Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24th, 2012 by Staff

Bubba said he told everyone yesterday to not flip out over the storm.
Richard Ramose from California is the Facebook fan of the day.
Bubba talked a little about Hurricane Issac.
Bubba wonders if George Michael is asking for a man to wake him up
with his song “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”.
Earnest in California thanked the guys for the sound sleves.
Emails: Woman would donate her breast milk for ice cream, Blind
Lawrence wrote in saying today is Lou Pickney’s birthday, listener is
impressed with the shipping speed of, listener used and got ripped off, sound sleves arrived on
Thursday, President Dwight D. Eizenhower was probably one of the best
Presidents, thanks for everything the show does for law enforcement,
listener wants an Android cover, and another example of how Warren
Sapp is not liked.
Jimbo asked if they still have the Bubba Army bakinis, Bubba said
he’ll put them up on soon.
sMan bitten by snake, bites back until it is dead.
Bubba is tired of Obama lying, he said that he’s guilty of drinking
the Obama cool-aid, he thinks Romney will be the next President, no
one on the show has heard Obama commercials on 102.5 The Bone, Bubba
thinks Obama has lost his audience, he sat through a bunch of
interviews to get to Obama, but Obama didn’t want to do his show.
Ned’s Load – “Fat Boy in Genes” (not in the catalog)
Various callers weigh in on the political situation of today.
Ned’s “50 Shades of White Trash Part 3”.
Kevin wished Ned a happy belated birthday; Ned doesn’t want to be
reminded he’s 76.
Audio clip – Coach accused of sexting.
Audio clip – Political figure wants to stop abortion by any means.
Manson’s “Abortion City” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 1” track 2.
Manson’s “sounds Like An Abortion” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 10.
Mary talked about a guy that she knew at work who sent her a picture
of his junk.
Porn industry is shut down for awhile do to a disease.
Woman strangled neighbor with braw.
Audio clip – UFC 151 is canceled.
Audio clip – Cop fired for attacking a woman who he just arrested.
Bubba found the video porton of the story.
Jamie wonders if Vince McMahon would think about giving the guy a spot.
Audio clip – man admits to killing his wife, right after his lawyer
said his client was not guilty.
Audio clip – Post office has too many stamps honoring “The Simpsons”.
Audio clip – Man who pled no contest in sex with a dead deer pushed a cop.
Audio clip – reporter doesn’t know the term “Knoodeling”.
Bubba thinks television sucks, he thinks everyone is fake.
Audio clip – Ref killed husband with a coffee cup.
The guys of O.A.R in studio talk about life on the road, then played
some tunes live.

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