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Heard on the Show:
Tony Dungy: Michael Vick ‘Deserves a Second Chance’
Hit and Run Teacher Wants Off of Probation
Richard McTear Jr. Pleads Not Guilty
5 Alabama Police Officers Fired

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1

The guys discuss sports scores.

Segment 2

Bubba reads some comments from Frank Caruso on the site threatening bubba. Brent goes over Frank’s record.

Segment 3

The guys comment on some stories in the news, the guys think Sapp is an idiot for saying Michael Vick shouldd come back.

Semgnet 4

Dr. mark comes in, Bubba asks the females if a man’s ejaculate size matters, 11-2 say it doesn’t matter.

Segment 5

The guys comment on the richard Mctear situation, Bubba thinks this is just black trash.

Segment 6

The guys comment on Neil Rogers getting suspended for letting a f bomb go outt on his show, the guys think Joe Bell sounds like Ted Bell, a character from Phil Hendrie (Ted is a steakhouse owner with an out of control ego). Porkchop calls in, Bubba wants to get his girlfriend on the phone.

Segment 7

Porkchop’s girlfriend won’t answer the phone, Ned suggests they go to a mosh pit. Chris, Bubba’s former lawyer calls in. Bubba said if you’re in court fighting a custody battle, go with a female lawyer. Porkchop called back in, he said his girlfriend is really pissed at him over this situation. Bubba said he’s gonna try and get one of the guy’s testicals returned. Bubba said he should call her back and say he doesn’t want the kid, and that he’s out of the relationship. Porkchop said he thinks he’ll have child support issues, Bubba said it’ll happen eithher way. Bubba thinks Porkchop is bluffing. Spice asked if he’d like to be with her, the guy said yes. Manson said the guy is playing Abortion poker. Bubba thinks the guy has to switch gears. Brent thinks the guy should stay in the realtionship. Bubba asked Porkchop if they’ve ever fought, only for her to take him back. Ned asked how high is front steps are, Porkchop saidd about two feet, Ned said “there ya go”. Brent said Manson is for mass abortions. Bubba said porkchop doesn’t have a hair on his ass if he doesn’t call him tomorrow from a Motel six. Spice suggested the guy get Black Cohosh, Bubba asked Spice to stop, Porkchop doesn’t think that’ll work. Bubba thinks he shouldn’t say “I’ll see you in court” when he leaves. Bubba thinks it’s all about her. Porkchop said he doesn’t want to be black trash or anything like that. Bubba asked Spice to stop saying cohosh. Porkchop said she’s already picked out colors for the third bedroom, Manson thinks the guys deserves what he gets. Bubba thinks he’s done. Spice thinks he’ll call them with in a year and say how great the kid is. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8

Coming back from break, we heard Manson’s “MTV Cribs – Michael Vick”, with Twenty-five cent playing him. The bit features animals wripping each other up. This bit is from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 6″, track 19. The bit concludes with the cops pulling up to Vick’s house. Bubba said Adre Pratony will be on the show tomorrow. The guys breafly touch on “Press Your Luck”, Brent loves the show. Bubba reads some emails. One emailer said Abry Huff would be traded to the Mets, Spice thinks it’s not true. Another emailer thinks Bubba is related to a guy named Loney Clem. Another email said that the guys should go after a case of a woman who hit a homeless woman. Bubba read that the Cummings no longer welcomed the Anthony’s to get off of their property. Bubba wants the guys to put her site up on the page. Another emailer said Warren Sapp joined Twitter, the guy said he taunted him with Bubba army, he’s been blocked. Another emailer expressed sorror towards Blind Glen. Jamey called into comment on the porkchop situation, he thinks he’s contradicting himself. Bubba said the advice he gives isn’t professional by any stretch of the imagination, Brent thinks it would be like asking the local ddrunk at your favorite bar about this, you’d probably get the same advice. Kevin asked if the guys so a video of some cops beating the crap out of someone. Bubba said he got two compliments on his ball watch. Spice really wants Bubba’s watch. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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