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Top Stories:
Domestic violence cases up across Florida
Woods in pursuit of old guard
Former “Survivor” Producer Arrested in Mexico Over Wife’s Death
Scottsdale dad says he ’shot and killed my sons’ in 911 call
TX Gov. wants to move away from school textbooks
West Virginia Fans: Help The Relief Efforts

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports Scores

The show started off with “Last Dance with Mary Jane” by tom Petty and
The Heart Breakers as bumper music, Bubba said the music was provided
by Hammil, he then said he loved Tom Petty, Manson said he put on a
heck of a show, Brent said it’s one of those shows where people of all
ages attend. We then heard a clip from last night’s Rays game, Bubba
said he didn’t last all nine endings, he said all the nice people who
welcome you asked him why he was leaving, he then thanked Heather
French, he thinks we need a new location, Manson said it’s great,
Spice said he doesn’t want to sit outside in the heat. Bubba recapped
some sports scores, he then asked ned if he’s starting off with some
Miller Lite, Ned said it was a confectionary treat Friday, he guessed
that he’ll be incoherent in a matter of moments. Bubba asked him if he
was working on something, he then guessed Ned just passes out in his
room, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays and Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour. We then heard a news clip about tiger Woods’s performance at the
masters, then into “Horny Black Guy In The PGA” from “bubba Show
Classics Vol. 12”, track 8. Bubba had no idea who Joe Jackson was,
Manson sang a little of the song, Ned thinks the song should be called
“Coming Out”, as in coming out of the closet. Bubba said he’s been
trying to get to an audio clip of Jennifer Love Hewitt, he said she’s
all about putting a Bedazzler on her vagina, Ned thinks it’s week. We
then heard a clip about a guy who shot someone, Bubba said he wasn’t
looking for that one, he then played the right one, Manson thinks
she’s an idiot, Spice thinks you’d have to have a lot of money to do
that, Bubba thinks that would hurt him, he said he’d ask her to drop
her pants to prove it, he then said he got caught off guard with the
hot traffic girl on channel 10, Manson wonders who watches traffic on
television, the guys think it’s pointless. Jason said he’d like to
talk about oxies, he said he had a friend die yesterday because of
that, the guy was found on a kitchen floor, Bubba wonders what kind of
place was he living in, Jason said his Dad was a Sitress grower and
was spoiled, he said the guy went down the wrong path, Manson as a
Southern guy said some stuff, Bubba hung up on a him a short time
later, he then went over some birthdays,
Spice said Rachael Stevens is a hot limy singer, Bubba thinks Spice
couldn’t take a punch from Teto Ortiz. Spice said he saw Teto Ortiz
and Jenna Jamison in Vegas, Bubba thinks Jenna went overboard with
plastic surgery. Spice said he talked to Teto, Teto told Spice to go
fk off, he said he wasn’t interested in talking with him. Spice said
Tasha and Jenna were talking, he said that he and Teto looked at their
girls and decided to drop it. Bubba wondered what people did before
the pill; Spice thinks condoms back in the day weren’t all that
effective. We then heard some Mandy More, Bubba thinks it sounds like
a dark match Britney. We then heard “Stray Cats”, Ned said he dug
them, he thinks he’ll outlive John madden. Bubba thinks Ned should do
commentary on a football game; Brent proposed a Ned video game. We
then heard some Jos Stone, Spice thinks Bubba had her on his iPod,
Bubba thanked him for fagging him out, he then went through his iPod,
the guys cracked up when he played The Who’s “You Better You Bet”,
Manson thinks she sounds black, Ned thinks Bubba is a fag. We then
heard some Lisa Stansfield, Manson said he heard it a lot on the Power
Pig, Bubba sang along with it, he said the Power Pig went through a
bunch of stages. The first email of the day said their Dad is into Another emailer said the national Database is a great
idea. Another emailer said Bubba is on point with his database idea.
Bubba said he doesn’t want to make pain pills illegal. Another emailer
said they were disgusted listening to Joe the doctor shopper, the
emailer went on to say that he lost his Sister three years ago, he
thinks her ex husband was responsible. Bubba thinks all we care about
is screwing with teachers. Another emailer said giraffes need to be
killed, as they get too big for their food source. Another emailer
said Casey Anthony would use chloroform to put Caylee to sleep, the
guys think they have everything they need. Another emailer said in the
book “The Midnight Rambler”, page 159 is about a DJ who killed a pig,
Brent said he’s asked the guy for an interview, but got nothing.
Another emailer said they tried Ned’s 12 inch meaty Mandingo, they
loved it. The last email of the day said they used some Fein, the
emailer said the segment with Lisa Lampanelli was money. We then heard
a news clip about the mine in West Virginia, the guys think it would
suck if you were down there, only to have them turn around. Joe on
protection said he got an inside iggy that Ed Graziano got his ass
kicked in jail yesterday. Spice asked how good, Joe said just a
knuckle sandwich, he said he’s heard that Ed is in protective custody,
he said Ed is very unliked, Bubba said it’s jailhouse justice at the
Jim Coats Bed and Breakfast, he then said he likes Alex Sink on the
show, Brent said she really knows Florida’s money situation, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about Casey Anthony,
then into the Manson and Berlin collaboration “My Trunk” from “bubba’s
new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 9, and “the Clemulus Package’ disc 1,
track 16. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba Army Special Forces, Father kills children, digital
textbooks, Calvin Kline Commercial, whose junk would you look at?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pink bubba Army
phone skin, then into “interstate Love Song” by Stone Temple Pilots as
bumper music. Bubba plugged the show’s Twitter page; he asked if Spice
has some Festival of Speed tickets left, Spice said he’s got Sunday’s
tickets. Bubba said go to the show’s Twitter page and just ask for
them, he said he’s seen Ned on Twitter a few times, Ned thinks he’ll
do it a little more. Spice said he’ll be attending tonight, he said
he’ll watch the private planes, he said he’ll be hosting a pool party
at the hard Rock in Tampa, Brent said he’s got an appearance on April
24, Bubba thinks he won’t be in until Sunday night, he sarcastically
thinks he’ll be in a wonderful mood. Jack Stiefel came on, saying he
and his wife Virginia got their Special Forces shirt, Bubba told him
not to send any food today, as he’s on his diet. Manson wondered if
Bubba will eat anything that is healthy, Bubba said yes, he said only
40 people got the Special forces shirt, he thinks he went above and
beyond, jack said the shirts look really nice, he said he outranks his
wife. Bubba said big dick will give him the roster, he thanked him for
calling. Jack said they’ve got their rooms set up for New Orleans.
Bubba went over the people in the Bubba Special Forces, he then said
he’s taking away James’s Major ranking away, he said you can’t be a
major if you’re not there, he then wonders where he should put Howard
Stern at, Brent thinks it would be disrespectful to put Howard in the
Special forces. Bubba said Buddy’s home Furnishing is a great place,
he said you can do more than rent to own. We then heard a news clip
about a guy who shot his two kids, then tried to kill himself, but
lived, Manson said this always happens, Bubba thinks he could never be
a 911 operator, as he’d walk the guy through killing himself, Spice
he’d have a hard time being an emergency responder, he then goofed on
the guy’s voice. Bubba thinks part of his problem is being an old
timer, he said they want to put textbooks online, we then heard the
news clip about that, Spice said he needs to draw boobs on the pages,
bubba thinks it would be pretty sweet if kids could carry around an
iPad with that stuff on it, Manson thinks they’d have to charge you,
Spice thinks it’s the future, Bubba thinks if it’s digital, you can
add stuff to it, he thinks they’re turning into their Dads, he thinks
they’ll be able to pipe it into your brain, he then goofed on one of
the kids’s voices, he then said he’s heard the iPad sucks up a lot of
the network, Spice thinks it’s pretty cool. Bubba said Tasha has been
talking about the new Calvin Kline commercial, Jabberjaw said it was a
weird commercial, she thinks the guys are hot, we then heard the
commercial, Bubba thinks they should do a BRN version of it, ned
thinks Spice would want to see his private parts. Bubba asked if there
was one person’s crotch you’d like to look at; he said it’s not for
gay reasons.

1. Dave – Twenty-five
2. Brent – Al-kida
3. Manson – Tom Bean
4. Jabberjaw – Pantera
5. Spice – Blind Lawrence
6. Ned – Twenty-five
7. Bubba – Manson

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Susanna from Miami

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba plugged the latest stuff on and Susanna
in Miami said she’s a Miami heat dancer, Spice asked who the sugar
daddy was, he thinks she doesn’t get paid a lot of money, Susanna said
they get paid a lot of money, Spice read from her bio, Bubba asked to
see her picture, Spice thinks she’s steamy. Spice asked if it’s like
football, Susanna said they’re not allowed to talk to the players,
Bubba thinks it’s a neat website, Spice described her as a real thin
blonde, Brent said she was smoking. Susanna said the team needs some
help; Bubba said they’ll run into the Magic. Spice asked if she ever
made out with the other girls, Susanna said no, she said they keep it
professional, Spice thinks Natalie has big jugs, Bubba thinks Ashley F
is really hot, he then decided on Ashley A, Susanna said everyone is
sexy. Spice asked her relationship status, Susanna said she’s single,
she said they’re going for year five with the contest called “NBA’s
Hottest Dance Team”, Bubba thinks Manson would pick the Miami girls,
Spice asked her the best gift a guy ever got her, Susanna said a pair
of shoes with pink laces. Bubba said they’ll put up a link on, he said the bubba Army is very strong, Susanna said it’s or, just register and vote as much as you’d like,
provided that you delete your cookies, log out and log back in. Spice
wondered if she’ll call around to other shows, the guys goofed on her
for saying that bubba’s name is “bubba of course”; Spice thinks the
Bobcats are good looking. Bubba asked her the frequency of the
station, Susanna said 93.1, she said all she can name is Bubba, Spice
thinks she just looked it up on line. Bubba decided to put her on
hold, he decided to open the lines to people from Miami, he said he’d
like to be supportive, he asked if they should help her out or not, he
thinks she knows nothing about him, he thinks she’s just using her
looks to try and bamboozle him, he said he could get the Miami
cheerleaders to win.

1. Mark – no
2. Keith – no
3. Rob – yes
4. Minner – No
5. Nicola – no
6. Eric – No
7. Allen – yes
8. John – No
9. Some caller – no
10. Greg – yes
11. Rick – No
12. Ryan – Yes
13. Tony – No
14. Ed – No
15. Casey – yes
16. Steve – Yes
17. Jasmin – Yes
18. Robeo – Yes
19. Joey – No

Bubba went back to Susanna, he asked her if she knew his name, she
then went over the people on the show, she then got Eviled a few
seconds later, he thinks she’s getting off on a technicality, Brent
said it was a fare vote, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Arlington Cemetery, The church of bubba

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into Ned’s “Muslim Basketball Call”. We then heard “Rich
Girl” by Hall & Oates as bumper music; Manson thinks the selections
have been pretty good so far. Mark on protection thinks Bubba should
support the Miami heat team, Bubba said he doesn’t have any say so, as
he’s not in Miami, Mark thinks differently, the guy said he had sex
with a girl on the team, Bubba hung up on him. Scott in St. Petersburg
said he called in January, he said the cemetery plot for his Dad is in
Arlington Cemetery, he said it’s lot 40, plot number 71, Bubba said
all the guy is looking for is to have someone snap a picture, the guy
said his daughter couldn’t handle all of Ned’s sandwich. Bubba
wondered if Arlington has restricted areas, rent said no, he thinks he
couldn’t be buried there, bubba thinks it’s because he smokes weed,
Brent said it’s not that, he thinks you’d have to have done stuff
really big, Manson said it’s sad that Politicians are buried with our
men and women. Bubba suggests dividing it into three sections:

1. Good
2. Kind of good
3. The section they have to get

Bubba thinks it’s really sad, Brent said there aren’t that many World
War II vets left. Bubba read an article about a Muslim woman who was
strangled by her Burka in a Goe-cart, Ned thinks she committed
suicide. Bubba got caught off guard with a girl on the today show, he
then potted up the audio, he had no idea who she was, he thinks money
has screwed her over, Spice said she’s a basketball player. Bubba said
Imus didn’t get in trouble for saying Nappy-headed hoe; he got in
trouble for having a track record of racist comments. Frank in Miami
thinks Bubba got played, Bubba said he knew that, the guy got Eviled a
few seconds later. We then heard a news clip about Sarah Palin, Bubba
said Glenn Beck made $35,000,000 last year, he asked what he’s missing
with Sarah Palin, Brent said hotness. Bubba thinks we’re so desperate
to have her around, he thinks he’s as smart as her on some issues, he
thinks we’re horny, Manson thinks a Hooters waitress will be in the
Whitehouse, he said every woman he knows hates Palin. Bubba said her
audience are old people, the old men want to bang her, and the old
women want to be her, Brent said everyone in the video was a Cotton
Cop, Manson said Glenn Beck had Palin on, he compared her to George
Washington. Tom said he lived in Alaska, in 1989, she got Wasilla
Alaska to be big, Bubba thinks it’s not a big deal, Brent said it’s
not that big as Bubba’s neighborhood, the guy got Eviled a few seconds
later. Steve said it’s no different than Italy electing a porn star.
Josh in Richmond said people aren’t giving her a fare shot, Bubba said
when Katie Couric outsmarted her, he said that was the final straw, he
said she’s a hypocritical charlatan, he said the Republican party is
in shambles, Brent said they’re trying to run John McCaine out of
their party, Bubba said he was done, he then got on the bullhorn and
said we’re screwed up no matter how you look at it, he asked to keep
god out of the equation, he said he hasn’t seen a lot of return on his
investment, he said we should worry about the problems of today,
Manson thinks Bubba would lose a huge block of votes. Bubba said his
pastor is a great guy, he said he could have lunch with him every day;
Brent said Walter is a nice guy. Bubba thinks they should have
Bubbaology, as opposed to Scientology, the guys cracked up when Bubba
referred to it as “the Book of Bubba”. Bubba said the church of Bubba
says “don’t Be a Dick”, the guys cracked up during his shpeel, Spice
thinks it has subsections. Bubba thinks channel 10 wouldn’t cover
anything that says “don’t Be A Dick”, the guys cracked up when Bubba
said give what you can, he said it could mean anything, Manson thinks
Bubba would be a millionaire. Bubba said he would address his
followers with a bubba Army shirt and flip flops, he then said he’d
tell people to get off their asses and do stuff, Brent said as soon as
you mention personal responsibility, people would walk out, he thinks
the people leaving shouldn’t be there to begin with, ned thinks Bubba
is a lunatic, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Alex Sink

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Burning Love” by Elvis as bumper
music. Bubba said they’ve got Alex Sink on, Alex said if she calls him
Bubba, he should call her Alex. Bubba said he’s about 60-70%
Republican, Alex said she’s not a career Politician; she started this
job just four years ago. Bubba thinks it makes her sick, Alex said
she’d like to talk about the Education bill, she said Tallahassee will
take over our local schools, Bubba said no one wants that, he said
this is one of the most unfair bills, Alex thinks bubba is right, she
said she has two children who graduated from Public school, she said
you can’ turn the system upside-down. Bubba said they’ve made teaching
less of an attractive job, he said sometimes you can’t get through to
a student, regardless as to how good of a teacher you are. Alex said
we should let the good people go and do their jobs. Bubba wondered if
Charlie can shoot it down, Alex said yes, she said you have to get
word to the Governor’s office, she said she’ll put something up on her
website, Bubba wondered how Senate bill six got
legs, he thinks common sense would think otherwise, Alex said it
started with John thrasher, Bubba thinks he’s the guy who spent six
million dollars on his chambers, she said John has an agenda to
dismantle public education, she said we need a system that is fare to
everyone. Bubba wondered if there’s special interest, Alex said yes,
she said for every course a student takes, they need to have an end of
course exam, she said we spent millions of dollars grading the FCAT,
it’s graded by a company that is out of state. Bubba asked her about
her plan to get jobs back, Alex said yes, she said you can see her job
plan on her website, she said we need to get rid of the red tape.
Bubba said Jesse Ventura did a good job with Minnesota, he said he
likes how Alex is a non career Politician, he said we need to bust
some stuff up, he said he hasn’t met one person who likes Senate bill
six. Alex said she’s gotten a chance to see it, she said she’s seen
enough, she hopes the people of Florida will look at her story. Bubba
asked about the guy Alex is going against, Alex said the guy spent 20
years in congress, the guy spent his last ten years as a lobbyist, she
said she’ll know that she’ll be behind in the poles. Bubba said he’d
like to have her on the show once a month, Alex said she’ll do it, she
thanked Brent and bubba, Bubba wished her the best of luck, he said he
likes what he sees on her, he thinks Alex’s opponent looks like Ned in
a glammar shot. Bubba took a call from a guy who said Jeb Bush might
be in charge of the testing company; Brent said Rhonda Storms and John
Thrasher are behind it. Bubba said we have to get Rhonda Storms out.
Brent said he’s a teacher, Bubba said everyone he knows in the
education system are sick over it, he said we need to let our Governor
know that this bill is bad. Brent said he’s got 26 years with a
master’s degree, he said it’s unfair, he said his wife is pregnant, he
said the bill is illegal, Bubba thinks it’s the good old boy network,
Brent hopes Charlie Crist shoots it down, the guy said not every job
needs a college degree, he said this will pit teacher against teacher.
Bubba wished the guy the best of luck, he said at least Ohio and
Virginia aren’t dealing with it, he proposes “Politician Prison”, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – The God hates Fags people at a high school, Misty Cummings Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes for
Badges on May 22. We then heard Ned’s “I am not A Republican” from
“bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 9, “The Clemulus Package’
disc 4, track 9, and “Political CD”, track 2. In the bit, Ned says
he’s not a Republican, saying he hates America, saying how he’d like
to urinate and pee on the flag, supports abortion, doesn’t support the
troops. The bit ends with him proclaiming that one day, he’d like stem
cell research to make it possible so that homosexual men can get
pregnant, and that he’d like to drive to an abortion clinic in a
hybrid car, which is powered half by Ted Kennedy’s belly fat, and half
on the flames of burning American flags, so he can get a federally
funded gay abortion in his asshole. We then heard “Fins” by Jimmy
Buffett as bumper music; Bubba plugged Spice’s appearance this Sunday
at the Hard Rock, from 12:00-2:00. We then heard a news clip about the people coming to Tampa, Bubba said he’s the only
radio show that has stopped them from protesting a fallen serviceman’s
funeral, Spice said they’re going to protest the Bon Jovey concert,
Bubba doesn’t get why they’re going to the high school, Spice thinks
this is a vacation for them, he said Randy White stepped down from the
Church without Walls, Bubba said channel 13 is guilty for caving into
their hype, Manson thinks they should protest them, Spice said he’d
like to keep his contact. We then heard a news clip about Misty
Cummings writing a letter to the Governor, bubba wondered what the
letter sounded like, Spice thinks a jail isn’t as bad as a trailor,
Bubba then goofed on Misty’s Dad’s voice, Manson thinks he’s pilled
up, bubba thinks the guy sounds fat. We then heard the new tiger Woods
ad, Bubba thinks Tiger was horny; they then ended the show a few
seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Hulk Hogan calls in

The show started off with “Juicey” as bumper music, Bubba said it was
good to be back with the original family, he thinks today would be a
good day for Travis Fkin’ Travis to call in, he said Mike Tidwell
suggested Travis do five minutes at Bubbapalooza, Spice as Bubba told
him to shut up and fly the plane. Bubba and spice recreated a scene
like that, with bubba as mike, and Spice as Bubba, Brent said a lot of
that is pretty spot on, Ned thinks Mike is wordy, Bubba broke
character and said this was real, he said he got so mad at him last
week, that he ended up leaving the cockpit, and played PSP with Tyler,
Spice thinks bubba is predictable. Bubba thinks being his pilot has
got to be the worst, Brent said Tom Bean’s pilot got an ass chewing,
Bubba said he had no idea Tom could be that mean. Spice said they saw
him yelling at the guy, Brent said this was when they were going to
Howard’s Christmas party, he said Tom’s face was beat red, Spice said
tom didn’t unbutton one button during the tirade, he thinks his
deodorant must be really strong. Bubba said that Hogan has a show on
Howard 101; we then heard a promo about that, Bubba thinks the promo
kicks ass, Spice thinks Hogan will walk wild. Bubba called up Hogan;
he thinks Hogan can’t afford Sirius, the guys cracked up at Spice’s
Hogan’s impersonation. Bubba got sent to voicemail, he ended up
leaving a message, he decided to play the promo over the phone for
him, which he then did. Ditch Dodger said last night on superfan
roundtable, they took a shit on bubba’s show, Bubba thinks they should
take a look at them, Spice said they’ve got a round table, Bubba said
they can lick his harry asshole. Bubba said he doesn’t have a problem
with a teacher who tapped a kids hair down, he thinks the kid sounds
like a homo, Manson thinks it’s fake outrage, Spice told bubba he’ll
give him $500 if he grows his bangs, bubba thinks it’s pandering, he
then said Tyler got a haircut the other day, he said he likes short
hair, he thinks Tyler’s Mom will be mad about it. Manson said Westin
had long hair for about a year, Brent said the more you tell kids they
can’t do something, the more they want to do it. We then heard a news
clip about a Blue Light special offering sex in the men’s’ room, Bubba
thinks you have to have a lot of swagger to get ass sex in K-Mart, Ned
thinks maybe a guy wants a Martha Stewart shovel up his ass, Manson
thinks if Tiger was gay, guys would be sucking him off near the T box.
We then heard Hogan’s bumper, Hogan said he heard it, saying it was
off the chain, he wondered if Brent did the promo, Bubba told him
Brent got it done, Hogan said he just got off the phone with Steve
Langford, Bubba said Langford will track you down, Spice thinks Steve
could find Bin Laden. Bubba said Hogan has never had an uncensored
forum, Hogan said no, Bubba thinks they should get the iron Sheik and
the Honky Tonk Man on the show, Bubba replayed the promo, Hogan likes
how Bubba is the lead-in, he then said they got a biker in the ring,
he said the guy should quit if he can’t hit the ropes, he said the guy
survived, he said the guy is a tough kid. Bubba said the guy needs to
pay his dues, Hogan said it’s on him. Brent said if anyone has
questions for the show, go to, Hogan has his own email
section. Hogan thanked Knobs for letting him use the gym, Bubba told
him to use his next time. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – captain Janks calls in, monkey attack story

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada, August 14. We then heard “Last Dance With Mary Jane” as bumper
music. Bubba said Manson has a new offering, he said Ned is on his
fourth Miller Lite. Spice wondered if Bubba can run the board, Bubba
said yes, he then told the guys “Fk You”. Brian said he was on
Superfan round table last night, he said bubba talks about wrestling a
lot, Bubba told the guy it’s something he likes talking about it.
Brian said they’ll still listen, bubba said TNA is like the new piece
of pussy, he told the guy he’ll have to weather the storm, he said
it’s part of his deal, he asked Brian what he’d like for him to talk
about, the guy said he likes it when the guys shoot the shit. Bubba
told the guys they have the option to talk about whatever they’d like
to. Brian said for some reason, the show appeals to him. Bubba thinks
Spice dresses like a dark match Chris Angel. Spice thinks it’s funny
that Bubba gets his ass kicked; Bubba said he doesn’t get his ass
kicked this week. Brent described what Bubba was doing, Bubba cracked
Spice about six times with a Wiffle Ball bat, Brent got cracked, Bubba
even hit the gong, he told Spice to dance with him, he told him to not
step on his toes, he then proposed “Dancing with The Fat Fks”.
Captain Janks came on, saying he was the guy who flew the plane over
the masters, he said his name was Todd Clem, he said he once got on
The Today Show with Ed McMahon, he ended up calling him a fat pig, he
said the producers called him, about five minutes before the segment
was going to happen, the producer came on and said Todd Clem was Bubba
The Love Sponge, Bubba thinks they should use childhood names for
Janks to use. Brent said if you Google search Todd Clem, Bubba’s name
comes up. We then heard a clip of Janks calling Hogan on Larry king;
he ended by saying Howard Stern. We then heard “Smoke Two Joints” by
Sublime, Spice and Brent sang along, Bubba said it was shitty. We then
heard a news clip about a monkey biting someone’s thumbs off, Spice
thinks the guy is fued if he ever goes hitchhiking, Bubba thinks you
really need your thumb to masturbate with, he said the life of a
monkey must be really easy – jerk off, eat bananas, and shit in its
hand. Spice thinks they should send Tom the Treeman do a zoo and have
the monkey throw poop at him, Spice thinks it won’t go over so well,
Bubba said he’d like to be a monkey that fs, Spice said he’d like
to be a monkey in his next life, bubba thinks the monkey has face
fked the owner, he wonders if a monkey couldn’t masturbate if he got
his thumbs removed, Bubba said they’ve got feet, he said monkeys don’t
care who masturbates them. We then heard “Bad Monkey” from “Bubba’s
new and Misc hits Vol. 9”, track 1, and “the Clemulus Package’ disc 1,
track 7, then into “eyes ripped off her Face” from “bubba’s new and
Misc hits Vol. 9”, track 8, and “the Clemulus Package’ disc 2, track
5. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – manson’s new Bit, Ralph calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour on April 23. Tom in Ft. Lauderdale said the show motivates him,
he said that if Bubba is a loser, he can do anything, the guy ended by
saying Red Dragons, Bubba told him to keep on keeping on, Ned thinks
it’s week ass shit, Bubba said he wishes Ellis the best, he wonders
how this got turned around. Stardust said the last caller was a knob,
Bubba thinks the guy needs a new phone, ned thinks the guy has a cock
in his mouth, Stardust wondered when Bubba Raw Volume 5 will be on,
Bubba thanked him for that. Matt in Calgary said he loves the show, he
said they listen to Bubba for what he does, he said he’s really
excited, Bubba thinks they’ll be able to put 65,000 people in the
show, he said the traveling is nothing to them. Matt said all he does
is listen to Howard and bubba for nine hours, he loves the show. Bubba
had the Ferret on, Ferret said he didn’t want to blow the cover, he
said he’s working out the meet and greet, Bubba thinks they may have
to do the meet and greet the way it’s done, he said next Friday will
be when they can announce the Calgary date. Bubba said Manson has a
new bit, Manson said his song is called “I Stroked Two Deaf Boys”,
where Manson sings about masturbating deaf boys, the guys were
cracking up at the song, Manson said no one would believe a deaf kid,
Bubba as a deaf kid said the priest touched him, he said he’d like to
see Manson doing the sound effects, Spice said imagine if your load
made that kind of noise, he was cracking up at the sound effects. Jim
in Orlando came on saying Bubba was the man, he said he used to listen
to Kevin Matthews. Bubba said he likes to mention guys like Phil
Hendrie, he said Russ from The Monsters is talented, he said back in
the day bob and Tom were funny, Spice said he never heard how dirty
they were, Bubba said he has respect for Carry Gray, he said the
problem with Satellite is that non radio people are getting channels,
the guy said he knows what he likes in entertainment. Bubba thinks
they shouldn’t throw all that money at a woman, he said a lot of it is
for males, he thinks they should’ve tried to have gotten a Rush
Limbaugh or a Jim Rome, he said he knows what it’s like to get crap
for not showing up, Brent said David lee Roth isn’t a radio guy. Chris
said Sirius already announced the date for the Calgary show, Spice
said bubba accidently hit the imaging piece for it, Bubba said it was
his error. Ralph came on saying Dan Patrick would be good on Sirius,
Bubba said he would’ve been great, Ralph wonders if any woman will
sign up for Sirius, Spice said he’d like to see it happen. Brent said
the number one listened to channel by women is Sirius hits 1, Spice
said he can’t name a woman who likes talk radio, Ralph said most women
are busy talking so much, they don’t have time to listen. Bubba said
he was told to be quiet on the Jamie fox situation, he said there’s a
lot of dick sucking in Hollywood, he said Hogan was asked to appear at
a screening, he showed up at 9:30, the big person pulled him aside and
told him he was his boy, Bubba hopes he didn’t embellish it the story,
Ralph thinks Hogan is paranoid, Bubba told the guys that they were
asking questions he couldn’t answer, he said Hogan knows of a lot of
people who had to do some stuff to get in the movies. Ralph asked how
Jane was doing, Bubba said she’s finally realized that smoking could
kill her, Spice as Jane said “Mokey is bad”, he then said he can’t
understand what makes a cigar so appealing. Bubba asked about Geek
Time, Ralph said they’re doing a three hour show tomorrow, he said he
loves the iPad; he said the design is great, he said it’s another
piece of equipment. Brent thinks the HP Tablet will kick ass, Ralph
said that’s why the iPhone came out with new software. Bubba asked
about Stuttering John, Ralph said John is an annoying asshole, Bubba
said he’s heard that John didn’t make the cut, he thinks Howard
would’ve whacked him silly with a Wiffle bal bat. Ralph said John
asked a lot of questions, Bubba said they were written down, Brent
said Howard, Jackie and Fred wrote that stuff for him, Ralph wished a
monkey would fk john’s face, he said he’s interested with the
wrestling talk. Bubba said if you’re a fan of whoever, you’ll be a fan
of what they’re into, he then asked how Sam Simon is, Ralph said he’s
doing great, Brent said Sam would twit back to Ralph, acting as his
iPhone, asking “what about me?” bubba wondered who has more money, Sam
or Howard, Ralph said Sam has Simpsons money, Brent said The Simpsons
are on almost every market. Bubba said if he had that money, he’d have
a spaceship, Ralph thinks Sam should do a reality show, where Sam
dumps ten million dollars on someone. Bubba plugged the bubba Army
Bikini; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba guesses Howard’s future

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour on April 23, then into “thank God I’m An Altar Boy”, then into
“interstate Love Song” by STP as bumper music. Wilde Bill said he’s a
Volunteers fan, he said he didn’t like how they cut the Cuban song, he
said it started when the guys started sucking Obama’s dick, the guys
said white power. Bubba said he was forced to go back to regular
radio, he said working at Sirius was a dream job, he said those two
years were very special to them, he said they had to change, Manson
said people want to do is hate, Bubba said he would like to make the
kind of money they get on Sirius, but with regular radio, he told the
guy to not listen to the show, Brent said one of the main people who
got them off the air was John McCaine. Bubba said they don’t want to
get up at four and do crappy radio, he said they had to take the fall,
he said he knew what the capacity was, he said he was told what to
say, he said he doesn’t want to do two shows, he said he’d rather do
afternoons, he asked to be paid, he said if the money is good, they’ll
take it, Brent said that’s the whole point of working. Bubba said he
knows it’s not the most wonderful situation, he said there’s nothing
he can do about it, he said the topic wasn’t generated by him, he said
the show you hear Monday-Thursday is different than the one on Friday.
Ned said we’re like the boyfriend that fs the fans, and now they
come over and hold hands, Bubba said all he’d want is dinner, he and
Ned then went back in forth. Tim said they hate the swap meet in
Hershey, he said the guys put on a great show, regardless as to what
format it’s in, the guy said if he didn’t have the show, he doesn’t
know what he’d do, he said he spends $14 a month to hear Bubba and
Howard. Bubba said it all depends on what Howard wants to do, he
thinks if Howard was to leave, he’d ask Howard what he’d like for him
to do, Manson said it’s a respect thing. Bubba said when he emailed
Beth about something, he CC’d Howard as part of respect, he thinks
Howard will come back, he said his loyalty lies with Howard, he said
they’ve been there for about five years, he said they’ve been fked
over and taken advantage of, he thinks they’ll get a new deal now, he
thinks Howard will stay, and they’ll end up leaving, Brent asked that
they get back to monkeys fking people’s faces. Ned asked that they
talk about fking, Bubba yelled for him to shut up, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons Shirt.
We then heard “bubba Army Special forces” from “bubba Show classics
Vol. 13”, track 1. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba Army Special forces, Tara’s Wedding discussed

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour on April 23, then into “Rich Girl” by hall and oats as bumper
music, Bubba thinks the song is about a gold digging bitch, he thinks
Quez isn’t black, Quez said he’s the truest n, Bubba thinks he’s
over doing it, he hung up on him a short time later, he thinks the
Special Forces shirts are out, he wondered if the guys will ever wear
them, Brent said yes, Spice said Brent told him he’d wear it, adding
that Brent rolled his eyes. Bubba thinks Spice should wear it on
Sunday, he then went over who is on the roster, he said James and Tony
have had their titles stripped, he wonders where should he put Howard
Stern and Tim Sabean, Spice wondered if Howard doesn’t care. Bubba
wondered if Tara really sounds like she’s fingering herself when you
talk with her, she picked up, Ned asked her what she was wearing, Tara
called him an asshole, she thinks Ned should be locked up, Ned thinks
Tara wants to sit on his chest. Bubba said that Jane had a heart
attack after sex, ed said he’d like to nut on Jane’s gut, Tara said
her tits are shrinking. Bubba told her the Taliban guy isn’t in the
Army, he said he has to act like he doesn’t’ like him, Tara thinks
Bubba should run the guy through the Bubba training course. Spice
goofed on Tara’s voice, Bubba told Spice that his cock was in Tara’s
mouth, Tara said she doesn’t remember what it tastes like, ned
wondered if she snowballed, Tara said Spice is into that, Brent gagged
a little. Bubba asked Tara the strangest place Tara and Spice had sex,
Tara said universal in the bathroom, Bubba said Spice plugged her in
the bathroom while the guy slept, she said that the guy she was with
at the time, they weren’t in a committed relationship, Tara said they
had to take it to the bathroom. Bubba said Craig the Bulldog is
scrambling, looking for his butt pillow. Spice asked how did Tara’s
man ask the question, Tara said he did it old school, Bubba thinks he
could never go to the beach and propose, he thinks his knee will sink
into the sand. Bubba put her on hold, saying that the first Saturday
is fine, but he wants to fk with her, he went back to her, saying
the first week of November wasn’t good, he said he has his calendar,
Tara said it’s not local, he said he’s not asked to be in the wedding,
he thinks it’ll work out, Tara said this isn’t cool, Spice thinks
Bubba is being a dick, Tara said bubba is her only sibling. Bubba told
her he has an empire he has to run, he told her not to get crazy, Tara
thinks Bubba wouldn’t even know if she was dying, Bubba said he’s a
real cocksucker, Spice asked what bubba knows about Tara, Tara said
she fked Spice ten years ago, she said she’s not a whore. Bubba said
he’ll be there, Brent said bubba has to be at the rehearsal dinner,
bubba said he doesn’t have to do shit, he then asked Brent the duties
of a best man are, Brent said you have to go to the rehearsal dinner,
Tara said Bubba won’t plan a batchler party for the guy, he thinks
he’d fk up the batchler party so that a wedding wouldn’t happen, he
then asked to be a regular dude, Tara said she’ll just get married in
Tampa, Bubba said he hates it when people say “really”, he thinks her
special day shouldn’t have anything to do with him, Tara thinks bubba
is over the board, he told her that he’s not marrying the Taliban,
Brent thinks Perdue should be investigated for letting Mike Alstott
graduate, Tara said Alstott is a retard. Manson wonders what Alstott’s
Wonder Lick test was. Bubba said he’ll be there out of respect for the
family, he said he doesn’t want to do all the stuff that goes with it;
he said he wings it for a living. Brent asked if Doug Clem was
invited, Tara said no, she said Doug just donated his sperm, she
wonders why ned is a Doug clem fan, ned thinks the family deserved it,
Bubba thinks he got 60, he thinks Tara had 6, Ned said he’ll buy him a
plane ticket, Tara thinks Doug has a Conway Twitty afro, Ned thinks
Doug will walk Tara down the aisle, Bubba thinks he’ll wear his
Bareback avenger shirt under his tux, he thinks she’s turning tricks
on Craig’s List. We then heard Ned’s “Doug clem Song” from “bubba show
Classics Vol. 11”, track 15; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Scout and big Gulp call in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into “Big Fat Bubba Blows”. We then heard “Burning Love” by
Elvis as bumper music, we then heard Scout and big Gulp’s bumper,
Bubba said they were on, he apologized for accidently hanging up on
them, he then went over some birthdays, the guys think Kenny G is
sticking a saxophone up his ass, he then recapped his fear of cumming
inside, he thinks Lisa Stansfield has a butch ass haircut, Bubba sang
along to the song, Spice said it’s a hot short haircut. Bubba said he
was sitting next to a woman who was smashing the food, he thinks she
would’ve eaten the arm chair, he hopes the camera didn’t get them as a
couple, Spice thinks it would’ve been great had they been on the kiss
cam. We then heard Scout and big gulp’s bumper, Scout said she loved
hearing give Tara a hard time, she said she got her ned Dragons shirt,
she said it was well worth the weight, she said she’s at 202, she’s
not sure what big Gulp is at, Bubba thinks he could gain eleven pounds
by tomorrow, he said he could start at Pizza Hut and end at Dairy
Queen, he thinks it’s the milkshake, Scout said the job is quite a
job. Scout told Spice to stop licking ass, she said some guy called
into a show and said he’s had problems after doing that, bubba thinks
Spice is a liar about doing that, Ned thinks his tape worm will eat
his parasite, the guys then goofed on big Dick, Scout joined in a
little. Bubba asked when did Big gulp lick her pussy, scout said the
night before last. Bubba said all you have to do is ask for
Bubbapalooza tickets, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Six Fans get Bubbapalooza tickets

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Voodoo child”. Bubba apologized
for short spacing the fans. he then listed the fans who will be
getting Bubbapalooza tickets of their choice:

1. Darkfox001
2. Amyweemer
3. Scrobe75,
4. HandyGirl50
5. Redsocks72
6. Shane389

They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Brent

    I’m the teacher who spoke with you on the show. Thanks for supporting us, we’re just devistated by Bill 6. Hopefully Gov. Crist will come around and VETO this Bill. Teacher’s will support Charlie’s bid for the Senate if he VETO’s this Bill. I just think of the 26 years I’ve dedicated to helping out my students and the Master’s degree that cost me $11,000 of my own money ( I’m still paying the student loan). Now it all will be considered worthless.

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