6-8-09 Monday

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Heard on the Show:
Stewart Conserves Fuel for First Points Win in Own Car
Secret Service: Arrested man is accused of threatening to kill president
Santana Drops an F-Bomb
Dog Drags Owner In Front Of Train
Side by Side Comparison
Bag Filled with Body Parts
Air France Crash

Segment 1 – Sports Scores, Weekend recaps, Bubba mad at Russ

Bubba started off with audio of The rays losing. We then heard audio of the Magic/Lakers game, the Magic lost. We then heard AC/DC’s “TNT” as bumper music. Bubba asked the guys if they had a great weekend, Brent said he did, Spice said he had a fairly good one, he watched “The Hang Over” yesterday afternoon, Bubba clowns him for going to a movie on a Sunday afternoon. Bubba said Spice could’ve watched Nascar, Spice said he’d rather watch something other than grone men turning left. Manson said he liked the last ten laps. Bubba said the track is dreadfully dull, Brent thinks TNT does better coverage than Fox. Bubba and Brent discuss the Magic game, Bubba said he’s waiting for Drew to get back to him. Bubba and the guys discuss the Rays game from yesterday. Manson said it was just the bullpen. Bubba recapped a couple of sports scores. Bubba said he’s thinking about not doing the creative meeting today. Bubba said this week would be a short week. Bubba asked about the people entering the Heather the Vibrator Lady Dating game. Bubba thinks Deion is in town for Deric Brookes’s charaity. Bubba said his Five Guys card is no good now. Bubba asked Manson what he did over the weekend, Manson said he hung around. Bubba said they got rained out on Friday, Bubba wonders why it takes so long to drive in the rain. Bubba said he tested and practiced this weekend. Bubba asked Ned how he was doing, Ned said he was doing good, Ned said he found a music bed for a Notorious BIG song. Brent said he went to an appearance this weekend, but it was canceled. Bubba wondered how did the event get canceled, Bubba wonders how many weekends as Russ been out of town. Bubba thinks Brent is trying to cover Russ’s ass. Bubba tried to call Russ, he got sent to voicemail, Bubba left him a message. Bubba wonders how many Aunts and Uncles can someone have. The guys laugh at the phone telling him he’s got eight seconds left. Bubba wanted to hear himself on the voicemail. Bubba thinks his mood reflects how the show goes. Jay said his girlfriend where’s a collar with holes in it, Bubba hung up on him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Racing discussions, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Gradyclothingcompany.com. We then heard Ned’s “Dwight Howard Song”. We then heard “Sweet Home alabana” as bumper music. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about a guy at one of Bubba’s old radio stations. The guy thinks an interviewer got in Tony’s face. Bubba said Clare B Lang is a hack. Bubba said they cut the switch all the time. Bubba thinks Clare B Lang looks like Emo Phillips. Bubba played audio from yesterday’s race, from Tony’s in-car channel. Bubba asked Ned if he watched the race yesterday, Ned said yes. Bubba played audio of Tony being interviewed after the race. Brent said he likes TNT’s coverage vs Fox. Bubba gave a shout out to Jim and Kevin for helping out with the Satellite show. Bubba wonders what the inner skuttlebut is behind his back, Brent thinks it’s that he doesn’t spend enough time with his wife. Bubba wonders just when does he have enough time to do anything. Manson said Donna playing Yotsy is hilarious, Bubba said that’s not goingg to happen. Bubba said between the kids and activities, there isn’t enough time for them to be with each other. Bubba said outside of his job, no one else has the time for him. Bubba said he knows his marriage is on the rocks when he’s taking marriage advice from Brent Hatley. Spice said Dave has a good question, Dave asked why did Bubba get married again? Bubba said Brent told him not to do it. Wayne said he saw Deric Brooks’s charitiy last night, he saw Deion there. Spice/Deion said “Unless you’re a white female, I’ve got nothing for you.” Bubba thinks that when everyone is golfing, he’ll be fishing. Bubba said he’s got half a mind to talk about this on the air. Spice wonders if he’s cheated on her, Bubba said no. Bubba asked Brent if he’s ever gone to marriage counciling, Brent said no. Spice/Bubba he doesn’t thinBubba thinks he should take a step back, as he told Heather he’ll be testing all weekend, Spice asked Bubba if he watns to be married or test tires. Bubba read some emails. The first email said they couldn’t get a lone with a cred it score of 735. The emailer said he really loves The Car Store. Another emailer said they’ve got a site caled Pleasurecatcher.com. Bubba wonders what would be so bad about it. Bubba thinks the emailer should sell the rights asap. Bubba asked the guy to be careful when describing the site. Bubba said Clearchannel is trying to find when the guys are dirty, Spice wondered how it could happen. Bubba said there’s a clip of Kyle Bush smashingg his guitar. Bubba played a clip of a guy on youtube describing the pleasurcatcher, he had to dump out of it. Spice suggets they not shake the guy’s hand when they meet. Bubba played a few more seconds of the audio, only to dump out of it. Another emailer asked Bubba to stop bashing O&A. Another emailer said he loves the show and drives a beer truck. Another emailer described himself for a night with Heather the Vibrator Lady. Another emailer loved when the guys were impersonating Bubba. Another emailer said the korn song “My Gift To You” was written for Johnithan’s girlfriend who liked to get choacked out while havin sex. Bubba played audio of Kyle Bush smashing his guitar. Bubba played audio from Jimmy Johnson commenting on the race. Bubba said he can’t wait for the lights to come in. Bubba said he’ll jack up the lights when the guys are running down. Bubba played audio of both coaches commenting on the Lakers/Magic game. Bubba plays audio of the Bellmont Stakes. Bubba thinks the announcer is going to pass out. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – MMA discussions, Mason Dixon, the guys discuss how a radio station can get going

Coming out of commercials, we heard a prromo for the Dad in Drag contest. We then heard The Doors as bumper music. Bubba said there’s an interview with Ed Graziano on the site. Jay in Nashville said Markis Jones will be on a UFC reality show, Spice said he’ll be watchingg this season. The guys wonder how old Kimbo Slice is, the guys think Markis will destroy him. Bubba goes over markis’s record for MMA. Bubba said Spice found the Korn song they were looking for earlier. Bubba said he can’t read some of the lyrics. Bubba wonders if Korn has had a lot of hits, Brent and Spice say yes, Bubba said he was just asking. Bubba wonders if those are bag pipes in the song. The guys joke that they could pass out from chacking before John starts singing. Spice said he would get kicked off American Idol, Manson thinks he’s a male Britney Spears. The guys think Johnithan is out cooling himself. Ned thinks the song is a bunch of crap. Bubba thinks he’ll have to dump out of it, which he had to do. Spice thinks the song isn’t all that good, Manson wonders how a song like this is so boring. Brent thinks the song is about murder. Bubba played audio of channel 28 interviewing Ed Graziano. Bubba said John hates Ed for the way he treated his mother. Ned suggests Bubba play the interview and the Korn song at the same time. Brent thinks Jesus is in jail. Spice said he loves nothingg more than when someone in jail proclaims their innocents. Manson thinks he’s in a mine shaft with a mega phone. Manson said Ed is a crappy murderer. Bubba got sidetracked with Mason Dixon starting a christian rock station. Ned thiniks Jesus is like the girl at the bar at three am. Bubba wonders how many people have HD radio. Bubba wonders why Jesus saved Mason Dixon, but not the millions of kids who get killed. Bubba said he’s grasping for straws, Bubba thinks it’s over for him. Bubba thinks they should get rid of him. Bubba said Mason is the cancer at CBS. Bubba said he had the ratings for Q105, Bubba had to dig out of the trash for this info. Bubba read that Mason is in 16th with a 2..0. Bubba thinks clearchannel should’ve left Thunder on the air. Bubba read that The Eagle is 2 in the market place 25-54. Bubba said the problem is, the Christian radio station doesn’t get any ratings. Bubba said Spirit FM doesn’t even show up in the ratings. Bubba asked the guys to take their “Jesus hating hats” off, Brent said he already did. Bubba said he never goes south of the Mexican station. Bubba thinks CBS could have a Christian based radio station. Spice thinks they should fire Mason and make WRBQ a big juitbox. The guys think they could make it a family station. Bubba said Tony texted him. Bubba thinks Jay wouldn’t want to comment on this. Bubba tried to call him, only to get sent to voicemail. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Kim the mentally abused caller, the guys comment on a murder

Coming outt of commercials, we heard Ed Graziano’s message to Hogan. We then heard some Journey as bumper music. Bubba said Deion is in town, Bubba then played audio of Fox 12 covering the event. Bubba likes how Deric gives back to the community. Kim on protection said she’d like to relay a story to the guys about someone who was mentally abused for years, Bubba joked it was Heather. Kim said she’s been emotionally abused by a man for the past nine years, she filed an injunction. Bubba wondered why is she callingg them, Spice thinks this call is a downer. Kim said she tried to apply for legal aid, but she was denied. Spice/Butt-head told her to shut up, Bubba said Myellow a few times. Spice wondered what should she do now. Spice thinks she’s looking for a handout. Kim said she realizes she was too stupid to do anything. Bubba wonders if she’s steamy, Spice doesn’t think so. Ned said he doesn’t have a lot for this woman. Bubba told her it’s to late. Brent suggests she explain all this to a judge. Bubba suggests the Kim dating game. Bubba asked her what kind of cigarettes she smokes, she said she has basic 305s, she has about a pack a day. Dan in Dayton said he talked with Randy Lajoy, Dan sent some pics to the show. Ryan in Orlando wondered why when David comes in third, he can never get an interview. Bubba thinks he’ll call David later on. The guys comment on a murder mystery out of Miami. Bubba played audio of a news station discussion the situation. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – A Ned Classic

Coming back from break, we heard Ned’s “Somke Pot” bit from “The todd Clem Project” disc 2, track 14, and “Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 2″, track 24. The bit is a parody of “Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen”, and makes fun of the advice given in the origianl (Do one thing every week that makes you piss your pants). Since Bubba ran long, this was all we heard for this segment.

Segment 6 – Airline crash discussions, Reality TV discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for gardyclothingcompany.com. Bubba doesn’t like how “Magic Carpet Ride” has an eight second silent intro. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about taking a drug test. Brent advised the guy to go to a local drug store, get a flush system, and drink a tun of water. Bubba said BJ from Arizona is on, Bubba wonders if he should go to him. Spice said he doesn’t care, he thinks they have a love hate relationship. Spice eventually said yes. Ned said it’s all hate, Manson said No, Brent thinks they should hear him on what he has to say about the guys, Dave said yes. Bubba said Dave knows a lot about the show, he called Blind Lawrence a walking encyclopedia. BJ said he was sorry a few months ago, Bubba said he emailed Tim and the higher ups. BJ said he still listens to the show, he said he didn’t want to get bagged on, Bubba asked why would he do that. Bubba said they except his apology, he then hung up on him. Bubba played a news clip discussing the airplane crashing. Bubba wants to talk to someone who knows a lot on this subject. The guys wonder if you die before impact. Bubba got Jim’s voicemail. The guys wonder what happens when your plane crashes. Ned thinks you freez to death iff your plane breaks up. Bubba wants to get a commercial pilot to comment on this. Sharron said she’s a meterologist, she read an article that said the plane was in an unusual thunderstorm that can break up a plane. She thinks you would freez to death from the pressure. Patrick in Miami said a five pound pressure change is enough to knock you out. Bubba said he’s got two commercial pilots on protection ready to go. John on protection said that area the plane was in is known for violent storms of that kind. John thinks the plane was caught in an updraft. He said for every thounsand feet you climb up, you lose two degrees celcius. Jim called back in, Jim asked “what more would you want to know?” Jim said it’s all speculation at this point. Brent said in equitorial regions there’s a lot of updraft, he thinks the pilot might’ve gone through that. Bubba wonders what else can you do while in a storm, Jim said you can never tell just how bad it is. John on protection thinks Jim was a litttle more knolegeable. John said sometimes there’s clear air turblience, it comes out of nowhere. Bubba wondered if a plane can survive an updraft or a downdraft, John said it all depends. John said the tailwind kills the lift. Bubba wonders what the deal is with the John and Kate Plus eight show. Manson wonders why it’s such big news. Bubba read that the show has gained a lot of viewers. Manson said people love contride reality. Bubba said no one he knows has eight kids. Bubba thinks they could follow him around with a camera. Bubba said Saturday night, he went home and cut tires, Heather was nude and asked him if he wanted to get into the hot tub. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba Calls Heather, the guys describe Bubba

coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Heather the Vibrator Lady Dating game. We then heard Ned’s “DB Got Cut” from “Bubba’s new And Misc Hits Vol. 9″, track 6. We then heard “Me and Bobby McGee” as bumper music. Bubba said he’s gotten some emails asking for Heather’s side of the story. Bubba wonders if BJ ment his apology. Bubba thinks he’s in a thunk lately. Bubba called Heather, she was on. Bubba recapped what Brent had heard from Amanda. Heather said she’d like to do some stuff with Bubba, but he’s been busy. Spice asked her what pissed her off, she said she’s not mad about the tire thing. Heather thinks that once every six months they go out. Bubba said his married friends would often tell him he has no idea what it’s like to have kids. Spice thinks they should do marriage counciling, Bubba said they’re not broken. Spice said Bubba is leaving Heather for tires. Bubba thinks if he had as much alone time as Heather does, he’d be the happiest guy in the world. Bubba thinks it’ll be perfect in five years. Bubba thinks they should turn it over to Manson for his take on this. Bubba said being with him, it is not easy. Manson desribed Bubba as a handfull. Bubba said he’s either all or none. The guys throw around words to describe Bubba. Bubba tried going to Dave Dave didn’t say naythingg, he said he ran out of words. Bubba said it’s not easy being him. Bubba said he does what he does he tries to stay out of other people’s worlds. Bubba said this is the only form of media where you get to look into the boss and hosts life. Bubba said sometimes Howard said his head will explode. Bubba said they dance for five hours aday, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Manson’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard Manson’s “MJ Sound Effects” bit. Bubba said everyone left him, Bubba wonders where the Farrett is. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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