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Heard on the Show:
Women File Complaint Against Caylee Anthony’s Grandparents
Did Secret Society Kill David Carradine?
New Program to Turn in Bullies
China Quarantines New Orleans Mayor

Segment 1 – Sports Scores, B-Fudd makes out with a girl

Bubba started off with audio of The Rays losing. We then heard “Only God Knows Why” as bumper music. Bubba asked not to get him started on the guys. Brent thinks Yankees stadium is a joke. Bubba said he’s got to burn a stopset early. Bubba said B-Fudd sent him an email with him and a girl. Bubba went to B-Fudd, he said it was his friend’s mother he was kissing. He said she was drunk, and she French kissed him. B-Fudd told a guy “Hey, meet you’re new Daddy.” Brent thinks that’s a funny rib. Bubba wants to call the woman up. Bubba wonders what B-Fudd is watching, he said he’s watching “Married, With Children”, the guys have a hard time making out what he said. Bubba asked him what shows he likes, he likes House and CSI. Bubba thinks B-Fudd and Hammil talk a lot. Bubba asked B-Fudd if he emails Hammil pictures, B-Fudd said no. Bubba pulled up the email for the guys to look at. Bubba read the email as it was written; the guys crack up at B-Fudd’s spelling. The guys think Ned would be more suitable to be with the woman B-Fudd made out with, Ned thinks she’s a looker. Ned said she’s got “lunchlady everything”. B-Fudd said they were both drunk at the time. Bubba got caught off guard with Palin on TV, Bubba thinks she doesn’t look so bad. Manson said 20,000 people showed up to hear Palin, Brent said they’re morons. B-Fudd said the woman in question drank lots of wine, B-Fudd said he’s a Bud Light guy. Bubba recapped some sports scores. Bubba thinks he’ll be going to game 4 on Thursday. Brent thinks parking will be insane. Bubba thinks he should go there earlier. Spice said he stays at the Crown. Bubba said he’ll just get a hold of Drew. They then went to commercials a few seconds later..

Segment 2 – iPhone discussions, Bubba’s family hates him, Mark Lunsford discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the website contest. We then heard “Only The Good Die Young” by Billy Joel as bumper music. Bubba asked Spice how the contests are doing, Spice said they’re doing good on them. Bubba asked B0Fudd what he’s doing these days, he said he just got back from the wedding, it was in Tacoma. B-Fudd said he was torn up. Bubba wants to know about the bride and groom. He said Andrew is the same height as Spice, Bubba wonders if the guy is one of Jerry’s kids, B-Fudd cracked up at that. Bubba let B-Fudd go a short time later. Spice said he’s an iPhone guy. Brent and Spice say you can hear very well on that thing. Bubba wants to know what Apple’s latest thing is with the iPhone. Bubba said he heard the downfall of the iPhone is that you can’t send or receive pictures, Spice said he hates it when people send him a multi media files. Bubba wonders if the iPod can fit on the iPhone, Spice said yes. Brent said Slingbox works with your iPhone, Bubba wonders what Slingbox is, Brent and Spice explain it to him. Bubba thinks he’s a loser for not knowing about this stuff.. Bubba wonders how much of a zombie would he be if his email followed him. Joe said he works for AT&T, Bubba thinks he should be friends with guys like this. Joe said they’d help Bubba out, Bubba wants them to come to him. Bubba said buying a song on iTunes is a stretch for him. Bubba wonders how he can buy a movie from the iTunes store. Joe said you can do chapter select, Spice/old man said “What?” he then asked “What happened to just dialing?” Bubba said BlitzK is his tech adviser, he hates Mac. Bubba wants to put Joe on hold to get his info. Bubba said people are mad at Spice for instigating Jared on Friday’s Satellite show. Manson said Bubba flew off the handle for that, Bubba asked him to shut up. Bubba said sometimes good radio destroys families. Bubba asked Spice if he ribbed Jared to turn it up, Spice said he didn’t. Bubba said he’s on an island of hate. Brent said he showed a picture of the guy to Amanda and asked if they could get along.. Bubba wants to play the interview with the curse words edited out. Bubba said McDonalds is doing great. Bubba asked who drinks coffee; Brent said he drinks it on the weekends, Manson said he likes it. Bubba said he’s got a problem with Mark Lunsford having some art. Bubba read an article about a woman who was arrested for stealing three of Mark’s pictures. Bubba said some drunk dude who painted you some pictures is not considered art. We then heard Manson’s “white Trash Man” from “Bubba’s Back Vol. 2″, track 3. The bit bags on Mark Lunsford for looking white trash. For weeks, Bubba raked Lunsford over the coals for planning to sue the cops for not finding his daughter fast enough. Lunsford called in on 2-28-08 to confront Bubba, Bubba asked Mark to submit to a drug test, and mark then hung up. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bubba looks for some Tools, Bubba’s open house list, Kellen Winslow JR Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Dad in Drag contest. Brent wonders what bubba was doing on the Craftsman tool site. Brent said he stays far away from his computer at all times. Bubba wants to know what pets and peanut butter is, Ned said it’s for research purposes only. Bubba said he’s looking for some tools. Bubba said he’s made the garage is shop, he said it hasn’t sat well with Heather. Bubba said the family wanted a golf cart ride, he gave them one around the neighborhood. Bubba said he kind of creatively said the garage was messed up, he asked her if he could work out there, she gave him the green light. Bubba said they kill you for one socket, a case is better. Bubba said he’s got all his stuff written down on the back of a bumper sticker. Bubba went over the stuff he needs. Someone rang the bell, he ignored it and continued to list the items he was looking for. Brent said he has no idea what Bubba is talking about. Randy in Tampa said he loved hearing bubba on WQYK. Bubba said a lot of the radio guys he’s chatted with have always asked him to see his studio. Bubba thinks they could have an open house. Bubba lists the people he’d invite. Mason Dixon got denied. Lin Austin approved. Orlando and the guys approved. LJ, approved. Bubba said anyone from CBS, except for people from Q105. Bubba said Cowhead and can help them out. Bubba thinks it’ll be easier to list the people they’d not invite from Clearchannel. Russell Link got approved, Brent doesn’t like him for being Dan’s guy. The guys wonder where Black Bitch is, she got approved. John McMartin, approved, Bubba called him Jim McMartin. Ron and Ian, approved. Jack and Ted, approved. Dan Delereto was approved, just as a rib though. Bubba thinks everyone from Clearchannel can come over, Spice wonders if they’ll come over. Bubba can’t think of people at Cox they don’t like. Bubba wants to bury the hatchet with MJ. Bubba said he’s trying to get Hanna Montana tickets. Bubba sold his first item on Ebay, he sold some racing parts. Bubba thinks he should sell his Rolex. Bubba said that Jeff Hess is an expert on Rolexes. Bubba said it’s a bad ass watch. Bubba read an article about a woman who was murdered in her home. Bubba wonders how desperate are you to look for friends on CraigsList.com. Bubba and Spice think it’s better to meet people at a bar. Bubba said he’s got Kellen Winslow JR is on the line. Bubba thanked Kellen for coming on. Kellen said he was happy to be here, he said it feels like home to him. Bubba wonders how much interaction did Kellen have with the coach, Kellen said the coach is a great guy, Kellen said he’s got “it”. Bubba said he grew up watching Kellen’s Dad, Kellen said he wasn’t even born when his Dad was in the NFL, Bubba said he’s depressed over that. Kellen said his Dad now lives in Ohio, Brent said they’re heard in Dayton. Kellen said his Dad is in good shape. Kellen said he’s working with a boys and girls club. Kellen said he’s opening up a camp for kids about football from June 19-June 21. Kellen said the ages are 8-18, Kellen said its $175 per kid, and he’s sponsoring 150 kids. Kellen said he spent a lot of his youth at a rec center. Bubba asked who Kellen looked up to, Kellen said he looked up to Jerry Rice. Bubba said one of the coolest days was when the Packers traded Jay Jay Jefferson, Kellen said he can’t believe he forgot about him. Bubba wonders if Brady Quid will work out, Kellen said he’s done talking about Cleveland, he thinks Brady is a leader. Bubba said towns get so fical, the stupidest things set them off. Brent said Kellen just wants to win, which is why he likes him. Bubba recaps some players they’ve had on the air, Kellen knew who he was talking about. Spice asked if Kellen still ride motorcycles, Kellen said he advises guys to get off the motorcycles. Spice wonders if the agent asks the player if they’ve gotten injured, Kellen said his situation was life or death. Bubba admires Kellen for owning up to his mistakes. Kellen said he’s grateful to his wife. Bubba asked about him having kids, Kellen thinks he’ll have all girls, Kellen thinks naming the kid K3. Bubba plugged Kellen’s event, Bubba thanked him for coming on. Kellen said his Dad is a great guy. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – 911 call audio, North Korea discussions, and bubba going to therapy?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Gradyclothingcompany.com. We then heard “Ramblin’ Man” by The Allman Brothers Band as bumper music. Bubba thanked Kellen for coming on. Bubba read that George and Cindy Anthony will not be facing charges after fighting some people. Bubba asked Spice to find the trilogy. Bubba played a 911 call from a woman saying she was being chased by George and Cindy, the guys think this should be filed in the “Who gives a flying F” category. Bubba wishes they could give the 911 people the Evil soundboard. Bubba thinks he’d hold someone in this call at gunpoint. Bubba wonders how much of a life do you have if you place a wooden cross at a memorial. Bubba wonders what the deal is with the journalists on trial in North Korea for crossing the border for North Korea. Bubba played a news clip about that situation. Bubba wonders what the Obama administration is doing about this. Ned asked Hilary to “Show us your moxy”. Bubba wants to know what Obama is trying to say, Brent breaks it down for him. Bubba wants a President to say that they’re not going to be pussies anymore. Manson wonders what North Korea is really going to do. Brent said invading North Korea doesn’t really work out. Bubba thinks they’ll have one hell of a story when they get out. Bubba wonders what would happen if they were to be killed. Bubba asked what is so wrong with people going to another country. Joe said he’s a big fan, he didn’t like how the show ended yesterday. He thinks Heather just wants some attention. Bubba said the problem is that he lets people look into his life a lithe too much. Bubba said he’ll start going to therapy, Brent thinks it’s a good thing for him. Bubba said he chooses to look at stuff badly. Ned said he’s got some therapy outside via a pipe, Brent wanted to try it. Don asked about bubba’s comments on O&A from Friday’s show, Bubba said no. Don asked if bubba will be in New York. Bubba said he’s going to not worry about stuff. Bubba wonders why should he care about who his sister dates. Bubba said he should stop taking his work home with him. Bubba said once he’s done talking about business off the air. Bubba said he’s guilty for taking his job home for a living. Bubba said all they do is screw with each other. Brent said his first hour of coming in is the worst. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Steve CERN visits the BRN, Hulk Hogan Calls in

Coming back from break, we heard a promo for the bubba Army Girls shirt. We heard “Roadhouse Blues” from The doors as bumper music. Bubba brought Steve CERN in. Steve said the wring doesn’t have any springs. Hulk Hogan called in a short time later. Steve said a guy would’ve stretched someone if they said they were a pro wrestler, after hitting a gym one time. Hogan said a really foolish move is to show off your arms to the wrestlers. Spice asked how long did it take to get him straightened out, Hogan said it was just once. Hogan said he almost didn’t show up for his training session. Hogan said when he went to wrestle Brian Blare, he didn’t know what K-fabe ment.. Brent thinks the babies and the heals would come out to the wring from different locker rooms. Steve said he had to hide under the wring one time, he said all he was given was a headset, the floor was really cold. Hogan said the real heat started back in Robbinson high school, Hogan said the heat was Hogan not playing sports. Bubba wonders if Eddie Lesley was there, Hogan said no. Steve said he didn’t play ball, his Dad was shout down over Vietnam, he was a two-time Prisoner of War, in Germany and Vietnam. Hogan said Bob Group was talking smack about Steve’s Dad, Steve came flying out of nowhere and kicked the crap out of the guy. Steve said his Dad was shuffled around from prison to prison. Steve said his Dad was released in 1972, he passed away in 2000. Steve said one of his Dad’s books is called “Oh shit, not again.” Hogan said he remembers Steve’s dad. Bubba said they’ll be going to Orlando. Hogan said he needs the favor of all favors, Call VH1.com and vote for Brooke’s video. Brent likes Howard’s theory, Linda wants to be Brooke. Bubba said Linda was on Lex and Terry’s show. Hogan said Steve looks rugged. Hogan said he had to wear a blue shirt and a black mask, he asked what it ment, Steve told him he would get his ass kicked. Hogan said he was afraid to ride in the car with Steve. Hogan said the bubba Army made a huge difference. Steve went through a list of people are helping him out with an event he’s doing. Bubba thanked Steve for helping out the Angeles home. Steve said his email is worldwide. Steve said he gets a lot of questions. Bubba asked Steve what the most he’s ever made, Steve said $75,000. Bubba had Lurch come in, Bubba described Lurch as a babyface cane.. Bubba doesn’t like the 280-pound on Lurch. Bubba had Lurch take his shirt off, Steve said “Nevermind”, and the guys cracked up. Manson thinks Lurch would be like George (actually Lenny) from “Of Mice and Men”, Bubba said “I want to wrestle you”. Steve thinks Lurch needs to look a little more edgy. Bubba wonders if lurch can cut a promo. Bubba asked him to do one, Lurch just calmly said it’s not his style. Steve asks if he can slap Lurch. Bubba and Steve both dislike the Honky Tonk Man. Bubba had Steve give Lurch a chest slap, on the condition that Lurch take his shirt off. Steve gave Lurch a chest slap, the guys made some noise. Bubba said Christian is working with Vince, Bubba said that Jerico is a great worker. Bubba wonders how tall Randy Orten is, Steve said he’s about six foot four. Bubba thanked Steve for coming in, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Rocket Man” by Elton John as bumper music. Bubba thanked Spice for fagging him out with the bumper music selection. Bubba said he’s not stressed out. Bubba asked if Jackie was on the line, Jackie said he was here to calm Bubba down. Jackie said his show is on Howard 101 every Tuesday. Jackie said he has a show tomorrow night called “Joke Land on Broadway”. Jackie said the event will be 9:00 every Wednesday. Jackie said his first guest will be Billy West. Bubba asked if Jackie has a new album called “Snart”, it should be out with in a month. Jackie said he’s got a button on the iPhone. Jackie said he hates technology, he said he loves the iPhone. Jackie said the aps sound confusing, but they’re not. Jackie said the ap is $0.99, it’s got jokes and some noises he used to do on the Stern show, Jackie did a couple. Jackie said all you have to do is download it once, and it updates automatically. Bubba thinks he’d never hear Jackie say portal. Jackie said he’s a child in the 60′s. Jackie said he grew up in Oyster Bay Long Island. Jackie said he used his diploma to roll joints. Bubba and Jackie talk some college football. Jackie said things just get added to it, they use very small audio files. Bubba said no one really asks him standard questions. Bubba wondered about a little uneasiness between Jackie and Fred. Jackie said Fred is a loyal soldier, Jackie said he asked for more money, he left. Jackie said he and Fred wrote a tun of stuff together, Jackie thinks Fred took Jackie’s leaving personally. Jackie said the only time they had a fight was during the infamous “Rainbow room” incident. Bubba said Fred is really tough. Jackie thinks Fred is the quickest and funniest person he’s ever met. Bubba said when Fred came down for Bubba’s wedding, Bubba got a chance to talk to him. Bubba said Fred is a guy who can kick your ass physically and mentally. Jackie said he’s sorry the relationship fell apart. Jackie said he had a lot of fun on that show. Jackie said he’s been sober for eight years. Jackie said he couldn’t get it together, he couldn’t go to bed early. Bubba asked Jackie if it was the drinking and getting up early. Jackie said that he would often stay up late, by Wednesday he was crazy. Jackie said he doesn’t blame anyone but himself. Bubba asked Jackie about Artie, Jackie said he thinks Artie is really funny, he doesn’t listen to the show though. Brent said they tried different people before settling on Artie. Jackie said nothing lasts ten years. Jackie said no one called him back. Jackie thinks he should’ve called back a little later, he thinks it was the right decision. Bubba asked Jackie what his drink of choice was, Jackie said he had various beers over the years, in his mind he was cutting down. Jackie said he still smokes pot. Jackie said he’s a real promoter of Marijuana. Bubba feels Marijuana isn’t such a big deal. Jackie thinks the pro pot people help the cause. Jackie said he hasn’t eaten any pot brownies in a long time. Jackie said the problem is that if you eat pot cookies, you eat one, then you’re not high, then you eat another one, next thing you know you’re on the moon. Bubba described his pot brownie, Jackie cracked up at the story. Bubba asked if Jackie would ever be roasted, Jackie said no, as he doesn’t know any of the guys on the show. Jackie said he loves Robin, Jackie calls her his sister. Jackie said robin is smart and funny, Jackie admires the Howard crew for working hard. Jackie said it’s great to be back on the show, he thinks a phone call is different than being in the studio. Bubba asks Jackie what he thinks Howard will do, Jackie said he thinks as long as Howard can get behind the mic, he’ll be doing it for a long time. Jackie thinks Howard will stay at Sirius.. Bubba said Howard has a great agent, Jackie said that they’ll get money from Don plus twenty, the guys cracked up, Jackie said he finally got the guys laughing. Jackie thinks Howard would rather have a four-day workweek to get more days off. Bubba said the first hour is generally the best radio. Jackie said over time, you learn the game. Bubba said if you’ve got iTunes or an iPhone, check out the Jackie button. Bubba thanked Jackie for coming on. Jackie said he sent a bunch of his kid gadgets, Jackie asked for feedback from the Nascar fans. Jackie said he knows the truck drivers love his show. Bubba asked Jackie not to be a stranger. Jackie told a joke, the guys didn’t seem all that interested. Jackie said he’d like to do anything for him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Ned classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Dwight Howard Song”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Howard on Letterman, Linda Hogan on Lex and Terry

Coming out off commercials, we heard a promo for “The Heather The Vibrator Lady Dating Game”. We then heard “Rocky Mountain Way” as bumper music. Bubba asked Brent to email Contessa to say that yellow agrees with her. Bubba thinks the show will destroy his life, Ned suggests Bubba stop stalking her. Bubba read an article about the FBI investigating David Caridean’s death. Bubba played a news clip about that. Bubba took a call from a guy about Naughty Alysha. Austin in Miami said he heard the guys on Satellite, he lost his job, but found the guys again. Bubba played a news clip of Howard on David Letterman. Bubba said the dinner was horrible. Bubba is bummed out that Howard didn’t mention him on Letterman. Bubba complimented Howard for being on Letterman, Bubba asked Ned if he’d ever be on Letterman, Ned said he’d have to get really high before getting on the show. Bubba wants to see pictures of the people entering the Dad in Drag and heather the Vibrator lady Dating game. Bubba plugged what will be on for tomorrow. Bubba played audio of Linda on Lex and Terry. Bubba picked apart the clip. Bubba wonders what Linda is promoting. Bubba went over what his guests were plugging today, Bubba said you don’t just go on a radio show without plugging something. In the clip, Linda said Hogan had a lot of affairs, Bubba said there was just one. Bubba said he’s not afraid to talk about Lex and Terry, Bubba thinks they’re done. Bubba thinks Terry sounds like a woman. Bubba wonders if Linda even knows Lexs and Terry’s names. Brent said Terry is known for arguing with people with a sock puppet. Bubba doesn’t like how L&T say no one listens to Bubba. John in Ft. Meyers said he loves the show. He thinks L&T are coat tailors like Linda. Tim in Ft. Meyers thinks Linda is a money grubbing whore. Jake in Daytona said you can see Linda controlling Hogan. John in Gainesville said this was on yesterday. John thinks they’re grasping for straws. Bubba said he’s very secure, he’ll talk about anyone. Scott in Jacksonville said Terry used to be good friends, he thinks they’re trying to copy Bubba. Bubba said had Linda Hogan sued him, she might’ve had something to go on. Bubba then played some Linda Hogan bits: “Linda Hogan Gold digger” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 5″, track 1, “Just A Friend”, “Linda Hogan 911 Call” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 5″, track 7, and “Ned Calls Linda From Jail” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 4″, track 6. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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    I don’t post too much, but this was a good read. Craigslist always has something new in stock. I read a post on some site about a guy who wanted to buy a car for his gf, and he found something about a hidden paragraph with Hitler info… Very odd. That is Craigslist…

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