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Veteran III. Sheriff Accused of Trafficking Pot

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



This recap is dedicated in loving memory of Blind glen’s wife, who passed away on Monday.

Segment 1 – Racing tires, Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Fein discussions, sports scores

Bubba started off with audio of last night’s Rays game, they lost 4-1 against Oakland. We then heard some Rush as bumper music. Bubba said today is Tony Stewart’s birthday. Bubba said he got a hood from Suncoast Hood, Bubba said he pays for everything. Bubba said he’s all over the road today, he’s on the verge of flipping out, but he’s in a good mood for some reason. Bubba said he worked out for a little bit, got a chance to hang out with Tyler, Craig moved some stuff, he cut and trued his tires, Spice sarcastically showed his interest. Bubba said that tires don’t come perfectly round. Bubba said he and Heather got into a bit of a fight, Bubba said this was his garage. Chris asked if Bubba preps the tires, Bubba said no that would happen. Bubba said Danny Lasowski would be on to talk about an issue he had. Bubba wonders about Fein, Brent said he thinks it’s out already. Bubba described it as tasteless caffeine. Bubba said you could add it to anything, even Miller Light. Brent wondered what would happen if you did that, you’d be smashed and wide-awake at the same time. Bubba thinks he’ll go back to a Long Island Iced tea. Bubba plugged the top five countdown – Urban. Bubba said Dr. Mark will be on tomorrow, he has a question about his urine stream, and it’s not as powerful as it once was. Bubba said Tucker signed a deal with Fox News. Bubba said Mike Deetson from channel 10 will be on the air today, Bubba said Mike was the first reporter to do a story on him. Bubba plugged a pornstar coming in on Friday. Spice said she’s not going to do much for them, Bubba wonders why. Bubba plugged BubbaRaw.com; four new clips of Tack Dodge Ball are up. Bubba said he really likes Lurch, Bubba said he throws the ball with a lot of force. Bubba plugged some stuff on btls.com. Bubba gave Brent a plug for his appearance this Saturday in Daytona, he’ll be at a poker run. Chris in Ft. Meyers thinks they should put Tucker on in Shepard Smith’s spot. Chris said he watches Glen Beck’s show, Bubba said he likes Glen’s TV show more than his radio show. Bubba recaps some sports scores. Bubba said Heather has a big crush on Carlos. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Blind Glen’s wife RIP, Emails, the guys talk local politics

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Court”. Bubba said we need some people for Bubba Court. Bubba wonders about the Heather the Vibrator dating game, he had to double check to see what the date was. Bubba thinks her pic will be up on the site. Bubba described is hot, with a few kids. Bubba said Blind Glen’s wife passed away last night. Bubba said Blind Glen is probably one of the most loyal listeners. Bubba played audio of Keith Olberman saying Tucker Carlson is the worst person in the world. Bubba and Brent think Tucker is wrong. Bubba read some emails. The first email of the day said he met Bubba at Bubbapalooza in Detroit, the guy said he would like to send him some merchandise for a fundraiser. Brent said he really likes the cops who arrest child molesters. Bubba thinks he’ll start voicing commercials for “Solid Gold”. Brent said Miami has more freedoms than we do. Another emailer said the Warren Sapp was such an asshole during his days at Miami. The emailer said that the guys moved his car to mess with him. Bubba wonders that the big guys were to come out of Miami, Brent said it was mostly a throwing team when Jimmy Johnson was there. Another emailer said that there’s a roomer that Howard will retire and Bubba will take his place. Bubba said if he’d like to take hi place he could, he’s on the team. Bubba thinks it’s important that Howard keep the label on his channels. Bubba thinks the hire ups finally understand the power of his show.. Bubba said he’ll never say no to Howard. Bubba said he wouldn’t be able to feed his family had Howard not taken a chance on him. Brent said Howard was not in a good mood yesterday. Bubba said his therapy is working in the garage. Brent said he heard that Howard is thinking about hanging it up. Bubba said he’s with Howard no matter what. Another emailer asked about the Blind Lawrence recaps. Brent said Lawrence wrote him an email. Bubba said a bunch of words would drive him crazy. Spice wants to write down his guess, Brent said he can’t say what it is. Brent said Lawrence wants to come in, Spice said he wants to become a part of the team. Bubba said it’s a pain in the ass to have to baby sit, Bubba isn’t sure. Bubba said he doesn’t want to lose the guy, Bubba said big dick doesn’t want to baby sit. Brent said it’s a tough decision. Brent said he’s not being a dick, Bubba wonders what Lawrence can do, he said he’s very limited. Bubba said Lawrence has a memory second to none. Spice wonders what he has in mind. Bubba asked Lawrence to email Brent with some stuff, Bubba said this is a place of business. Brent said around here it’s been very business like. Spice said that Dave Rice said Lawrence wants to help out with Manson’s stuff, Bubba said no. Bubba said he’s got guys who would like to do various things. Spice said he could answer the phones, he then scratched it after he said Dave Rice tried the Jaws program, that didn’t work out. Another emailer thanked Bubba for ripping into Warren Sapp. Bubba thinks he could bring in Lawrence once a week, Spice thinks Lawrence might have some ideas. Bubba said Lawrence has no idea what it would be like to try and help out Manson with some stuff. The guys discuss local politics, Bubba thinks a Democratic governor of Florida would be a great choice. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Pornstar discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard Manson’s “You Better Not Smoke Pot” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 6″, track 10. Bubba played some sister Hazel as bumper music, Spice said they’re touring a lot. Bubba said Mike Tidwell’s wife; Amanda is a big Sister Hazel fan. Bubba wonders if Ned is their today. Bubba said Spice and him were talking off the air about the pornstar on Friday, he said one big cluster F. Bubba said they’ve got a job to do, and that is to deliver a good show. Spice read the email he got from her people. Bubba wants Spice to pen an email. Bubba suggests they do research on them, as they’ve done research on her. Bubba said he’s never had to ask for a porno chick. Bubba said he’ll join and have it on his credit card. Bubba said he has half a mind to take a poop on her. Bubba said he’s just asking her to do what she does for a living. Bubba said Akira is becoming a huge thing in the industry. Bubba thinks she’ll win something at the avns next year. Bubba said Hammil owns akiranyc.com. Spice said he’s got a porno tape of him and Akira, he said he’s not allowing the guys to see the tape. Bubba thinks Hammil is an idiot for not putting up hardcore stuff on Akira’s site. Spice said she’s really whore-is. Spice said they were talking, Spice thinks she’s not girlfriend material by any stretch of the imagination. Bubba said he’s on the pornstar, he read her bio from her MySpace page. Bubba thinks Paul Allan will get it done. Bubba said he wants her to come in and kick it out wide. Bubba compares it to interviewing a basketball player, but not being allowed to talk about basketball. Steve thinks it’s a grave injustice when a pornstar acts like she’s high and mighty. Bubba said he’s just asking her to be nude. Bubba said people don’t take pride in their work, they just half ass and cut and paste. Bubba wants to get Dean Tyler on the case and send her down to Solid Gold. Bubba took a call from a guy who just wanted to give Bubba some love; Bubba hung up on him though. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Top five Countdown – urban

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about the Mother of the kid who was thrown out the car window. Bubba thinks thee reporter doesn’t have a hair on her ass if she doesn’t ask why the woman didn’t go to court.. Bubba wants to get someone on the air from the prison to see how the guy is being treated. Bubba chides Mark Wilson for saying the woman is mature. Bubba said he has a cop on the line. The cop said that the guy has been in a cell all by himself, Bubba thinks he wouldn’t survive in general population. Joey said he just got out of jail, the guy has more protection than the President does. Joey said he got pulled over for three or four buds of weed, Ned thinks he should’ve eaten them. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he had the same situation in a sense, his girlfriend pulled a knife on him. We then heard Ned’s “Dead Baby” bit, Bubba stopped and started it periodically to interject some commentary. Bubba said a lot of the heat comes from Ned. Bubba hit the bumper for the top five songs for the urban genre. Bubba said the genres Christian and Latin are gone. Bubba played the first song, “Rock that Thing” by The Dream. Bubba said the song sucks already, it’s a 0:00 intro. Bubba proposes Cox get an urban station. Bobby said he doesn’t care for the Ned parody, he switched it over to MJ’s show, the guy said they played a bit of the “My Trunk” song, Bubba said they’ll be hearing from his lawyer. Bubba thinks the song is horrible. Bubba thinks all the urban songs are about how good they are in bed, or how much they miss someone. Spice read The Dream is starting his own clothing line. Bubba thinks the song is stupid. Bubba wonders if he’s singing or talking, Manson thinks it’s both. The guys asked about the hook, Bubba said he deleted it. Brent said he wouldn’t know the dream if he ran him over. Manson/Elmo said you can blame it on the alcohol. The next song is “Boyfriend” by Pleasure P. Bubba doesn’t like the opening line “Call me when you’re man isn’t home”, Bubba thought it was Deion. Ned likes the song. Bubba said if you’d tried that at a club, you’d get a bud light bottle across the face. Bubba wonders why we have an over population problem. Bubba thinks they should have a song about being good parents. Bubba said he was at the gym the other day and found ‘I’m That Type Of guy” by LL Cool Jay. The guys didn’t say anything; Bubba thanked the guys for hanging him out to dry. Bubba calls Pleasure P “Pussy P”. Bubba thinks none of the new guys can hold Ll..’s jock. Ned said he’s a big LL fan. Bubba thinks Manson should do a song about boyfriend one finding out about boyfriend 2. Manson said if you were loving your woman right, this wouldn’t happen. Brent said he heard a story about a woman who had twins by two different guys. Bubba found the song he was looking for; Ned likes the drum machine in the song. Spice doesn’t like how LL Cool Jay is talking down to him in the song. Bubba said him and Jimmy Cleavis s were listening to the song the other day. Bubba went back and forth between each song. The next song is “Get My Swag On” from Solga Boy, Bubba thinks he sounds better, he then takes it back. Bubba thinks he talks to himself in the mirror. Bubba said you whites and blacks who like this kind of music are pathetic. Bubba said if his kids were listening to this, he’d ground them. Bubba said this is why our youth is so lazy. Bubba said he had to turn it off, Manson thinks it’s one of the worst songs he’s ever heard. The next song is “Birthdays” from Jarami. Bubba said he’d like to ride out of the world then listen to this song. Bubba said if you want to get him in a bad mood, just play stuff like this. Brent said he can’t wait for this to be over. The last song was “Blame it On the Alcohol” by Jamie Fox. Bubba wonders if we can get an anti urban song. Brent said this is worse than waterboarding. Bubba said he’s done with it, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tucker Carlson Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard ‘All You Need Is Love” by The Beetles as bumper music. Bubba played Tucker Carlson’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba said they should change the promo. Tucker said he joined a company that hired him in the middle of an economic downfall. Bubba wonders when did Tucker’s career go down, Tucker said if you fail a few times in TV, you’ve got the stink of death on you. Tucker feels like he worked hard, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Bubba thinks Tucker is really smart, he thinks Tucker should listen to a guy like him. Tucker said no one ever tough him how to read a teleprompter. Brent thinks Fox News will give him the latitude to be himself. Bubba said the host is the boss, the producers will prepare you. Bubba said they are a few guys who can do their own things. Bubba said they’re one of the few. Bubba said when Manson or Ned gives him an element; they just give it to him. Brent said the people on TV aren’t smart enough to do what the producers do. Tucker thinks he should have some help. Bubba thinks Tucker should stop pandering to people who look Al Sharpton. Tucker said he can’t, he knows Al Sharpton too much. Bubba and tucker did an imaginary situation where Bubba is the producer of Tucker’s new Fox show. Tucker said he’s got four colleges to pay for, he said he’d do it then. Tucker thinks Bubba should be his producer. Tucker thinks if radio doesn’t work out for Bubba, he should be in TV, Bubba said nope. Tucker said he believes in his art. Bubba thinks The Daily Show is kind of like their show. Tucker asked about the show “Redeye”, Brent thinks those guys are gay. Tucker said they get a better rating on the West Coast. Tucker said if he had Ned, he could have a day show. Bubba thinks a lot of people are like Ned. Ned called it the “White trashification of America”. Tucker said he’s doing TheDailyCaller.com. Bubba thinks Tucker didn’t do a good job when researching Obama’s speech. Tucker said he knows Keith Olberman, he thinks he’s the biggest loser ever. Tucker thinks Bubba couldn’t last three days with Keith, Bubba thinks differently. Tucker said he heard the clip, Bubba said a lot of people watch Keith’s show. Bubba replayed the clip. Tucker said he was saying Obama was calling for an intelligent conversation about abortion topic, Tucker wonders why people say anti-life. Tucker said that he doesn’t like being labeled as dishonest. Spice said Keith politically served Tucker, Tucker said he had no idea what he ment, the guys cracked up. Tucker said Keith is a complete loser, Tucker accuses Keith of just stealing from the Washington post. Tucker said he’s never been dishonest. Tucker said that he knows people whose personal lives are in shambles. Tucker said that Keith Olberman treats his people like crap. Brent said Don Imus is miserable to people he works for. Bubba doesn’t like how Imus disrespected Contessa, Tucker said he’s told Contessa that Bubba has a crush on her. Bubba thinks it’s distracting to the show. Bubba wonders who would score better on IQ test, Tucker or Keith. Tucker said Keith is a smart guy, but he’s not that smart. Tucker thinks Keith is the smartest person for his viewers. Bubba thinks Tucker is the most popular guest on the show, less Canada. Bubba thinks Tucker comes across as a nerd on TV. Tucker doesn’t think gum qualifies as being manly. Bubba suggests Tucker get a haircut, Tucker said his hair is his strength. Bubba said people know what they want. Brent thinks Chris Matthews is horrible on the air, he likes Bill O’riley as a broadcaster. Tucker said he’s never seen Glen Beck’s TV show. Brent said on DirecTV, they can show you the top five shows, Brent said Glen Beck is always in the number one spot at five o’clock. Bubba said glen is talented. Bubba said the audience doesn’t have to agree with everything, it’s all about content. Manson said most people tune into hear what they want to hear. Bubba said when the documentary airs, he’ll get the Bubba Army to email them. Ned said he’s still smoking. Tucker said he turned 40 on Saturday, he’s not touching another cigarette. Ned loves Lucky Strikes. Tucker said he gave up the E-cigarette. Tucker said he likes cigars, Bubba said he’s never had one, Brent said he’s had a few, Spice said he smokes cigars every now and again. Bubba thinks he’d be embarrassed to meet Contessa, Spice said he’d like to get her on the air. Bubba asked how often does Tucker get Bubba Army shouts, Tucker said it happens a lot. Bubba said Alex Young; the President of Fox is a big fan of Tucker Carlson. Tucker said people who work hard usually win. Tucker said he’s got a tun of stuff to do, Bubba wants Tucker to email Contessa. Bubba thanked Tucker for coming on. Porkchop in Indiana said his girlfriend is pregnant, he wants to get an abortion. Bubba wants to call her up, Porkchop said no. Bubba said Porkchop needs to learn how to work smart. Bubba thinks Porkchop doesn’t have the balls to tell his girlfriend how he feels. Porkchop thinks if he did that, he wouldn’t have a home to go to. Bubba does a radio theater where spice plays the girl. Bubba said Spice can’t be him and the girl. Bubba said his sperm and the girl’s egg are partying, it’s time to end the party. Manson thinks they’ll have to get the abortion in the parking lot of the clinic. Bubba thinks Porkchop and his girlfriend get married, lay off the drugs, and try to live life the right way. Ned asked the guy if his house has a staircase. Bubba said the guy should try to get out of it. Bubba said pussys don’t make good Dads, lookout MJ. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Mike Deetson on the phone

Coming back from break, we heard some CCR as bumper music. Bubba said they’ve got Mike Deetson on the line. Mike said he’s been in the business for 27 years. Bubba thinks mike and bubba should be a host. Bubba thanked Mike for his piece on a local political figure who wanted free Superbowl tickets. Mike said the guy owed people a lot of money. Mike said you have to do the right thing, regardless if you’re in the public eye or not. Bubba asked about the guy, who was doing business out of his truck, Bubba congratulated him for busting him, Mike thinks it was his favorite story. Mike recapped the story for those who missed it. Mike said the guy retired himself a few years ago, then rehired himself the next day to collect his money. Bubba thinks he’s in the wrong business. Mike likes the mayor of Tampa, she thinks he doesn’t like her sometimes. Mike said she called him and yelled at him, one of her aids asked her not to yell at Mike again, as you just add fuel to his fire. The guys discuss the guy who derailed Charley Christ’s ambling situation. Mike said he’s met Charley several times, he’s always been a gentleman to him. Mike said you can fault Charley for not liking to make people angry. Bubba asked Mike about Rhonda Storms. Mike thinks Rhonda’s politics are way out in left field, Brent thinks she’s like Sarah Palin on the national level. Mike said they’ve gotten along, even though they disagree politically. Bubba thinks she’s a hypocritical panderer. Mike thinks people under estimate Rhonda. Bubba thinks she looks stupid. Mike said Rhonda has gotten a lot of bills through Tallahassee. Bubba said Religion, old people and art are the big problems. Bubba wants someone to unseed her. Mike said he loves covering politics and big stories, he finds it interesting. Bubba said you can go to 10connects.com and check out Mike’s stuff. Spice asked Mike his thoughts on Bubba, Mike said he likes Bubba, and he’s known Bubba for many years. Mike said he did radio a long time ago, he respects Bubba’s talent. Mike said Bubba isn’t a one-dimensional person. Mike said when someone screws up; it’s his job to investigate. Mike thought the hog deal was over the top. Bubba said there’s no way, shape or form he’d do it again. Bubba thanked Mike for coming on. Mike said he loves going to work every single day, he said he was born to be a reporter, he thanked the people in the area. Mike said it’s a tough business. Mike wished the guys success. Bubba said Danny Lasowski will be on, Manson rang the bell, Spice said he hasn’t seen Manson move that fast in weeks. Bubba described Solid Gold’s customer appreciation event tonight. Brent thinks the place is one of the nicest places he’s ever been to. Bubba asked people to not be an idiot while there. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – The guys comment on the news, Manson’s New Bit

Coming back from break, we heard “Magic Carpet ride” as bumper music. Bubba played a news clip saying KC Anthony is getting sued by a woman for defaming her. Bubba played some more audio about the case. Brent thinks bounty hunting should be regulated. Bubba wishes George Anthony would listen to him. Bubba said we’re already getting a he said/she said situation going on. Bubba said Manson has a new Frank Graziano bit he wants to hear. Bubba played some audio about a group trying to outlaw 911 calls. The guys think hearing a call is way different then reading a transcript. Bubba played a bit of Manson’s “Bad Monkey”, which samples the 911 call. Bubba played audio of a cop who got arrested for facing drug and gun charges. Bubba said Manson has a new bit, “Frank Graziano’s Telephone Tough Guy”. The bit features Manson doing an announcement for the item; we hear clips of Frank. The bit also bags on Bubba for saying “When and where, pussy.” Bubba thinks they should offer the call and the bit on the site. Manson/Frank Graziano said he thinks people like “Telephone Tough Guys”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Power of the Fu T-shirt. We then heard “China Grove” The Doobie Brothers as bumper music. Bubba said he’s got a guy from Richmond whose been holding for two hours and six minutes. Nick came on, Bubba ran him through the Evil soundboard, the guy fell for it. nick wanted to discuss the urban songs, he suggested you go to youtube and type in “Read A Book”. James said he loves the show, he didn’t like the “Dead baby” song. James said Bubba is number 2 in the state. Bubba played the “Dead baby” song over him for a few seconds. James asked how would he feel if something like that happened. Bubba said his wife wouldn’t be irresponsible to do something like that, bubba said this song is in parody. Bubba asked James if he could spell parody, James dodged the question.. Ned said if you don’t want him to make a song about throwing a baby out of a car, don’t do it. Bubba said the guy isn’tt smart enough to understand a parody, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later. Bubba said it’s not that they condone what happened, it’s just parody. Brent said the purpose of parody is to ridicule someone. Bubba read that the guy pled not guilty for his crime. Bubba saidd if outrage was from the African American community for talking about this situation, they’d stop talking about it. Bubba goes through the bit and comments on some stuff in it. Bubba called Danny Lasowski, he knew Bubba was calling when he heard the Evil drop. Danny said his tire came back clean and green. Danny said the lab checks three different tires. Danny said a guy protested his right rear tire. Danny described his recent races, Bubba gave Spice some crap forr being disrespectful. Danny said Tony has a great team, Danny said it’s great to hear from the guys, someone rang the bell. Bubba said a radio station in Jacksonville said that Patrick Swayse had died. Bubba called up Blind Glen to express his condolenses, Spice wondered if he cried. Glen’s daughter Linda was on the line. Glen was on the line, Bubba expressed his condolenses, Glen said he’s gonna be okay. Glen said he’ll be there in June to see his family, Bubba suggested a date for Glen. Spice wondered if Glen was able to cry, Glen said he thinks so. Glen said she died Monday morning. Glen said he’ll be okay. Bubba asked Manson to think about it. Glen said his wife was his best friend. Glen said you gotta take it one day at a time. Ned thinks it’s a knuckle ball. Bubba thinks Ned loves Glen in a gay way. Bubba told Glen to be strong. Glen said he’ll be in town from June 13-July 12. Glen thanked the guys for calling. Bubba said this is the templet for a married man. Bubba said Ned was whacking Glen on the side of the head with a dildo. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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