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June 3rd, 2009 by admin

Heard on the Show:
Pot-Bellied Bank Bandit
New York Deli Owner Pulls Gun on Robber
Caylee Bear Website

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – Sports scores, Blind Lawrence and B-Fudd check in, a few minutes with 25 Cent

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays winning. We then heard “Who made who” as bumper music. Bubba recapped some sports scores. Bubba asked the guys what they’re up to, Spice said they’ve got a big show planned. Bubba said the top five countdown, modern rock will be on today. Bubba said they’ll try to get Ron Caps or Cruise on. Spice wonders if cruise is American, he guesses he’s Hispanic. Manson said you don’t come to this country to become a drag racer. Bubba said America has a lot of moxy, we can race with cars, but over in third world countries, they’re racing for juice. Spice said you couldn’t drive in regular shoes. The guys discuss keds, Spice thinks there for girls. The guys discuss various shoe brands. Bubba played Blind Lawrence’s bumper and brought him on. Lawrence didn’t know Bubba’s cat’s name was Inky. Lawrence said he’ll be out of town on Friday, Spice said he knew, he said they’ll send him the show on CD. Lawrence said that Blind Glen will be coming in, he wondered if they’ll do the blind Olympics again, Bubba said no, he just wants them to hang out. The Blind Olympics was an event featuring Blind Glen, Blind Lawrence and blind James, and featured an obstacle course, painting and shaving (7/16/08). Bubba asked Lawrence what he wanted to do at the show, Lawrence wasn’t exactly sure; Bubba and the guys clown him for his stuttering. Bubba said he heard Lawrence can do some voices, he’d like him to write a bit and produce it with Manson, they’ll see how that goes. Lawrence said he understands if the tour of Sirius is a no go, Bubba said they could hook him up. Bubba asked Lawrence what would make a Sirius tour so special to him, Lawrence said it would be a great experience. Bubba said you could tell a blind person they’re anywhere, Lawrence told the guys to have a great show, he said he’ll be the MarksFriggin of the bubba show. Spice wonders how often did Lawrence’s Dad lie to him. Bubba played B-Fudd’s bumper and brought him on. B-Fudd said it was really hot yesterday. B-Fudd said he watched Bubba Raw Volume 3, he liked the part where Lummox vomited, B-Fudd said he misses Lummox, the guys agree. Manson said he was at a Rays game on Saturday, he said Lummox took his ticket, the guys clown Lummox. John said his son killed the family cat when he was three. Bubba said Inky turned mean after the dryer incident, Bubba said the cat used to bite him in his crib, Spice joked that Janie Cakes probably put the cat in the crib. Bubba said they have a big following in Canada. Bubba said they’ve got a deal with Grady clothing for Canadian fans only. Bubba hopes the clemulis Package will be out by July 4. Bubba said they didn’t miss a step with big dick gone today, Bubba brought 25 in. Bubba asked about his Bubba Army license plate, Twenty-five said they’re looking for someone else, Bubba thinks he should re think his decision on Doug, he thinks he knee jerked. Bubba asked about the pink shirts, Twenty-five said they’re on the way. Bubba asked about the rhinestone Ned shirts, Twenty-five said that’s Big Dick’s thing. Spice said Twenty-five dresses like a fool when in a club. Bubba wonders why Orlando doesn’t say Nigger that much, Bubba said he’d use it if he was black. Bubba said Jay O Conol loves when Spice does Deion or Twenty-five’s girlfriend, Spice joked he’ll be available for private parties. Bubba said he’s trying to get out of there on time.

Segment 2 – Vanessa Carlton discussions, Lurch should wrestle, famous teen girls, the return of Fart Validation

Coming back from break, we heard Ned’s Dwight Howard bit. The guys discuss Vanessa Carlton, wrestling, girls Bubba likes. Spice did a fart validation, he said this one was steamy, Fat Casper had to endure this one. . Bubba thinks they’re the only show that does this. Bubba thinks they could get terrorists to talk if they were exposed to the show’s torture methods. Bubba describes the fart validation. Spice said there’s a fart validation montage on BubbaRaw.com. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Fart Validation montage, Bubba is disgusted at budget cuts

Coming out off commercials, we heard a promo for the Dad in Drag contest. We then heard Ned’s Tattoo Barbie bit. Bubba played some boy George as bumper music, Bubba said Brent stared a hole in him. Bubba likes how Metro PCS supports the Rays. Bubba said Metro PCS has a new deal, add four lines for $80.00. Spice said it’s a great deal. Brent said when he looks at his DirecTV bill; the taxes are a real killer. Bubba described the taxes for airline tickets. Bubba likes how Metro PCS gives you unlimited minutes. Bubba said he got access to BubbaRaw.com, he didn’t realize how much stuff is on it. Bubba played the Fart Validation montage from BubbaRaw.com. Bubba said it started out in the early stages, where Spice used to have the guy smell his butt. Bubba thinks they should have a fart validation helmet. Bubba reads the dates as they are written, the guys think it started on March 16 (it was March 11). Bubba can’t tell if this is live or taped. Bubba thinks Manson is a fart validation mark. Bubba thinks they should do a fart strap, where you strap a guy’s face to Spice’s ass. Bubba wonders what Jabba is doing these days; Bubba wants to put a camera in Dave’s office to see him dispatch someone. Bubba said Spice wears the same pants every time he farts. Bubba thinks Lurch cheats on his technique. Jason said he was channel surfing during the farting segment, he thinks it’s a little rough in the morning. Bubba thinks he is without a man card. Bubba said Dr. Adams; the guy who handles MJ’s contest isn’t board certified. Greg in West Palm Beach said they did an atomic sit-up, Bubba said they’ve done that. Keith in Sefner suggests an oxygen mask; Bubba hung up on him. Ted near Michigan said the Governor made it so that the cops can only drive 25 mph. Spice said it’s good to be a bad guy. Bubba played an audio clip saying that business burglaries are on the rise. Bubba thinks the story has lost its credibility after the clip mentioned the Easter Bunny bandit. Bubba said 383 people have been let go. Bubba wonders why they need to widen roads. Chris said BubbaRaw.com is always off the chain. Bubba thinks Chris had a few cocktails this morning, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Caylee Bares, Tucker Carlson calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some CCR as bumper music. Jason in Richmond said he was watching a sports show, Charles Barkly said something.. Brian in Plant city asked about the cutbacks. Chris wanted to know about the clemulis Package; Bubba hung up on him though. Bubba played audio about the Caylee Anthony bear. Bubba said he understands the Jessica Lunsford foundation. Bubba has a problem with Caylee Anthony’s family started up a charity. Manson said it would be like if you gave a child on John Wayne gasey doll. Spice thinks the foundation is just a way for them to right off everything they do. Manson said it’s another way to put themselves over. Bubba went to the site Cayleebares.com, Bubba read from the site. Bubba said while this is an example of the First Amendment, even though he’s offended by it.. Bubba said he has less of a problem with these people doing this, than he does with the Grand parents having the foundation. Brent said he found the petition, which wants Cayleebares.com to be taken down. Bubba said Kevin Hayslet told him you don’t appreciate the first amendment until it goes against you. Brent thinks they’re not actually selling anything. Bubba played Tucker Carlson’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba said he got his disrespectful email from Brent, Tucker said he ran the idea by his wife, she was repulsed by it. Tucker is shocked Jalette is selling a product that can shave your testicles. Bubba said the younger generation shaves, Tucker said he’d hire someone to do it for him. Tucker laughs at the phrase “Bald Eagle Jones”. Bubba said Tucker hasn’t tried it. Bubba said he’s thrown Tucker a bunch of softballs, but he never takes them. Bubba told Tucker we’re a nation of channel surfers. Tucker said people don’t like people who disagree with people. Bubba played the commercial for Tucker. Bubba thinks Tucker is overthinking it. Ned said he grows his pubic hair in order to not freak out his wife. Tucker asked if Bubba has ever used the vibrating razor, Bubba said he’d like to try it. Tucker thinks he’s not a man of the people, he said he didn’t know what Adarol was until a month ago. Tucker said if a majority of people is doing something, he’s not interesting. Bubba pitches Tucker’s new gimmick. Bubba thinks Tucker could do an interview with Sonia Sotomayor. The guys discuss the new Tonight show host, Brent likes it better. Tucker said it was only a few months ago when they had a lot of drama. Bubba said all they ever needed was a studio. Bubba said they don’t even need to be on radio, they could do a show on the internet, Bubba thinks they could make more money.. Tucker wonders how could that be done. Brent said he’s read about the governors in England, Brent said he listens to British radio at night. Bubba said he sells ads on his website, Tucker ask if they can make money off of that. Bubba said if they’re show was to ever go away, the fans will find them. Bubba thinks they cut a less than good deal for the Satellite audience. Tucker asked if Bubba has an phone ap, Spice said it’s in development. Tucker said his site will be called thedailycaller.com. Tucker said he’s been involved in stuff that hasn’t gone that far. Bubba thinks Tucker should listen to him more often, Tucker jokes he’ll steal ideas from Bubba. Bubba thinks Tucker should give Brent his own conspiracy section. Tucker wonders if Brent is like Art Bell. Tucker thinks Brent is violating the atheist code for being a devil worshiper. Bubba thinks he could contribute a section about shaving your testicles. Bubba wonders how can shaving your stones make you gay. Bubba said Tucker doesn’t know. Bubba thinks Tucker should have an open mind about guys shaving their testicles. Tucker said they’re not going to weigh in on testicle shaving. Bubba thinks Tucker doesn’t know how to work. Tucker said he doesn’t want to run editorials on shaving testicles. Bubba said he’s trying to show Tucker is flaws in his thinking. Tucker just laughed it off. Tucker said Bubba has opened a world to him. Bubba wants Tucker’s spin on the murder of the abortion doctor. Tucker disagreeing with someone is the same as murdering someone. Brent said speech does cross into action. Tucker said there’s no evidence of Bill O’riley sending the guy out to kill the doctor. Tucker said he’s not for that. Bubba said words should never get people in trouble. Bubba called MJ a pussy pig. Bubba said he has to be really careful. Bubba said he has to say legally that you shouldn’t touch anything of MJ’s, just verbally abuse him. Bubba said they agree with Tucker, they can show cases of that happening. Brent and Tucker go back and forth a little on words Vs actions. Tucker said if you plot murder on someone, that’s a bad idea. Bubba said it’s a very slippery slope. Tucker said it’s the constitutional right to have differing opinions. Brent finds it ironic that the guy was shot in a church. Tucker said the guy has hurt the anti abortion cause. Bubba said the minute you can prove words turned into bad actions, then you can throw the book at someone. Brent said n one was there to defend them when they got fired, as they were thought of as unpopular. Bubba said it’s a sad day when he has to give a disclaimer when talking about MJ. Tucker wonders what kind of radio host would sue another radio host, Brent said MJ is one of them. Bubba said in all his years of radio, he’s never seen such a thing. Tucker thinks MJ’s wife doesn’t respect him. Brent said could you imagine Glen Beck suing Al Frankin. Bubba said he knew they were in trouble when he couldn’t get a summary of judgement and when they couldn’t get Phil Campbell disqualified. Bubba said he’s had lawyers come up to him that he’s never met, they’ve found Phil not getting disqualified a disgrace. Brent said you can’t legally represent a party, then represent the other client. Tucker asked what the deal is, Brent said he’ll send him the complaint. Tucker thinks Bubba is mentally worn out. Tucker hopes Bubba spanks the guy. Brent said they sent three letters to Phil asking for an explanation, they never got one. Brent said Phil was there for the hog trial. Brent thinks a documentary on them getting screwed would be a great idea. Bubba said when he worked at Clearchannel, he couldn’t talk about MJ, but he crushed him in the ratings. Bubba wonders if they have any recourse if they win, Brent said they would. Brent said MJ would have a bar complaint against Phil Campbell if Bubba won. Brent said the jury will be the only thing that could save them. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Caylee’s Not In The Cradle”. Since Bubba ran long, this was all we heard for this segment.

Segment 6 – Various callers, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Heather the Vibrator Lady Dating game. We heard “Bang A Gong” as bumper music. Bubba said they’ll do the top five countdown today. Malissa said she’s trying to deal with the heat. She thinks the bears are given out to cops, who give them to kids who are in bad situations. Bubba thinks that part is a rib, Bubba said they can’t be paying for it. Bubba said he’s got a problem with the foundation. John said he used to listen to MJ, he switched over to Bubba, and Bubba thanked him for manning up. John asked about World War II. John thinks they could stretch the 14th amendment to an unborn child. Manson said abortion will always be around. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Hoody told Bubba to keep his weener in his pants. Bubba asked Hogan what did Andre the Giant tell him, Hulk said that Andre told him to hold them upside down by their ankles, they’re all the same. Hoody called him a “Stinky ass giant”, he said Andre had big tacky warts by his crotch. Bubba asked Hogan how stiff Andre was. Bubba wondered if Andre told the Japan booker what he’d want, Hogan said all Andre would want to do is play cards and drink. Hogan said a promoter found Andre passed out in a hotel room. Bubba said Andre used to carry Hulk around by his wrestling tights. Bubba asked Hogan if he knew the torch would be passed to him, Hogan said it was unplanned. Bubba asked had Andre ever been off his feet slamming wise. Bubba said Andre would’ve flipped out on Hogan had he found out Hogan made more then him on Wrestlemania III. Bubba said Brooke had a great interview on Howard’s show. Hogan said Diamond Dallas Page used to write down all the high spots. Bubba said Linda doesn’t have the balls to come into the show. Bubba thinks Hogan went old school last night, Bubba said he likes Hogan’s new attitude. Hogan wonders if he and bubba will be going to the Magic game. Bubba said he’d call Hogan later on, Hogan said “yeah right”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Top Five Countdown – Modern Rock

The guys discuss McDonalds and KFC. Lee said he got into a shoving match with Galvin, Bubba said it’s between just the two of them. The guys then do the to p five countdown. The guys clown the first song by Cage The Elephant. the guys think he’s a polished version of George therogood. Brent said he went back and froth with Contessa Bruer. The next song is “Silver Son Pickups”. The guys compare the song to “Big Brown Beaver” by Primus, Bubba said Beaver is a great word. Bubba thinks the singer sounds like Manson. The next song is by 311, Spice said the lead singer kicked Scott Stap’s ass. Bubba thinks he could enjoy this song. Bubba got board with the song. Bubba said he got an email from Jay, Ned thinks he’s steamy. Bubba said the adults 25-54 trend came out, Bubba is up with a 14.1 trend. Spice and Manson like the song from Kings of Leon. Brent has been trying to figure out why the band is so big. Bubba wants Brent to explain it to him, Bubba said he’s answering emails, and Spice/Bubba said “Ooh, a muffler.” Bubba thinks he likes it, he thinks it drags on. Brent likes the singer, he thinks the band is mediocre. Manson thins that as you get older, you’re taste in music changes. Spice likes the group for being a family unit. Bubba said the last song is by Green Day, Bubba apologized for being wrong (Bubba once called them fags). Bubba said he’s heard the song, he thinks it kicks ass. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Ron Caps Calls In

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Dad in Drag contest. We then heard “Working At the carwash” as bumper music. Bubba said David Harb from Live Nation visited Mike Olivara to talk about the Jonis Brothers concert. Bubba said ned wanted to hear this song, Ned thinks it’s a talent to write a song about washing cars. Bubba let the song play a little. Bubba tried to call Ron Caps, with Carwash still playing. Bubba got sent to voicemail, he played the Evil soundboard on Ron’s voicemail a few times. Ned said he was freaking out. Bubba then played a bit of “Carry On My Wayword Sun”, he then cut it off as he said his iPod didn’t stop. Bubba played a news clip about a cop who was injured while on the job. Bubba wished the cop a speedy recovery. Spice said Ron was on the line. Bubba told Ron that he’ll have to change his way of thinking tonight. Ron said Bubba always gives him good mo jo. Ron said the second race was very close. Bubba aksed how Cruise did, Ron said he did good. Bubba said he’ll call Cruise tomorrow and give him a rashin of crap for red lighting. Bubba asked Ron if he gets some Bubba Army shout outs, Ron said he does every so often. Bubba said when you run dirt, keep a wet rag and a dry rag. Bubba asked how Selzy is doing, Ron said he’s doing good, he texts him every time he wins. Bubba said Gary texts him every time with the same thing – “Hey fat ass, send me a pci of your wife’s jugs.” Bubba hopes the race isn’t rained out. Ron Caps wanted to hear the Ferret, Manson/Ferret asked who this guy is. Manson/Ferret said he goes so fast, he needs a parashoot. Bubba asks how violent is it on the launch line, ron said he can’t explain it. Bubba asked Brent what it was like experiencing 6 1/2 G forces, Brent said he’s never doen that, he’s gone half that, he described it as the world pulling you down. Bubba said he can’t describe how violent it is on the launch line. Bubba asked Manson if he’d go, Manson said he would. Manson said if Ron Caps tells him to sack up, he knows he has to do it. Ron said he’ll be in Chicago. Bubba asked Spice and Manson should open their minds. Brent said he never hated Nascar, he gained respect for it after seeing it. Bubba thinks Spice and Manson will change their minds after seeing it. Spice is excited as the season won’t end until November. Manson asks when this will be, Bubba said it’ll be in March. Bubba had Donna on, Bubba ran the idea by her, Donna said yes. Manson said Bubba said Donna is more manly than him. Bubba thinks Donna and him have a strong relationship, Manson asked them to have a good time. Manson thinks Bubba will eat a cookey and have a great time. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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