Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20th, 2010 by Staff

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Friday, Bubba Army. This is your blind scribe, Lawrence, with your double recap.

Bumper music provided by Big Dick.
The Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man
Rage Against the Machine – Born as Ghosts
Foo Fighters – Darling Nikki
Infectious Grooves – Why?
Skid Row – Slave to the Grind
Beck – Diskobox
Silvertide – Blue Jeans
Metallica – The Shortest Straw

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports, coming up on the show

The show started off with audio of The Rays losing, followed by
“Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones. Bubba started the show by
saying the music was provided by Big dick, he then went over some
sports scores, he said Tyler’s new name for the Yankees is “the
Yankmes”, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for
today, Ned was heard cracking open a PBR. Bubba thanked Caviar Tacos
for the “My Trunk” animation, he thinks the masses will like his new
twist in the lotto game, he said it will go down in about an hour or
so, he said that the following people all owe him $10:

1. Grant
2. Hammil
3. Russ
4. Manson,
5. Al-kida
6. Pantera

Manson said he has it, saying he doesn’t know how to use an atm
machine. Bubba said Fabrizi flipped out on the air conditioning guy,
more air conditioning will be installed, he said there’s a lot of good
stuff to do in Downtown St. Petersburg, Brent said he hasn’t been
there in a long time. Bubba thinks he has contests just to have them;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, Tattoos

Coming out o commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by some Rage Against The Machine. Bubba said he needs
to get his bowl, he thinks he’s turning into an old man, Spice said he
went to a restaurant with flip-flops and socks; he said everyone was
clowning him.

1. Monday – Gale
2. Tuesday – Spice
3. Wednesday – Hammil
4. Thursday – Miller
5. Friday – Chaz

Ned thinks all the selections are crap, he thinks they have too many
jobber balls, he said he’s out. Bubba decided to go to emails, he
thinks he really hurt his testicals while on his jet skis, he hit a
couple of waves, then sat on them, Manson said that was the worst,
Spice thinks he notices his testicals getting longer. The first email
of the day said the guys have a great show, saying they do a fantastic
job. Another emailer said it’s great to hear the guys in Dayton, he
found the show while driving to an apartment. Another emailer wondered
if Bubba was kidding about Miami, the guys clowned Bubba for saying
“Are you crapping me”, Bubba said he feels stupid for saying that.
Another emailer said Dr. Laura had a clause in her contract saying
that a local personality couldn’t go against her, Bubba said he used
to listen to Neil Rogers, Manson said he listened to him every day;
Bubba wants to get Neil on the show. The emailer went on to say that
Dr. Laura found a magazine that she thought was soft core porn at a
surf shop, the guy publically denied it, she sued the man for denying
it. Bubba said the lawsuit between MJ and him should’ve been thrown
out. Another emailer said they saw Richard Marx in concert. Bubba said
he’s got a tattoo, he thinks all of Ned’s tattoos are running
together, he said that Miami has the most tattoo shops, Spice wonders
if tattoos still have the stereotype they got back in the day, Manson
wondered if they’ll ever have a President with a full sleeve, Brent
said he can put on a collared shirt and some jeans to cover up his
tattoos, he said his parents don’t like that he has tattoos. Bubba
said he looks for two things when communicating with someone – how
they talk, and teeth, Spice said he profiles based on tattoo design,
he questions what they’ll do. Bubba said that he went to a family
restaurant, he had a guy who had a bunch of tattoos, the guy was a
really nice guy. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Monopoly Money dispute

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
thinks he should move on to the lottery machine, we then heard a
bumper about the lottery machine. Bubba said that everybody has to
play, saying it was mandatory, he said if you complain to HR, he’ll
tell you the same thing, as he knows the guy, he said only Ned and
Dave can opt out, as they have a long tenure with him, he said the new
rules will only effect the winners: the guys will still have to put
the money in, but the ball is taken out of rotation, for half as many
weeks as you won, Brent said this isn’t how gambling works, Spice said
there’s no return on his investment, he thinks he’ll have to sell his
railroad company, Brent said he hates it, Spice thinks if this was a
Casino, Bubba would be out in a day. Bubba told the guys the4y can’t
rework his decision, Brent thinks Bubba is like a Communist, Spice
said it would make sense if the rule was in effect for today, he
thinks retroing it is bs. Matt in Saint Cloud said he doesn’t like it;
Bubba thinks the guys are being selfish. Erick in Orlando said he’ll
do it, Bubba called the guy a jackass. Sean in Jacksonville suggests
Bubba just give everyone money. David thinks it’s a suck ass rule.
Dave in Ft. Meyers said it’ll work out. Robert in Largo said it’s a
retarded rule. Dave in Dayton said something, but no one could
understand him. Jimmy in Tampa said it’s stupid, Bubba said this wants
him to do it even more. Edge in Cocoa Beach thinks the ruling makes no
sense. Spice wonders why Dave isn’t in, Bubba said Dave doesn’t
gamble, Spice thinks he’s just giving money away, Brent thinks this is
how they gamble in North Korea. Bubba said Jabberjaw is the comitioner
of the lotto, he then went over the people who are in it, he thinks
they could give Blind Lawrence a bunch of ones, he then decided to
take him out, as he’s not there enough, he then asked Manson if he
knew what he was doing, Manson thinks Spice is paying reparations,
Spice suggested everyone get raises, Bubba told him that he was the
only who was concerned about the pay in Miami, he said it will make a
difference in the lives of guys like sluggo and Al-kida, Spice wonders
what makes it fare for Bubba to retro it, Manson thinks it’s a debate
with Kim Jong Ill, Bubba said this is why he’s the boss, he said he
bets on himself, Spice said Bubba is taking their jackpots, Brent said
it’s taxation without Representations, Bubba thinks Brent gets high
and watches “Schoolhouse Rock”. Bubba fired up the lotto machine, it
landed on Grant, Bubba thinks Spice should go to therapy, Manson
thinks it’s a downer that a guy from upstairs got it, Bubba said he’ll
just cancel Gale off, Spice thinks bubba is insane and unfair. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – JT The Brick Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard JT the Brick’s bumper. Bubba said
he listens to this guy every day, ned said JT is his hero, Bubba likes
how JT doesn’t take questions, you have to call in with a statement.
JT came on saying Bubba was defending the Packers, Bubba said his
Brett Farve gayness is going out the window, JT said there’s going to
be more adversity for the Vikings, he thinks they can make a Super
bowl run, but it won’t be that easy, he said it was a money play by
Farve, he said he’s not supposed to be about holding a team hostage,
he should be about Wrangler jeans and cutting his own lawn. Bubba
thinks Farve isn’t used to doing stuff the standard way, JT said ray
Lewis would never act this way, he said Farve has lost more fans, he
said the fans will hold the money over Farve’s head, he said October
will be a beast, he said he’s never covered a guy who is that good
with the media, he said Farve was a hick when it comes to the media,
he said Farve will say something after the game that will run like
wild fire, he said he’s not giving New Orleans any credit. Bubba asked
him how many affiliates he has, JT said about 250, he then plugged his
Twitter: Brent said that the saints will be
playing against the Vikings on opening week, JT said he likes the
Vikings, Cowboys and Pats, Bubba wondered if mike Marks will make a
difference, JT thinks Cutler will go somewhere, he said the Bears has
a pretty good defense. Bubba asked about Earl lack, JT said he’s one
of the best, he thinks he’s highly motivated, he thinks he has a lot
to prove, he said they need to turn it around in Chicago, he said the
fans are very hard core. Bubba asked about the Lions, JT said Stafford
is the real deal, he thinks they’ll get a total four to five wins this
year. Bubba asked about Jacksonville, he thinks they screwed up by not
getting Tim Tebow, JT thinks they can’t be decent, he said he heard
ticket sales are doing better, he said the Buccaneers are also facing
blackouts, he said the fans are holding back. Bubba asked who the guy
in Jacksonville is, JT said he doesn’t know the name of the guy, Bubba
said the guy is undersized, JT said he’s a Tim Tebow guy, he says he’s
concerned with the fan base of Jacksonville. Bubba asked about Miami,
JT thinks Brandon marshal will have a big year, he doesn’t’ like him
in the division, he said the jets and Pats are better, he said the
dolphins have a tougher schedule, he said Ricky Williams is a guy he
likes. Bubba asked about the Buccaneers, JT said they’re toast, he
said they’re re building; he said Oakland is big for putting in stars.
Bubba asked about Dallas, JT said they didn’t look good, they were
injured and banged up, he said they’re talented on the offence, he
said Jerry Jones has put his life into the building, he thinks no one
other than Tony Romo has a tough schedule, Brent said Wayde Phillips
has been known to blow it, JT thinks Gruden can work with anyone, he
thinks he’s wired to be a great college coach, he thinks he should
stay in television. Bubba asked about Chad Johnson and T.O, JT said he
ripped Chad for dropping a F bomb on Twitter, he said he’s never
caught anything that mattered, he said the guy does know how to get on
television. Bubba said he’s been impressed with San Francisco, JT said
he’s not sold on Alex Smith, he thinks they’ll need someone like Tom
Brady. Bubba asked about Oakland, JT said they look much better, he
thinks getting rid of Jamarcus Rustle was good for them. Bubba then
went over Antonio Cramonty naming his kids, we then heard the clip,
Bubba thinks that’s what’s wrong with the league, Manson thinks it’s
pathetic, JT thinks that Antonio will have to play football until he’s
77. We then heard a news clip about Roger Clemens getting indicted for
lying to congress about the roid issue, JT said he doesn’t believe
that you can prosecute him, he thinks Roger should cut a deal and get
out of it. bubba asked about some evidence, JT said they should throw
it out, as its garbage, he said the reason why he’s fighting this is
because of the hall of fame. Bubba said he got a tour of Notre Dame,
JT thinks the coach is a can’t miss guy, he said if you’re going to
the Cubs game, he’ll be there, if you follow him on Twitter and you’re
in the Bubba Army, he’ll buy you a beer, they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 5 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza new
Orleans, followed by Dr. Joe Saturley’s bumper. Bubba came on saying
Joe doesn’t have a fancy card like Kevin Hayslett, Joe said he has it,
Bubba just ended up losing it. Bubba thanked Joe for coming out to
Scene, he thinks they can’ bring the fog machine, Joe said it was a
party of pretty people, he said he hasn’t met Heather yet, he said
people keep buying his book, he got an email from a lawyer who sad
they’d like to get 50 copies. Bubba read an email from a guy who
thinks his marriage is falling to pieces; Joe said he opened a
practice in Sarasota. Larry in St. Petersburg said his wife’s sex
drive has gone down, he asked if there’s any medication, he said she’s
35, Spice goofed on the guy’s voice a little, Joe said a lot of
medications will lower your labeeto, he thinks there isn’t anything
that increasing a woman’s labeeto, Bubba joked it was Alcohol, Joe
said that some women feel the sexiest thing a man can do is the
housework, he said staying home and taking care of the house isn’t all
that big, the guy said the house is pretty clean, Joe said next call.
Another emailer said they need a non Religious councilor, Joe said
they’ll hook them up; he said he’s a very Religious guy. Another
emailer said they were electrocuted when they were eight, Joe said
once you’ve fried your brain once with electrocution, your circuits
are fried, Ned said he does that for fun, Joe thinks it resets him.
Camerin said that he’s not sure if he’s gay or straight, Joe said the
guy has a lot of psychological stuff to deal with, the guy said he’s a
virgin, Spice suggested the guy get laid by a girl, then by a guy and
decide which one he likes. Brent thinks the prize their giving away is
too good for this guy. Joe on protection said he has some issues on
how he handles things, he asked what he could do to prove he’s a good
ad, Joe thinks the guy needs a professional, Bubba thinks the guy is
driving him insane, Joe suggested the guy get an attorney. David in
Tampa said he and his wife are going to coinciding, they haven’t had
sex in a year, he said they’re going to counseling for that, Joe
wonders how many sessions he’s had, David said four, Joe said he’s
concerned for the guy. David said he’s stressed out from work, he
wonders how he can approach this, Bubba wondered if the guy’s wife is
having sex on the side, David said he’s thought about it, Joe said
he’s concerned if the guy hasn’t had sex after four sessions, Manson
wonders if the guy’s wife would feel sorry for him. David said she
takes care of him every so often; he said you can tell when someone
isn’t into it. Joe asked if she was abused as a kid, David said if the
question was asked, it was probably behind closed doors, Bubba thinks
it’s infidelity, Joe said a lot of councilors lack a lot of common
sense. Another email was from a single Mom who said her kid is always
angry, Joe said if you just let them go on, it’s an issue that never
resolves the issue, Joe said there’s a guy in new York that says some
kids suffer from a case of not having a Dad, he thinks they need to
find a good male role model. Spice said he was talking about the truck
driver, Joe thinks he’s guilty, bubba thinks he and Joe will fight
over this, Joe said you shouldn’t take a picture of topless girls, he
said you can look, Ned thinks he’s a nerd, Spice goofed on Joe. Joe
asked Manson if some guy had a picture of his daughter in the shower,
Spice that was different; Manson said if she willing flashed a guy,
he’d beat her for acting like a whore. Joe thinks the guy shouldn’t
have been arrested, he thinks the guy should’ve erased the picture.
Bubba then read the article; Joe said he doesn’t believe the media all
the time. Someone rang the bell, Bubba asked who did that, Ned thinks
Dr. Joe said all cool activities must stop. Bubba then read an email
from someone about their kid; Joe said he’ll help out. Frank on
protection said he has a 13 and a half year-old, the Mother is out of
control, the Daughter is really talented, Joe told him to fight on.
Kim in Zellwood asked about her great granddaughter, Joe said she
should have paperwork so that she’ll have custody if something
happens. Lin said she has two step kids because of a DVI, the Mother
has tested positive for THC, they fear that once the DVI has expired,
she’ll come back for the kids, she said the DCF sides with the Mom,
Joe thinks she won’t stand much of a chance. Roger in Tampa said he
needs more sex, Joe told him he needs to talk to his wife about it.
David in Tampa said yesterday his five year-old told him she wanted to
kill herself, Joe said they do have young kids who are suicidal, he
said even adults don’t understand the issues of suicide, Manson said
his five year-olds had zero friends, Joe said he needs to help her
relax. Bubba thinks they had some great emails and phone calls today,
Joe said he’s waiting for his vip card, Spice thinks Joe will tell the
girls what is wrong with them, Bubba told him to stop, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Dr. Joe Saturley’s Information:

Phone: 727-726-1013 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              727-726-1013      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              727-726-1013      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              727-726-1013      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              727-726-1013      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              727-726-1013      end_of_the_skype_highlighting




Segment 6 – Various news, “My Trunk” gets animated, Ray ray calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s white Cap
appearance on September 1. Bubba said that Kendra meek will be on the
show next week, he said TMZ mentioned their interview with ICP, Ned
said he needs to get high to enjoy some chicken dip, Bubba thinks he
shouldn’t have any chicken dip, as he’ll fart and it won’t have
anywhere to go, Spice said Bubba will fart in front of anyone, Bubba
said Tuddle just emailed him saying he’s ready to go, Ned thinks
Tuddle should eat chicken dip out of Rafael’s belly button, Bubba
thinks they should have him do like a caller from Satellite radio with
cream cheese and a cat (“the Kabuki Project” track 9). We then heard a
news clip about a plane getting threatened with a high jacking, Spice
thinks maybe it was Cheney. We then heard a news clip about Alcohol
making more people attractive, Bubba said just the nerd saying it
drives him crazy, the guys cracked up at Bubba saying cock eyed. We
then heard a news clip about a Muslim woman who is complaining that
she can’t wear her head scarf, Bubba suggested she just move back to
where she was from, Brent thinks Disney has the right to enforce a
dress code, Bubba said getting dressed up at the BRN means that you
might be going to court, he said Jack Stiefel texted him with a
suggestion – shooting Alligator toothpicks off of Tuddle with a
paintball gun. We then heard a news clip about a woman who got 37
items, she was in the 10 items or less line, Ned said rules are rules,
Spice is shocked the Piggly Wiggly had 37 items, the guys cracked up
when the reporter said a nervous shakedown. Amy in Orlando said she
works at Disney, she said they’re very picky as to what you can wear,
she said the supply the costume, Bubba likes how Disney has their T’s
crossed and there I’s dotted, Spice thinks the last thing you want is
a bunch of Muslims protesting. Bubba said if you’re a member of, you’ll be able to see the “My Trunk” animation, he
thinks the guy did the “Dead Bay Bay” animation, he thinks he saw the
GPS one, he said the “My Trunk” bit was used against them, he then
described what was in the video, Ned said he likes hot cartoons. Bubba
said Manson looks bling in this video, he thinks the animated Caylee
Anthony is spot on, he told Caviar Tacos this was fantastic, he
wonders how much work this takes, he then said Ceaser Capone texted
him, saying that cartoon porn is known as Anime, Manson thinks this is
shocking visually, bubba really likes the throwing part. Ray ray came
on asking how Bubba is living, he said he caught the show yesterday,
he really liked Manson’s bit about the racist rehab, Spice goofed on
him a little. Ray ray said he couldn’t get into Scene, Ray Ray then
did a white voice saying he has an ID, Spice and Bubba acted as
bouncers, ned thinks Ray ray should go to cheap, we then heard “the
Boopity song” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 11” track 23. Bubba asked
him about OJ, Ray Ray thinks he did it; he said Michael Jackson went
downhill. Spice asked him sell out or not, Ray ray said it all
depends. Bubba asked about Denis Rodman, Ray Ray said it is what it
is. Bubba asked about Al Sharpton, Ray Ray said Al can rhyme when he
talks, they’re not doing anything, he told them to die, he then hung
up. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Celebrity Racist Rehab

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bitch, I told
You” shirt. Bubba thanked the guys from the Penthouse for bringing by
some food, he then said Ray Ray requested Manson’s newest bit, which
we then heard. Bubba plugged Sunny Leone’s appearance at the
Penthouse; he said she’ll be coming up in a few minutes. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Sunny Leone visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Primary pics
this Monday. Bubba thanked Al-kida for paying his debt; Miller said he
loves the lottery. Sunny Leone came in a few seconds later; she said
you pronounce the E in her name. Bubba thinks all the money is in New
York, Spice asked her about working odd jobs, Sunny said she did all
the checks at Jiffy Lube, Bubba said he’d like that, Sunny said she
likes the stick, she said she loves Calgary, Spice said he was
surprised, sunny said she smokes weed every so often, she doesn’t
allow any drugs on her set, Spice wondered if you can tell, Sunny said
it’s easy to tell. Bubba asked her if she remembers her first kiss, he
said Sunny lost her virginity to a basketball player at age 16, Sunny
said she wasn’t really popular. Spice asked if she has guys from high
school asking her stuff, Sunny said she’s got a few people he talks
to, Bubba thought she graduated in 1981; he then corrected himself
saying that she was born then. Sunny said she found the guy who took
her virginity, she said he was screaming her name, Spice asked her
what part of Hollywood she’s in, Sunny said she doesn’t hang out with
a lot of porn stars, unless it’s in the industry. Bubba asked her who
she doesn’t like, Sunny said she runs into a lot of people who are
hard to keep up a conversation, she said her films have gotten better
and better. Bubba asked the best and worst guys, Sunny said she’s only
worked for performers, one guy is an ex boyfriend, she said the guy is
matt Erickson, she said it’s all bad, she said he’s the lowest form of
male, Spice wonders why that always happens. Sunny said she’s in a
relationship; Spice likes how she has full control over everything.
Spice asked if she played “World of Warcraft”, Sunny said she did that
just to get laid. Bubba said they want to show her the Bree Olson
meltdown (march 23, 2009), Sunny said she’s gotten people who are
great, she’s heard stories. Dwayne said they’ll be bringing “girls
Gone wild” to Tampa bay on September 1. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Dave from Back 9 BBQ Visits

The show started off with “Juicey” by Notorious BIG. Bubba said that
they’re live today, he said they’ve got more respect for the Canadians
than ever, Spice said everyone was cool, Bubba said he enjoyed himself
there, he said they’re working on getting the blonde woman who sucked
off Twenty-five Cent. Bubba went over what he’s got coming up on the
show for today, he told ave from Back 9 BBQ to bring in the chicken
dip, Dave said it was hot and ready, he said it’s “bubba’s Buffalo
chicken Dip”, some grocery stores are interested, he said they’ve got
a coe packer who is USDA approved, Spice as Butt-head giggled. Bubba
joked that he’ll bring a lighter on his plane, Brent said the Arabs
have never thought of that, Dave said the Bubba Army has requested the
chicken dip, ned told him to quit eating up the profits, he then
measured ave, he measured in at a 63, Bubba measured in at 53, he then
yelled for a Diet Coke, Dave said he likes the 32 ounce tubs, he said
he opened a restaurant, Bubba asked him what happened, Dave said they
were getting a bunch of support from the Bubba Army, Bubba said he
couldn’t focus with the dip in front of him, Spice said he likes Dave,
he thinks Bubba is like the show Shark Tank, Bubba said that’s why he
put his name on it, Dave said they’re working on, Bubba
said heather hates Dave for making the dip, he said he’d like to
challenge someone in a fart off, Spice wondered if you can ferment a
fart, ned sounded interested when Bubba said he’ll stick a tub up his
asshole, Bubba said he’s an addict when it comes to food, Spice said
his vice is porn, Manson said he loves Beer and weed, without he’d be
ruined, Bubba wonders where he begins with Ned, he told some guy on
hold that if he cuts his finger off for money. Spice said there’s a
video of dudes cutting their penises off, he said he’s way passed Red
Tube, Bubba went over the stuff Spice is into, Ned thinks Felching is
when a guy cums in a guy’s ass, and another guy drinks the stuff with
a straw, he then explained what snowballing is, he thinks he should
snowball chicken dip with Bubba, Bubba thinks Rafael and Tuddle should
do it, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Sunny Leone in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans, followed by Manson’s “Canadian Idiot”. Bubba asked that the
guys bring in Sunny Leone; he said she’s really hot, Spice said she’s
religious. Sunny said she was raised Siek, its Hindu and Muslim, bubba
thinks it’s about fing, he then plugged her appearance at penthouse
at 11:00, he wants her to stay at Penthouse. Spice asked about Sunny’s
latest porno, Sunny said she doesn’t f her boyfriend in the ass,
she remembers Nick manning, Spice said he was the guy who said
“dropping fing loads”, Sunny was asked to do everything Nick did,
Spice wonders how some people will get into the various positions.
Bubba asked her about porn, Sunny said her first movie was with a
boyfriend of hers, she was penthouse pet of the year back in the day,
she said Matt Erickson can’t take care of himself, bubba thinks he got
a girl pregnant, Sunny said they almost got married, she doesn’t want
to give him justice. Daniel came on the mic a few seconds later, Bubba
asked him to expose matt for the asshole he is, Daniel gave Bubba the
green light, Sunny said guys don’t normally do this. Spice asked her
the worst thing he did was, Sunny said 60 days before they got
married, he told her he wasn’t in love with her for the past six
months, he didn’t pay for the wedding, he also tried to steal her
website from her. Bubba thinks the guy was having sex with another
woman, he asked when this was, Sunny said about three years ago, she
said that she’s screamed at him about possibly taking him to court if
he was to clean out her servers, bubba said he’s warned women about
web masters, Spice said he’s all about getting revenge, he asked Sunny
to picture Matt getting the shit kicked out of him. Bubba asked who
can f better, Sunny said Daniel. Bubba asked what she likes better,
Sunny said she has sex more than she does on film, she’s had sex three
times in the past day, Spice said his girlfriend always tells him to
go harder, he said he can only go so hard, Bubba said he hurt his
testicals on the jet ski, he said heather always asks him to go deep,
Sunny suggested sticking a finger up the ass, she’s done anal before,
Bubba said he doesn’t get that, Spice thinks a finger up the butt is
far better than a dick, Sunny said a tongue feels better, Bubba said
he doesn’t want something as big as the microphone Spice is using,
Sunny said Daniel has fed her in the as, Bubba said he got shit
dick, then shit on the sheets, he was done after that, he put Clorox
on it, sunny suggested an enema would help. Spice asked if Daniel
would let Sunny use a strap on, Daniel said no, Bubba asked to explain
milking, Spice said downward milking is if the guy is doggy style, the
girl comes up from behind, grabbing the man’s penis and massaging the
prostate, Bubba thinks he’ll try it this weekend. Dwayne then
explained Sunny’s schedule, bubba asked her that she try milking,
Sunny said she’s excited to try it, Daniel said he’s never been
milked. Bubba asked Chris if he’s been milked, Chris said no, although
he does like porn, he said he doesn’t discriminate, but they do have
qualifications, he said he likes white chicks, he said he got drunk
head the other night. Bubba said they need to play the Bree Olson
meltdown for Sunny, he then told Dwayne his wife was driving him nuts,
Maria said bubba told her he’s not talking business tonight,
Spice then goofed on Maria’s accent going over a schedule. Maria
thinks she saw bubba on a wave runner, bubba said he didn’t have any
rope, he said he had to put his leg on Craig’s jet ski, Sunny thinks
it’s romantic. Bubba asked Spice to set up the Bree Olson situation,
he said Pantera is epileptic, he said what they were going to do was
have Pantera get hard, Spice said the kicker was that Pantera was
blind, Bubba said the joke would still be on him. Spice said she
stormed out of the building and was upset, he said she was crying,
Bubba said all they did was say that Pantera was blind, Sunny is
socked that she was crying. We then heard the clip of Bree Running
down the street, with Spice on the phone giving commentary, Bubba said
she looked frumpy. Spice said a curveball was thrown to them that even
they didn’t know. In the clip, Bubba is telling Spice to track Bree
down, the guys cracked up at Spice running, Spice said she was
trucking, the guys cracked up at the footage of Pantera in the green
room with elevator music in the background, Brent cracked up at Bree
attacking the camera. Spice then said that Bree pounced on Miller like
a wild animal. Miller said that he knew Bree was upset, but not to
that extent, Sunny was shocked at all this. Bubba said Bree is so
stupid, that it was a blank tape the guys had given her. Spice said
there was no reasoning with her at all. Bubba wonders how she turned
into this person, he said they had talked to her about this before,
sunny said she’s never seen anything like that. Spice asked her about
her special on her website, Sunny said it’s the first pre-paid card
for adult websites, all you have to do is scratch off the card, enter
in the pin, and you’re in, it’s $5 for a whole week, she said she had
to do her first cream pie. Bubba said he has some big loads when he
masturbates, but has a small load when he has sex, he then wonders how
peter North does what he does, Dwayne said he has a bunch of Vietnams,
Brent thinks he was bullshitting him on that. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Sunny’s website is:

Note: The footage Bubba played of the Bree Olson meltdown can be found
on “bubba Raw Volume 4”.

Segment 3 – Various callers, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by some Rage Against the machine. Bubba said Hogan’s
official Twitter is: HulkHogan4Real, he said Hogan went nuts on it
yesterday, he’s at 37 Tweets, he then read his latest tweet, where he
says “rise and Shine Maniacs”, he then wondered what JT The Brick’s
was, he said Satellite radio is less stressful, Ned thinks they’re
douchebags. Bubba said if you’re going to the Cub game today, we then
heard a clip of JT said he’ll buy anyone in the Bubba Army a beer,
Bubba said JJT is a guy of his word, Spice said B-Fudd writes his
Tweets much like the way he talks in life. Bubba said Ned has a new
“that’s Right, I Said it”, ned doesn’t’ think it will be that bad.
Ryan in Ohio asked where bubba will be in Bristol, bubba said he’ll be
flying into the airport, he said he’ll be in the pits, he then
apologized to Spice for erasing something, he thinks he’ll catch
qualifying. Lowlife in Alabama said he likes the way Bubba helped out
Twenty-five, Bubba explained what happened, he said the owner of seen
would’ve been like Tommy calling Twenty-five a n, low Life said
Tommy had no idea what he was messing with, he thinks Aj is a horrible
rapper, he said he can’t rap, the guys had no idea what he was saying,
the guy said he robbed for eight years, he would rob dope dealers, the
guys cracked up as he talked. We then heard “the boopity song” from
“Bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 23 as the guy talked, he said
that he bitch slapped someone with a gun; Brent said this guy is cool.
Jim in British Columbia came on, Bubba said he’s the guy who claims he
peed his pants at Bubbapalooza, Jim thanked the guys for having him at
the show, he thanked them for not throwing him out, Bubba said they
like that stuff, he said he thought the show was great from what he
saw of it. the first email of the day was about the West Memphis
Three; Brent said he knew about it, he said they’re trying to get
Natalie Maines on the show. Another emailer said they saw “Beach
Heat”, Manson is credited at the beginning of the show. Another
emailer thanked Bubba for the Calgary show, Ned said he was worn out.
Another emailer asked if the Bubba Raw DVDs are still around, Bubba
isn’t sure. Another emailer said he’s had a hard-on for Ned, the
emailer suggested hooking up, he passed it to Ned for validation, ned
told him tough shit. Another emailer said they saw Richard Marx live,
the emailer thanked Bubba for turning him on. Another email was about
Dr. Laura having a clause in her contract, bubba thinks she’s a cunt,
he then recapped the time she saw a magazine that she thought was
porn, she sued him for lying, the shop owner counter sued, Brent said
she tried to get on CBS, but it didn’t work out. Another email was
from a guy who said they love the show. Bubba told the woman who
sucked off Twenty-five to call in, ned said he’d like all the details,
he said his new bit about the Ground Zero Mosk, Spice thinks it won’t
work out well. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Ned’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bitch, I Told
You” shirt. Bubba said Tuddle is in the building, he’ll be hit with
frozen super balls, Manson as his blue blooded character said it was
too hot outside. Dave in West Palm asked if bubba has Howard’s
blessing on what he’ll do next year, Bubba said he knows what he’s
doing, Dave thinks Bubba could do mornings, Bubba said he doesn’t want
to even talk about it, he said he can’t be exclusive to Satellite
until 2012. We then heard Ned’s new bit, where he talks about the
ground Zero Mosk. Ned comments on the Ground Zero Mosk on how much of
a slap in the face of America, he said we need to get over it, he
doesn’t care about it, because right now, congress is denying health
benefits, he said he doesn’t like the Muslims, he said blame the
founding Fathers for coming up with Freedom of Religion, he thinks
Thomas Jefferson was a douchebag, he doesn’t like how Notorious BIG
getting censored, we then heard a clip of “Juicey”, where the World
Trade Center reference is edited out, Ned said he was talking about
the 1993 bombing, he thinks we need to get over 9/11. The bit ends
with the 9/11 police coming for Ned, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hulk Hogan calls in, Bubba gets heat with Spice

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza new
Orleans. Bubba thanked the Calgary people for coming out, he doesn’t
think they could’ve planned it out, Brent said he’s still stunned how
to how Enthusiastic the fans were. Bubba said heather loves Gootch the
Gas man, he thinks you wouldn’t be able to deny Dan from Calgary. We
then heard Scout and big gulp’s bumper, Scout said they’re in the low
2oos, she said they found a place to park her truck, she’ll have
something for them, bubba thinks they should put out an APB for
interested parties, Scout said they’ll have a rental car. We then
heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers, Ned said they were in the middle of
a lesbian 69, Hogan said he just kicked Bird to the Curb, he asked her
stop with the gay stuff, he said he’s heard it on the Hasselhoff
roast, he said she needs to know her role, Bubba said he has the book.
Hogan said he’s confused with Twitter, he doesn’t know what he’s
doing, Bubba told him it’s really easy, he thinks Linda is biting off
of Hogan with her username, he thinks the Warrior was a flash in the
pan, Hogan said Jennifer didn’t knew macho Man was, she ended up
inviting him over, Manson as Macho Man thinks it’s an ambush, bubba
thinks that Hogan was Macho’s friend for a longer time than he’s known
Hogan, he then recapped the time he choked out Rebecca, he thinks
Twenty-five Cent has a lot of moxy, Brent thinks if that happened,
he’d think they pass out some great weed. Hogan said he once went down
on a girl, but the stench was so bad, he almost flew through a window,
Spice told him to stop talking about Linda. Hogan said he got some
cards from Pam Anderson, Brent cracked up at Hogan in We Magazine.
Spice thinks bubba said “f ya later” to Hogan, the guys think Bubba
would be the guy who ends up taking it. Bubba said he hates Spice for
the moment, he said he’s not the one who ads 70o0 pounds to his voice,
Spice thinks he could be wrong, he thinks the shit is sticking to the
wall, Brent said the retraction goes on the last page o the news
paper. Bubba was banging his gavel, he told Spice if he didn’t say
what he thought, Spice may have to get hit with upper balls, Spice
said he doesn’t get it. We then heard the clip, Bubba said “f you
later”, Spice said game set match to that, this had the guys laughing,
ned thinks Bubba is the wrongest he’s ever been, all we heard for the
next few seconds was the sound of bubba’s gavel hitting the
microphone, Bubba said he likes Guido more than him, he wonders how
stupid he is for paying Spice this much money for him to be a complete
dick. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tuddle ets Tortured

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza new
Orleans, followed by Manson’s “Celebrity Racist Rehab”. Bubba said
he’s got these ear buds he was looking for, he said he’s got 25
looking in his truck, he said Tuddle is in the studio, Tuddle said
he’s doing fine, he said he got cracked right below the nipple, Manson
thinks Spice is an asshole. Bubba told Tuddle they’re not going to
hurt him, Spice thinks this is a redneck bandade, bubba told big dick
to put more duct tape on him, Tuddle took Hammil’s ID and told him
that Hammil was his radio name, bubba said that jack Stiefel is
sponsoring the contest, Tuddle said jack is a huge fan, Bubba told big
dick the bubble wrap wasn’t long enough, Spice thinks it ‘s like
Martha Stewart’s channel, Bubba said he’s over that guy, Tuddle said
he could do Spice’s job, Manson goofed on Tuddle’s voice a little,
Brent thinks this would be torture. Bubba told Tuddle that everyone
here other than him are good people, Manson thinks Bubba is brain
washing him, Spice wonders if Jesus had bubble wrap on the cross,
Manson said that he’s offering up his slingshot to jack Stiefel, as
he’s too passive, Spice thinks Jack should change manson’s eco
friendly diaper. Tuddle got hit a few times, Dick said the duct tape
got ripped off, bubba thinks Tuddle isn’t a Tom Taylor, he thinks
Tuddle is selling it. Tuddle got hit in the inner thy, then in the
belly button, Bubba asked for Chaz to inspect it, Brent said Chaz
hasn’t figured out how to talk on radio. Jack Stiefel fired one, Brent
thinks it glanced off of Tuddle’s leg, Bubba thinks jack is used to
slinging Aluminum all day, Tuddle said he’s hyperventilating, he asked
for it to stop, Bubba said they’ll hit him a few more times and it
will be over, Tuddle pleaded for Spice to stop, Tuddle then got hit
right in the junk. Jack shot a few shots, bubba thinks Virginia
(Jack’s wife) could do better, he then asked that they take Tuddle
down, Ned thinks Tuddle has a welt on his cock, he said he’d like to
check it for medical reasons, Bubba thinks Jack is the richest guy
they know, he thinks Tuddle is over doing it, Tuddle thanked Bubba for
the opportunity, he said he’s drank his own cum, he said it tasted
like pennies, Bubba said he wouldn’t know what that would taste like.
Bubba asked Big dick if he’d snowball Tuddle with Chicken dip, Dick
said he might, bubba thinks they should have a mouthful of chicken
dip, Tuddle said he hasn’t eaten in a day, he asked Spice if he
watched the porn sites he sent him. Jack explained what he does; Spice
thinks Jack has money to throw around. Marty in Kentucky said he loves
every minute of the show, he asked Spice what punishment he’ll get,
the guy got Eviled. Bubba said when the four star is wrong, does
anyone tell him he’s wrong, Brent said no way. Gary from Arizona said
he’s concerned about the kid, he thinks Tuddle deserves everything he
gets, Brent told him to kick back and be entertained. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Beach heat audio, Tuddle pukes on the carpet

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza new
Orleans. Bubba said he’s got a lot to get to by the end of the show,
he needs to get to Twenty-five, “Beach Heat” from ShowTime, the
snowballing of food, the “My Trunk” animation, he then said that’s up
on Thomas in Indiana said he called under protection
about not getting any from his wife, he said they’re still together,
he said he was caught in a fiasco, Bubba thinks he was
browsing it with his cock in his hand, Thomas said he was just looking
for an interested party, Brent thinks he’s looking for free pussy.
Thomas said his wife hacked into the email and found it, Bubba said
nothing good comes from the phrase “We gotta talk”, the guy said that
led to a few months of bad marriage, it ended up much better, he
thanked Bubba for what he did for him. We then heard a clip of the
guys on “Beach heat”, Bubba thinks it sounds like shit, he thinks they
should’ve ran the audio through the board, the guys cracked up at how
Brent looks on camera, Manson said he looked at the script and ran
away, Spice said it’s getting good now, bubba said he’d get naked and
masturbate on his own plane, Manson thinks the plane would be rocking,
Spice thinks Bubba joined the Mile High club by himself. Sharron
thinks Bubba should come back to Calgary, the guys think she sounds
like a moose, bubba then asked for Pantera to come in, the guys
cracked up at him walking in, he then told Pantera they’ll get him to
do the snowballing, he thinks they should have Tuddle laying on the
couch, ned thinks Tuddle should take his jock strap off, bubba said
the Sirius listeners hate porn stars for some reason, he then asked
Pantera to put as much dip as he can in his mouth, Manson said Tuddle
looks like he’s getting a pap smear. Bubba admonished Al-kida for
getting the camera, Spice described what was going on, Bubba
admonished Pantera for missing, he then yelled for Tuddle to not puke
on his carpet, ned said you can swallow while laying down, Bubba
thinks they should get him on his knees, he then told him to eat the
remnants, he then got on the megaphone and told Tuddle to eat it, he
told him if he pukes he doesn’t get paid, Spice this is like a gay
porn set, Bubba thinks Tuddle having a ceasure is taking Pantera’s
role, Brent said only Pantera can have ceasure, Ned thinks Tuddle
looks hot, he then said he loves his job. bubba yelled at Tuddle for
moving, saying he was fing the shoot up, he then told him to eat it
all, he then yelled for him to not have any water, he then admonished
him for puking, the guys were dying laughing, Bubba said that was only
$50, Tuddle apologized for that, Bubba thinks that’s his title for
life, he said had he been able to consume it all, he would’ve been
full time, he then told him they might’ve lost listeners because of
that, he thinks Tuddle should be disappointed, he thinks he’s really
irritable today, Spice said he used to feel dirty coming home every
day, Bubba said they used to do radio like that day in and day out, he
said they did two shows a day, and mad Dog got triple what they got,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Twenty-five Cent’s Canada story

Bubba said they’ll wrap-up the show with some commentary by
Twenty-five, he then said he’s playing with bubble rap, Manson thinks
Bubba could be baker acted with today’s show. Twenty-five said he saw
her Thursday night, nothing went on, he got drunk with everyone else.
Bubba read the email from the woman who gave Twenty-five head; Ned
said the bubble rap was driving him nuts. Twenty-five said he saw her
Friday morning at one, he said there was a whole group of Canadian
listeners, Bubba said that’s the CBA (Canadian bubba Army),
Twenty-five said he smoked some joints with some people he thinks he
was high all weekend, he said the guy practically set it up for him,
saying how the guy told him that his wife would suck his black cock.
Bubba asked how it happened, Twenty-five said they went up to the
room, he was a little skeptical about it, he thought guys would beat
him up. Bubba told him to hurry it up, Twenty-five then said he
dropped his draws, she sucked his dick, the guy passed out, Ned thinks
it was shitty, Bubba told him to dance with him, the guys ended up
booing Twenty-fivve’s story. They then ended the show a few seconds

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  1. eric seal

    I just wanted to praise ned on his bit about the mosque and how we need to get over it, while the republiCONS, the no we cant party have denied a healthcare bill for the 9/11 heroes…he is so right on about the subject!! any chance you can post a link of that bit??? id like to use it..and be more patient on obama and dont trust what tucker carlson says, he works for fox b.s. news that is republiCON owned and gets paid to hate him..the truth is, the bush tax breaks on the wealthy 2 percent of the country has cost the country 680 billion dollars, crashed the economy and wiped out the middle class and caused mass unemployment, they expire in december and thats when things will loosen up and the shackles will be unlocked..thanx guys good job!!!

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