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Heard on the Show:
Twitter Is a Player In Iran’s Drama
Man Accused of Planning Fish Toxin Death

Segment 1 – Brent’s birthday, Sports scores, soapbox discussions, heart transplant discussions

Bubba started off with Thirty-eight special as bumper music. Bubba said today was an infamous day, as today is Brent’s birthday. Brent said he was 37, he’s 38. The guys discuss what birthdays are like back in the day VS now. Bubba said his Mom would bring cupcakes to the class. Brent said his Mom would take a group of them to Adventure Island. Bubba corrected Brent’s age, Brent said he just went with it. Bubba wants to get Brent’s contract to findout Brent’s true age. Bubba took a call from a guy in Canada who thanked Brent a happy birthday, Bubba said he really wants to go to Canada. Bubba wonders why Canada loves them so much, Brent thionks because they’re free thinkers. Bubba recapped some sports scores, he then played audio of the Rays winning. Bubba said it’s very rare for a team to win eleven in a row. Brent said he thinks the American League is way better than the National League. Bubba plugged what will be on today’s show. Bubba asked the guys the plans for Father’s day. Dave said it’ll ust be a simple day. Bubba thinks Dave doesn’t bring his work home with him. Manson said he’ll be doing a cookout. Bubba saidd he got heat when he requested a me day. Bubba plugged what will be on BubbaRaw.com. Bubba gave Spice a plug for his gig at Quaker Steak and Lube later on today. Brent said the place gets packed after a while.Bubba gives props to Deric from 0-Error for his work. The guys discuss bobsledding. Bubba said Kidd Rock is into Gopeds, Spice asked him to grow up. Bubba said the Soapbox is totally different than it once was. The guys cracked up when Bubba said it was heavily regulated. Bubba said Tyler tried it, but didn’t like it, as it didn’t have a motor. Bubba said now they flip a coin, and you might have to end uup swopping wheels with the guy your going to race. Spice is trying to find a good pic of a soapbox. Spice found a pic of a soapbox, he said it doesn’tt even look like a soapbox, he thinks it looks like a coffin on wheels. Cher in Tampa said she’s in the waiting room of Tampa General Hospital, there’s a two year old girl going in for a heart transplant. Bubba wonders if she put it on her psa section. Cher said she’s been in surgery for a long time. Cher said they got a call yesterday saying they got a heart. Cher said the heart outside the body can live for 4-8 hours. Bubba said it must be all about timing. Ned thinks the heart is like a rocstar. Bubba said he couldn’t even imagine going through with that. Bubba asked Manson what the family is going through. Bubba wishes they could find who had the original heart. Cher said it’s a private issue. Bubba said the two things you really need would be your heart and your head. Darin said he’s a parametic. Darin described the process when the emergency plane lands. Bubba asked if the guy shows up with lights and sirins going off, Darin said yes. Spice wondered how do they pack a heart, Darin said dry ice, Ned wondered if they put Miller Lites around it, Bubba joked that Ned would be the kind of guy who would mistake the heart for a aham sandwich. Bubba said he’s always wanted to be an ambulance driver. Bubba thinks ambulances don’t go that fast. Bare in Jacksonville had his radio on, Bubba hung up on him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Caylee Anthony, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Bubba’s Back on fM Radio” from “Bubba’s Back Vol. 1″, track 4. The bit is a parody of “Mexican Radio”. The bit proclaims that Bubba is back in Tampa, and takes digs at MJ for his hight and his overall attitude. Bubba thinks clearchannel will go bankrupt soon. Bubba played audio of the one year anniversury of Caylee Anthony. Bubba is disgusted over all this. Bubba said that Howard K Stern is trumpped up on charges.Ned said they’re a bunch of dead baby marks. Brent wants to try and get the author of “Idiot America”. Bubba read some emails that he hadn’t gotten to. The first email of the day asked about the drug policy of Nascar. Bubba said he got a hold of one of the drivers, he said there will never be a clear-cut ruling. Bubba read the ruling by Nascar, Bubba said it’s really braud. Brent said this is like the FCC to them. Spice said this is a resign why Nascar is ridiculous. Bubba goes over the thirteen things you can get kicked out of Nascar for. Another emailer thanked Spice for getting Hollywood Undead. Spice said that the day Hollywood Undead came to them, they got some Bubba Army gear, it was a 98 Rock deal. The program director flipped out and thretend to pull the record. Bubba asked Clearchannel to just let it go. Another emailer thanked Bubba for plugging his site. Another emailer saidd that he voted for brooke, it took a couple of times. Another email camee from Joee Rogan’s sister who thanked Bubba for giving him props. Another emailer asked how to vote for Brooke. Another eamiler said that after you vote for Brooke, you can vote again. Another emailer asked about the kind of Cigarette Michael Lohan was talking about, bubba said you can find E-Cigarettes. Another emailer said he works in the business of craftmen’s ssockets. Spice if you can’t figure out how to vote for Brooke, you’re an idiot. Another emailer found some MCHammer gold pants, it was suggested that Twenty-five Cent wear them. Another emailer asked about Fein. Bubba wonders if the number is still a porn line. Bubba diale the number, only to get sent to a porn line. Bubba wants to find out the number. Another emailer said Elliot is a jackass. Bubba found the number 1-800-506-fein. Bubba said today is McDonalds day, it’s also Bowling night. Bubba asked the name of the allie. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various phone calls, Brett Favre clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for GradyClothingCompany.com. We then heard “Brick House” as bumper music. Brett wanted to comment on something, his phonee cut out though. John in Naples said that the medical field has come a long way, his Sister had to wait a long time for her heart.Steve in Alabama said that Nascar last year, they let Jeff Gorden drive when he was really ill. We then heard some bango music under him as he continued the call. Steve said voting for Brooke is easy. Stewart wanted to comment on Nascar, only to get Eviled a few seconds later. Bubba said there isn’t much to talk about with this situation. Bubba played some audio of Favre on Joe Buck. Bubba is disgusted with Favre. Bubba thinks the Packers mishandled him. Bubba thinks Favre always wanted to go to the Vikings. Spice doesn’t think Favre is that good. Bubba thinks Favre would be a top ten or twelve. Brent said Favre is better than the Vikings’s two quarterbacks. Bubba hopes the Joe Buck show fails, Brent thinks the show is boring without Artie. Manson said he’s never seen stuff beeped out on HBO, Bubba thinks Joe is pandering to the network.Bubba said the Packer ans are drunk by nine in the morning. Bubba thinks Favre will get booed when Favre comes on. Bubba said they used to make fun of Cox, but things have changed. Bubba thinks Favre has a little bit of shelf life left. Bubba said Favre grew up with the Packers. Bubba wonders how many superbowls did Joe Montana lead the SanFrancisco, Manson thinks three. We then heard “Queer For brett Favre” from the out of print album “The Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track 12, and “Bubba show classics Vol. 2″, track 1. The bit is a parody of “Cars”, and takes stabs at Bubba’s love for Favre. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Tucker Carlson on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Heather the Vibrator Lady Dating game. We then heard “China Grove” as bumper music. Brent said the Miller lite is sending some beer for the troops. Bubba played Tucker’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba asked Tucker if he’s ever been on Fox News, Tucker said he’s on every day, he’s on today at Eleven, he knows a week in advanced. Spice asked him about the environment, Tucker said it’s great, he likes that they’re really nice to him. Bubba asked Tucker what his biggest payday was of being a host, Tucker said he’d never reveal that on the air. Tucker said he only as American White survents, he said he feels better beating on them.Bubba said chris Matthews gets $5,000,000.00,Brent said it’s not worth it. Bubba said the guy who took over Tucker, the guy is on Meet the Press, Bubba thinks the guy has a joker mouth. Tucker went over Chris Matthews’s ratings. Brent said Glenn Beck makes a lot of money on tour. Spice said that had 9/11 not happened, Glen Beck would be nothing. Brent said he’s had plenty of conversations with him, he’s a really cool guy. Tucker wonders why Rush is so foolish if he supports Am radio. Bubba doesn’t like Limbaugh’s attitiude towards Obama. Tucker said he doesn’t listen to Rush limbaugh, as he doesn’t drive, Bubba said Tucker is driven, tucker said he can’t hear the radio in the limo when he’s way back in it. Tucker said he’s glad Rush is here, Brent agrees, but he just wants Rush to be fare about it. Bubba said a Democrat could come up with a cure for Aids, and Limbaugh would have a problem with it. Tucker thinks loyalty to one party is not a good idea. Brent said the left has the biggest problem with Obama. Tucker thinks Obama has no idea what he’s talking about.Bubba said the last person who is guilty of beeing a great communicator would be Ronald Ragon. Tucker asked Bubba if he’d have gay sex with obama. Bubba thinks that we haven’t had a problem like this was during the 1930′s. Bubba wonders how can tucker say thatObama’s ideas aren’t well thought out. Tucker said the Country will be bankrupt in five years if Obama does what he does. Tucker thinks mediacare and mediacade is just bankrupting us. Bubba thinks it’s a fairly big issue. Bubba said he’s not happy with how Obama has handled the war in Iraq. Brent said he’s got a little bit of experience dealing with the Saudis. Brent likes Obama saying that Iran needs to figure out their own problems. Tucker said he always told them they’d never get out of Iraq. Brent said he’s against his Supreme court pic. Bubba asked Tucker his opinion on the Letterman/Palin situation, Tucker thinks she’s been unfairly attacked, but he doesn’t buy her actions. Tucker said he doesn’t like when people say they get their feelings hurt. Tucker said he doesn’t like Imus, Bubba said that’s because Tucker loves Al Sharpton. Tucker thinks Imus should’ve called sharpton a fool. Spice said the worst thing Imus did was when he went on Shharpton’s show. Tucker said Obama has put a bunch of biggits in power. Tucker said that if you voted forObama thinking racism would end, Tucker said you cast the wrong vote. Bubba asked about Ashcroft wanting to outlaw softcore porn. Tracey in Tampa said she worked for a HMO. Tracey said there is tun of mediacade who have no idea who helps them out with their hmo. Tucker asked the guys if they ever paid $900.00 for a hammer, the guys said no. Tucker said the only people who di that would be the government. Tucker thinks Palin is done. Brent thinks if Hilary bashed everyone who disagreedd with her, it would never end. Tucker said we need tort reform. Bubba, Brent and Tucker think gay marriage should be legal. Bubba said Brent sent Tucker the complaint from MJ, Tucker said it infuriated him. Tucker thinks the guys are getting mistreated. Tucker called MJ a pig, Tucker said Bubba needs to find a way to get his money back. Bubba said if he loses this, it’s all over for shows like Saturday Night Live. Tucker said MJ is using the court room to get at bubba. Tucker said this would be like Mcdonalds sueing Burger King for claiming they’re burgers are better. Bubba finds it’s disturbing the judge is letting this one go on. Tucker hopes the situation doesn’t mess up his lfe. Bubba said this has taken a lot of moneyout of his business. Bubba thinks they should do what London does, loser pays. Manson wonders what is wrong with America. Bubba wonders how much did big Tabaco have to pay the families of people who died. Bubba said MJ is just waisting tax payers money. Bubba said he’s never known of anyone who sued another guy to sue over name calling. Brent said Howard was David Letterman, and raked Leno over the coals. Bubba said MJ has done that ind of stuff for years. Bubba said during the OJ trial, MJ had the MJ/BJ/OJ billboard. Bubba hopes the lawyers can figure this one out. Bubba said they’ve got at least four hundred inerogotories, Bubba said they worked on them for one whole weekend. Tucker said he couldn’t deal with that stuff. Tucker can’t believe that the guy representing MJ representated them four times. Bubba thinks Tucker should have his own show. Tucker thinks he wouldn’t want to get sued. Tucker said he tried the E-cigarette, but it didn’t last very long. Bubba said they do one hour interviews. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – The million Dollar Man calls in, Bob from Five Guys

Bubba said he’s got to talk to a guy on hold, he then wants to get to Manson’s new bit. Wess thinks the Government spending is out of control. Wess said that they’d order lots of lumber for no reason. When it would get wet, they’d order more. Bubba said he’s over Nasa, he’s over space exploration. Brent said Nasa was in the millions, Bubba said that he hadd no idea Brent was the accountent of Nasa. Bubba asked Brent to apologize. Manson’s new offering is “Stocky”, parody of “Cocky”, Bubba thanked BlitzK for getting the bumper music. Bubba said Manson tells him how to record the stuff. Bubba wishes Manson was playing the guitar. Brent saidd bubba was right, Bubba had Brent get on his knees and say he was sorry. Bubba had Ted Debesy on the line. Ted said he lives in Mississippi. Brent said he was born in Hines county, he has a lot of family there. Ted said his son graduated from MC. Ted said the event is Friday night, he’ll be at Steve Cern’s Wrestling school.Ted said it’s a Father’s day event he’ll be doing. Bubba wonders if Jerry is a manager of vince’s , Ted said he still does every now and again. Brent thanked Ted for visiting the Marines. Ted said his step Dad died while in the wring. Bubba said Harley Rice told Hogan he was ggoing to kick his ass while he was in the stall. Ted said he worked for Vince’s Dad, Vince SR. Ted was brought in as the North American champ. Bubba said Hogan had a green strap, but it has since gone missing with the ddivorce. Gbubba asked Ted about the glove, Ted said that was his gimmick. Bubba said nwo was a great thing, but it died from lazyness. Bubba said the Million Dollar man was a gimmick he took on the road. Bubba said Ted had some feuds in the past, Bubba asked Ted if he knew about Jake. Bubba asked Ted about Rick Rudd, Ted saidd Rick was a stand-up guy. Bubba said he once saw Rick flip out on a doctor. Spice said if you’re board, watch some of Rick’s videos. Bubba said Ted used to tell a kid that he could make five hundred bucks if he bounced a ball ten times, but on the ninth bounce, he’d take it away. Ted talked about his son, he’s very proud of him. Ted’s son is in the movie called ‘The Marine 2″, and john Cena isn’t in it. Spice asked Ted what he tells his kids when they want to wrestle, Ted said there’s a lot of negatives that come along with it. Bubba said vince can’t control what the guys do on their private time. Ted said that Vince would pay for anyone in the family. Bubba said the sport really has mainstreamed out. Bubba said the Wrestler is not a stretch, his linee suddenly dropped. Bob in Tampa said he works at Five Guys, he thanked Bubba for being a fan, Bubba thanked them for making great food. Bob said they got Bubba first, Obama second. Bob saidd he has his business in Tampa. Bubba said Christian and Edge head to Five Guys as soon as they arrive in Tampa. Bubba described his combination, a cheese burger with bacon and kechup. Bob said they’ve got a lot of McDill airforce guys show up there. Ted came back on, Bubba asked him about Five Guys, Ted said he’s never heard of it. Brent said everyone just goes to the Dary Queen. Bubba asked about T&A, Ted thinks it’s a great concept. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Manson’s New bit, Hulk Hogan calls in

Bubba came back with Manson’s new bit, he said he has an announcement, he’s not sure if he wants to give it away though. Bubba thanked Manson for the bit, stopping and started the bit. Bubba is surprised Manson snuk in Twenty-five saying Nigger in the song. Bubba thinks this is really how Manson feels about Bubba. Bubba said he can’t wait until kevin puts in the unedited stuff. Bubba said Manson is all over the road with the bit. Bubba said a lot of people are upset because they can’t access the voting for Brooke. Bubba found the Vote for Brooke portion he was looking for. Bubba read from the site how to vote for Brooke. Bubba said all you have to do is scrawl down a little bit. Bubba wonders why Spice has to fat up his Blams. Bubba hasn’t seen the video. Hogan was on the warmline. Bubba thinks she looks steamy, Bubba thinks Hogan will get mad at him. Bubba played Brooke’s video, stopping often to comment, Ned thinks Stack is pretty cool. Bubba thinks they put Stacks over a little too much. Bubba playedHogan’s bumper and brought him on. Hogan came on and did a little rap. Hogan asked if Bubba saw all the articles about linda. Hogan said he saw a guy in the court room asking him about something. Bubba said Brooke has gone to number 8, Hogan said he’ll do anything for the bubba Army. Hogan hopes that the Bubba Army get Brooke for number one. Bubba said Hogan has more Bubba Army crew than ever, Bubba said if you meet Hogan, just say bubba Army to him, he’ll put you over. Bubba told Hogan about the Bubba Army pink shirt. Hogan wondered how did Orlando drop the ball, Bubba thinks they’re a young team. Bubba told Hogan about the juel incrusted Ned Hardly shirt. Hogan asked about the Bubba Army jeul incrusted shirt. Hogan said the last time that happened, the Bubba Army got Brooke from 18 to 1. Hogan said he wants to call Bubba off the air. Bubba read that the most popular artist on VH1.com is Brooke. Hogan put Jennifer on the phone, she said he’s driving her crazy with the call VH1.com. Bubba told Jennifer to tell him to get his ass in the gym, Hogan said something in the background, he then asked her to call him softy. Jennifer said that after they get done voting for Borooke, they’l be going to the gym. Bubba thinks Hogan is hypocritical for jobbingg him out. Brent said he and Spice are still working out.Bubba said everyone jobbed for Hogan. Bubba wondered how the Hogan/double J match went down. Hogan described it. Bubba wondered why everyone is so afradi of vince russo. Hogan said Johny Ace didn’t tell the truthy during his deposition. Bubba said Hogan got sworved for twenty-three years, Hogan said that was a lot coming from a guy who choacked out his girlfriend. Bubba said no one has heard the Jake the Snake story on the air. Hogan recapped the story. He got in the wring with Jake, he thinks the experience was liking pulling teeth. Hogan said if he got locked into something with him, it would be over for him. Hogan said rick Rudd was one of the greatest workers, Hogan called him the real deal. Bubba wondered did Hogan make the most money when it came to working a program, Hogan said Macho man, Hogan then did his Macho Man impersonation. Manson as Macho Man said his choice in women is way better than Hogan’s. Hogan asked Bubba to answer his phone next time he cals. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – The guys comment on the news

Coming back from break, we heard a promo for the website contest. Bubba played “daniel” by Elton John as bumper music, he dedicated it to Ned, Ned called the music queer. Bubba said the Catholic priest in Miami got married to his girlfriend he was kissing a month ago. Bubba read that Chasistity bono is becoming a man. Bubba said she’s gotten fat lately. Kyel in Richmond said he loved the one hour interviews. Bubba scolded Richmond last week, but after he got the monthly trends, it’s gotten better. Bubba wishes the signal was better. Bubba played audio discussing the Sarah Palin/Letterman situation. Bubba contributed this to the continuing pussyification of America. Brent said he’s mad at Letterman for apologizing, Manson said the suits made him do it. Bubba said he feels sorry for the kids whohave palin as a Mom. Bubba read some more emails. One email aksed about Billy Vegas’s restaurrant. Bubba played an audio clip about a woman who is sueing White castle for refusing her survice. Another email had a list of the wages wrestlers make. Bubba thinks the Undertaker should makee the most money. They then went to commercials a few secondds later.

Segment 8 – The guys comment on the news

Coming back from break, we heard Manson’s “Stocky”. We then heard “Faith” as bumper music, Bubba didn’t know what it was in the beginning. When it kicked in, he called him a dick. Spice said he was just appealing to Bubba, Bubba thinks differently. Bubba played audio about a girl who was left in a parked car. Spice played “One Week” over the clip. Bubba said someone gave him a CD with no label, it wasfrom 2/4/08 where Bubba played it. In the clip, Bubba refered to it as a phase, Ned thinks Bubba is into cross dressing. Bubba played audio about some kids who forced a kid to drink urine. Bubba played audio about an entire family that died via murder/suicide, Bubba thinks it was a Chris Benoit situation. Brent said the British press wold tell you differently. Bubba doesn’t like how the news focusses on the kids, not on the acutal story. Bubba thinks this is a crappy job. Ned thinks the kid kiled the family. Bubba read that Letterman is up for an extention on his contract. Bubba played audio of Keith Olberman saying Brookesville is the worst person in the world. Bubba asked the people of Brookesville to remember this stuff for election day. Bubba thinks Gary Grubs should be there, as he lived in Brookesville. They theen ended the show a few seconds later.

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