Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17th, 2012 by Staff
Recap by Blind Lawrence:
Bubba thinks the Angels didn’t show up last night.
Bubba thinks he’ll have to take the Sound sleves down from, as he’s not sure how quick they’ll be able to get more,
he then plugged The Ford Escape Hunger drive.
Bubba said he left his phone at home, he thinks it’s a good thing,
Manson said he’s been preaching this for five years, Tara remembered
the time when someone asked Manson for his cell phone number, and he
didn’t know it.
Bubba said he was on, they now offer berries, apples
and other food items, you can go to, a site which is
affiliated with
Emails: Interested in radio because of the show, harley Davidson rep
wants to plug an opening, cop remembers when Bubba and Brent signed
autographs when they were booked, listener wants a copy of the Ned
Baseball Barbie call (“Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1”, track 6), and a
listener got some Bubba Army love at of all places, The magic Kingdom.
Tara went to Vegas for her one year anniversary, a guy marked out to
the show on the flight home.
Bubba said that jeff Hess is working on a limited edition Bubba Army
championship ring.
Audio clip – Al Roker calls out Matt Lower, Bubba thinks this is a reach.
Audio clip – AJ Allmendinger defense, Bubba doesn’t like the
mixdown.Audio clip – man hangs a sign that reads “Obama can kiss our
asses.”, Bubba tinks the guy should go a step further and include
Bubba checked out “Hunger Games”, he thought it was great.
Jeremey said the movie is similar to “Battle Royal”.
Frank said that he and some friends were starting a car pool to go see
the movie while dressing up, he asked Bubba if he was in, Bubba hung
up on the guy.
Audio clip – Judge in the Debra LaFave case speaks.
Bubba wonders if the teachers having sex with students be a problem in
College.Bubba thinks Ned’s black guy alter ego should have a name,
they decided on Tyron Washington IV.
“Ned and Twenty-five party boy”, as requested by Ty Jay Armstrong
(June 27, 2012).
Bubba said that ICP and it’s fans are being considered a gang by the FBI.
Audio clip – Violent Jay and shaggy 2 Dope talking about the Juggalos.
Brent said the FBI report is off base.
Bubba thinks every generation has their version of the ICP.
Ned’s Load – “Bend Over”.
Ichael said he does’t care for ICP, but he doesn’t like how we’re
getting rid of personal responsibility.
“Piggy Pie” from “The Great Milenko”, track 4, Bubba had to dump out of it.
“What Is A Juggalo?” from “The Great Milenko”, track 9.
Brent said that OAR will be on the show next Friday.
Vinny said two members of his family got rated, and labeled as gangs
for being fans of ICP.
Bubba talked about Cim, a professional boxer who stopped by the Clem
gym with her son, he was upset he got arrested for prowling and
loidering, he and some friends were talking in a parking lot, a cop
came up and asked them what they were doing. After they explained, the
cop said it wasn’t a good enough excuse for him, he asked them to
leave 10 minutes later. They didn’t know where to go so they stayed
there, they ended up getting arrested when the cops came back.
Bubba wonders what we’re going through in our society today, he then
recapped the time when Twenty-five was discriminated against by the
Bob said he got arrested for loidering, this was 30 years ago.
David said he got a loidering charge about 10 years ago.
Audio clip – Rehana on Oprah.
Manson’s “Chris Brown song” (“The clemulus Package” disc 3 track 17,
and “bubba’s New and Misc its Vol. 9” track 7.
Bubba played some Black Haunkies, he thinks he’ll ask them to play the
hristmas party.
Audio clip – Katt Williams talking about NASA and Obama.
Audio clip – Mitt Romney commenting on the Obama administration.
Ken in Pittsborough talked about a 300 pound 7th grader who was told
he was too fat to play football, Bubba thinks it’s ridiculous the kid
was told that.
Audio clip – 300 Pound 7th grader denyed football.
Adam from Trinity called to thank the guys for giving him the green
light to come to the Christmas party.
Audio clip – lottery money.
Bubba thinks you should be able to leave school after the 8th grade.
Audio clip – a woman is killed by a screwdriver.
Fat Tony has a four year-old son, he wonders if goe-cart racing would
be good for him at his age, he is also partly deaf, Bubba thinks it
wouldn’t be an issue.
Audio clip – kid had sex with science teacher.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Domestic Violence Showdown” (“Bubba Wanna
Corndog?” disc 1 track 20, and “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 2”, track
Audio clip – woman arrested for sex with her baby girl.
Bubba doesn’t like how we fragment crimes in life.
Michael Phelps has a gammbling problem, Bubba thinks people just say that stuff.
Manson’s “Michael Phelps Got So Fucking High” (“Bubba’s new and Misc
Hits Vol. 8” track 3, and “The clemulus Package” disc 1, track 18
ended the show for today.

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