5-19-09 Tuesday

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Heard on the Show:
“Cheesus” Jesus Likeness Found In Cheetos Bag
Police Investigate Sexual Battery at Mosque
Dad Bites Out Child’s Eye
Memorial Service Honors Those Lost on Hindenburg
Sickles Yearbook Photo Girl Smokes Weed with Mom

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.


Segment 1 – Manson wants to walk, various discussions

Bubba started off with audio of the rays winning last night. We then heard The Who’s “Baba O’riley” as bumper music. Brent said that Spice had two jackets on, he’s unable to find the plug for his electric blanket.. Bubba said Manson actually got up and did something, Manson said all he wants to do is walk. Bubba wonders if you get daily heartburn when you’re 43.. Bubba thinks he should get his gall bladder taken out. He thinks he should get a vasectomy and his gall bladder taken out this weekend. Bubba said he redid the garage yesterday, he thinks Craig the Bulldog hates him. Bubba asked if Frank got Spice last night, Spice said no, Bubba said neither did he. Spice said he got ripped last night. Spice said the smoke alarm in his building went off, he was cooking dinner and it went off. Spice said all he was doing was cooking fish, the guys clown him for it being spicy. Bubba said Dan Uggla would be calling in today. Bubba said Hogan would be stopping by today, Bubba told Brent to hide his stash of Protein bars. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – B-Fudd checks in, missing kid news clips, Bubba wants a wedding video

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Court”. Bubba said he emailed Heather the Vibrator lady, they’ll be doing the Heather the Vibrator lady dating game on June 19. Bubba thinks they should get six guys to participate. Bubba played B-Fudd’s bumper and brought him on. B-Fudd asked if the guys watched the Ax men, he said they were logging the good brown stuff, Bubba told him to go easy. The guys clown B-Fudd for spelling mountain as m-o-n-t-e-r. B-Fudd said the show was great, he loved the Frank Graziano was making himself look like a jackass, Brent said that the Sirius/XM listeners emailed him and said that a lot of what Frank said was lifted directly from mob movies. B-Fudd asked Spice what he did over the weekend. Spice said he’d like to see strippers on ice. Bubba said tomorrow is Tony Stewart’s birthday. Brent said he wants nothing from Bubba for his birthday. Bubba played audio from Fox 13, saying a bunch of people were lighting candles for missing kids. Bubba thinks it’s a bunch of white trash people participating. Bubba thinks you feel like an idiot if you feel sorry for them. Bubba thinks they should do a missing baby family Feud. Spice/Richard Doson said “Dead baby in a Dumpster…” Bubba compares one of the people on the news to Willie Crane (Willie murdered Amanda Browne back in September of 1998). Bubba thinks they’ve taken a course on how to act when your kid has been abducted. Bubba hopes they find Hailey Cummings. The guys bag on Ronald Cummings for crying. Bubba said if you go to Brent’s house and you start fake crying his basset hound will try and out loud you. Spice is curious for Mark Lunsford’s take is on this. Bubba thinks they should sell your assets if you get sent to prison. Bubba played audio of Ronald Cummings talking to the press. Bubba said Limbaugh is on TV again, Bubba thinks it’ll be four years of that. Bubba thinks she’s in better care with the kidnappers. Bubba thinks a lot of people in Jacksonville are a bunch of haters, they’re giving prostitutes tickets to get out of town. Spice said he’d want to get the dirt track out of town. Spice thinks he’d rather deal with a prostitue than a used car salesman. Bubba thinks this should be a South Park or a “Family Guy” episode. Bubba wonders if we’re the dumbest country ever. Devin on protection said you can see some lot lizards, he said he sees them every morning on his way to work. Bob in Jacksonville on protection said he worked at a place called “The Red Carpet”. Bubba wonders if Miller is their today. Bubba wants to know if they’ve got a Bubba Wedding video. Bubba said it’s not a priority. Spice said that’s something Tasha would like to do. Spice said Tasha loves to kiss. Spice thinks he’s got more passion than the guys have. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bubba chides Big dick, Emails, various phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard Manson’s “Ronald and Misty Cummings’s Wedding” bit. We then heard Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More” as bumper music. Bubba said Dan Uggla will be on the show a little later on. Bubba said a lot of the emails stemmed from the Frank Graziano’s call yesterday. Bubba said the print media covered the yearbook controversy. Bubba said if you allow someone to leave the house without panties, it’s on you. Bubba played a bit of the news discussing the audio, but cut it off after he played the wrong clip. The guys discuss car lots that have closed. Bubba said he’s having a hard time looking for the audio about the yearbook. Bubba said he’s gonna kill Big dick for miss labeling the audio, Spice/Big dick said, “Got ya”, Manson/Big dick said “Operator error”. Bubba has a hard time reading what is written down. Manson thinks it’s like when someone is writing something, then scratches it out to write something else. Bubba brought Big dick in, Bubba said he has no idea what he does. Bubba said he got mad at Heather yesterday, he said he can keep a lot of things going at once. Big Dick asked what number it was supposed to be. Spice asked if Big Dick is left or right handed, Big dick said he’s left handed, he said it’s worse than being right handed. Bubba said he was so mad, he wanted him to get out of the studio. Bubba found the audio. Manson said that if that ever happened at his house, Donna would yolk Berlin up, Bubba thinks Manson would have to save Berlin. Bubba said he got some emails about the yearbook. Bubba chides the Mom for blaming everyone except herself. Bubba read that the Mother and the Daughter were smoking pot. Bubba thought about posting this on the site, he then says no as she’s only 16. Ned likes a photo Bubba is describing, Spice wishes he was 16 again, Brent wonders how many years ago was that. Bubba read some emails about the situation, Brent wonders if anyone smokes tobacco. Bubba said they can put up all the pictures on the site, less the yearbook photo. One emailer wondered if Manson was drooling over Frank’s call yesterday. Another emailer said that Frank’s claim of a 168 IQ is unreachable. The emailer said that smart people don’t tell him the IQ. Another emailer said Bubba and Frank can fight. Another emailer thinks the guys are bozos and assholes for not taking Frank on like a man. Spice thinks 7:30 is a little early for a fight. Another emailer said there’s a benefit for a girl needing a heart transplant. Another email asked about a disinfectant for getting rid of bed bugs. Bubba said there’s a product that kills bed bugs. The site is bedbugpowder.com. Bubba thinks the powder looks like cocaine, Ned wants to try some of it. Another emailer said that it was the first time they heard Bubba on XM, they said it was great to hear the guys. Another emailer thinks Frank is just another telephone tough guy. Another emailer said that Linda and Charley were at City Walk in Orlando. Another emailer said that he would like to apologize for Frank’s call. The last emailer said they discovered Bubba while on vacation. Tony was on to discuss the bed bugs situation. Manson wonders how do you get bed bugs. Tony said they’re usually found in motels. Brian in St. Pete said his grand parents just went through the bed bugs experience; he said his grandpa got bed bugs from a hospital. Jeff from Dayton welcomed Bubba to the Buckeye state. Jeff said he would’ve loved to have made it down to the Bikes for Badges event. Bubba took a call from a guy who said the car store his nephew works at isn’t closed. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Dan Uggla Interview

Bubba had Dan Uggla on the air. Bubba thanked him for coming on; Bubba said he feels like a dick for getting him up this early. Dan said his kids can be a pain in the ass. Bubba wonders what kind of operation is Dan running. Spice asked if he’s the kind of parent who stares at the kid if he messes up, Dan said he yells at the kid. Dan said he’s from Kentucky originally. Bubba asked if Dan was the kind of guy, who had to cut his own switch, Dan laughed it off, Bubba got caught off guard with the kids. Spice wondered if Dan can’t wait to travel. Bubba said the Marlins were n fire, now its gone down hill, Dan said nothing can go wrong for them. Brent said Dan’s batting average is 192, Bubba said when they talked last year, and his average was around 300. Dan said he’s not a free agent yet, he’ll have to wait two more years. Bubba said that last year, Dan said the Rays would do horrible, Bubba asked if Dan would like to take those thoughts back. Dan asked Bubba to stop putting words in his mouth. Bubba asked who Dan likes on the rays, Dan said he likes Evan Longer. Dan said a big part of baseball is knowing who to put on the mound. Bubba wondered what the strategy is in the big leagues. Bubba hopes Dan’s wikipedia page is still up to date. Spice wondered when Dan went to arbitration, is it a strange feeling, Dan said it’s not. Bubba wonders about some kid from Sandiago, Dan said the kid has talent. Bubba asked what’s the fastest pitch he’s ever seen; Dan thinks 101 or 102. Bubba wonders if anyone in the league can throw at over 100 mph, Dan said they are a few guys like that. Brent thanked Dan for donating to Bubba’ Bikes for Badges. Bubba asked Dan to not be a stranger. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hindenburg audio, Brent not paying attention? Guy on PCP, Warren Sapp discussions

Bubba played “thunder Struck” by AC/DC as bumper music. Bubba thinks Ned was messing with his microphone, Bubba chides Brent for not paying attention, Brent thinks he must’ve missed it. Ned said he’d rather listen to AC/DC instead of Bubba. Spice thinks Brent was interested in the show. Bubba said he smells eggs, Spice said it smells like a Waffle House in here. Spice/Big Dick said he’s only cooking eggs for Bubba, and no one else. Brian in North Carolina called to say that Jessie Ventura is talking smack about Hogan. Bubba thinks they can get a transcript from Marksfriggin.com, Brent said mark just writes the recaps. Justin wonders why didn’t Bubba call the cops on Frank, Justin told Bubba to step his game up. Brent said the guy has no idea of the line of a civil matter and a criminal matter. Mitch thinks Frank was talking smack, Bubba hung up on him for throwing in a one-liner. Bubba read an article that said Warrick Done gave away his 86th home. Bubba had Spice play a timmble for Warrick Done and Aaron’s. Megan was on; Bubba had to dump her though for cursing. Bubba said that Brent said yesterday, Herbert Morrison was fired after delivering the Hindenburg news. Brent said his parents had it on vynal and played it for him, Spice said he’s never heard it. Bubba played the audio, Spice thinks the guy is happy, bubba said it’s a big deal. Ned thinks the guy is high energy. Bubba wonders just what happened, Brent and Manson said that it’s still a mystery, Ned thinks some guy was smoking weed, he then thinks it was Al-quada. Spice wonders what the whole point of this was. Bubba points out how nice people were back then, Bubba said he would’ve said, “Get the hell out of the way”. Brent read that Herbert Morrison getting fired was just an urban legend. Bubba replayed the audio from a few minutes ago. Bubba thinks Brent was just spaced out. Bubba wonders what Brent was thinking about, Brent said he’s not sure. Brent said he was sitting there doing nothing. Bubba asks Brent if he pays attention, Brent said he does, Bubba thinks differently. Brent said he has no defense for it. Brent said the answer hasn’t changed, Manson/King Bubba said that everything he says should be in Brent’s memory. Ned said Bubba is a third grader, give him a break. Bubba fired up a Brent Hatley concert. “Brent Acres” from N.F.C and Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley, tracks 20 and 4 respectively. Brent said he was mad. Bubba asked Brent if he was mad, Manson/Brent said pissed. We then heard “Brent On The Water” from Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley, track 10. Bubba said Brent slipped up on cursing, Brent on protection said he didn’t mean to do it. Bubba replayed “Brent Acres”. Bubba thinks he played that one, Brent asked him what he was thinking about, all the while keeping his finger on the dump button. We then heard “Brent Hatley” from N.F.C and Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley, track 8 on both albums. Bubba said he’s trying to point out a time when Brent lied, Brent said it didn’t happen, we then heard “Hatley Impossible” from Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley, track 16. Bubba thinks Brent sounds like Beetlejuice. We then heard “Hot Butter Hatley” from N.F.C and Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley, tracks 24 and 18. Ned had a new offering, a new Brent Hatley song. Bubba said a listener suggested Manson do some Brent Hatley songs, Ned thinks it’s his franchise. Brent said he figured out Carney, Bubba likes Brent pitched up. We heard “Hatley Deeds” over this discussion, which is on N..F.C and Ned’s Tribute To Brent Hatley, tracks 16 and 15. We then heard “ZZ Hatley” from Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley, track 20. Bubba asked the guys what they’re favorite Brent Hatley song was. We then heard ‘Brass Hatley” from N.F.C from Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley, tracks 10 and 3. Bubba asked Brent what he likes as far as pitches go, he said he likes it up. Bubba said he doesn’t have “Hatley 5-0″ in the system. We then heard “Hatley 25 or 6-4″, Bubba sang along to the song a little. Bubba played a news clip about a guy who bit out his son’s eyeball while high on PCP. Ned thinks the guy is a trip. Ned thinks Vince McMahon is missing the boat. Brent said he’s never done PCP or Angel dust. Ned said he did PCP back in the day, he said he’s never done anything as crazy as eating someone’s eyeball. Bubba played audio saying that John Gruden is going to be on Monday night Football. Bubba said he’ll take Gruden, if it means Sapp is off the TV. Bubba said he’s over warren Sapp. Bubba said he thinks Sapp is the rudest sports figure he’s ever met. Bubba wonders if people have heard the time when Warren Sapp called in to fight with Bubba. Bubba said he and Warren were friends for a while. They were shooting a commercial, and Warren wouldn’t sign an autograph. Bubba describes the commercial for people who haven’t seen it. Bubba and Warren were peeing, Bubba said it’s really big, Warren said the girls love it, the camera then showed Warren’s watch. Bubba got sidetracked with a story about a girlfriend he had who he bought jugs for. She broke up with him over the phone. Bubba said he asked Warren to take a picture for his friend Dan, Bubba said Warren then flipped out, coining the phrase “I don’t flick, bitch.” Bubba thinks there was a total of nine people on the set. Bubba said from that point forward, he was no longer Sap’s friend. Bubba said they had calls from people telling their stories. Bubba said Warren is able to be nice to him. Bubba said he has an open door policy to try and patch things up, Spice said it’s not gonna happen. Bubba played the phone call from the out of print album “Public Enema #1″ from 2001, disc 2, track 18. Bubba said the recording quality from 98 Rock was horrible.. In the call, Bubba chides Warren for his attitude. We then heard Ned’s “This Is How He Reminds Me Why I Hate Warren Sapp”, parody of Nickelback’s “How You remind Me”, which is not in the catalog. We then heard “Be Like Sapp”, originally from the out of print album “Bubba Wanna corndog?” from 1998 disc 2, track 15, the out of print album “Best of The bucs Bits” from 2000 track 17, and “Bubba show classics Vol. 1″, track 10. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various phone calls, Hulk Hogan stops by the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Clem Gym shirt. We then heard Guns and Roses’s “Welcome To The Jungle” as bumper music. Bob from St. Pete said he was glad to hear Bubba again, he said he’s met Warren four different times, he said each time, and Warren acted like a prick. Bob also said Michael Bolton was an idiot at a softball game. Kevin from Seabring said he remembered when he was a kid, his grand dad told him about the Hindenburg. Lee said that his Grandma said that her aunt was supposed to be picked up on the Hindenburg. Bubba said he wants to get Howard on the phone, Hogan was in the studio. Amy said she had a 15-cm kidneystone. Manson rang the bell, Bubba then Eviled her a short time later. Bubba brought Hogan up to speed on what Jessie said, Hogan said he’s full of shizz. Hogan said everyone had them, there was no need for Hogan to sell them. Spice wondered what the heat was between Hogan and Jessie, Hogan thinks Jessie isn’t jealous of him. Hogan said Jessie always wanted to be Hogan, but it never materialized. Bubba brought in Tony Stewart’s birthday present; Hogan wants to know what it is. Brent said that Jessie tried to get something going during Wrestlemania II. Hogan said he used to be a mark for Jessie, but he didn’t have the gimmick nailed. Bubba said he gets a lot of emails from fans about the Ulitemant Warrior. Hogan said he had to be deposed about that. Hogan thinks the guy is an ass. Hogan said he doesn’t remember saying he was going to break the Allotment Warrior’s legs. Bubba said Vince knows how to work. Spice wonders what would happen if they were to get a hold of Macho Man. Hogan said he talked so much smack about the family, it wouldn’t be a good idea. Bubba said he has pictures of Hogan from back in the day. Bubba had a picture of Hogan on his wedding day. Bubba said that on Hogan’s wedding night, Linda’s parents asked Hogan for $12,500.00 for the bar tab. Bubba asked Hogan about Frank Graziano, Hogan said the only thing he remembers is when Bubba said it’s like a monkey getting a slingshot. Hogan said yesterday was rough. Bubba asked Hogan if he’ll be happy when this whole thing is over. Bubba played Ed Graziano’s message saying Frank has been mentally disturbed for a long time. Spice/Ed Graziano said he’ll do what he has to do. Hogan said he’d never tell his kids they owe him money. Hogan said Linda told Nick he owes her $93,000.00. Spice thinks Linda wants to see Hogan locked up. Hogan said that Linda hasn’t left Florida, and she’s gotten rid of her bodyguards. Hogan said George was shaking and crying when he found out he was fired. Bubba wonders who has the power to stop this madness. Bubba said he had no idea parents kept score. Brent wonders if the same thing will happen to Brooke, Bubba said Linda is afraid of Brooke. Hogan said all he can do is pray for Linda. Hogan said the trial is supposed to be in October. Hogan said Linda has only two bullets in her gun – Brooke and Nick, Hogan said Brooke pulled out. Hogan said he’s going to get cut on Friday. Bubba wondered where Scott Hal came from. Hogan said he worked out at a place where it was really hot, he said when he wrestled, and his trainer broke his leg (his trainer grabbed his toe and broke his shinbone with his elbow). Bubba recounted a story of Hogan fighting a guy from Brandon; the cops arrested the guy when he pulled up to Hogan’s turf. Hogan said the guy picked up a cop and through him down, he was then arrested. Bubba thanked Hogan for coming by; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – the Guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Power of the fu T-shirt. We then heard Manson’s “I Shot A Dog with A Handgun”. Bubba asked the guys what they think of the gift he got for Tony. Bubba thinks he’ll put pics of it n the site on Thursday. Bubba read an article about a woman who stoll two bottles of KY Jelly. Bubba wants to get a number for her. Bubba said that would be like him trying to steal diet pills, or Manson stealing a bible. Bubba read that one of Hue Hefner’s girlfriends cheated on him. Bubba thinks they wore too much makeup. Spice said they had one of Heft’s old girlfriends on back in the day, she said he was obsessed about lube. Bubba read an article about a woman who attacked his wife after she refused to smell his genitals to see if he was cheating on her. Spice thinks that’s a psycho bitch. Bubba said we can’t sniff girl’s stuff, as you can’t tell. Bubba said if you sit down for a long period of time, you might smell something horrible down there. Bubba read an article saying that a Catholic Church in Texas is paying off the family of a sexual abuse case. Bubba wonders how many people can make stuff up about this. Bubba read an article about an Iranian woman who was given the green light to blind a guy for blinding her. Bubba read an article about a woman, who danced around a funeral, then hit the dead guy in the face. Spice said he can’t do the open coffin, Brent said it’s tough. Spice doesn’t get how people say the person looks so peaceful. Bubba read an article about a woman who was sentenced to 40 lashes for not hanging out with her husband. Spice said that Big dick said at Italian funerals, they kiss the corpse, Brent said at Irish funerals, they leave the body on the floor and get drunk. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Court”. We then heard Guns and Roses’s “Patients” as bumper music. Bubba thinks this week has gone by very slowly. Bubba played a news clip about a boy who was molested at a mosk. Manson as a Muslim person they’re not Catholic. Bubba said he can tell by his name alone it’s a problem. Brent asked “Isn’t religion great?” Bubba got sidetracked with Contessa Bruer. Manson and Spice did a recreation as to what it might’ve sounded like, Bubba cut them off. The guys like the line “Church is not a place for kids.” Bubba plays audio of a guy saying he found Jesus in his Cheetos. The guys clown the woman for calling the thing “Chesus”. Spice thinks everyone on the staff should be fired for covering this story. Bubba had audio of Jessie Ventura discussing waterboarding. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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