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Heard on the Show:
Images of Richard McTear’s Girlfriend
Couple Poses as Fake Doctors
Couple Killed, Then Skinned Puppy For A Belt
56 Stars on a Girls Face!

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – Bubba not in today, Sports scores, Obama swatting a fly, iPhone discussions

The show started off with audio of the rays losing. Spice camee on and said Bubba isn’t in, Spice refered to it as some things. Spice said they’ve got a big show today, Dr. Mark will be in, and UFC’s very own Rich Franklin will be coming on. Spice recapped some sports scores. Spice read that Scott Casmer might be coming back to Tampa. The guys debate Brent’s age, he finally said he was 38. Spice wonders why we didn’t notice Roger Clemins on roids. Brent said he met a guy yesterday who is the world’s strngest natural weightlifter. Spice said it’s really easy to figure out if someone is on roids. Brent thought the guy benchpressed 4-5 hundred. Brent said if anyone tells you they can benchpress over 600 pounds, they’re on drugs. Spice likes how Arnold admits to taking roids. Spice said he’s never seen so much footage of Obama swatting a fly. Brent said if you didn’t know Adam Lamber is gay, you’re an idiot. Spice said tomorrow the Dad in Drag contest will go down, and also Simpsons creator Sam Simon will be stopping by. Spice said you can’t go anywhere without seeing something simpsons, Brent said hee heard in Seth MCFarlane’s interivew on Howard’s show that Family guy gets a tun of money with merch. Jeff in Ohio was on to discuss Shaque in MMA. Brent said Rob con told him that he locked Shaque in an armbar, Shaque picked Rob up, Spice isn’t surprised. Jeff liked Manson’s “Stocky” bit, Manson said Kid Rock is always fun to do. Brent said other than “Devil Without a Cause”, he’s not into the music. The guys clown Brent for messing up the title. Spice took a call from a guy who said he read that Obama will be getting a fly swatter from PETA. Brent said the spca does a better job with helping animals. Spice said he was eating lunch with his girlfriend, a fly landed on his food, he went to smash it, his girlfriend said no. Brent said there’s a contact section. Grant in Van Coover asked about the iPhone, Spice said the iPhone has a tun of aps, Spice wants Manson to get on board with the aps, Manson said he doesn’t want to watch TV with a two inch screen. Grant wonders why the two Howard channels aren’t on the ap. Spice said Richard Mctear is back in the news. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Richard Mctear discussions, plastic surgery discussions, nate the disgusted blacck guy, Manson doesn’t grill?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then heard Ned’s “Dead Baby” bit. Spice came back and said Bubba isn’t in today, he might be in later, Spice doesn’t want to say anything about it, Ned wants to say it, Spice asked him to say something to reveal a clue, Ned said “perfect Game”. We then heard audio about Richard McTear, he has a new lover who is knwn as “Iddy the Spidder”. Spice did a black voice crying as the judge laid out the sentence. Spice wonders if they’ve interviewed her, Dick said they didn’t, Spice wonders if she’s wearing her old woman. Spice wonders how you can keep evidence secret. Spice thinks the public defender doesn’t want to do this. Brent thinks public defenders have one of the worst jobs ever. Dick said if you saw a pic of her, you’d know they were in love. Spice said it turns out that Idda’s son went to school with McTear. Spice read that Richard McTear has another kid. Brent said that a woman got married to Richard Rameerez, the night stalker who would break into elderly women’s homes and rape them. Spice wants to get the woman on the air, Ned thinks the baby committed suicide. Spice said that cher is supporting the sex change, Manson thinks Cher didn’t talk, as her face might fall off. Brent thinks they should have a reallity show of bizzar people like Cher, Carrot Top, Don Imus, etc. Brent thinks Kelly Rippa looks beautiful in person, she shouldn’t lose any weight. Brent said Kelly is a big fan of the show. Spice asked if you had to have relations with either one of the people Brent listed, no one answered that one. Spice read that Michelle Fifer hates the term Cooger, Brent said he’d call her a battle ax. Brent said he watched George Carlin’s “It’s Bad For Ya” special, he said Carlin embraced being old, and made it funny. Spice asked Ned what the worst thing is about getting old, Ned said it’s all bad. Spice asked Manson what it’s like, Manson said he gets stiff after driving to work. Brent asked him if he’d ever want lasic eye surgery, Manson said no. Spice said he’s not into plastic surgery, but he’d like to try it. Brent saidd turning thirty was the most depressing birthday he ever had. Brent said he and Spice used to party, Spice said he needs his seven hours of sleep. Nate in Tampa hopes they can bring back the electric chair to fry McTear. Nate said he works as an installer, he’s from the projects, he’s disgusted by all this. Spice asked him how big he was, Nate said he’s 6/5, 320 pounds. Brent suggested they get Nate’s number. Brent said Public enemy had a message in their songs. John in Jacksonville said he didn’t know what was up with Bubba, he was about to flip over to Howard, but he likes the guys. Brent said he’s not going to say what it is, as he doesn’t want to Jeopardize it. Spice wants to get in touch with Frank Chevis. Spice asked Manson what he does for Father’s day, Manson said Donna will have a bbq for him, Manson said he’s not up for that. Spice said he doesn’t like the jab at men that claims they don’t ask for directions, Spice said he stops when he’s lost. Brent said he can go to Bubba’s house, he’s able to get the home theater set up in under five minutes. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Voice guys, various callers, emails

Coming out of break, we heard “Fly By night” by Rush as bumper music. Spice said Bubba is out, but he can’t comment. Spice wonders if it’s too late for Brent to be a lawyer, but he went to broadcasting. Manson thinks you don’t need College fo radio, Spice said you could drop out of school and get in. Manson did some voices, Brent said they had a guy named Mike Kamenski do voices. Manson thinks his voices are kind of so-so, just as long as the lines are good. Spice took a call from a guy who asked about a football player getting arrested. Brent recapped Ray Lewis’s story, Ned thinks he’s a snitch. Brent said the nba guys get in trouble for mainly pot. The guys think Kevin hayslett would’ve gotten the guy just two days in jail. Brent thinks Kobey wasn’t guilty of rape. Tyler in St. Pete asked about the Arbitron ratings, Spice said someone from another station would makee up stuff about that. Brent said you have to take that stuff seriously. Spice read some emails. The first email from Dan asked for no more Wrestling talk, other than Hogan. Spice said if you get the right guys from the business, it’s entertaining. Manson/Macho Man asked to get on. An email from Peter said the worst words in life are “Manson has a new song”. Another email asked Brent to pucker up. Spice wants Dave to pull the audio from yesterday’s show of Brent apologizing. Spice asked how far would Brent go with a rickshua, Brent said he wouldn’t go very far. Another emailer said he loved the show, but wasn’t sure how long the show actually was. Brent said sirius has a complicated computer system, but they do a great job. Brent picked out some emails for Dr. Mark. John in Tampa thinks his wife would go after Donta Stollworth’s money. Manson said he read about a country that is real stiff on duis. Spice said a buddy of his got two duis in three weeks, Spice wondered when the guy will ever take responsibility. Spice thinks Phil Spector without his wig is hilarious. Brent thinks Martha Stewart just should’ve been quiet about the deal. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Dr.. Mark comes in

Coming out of break, we heard Manson’s “Stocky”.Spice played some Solda Boy as bumper music. We then heard the Brent “Me so sorry” clip from yesterday’s show, Spice wanted a dry version of it. Spice brought Dr. Mark in a short time later. Manson jokes that Dr. Mark bathes in androjell. The guys talked about that for a few minutes.Brent thinks if you take two drivers and put one on adderall and one nott, the one on Adderall would be sharper. Brent wonders would it work in baseball, Mark thinks so. Mark thinks adderall would help in golf. Marks’ number is 813-875-5855. Spice wonders if Sealice will ever be over the counter. Mark said the drugs are safe. Jim in Winterhaven asked about Adderall,Mark said the usual dose is between 15-30 miligrams. Spice said he do favors for thirty miligrams. Nicole said she and her husband were having an argument, she said that after they have two kids, he should get a vasectomy. Mark said a vasectomy doesn’t get rid of your testorone. Josh in Tampa on protection said he had unprotected sex, he felt a burning sensation when he pees. He was told his hurpies are internal, he went to a doctor who said he’s never heard of that. Mark said hurpies are bad anyway you slice it. Mark said it takes three months before your blood stream shows up as positive. Manson said this is Josh said he thinks he had sex with one of Spice’s exes, Manson thinks John Lynch is on the phone. Dan in Jacksonville asked about Androjell, if it’s for sexual proformance, Mark said it’s mainly for guys with low testoronee levels. Spice asked Mark if he sees guys who are as healthy as Manson, Mark said Manson would be the minority. Manson said he doesn’t smoke, he eats right and works out. Spice said he was watching TV yesterday, he saw an ad for a penis pump. Mark saidd they do have companies that are fda approved. Mark said it wouldn’t do much for him, Mark said they use that for rehab purposes, Spice laughed at the thought of penis tharopy. Mark saidd after a while, your penis gets numb. Mark said that after about twenty minutes, it becomes painful. Mark said that at a point, the pills don’t work, your body doesn’t respond to it. Kenny in St. Pete asked how well does Adderall work. Mark said Adderall is not a toy, Spice played Brent’s Chinese apology a few times over the call. Mark suggested the guy talk to his doctor about that. Brent said if you want speed, go to America. Jerry in Jacksonville said his doctor perscribed him Androjell, his wife wants a baby, Mark said that testotoron can make you infederal for a period of time. Spice asked about a doctor in the Ft. Meyers area, Mark saidd he knows some guys, but he doesn’t know them by name, Brent said just look in the Yellow pages. Mark said there’s a doctor named Dr. Tingle, the guys crack up at that. Spice read an email from a guy who wants a no scalp vasectomy, and a circumsision. Mark said it can be done. Another email asked about his curved penis, Mark saidd they can fix him up. Spice said he feels lucky when Dr. Mark is in the studio, Spice said he has a hole in his, mark said they can fix it, it’s a minor situation. Manson said he’s been in the restroom after Spice. Spice advised people to not pearce their penises, Mark said people regret it later on. Brian emailed and asked if he could mix lavetra with vicidin, Mark said he wouldn’t recommend that. Joe on protection said he’s got a pimple like bump on the base of his penis, he’s not sure what it is, he thinks it’s an in-grone hair. Mark suggested the guy go to his doctor. Denis said he took viagra and Sealice, he said all that did was put him to sleep, Spice thinks he’s tired. Mark said it doesn’t give you an errection, you have to work with it. Ken on protection found out his ex wife had hepatytus C, he has hsv2. Ken wonders if you can be exposed to it, Mark described the signs. Ken saidd he’s never had a cold sore in his life. Spice wants Mark to tell Ken he’s got hurpies. Mark talked on and on, so Spice asked Ned to do it, Ned tried to egg mark on. Brent asked Mark what hsv2 stand for, Mark said it was hurpies. Spice said he loves Revitalabs, Mark talks about it. Spice said it’s onoe of those products you can’t seem to get off of. Spice thanked Mark for coming in, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Cat Killer discussions, wild animals

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Red and dirty” from “The Kabuki Project”, track 2, and “Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 2″, track 17. The bit parodies “Riddin’ Dirty”, and glorifies the redneck lifestyle of white trash. We then heard “American Girl”. Spice plugged Rich Franklin coming on. Spice said the fighting game is so weird, you can be on top one minute, next minute you could be down. Brent said luck has very little to do with MMA. Brent said it takes a lot of practice. Spice read that the teen in South Florida accused to killing cats was released. We then heard some audio on that. Spice wonders when will parents take responsibility. Brent saidd neglect often leads to psycho kids. Ned said the song Jerame by Purl Jam is about that, Ned likes the part where the guy shoots the people. Manson thinks the jourey should be comprised of cats, or the cast of cats. Brent said if you look at the guy’s eyes, there’s nothing there. Spice read about a gorilla holding a knife to another gorilla. Spice said anytime they can play a bad monkey song, this time is good. We then heard Manson’s “Bad Monkey” from “Bubba’s new and misc Hits vol. 9″, track 1. Brent said he was watching the documentary about a tiger attacking some people. Manson said that if the tigers wanted to they could’ve killed people. Dave in Christal River said he knows of the neighbourhood the cat killer is in, it’s generaly a really nice neighbourhood. Spice wonders how the gorilla got a hold of the knife, one of the keepers was cleaning the cage and accidently dropped the knife. Joey said they’ll be a special on Travis the chimp, Spice wonders if it’ll be a tribute. Brent said if you know someone who is living with a wild chimp, don’t go near it. Spice said if you’re joining the show now, Brent said the cops have done a great job. Brent said Hogan or Ned couldn’t be a spokesman. Spice wonders if Hogan will call in. Spice read that Billy Joel is getting divorced. Brent said he saw him at the wedding, but he didn’t talk to him, as he didn’t want to bug him. Manson did a voice saying Billy Joel is a dick. Brent said the line of the night was when Sarah Silverman told Barbra Walters she was going to smoke some pot, Barbra said your mom would be proudd of you, Brent said he doubled over. The guys discuss the IRS, Brent said he doesn’t want to fight them. Brent saidsome people have beaten the IRS, a lot more end up in prison. Joe in South florida saidd his neighbour had a black panthor, the panthor would play with a bowling ball. Spice said David Weathers comes in a lot, Joe said it’s really easy to learn how to handle animals like that. Manson said he’s toured the big cat rescue facilities, it’s really sad. Spice remembers when Tonk was in the studio (01/09/09), Spice was planning his escape root. Brent said he’d just hide under the concil. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – TV show Theame Songs

Coming out of break, we heard a promo for GradyClothingCompany.com. Spice played the Beverly Hills 90210 theame. Manson said he never watched the show. Manson thinks the song is cheesey. Manson thinks it’s the worst TV show theame he’s ever heard. Spice brought Twenty-five cent in. Spice wanted the guys to participate in a game of name the tv show theame. Twenty-five said he’s been laying how. Spice played the first one, Manson guessed wrong, Spice guessed wrong, Brent guessed wrong, Ned didn’t have anything, Spice said it was Falcon Crest. Spice played the next one, Twenty-five saidd fullhouse, he was right. Manson thinks it was the worst show ever. Spice said Bob Sagget new it was terrible, but that was the beauty. Spice said shows like that doesn’t work anymore. Spice played the next one, Twenty-five said it was Sanford and son, Brent said he loves that show. Spice played the next one, Twenty-five didn’t know this one. Manson saidd he knows it, but it’s not coming to him, Spice said it was the bob Nueheart show. Spice played the next one, Manson guessed it was different Strokes, Spice said it was Family Tides. Spice played the next one, Ned said it was Whose the boss. Ned thinks Toney Danza is a great actor, Brent did his impersonation of him, Manson couldn’t stop laughing. Brent guesed Madlock, Twenty-five said it was Walker Texas Ranger. Spice played the next one, Twenty-five guess wrong, Ned said T.J. Hooker, he got it. Spice played the next one, Ned guessed Moon lighting, he got it. Twenty-five said he used to watch the show as a kid. Spice played the next one, Manson guessed Maud, he got it wrong. Ned guessed Mr. Bellvadeer, he got it, Brent said that was a dumb show. Spice played the next one, Manson didn’t get it, Spice said it was Mork and Mindy. Spice played the next one, Manson guessed Perfect Strangers, he got it. Spice said he ran across The simpsons theame, he then said Sam Simon will be on tomorrow. Brent said Sam takes care of animals, he pays for it all himself. Spice thinks Sam gets the shaft when it comes to the show. Brent said Bubba will retakee the drug test. Brent said Bubba is fine, they’llhave an update. Spice went back to the game, Brent guessed it was LA Law, he got it. Spice played the next one, he guessed Magnum PI, he got it. Spice played the next one, Ned guessed Rockfurd Files, he got it. Spice played Threes Company. Spice wonders about the people on the show. Brent said he hates Susan Summers with a passion, all the while getting Frank on the phone. Brent recapped it for those who were unfamiliar. John Ridder got more money than anyone. Spice said he used to look at the Thy Master commercial when he was a kid. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Frank from Salt Rock Grill calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Stocky”. We then heard Jimmy Hart as bumper music. Spice thinks the drumber was on cocaine. Brent explained the situation again. Spice brought Frank on, Frank is the owner of the Salt Rock grill. Spice said Frank helped out with Manson’s anniversury, Frank said he’d love to do Spice’s wedding. Frank went over his schedule, Ned wanted two cases of crab legs. Ned thinks Bubba was just funning when he told Frank not to get him anything. Spice said he’d like to go to Keywest, Frank said it’s a party down there. Brent thinks he’d want to go to Fantacy Fest. Frank suggests they do a Bubba Army float for the Keywest parade. Frank said you can watch the parade with your family for a few hours, then take the kids back to the hotel, the real party is on the other side of things. Brent said a few years ago, he took all the mOms to Island Way for Mother’s day.

Segment 8 – UFC’s Rich Franklin Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Dr. Feel Good” as bumper music. Spice thinks Bubba will be in tomorrow. Rich Franklin was on the line. Brent congratulated him for winning his fight. Rich said that when you’re in the wring for fifteen minutes, you don’t think about injuries. Rich said he’s a fighter, he thinks he’s really marketable. Rich thinks this is a different thing the UFC did. Rich said he didn’t want to fight guys who weigh at 205 anymore. Rich said he and his challenger were in the sona together to cut weight. Rich said he likes to go inside and think things over. Spice wonders if anything goes down, Rich said some stuff happens, friendship is out the window. Spice said he likes the name Ax murderer. Rich said he doesn’t like the name Ace, Rich thinks he looks like an accountent. Spice said he goes by Spiceboy, he thinks it’s a bad nickname. Rich thinks the fans should give you the nickname. Spice thinks the listeners pick Rich’s nickname. Spice likes Rich the Mathamition, the tagline could be “He’ll figure you out”. Rich said he was approached with the name the Aftermath. Spice asks how tough is it to fight overseas, Rich said he used to traveling. Spice said he saw some of the fight on line. Brent likes how Rich shows up ready for his fights, Rich said that’s his job, there’s no need for Brent to praise him.Brent thinks Dana white is a great guy, Rich said he was on the phone with him yesterday. Rich said he’s been a personal friend of dana’s for a long time. Brent said if it’s not in writing, a handshake is just as good. Spice asked Rich what he has next up, Rich said he’s not sure. Spice asked Rich if he wants another shot at Anderson Silva, Rich said he thinks he could beat him. Spice asked how good is anderson Silva, Rich said he has holes in his game like any fighter. Rich said there are some guys who just do muy-ti. Spice wants some pics from Rich on UFC 100. Rich thinks if Frank Mir comes out, he’ll beat Brock Lesner. Rich thinks between Forest Griffin and Silva, he thinks Griffin will win. Rich said Griffin is longer than he is. Spice wonders when will Rich come back to Florida, Rich said he doesn’t have any plans. Spice said Feb. 21, 2006 was named Rich Franklin day, he doesn’t participate in it. Spice said he’d really like a key to the city. Rich wonders what makes the key to the city so great. Rich discussed the advertising for the UFC. Spice said the UFC wring gets more and more sponsors. Rich said the logos are slippery. Brent gave Rich some props on one of his fights. Rich said he doesn’t like fights going to decision. Spice thanked Rich for coming on. Spice said if anyone can choose a great nickname, it’s the bubba Army. Brent said bubba is physically okay, he thanked the cops again, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. chris carroll

    hello show just wanted to say that you guys put on a great show even though you were missing the chosen one. I hope that bubba is all good. I only listen at night screw all the haters. love you guys in a non-fagget way! chris from mooresville indiana

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    I love you guys!! And thank you blind Lawrence for your wonderful recaps

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    Hiya….where is Bubba!? I hope he’s okay….

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    You guys rock!!! I have you over here in Cape Canaveral on 96 and get you on Friday on my Sirius. I’m getting all your shows and they have never been better. Show plays in our shop when your on. Tell the fellas if they ever need some smoking supplies come see me for the hook up.

    Loki at Kronic Underground

  5. john bohnam

    you guys sucked without bubba. the crew loves to make fun of the fat man ,but be careful. that fat man is your gravey train. spice ,brent, manson and ned . there is a reason you are side men and today you showed it. you guys are great as a team ,but when the captain is gone you guys are crappy. next time bubba cant come in take a sick day and play a best of show. by the way ned the tattoo barbie call was the best one yet.

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    I guess who ever writes the transcripts doesn’t know how to spell…There is a thing called spell checker or have someone proof read it before you post it……

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    hey b.lawwrence,

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