5-26-09 Tuesday

May 26th, 2009 by admin

Heard on the Show:
Brooke Hogan Enters Bollea Divorce Fracas
Woman Charged in Wal-Mart Baby Throwing
North Korea Test-Fires 2 More Missiles
Mike Tyson’s Daughter in Critical Condition After Mishap

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.


Segment 1 – Sports scores, Weekend recaps, racing discussions

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays losing. We then heard some BOC as bumper music. The guys comment on the game, the guys are disgusted. Bubba thinks you could’ve done slow pitch softball and you would’ve been able to maintain a 10-0 led. Bubba recapped some scores. Bubba said a lot of the emails said he should’ve kicked Audrey Bitoni out. Spice called her a “Flaming bitch”. Bubba told Manson she’s never had an orgasm. Bubba thinks he would’ve spent the whole show reading all the emails he’s gotten on that topic. Spice thinks the girls are getting bitchier these days. Brent thinks the reason is because of the celebutards (Joe the Plumber, Octomom) etc, everyone thinks they’re a celebrity. Bubba said he had a great weekend. Bubba said he got hammered on four beers. Ned called Bubba a lightweight; the guys clown Ned for saying his drinks in Houston were doubles. Bubba said he got into a fight with Heather over canceling dinner. Bubba said he worked out until 8:30, he thinks he shouldn’t work out before going to bed.. Bubba said he had three glasses of Applepie Moonshine, he said he wished someone had recorded him, he then retracts it as he thinks it would’ve been a problem. Brent said he watched some sports on Friday night. Brent said the Poker tournament went great, he didn’t last very long. Bubba congratulates David for winning. Bubba wishes Tony would’ve stayed out. Bubba said he doesn’t think Danica Patric is talented. Brent said Jimmy Johnson said she shouldn’t try Nascar. Manson found the race to be boring. Bubba agrees with Jimmy. Bubba said the only guy to come out of IRL was Tony. Bamma boy from New York asked if Ned saw Buzzy on TV, Bubba said he just asked him that. Bubba went over the stuff he’s got for this week. Bubba said he’s so used to saying MSNBC when referring to Tucker Carlson. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Guy attacked by Shark, emails, and Mike Tyson’s daughter on life support

Coming back from break, we heard a promo for Bubbaraw.com. We then heard Ed Graziano’s message to Hogan, we then heard Manson’s “Telephone tough Guys” bit. Bubba said he got an email from Billy Vegas, he’s thinking of starting a new restaurant. Spice said the economy is so bad, restaurants in Vegas are going out of business. Bubba wants Carl to create a bumper for the Heather the Vibrator lady dating game. Bubba and Brent argue over the date of the contest. Bubba read that Jesco White’s drug case got dropped. The guys bag on the name Porter Snotgrass. Bubba read that a guy tried to recreate a scene from “The Shining”. The article stated that the guy did it to attempt to kill some paramedics. Bubba read some emails. Spice thinks she’s not so conservative as she claims. The first email thinks they wrote down a web address wrong, they got it though. Bubba thinks he’ll try is combination of a Fein mixed into a Redbowl. Ned said he’ll mix it with some blow. Another emailer said that they tried to download the Tack dodge ball, but it wouldn’t load properly. The emailer also wants to know what happened with the recaps. Bubba wonders if Blind Lawrence has boycotted, Brent thinks differently. Bubba brought big Dick in, Dick said he checked a few days ago, it was fine. Another emailer said that Mancow waterboarded himself, the emailer also said that some guys in Rochester ripped off “I Kissed A Boy”. Another emailer said that they don’t like shock jocks and talk radio, but loves the show. Another emailer said he saw MJ on a flight. He said MJ was looking at his girlfriend. The emailer wonders how did MJ reproduce. Bubba said if you look at the pic, MJ looks like a retarded kid with a huge forehead. Bubba had audio about a guy who got attacked by a shark. Spice said every time they talk about it, it’s not that big of a deal. Manson said the guy wanted a little bit of facetime. Bubba thinks the guy in the clip sounds like Danny Cook. Bubba said anyone who gets bit by a shark is just over doing it. Bubba thinks they’re hurting for news. Bubba said that Mike Tyson’s daughter is on life support. Bubba played audio about that. Bubba thinks Mike had the right idea by naming his daughter Exitist. Manson/Mike Tyson talked to Bubba a little. We then heard Manson’s ‘MTV Cribs – Mike Tyson” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 6″, track 21. In the bit, Mike has a big Pepper grinder, a bed about the size of a tennis court, his own rock climbing wall, his own race track, his own trash compactor and a wildlife preserve. The bit ends with Mike yelling at the MTV Cribs crew, threatening to “Eat Carson Daily’s heart” and use “Kurt Loder’s small intestine for fishing line.” They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Nascar audio, North Korea discussions, baby used as weapon, stupid stuff behind the wheel

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Court”. We then heard “Let Her Cry” as bumper music. Bubba said tomorrow is pubic hair burrito. Bubba thinks they don’t need Tom the Treeman anymore. Spice said big dick told him it was a medical emergency, Bubba thinks differently. Bubba thinks the web department has gotten better. Bubba thinks in the afternoon, people are busy. The guys think less is better. Bubba wonders if they should ween themselves off of Tom, Brent thinks they could use him for stunts they wouldn’t normally do. Bubba wonders if they’re making a big deal over the North Korea situation. Brent said they’ve got a million man army, Manson thinks it’s an army of starving people, Brent said the army gets all the food. Bubba plays audio from the yesterday’s Nascar race, Spice chides the audio, Bubba tells Spice to keep talking. Bubba stops and starts the audio to comment. Brent said “shit” came through on Tony’s radio. Manson wondered how cool would it be if Nascar was to race in the rain. Bubba wishes Nascar would let the guys go uncensored. Bubba said there’s a pic on the site of Tony with his belt. Bubba said at one time, Tony was up six points on Jeff Gordon. Bubba said David was hanging some of the guys out. Bubba said Tony and some guy almost got into a heated debate over something. Bubba said Tony had to really edit himself in this clip, Brent said he’s about to flip out. Bubba thinks DW sounds like a real hilljack in this clip. Bubba thinks they need a fight to get the ratings up again. Bubba played some clips of David. Bubba said David knows to back it down a notch when talking to the announcer. Bubba thinks the announcers sound bummed out. Bubba thinks all the listeners tuned out. Bubba played audio about North Korea, Bubba wonders “Who Cares?” Brent said if they hit Tokyo, it would be a problem for us. Bubba wonders who made us in charge. Bubba isn’t sure what Obama said; Brent broke it down for him. Bubba asked Brent to act as a reporter, with Bubba as President. President bubba asked why doesn’t it have to start and stop with him. Bubba played audio discussing a car that the parents can set. Bubba thinks the teen will take the parent key. Manson said his kid is irresponsible, Manson thinks he’d like to drive him around until he’s 25. Spice doesn’t think Manson’s kid is the kind of guy who shows off. Bubba said he’ll put the fear of God in Tyler when he gets a car. Bubba said if he was Manson, he’d put some rims n Manson’s pickup and give it to Trace. Manson said the kid is scatter brained when he’s behind the wheel. Bubba played audio of a woman who used her nece as a weapon. Brent wonders what she’s thinking. Bubba said that’s a free beatdown. Dozier said he grew up in a different time, he said he feels bad for the kids now adays. Bubba said he doesn’t feel bad for the kids these days, they’ve got stuff they didn’t have growing up. Bubba said they’ve all done stupid things when they got their licenses. Bubba hung up on Dozier for not paying attention.. Bubba said that he knew that if he did something really stupid, his dad would beat him. Bubba thinks driving up and down on the airport runways was a bad idea. Spice thinks the dumbest thing he’s ever did was drink and drive. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Linda Hogan discussions, MJ firing an intern for smoking pot?

Bubba played some Brooke Hogan as bumper music. Bubba thinks Stacks said “Reminiscing on nuts”, Spice corrected him. Bubba said he’s seen Linda induce cocaine. Bubba wants Miller to find his depositions. Bubba said he’s over Nick’s antics, Bubba thinks Nick is week. Bubba wonders why Linda Hogan has a publicist. Bubba said that having known the family for over a decade, he thinks Brooke has been honest. Bubba said he’s never known Linda to step into a church. Bubba wants to do a $10,000 drug test on Linda. Bubba said this offer is only good until Friday. Bubba thinks they could raise a tun of money for this. Bubba wonders if he offered the same drug test to Mark Lunsford, Spice said yes. Spice thinks she wouldn’t pass. Bubba thinks they should sweeten up the stakes. Bubba said for $100,000 if she passes, not to say anything about the issue. Dee from Tampa asked if he heard about one of MJ’s interns smoking a blunt in a hotel room, MJ is thinking about firing her. Spice jokes that Bubba will fire you if you don’t smoke a blunt. Bubba doesn’t understand MJ’s hypocrisy. Bubba said you care less what you do on your private time. Manson/MJ said Marijuana is a gateway drug. Bubba wonders why does MJ have to be such a nerd. Bubba called MJ a snitch. Fred said he’s seen Linda in Church, church’s chicken, Bubba hung up, sarcastically telling him “Good joke”. Dan from Sarasota said he’s got some Moore info, it was during a station event. Bubba had Spice act like a nerd snitching on Brent. Steve in Englewood thinks MJ should be on Bubba’s show. We then heard Manson’s “I Can’t Say My ABCs”. The bit deals with MJ’s lawyer, Phil Campbell screwing up his ABCs after getting pulled over for a DUI. We then heard a clip of MJ saying he has a zero tolerance policy for DUIS, saying that if anyone on the show gets a DUI, they’re fired. We then heard a radio theater bit featuring Spice as Phil, and Manson and MJ discussing the lawsuit over some glasses of wine. This bit appears on “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 5″, track 4. The bit ends with Phil saying he’ll be driving to a club, with MJ egging him on. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba rants against MJ, how Fibrizi plays Craps, Jeremy Shockey and Kim Cardishian discussions

Coming back from break, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army flag. Bubba rails against MJ. Bubba describes Fibrizi’s way of playing Craps. Bubba said he’s seen Richard go for 15 minutes and get a lot of money. Bubba read an article about a woman who had a Craps game for 4 hours and eighteen minutes. Brent said the IRS is waiting for her. Bubba said Powerball is up to two hundred twenty-two million dollars. Spice thought he was going to win Powerball this weekend. Spice thinks he would’ve made his own deal. Bubba asked if he’s asked anyone to invest in the show, the guys said no. Bubba called Fibrizi, we heard music from the godfather as it rang. Bubba got kicked to voicemail. Bubba was promoted to give his password, he tried various combinations, but it didn’t work out. Bubba took a call from a guy who named the person who played Craps for three hours. Bubba read an article about Jeremy Shockey at a party, Brent thinks the Saints should cut him for his drug problems. Bubba said he’s over Kim Cardishian. Bubba wonders what they did to be considered famous. Spice thinks she’s like Linda Hogan. Manson said America likes watching idiots yelling at each other. Bubba is disgusted at the amount of makeup she has to wear. Bubba said he can wish bad things on certain people. Spice thinks the worst show is “Sunset Tan”. Bubba said that at least some of the shows follow the jobs people have. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba chats with Fibrizi, Mike Tyson audio, Bubba is disgusted with Reality TV

Coming out of break, we heard a news clip saying 17 year-olds will not be able to get the morning after pill. We then heard Manson’s “Abortion City” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 1″, track 2. We then heard “Me and Bobby McGee” as bumper music. Bubba called Fibrizi, he picked up. Bubba had the Godfather music in the background for a little bit. Bubba recapped the story for him, Richard said you’d come out with a lot of money. Fibrizi said there’s a table limit of around thirty minutes. Bubba recounted the time Brad Stoler convinced him not to bet something. Bubba played an audio clip of a man who got arrested for having sex with a teenager. Bubba wonders how mad would he be if that happened to him, Manson said he’d be mad. Bubba wonders why would you want to have sex with a teenager when you have access to porn. Bubba said if he was a guest in someone’s house for some reason, he’d make sure there’s no question in the person’s mind. Bubba played a clip of Mike Tyson commenting on Chris Brown. Brent said this would be like Bristol Palin telling kids to practice safe sex. The guys have no idea what Mike is trying to say, Bubba asks Ned to help him decipher it. Spice and Brent comment on the documentary “Tyson”. Spice thinks the film makes you feel bad for Mike. Gus in Orlando fears for the future of our kids. the guy’s list TV shows with bad parenting. Brent said there’s only one reality show where the kids are well behaved – Gean Simmons’s. The guys clown Bubba for screwing up “Normality” as “Normalcy”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Hulk Hogan Calls In

Bubba played “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC as bumper music. Bubba has audio of MJ, but he wants to have it edited. Bubba said Hogan was on the warm line. Bubba asked Hogan if he saw the Perez Hilton article, Bubba asked Hogan not talk to him again. Hogan said it’s tough for girls like Brooke. Hogan doesn’t get how anyone could do that to their own kid. Bubba said he told Hogan Linda was evil at least 914 times. Bubba gets how she can turn on him, he doesn’t get how it can happen with the kids though. Hogan said it’s like a verbal OJ. Bubba said he’s loyal to a fault. Bubba said he’s never heard the kids talk smack about Linda’s physical appearance. Hogan said it’s all about the money. Hogan said he’s never gone to his kids and said “You owe me money”. Bubba asked Hogan if he thinks “Hogan Knows Best” was a big problem for the family, Hogan said the family had problems long before the show went on the air. Hogan asked about the drug test. Bubba read the portion of the article. Bubba doesn’t like how they’ve got Hogan spun as being controlled. Hogan said he heard that Linda was a tattoo shop, looking for belly button rings. Bubba explained his proposal to Hogan, Hogan said they’ve brought that up. Bubba said Hogan would drug test himself for free. Hogan wonders what’s going on with charley. Bubba read a comment from someone who was disgusted with Linda’s actions. Hogan said he’s tried to distance himself from the situation. Bubba played audio from his deposition explaining Linda’s drug problem. In the clip, Bubba said that Linda would be drunk at every gathering, he said he’d condition himself to leave early. Hogan said that Linda’s Memorial day party didn’t have any bodyguards. Bubba said once this is all over, Linda will no longer be relevant. Hogan said Nick needs to be careful. Bubba said people are disgusted by Linda Hogan’s actions. Hogan said it was hard to write the dedication for the book. Bubba said the on-going rib was that he and Hogan were banging. Bubba asked Hogan how his back is, Hogan said it’s a work in progress. Bubba said Hogan is well liked by the public. Hogan wondered why Linda hates life so much. Bubba wondered how bad Linda hated them, Hogan said she didn’t hate him any different. Brent thinks she wraps herself in negativity. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba Sparxx’s Old Number goes to a car dealership

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaArmy.com, we then heard a promo for Bubba Raw volume 3. We then heard Manson’s “Thank You For Being Todd Clem” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9″, track 5. The bit thanks Bubba for being who he is, with clips of Bubba saying he was tired of the guys digging on him. We then heard “Me and Hogan”, whcih originally appeared on the now out of print album “The toddd clem Project” from 2000 (disc 2, track 16). The bit is avaiable on “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 1 and 5″, tracks 22 and 17 respectively. The bit is a parody of “So Happy Together” by The Turtles, and takes shots and Bubba and Hogan’s friendship. Bubba wonders if they’ve got any Bubba Sparxx in the system, Sparxx was arrested for having pills. Bubba played a bit of “ugly”. Bubba read the article. Bubba has a hard time pronouncing one of the names of the drugs. Bubba thought “Guly” was his biggest one. Bubba had to dump out of “Ugly”. Bubba asked if anyone watched UFC over the weekend, Spice said he did. Bubba got caught off guard with something, Spice was on the line with Bubba Sparxx’s old number. Bubba wants Spice to call back andd try to get some on-air therapy. Brent thinks Bubba has OCD. Bubba went to the guy. Bubba said he’s hooked on porn, he thought he was a theropist, the guy works on cars. The guy likes Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon, the guy is into drag racing. The guy runs RRoil Purple Oil. Someone rang the bell. Bubba andd the guy discussed cars. Manson chides Spice for putting this guy on. Spice thinks the guy is gay. The guy said a gay man doesn’t have four children. Spice asked if the guy hates black people. Tim from Lakeland said he was eating his breakfast watching the race, he thinks he saw David kissing the ground. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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