5-27-09 Wednesday

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This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – Sports scores, a guy’s order is screwed up, Brooke Hogan audio

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays losing to the Indians. We then heard some Led Zeppelin as bumper music. Bubba said that was the bad news, but the good news was that the Magic won in overtime. Bubba thinks Ned would like Dwight Howard, Ned said he doesn’t like basketball. Bubba asked Ned what’s the only sport where the defense has the ball, Ned said baseball, Bubba said he got it. Bubba said someone has heat with the shipping department. Dwayne wondered where his stuff was. He ordered some bikes for badge shirts, but the guy got a biker vest. The guy ordered two window stickers; he got four, Bubba thinks it happened on a Friday when everyone was high. Bubba brought Twenty-five Cent in. Twenty-five said the guy could’ve emailed him, Bubba thinks calling the show explains it better. Bubba said Spice is the only guy who can tell the difference between the way Twenty-five Cent saying “yeah”. Twenty-five said that he thinks Tom has been helping out. Twenty-five said that the days Tom is there, he goes in the back and packs stuff. Spice/Treeman said he doesn’t like the guys anymore, so him putting stuff in a bag is just his way of sticking it to them. Bubba said the guy should send one of the vest back, Spice/Treman said he wanted to send him another one. Bubba asked the guys if they’ve lifted the lid yet, Spice and Brent said they are, Manson said it’s cracked, Bubba said his is open, Ned said he had a lid this morning. Ben from Jacksonville said he was watching TV, some dude was cutting down Brooke Hogan. Bubba said he’s in a real good mood today. Bubba said last night; he took some Nyquil and some Tylenol PM. Bubba wonders if you’ve ever been asleep while the alarm is going on, Brent said it’s happened before. Bubba is disgusted at Perez Hilton’s spin on Brooke Hogan’s album cover. Bubba plays some audio of Brooke saying she hates green apples, Spice asked her to stop pretending to be Jessica Simpson. Tim asked Bubba about guards, Bubba said he’s got respect for guys who are putting their lives on the line. Bubba said cops aren’t the only good people. Bubba said today is the Pubic Hair burrito. Spice donated some, Brent didn’t. Manson didn’t contribute. Bubba said Twenty-five came in with a report. Twenty-five said he’s had problems with the guy’s orders in the past, Bubba thinks they should super-serve the guy. Bubba asked Brent whom he’d like to talk to – Obama or a local political figure, Brent picked Obama. Spice said he thinks Twenty-five fears that someone is out to get him. Bubba told Twenty-five to just relax. Bubba wonders if he should talk about his homeowner’s association. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Mike Tyson’s daughter, Bubba’s Homeowner’s association nightmare

Coming back from break, we heard Manson’s “Linda Hogan Gold digger” song from “Bubba’s New & Misc Hits Vol. 5″ track 1. We then heard Grand Funk Railroad as bumper music. Bubba said he’d give Rick from Arlington Toyota one last push. Bubba said this was one of his favorite songs. Bubba said it was one of those songs about getting ass while on the road. Bubba said that Mike Tyson’s daughter died, Spice said it was sad. Bubba said all he’s heard is the chord strangled her, he wants to hear an official report on how she died. Manson wondered if the treadmill was on. Bubba thinks she had a sweatshirt on, and the strings got caught in the rolling thing. Bubba played a clip from Fox 13 talking about it. Bubba said he couldn’t visualize that. We then heard audio of a cop explaining what probably happened. Bubba said some treadmills turn off if used improperly, Manson wondered how rugged do you have to be to have a kill switch on your treadmill.. Bubba wanted to hear Rush Limbaugh, but he missed it. Bubba said he doesn’t want to see a picture of it, but he’d like to as a public service. Rolo from Michigan asked Bubba if he got something he gave Spice the other day. Rolo said Spice’s appearance was a party. Rolo said he got the thing from Wal-Mart, Bubba thinks Ned lives at Wal-Mart. Bubba got a Great Lakes license plate. Manson said when he goes to Wal-Mart; everyone has to have a phone. Bubba explained his Homeowner’s association situation. Bubba said Fibrizi bought a lot a few years ago, he wanted to build a news house. Bubba said they don’t like anyone building anything new, as it’s two and a half years of construction. Bubba said he’s going to file a lawsuit against the HOA, Bubba said he’s over the head of the HOA. Bubba said Fibbrizi came TO him about a year ago, he sold bubba the lott. Bubba said the HOA spent a lot of money for the entrence to Bubba’s house. Bubba said everyone was charged $1200, Brent was trying to figure out the legal ramifications about this. Bubba said he paid his assessment fee long before it was required. Bubba thinks Hitler has governed the laws. Bubba said the association came to him in March and told him to pay $2100 for the lot. Bubba said he sent the $1400, the woman said he needed to pay an extra $700 for interest and penalties. Bubba said it all came to a head yesterday; the woman called him and said that they’re putting a lean on his property. Bubba asked how much he owed, the woman said it wasn’t up for discussion. Bubba said the original heat was from Fibrizi buying the house of the Grandpa of the HOA’s lawyer. Manson said this is why he’s so glad he doesn’t live in a deed restricted community. Bubba said he’d have five thousand choppers out there this weekend. Lin said she’s a community association manager, she thinks the HOA is screwing him over. Bubba said Fibrizi conference called yesterday. Fibrizi said he’s not paying for his house, Bubba said Richard would rather burn his own house down than sell it. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bubba takes your calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the bubba Army window sticker. Bubba played Queen’s “We Will Rock You” as bumper music. Bubba said he’s got a lot of callers on the line. Bubba tried going to Kevin, but he didn’t hear anything. Megan said she works for someone who specializes in building stuff. Bubba said it’s a ridiculous battle he’s fighting. Megan said she had the same issue, she was going to be treasurer, she said the President wouldn’t turn over the books to her, she had to resign. Bubba said there needs to be HOA reform. Jeff was on the line, Jeff said Bubba was calling him Kevin. Bubba wondered who was screening the calls, Brent said it was Fat Casper. Jeff said that Bubba probably doesn’t go to a lott of meetings, Bubba said he doesn’t, but he’ll go now. Jeff said someone should contact the HOA for their actions. Bubba wondered what would happen if he arranged a bunch of bikers, Jeff thinks the noise would be a problem. Bubba asked what does he owe, he said the woman didn’t tell him. Jeff said he’s a lawyer, but he doesn’t do HOA stuff. Brent asked if people have the right to seem itemized listing, Jeff said people do have the right. Jeff said the board of directors on the HOA is like any other board of directors. Bubba thinks if he sues, he’ll be able to get a refund. Bubba thinks he’s turning into MJ. Bubba can’t over how Johnithan is coughing up a lung. Spice thinks the guy’s name isn’t what it was. Bubba said he feels like beating the crap out of Fat Casper. Bubba had Casper in, he asked him if he asks the callers to turn their radio down, Casper said the last guy didn’t have it on, Bubba got out the bat, he didn’t him hit with it though, he told Casper he needs to tell every caller that. Bubba asked him about the Kevin/Jeff situation, Casper said he put in the name Jeff on the screen, Bubba told him to get out of his studio before he kills him. Bubba took a cal from a woman who said they’re being jerks. Vince said he’s an insurance broker, he said the way the laws are written, and it’s more in favor for the HOA. Vince said some has are very communistic, in some places you have to ask permission to paint your house. Bubba thinks he could find some issues in his situation. Robin said she’s a title agent, he hung up on her, as he didn’t want to have to repeat the story. Bubba said the Dad of the baby thrown on the road wrote a letter to the tribe. Bubba played some audio about the guy, saying he wanted the guy to die. Bubba stopped the clip when he found out the guy was in jail. Spice as a gangster said he was “Fitting’ to take matters in his own hands”. Bubba said no one in the media has the balls to look at the mother. Bubba said this is human trash. Spice suggests a dating game for her, Bubba thinks they should remove her from society. Bubba and Spice went back and forth a little with Bubba asking some questions, with Spice answering them in a gangster fashion. Bubba thinks the afterlife is in a better place. Bubba thinks the kid should’ve been adopted. Bubba thinks the kid is better off dead than having to live in this society. Bubba hopes Mctear gets a needle. Bubba said you have to know who is watching over your kid. Bubba said hot ass on a lonely night trumps all. Ned thinks it was suicide. We then heard Ned’s “Dead baby”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba loves McDonalds and Diet coke, Jose Canseco, Henry Wayde and Sonia Sotomayor discussions, and Rush Limbaugh audio

Bubba really likes Diet coke. The guys think America is tired of Jose Canseco. Bubba has Brent guess where an article about DNA is from, Brent said Dallas, and Bubba gave him a timmble. The guys talk about Henry Wayde, the DA for Dallas. Bubba plays audio about Obama’s pic for appeals court justice, Sonia Sotomayor. Bubba has audio of Rush Limbaugh commenting on this. Bubba thinks Rush is counter programming. Brent said he wants to read some of her opinions, then he’ll make his decision on what he thinks of her. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tucker Carlson calls in

Bubba had Tucker Carlson on. Tucker thinks his marriage will last for a long time. The guys ask Tucker this thoughts on Sonia Sotomayor. Tucker thinks this is a diversity hire. Tucker said everyone is tr4eated equally under the law. Brent said the worst place for racism is the legal system. Brent said if we apply the laws to everyone, gays wouldn’t be allowed to marry. Bubba said he’s looking at porn, he’s not interested in the conversation. Bubba thinks Tucker Carlson hates black people. Ned said, “Breaking news – Tucker Carlson hates black people”, Tucker laughed it off. Bubba thinks Tucker is on fire. Brent said John Roberts has ruled in favor of big business in al of his rulings. Tucker wonders why it’s okay to beat up white people. Bubba said they’ve got pubic hair burrito coming up, Tucker didn’t know what that’s about. Bubba explained it to him. Bubba asked Tucker if he’d like to work there, Tucker wonders if you get a good pay for that. Tucker finds it disgusting. Bubba said Ned claims he can part his pubic hair. Tucker said the only grooming product he uses dial soap. Bubba said he’s bald down there, he thinks it’s a cleaner presentation, Tucker said he was shaking his head in horror. Tucker said he’d never do that, as he’s afraid of getting castrated. Spice finds the underarm shaving is creepy. Bubba said Tucker is now asking questions for personal gane. Tucker thinks you have to stop wearing boxers after shaving your crotch. Tucker said he’s an open-minded person, he’s not passing judgement. Bubba wants Tucker to try it. Bubba said he’s never cut himself in ten years, Tucker said he gives him bold points for doing that. Bubba described his nightly routine. Bubba said he doesn’t shave his face. Spice/Bubba said he looks really sexy. Bubba said Tucker never does anything for them, bubba said he gives gives gives, Tucker just takes takes takes. Bubba wants to Tucker to try out shaving his testicles. Tucker thinks he would end up in an apartment if he tried it. Tucker said people smell for a reason. Tucker said he’d have to turn in his man card if he did that. Tucker said he’s pro choice on pubic shaving. Bubba wonders if tucker’s wife listens to the show, Tucker said no. Bubba thanked Tucker for coming on. Bubba asked the guys if they do what he does. Spice said he does what bubba does, less the armpits. Brent said he clips his pubes, Manson and Ned do nothing. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Wrestling Trivia is a no go, news clips, Hogan calls in, Manson’s New Bit

Coming back from break, we heard a promo for “Bubba court”. We heard “Won’t get fooled again” by the who as bumper music. Bubba said he’s got a guy who wants to challenge Bubba to Wrestling trivia. Bubba went to Joey, Bubba told him he wasn’t all that interested. Joey asked bubba to ask a question, Bubba told Joey to ask him a question. Joey got Eviled a few seconds later. Miles thinks Tucker should try it. David thinks he should look at it from the woman’s point of view. Bubba said you don’t have to explain it to him. Bubba played some audio about some teens that were let off for raping another boy. The judge had no choice but to release them from home confinement. Bubba said he heard the judge was very upset about this. Ned said this story is nasty, Bubba chides him for thinking that way. Ned thinks the guys are being judgmental. Bubba read an article about Mike Tyson’s daughter dieing. Manson/Mike Tyson said he was going to the hospital. Bubba said Hogan lost a lot of money on Tyson’s fight where he lost to Buster Douglas. Hogan was on the line to recap the story. Hogan said he had a contract with Mike, they were going to have Tyson VS Hogan. Hogan said it would’ve been the first $100,000,000 pay-per-view. Manson/Mike Tyson said he would’ve kicked Hogan’s ass. Hogan said Mike Tyson was a special ref for a fight between Hogan and Macho. Spice/Vince said macho had to take a punch, Manson/Macho thought it would hurt. Manson/Tyson said he would’ve eaten Linda’s heart and saved him years of grief. Bubba said they haven’t heard anything back from Linda about the drug test. Hogan said yesterday was one of the toughest days of his life. Hogan said he thinks Linda’s publicist will never work again. Bubba wondered how much Linda’s mom has funneled from Hogan. Bubba asked Manson how would he feel if Donna did what Linda did. Manson has a new offering, “Mike Tyson’s Prayer”. The bit has Mike saying that Ala has done shit for him. Mike asked how hard is it to protect a little girl. Bubba thinks Mike ends up fighting God. Mike blames God for his problems, he wants to kick God’s ass, rape Virgin Mary, and eat St. Peter’s heart. Mike then said he’d like to cruise through hell in a nice car, he then forgets why he was praying in the first place, the bit ends with him contemplating eating the baby Jesus, he then closes by saying “Praise Ala”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Pubic Hair Burrrito, Pt. 1

Bubba played “Blinded By The Light” as bumperr music. Bubba said it was time for Pubic Hair Burrito. Sandra finds Bubba sexy for shaving down there, Ned said “Thank you Mrs. Lunsford.”. Bubba said they’ve got three people Tom, Pantera and Casper. Spice/Treeman said he was there just because he’s hungry. The guys clown Bubba for putting on gloves. Bubba thinks he should have a twist – two burritos and one guy getting off scott free. Bubba chides some of the guys for their controbutions. Bubba wants to see someone do a line of pubic hair. Bubba went over the ccontrobutions. Bubba said he got this idea off of “The Rad Girls”. Brent said Mancow is a hack for saying he was the first guy to do waterboarding. Bubba decides to split up Twenty-five’s controbutions into two burritos. Bubba jokes that Miller will have this on BubbaRaw.com with in a month. Manson said he’s got a lot of pubes, Bubba wants him to collect. Bubba said he’s hungry, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Pubic Hair Burrito, pt. 2

Bubba had Tom, Casper and Pantera in for the pubic hair burrito. Pantera got number 3, Casper got 2, Tom got 1. Casper got lucky and ended up with a pubic hair free burrito, Tom and Patnera weren’t so lucky. tom spit his out, Bubba is disappointed in Tom. Bubba thanked the guys for participating in the stunt. Bubba plugged what will be on tomorrow. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

Last year (Wednesday June 4, 2008), the guys did the first installment of the Pubic Hair burrito. Lummox, Pantera and Zit participated. Lummox and Zit were lucky; Pantera got the one stuffed with hair. As he ate it, he pushed the hair to one side. Bubba noticed this, and told him to finish it, hair and all. Pantera took a bite, which caused him to vomit. This clip appears on Bubba Raw Volume 3.

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