Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15th, 2011 by Staff

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  1. Sean tarras

    My comments have to do with Bubba’s chicken dip. I heard a couple of weeks ago you guys were working on getting it into Fort Myers. Has Sweetbay accepted distributorship yet? I will be glad when I am finally able to try the famous chicken dip. Due to work I am not able to travel all the way to Tampa to go to an Albertsons to buy some. Also are there any other places close to Fort Myers that have the Chicken Dip?

  2. George Thode

    As an x recer from the north, retired from there, I’m looking for SOMEPLACE to go to see good racing, preferably north east dirt modifieds, so far, the only GOOD racing is when the modifieds come down here in speedweeks in Feb. There is NOTHING that I would go to during the rest of the year, BAD racing, no organized racing, no reasonable set of rules
    I suggest that you get in touch with Glen Donnelly, from the Syracuse N.Y. area and run something like he’s going to do, he is a PROVEN promoter….why Modifieds?….there are more N.y. N.j. Pa area people down here retired than you can shake a stick at, also Modifieds are “older than dirt” they predate NASCAR by many years…..Thank You George

  3. chris

    how do I listen to your show? awhile ago you use to be on xm. I’m trying to figure out how to get your show in my car. thanks

  4. mike mitchell

    man i miss you on sireus

  5. mike mitchell

    i hope you can work out your diferances

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