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Heard on the Show:
Sickles High School Yearbook Photo
Michael Phelps Loses Again at Charlotte
Frank Caruso Telephone Tough Guy

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – Sports scores, Nascar discussions, Premadonna club, Tack Dodge Ball discussions

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays winning against the Indians. Bubba said the bumper music is for Ned, Bubba asked him if he broke any laws over the weekend, Ned said he might’ve. Bubba said he got burnt up this weekend. Bubba wondered if Manson was there earlier, he said he’s working on something. Spice is bummed out he had to go to Disney on ice. Bubba thinks they make more money on the kid’s stuff than the regular stuff. Brent said he didn’t catch Joe Madden screwing up on the scorecard. Bubba wonders what’s up with the Marlins, Brent thinks it’s the pitching. Bubba played a timble for the Orlando Magic, Bubba said they’d have Drew on sometime this week. Bubba thinks Dwight Howard is nicely put together. Bubba congratulated Tony Stewart for winning the race over the weekend. Manson said he watched it, he thinks all races should be like that. Brent said he was so mad because David didn’t win the vote, Bubba said he got emails about it. Spice wonders if your vote really counts. Bubba said this was corporate America. Bubba read an email saying he knew it was a joke when he heard Rick Flare make the announcement. Bubba wants to have audio of Joe Gibs making the opening prayer, Manson said he made Donna watch it. Manson likes the Nascar announcer with a high pitched voice. Ben in Arizona said he voted about three to four thousand times for David, Ben said it was a screw job. Brent said people who get on Twitter last about three days. Brent makes his picks for the premadonnas at the BRN. Bubba said some of the guys refuse to bring water. Manson thinks he should bring a check, Bubba said no. Spice said that Manson brought in half of a case of water, Manson’s kids got into it. Bubba asked Spice how his gigs went, Spice said he had a great time at both events. Bubba asked Twenty-five how he’s feeling today. Bubba thinks the Workout Wheel is great, he spins it until it lands on the name he wants. Twenty-five said he’s a little sore. Bubba thinks they should do “Tyler VS A Man”. Twenty-five thinks his abs is feeling okay, Manson thinks he’s poo-pooing Bubba’s workout. Bubba isn’t sure any black guys go to Disney on Ice, Bubba said he’s not sure if black people like hockey or anything ice related. Bubba wonders if anyone watched Tack Dodge Ball. Bubba said that it was unbelievable. Bubba said Pantera got the worst of it. Bubba called in Fat Casper, Spice thinks he looked like a spoiled piece of fruit. Casper said he has some scrapes on his stomach and legs. Bubba asked him to take his shirt off. Bubba thinks they should give Casper a tan, Manson suggests a diet, Bubba thinks that won’t happen. Bubba described the firing squad portion of the game (the guys stood against the wall and let a guy take a shot). Bubba wants Fat Casper to work out; Spice jokes that Casper has lunch appointments every hour. Bubba thinks he should spin it until it lands on Casper. Bubba got the wheel and spun it; it first landed on Pantera. Bubba said three spins and his ADD kicks in, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, phone calls, horseracing discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Introduction for the New listeners” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 8″, track 11. “He looks like Chris Farley after he ate Kate Moss.” We then heard The Who’s “Who Are You” as bumper music. Bubba said he wrote down all the stuff Casper is gonna need for his workout today. Spice thinks Casper will pass out. Ben said he’s in Dayton, but has no idea what station he’s on, Ben thinks they should throw in some Reds scores. Bren said he voted around a hundred times, then his ADD kicked in. Jim in Madison Florida said the fans were robbed on the voting. Bubba read some emails. The first email said Bubba has been doing a great show for many years. The emailer asked people to vote for Carlos to get into the Homerun derby. Another emailer said that he thinks Jesus beats Hillbillies. Another emailer thinks the voting is fixed. Bubba played audio of the announcement. Bubba played audio of Tony Stewart winning, Bubba said Manson is on to something with the announcer sounding like Jimmy hart. Bubba likes how Tony puts the crowd over. Bubba played audio of Tony’s post race interview. Bubba thinks Earnheart is lost. The guys discuss this weekend’s horse race, Bubba played audio from it, and Bubba thinks the announcer sounds better than the one from a few weeks ago. Another emailer asked if “My Trunk” and “Dead baby” will be out soon, Bubba said “dead Baby” didn’t make the cut, the guys think “My Trunk” will be on the new album. Glen from St. Pete called to ask about the President’s speech yesterday, he was then Eviled a few seconds later. Manson wants a license plate that says “More Abortions”. Bubba thinks you should be able to get an abortion the same way you get a soda, Manson suggests an abortion vending machine. We then heard Manson’s “Abortion City” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 1″, track 2. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails, Frank Graziano calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Dead Baby” song. Wee then heard some Van Halen as bumper music. Bubba said he kept messing up some kid’s name, Spice said if you’re gonna mark out to a kid, you should at least get the kid’s name right. Bubba said Tyler finished seventh in a race, as he got spun out. Bubba said someone at the track asked him about the “Dead Baby” song, Bubba said he had to explain it. Bubba asked Manson if he knew where Zellwood Florida is, Bubba said they’re putting a track there. Spice said he’d rather go to the Zellwood corn festival than a racing event. Bubba wonders how he’ll get there, Spice suggests Bubba invest in a new hobby, Bubba told Spice to shut up. Bubba got back to the emails. An email thanked Bubba for plugging Douglas Wheels. Another emailer said the show is hard to follow, the emailer found him to be disgusting. Another emailer said he likes the show, he finds more people tuning in. The last email of the day apologized for his thoughts on Bubba for his thoughts on the Baby Aaliyah situation. Bubba read a post the guy has made on various sites. Bubba said no one is innocent except for the kid. Bubba said the kid would forever be scared for life. Bubba said the egos with the parents get involved. Bubba said he’s proud of Manson for not having to go through a custody battle. Spice said he sees both sides of it. Bubba thinks the Mom has a tainted past. Bubba said the pro Mom websites have done a good job. Brent said he’s got a tun of documents on the case, he said it’ll take him about a week to get through it all. Bubba read something from Jay Flin on the matter. Spice said his parent’s split up when he was younger; he heard both sides of it. Bubba said Ragina Hunter says that this stuff happens all to often. Bubba said he’s gonna take a wait and see approach. Scott called into discuss the horse racing announcer. Manson said the guy who called the Hindenburg had some emotion. Frank called into ask why the charges were dropped, Bubba figured out that Frank Graziano called in, Bubba proceeded to rip into him, Frank said no one knows him. Frank said he never hides, Bubba wants him to come down to the studio. Frank sent a shout out to charley Hill and the DA. Frank ripped into Nick Hogan. Bubba asked him if he was done, Bubba mocked him with a New York accent. Frank wants to get Hogan on the line; he wants to fight both of them. Frank said he’s 6 foot 205 pounds. Frank said Bubba cried to the public. Frank asked Bubba took take off his costume and face him. Frank said he runs Clearwater, Brent said he doesn’t run anything. Bubba asked him where to meet him. Frank said Bubba is nothing. Frank wondered what happened to Kevin Hayslett. Bubba told Frank to pick out where to fight. Bubba and Frank went back and forth, Frank called Bubba a rat, Frank said Bubba can’t talk to him like a man. Bubba kept asking him when and where; Frank accused Bubba of starting this issue. Frank said bubba should be ready to shoot him. Frank said he’s seen what Bubba has done. Frank called Hogan a coward. Bubba asked Frank to stop cursing. Frank said Bubba knows nothing about him. Frank said do what you got do. Frank laughed at Bubba calling him a telephone tough guy. Bubba said he didn’t have to answer to anyone. Bubba said Frank’s brother was miserable at home, he began to hang out with the Hogan’s. Bubba asked Frank to stop disrespecting his brother. Bubba asked Frank to stop calling himself that. Frank said he didn’t say his name was on bays News 9. Bubba asked Frank what Schnitt called him, Frank said he never called Schnitt. Frank said he’s not gonna let some steroid freak disrespect his family, Bubba said John is his half brother. Frank said Bubba will bow down to him, Bubba said Frank would have to put a bullet in his head before he’d bow down to him. Frank said Bubba went to feds but nothing happened. Frank said when they meet face to face, he better bring his A game. Frank said if it was up to him, things would be done differently. Bubba asked Frank when and where, Frank asked what Bubba is gonna do. Frank said people aren’t with Bubba. Bubba said he’s not afraid to put opposing views on his show. Bubba thinks the guy is the most impossible guy to talk to, Frank said when the guys are dead, and he’ll still be around. Frank thanked Linda for looking like a whore. Brent said they could fight in Gracie Tampa. Bubba said he got a text from Gean Lasker. Frank said Bubba isn’t a tough guy; Frank said no one gives a crap about bubba. Frank asked why did Bubba say his name. Bubba asked one of the guys to play the messages. Frank said he never left any messages. Bubba played one of the messages, Frank asked what the point was, Frank asked what was so bad about that. Bubba played another message from Frank, Frank thinks Hogan is hiding. Frank said he didn’t ask Charley to bang Linda. Bubba wonders what Frank’s real last name, Frank had no idea. Frank said he’s a marine, he said he’s from a squad call the Marines. Brent said you’re not dealing with the faculty of Harvard, you’re dealing with a basic moron. Brent said he doesn’t have a name to destroy. Brent egged him on, Bubba told him to shut up. Frank called Bubba a cracker. Frank wants to see Bubba walk down the block. Frank said meet him at Greenwood in Clearwater, Spice joked would they like to do a meet and greet. Bubba sarcastically thanked Burny Mckay; Bubba hoped that Frank should’ve been in the car instead of John. Spice asked if Frank should be concerned with his family. Bubba said he’d get into Frank’s mother. Frank said he’s met Bubba in the past.. Bubba thinks he should just hang up on him. Frank said when Bubba sees him in the streets, to not talk. Brent thinks Frank is delusional, Frank said he destroyed Bubba on his own show. Frank said Bubba owes him something, he said he’s not going away. Frank said he’s taking Bubba’s job, Frank called Howard a skinny transsexual, he said Howard got rid of him. Frank said he confronted Bubba, the guys sarcastically said he won. Frank hung up. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Hulk Hogan calls in, Frank Graziano calls back

Coming out of commercials, we heard some news clips discussing the Frank Graziano case. Spice thinks Frank’s cell phone bill is outrageous. Bubba called Kevin Hayslett; Bubba played his bumper and went to him. Bubba asked Kevin if he heard the show, Kevin said he missed it. Bubba recapped what went down. Kevin wants a tape of it. Kevin proposed a boxing event, Bubba said it didn’t work out. Bubba said he’s got a lot of respect for Burny Mckay, he’s just disappointed. Bubba said it was like giving a monkey a slingshot. Bubba said he understands the first amendment, but it’s a problem. Bubba said he dumped it about fifteen times, Bubba wonders how much did it go over the air. Manson/Frank Graziano told him to have a nice day. Mr. Nice Guy on protection said he’s met Frank a few times, he said Frank said he’s not connected. Bubba said bikers hate the term one percenters. The guys like how the people they know who don’t say they’re rich. Spice said Hogan was on the phone, Hogan asked What’s up Todd. Spice/Frank said he messaged Bubba on MySpace. Hogan called Frank a pussy. Hogan said he heard Frank has a 180 IQ, but is unstable. Hogan said Frank isn’t six-foot. Hogan said he’d love to get Frank in the Bubbagon. Bubba said he had no idea that you can call someone, privately or publicly and threaten them. Hogan asked what would happen if he did that, it would be over. Bubba said through the time he hung out with John, John never mentioned Frank, Hogan said in the six or seven years he’s known John, John has never mentioned Frank. Hogan said he prays for John every day and night. Hogan said he wants to see John. Bubba said Frank was back on. Bubba asked Frank to not say fuck. Frank accused Hogan of twisting his words. Hogan said, “Let’s finish it”. Frank said Hogan pretended to care about the family, Hogan said Frank has a twisted perspective. Hogan said you can’t talk to this guy, Hogan thinks Frank can’t step up and be a man. Hogan said he’s ready. Frank said he’ll crack Bubba’s mask, Hogan asked Bubba to hang up on him, and Frank called Hogan a liar. Hogan just laughed Frank off, Frank said he lives the mobster life, Hogan thinks this is the weakest stuff he’s ever heard. Bubba asked what Frank’s excuse is, Frank said he’s the result of Hogan’s consequences, the guys busted out in laughter. Hogan said Frank would never show his face. Frank thinks Hogan should whack him. The guys think Frank is a mark, Bubba hung up on him. Bubba said guys like chuck Zeto and Gean Lasker don’t mention what they do. Hogan said he’s got no time to talk to him. Hogan thinks he could make Frank have a bad day. Bubba doesn’t think Frank has any friends. Bubba doesn’t understand the telephone laws. Hogan said that Linda was partying the other day, but she didn’t have her bodyguards with her. Hogan said Linda blamed the gardener for Charlie’s lizard’s tail for falling off. Hogan said Linda fired the gardener, George said he’s not going back. Bubba said the problem is that no one can talk to the judge like a man. Bubba thinks this is the judicial way of getting back at them. Manson thinks Frank likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Bubba thinks Frank’s call was the END FOR HIM. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – A Manson classic to kill some time

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s ‘Just A Friend”. Since Bubba ran long, this was all we heard for this segment.

Segment 6 – Bubba’s WGRD story, various phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba Court. We then heard “867-5309″ as bumper music. Bubba asked Ned to wake up, Ned asked if he’s gonna get whacked. Spice/Frank said he’ll whack Ned. Brandon said The Monsters were busting on Bubba, saying Bubba doesn’t know how to run a computer. Bubba wants verification on this. Tim AKA SlideJobJones was on the line. Tim asked Bubba how he felt on all-star voting. Tim said a lot of people voted for David. Bubba said SlideJob went to btlsfan.com and asked the fans to fire up the chines, but a lot of them must’ve fired up the chines against Bubba. Tom in Pulk county said he was a marine. Tom said he not only takes offence to what Frank said. Manson/Frank called Tom a jarhead. Tom said going into combat was dangerous. Manson/Frank said he’s never been on the streets. Bubba said a fallen marine doesn’t want anyone to speak for them except for the family. Bubba thinks John would be embarraced by Frank’s antics. Big D said he’s a long time listener, he said he wanted to choack Frank out. Bubba said what Frank says about him doesn’t disturb him, Bubba said he elected to have Frank on the air. Gary said he goes to Zelwood a lot, he said he can give Bubba directions. Manson rang the bell when the guy said you can go three different ways. Mark from Orlando asked about carma. PJ asked about Jim Davis, Bubba said he remembers Jim very well, JP said that Jim had to let Bubba go because he was ripping into one of the local guys. PJ said that Jim really likes Bubba. Bubba recounted a story about Jim Davis when Bubba worked at WGRD in Detroit. Bubba said Greg Casity was the first PD that took him out to lunch. Bubba said he was way too nice back in the day. Bubba said Greg told him to be you on the air. Bubba said there was a guy named Danny Douglas, Bubba said Danny was a high pitched puker. Bubba said he had to go back and froth with Danny. Bubba said that one night, Danny called in sick. Bubba said a 13 year-old girl called in, she said Danny wasn’t working that night. Bubba said the reason why Danny was sick was because he was kisser her butt. Bubba said that the next day, the manager of Rogers’s department store was so offended, he had Jim Davis fire him. Bubba said he was number one in Detroit, but by the time, he was in San Antonio. Mike said he saw Linda and Charley. Henry wondered if Ed Graziano is still in jail. Bubba read an article that said Michael Felps lost this weekend. Bubba said the reason why he’s gone down a little is because he hasn’t been training. We then heard Manson’s ‘Got so fucking High” from ‘bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 8″, track 3. “Before he hit the pool, he hit the bong.” They then went to commercials a few seconds later..

Segment 7 – Bubba and the guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a rpomo for The Power of the Fu T-shirt. We then heard Chicago’s “25 or 6-4″ as bumper music. Bubba said he’s gotten texts from guys like Lasker, Coco and Craig, bubba said Coco wants Bubba to sharpy him in. Bubba read that Chris Benoit’s doctor got arrested. Bubba said he was watching something about the movie Slumdog Milionair, Bubba said you could be in the shakedown business. Bubba said he’s over the parents trying to shake Hollywood down. Bubba said shame on the media for propping the kids up. Bubba said that had Hollywood not stepped in, the kids would be worse off. Bubba suggested the mom and Dad go out and get a job. Brent said the conditions in India are not our problem. Bubba said when we don’t have any problems over here, then we’ll go over to India and help them out. Bubba wonders what’s up with the Barrack Obama deal. Bubba thinks Obama is talking to a bunch of crazy Catholics. Bubba likes how Obama respects the second amendment. Bubba thinks Obama is a conseritive liberal, Brent thinks Obama is like Clinton in a sense. Bubba played a news clip discussing the issue. Bubba said you’ve got the right to protest. Manson doesn’t think George w. Bush ever talked to the NAACP throughout his entire Presidency. Bubba wondders how can this get mixed up as far as the number of people who got arested. Bubba thinks it’s ridiculous to skip out on your graduation. Bubba said that as godly as the anti abortion people are the people who say we don’t want government in our lives, but they don’t mind telling you how to live in your life. Bubba asked people to stop calling him about Linda. Bubba thinks he’ll mandate the phone screener to not answer any calls about Linda. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – High school yearbook controversy

The guys discuss a girl who didn’t have any panties on during a yearbook picture. Ned thinks this wouldn’t have happened if Bush was President. Bubba rakes the Mom over the coals, saying how this is just contributing to the pussyification of America. Bubba describes the picture, but it’s blurred out. Bubba said the beast in green doesn’t know how to sit like a woman, Bubba thinks her legs are too fat to cross. Bubba said he couldn’t cross his legs. Brent crossed his legs, Ned found it sexy. Spice tried it, Ned found Manson’s leg crossing steamy. Bubba said Denzil video tapped Spice on the pre core machine, Bubba said Spice shakes his ass a lot on that thing. Spice thinks Denzil should worry about meth dealers and not his ass. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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