Friday, August 03, 2012

August 3rd, 2012 by Staff
Recap by Blind Lawrence:

Bubba kicked the show off with some Bad Company for Ned.
Facebook friend of the day – Paul Beyers of Rock Springs, Wyoming.
Emails: Listener suggests “Game Change”, Manson’s song should be
played in Holme’s cell, and Bill from Jacksonville thanked the guys
for helping him during the passing of his friend Bruce who commited
Bubba wondered if they should do “Bubba Justice” on air, or record it
for later, he’s had some people tell him to do it outside radio.
Dock, the Fabricator of the Stars came on; all he needs to know is how
many windows for the wheel are needed.
Bubba hinted at depositions starting for something.
2012 Olympics.
Manson’s “Pump Some Rounds”
Bubba said that the Ford F150 that will be raffled off will be picked
up by Steps Towing.
Feddish Con is this weekend; Twenty-five has some girls from the event
coming in.
Bubba told Ned he’ll be racing this weekend, Ned thinks he’ll have a
bunch of PBRs and watch Bubba hit the wall.
Drew said his boss will be working at Feddish Con.
Bubba apologized to Jeff Hess for not taking his call yesterday; a
Bubba Army ring has been made for him.
Bubba said he contacted Hurricane from what was the MJ Morning Show;
he worked with him years ago at the Power Pig.
Bubba called Hurricane, he recapped the situation, he said he doesn’t
want to cause any problems.
Hurricane said he was available to talk, he said he got married
recently; he started at the Power Pig in 1991.
Bubba wonders why Hurricane’s former employer didn’t take his other
guys along; Hurricane said he was moving in a totally different
Ned is shocked they still have AM stations, Bubba told Ned to not say that.
Hurricane said the guys don’t talk to each other like they used to,
he’s had a few job interviews.
Bubba said he’d like to hire Hurricane, he thinks he could do good for him.
Hurricane remembered Pantera when Bubba said his name; he used to hang
out with him back in the day.
Twenty-five thinks Hurricane seems like a cool guy.
Bubba explained what the Power Pig was for the out of town people.
Bubba told the story of how he met Manson; he was given a whole bunch
of carts with his stuff on it.
Audio clip – DJ accused of giving a sleeping man oral sex.
Bubba said he’s really over the Chick-Fil-A stuff.
Audio clip – Chick-Fil-A is getting more traction.
Bubba thinks they should go the Religious route.
Ned’s Load – “Good Hydro Bud”.
Audio clip – Umpire ejects annoncer for playing “Three Blind Mice”.
Audio clip – Katie Parry and John Mayor.
Richard Marx’s song about John Mayor (March 19, 2010)
Manson’s “Katie Parry Visits Sesame Street” (“Bubba Show Classics
Volume 17”, track 8)
Marc the Frog from Canada came on, he dropped off a full load of bacon
last night, he thanked a bubba Army member for hooking him up with a
phone that he suses to check out the show.
Sunshine in Charleston thinks Bubba shouldn’t be so hard on himself.
Audio clip – Boob slippage at the Olympics.
Joderick used to play Water Polo, they don’t use cups in that game,
it’s incredibly violent.
The guys talk about the way NBC has covered the Olympics.
Audio clip – Snoop Dogg on American Idol.
Audio Clip – Jose Canseco files for bankrupsy.
Audio clip – Man cleared from death row.
David said that gun pouder has a range of two to three feet.
Teacher might lose job for sleeping in class, the teacher would often
have the show on.
Cop catches man giving oral sex to a woman in a park.
Rob said he’s a special ed teacher who is gay.
The guys talked about gay rights.
Bubba held a mock press confrence on his views on abortion, guns, weed
and gay rights.
Bubba might run for Mayor of St. Petersburg, he wonders what the race
will be, he is dissatisfied with the police department, he thinks the
Political talk is killing everyone’s buzz.
Bubba said that he found an old interview they did with Josh Hammilton
years ago; Twenty-five said it’s from 1999.
Old 98 Rock talkbreak where Bubba talks with Josh Hammilton via the phone.
Bubba thinks Josh didn’t sound too excited to be on the show.
Audio clip – Randy jackson is $500,000 behind on child support.
Audio clip – Drama teacher accused of sex with students.
Audio clip – 911 call from a man getting dragged down the road.
Audio clip – Marco Rubbio introduced a new bill exempting taxes for
Olympic athletes.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment “Pump Some Rounds”.
Ashley Fires and Missy Rhodes from Feddish Con 2012 in studio.
Ashley’s safe word is “Red”, her and Missy have never shot a scene together.

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