6-10-09 Wednesday

June 10th, 2009 by admin

Heard on the Show:
Florida Senate Chief Addresses Offshore Drilling Ban
Man Wearing Women’s Bathing Suit Arrested
Ex-Principal’s Porn Trial Begins
77 arrested in Florida child porn crackdown

Segment 1

The guys discuss the Rays and the Magic, Bubba said he’ll be going to the game Thursday with Hogan.

Segment 2

The guys discuss an article that says Hogan is gay, Bubba said Ned has a new offering.

Segment 3

ed’s new bit airs, parody of “Juicey” by Notorious BIG. Bubba plays audio of a judge chewing out a woman who allowed a child molester into her home.

Segment 4

Various phone calls.

Segment 5

Hulk Hogan calls into discuss the article in question, Bubba plays audio of Linda on Lex and Terry.

Segment 6

Big Black and his friend Bam Bam come into the studio. The guys talk about Big black’s show on MTV and Miller Lite.

Segment 7

The guys want to check out a new restaurant.

Segment 8

Bbba gets the ratings for richmond, he doesn’t understand how they’re doing so poorly.

4 Responses

  1. Laura

    Just wanted to let you know it was such a treat to hear Hulk on the radio yesterday morning. We were on our way home from vacation. We had spent a week down on Treasure Island. It was like the perfect ending to my vacation. I am a huge Hogan fan and will be loyal til the day I die! To the Hulkster…LOVE YOU!

  2. Cristina

    Hey…I don’t know if this is the appropriate forum…but I just wanted to say that I just watched the episode of “Brook Knows Best” on MTV where Brook comes back to Clearwater to make amends with her Dad and to meet his new Girlfriend – And I just wanted to say that I’m so happy for Hogan for getting on with his life and finding such a pretty, non-bitchy woman to love… And on the flip side…I wanted to say how ridiculous and miserable Linda looks with her gross “boyfriend”. While Hogan is setting up for a really nice, respectable future, Linda is out shopping for Garanimals and teaching her Boyfriend that it’s not polite to pick his nose!
    Please tell Hogan “Congrats”!!!

  3. John

    Screw Richmond!!! Your show would kill in CALI. Are you here yet? Fresno would catch on pretty fast! Bubba army,Bubba Army,Bubba Army.
    The Red Neck Mexican.

  4. cj

    hey guys just wanted to say keep up the good work thanks for the local stuff used to hate Tampa but now its not that bad

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