Best of Bubba July 21-23

July 21st, 2010 by Staff

Attention Bubba Army,

Are you ready for the wildest, sickest, most compelling skeletons from the BRN closet? Step inside the Bubba archives for exclusive content bursting at the seams with intensity and moxie.

The Bubba Radio network presents: The Best of Bubba the Love Sponge

Here’s what we have waiting for you:

Wednesday’s edition of the Best of Bubba features David Weathers and all of his animal friends. Listen to Tonk the Grizzly Bear and Congo the Baboon go wild in studio with the crew.

Thursday on the Best of Bubba we bring back the oddest interviews. When Bubba interviews transvestites, tattooed creeps and circus freaks, you know things will go beyond strange.

Friday’s Best of Bubba show features the seasoned athletes of the BRN. Whether its trophies, belts, or rings, the hardware will be on the air with championship winning players and coaches from professional sports.

17 Responses

  1. David

    Wow, the Stern show fans really came through for you in the car voting!! What happened to the army??

  2. Faq2

    when do we actually get a live show again? Holy ****!!!! if you are going to go on vacation, could you not make the last day of your show a live one, whatever day of the week it is, well obviously having few live shows is affecting the Bubba Army, look at the Toyota Voting, pretty hard to get motivated to do anything when your General is ******* off and racing and screwing over his troops, no wonder the car is doing ****, it is a Sirius car, and without any real Sirius shows, just a bunch of regerged ****, its pretty hard to rally up the troops!!!!!

  3. Alex

    I second that faq2. Way to give us satellite fans the double tall man… AGAIN! Oh well, ” what are you gonna do about it” right?

  4. Bob

    I really like your show. I think the terrestrial radio show is much better then the Sirius Show. I would love to hear you do the Sirius live show with the same format as your terrestrial show.

    I know it’s a tough business doing a live show and being up for 4-6 hours a day.

    Please let us know when we get a live or delayed show.

    Good luck with your TV show.

  5. will

    couldn’t even get 2 solid weeks in before more vacation time? Sirius listeners have had 3 live shows the last 2 months, and we don’t even get to hear the Best Of shows that they’re so frikkin proud of, we just get re-airings of old shows. it’s obvious the BRN doesn’t give a S about Sirius anymore, but they don’t have a hair on theor ass to actually admit it. The Sirius contract is up at the end of the year, not halfway thru.

  6. Jim

    Hey Faq2…..that should be Fag2 you idiot dont you listen to the show at all? They’re doing Bubbapalozza…The car is gonna win so do we really care how at the end of it all? You should get the Evil Kneivel you tool!!!

  7. Jim

    Thats Jim in Fresno Ca… if you got a beef but I’m just pointing out the obvious mt friend!!

  8. Larry

    First chance to listen on friday in ages and i hear Ralph say it’s really cold up hear! F…K a repeat again!!!

  9. will

    And another replay from within the last year. Are there no shows from ’06 or ’07 to play?

  10. jeff

    that’s ******* sweet good idea having Brent promote it on stern

    please replay OLDER shows.. I’m a new mark for about a year and a half now and this whole week has been stuff I have already heard… give us what we want witch is live BUBBA but if not that than older shows please, you guys are the shit

  11. jimmy

    Screw the live show bubba has turned into a massive PUSSY! I am no longer a listener!

  12. Pacaguy

    Being a TRUE listner on Sirius via being a an FTE,
    Stop wining and be happy there are repeats that are thousand times better than any other “terestrial ” radio progam out there.

    OR start your own show on some lame ass internet site and see how well you do with your program. STOP BITCHING !!!

    For those of you taking a crap on this, don’t bitch about how you “pay 13 bucks a month”, if you don’t like – F*** OFF

    If your actual life revolves around a radio show, you have some serious personal issues.

  13. will

    hey, Jim in Fresno…… Bubbapalooza isn’t until August 14th. mebbe you should listen to the show before you try and punk someone else out ya dildo.

  14. uncle remis

    they r taking off again july 29 +30 means no sat show again u would think they would want to sell tickets for calgary to a live north american audience but instead they f**k the listener with twitter responses like every cuts there own deals but then fans didn’t cut any deal that was bubba and sirius not bubba and the fans .

  15. Andy McElroy

    I am having a hard time with Bubba’s attitude lately. If I am not mistaken his job is to do a live radio show that makes him a 7 figure paycheck. I am so sick of him calling us haters for wanting him to do his job. I make a shit load less, but have a lot more pride in doing my job well or I won’t have one anymore. Sorry if the truth hurts, but that is the truth.

  16. sam

    Hey Pacaguy, F*** OFF is exactly what Im going to do. I have been a loyal Bubba Listener for several years. But I have grown tired of his swollen head and just knocking common hard working people. White Trash this, Black trash that, constantly humiliates his own listeners. Now taking off all the time. He needs to remember the show and fans are the reason he has his millions. see ya

  17. doorgunner

    Howard, Bubba, Ferell, and unknown talents on the team need to bold and start a new thing. Cut out the management thing and let it rip. Howard has been pussing out, won’t even put a topless pix on his internet site…

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