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Heard on the Show:
Camper kidnapped, forced to drink urine
4 dead in murder-suicide outside Orlando,FL
Linda Bollea accused of misspending alimony
Brooksville Florida is the Worst City
Bubba’s Drug Test

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – Bubba remembers his radio days, nascar drug talk

Bubba started off remembering today was his first day on B96 in Chicago. Bubba said his stint lasted for 11 months. Bubba thinks his shortest stint was in Chicago. Bubba went over some of his stints he went through. Bubba said you don’t have that many gigs in big markets. Brent said that a guy they used to work with remembered when you had to have a limo take you to the gig. Brent asked Bubba if he was part of a union, Bubba said yes. Bubba said the management tried to use him to bust the union up.The guys remember the gameshow “Change of Heart”, Bubba said the host was Chris Jagger, who did mornings on that station. Spice thinks the showwas too racey for TV.Bubba said he got int rouble one time when he dislodged a bit of plastic from the cart to fix it. He got called into the GM’s office, he got questioned about that. Ken in Ohio asked how his favorite meth head is doing today. Bubba thinks he’ll retake the test after a few days. Ken asked Bubba what it was like listening to WLS these days. Ken said he was listening to the radio last night, someone caled in and mentioned Bubba, the host knew who he was. Bubba said he wanted to take the test just to prove that Mayfield is a fool. Spice thinks Aderall is a banned substance. Bubba said the guys have never been in a racecar. Spice thinks it’s a performance drug. Spice asked why is it on the nfl’s banned list, Ned said it jacks you up. Bubba said the reasonwhy si physicallity.Manson said he read the Nascar banned substance list, all he found was “der der der”. Bubba thinks this would be like him asking Spice about the marretts of Tennis. Spice said racingg doesn’t take any focus at all, Ned said Brent and Spice don’t know they’re asses from a hole in a ground. Bubba said it has nothing to do with focussing. Bubba suggests high racing, where racers take some bong hits before the race starts. Spice read something that said there is no banned substance list. Bubba said Clariton is a big sponsor for Carl Edwards, Brent said yes, Bubba chides him. Scott wanted to ask about a drug test, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later. James got Eviled for not knowing what he was talking about. Bubba thinks there was drama in the court room yesterday with Hogan. Bubba thinks a lot of the stuff that came out was originally on the show. Bubba thinks Linda has been doing coke for years, boating while drunk, supplying alcohol to miners, etc. Bubba said she hasn’t gotten arrested for it because they’re afraid she’d lawyer up and make it a convoluted case. Bubba said Linda has $80,000.00 to do what she wants to do. Bubba said he knows the hairdresser who went on the stand yesterday. Bubba said Linda has no idea how many people are flipping on her. Bubba wonders why she’s not prosicuted. Bubba said even if Hogan wasn’t his best friend, just as a 43 old man in the same county as her, he’d feel the same way. Bubba said it’s a joke. Bubba wonders what will happen. Bubba said he really likes the ideas for the creative meeting from yesterday. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Cat Killer discussions, abortion discussions

The guys discuss Michael Lohan coming on to plug his fight with Johny Fareplay. Bubba had Miller in, Miller said he’s editing the Hogan video. The guys discuss the cat killer in Miami. Jeff wonders why we make such a big deal over the cat killer, yet we kill babies every day. Brent said that killing cats is illegal, abortion is. Brent said if he had a choice, he would’ve been aborted. Bubba went to Travis (the fuck guy from the Satellite show). Travis said he can never get through, Travis saidd this is strange not being able to say what he normally says. Bubba asked him to call in on Friday, Manson told him he sucked n regular radio. Bubba said he was getting into his truck yesterday, and 25 Cent came up to him. Twenty-five told him he was single. Jordan said he’s a new listener. Jordan thinks partial birth abortions are different than regular abortions. Bubba wants to know what the meaning of a partial birth abortion is, Ned said they stick an icepick in the brain. Brent said the reason why it’s done is because the baby is already dead. Bubba said he has no problem with abortion in that way. Bubba said everything is about give and take. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various phone calls, Hulik Hogan calls in, reset of Hogan crying from the Sirius show

Coming out of break, we heard Manson’s “Abortion City” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 1″, track 2. Bubba wondered if the internet is slow today, Spice said his is pretty slow, he thinks it’s the porn, Brent said his is dragging, Bubba asked Dave to check it out. BJ asked if the guys checked out Artie on Joe Buck. Bubba wondered how can stuff be over the line with HBO. Bubba said the problem is you can be both. Bubba read an article about Joe Buck’s show. Bubba thinks this is great publicity for the show. BJ said there’s a clip on HBO.com of Artie after the show. Bubba thinks the public said they liked it. Bubba wonders why Joe Buck is such a pussy, Bubba thinks this is just another example of the pussyification of America. Bubba thinks they should have Joe Rogan host the show. Bubba thinks Rogan should have his own show. Bubba said Rich Franklin will be on the show this Thursday.Bubba thinks they should have Markis Jones on their show, Brent said Markis hates football. Dave called in and identified himself as the guy who called into the Nascar satelllite show and mentioned Bubba. Spice said they found a third drug during Mayfield’s test – meth. Brent went over some MMA stats. Bubba said noone can beat Anderson Silva. Bubba wondered when will the Matt Hues/Matt Sarah fight go down, Spice said it already happened. Bubba brought Twenty-five in. Twenty-five said he could rubb up on some girls. Bubba asked Twenty-five’s girl, Spice/Twenty-five’s girl said it’s over. Twenty-five said his girlfirend’s Dad is white. Bubba asked him how long they’ve been together, Spice/Twenty-five’s girl said they lasted for about a year. Twenty-five said he was close to the kid. Twenty-five said they’d argue about stupid stuff. Bubba asked if she was good in bed, he said she was fairly good, Bubba thinks Twenty-five had sex with Akira. Bubba said they’re not boys. Bubba asked him if he had relations with Akira, he said yes, Bubba asked him why he was lying about it. Bubba asked him about how many times did he have sex with Akira, he said about four, not counting the times they fooled around. Bubba asked Twenty-five what happened with Akira. Bubba said he heard 25 was a DL, 25 said no. Bubba asked what caused the breakup, 25 said they were argueing too much. Bubba suggests they go to therapy. Twenty-five thinks he doesn’t want a girlfriend at this point. Spice said his email is blowing up with chicks who want to date him, he then said he was kidding. Bubba thinks they should do the Twenty-five cent dating game. Manson thinks Twenty-five has no love in his heart. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba asked him about yesterday, Hogan just said Brizzutal. Bubba saidd it sickens him that no one is going to jail Linda Hogan. Hogan said he’s known wrestlers who have died while living the high life. Bubba said he could care less what happens to Linda. Hogan said a guy testified to seeing Linda, her bodyguard Peanut, and he thinks charlie doing keybumps. Bubba said if a fire fighter does drugs off hours, it’s his business. Bubba thinks they were freaked out over the stuff Tracey Morgan said. Bubba said people need to read the whole Rolling Stone article. Hogan said they didn’t use the line in court. Hogan thinks he can get Tim Stacey on the stand. Bubba told hogan about his drug test from yesterday, Hogan thinks bubba was deep throated Ned. Bubba suggested hogan show the udge the airline tickets. Bubba wonders if the judge has the power to express his disgust with Linda, Brent sai yes. Bubba said all judge Greer has to do is listn to the show. Bubba wonders if the lawyers listens to the show. Hogan said the judget doesn’t, but a lot of the media does. Bubba thinks linda’s supportors have ruined her case. Bubba thinks they should depose Vince McManh. Hogan wonders what channel 28′s spin is on this. Bubba playe the audio. Bubba thinks Linda should get a psycho evaluation. Don in Miami said he saw Hogan a few years ago, Linda and Brooke were arugeing over something, Loinda smacked Brooke, Hogan had to step in and mediate. Hogan remembers when that was. Hogan said that was one of the worst fights he’s ever had to go through, Hogan said that Brooke was hanging on the car door, crying at Linda, saying she loved her. Linda pulled away with Brooke hanging on the car door, Hogan was yelling at her to stop the car. Manson has no idea how Hogan takes it. Hogan said he’s not blowing smoke, he’s taking it as it comes. Hogan said he remained silent for five months. Bubba wonhders if the judge is stressed out over this, Hogan said this whole thingwears him down. Bubba thinks Hogan will write a book about this situation. Hogan said if he made a movie about this, it would make the Wrestler look like a joke. Bubba thinks had mickey Rorke been married to a psycho bitch, the movie would be great. Brent said mel once put his head on the desk when a pitch man was in his office, he said that when he picks his head up, he wanted that guy out of his office. Hogan asked the bubba Army to call VH1.com and vote for Brooke. Hogan wondered if Linda is still going to team up with MJ’s lawyer, Bubba thinks she’s not stupid enough to do that. Bubba told Hogan he was a great kisser. Bubba said he knows he’s running very late. Bubba plugged a clip from the Sirius show in late 2006, when it was announced that Brooke’s video was number one. Bubba is surprised the clip is three years old. Bubba said this was the only time he heard Hogan cry, except for when Pete died. Bubba said Manson cries over silly stuff. Bubba said the first time Tyler won his first featured, he cried. Bubba thinks Tyler can beat him in a race. Bubba read something that 93 Rock is doing on Father’s Day, a Father/Son gocart race. Bubba said he doesn’t get to talk with Kevin that much, but he wants to. Manson thinks he and his son are even when it comes to kicking field goals. Manson does think he could beat his son in basketball. Bubba said it’s natural to cry over your kids. Bubba asked Ned if he ever cried over his kids, Ned said he never did. Bubba played the clip. In the clip, Hogan thanks the Bubba Army for getting Brooke to where she is. Hogan got very emotional, Ned thinks Hogan had a stroke. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Bubba Juicey”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Gocart racing, Artie Lange on Joe Buck audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BTLS.com.Bubba said he was listeningg to some OAR, Spice suggested Bubba get the live album. Bubba said the guys have a great studio set up. Bubba said Kurt Angle have a lot of people coming up to him and ask him about Bubba Army. Bubba said Linzy Lohan’s Dad will be on the phone in a few minutes. Brent said Billy Ray Cyrus would be done if it wasn’t for his kids. Bubba went over what they’ve got coming up. Brent said they’ll have David coverdale on the Satellite show. The guys go over some hair bands in the eighties. Manson thinks he’ll go to a gocart track sometime next week. Bubba said SlideJobJones sent him something from Tim Mccredy’s site, Spice asked “who?” Bubba asked him to stop being disrespectful. Brent thinks they can do the retest on Friday. Bubba wonders who thought of giving Joe Buck his own show on HBO. Bubba played audio of Artie on the show. Bubba said Joe buck doesn’t appeal to the average man. Bubba got sidetracked with Contessa talking with Bill marh. They then went to commercials a few second slater.

Segment 6 – Michael Lohan on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard some AC/DC as bumper music. Spice thinks Michael has had a bum rap. Bubba brought Michael on a short time later, Michael said he normally gets up early to hit the gym. Michael said the poperosi doesn’t follow him anymore. Bubba said the fight is June 20. Bubba said Michael will be fighting Johny Fareplay from Survivor. Bubba said Linzy smokes, Michael said she got one. Michael said the website is tvbydemand.com. Bubba based on a picture of the two guys, Bubba thinks Fareplay is a fag. Bubba said Michael has a checkered passed, Michael said it’s striped. Michael thinks Johny is 150 pounds soaking wet. Bubba said the event is at the Philidelphia Airport, the number to get tickets is 1800-677-4899. Michael said he’s been training on the West coast. Spice asked what the payday is, Michael said anything could happen. Bubba said he’s looked in to Michael’s past a little bit. Michael said up until Linzy did Mean Girls, you never heard anything about them. Michael said that after the movie, people came after them. Michael said he doesn’t want people taking advantage of his kids. Michael said he kicked a guy’s ass at his son’s party for smoking crack. Spice asked about Michael’s ex, Michael said people make a big deal out of everything. Michael said his son is graduating college, he said it’s unforchenet that the kids suffer through a divorce. Michael said he was never in prison for cocaine. Michael thinks he was a .12 when he was in an accident, he said it turned his life around. Bubba thinks Linzy making it was the downfall of the family, Michael said yes. Bubba said he appreciates Michael manning up. Bubba goes over the timeline of the family. Bubba said he understands how a man can get railroaded. Bubba thinks Dena is living through Linzy. Bubba asked if Michael is still with his girlfirend, he said she was in the next room. Spice asked if he knew she was bisexual, Michael said he didn’t have to read about it in the tabloids. Michael said he had a problem with it originally, but it worked out. Bubba thinks Linzy comes across as a spoiled brat at times. Michael said she’s not a spoiled brat, he said she’s very charitable. Michael said as long s her sexuality is healthy, he has no problem with it. Spice asked Michael if he could tell linzy one thing, what would it be? Michael suggested she go back to her roots. Bubba wonders if she’s in “holywood Jial” now, michael said linzy gets a lot of offers, but she turns down a lot of them. Bubba said Drue Barrymore has turned her life around. Bubba asked if there’s a tun of hanger-oners in the family. Michael said his brother-in-law Paul is in jail for defrauding a 9/11 victim cause. Michael said he had to work for his money. Michael said he works for Mark Rich. Bubba said last summer someone figured out how to mess with the system. Michael said the prices should have never gone up. Michael said Linzy’s money manager rappedd her of her money. Bubba said they were the only guys to call up Joe Francis when he was in jail. Michael said Joe is not only a successful person, he’s very intelligent. Michael said he’s so sick of how people are treated. Bubba said Hollywood is never happy for you. Michael said that he’s not on probation. Michael said he was in Vegas, his girlfriend met up with some people. Michael said the complain twas that there were drugs at a certain location. Bubba wonders how it could get misconstruded. Spice thought Michael was a badass. Bubba said the guy is a regular dude with a famous daughter. Michael said if someone violates you or your family, he doesn’t take it. Michael said he texts Linzy all the time. Michael said he listens to the show. Bubba said his dentist has a crush on Linzy Lohan. Michael said he’s asked Linzy many times to go and find a good man. Bubba thinks they should find her a normal guy. Bubba wondered if Linzy is freak-ish. Bubba said Michael knows that kids her age are crazy. Bubba thanked Michael for coming on. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Manson classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Telephone Tough guys” bit. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba Comments on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Alysha Keys as bumper music. Bubba thanked Spice for fagging him out. Bubba said it’s not on his iPod. Bubba accuses Spice of lying about Bubba liking the song or not. Bubba called him a counter programing jackass. Bubba said he’ll take it back. Bubba said you can’t errace stuff on your iPod. Spice said Bubba spells Alysha’s name differently. Spice pulled up a clip from Feb. 4, 2008 where he marks out to Alysha Keys, Bubba thinks Dave Rice is the Rain Man of the show. Bubba wonders why everything is so anti him. Bubba said the whole show is based on honesty. Bubba played a news clip about a baby being for sale on CraigsList.com. Bubba said Lasker used to buy babies. Bubba played audio of Ms. California losing her crown. Brent thinks she didn’t show up at an appearance. Bubba played audio from the doctor about Caridean. The guys comment on how he really died. Bubba wonders if you could go into a house and not leave any DNA. Bubba said they’ve only had DNA samples from people who have been incarsorated. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. dave

    I just read an article on line about Linda Hogan and that she’s not spending her monthly check from Hulk wisely. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. If half of what is published is true she should be ashamed of herself. What ever happened between a husband and wife is between them to drag her children through this is a disgrace she should be ashamed of herself shut her mouth and take the settlement and go away. However she won’t because at the end of the day without Hulk Hogan it’s Linda who??

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