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June 1st, 2009 by admin

Heard on the Show:
Howard’s Title Prophecy Taking Form For Magic
Florida Epidemic: Teachers Sleeping with Students
‘Girls Gone Wild’ Bus Visits Clay County
Gary Dell’Abate Baba Booey on ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ Video
Abortion Doctor Murdered

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – Sports scores, Bubba flips out on Big dick

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays losing. We then heard “China Grove” as bumper music. Bubba said they’re almost half way through the year, Bubba wasn’t sure on the exact date. Bubba said he was in a fight with Big Dick this morning. Bubba said Miller is out, his Mom has surgery, Big dick’s Uncle died, and Jabberjaw quit. Bubba said he watched the Magic game in his media room. Bubba said he’s mad at the tatted up guy from Cleveland. Bubba wonders when tickets be on sale. Bubba asked Ned if he’s working on something, Ned said he is, he thinks it’ll be cheesy though, Bubba said it shouldn’t matter. Ned thinks the Tampa Bay Bucs song (Best of bucs Bits, track 3) is his standard template. Bubba sang a bit of it. Bubba thought the Bucs and the Rays song are the same. Ned yelled the differences between the bits, Ned even yelled “You’re confusing the host between apples and oranges Hatley, you’re pelting him with fruit”. Bubba pointed out Brent’s misspellings, Bubba thinks he’s high. Brent said he was in a hurry. The guys clown Brent for his spelling of Mark Martin. Bubba recapped some sports scores. Bubba said they’ve been working on the album for two months, Bubba said Big Dick got the artwork approved last night. Brent said he saw the artwork and liked it. Bubba wanted big dick in. Bubba said the process is being way overthought. Bubba asked how did this guy get involved. Bubba asked Dick if he’s ever thought about asking Brent and Spice about stuff. Dick said he’s known the guy who does the art for the shirts. Bubba asked how hard is it to PhotoShop dollar bills with their faces on them. Bubba asked what the problem is. Bubba said they should’ve already had them by now, Bubba said he let this guy own him. Bubba said he was sorry about dick’s Uncle. Dick said he had no idea what to say to that. Bubba said Big Dick needs to learn how to be stiff. Bubba said it’s not like a major deal, it’s not like the Bubba Wanna corndog album cover where everyone was animated in the stands (the album cover showed the guys at a ball game, an American flag, and a woman with her tits blurred out). Dick said he didn’t know what he was going to say to Bubba, Dick said the guy spreads himself to thin, but didn’t know it until two weeks ago. Bubba said because of this, they’re done with Doug, and they’re done with this guy. Bubba wonders why he wasn’t copied on this situation, Bubba said if he knew how to PhotoShop, he would’ve done it. Bubba wants to see the artwork. Bubba wonders when they got the thing finalized, Dave said he’s not sure, he’ll go look for some notes on that. Bubba said he’s not trying to be a dick. Bubba said it gets to Disc Makers today. Bubba said he’ll try to end the show at a reasonable time today, they want to do the creative meeting and get out ASAP. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Clemulis Package artwork, racing discussions, Bubba’s new favorite gas station

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Radio Theater, Hall Monitor Snitch”. The bit is a dig at MJ for his constant snitching on people. In the bit, MJ writes in his diary how he loves to snitch, he then flashes back to Fourth grade as hall monitor. He goes into the boys room and smells smoke, only to get a swurly from Bubba and crew, the bit ends with the guys splitting after noticing MJ’s pubic hair afro is clogging the toilet. We then heard “Cocaine” as bumper music. Bubba called Big Dick to the studio again. Bubba asked Ned if he had a great weekend, he said he did, his Mic wasn’t on. Bubba said everyone got seven pages of artwork for the album. Bubba said the font for the title is original. Bubba comments on the artwork. Bubba thinks Brent looks like Macho Man on Chemotherapy. Bubba wonders why this took so long, Manson said Stern Fan Network would’ve done a faster job, Bubba said SFN hates them. Spice said one of his friends who makes fliers could’ve gotten this taken care of. Bubba thinks dick is a dick to the wrong people. Dick said the guy works very slow. Bubba thinks he wasn’t mean enough. Bubba said he thinks Doug has a sick feeling he lost Bubba as a client. Bubba said this should’ve been sent out back in May. Dick said he wasn’t defending the artist. Dick said he was an idiot. Dick said he can’t say anything right. Bubba asked Brent if he’s being unreasonable, Brent said it’s understandable, he feels the artwork should be done before anything else. Brent said Dick showed him the artwork last week, Dick said the guy hasn’t given them a price. Dave said he was watching the news, he saw that the Naked cowboy is suing Clearchannel, he’s suing them because a DJ dressed up like him. Matt was on; Bubba had no idea what he was saying. Matt wondered if Tony can get driver and owner of the year after winning the Nextel cup. Bubba played audio about Tony Stewart. We then heard an anti-racing bumper. Chris thinks they should put Dale Earnheart JR in a sprint car. Brent said he watched his incar, he said there’s a big difference.. Tim said he sent Manson something about Caylee Anthony, he said it’s a parody of “it’s Time For Me To Fly”. Tim wondered if Jabberjaw was a double agent. Bubba played some audio from the race. Bubba thinks the problem is that the announcers are rednecks. Bubba thinks they should get rid of the digger segment. Bubba said guys fighting on the racetrack make it interesting. Bubba said it’s the pussification of America. Bubba likes how the NFL has the times organized. Brent said they have a lock in for 2:15. Bubba thinks they should shorten the race, Manson agrees. Bubba thinks that after the short race, they have a fifteen or twenty lap shootout. Brent thinks they’ll gain a lot of fans. Jeff in Jacksonville wondered why Dale JR was crying, Bubba said he didn’t see it. Josh in Columbus asked about the press conference with Kyle Bush, Bubba said he loves Kyle’s style to go against the grain. Bubba wonders how they’re doing on the Dad in Drag and the Date Heather the Vibrator dating game. Bubba said he talked to her via email, she said that if the guy is good enough, she’ll have sex with him. Bubba said on the first date, you should at least go for third base. Bubba said he and jimmy Cleavis were driving to a race, Jimmy told him about a gas station that pump gas for you. Bubba said he worked at Larry Plumber’s gas station growing up, he said the worst was in the winter. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Ned’s New Bit, Abortion discussions

Coming out of break, we heard a promo for the website contest. Bubba said it doesn’t matter what the site is. Brent said he wants to get the run your car on water guys on the show. Bubba wants to take the garden hoze and fill it up. Bubba said it’s really cool when you have non-professional chicks doing sexy WebPages. Bubba said Ned was heated on Friday. Bubba said radio shows used to do their big things at 7:20. Ned said he was into the GI Joe with a kung fu grip. Brent said that Ned’s slingshot was made with a tree branch, Ned said he’s not a caveman. Bubba thinks there’s no woman who could look exactly like Barbie. In the bit, Ned complains about the idea of giving Barbie tats to Mattel. Bubba dumped the part where Ned said “What happens next, you pull Barbie’s string and she says ‘I hate niggers”". Bubba stopped to ask Ned how mad he is that they had to edit the crap out of the bit, Ned said all he hears is chickens, he thinks he’s in a cock fight. Bubba said Ned is offending the woman in the call. Ned dumped the part where Ned said Chris Brown doll beat up his Rehana doll. Bubba said it’s edited okay, you have to be thinking what you want to hear. Ned said if he wants to go to a chicken farm, he’ll go there on his free time. Bubba played some audio of an interview with Earnheart JR. Bubba wonders where the crying was. The guys clown dale for saying their building Rome, Spice thinks it’s just a visual thing. Bubba had audio about an abortion doctor who was killed. Bubba said the problem is Religion. Bubba said he doesn’t agree with late term abortion, he doesn’t agree with Government telling a woman to get an abortion or not. Bubba wonders how traumatic it’s got to be to get shot in Church. Bubba likes the guy’s style. Bubba said if you don’t believe in abortion, then why? Bubba wants to know if they’re the only country who really likes abortion. Bubba said we try to step in too much. Bubba said if you want to worship a peanut, go right ahead. Bubba said you can believe what you want, just don’t bug people with it. Lee said he worked at Mattel, one of the bits shot up to corporate, they thought it was great. Jeni wondered why when a man kills a pregnant woman, the man is charged for double murder. She then said if a woman was on her way to the abortion clinic, and she was involved in a car accident that result in the baby dying. Bubba thinks it’ll go to the lawyer, Brent said it’s different from state to state. She wondered just when does life start, Bubba thinks life starts when you have a sonogram and you see the thing in full view. Manson said if you’re a late term abortion doctor, it’s got to be disturbing. Bubba thinks he’d redact it on down to first trimester only. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Charlene confesses to an abortion back in 1982, Teachers having sex with students

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then heard Manson’s “Abortion City” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 1″, track 2. Bubba said Drew Garabo will be on the show at around 9:20. Charlene asked for protection. She said that the abortion subject is very sensitive to her, she got one right after she graduated high school, and it was from a teacher. Bubba asked her if she reported it, she said no. She was seventeen at the time. Bubba asked her to turn up her radio to check to see if she is protected. She said her relationship with the guy was less than a year. Her parents didn’t know about it, her parents didn’t know about the abortion. Bubba asked her if she thinks he’s still at the school, she thinks so. Bubba wonders how did that all go down. She said she’s attracted to older guys. She said the guy took her to the abortion clinic, he paid for the abortion. Bubba wonders how can a girl that’s seventeen, get an abortion, rest up at the guy’s house, how could the parents not know. She said school had gotten out by the time it went down. Bubba asked her if she told her parents, she said she didn’t tell them anything. Bubba thinks they should have the GPS in the car. Bubba thinks you should have approval from your parents to get an abortion if they’re under age. She thought she was in love with the guy. Bubba asked how often would they do it, she said almost every weekend. Bubba wants to call the guy out. She thinks a woman should have the right to choose. Bubba wonders how she can be anti abortion, she said it’s a woman’s choice. Spice thinks she’s being hypocritical. Bubba thinks she’s all over the world. Spice wants to know when her views changed. Bubba wants to know who the guy is. Bubba wondered how many UN necessary abortions have they had since 1982. Bubba found the call disturbing. Bubba said back in the day, there were only three ways to get a hold of someone – phone one on one, or a mailed note. Bubba thinks he through out an article about teachers sleeping with their students. Bubba wonders if they can bring the guy to justice. Bubba found the article he was looking for. Bubba asked Spice to find the Ragoosa bit (Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 3, track 6.) Bubba wants to put a rotator of the teachers who have had sex with students. Bubba wonders if Spice was working with Bubba while with Ragoosa. Spice said it was a one-time deal, but he remembered the night he had. Spice said the water was coming out of the tub. Spice said a bathtub is not a comfortable sex part, Spice said she was fat back in the day. Bubba said crazy women make for great relationships. We then heard the bit, which is a parody of “Me So Horny” by Two Live Crew. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hulk Hogan Calls In, Various Callers comment on sex with students

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Court”. We then heard Ned’s “Dead Baby” bit. We then heard “Don’t Come Around Here No More” by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers as bumper music. Bubba apologized for the dead air. Bubba said the article ripped off Time magazine. Bubba played audio about a band teacher who was arrested for sex with a student. Bubba wonders who is screening phones today, Spice said Fat Casper. Bubba thinks someone should’ve reported them. Bubba asked Manson if they’re kids have phones, Manson said they do, Manson said he’d flip out if a teacher was texting. Bubba remembers when the report cards were easy to change; now they email the report cards to the parents. Bubba said he only wants to talk to girls about this subject. Frank said he loves the show, he lives in Miami, he said one of his teachers in high school slept with one of his friends. Ricky in Virginia said you can check the world population growth Vs the starvation rate, Bubba hung up on him. Jessie wonders what happened to separation of Church and State. Tim in Ohio said he was listening to a radio show about a twenty-nine year old guy who has 21 kids. Bubba said he’ll get ot that story soon. Bubba took a call from a girl who said one of her teachers in high school was very touchy feely; everyone knew but didn’t say anything. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba thinks the new phrase is “Going Hogan” if you’re having a bad day. Hogan said he’s at the point where he’s laughing at this whole situation. Bubba said he heard that he, Spice and Brent are responsible for a break in. Hogan finds it funny that they call Bubba Hogan’s “minion”. Hogan said that some people vandalized Linda’s car during her Memorial day party. Hogan said he went to the gym, he then went to the beach with his girlfriend. Hogan saw the red donzi while at the beach. Hogan said Charley is staring a hole in him. Hogan said Linda asked Charley to stop the boat, then made out with him, she then made out with one of her girlfriends. Hogan said one of his friend’s invite him to go on the boat. Hogan said that as he was cleaning the boat with Steve, Linda and Charley pulled up. Hogan said Linda was blocking the gate, telling him he could’ve lived there, but he didn’t want to. Hogan thinks Linda should’ve been arrested for indecent exposure for sitting on a curb with a white T back on. Brent said Rayfool better be careful. Hogan said when he was in Twelfth grade at Robertson high school; his math teacher was hitting on him. Bubba thinks Linda wants Hogan to flip out. Bubba thinks Charley is scared of his own shadow. Jennifer said she was born and raised in Florida. Bubba asked her not to mention any names. She said she was a Freshman, she and some girls got caught skipping school, and they were caught in the auditorium smoking a blunt. A guy said if they made out he wouldn’t get them in trouble. She said they had a five on one right on school grounds. The guy was arrested and in jail. She said her name was very recognizable. Bubba wants the guys to investigate Lakewood Ranch high school, she said it was a guy named Coach Gram. She said there was girl on girl action. Spice thinks he uncovered it. Bubba read the article. Bubba said if he wants to read the rest of the article, he has to pay $2.95. She said the guy had sex with her. Brent said the guy was sentenced to go for jail for a year, but he doesn’t know what else it says, as he has to buy the article, Spice told him to buy it. Bubba wonders how long did this last for, she said she only had sex with her once. Bubba asked her what she was, he was number two. Logan was on the line, he said he went to school with Jennifer. She said she doesn’t know him. Logan said he knows of her, there were three coaches that did that. Logan referred the guys to a story about a coach who knocked a teacher out. Bubba thinks he would commit suicide if that was to happen. Dawn said when she was in high school, there was a teacher who had sex with a lot of the girls, the teacher got transferred to another high school, and Dawn went there. Jody said she knew a guy who went to College with a teacher, the guy was really aggressive with her. Jody wonders if the kids are sexually active, bubba thinks so. kady from Highland said one of her teachers had a party at the lake, but it never happened. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bababbooey on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” audio, Drew Garabo on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba’s white Trash Summer”. We then heard “Don’t Look Back” by Boston as bumper music. Bubba played audio of Bababbooey on “don’t Forget the Lyrics”. Bubba had Drew Garabo on the line. Drew said you can get tickets for the next season. Bubba thinks Dwight Howard is great, Drew said they’ll keep him for a long time, they won’t make the same mistake they did with Shaque. Drew thinks Shaque is bitter with Orlando. Bubba said this is the second time the Magic are going to the finals. Bubba thinks a lot of players get unfair calls. Drew said he’s torn on that issue. Bubba said he was yelling at the TV. Drew said through the second half, they were up by double digits. Drew said he’s glad to see Cleveland go. Brent said these are the best teams in the finals. Bubba wonders what you do with Kobe, Drew thinks you should minimize him. Bubba joked that he spoke to Dwight last night, Drew asked if Dwight told him how to get Audrey Bitoni’s clothing off. Bubba asked what it’s like if he wanted to go, Drew said it would be different if Bubba was there VS some regular guy. Bubba told Drew he was the best, Drew said “No, Bubba was the best.” Bubba thanked Drew for coming on, he wants to do a reminder for Friday’s show. Bubba said you can call Drew 407-916-2934. Drew said you can get season tickets for $450.00. Drew/Ned said he was getting sweaty just thinking about it. Bubba asked Brent if he’s ever seen the Lakers play in the finals, Brent said he never did, he’s seen the playoffs though. Brent said Michael Jordan made the Lakers look stupid back in 1991. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba’s News Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaArmy.com. We then heard a promo for the Dad in Drag contest. We then heard Manson’s “Mike Tyson’s Prayer”. Bubba clowns Spice for his choice in bumper music. The guys remember what Whitney looks like. The guys go over a list of girls they’d have sex with. Bubba thinks Joe Redner is a genius, he thinks Joe is like them. The guys discuss Redner’s pizza shop. Bubba lists all the good qualities of the Mons Venus. Bubba said he heard Joe makes a lot of money off the jukebox. Bubba said the reason why people knock Joe is because he has what they don’t. Bubba thinks they should do lunch at Joe’s Pizza place. Bubba said he doesn’t want a free pizza, he wants to be secret shoppers. Bubba played audio of a guy having a meltdown. Bubba played a news clip saying a sixth grade teacher having sex with a teenager, the mother approved of the relationship. Bubba played a news clip about a guy who took a cop car, then used the radio inside the car to call for backup. Bubba talked about a black cop who was shot. Bubba asked Sharpen not to stick his nose in this situation. Spice can’t name a situation where sharpen has made things better. Bubba played a news clip about a guy who went in front of a judge, and cut himself with a razor blade. Bubba said if he was the judge, he would’ve let the guy bleed. Bubba wonders what the guy is doing in society when it was revealed the guy had sex with a 14 year-old girl when he was 16. Eddie from Tampa said they’re right down the street from Joe’s Pizza place, she said the pizza was awesome. Manson said “Redner doesn’t know anything about salads”. Adam in Clearwater said he was at Shepards yesterday, Bubba thinks the guy saw Linda Hogan, Bubba thinks she knows Shepards. The guy has pictures. Bubba asked the guy to email him the pictures. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Mancow’s waterboarding fake, Jalette commercial

Bubba said that the Mancow waterboarding was fake. Bubba wants to get a hold of the waterboarding segment they did on February 18, 2009. Brent said mancow did it wrong, they blindfolded him. Brent said the problem was they did it the real way. Bubba said it’s MJ tactics. Brent said they were way worse on Treeman. Bubba thinks they should put the whole thing on BTLS.com. Bubba said they’ve only got 914 videos on BubbaRaw.com. Bubba played a commercial for Jalette advertizing a razor for the purpose of shaving your private parts. Bubba wonders if it’s a commercial, Dick said Jabberjaw found it, he heard the audio all over the web. Bubba asked Big dick if he put out a warning that bubba had flipped out earlier. Bubba asked Dick not to talk down to him. Bubba said today is the last day to help out Arlington Toyota. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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