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Top Stories:
Drinking, DUI Arrests Up Among Women
Cable worker bitten by venomous green mamba snake in Hollywood
Most families outraged at Pan Am 103 bomber’s release
Arrest warrant issued for ex-husband in model’s slaying
Officer shooting suspect is former cop

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports talk

Bubba started off with audio of The Rays losing, then into some
messages from the fans, then into Boston’s “Don’t Look Back”. Bubba
said he thinks Melissa Midwest is in porn, Bubba hopes Janessa Brazil
doesn’t go down that route. Bubba wonders what Baltimore was thinking
when they got Aubry, Spice said they’ve got some good players, but
they don’t do much for the team. Bubba thinks Bud Selig is a fool,
Bubba said he really likes J.T. the Brick, Brent hasn’t heard of him.
Bubba thinks they should have a salary cap for baseball. Spice said
the biggest decision Selig ever made was retiring Jackie Robinson’s
number. The guys discuss various teams, Bubba recapped some sports
scores. Bubba said J.T. starts work on Sunday and works until
Thursday; he takes Fridays off to prepare. Bubba said he likes J.T.,
Jim rome, Glenn Beck, and Clark Howard, Bubba thinks Clark is like the
Mr. Rogers of radio, Brent asked that the next Bubba talks to Rome, to
tell him he’s doing a great job with his talk show, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Beer, Cash for Clunkers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Clemulus
Package”, then into “enter Sandman” as bumper music. Bubba thanked
Chad from Miller for some beer, Bubba said they’ve got a new beer from
Holland, Spice thinks they should change the name of Amsterdam, Bubba
suggests people try the Miller 64, Bubba said Dan Atwell loves that
stuff. Ned said he’s all about Icehouse. Spice plugged his gig for
tomorrow night in Sarasota, Spice said he hasn’t been there for about
two years; Bubba thinks bringing Tasha will attract people. Spice said
today is the one year anniversary of her coming in; they consider it
the anniversary of going out. Spice said he called her a few days
after, Spice said he almost had to guilt trip her into calling. Bubba
said Rick from Arlington Toyota really knows how to party, Bubba said
that just before rick is going to pass out, and he comes back. Bubba
is bummed out the Cash for clunkers event is going away, Bubba thinks
it’s all for Congress, Spice wonders if it was designed to last for a
few weeks, he wonders if it’ll be cranked up again, Bubba thinks it’s
not going to happen. Bubba said Cash for Clunkers ends Monday at
midnight. Manson is shocked that a political figure turned down
fifteen million dollars for a bridge, Bubba thinks they should’ve done
a twenty billion dollar Cash for Clunkers program, Bubba goes over the
advantages to the program. Bubba said he wouldn’t want to go on a
bullet train, Brent wonders if we’re too big geographically. Bubba
said try and find a cab in Orlando, Ned thinks we need Jet packs,
Bubba wonders where they are, Bubba wonders where his jet pack is.
Bubba thinks the warp bubble wouldn’t work out for him. Bubba said bob
Murry told him he could trade in his two cars, he wants to get a smart
Car, and Brent wants to see video of that. Spice thinks Cash for
Clunkers needs to stop, because of guys like bubba, Spice thinks its
working because people are working it, and Bubba said its stopping
because they didn’t earmark enough money. Manson thinks they’ll have
to pay the money back some day, Brent said he’s not paying anything
back; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Joe the Supermark calls in, Officer Roberts, bubba gets
heat with a caller

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into some Joe Cocker as bumper music. We then heard Joe the
Supermark’s bumper, Bubba thinks he’s bringing the party to a halt.
Joe said it’s Ned’s birthday this Sunday, Ned said he’ll go out
drinking, he’ll be having Gentleman’s Jack, Ned thinks he’ll commit
some acts of violence on people, Brent said he gets mean on Jack,
Bubba thinks they’ll do it today. Joe said Kurt was on a local
station, Bubba said he knew about it, Bubba said he doesn’t own Kurt
Angle, Joe said he wasn’t trying to get heat, Bubba said it doesn’t’
matter, he thinks it was a good interview. Ned told Joe to quit being
a mark. Joe said he’s glad that the Ned shirts are only $40, Bubba
said they’re making about six or seven bucs a shirt, Bubba said each
bead had to be put on by hand, Bubba said it should be $60 shirt, Ned
really likes the design. Joe said he’ll get really high this weekend,
Spice asked him if he’s ever made out with his Mom, Joe said no, Brent
said he doesn’t want to be at a show with Joe, Joe said he and his
girlfriend are moving. Joe said he saves anything involving wrestling,
Ned thinks he has human skin, Manson said he’d rather be taken by
Buffalo Bill than Joe. Joe said he tapes the show every day. Bubba
wonders the very first show Joe taped, February 3, 2003, Brent told
Bubba to be ready on the dump button. The clip started with “Family
Feud – Pop stars VS Wrestlers” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 2”,
track 7. Joe got it to a part where bubba was talking, Bubba asked Joe
to stop it, as he was talking really quick. Joe said he went to
Atlantic City, Joe said he’ll never live that down, as it was during
the time when the show freezed him out. Joe said he didn’t want to get
punched in the face by those guys, Brent thinks Atlantic City was one
of the best, Spice said Artie did some material. Joe said he has his
bubba Army gear with him at all times. Joe said he had a show, but it
was canceled. Bubba said Spice gave him a picture of Jeff Clark, Bubba
said he’ll be looking out for him. Bubba hopes the MJ thing does go to
court, as he’ll be calling BJ as a witness. Bubba said Dr. mark
canceled yesterday to an emergency, Bubba said the most graphic job
Mark ever did was when a woman fell off a jet ski, as she went to get
back on, the guy gunned it, the engine ripped her vagina off. Chad in
Pittsburgh thinks the guys should fly someplace else, as the G20 event
will be in town the same weekend they’ll be there. Bubba said there’s
been a lot of audio on the fallen officer. Bubba said the guy who
killed the cop was a former law enforcement officer, he was also in
the Military, Bubba said there’s video of this, and Bubba read the
article about that. Spice thinks the guy looks like the lead singer
from counting Crows, we then heard a news clip about that. Bubba
wonders what the guy’s intentions were, Brent said they’ve got the
information, they’ll explain after the clip. Bubba thinks the problem
is the illegal’s, Bubba didn’t like the woman in the clip, and he’d
like a translation. Bubba rewound the clip to the part; Spice thinks
she was saying to get out o her house. Bubba said he’d like to hear a
family say their kid is a piece of crap. Bubba said he’d take Ned in
if he was down on his luck, under the stipulations that he not weird
out the kids, and that he smokes outside. Carlos came on and
translated what she said, Bubba is disgusted. George in Largo is
disgusted with Latin Americans who do stuff like this. We then heard
another clip about Officer Roberts. Bubba said he’s going to meet with
some people about that, Brent said he’s writing a check. Bubba said
they got some Intel, Bubba through it over to Brent to explain. Brent
said if you get out of the military because of a bad back, you’re a
pussy. Brent said the guy got some guns, came to Tampa, and was on his
way to the VA and shoot some vets. Bubba thinks they won’t get credit
for reporting this. Brent said he doesn’t know anyone who has had a
good experience at the VA. Tom in Orlando asked Bubba to stop talking
about Law enforcement, bubba thinks he’s the Jeffry Clark kind of guy,
bubba said he should be able to discuss it as much as he wants. Tom
said he was shook down for $1200, Bubba wonders what he was doing to
have that happen, tom claims his wife bumped a car, the other guy
verbally chewed her out, Bubba did the Artie “Whaa” a few times. Bubba
wishes he could kick the guy’s ass, bubba thinks he’s a pussy, tom
said he wants to improve the show’s ratings, Bubba wishes his ratings
were lower. Manson said if he gets pulled over by a cop, he treats him
with respect. Bubba said it’s all on you when you get pulled over,
Brent said he’s been let go the last three times. Bubba went over the
cops he’s stuck up for, bubba thinks the guy shouldn’t be listening to
them; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Dr. Joe Saturley, pt. 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard some 38 Special as bumper music.
Bubba played Dr. Joe Saturley’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba
thinks they should recut the bumper to focus on people who are nuts.
Joe said he was doing great, Bubba took a call from a woman on
protection who said she worked at the VA; she said the guy with the
shopping cart was only seen once. Manson said the problem isn’t the
VA, it’s how we treat our vets. Joe said part of the problem is, some
of these guys don’t even have mental issues. Joe said he’s a tri care
provider. Manson wondered how bad it’s going to be after the Iraq war
is over. Bubba took a call from a woman who didn’t like Tom in
Orlando, she thinks he stepped outside the box when he attacked the
guy’s wife; bubba thinks he sometimes flips out and says stuff he
probably shouldn’t. Bubba said he’d never bring a person’s kids into
an issue. Joe’s information is:


Bubba said the crazies are out, Joe said it could be the horrible
economy. Bubba wondered if Joe has ever had a patient that is closed
to snapping, Joe said it happens a lot. Dave rice wondered who would
be the first person to snap at the BRN, Joe thinks Ned will go first,
Ned thanked him for that. Joe thinks the guys put pressure on 25 Cent,
Brent said 25 has the biggest office, Joe said bubba has the option to
not fight back, Bubba wants to be psycho analyzed. The guys groaned
when Joe says the test is 90 minutes, the guys also groaned at Joe
saying they’ve got a 567 true/false questions, Spice said he dropped
out of school to stop taking tests. Brent said sometimes genius and
insanity are one in the same. Bubba wonders how whacky was Froid, Joe
said he was a genius, but had a horrible addiction. Bubba wonders who
would go first, Joe jokes that Bubba’s anger scale would be out of
control, Joe said he’d like Bubba’s blood pressure. Mali said her
husband has a sleep intercourse problem, Bubba said he’s been doing
that for a long time. Joe said it’s similar to sleep walking, Joe said
he’d know a guy who would drink a beer and eat a half a gallon of
ice-cream while asleep. Bubba thinks she should turn all the lights on
and throw some water on him. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Dr. Joe Saturley, Pt. 2

Bubba said Joe is in the studio for a few minutes. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said one of his friends got in a accident, the other
person died, the survivor is afraid to go to social environments. Joe
said it will get worse for her if she doesn’t get help as soon as
possible. Bubba asked if Joe has ever told people to grow a backbone,
Joe said he’s done that a few times. Bubba read an email from a guy
who said his wife is interested in child psychology; Joe said he’ll
email her back. Joe said he’s got a PhD, a masters and a bachelor’s
degree, Ned thinks he’s an egghead. Bubba wonders if Ned can mind f
Joe, Joe said anyone can fool him. Joe said Ted Bundy was one of the
greatest guys who could fool people, Joe said he’s been trained to not
trust what he hears or sees. Sarah in Riverview said her sister and
her ex were in an abusive relationship. Joe thinks an investigation is
under way. Bubba said a lot of people will use a kid as a pawn during
a divorce. James in Tampa said he sent Joe an email, Joe
congratulating him on winning his case; James thanked bubba for his
hook up. Bubba said the reason why he started this segment was to
educate people. Joe said family law is dirty. Bubba said the
combination of Joe Saturley and Regina Hunter is a good thing. Joe
said he’s seen the Dad do horrible things. Joe said mental health
people will wind people up, Joe said he’s had people come in after
receiving bad advice. Jesse said her boyfriend never wants to have
sex, bubba wonders if heather is calling in. Joe said a lot of anti
depressants make people lose their sexual libido. Ned suggested the
guy use weed. Bubba instructed the phone screener to have the callers
on hold email Joe with their questions. Jamey in Tampa asked about a
divorce case he’s going through, Joe suggested the guy visit his kid
once a week. Joe thinks the guy should start interviewing lawyers.
Chris in Riverview thanked Bubba for the kind words about cops; she
thinks tom in Orlando is a jerk. Bubba wonders if Joe has ever worked
with someone who is married to a first responder, Joe said it’s a very
stressful for them. Bubba thanked Joe for helping out James, Joe said
school starts next week, and Bubba thinks he’s talking to him, not the
audience. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Hulk Hogan calls in, Brent plays the drums, Brent Hatley concert

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into some Nickelback as bumper music, the guys like the call where the
guy says he hates Bubba, but loves the show. Bubba said the new Ned
shirt is very deep. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on.
Bubba said Hogan will be at the Crown Plaza tonight at Seven, Hogan
said they’ll be helping people out at eleven this morning. Hogan said
he’s just getting rolling. Bubba said Hogan is in rare form today.
Hogan did some noises; Bubba thinks he’s saying something. Hogan said
he saw a picture of the cop killer on Bay news 9, Bubba recapped what
he said a little while ago, Hogan hopes they don’t let the guy out of
jail; Bubba thinks he’ll die in jail. Hogan wondered what bubba was
apologizing about, bubba recapped it for him. Bubba asked Hogan to
beat the phone against Jennifer’s breasts, Bubba thinks it was fake.
Bubba asked her to rub the phone on her vagina, Hogan said some
things, and Bubba had no idea what he was doing. Hogan said some stuff
in Carney, bubba responded with some Carney, bubba then plugged
Hogan’s gig, Hogan said he might bring Jennifer, Hogan reminded people
to call Bubba said he heard Brent can
play the drums, Brent said he couldn’t, bubba said the drum kit is
left over from yesterday, but the guy never showed up. Bubba pulled a
clip from February 29, 2008, where the guys confront Brent about it;
they were discussing the song “Acid On my Tongue” from “Ned’s parody
songs Vol. 1”, track 12. In the clip, Brent said he played drums in
high school. We then heard a promo for a Brent Hatley concert, bubba
thinks Ned is staring him down, Spice and Manson were laughing their
asses off, Bubba said if Brent doesn’t pay the drums, and he won’t get
paid next Thursday. Brent said he could get a little bit of Iron Man,
Brent said Dave can play the guitar. Bubba told Brent to get over
there and play, Bubba reset the clip he played earlier. Bubba thinks
Brent is being a dick, bubba said they finally caught him. Brent wants
to do the Bubba iPod play-along with “iron Man”, Bubba did the intro,
and Manson said it sounded like the original. Bubba asked for a warm
up, Brent played a little; the guys wondered if it was from the
Military, Bubba thinks it’s horrible. Brent said he can do a really
good rim shot, Bubba thinks Brent is morphing into Ronnie the Limo
driver. Bubba said he’s never taken a drum lesson in his life, Brent
sarcastically congratulating him, bubba thinks Brent is lying. Bubba
played the song, he had to restart it, the guys mocked Brent’s
drumming skills, and the guys couldn’t stop laughing. Bubba thinks
this is about as good as Brent’s Ice Cube (Brent once rapped along
with “Straight of Compton”, but the mix was made so that he sounded
off). Bubba thinks it was the worst he’s ever heard. Bubba asked for
Dave to play a little, we then heard “Brent Van dike”. Bubba thinks
Brent is a sore loser. Bubba brought Dave in; he thinks he can’t play
“Iron Man”. Dave played a little, bubba liked it. Bubba thinks they
should have a drum off between Brent and Dave. Dave played some, they
then through it over to Brent, Bubba thinks Brent is the George w.
bush of the show. Brent played a little, Bubba thinks they should get
him some left-handed sticks; Brent said it was because he’s nervous
and mad. Brent thinks Bubba is picking a fight with him, we then heard
a Brent Hatley concert, which featured the following songs:

  • “hatley 5-0” from “Ned’s tribute to Brent Hatley”, track 15
  • “Brent Stones”
  • “Hot butter Hatley” from “NFC” track 24, and “Ned’s tribute to
    Brent Hatley”, track 18
  • “Brent Gators” from “Ned’s tribute to Brent Hatley”, track 7
  • “Brass Hatley” from “NFC” track 10, and “Ned’s tribute to Brent
    Hatley”, track 3
  • “Black Hatley” from “NFC” track 4, and “Ned’s tribute to Brent
    Hatley”, track 2
  • “Brent acres” from “NFC” track 20, and “Ned’s tribute to Brent
    Hatley”, track 4
  • “Hatley Get Your Ass Kicked” from “Ned’s tribute to Brent Hatley”,
    track 13
  • “ZZ Hatley” from “Ned’s tribute to Brent Hatley”, track 20
  • “Brent On the water” from “Ned’s tribute to Brent Hatley”, track 10
  • A replay of “Hot Butter Hatley”
  • “Brent Hatley” from “NFC” track 8, and “Ned’s tribute to Brent
    Hatley”, also track 8
  • “hatley Impossible” from “Ned’s tribute to Brent Hatley”, track 16
  • “Hatley Deeds” from “NFC” track 16, and “Ned’s tribute to Brent
    Hatley”, track 14
  • A replay of “Brent Stones”

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Janessa Brazil and Diamond James

Bubba brought in Janessa Brazil, Bubba considers her to be his al-time
favorite. Bubba said she has a guest today, Janessa said she brought
Diamond James, who is from Orlando. Bubba wonders if they share
footage for the website, Janessa said yes, Janessa said that she’s a
true friend of hers. Janessa has had her site for
seven months; bubba said the title of show whore is a wanted spot.
Bubba thinks you have to have a lot of money to live in Miami; Spice
loves it, but couldn’t live there. Janessa said she speaks some
Brazilin. Janessa said she was a little nervous last night, as Diamond
has a female dog and Janessa has a male dog. Diamond said she’s done
hard core on her website, bubba thinks it’s a problem for him, as he’s
looking at her website a lot. James said she runs her own site. Bubba
had to dump Janessa for saying something; bubba said they couldn’t say
that, Janessa said she has no intentions to go to porn. Janessa said
she does three live shows a week. Bubba thinks they should give their
girls their own websites. Janessa said she enjoys men; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Rapping up

Bubba said he was sorry for short spacing the listeners. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Janessa Brazil discussions, various discussions

Bubba started off with some messages with the fans, then into Bubba’s
standard Friday show opening song, “Juicey” by notorious BIG. Bubba
said he knew it was the right one, he thinks he played the wrong one.
Bubba said Janessa Brazil’s website doesn’t do her any justice, Brent
thinks she’s stunning. Bubba thinks Spice is a pussy, bubba thinks
small man is a weirdo. Brent said anniversaries are meaningless until
you’re married. Bubba said Janessa is officially the show whore; he’s
not sure what it means. Bubba said he let Heather look at Janessa’s
website, heather found her beautiful. Bubba said Janessa did a special
bubba Army deal, where she dildoed herself with the sybian, bubba said
he won’t have a chance to f Heather this weekend. Bubba thanked
white cloud Cigarettes, bubba gave hook Nose Mike some props for
helping the guys out, Bubba thinks he should pay more attention to him
a little more; bubba wants to talk to him. Spice said Zwigles Hotdogs
stopped by; bubba hopes Janessa’s handler isn’t going to be a problem.
Bubba said he needs to call Captain thunder on, Bubba thinks he’ll try
and push the envelope this time, he’s going to try and shock her
pussy, Bubba thinks the listeners would like that. Bubba wants Captain
thunder to contact him. Bubba plugged the specialty program “Meet the
shrink with riley Martin”, which is coming on later today. The guys
goof on riley a little, Spice thinks he’ll listen to the show. Bubba
thinks Riley’s specialty show will be better than bubba’s show. Bubba
said riley isn’t a radio guy. Bubba really likes;
bubba said he’s ordered from them. Spice said one of the first things
he learned when starting out in radio is that you can’t do what Riley
did, bubba asked Brent not to carry over his bad attitude from the
other show. Chris in California said that all chimps aren’t bad, he
said his friend’s brother-in-law has a chimp, he asked the friend to
watch the chimp, Spice thinks the guy fed a chimp. Chris said the
chimp jerked him off, Spice said he knew it. Brent said he read a
book, he thinks it could’ve happened. Chris said the chimp was a
loving chimp, Chris said his friend asked him to watch the chimp.
Chris said he was watching a porno and proceeded to masturbate, Bubba
doesn’t’ believe the guy. He got Eviled a few seconds later; bubba
thinks it’s an Urban legend. Bubba said the guy was on hold during the
last Friday show, he thinks he should’ve known better. Bubba said
Contessa Brewer gets trumped by Janessa Brazil. Bubba wonders why the
media is making a big deal about Michelle obama wearing shorts while
in the Grand canyon, Bubba thinks the real idiot is the person who put
that on TV. they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Janessa Brazil and Diamond James, pt. 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some Canadian merch;
we then heard some messages from the fans, then into “Thunder Kiss
’65” by Rob Zombie as bumper music. Bubba brought the girls in, Bubba
said Hammil constructed something called a lethal injection table,
Spice/Deion asked if she dates black guys, Janessa said no. Janessa
said she knows Diamond’s boyfriend, both boyfriends know each other;
they watch diamond and Janessa f each other. Spice said Tasha
thinks Janessa has been with more than one guy, Janessa said she’s
really just been with one guy, Bubba and Brent believe her. Bubba
asked Janessa if it would disturb her to watch her man fing
diamond, she said it wouldn’t be a problem, but if it was another man,
it would be a bit of an issue, but she won’t satisfy his fantasy of
her getting fed by another man, she said she has to be comfortable
with it. Janessa said that her boyfriend has often expressed interest
in another man having sex with her. Spice said the latest trend is
guys blowing loads on their girls, then lick it up, Bubba said he has
a cum phobia, Janessa said she loves that stuff. Bubba thinks Janessa
is being a whore. Bubba asked Diamond about it, Diamond said she’s
been with her man for two years, she kissed Janessa’s man last week,
she said it would turn her on if she saw Janessa giving her man a
blowjob. Diamond said her fantasy is to eat fish off of a guy’s naked
body, Bubba thinks that fantasy sucks. Bubba described the airtight
ski pole, a cock in every hole, with a cock in each hand. Bubba
plugged Diamond’s site, Diamond said she’s all about
satisfying other people’s fantasies, her man’s fantasy was anal sex,
and she did it. Janessa said she’s never had anal sex, the guy
couldn’t get it in, however she has been getting used to the concept.
Spice thinks she looks like a girl that has eaten ass, Diamond said
she never does that, Janessa said she’s done that, diamond said she’d
like to lick Janessa’s ass. Bubba thinks they could do a 69/asshole
eating session. Bubba wants to change the massage into the asshole
licking, then into shocking the pussy. Bubba said they had a girl
named Angey who came on shocking the puss; she also got it in her
asshole. Bubba thinks shocking the puss will ruin relationships; they
had one girl rip off the unit and won’t return the calls. Bubba said
when they did it in Howard’s show, Howard stopped it. Bubba said Akira
cried when they did it to her, Spice said he wasn’t sure if she had
tear ducts. Bubba played audio of Diamond’s website, where she gives
her boyfriend a hand job, Spice wonders if the guy is deaf/mute,
Diamond said that’s how the video is created. Bubba talked to the
video, the girls were cracking up, and the guys really like Diamond’s
puffy tits. Spice said he hates a lubed up hand job, Bubba is bummed
out that he rewound the footage, thus killing the sound. Bubba
recapped what he’s going to have them do, he said he’s doing shock the
puss last, as it may be the last time they’re there, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Janessa Brazil and Diamond James give each other rim jobs

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Clemulus
Package”; we then heard some messages from the fans. Bubba thinks
Vernon from Southern California is sick; he wants to suck Brent’s cock
while dressing up like Tim Tebow. Brent said Howard and Artie like
her, Brent thinks people from Jersey on rednecks with a different
accent. Bubba said Janessa was tweaking up her nipples, Bubba said 25
was in the mix of things. Bubba plugged the new ned shirt; bubba said
he’s not making anything on it. Bubba wants Twenty-five to get a shirt
for the girls to look at; Janessa said she loves the shirt, Janessa
thinks they should make one for girls. The guys like Janessa’s
hairless pussy, Janessa had it lazered. Bubba thinks Spice may have to
be surgically removed from Tasha’s asshole. Spice asked about
queefing, Bubba chided him for asking that, bubba said heather refuses
to fart. Spice once farted in the shower, it totally ruined
everything. Janessa said she can’t make sound when she farts. Janessa
said she loves to be dominated, she loves getting called a whore, and
Bubba wonders where she’s been all his life. Diamond likes the guy to
be in control, but not to the extreme. Bubba said he’ll give the
listeners play-by-play, bubba said he and Brent are the only two men
in the room, Spice said he has balls, but they’re tucked up his
asshole. Spice doesn’t know if Tasha listens to the show, Spice said
he has a hard time picking Janessa. Bubba wonders how many times the
guys need to put bubba on camera so much, bubba said he really loves
the smell of baby oil. Bubba wonders if Janessa’s boyfriend gets
massages like this, Janessa said no. Bubba asked Twenty-five to
simulate a mouth pumping, but not to take his cock out; Spice thinks
this is a hate crime. Bubba said that do to timing issues; he wants
them to get right into the ass licking, bubba instructing Janessa to
give Diamond a rim job. Bubba had them switch, the guys really like
Janessa’s ass, and the guys think it could be on an album cover.
Diamond gave Janessa a rim job, bubba then said they’ll be shocking
the puss; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Janessa and Diamond get their pussies shocked

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, we then
heard some messages from the fans, then into “Just don’t Give A f”
by Eminem as bumper music. Bubba wonders if it’s too much to ask a
chick to do, Brent thinks the guys are homos. Bubba thinks
one of the guys does a great 25 Cent; bubba replayed the message,
where a guy asks 25 to scratch his balls. Brent thinks Vernon in
southern California is a homo. Bubba wonders if they have a shock the
puss intro. Bubba went over the people he has bumpers for, Spice found
one. We then heard it. Bubba said the girl who whimpered on it won’t
call them back. Spice asked them not to get cunty. Bubba told Janessa
to stop trying to pull the thing off her. Janessa said she likes her
pussy spanked, she demonstrated, she said it warms her up. Bubba
thinks diamond is scared over this, bubba asked her to go for it.
Bubba shocked her pussy, she freaked out, bubba said she was sweating,
she said it hurt like hell, she asked him not to do that again, Bubba
zapped her again, she thinks he’s going to zip her instead of Diamond.
Bubba zapped Diamond, Bubba thinks she reverse pissed herself, she
asked to not do that again. Bubba set it to maximum and zapped
Janessa; she doesn’t think she can get up. Bubba said they can take
them off of their pussies; Spice thinks it blew Janessa’s pussy out;
the guys chide 25 for pulling the unit right out. Janessa said it felt
worse the second time they did it. Bubba thanked them for coming in,
Bubba proposes the Janessa Brazil dating game. Bubba thinks they
should do a contest where a guy goes to a class reunion, and Janessa
plays the role of the hot girlfriend to the guy. Janessa said she was
open to the idea. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Janessa Brazil on the sybian, Jeff the drunk Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then heard some messages from the fans,
then into Ned’s “That’s what You Get For sitting On My Penis”, then
into some OAR as bumper music. Bubba thanked the people on hold for
being patient. Bubba thinks OAR will be in studio next week. Brent
said they played on HD Net, he said it’s like you’re right there.
Bubba thinks Janessa is hotter in life than on her website. Bubba said
he’s seen every girl under the sun; Brent thinks she’d look better in
HD. Bubba then played a clip of Janessa on a sybian just for the bubba
Army. Bubba said he’ll fast forward to get to the good part, bubba
likes how she has the bubba Army shirt on, Bubba said all she needs is
Bababbooey with the bee keeper mask on, Brent said Gary gets so mad
when he sees that. Bubba thinks Heather would let him be with her.
Bubba likes this footage, as it sounds like he’s at a machine shop.
Bubba said nothing is better than when a girl curses while getting to
orgasm. Bubba thinks she could’ve kept the bubba Army hat on, bubba
thinks he’s coming across creepy, he told Brent to back him down if he
got too out of control. Bubba wonders what her neighbors are thinking
during all this. Bubba thinks the guys should get him distracted from
this, Spice as Bubba talked to Brent a little. Bubba ended up having a
conversation with himself, bubba thinks it’s a problem. Bubba thinks
the fans are going apeshit, Nate in Porrtland said the show is
unbelievable. Bubba went through all the negative things the fans
often think of him; Neal in Jersey loves the show. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said if they had a show like this in Bakersfield,
everything would be shut down; Brent thinks people out west get the
show. Jeff the drunk asked who likes Johnny Cash, he has an autograph
of him, Jeff wants to give it to Jeff, and Brent said he’d have to
give Jeff something. We heard some Johnny Cash; the guys did some
noises over it. Bubba said he was listening to J.T. the Brick this
morning; he likes how J.T. wants to know why people don’t like Nascar.
Bubba thinks the bad rap with Nascar is the commentary. Bubba and
Spice did some football commentary in southern voices, Brent chimed
in. Brent thinks the prayer before the Nascar race has got to stop.
Bubba thinks Jeff is down on his luck, Jeff said Gary has him
depressed. Jeff said he quit smoking. Brent said he heard the show,
Jeff called in and busted Gary’s balls. Bubba thinks Jeff is being a
bitch. Brent said everyone has to take it. Bubba told Jeff to just get
over it. Jeff ended up apologizing to Gary, he then said he’s sorry
Gary is an asshole, Bubba told him to do it properly, which he did.
Harris said he’s not going to Bubbapalooza, he loves the show, he said
the way Nealson can look at the stats for online porn, and it’s based
on the log-in on the computer. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Heather clem Stops By

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into manson’s “Insane In The clem Brain”. Bubba said Ned is finally
back, Ned has no idea what JZ is saying, Spice translated, Ned wants a
copy of it. The guys wonders who has made the most money in rap, Ned
is thinking about doing a parody. Bubba said Ned has a new offering,
Manson as Jason Ellis said that the Red Dragons would rip apart the
bubba Army. Bubba said all of the Dark Side listeners are into Ellis.
Bubba said he’s glad that the good people are still around. Bubba
wished Jason the best of luck in his career. Bubba thinks heather came
into the station, Bubba hopes she’s not mad enough to leave him over
the Janessa Brazil situation. Bubba joked that she could be stopping
by to divorce him. Bubba asked Twenty-five to watch the kids; Bubba
said they’re not afraid of them. Bubba said he fired Cigarette John,
heather came into the studio a few seconds later, Heather said she was
there to pick up some Bubba Army stickers for Keith’s car. Heather
said she hasn’t heard the show, Bubba thinks she’ll never give the
wring back. Bubba said he bought heather a car once, bubba said he’s
good at organizing heather’s surprise parties. Heather said that
sometimes it’s feast or famine, Spice as Bubba didn’t know what that
was, bubba yelled for everyone to shut up. Heather said she doesn’t’
care about the gifts, Spice asked her if she’s ever thought of leaving
him, Heather said no. bubba played the Janessa Brazil bubba Army
sybian ride for heather, Heather wanted one, bubba said no chance,
Spice said it’s a replacement for guys. Heather thinks Bubba is
leaving her, Bubba said she wants the Janessa Brazil thing to work
out. Heather said she wouldn’t leave him just to spite him, Bubba
thinks he got her bamboozled. Heather said it would be cool if bubba
was fing a hot girl rather than an ugly girl. Bubba asked if he’s
really that mean, or his he that special, Bubba said he wanted Manson
to talk to him, Manson thinks bubba is a teddy bear. Spice said
they’re protein talks are good, he thinks Bubba is a difficult guy,
bubba said he sees himself as a nice guy. Brent said Bubba has worded
the question in a strange way, he thinks it’s a mixed bag. Janie cakes
came on and said bubba is very mean at times. Heather said she would
marry Bubba a thousand times over; Bubba accidently played a portion
of Ned’s bit dealing with Michael Vick. Heather said 90% of the time
bubba is nice, 10% of the time he’s mean, Manson as Bill Clinton said
it all depends on the meaning of miserable prick, and they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Randy Lajoy on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard “blister In the sun” as bumper
music. Bubba went to Randy Lajoy, Ned told the listeners to strap on
their seatbelts, so get ready. Bubba thinks Randy should build them
studio seats. Randy said whatever the guys want, they can do it. Bubba
asked him if he saw the 360 Ricky crash, Randy said he missed it,
bubba told Manson to shut up, randy laughed a little. Bubba said it’s
either Lajoy or no joy when a driver crashes. Bubba said Sprint car
racing is the most dangerous. Bubba said he’s got the wreck on the
site; Randy wasn’t sure on bubba’s site. Bubba played the wreck for
him; Bubba said Randy makes such good seats, people end up surviving.
Bubba asked Spice and Manson to watch the wreck; Randy said he had no
idea that his seat was involved with it. Bubba told randy it’s the
last seven seconds in the video; it’s at the 3:46 mark of the video.
Randy said his seats are like the checkered flags. Bubba said Randy’s
accountant was stealing money from him, he got sent up the river for
about five years. Randy said his kid is in a race, Bubba said randy
has always been a Chevy guy. Bubba wonders if speck motors are more
competitive, randy said yes. Randy said you can buy a kit for roughly
$22,000, Randy said you can run them over 200 degrees. Bubba asked
about the 84 crash in Daytona, Bubba wonders if it got him to make
seats, Randy said he was about 204 coming out of the corner before the
crash. Randy said a lot of things went wrong with Earnheart’s death;
randy said Dale’s legacy will be for saving lives. Bubba said tyler
feels naked without his hons device. Randy suggested the drivers use a
chacy. Randy said the more you contain the driver, the better he’ll be
in an accident, bubba said they had to cut the roof off of his late
model to get it in. Randy thinks Nascar has done great work since
Earnehart died. Bubba said he finds himself cheering for Tony, David
and 31. Randy said when he hit someone, the next few days he’d feel
like crap. Randy said he hit more stuff then he won stuff. Bubba
thinks there isn’t much to do in Orlando. Randy thinks yager mister
and root Beer is a good drink, bubba suggested it to Ned. Randy said
he’ll be doing a poker event, Bubba thinks they’re the only show that
can get Gary Selzy to call black people nigger. Bubba wondered if
Earnehart loosened his seatbelt, randy said Earnehart moved too far.
Randy said the seatbelts weren’t mounted properly in the car, Randy
suggests six point belts. Bubba is disgusted that the guys have hung
him out to dry; Ned thought it was great; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Scout and Big Gulp Call In

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into “Life in The fast Lane” as bumper music. Bubba wants some girls
to call them on the line; Ned said he can’t get the image out of his
mind of a guy’s ass painted like Gean Simmons. We then heard Scout and
Big gulps bumper, Scout said they were on vacation, they’ve been
spreading the word, she thinks the guys who leave messages are more
creative, and she thinks they should have a Lesbian dating game with
Janessa Brazil. Scout said they haven’t tried the Fein stuff, Ned
thinks they’re nerds. Bubba said he’s got emails from people who ask
about the website for Fein. Scout said she’s down from 360, she’s now
191, and they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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