
girl in his relationship with Tasha, Manson said it’s like a scheduled
time for him, he said it would be great if Trace had an apartment and
a job, Brent said he loves Trace, Manson said Trace is special.
Nattily said she loves anal, she has it every time, she said she
doesn’t take a shit before doing it, bubba said that girls talking
about shits are cool. Ned asked if she’s sucked his dick after it’s
been in the ass, nattily said no, she does that before that. Spice
said if he wins the Lotto, he’s buying a yot and calling it “shitty
dick”, Bubba said he likes the pussy, he said that’s where the penis
goes. Nattily said she likes getting jiz on her butt, Ned thinks she
likes a big cock shoved up her ass, he said he’s hard, he thinks he’s
talking himself through one, Nattily thinks the guys are crazy, Bubba
said you can never predict where the show will go. We then heard a
promo about shit being on the floor of the BRN Bathroom, the guys were
cracking up at the promo. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Brent shits on the floor, Brent hatley concert

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page (, followed by the world” by Insane
Clown Posse. Bubba thinks they’ll have ICP on soon, Spice said they’ll
be there, he said the movie “big Money Rustlers” seems like the
funniest movie he’ll see high. Ned said he was amazed at what they got
coming up – two bulldykes on hold, a nigga is going to do a shot, and
someone shit on the floor, he asked where their $3,000,000 are. We
then heard Scout and big Gulp’s bumper, Scout said they’re listening
to the live show, she said it’s been great to hear the stuff they’ve
had; Brent said Twenty-five owes them two shots. Scout said they had
three full weeks of vacation, Bubba asked her if some people talked
smack about vacation Scout said yes. Twenty-five came in to try his
two shots, Brent said he did it like a champ, Twenty-five said he’s
packing the new shirts, Spice sarcastically said that they’ll get
their efficiently after the shots. Scout said they’re setting up plans
to New Orleans, Bubba said to not worry about tickets, Scout said they
found a place to park the truck, she then asked if they could be in
the same hotel as the guys, Bubba thinks Twenty-five wants
Scout and Big Gulp, Scout said they’d do a reverse Oreo cookie, she
said she’d have to ask Big gulp, but she’s asleep, as she drove last
night. Bubba asked if they had dick before, Scout said yes, she said
they’ve both delt with men, she said it was 11 years ago this July.
Bubba asked if they’ve ever talked about sex with guys at the show,
Scout said no, she said she’d feel as if they’re family, Ned thinks he
could be the creepy Grandpa. We then heard the bumper about the shit
caper. Bubba then fired up the DVD, which contained the bumper, the
guys cracked up at the video; he said he’s thinking about putting it
on, Brent said he wouldn’t lie about that. Bubba then
described the scene, Brent joked he looked guilty; Bubba said they
can’t put this up on fast enough. We then heard Carl
saying Suspect 1 is Spice, he said he was in for only a minute to
piss, bubba thinks you can’t do anything around there. Suspect two was
Manson, Bubba said he looked like tucker Carlson, Bubba said when he
shits, he’s in there for about twenty minutes. Suspect 3 was Brent,
bubba wonders if this was where this was, he pointed out how Brent
walked in backwards, Spice thinks he’s a speed shitter. Suspect 4 was
Dave Rice; Bubba thinks Dave is the one that found it. Dave said he
ran in, saw it and got out, Bubba thinks Dave wrote the time in binary
code; Dave said it was a small glop. Bubba said that Calgary
Bubbapalooza will be available on, he said you can watch
it as it’s happening, he said they’ll have it so that you can replay
it on demand, he said this is the first time they’ve done that. Spice
described what was happening in the video, he said it’s a wet one,
Brent said it filled up the toilet. Dave said he came out and asked
“Who shit on the fing floor?” Brent said he looked at the light
being on, he said as soon as you look past the door, you can see it,
he said he did it quietly, he said that’s how oblivious sluggo is, he
said he spent 00:58 seconds cleaning up the shit, Spice cracked up
when he saw Brent with shit on his pants, Bubba wonders if the dogs
sniffed him. Spice asked who knew if Brent had shit on his pants, Dave
said everyone knew, Ned thinks it’s a Blockbuster. Bubba said if he
had shit on his pants, Manson said it would be songs for years, Brent
said he’s in the same boat with Macho Man, he said when he gets home,
he puts everything in the washer. We then heard a Brent hatley

1. Gomer Hatley (“bubba Show classics Vol. 10, track 18”, and “Brent
Hatley concert” track 20)
2. Black Hatley (“N.F.C” track 4, “Ned’s Tribute to Brent hatley”
track 2, and “Brent hatley concert” track 3)
3. “Twenty-five or Six To four” (“Brent hatley concert” track 13)
4. “Brent Rocky Theme” (“Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley” track 9, and
“Brent Hatley concert” track 21)
5. “Brent Van dike” (“Bubba show classics Vol. 11” track 5, and “Brent
hatley Concert” track 18)
6. “Brent Stones” (“bubba Show classics Vol. 11” track 24, and “Brent
hatley concert” track 19)
7. “Brent Hatley Doors” (“N.F.C” track 8, “Ned’s tribute To Brent
Hatley” track 8, and “Brent Hatley concert” track 5)
8. “hatley 5-0” (“Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley” track 6, and “Brent
Hatley concert” track 6)
9. “hot Butter hatley” (“N.F.C” track 24, “Ned’s Tribute to Brent
hatley” track 18, and “Brent Hatley Concert” track 9)
10. “A Little less Hatley” (not in Catalog)
11. “Brass hatley” (“N.F.C” track 10, “Ned’s tribute to Brent Hatley”
track 3, and “Brent Hatley concert” track 2)
12. My name is Brent Hatley (censored version)
13. “hatley Deeds” (“N.F.C” track 16, “Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley”
track 15, and “Brent hatley concert” track 4)
14. “ZZ Hatley” (“Ned’s tribute to Brent hatley” track 20, and “Brent
Hatley concert” track 12)
15. “Brent Acres” (“N.F.C” track 20, “Ned’s tribute To Brent Hatley”
track 4, and “Brent hatley concert” track 15)
16. “hatley Impossible” (“Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley” track 16, and
“Brent hatley concert” track 8)
17. “My Name is Brent hatley” (uncensored)

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba rants against Scott Greenstein and Opie and Anthony

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans. Bubba came back saying he was getting to the bottom of the
Opie and Anthony audio, he referred to them as fing nerds, he said
Spice and Brent did everything to accommodate Jim Norton, Spice said
Jim is hilarious, he wonders what they’re supposed to do, Bubba said
it’s the information they got, he doesn’t get how they’re saying he’s
getting fired, he said he’ll kick their asses, he told them to name
the place, he said if Greenstein doesn’t do anything over this, he’ll
just quit, he told Greenstein to do something, he said they’ll have
the tape in a few minutes, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – O&A Audio, bubba quitting Sirius?

Bubba said before he flips out, he said hi to Tim Collins, the main
video guy at the Notre Dame video department, he said his son arson is
listening to the show, he then thanked Al from skin Industries, Spice
isn’t sure if the promo code still works. Bubba said Jim Norton from
Opie and Anthony is in town, he said the guy from the Improv emailed
Spice, Spice wrote him back saying that they had a scheduled guest, if
he comes back to town they would be interested. Brent said he checked
with Gary because of the history, Gary wrote him back saying it was
okay, as they have no issue with Jim Norton, Bubba asked how that can
be twisted. We then heard a clip of Opie and Anthony talking about Jim
in Tampa, Bubba said he has no problem with Jim. Opie thanked Cowhead
for treating him, he said that Cowhead had some behind the scenes
pressure, Bubba said they don’t know what they’re talking about, he
told Greenstein he doesn’t have a hair on his ass, he said they’re
fng with both of his shows. Opie thinks he’ll start the rumor of
the day on Twitter, Bubba thinks Opie is a pussy, as he twitted him
earlier but hasn’t gotten a response, Bubba said he didn’t threaten
Cowhead, Brent thinks his investigation is done, Bubba thinks Cowhead
said something about not mentioning anything on the air, he thinks
Spice was quite the visionary, he told Cowhead not to talk to him
again, he called him a backstabber, he asked for Cowhead to show him
the evidence, Spice said Jim is a brilliant comedian, Bubba wishes
they weren’t booked today, he said Cowhead could do whatever he wants,
Brent thinks it’s all a lie, Bubba thinks that’s why he got rid of
Cowhead, he said the reason why he does one day a week is because of
the deal he signed, he said it’s because Greenstein has been sucking
their cocks, he said he quits, he said “f you Greenstein”, Brent
said they got fired from Regular radio, he said he’s fired up over
this. Bubba said he’s not sure if he’ll be back, he said Greenstein
didn’t do anything when Ellis was talking shit about Rich and Cavino;
they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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