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Heard on the Show:
Save Baby Aaliyah
Craigslist Drops Erotic Services Ads After Brisman Murder

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – Sports scores, Ned wants to get pulled over, Bubba’s Theater, Linda Hogan in Globe

Bubba started off with some audio from last night’s Rays game. We then heard Joe Walsh’s “rocky Mountain Way” as bumper music. Bubba joked that Bababbooey could’ve held the Rays’s lead. Bubba recapped the game for Manson.. Bubba thinks they should bring in Price. Bubba then recapped some scores. Bubba said a bunch of FHP guys have been emailing him, one emailer wondered how did Officer Wilder pass his test. Bubba said he heard that Officer Wilder doesn’t watch any television, all he does is read books. Spice thinks you should watch some TV to stay hip. Ned said he wouldn’t ticket him. Ned thinks Officer Wilder will mark out to him, Bubba said he’s never heard of them. Spice said Ned does have a cool factor about him. Bubba said he watched something last night, he found it amazing. Bubba said he watched The World YoYo Championship, Spice thinks Bubba was on the couch going “Yoyoyoyoyoyo”, Manson then did some foreign accents saying “Yoyoyoyoyoyoyo”. Bubba said the show was so entertaining, he got on the loud speaker and announced it to the family. Manson/King Bubba said that the family should report to the master suite. Bubba described his house. Bubba said he rarely goes up to his theater as it as stairs. Ned thinks Bubba should put the kitchens upstairs, Bubba thinks he’d be thin. Bubba goes over the list of people who have hung out in Bubba’s theater. Spice asked if you could hear Hogan crying from upstairs, Bubba said you couldn’t hear anything from downstairs. Bubba said that Heather would sometimes go upstairs if he snores too much. Bubba said JP Peterson texted him yesterday, Bubba really likes him. Bubba said he did a call-in to the Sports Chicks. Bubba said Grady Judd would be on the show today. Bubba said Hogan called him last night, Hogan said Linda is in the latest edition of The Globe. Bubba described a picture of Linda grabbing someone’s crotch, Bubba thinks Charlie should get out while the getting is good. Bubba said he was in the bathroom yesterday, he saw the suggestion box, Dave said he’d check it out today. Bubba said he got a lot of emails of people saying Brent is a pussy, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails and Prostitution discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tack Dodgeball. Bubba thinks it will start at 3. Bubba said the guys have hot glued about 500 tacks on each ball, Bubba said who is in the contest. Bubba said they’d be getting a porta-potty this Monday. Bubba said the inside bathroom is for the on-air staff only, everyone else has to use the porta-potty. Ned said he’s tired of Fat Casper stinking up the bathroom. Bubba said it shouldn’t matter where you’ve got to pee and poop. Spice doesn’t like how Jabberjaw will use the inside bathroom, while Big Dick will use the outside one, Spice said that would generate a lot of heat. Bubba said they’d try to get some of the Packers on. Bubba thanked Greeney from Jim’s Harley Davidson for helping them out during the Bikes for Badges event. Spice gave Greeney a timmble. Tony in Jacksonville said he likes what they’ve done with the show, he doesn’t understand where Bubba found Spice. Spice said he flunked out of school, got his GED, he decided to get into radio. The guy said he liked Spice a little bit more than he did in the old days. Brent said disagreeing with Bubba back in the day would mean a miserable day. Bubba said they bust each other’s balls. Jay said Cowhead was calling Brent a pussy. Bubba said he doesn’t even want to go there. Bubba wants audio on this. Bubba said he’s not in the censoring business. Bubba doesn’t know why Cowhead is screwing with them. None of the guys heard the audio. Bubba thinks they’ll be a point where it could get ugly. The guys think the name of Dr. Brian’s clinic is incredibly stupid, Spice/bubba said they should change the name of the clinic, it’s too hard to pronounce. Bubba said Spice told him that he thinks he lost some weight. Bubba wants the guys to find some of his heaviest pictures. Pat in Venis said that if bubba would call him, he’d take the pictures down. Bubba wonders why they’re in fighting. Bubba said in this clip, there’s a two and a half-year old girl describing her Dad’s “worm”. Bubba said this clip would make any man cry. Bubba said the legal system didn’t work out in the Mom’s favor. Bubba thinks the grand Dad will be on the air. Bubba said he talked to a FCC attorney last night, the guy said that it shouldn’t be a problem. Bubba said the only coverage this story is getting is his show and a news blogger. Bubba said no one has the balls to cover this story. Brent said this evidence has been ruled on for eight months. Bubba then read some emails. The first email said that there’s a pic of Brent with a good-looking woman. Another email said he loved Ned’s “25 or 6-4″ parody. Bubba said a bunch of people liked the Brent Hatley concerts. Bubba thinks they could put a bunch of them in one section. Ned said they don’t have 30 of them, bubba asked Ned to crank them up. Another emailer said that David is in the top ten. Bubba explained the origin of Aaron’s. The guy who started the business made a living by buying a bunch of folding chairs and rented them out. Bubba said if you lose your job while you’ve rented something, you call them up and they’ll pick it up. If you get your job back, you call them up, you’ll get the item, and your payments start up again. Bubba said Aaron’s does all the furniture for Warricck Done’s houses he donates. Another emailer said he voted over 200 times yesterday. Another emailer said Tucker is just amazing. Another emailer thanked bubba for the Brent Hatley concerts. Another emailer said he thinks Brent looks like Boy George, the guys clown the emailer for saying “Brent is mad when he’s pissed”. Brent said that Bubba sat him down yesterday and talked to him. Another emailer said it was great to hear them, he’d like to know about the E-cigarette. Bubba and Manson think it’s a shoot, Ned thinks it’s for pussys. Another emailer asked Bubba to look for a big Bubba Army sign. Bubba played some news clip about various people running for Governor of Florida. Bubba said Craigslist has been forced to take down their erotic service section. Bubba wonders why prostitution is illegal. Brent said he thinks sexual repression causes violent crimes. Bubba said if we’re gonna target Websites that kill people. Spice said the guy who started Craigslist.com was offered to sell his site for millions of dollars. Bubba wonders how does Criagslist makes money, Spice said he doesn’t know. Bubba wonders what kind of issue this is, Brent thinks the woman in this clip was appointed by George w. Bush. Bubba and Spice impersonating big dick on Craigslist. Spice said anyone who wants a hooker is getting a hooker. Debby from Englewood said that prostitution is legal elsewhere, it’s monitored. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Disturbing video clip

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the bubba Army Flag. We then heard Manson’s “Shot His Wife’s Dog” song. Bubba said the guys can launch the package. Bubba asked Brent to give the backstory. Brent said it’s a family going into court, the Mom didn’t have a lawyer. The Dad’s lawyer is married to a judge within the court system. The Dad ended up getting full custody of the girl. A few days ago, the judge took himself out of the case. Brent said we need a full investigation about this case. The girl’s name is Aaliyah. Bubba is disgusted that no one will look at this video. Bubba said the girl watches Baby Einstein videos. In the video, there’s a green worm that bounces at the bottom of the screen. Every night before she goes to bed, she’s afraid of the worm, as she thinks of her Dad’s worm. Bubba said he wanted to make sure this was a real video, he doesn’t want to railroad an innocent man, Bubba thinks you can’t coach this. Bubba said the words have been transcribed, Bubba said he’ll start and stop the video to translate. Bubba said the video makes you think what the kid has been through. Brent said the reason why the kid was given back to her Dad was because of the good old boy network. Bubba wonders how much of this is happening, more than you’d like to think. Brent said forced oral sex via a child is Capital sexual battery in Florida. Bubba said he thinks he’s got the backstory. Bubba read an update on the case that said the judge was removing herself from the case. Bubba said Placer County has no idea what they’re in for once people in the Bubba Army get a hold of them. Bubba said the broadcast DVD isn’t that great. Bubba played the footage, stopping every so often to translate. Bubba said that if the kid blurts stuff out about the Dad’s worm that could be an issue. Bubba points out how the Mom doesn’t say anything in the video, Bubba said he’d be loading his glock at this point. Bubba said the most important thing you can do is to write the letter Brent has provided. The girl said that she sometimes gets mad at Daddy, sometimes her Dad’s worm is gone. bubba said the cops should watch the video. The girl is afraid of the green worm on the Baby Einstein video, she tells the worm to not do that. Bubba thinks the reason why she talks about it at night is because the Dad probably abuses her at night. The girl said sometimes she says don’t do that. Bubba said it gets worse. Bubba said he can’t fast forward, Bubba wants the guys to edit out the dead time. Bubba said it’s obvious the kid doesn’t like it. Bubba said the kid is confused. The girl said she doesn’t want to see the worm right now. The girl said she doesn’t like the worm, it’s yucky. The girl said “Daddy’s worm, don’t do that”. Spice doesn’t think it was coached. Bubba wants to email Joe Saturdly about this situation. Bubba wants to have Joe in for tomorrow’s show. Bubba doesn’t think the woman asking what the worm looks like is considered coaching. The girl described it as “Giant”. The girl said the worm makes her cough and cry. Bubba said Joe Saturdly was on hold. Bubba is disturbed that the girl said that Dad has to wipe it off. Brent wonders how does a two and a half-year-old know what to say. Bubba is disturbed by the girl saying “See my mouth worm, don’t touch my mouth.” Bubba thinks the kid is crying. Bubba said this is something you can’t fix. Bubba said the mom and the aunt had to tape this, or this would continue to go on. Bubba said kids are so innocent, yet the adults are the ones who break them. Bubba said it’s hard telling where this is coming from, Bubba said the kid’s eggs are scrambled. The kid saying she has a baby disturbs Bubba. Joe was on the line, he’s heard it. Joe said it’s disgusting that the court hasn’t brought this up.. Joe said he needs to be involved. Joe said it’s easy to reach some conclusions. Bubba said the only benefit he can give the Mom is that there’s no coaching. Joe said that you can’t teach a kid any of that stuff. Joe said he’s not suggesting anything. Joe said if Mom had full custody, and Dad could only see the kid under supervised visits, would he have the same opinion about the video, Bubba said yes. Joe thinks someone needs to interview all parties involved. Bubba said he knows they are two sides to every story. Phil said whatever jurisdiction is, the video would have to be given to the DCF. Phil said the video sturs up a lot of investigations. Phil said he’d interview both sides. Brent said that of everything Phil has said, none has gone down. Phil said children are sponges at that age. Bubba thinks Joe didn’t pay his phone bill, Joe joked that he didn’t. Bubba wonders if you could do a test to prove the girl knows where the penis is. Joe said you’d have to use an anatomically correct doll. Bubba wants Joe to come in a half an hour early, Joe said he’ll be there at the crack of dawn. Ed in California said he lives in the same county, he said it stretches quite aways. Ed said they don’t tolerate this. Ed discussed a news reporter who is a pitbull when it comes to investigations. Bubba said someone contacted him in law enforcement that is disgusted by the cops for not investigating. Bubba thinks there’s a possibility that it could be fake. Matt in Ft. Meyers. He has a daughter, he said the clip brought tears to his eyes. Matt said his daughter knows the word penis. Bubba said he’s got a reporter from that county coming up. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Simon and Jenn Barrett call in, Grady Judd interview, various phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Dead Baby” song. Bubba said you can find all you need about the situation. Brent said Simon and Jen were on the line. Bubba asked Simon how did he find out about this. Simon said they were covering the KC Anthony case, Simon thinks she’s guilty. Simon said they were contacted about the story via an email. Simon said that they’ve gotten a lot of email traffic over this situation. Bubba said that all three possible situations are bad. Bubba thinks someone should pull the kid out of both homes for safety purposes. Jenn said that the kid has been considered to be pulled out of the home. Simon said that the Dad wouldn’t talk to them, and neither would the Dad’s lawyer. Simon said he tried calling, but no one answered. Simon said the dad has a bit of pull. Jenn said they can’t find anything on the Mom. Bubba said she could be in as much trouble, he thinks the Dad did it though. Jenn said that the Mom has gone to the DCF a total of 11 times, the DCF ends up turning the kid over to the Dad. Simon said Bubba’s website is a good start. Simon said they’ve contacted the local newspaper. One reporter said she had heard about the story, another reporter said that they need to stay within the good graces of the police. Bubba thanked them for coming on, Jenn thinks this will be a win situation. Bubba wants to keep in touch. Simon and Jenn’s website is: BloggerNews.net. Joey from Alabama said that they’ve got footage of the Mom discussing the case, Joey said the Mom is on the up and up. Bubba said he doesn’t care if he’s right or wrong, all he wants is the truth. Bubba had Grady Judd on the line. Bubba said he’s starstruck to have him on, Gardy said that was nice of him. Grady said he’s got some great guys behind him. Grady said he got a 99% approval rating. Bubba said he was freaking out over the Pulk County copse’s election. Bubba said no one rang against him. Grady said he gets a long with every cop. Grady said his job is to be a community leader. Grady said he hasn’t heard the custom timmble they’ve made for him. Bubba played it, Grady liked it. Bubba said what got him to be a fan of Grady was when he was asked how many times they shot some guy, and Grady said “We ran out of bullets.” Grady said for those who want to criticize cops, try to be a cop for a day. Spice thinks there’s something in the water in Pulk county. Bubba thinks Grady is the most aggressive officer. Grady said child proteters are one of their biggest busts. Grady said that if a thug is in the neighborhood, people have the right to know. Grady said that the per captia crime is lower in Pulk county than all of Florida. Bubba asked about the meth problem, Grady said it’s no greater or no less. Grady said that legal drugs are killing people. Grady said that criminals are popping up on the net more and more. Bubba thinks the laws should be tightened about those who can write a prescription. Bubba wonders if the 13 year-old kid is going to be okay. Grady described what the guy did. Bubba wondered if Grady ever talks to the criminals, Grady said he doesn’t, he’d get too upset. Bubba said Toni Stewart does a lot of good things for cops, he bought a bunch of bulletproof vests for the K9s. Grady said the dogs are a great tool. Grady started in 1972 in Pulk county. Grady said his first firearm was a Smith n’ Wesson. Grady said our country is so starved for leadership. Grady loves the mayor of Tampa. Bubba thanked Grady for coming on. Bubba said he knows a guy who got an extreme DUI, you can’t cut a deal, and the guy went to “Tent City” for 37 days. Bubba said he got a tun of stuff to get into. Bob said he was disgusted at the county that isn’t covering the case. Bubba said cops can’t win either way you slice it. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – A Manson Classic to fill some time

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “I Shot A Dog With A handgun” song. Since Bubba ran long, this is all we heard for this segment.

Segment 6 – Hulk Hogan calls in, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army window sticker. Bubba said he’s been looking at the comments section, he said James is working on a poll. Bubba thinks the Mom is steamy, Spice said he’d work her over. Bubba said both are problems. Brent said the child has been seeing a doctor, the doctor said that there has been documented sexual abuse. Brent also read that the kid was potty trained at 15 months, but by the age of 3 is back in diapers. Bubba said if you buy the latest Globe issue, the one with Ted Kennedy on the cover. Bubba thinks someone should depose Brooke. Bubba played a clip from Access Hollywood interviewing Brooke about her Dad’s quote. Bubba wonders if they’re having a rave party behind her with the music selection, Brent said they’re burying her. Bubba said Linda is a lying bitch. Bubba thinks Charley is a “sucka”, Bubba thinks Charley should get out now. Bubba said that when he was deposed, Linda had to step outside for three different smoke breaks. Spice thinks Linda should go on a date with Ted Kennedy. Bubba read that Linda was making out with K-Fed’s lawyer. The guys think it’s creepy to suck a girl’s hair. Spice said if he was Hogan, he’d be a little freaked out, Bubba said Hogan doesn’t care. Bubba wants Charley to come on the show. Bubba was looking for some papers, Spice asked if he’s reading the bible. Bubba said that there’s a proposal to tax high sugar beverages. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Hogan said he’s mad, he wants his Bubba Army window stickers. Bubba asked if Hogan has his yellow car, Hogan said that wasn’t funny. Bubba asked Hogan if he got The Globe, Hogan thinks it’s ridiculous for her to say she’s in fear for her life, when she’s in a bar making out with a guy, Hogan wondered where the body guards were, the guys think they were asleep. Bubba said that when Linda is out of town, charley stays at the house. Bubba wonders how could anyone love Linda. Bubba said the story does have legs, but the legs are getting shorter by the day. Hogan said Linda would say Daddy when she was really sexy. Bubba asked Hogan if he misses the love making, Hogan brushed the question off. Bubba said Hogan dreaded whenever Linda wanted sex. Bubba said Linda told him a lot of things, she never said that Hogan beat her. Hogan said everyone knows Rayfool is a liar. Bubba thinks Charley should switch gears, flip on over to Team Hogan and tell all. Hogan said that Charley could marry Linda, Bubba said that could be the best thing he could do. Bubba said Hogan doesn’t know his wife. Bubba is disgusted that Hogan has to pay for everything. Hogan said Linda knew how old Charley was from day one. Bubba said the sooner this case is done, the better. Bubba hope Linda enjoys her life now, as when it’s all over, she’ll be washed up.. Bubba said charley can save face. Hogan said that Charley is on the same team in a sense – Linda screwed him and charley both. Bubba said Manson fell asleep during that conversation, Bubba and Brent think they should’ve used the symbols. David called to comment on the Aaliyah situation. Rebecca said she was that girl who was being touched by her Dad. Rebecca wasn’t sure when it started, she thinks it began when she was four. Bubba said he’s not doing this for ratings, he’s trying to get the word out. Rebecca said that if the Mom is coaching her, she’d punch her in the mouth. Bubba said no one is covering it except for him. Brent asked if Rebecca thinks the girl is being coached or not, she thinks the Dad is doing something. Rebecca said her Mom discovered the situation when she discovered blood in her panties. Rebecca said the case was never brought to trial, her Mom didn’t want to putt her four-year-old on the stand. Brent said some states don’t, Rebecca isn’t sure who to talk to. Rebecca said this took place in Alabama, she asked the guys not to laugh, Bubba said he wasn’t going to. Rebecca thinks her Dad has remarried and his possibly touching other kids. Brent said he’s looking at state statutes, Brent said Alabama is unorganized.. Bubba wonders if intercourse with a five year old would tear up the private parts, she said she thinks she’s okay. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Manson classic to Kill Some time

Coming out of comercials, we heard Manson’s “My Trunk”. Since Bubba ran long, this is all we heard for this segment.

Segment 8 – Coming up tomorrow, child molestation discussions

Bubba played “Last Dance With Mary Jane” as bumper music. Bubba asked Ned to wake up, Bubba then plugged the stuff on btls.com. Brent said that Dr. Joe will have a tun of insight for tomorrow. Bubba said charley Murphy will be on both the Sirius and regular show. Bubba thanked Phil for doing artwork for the new album. Megan on protection was on the line, but Bubba didn’tt hear say anything. Bubba got on the bullhorn to get her attention, he used the sirin fucntion, Spice joked that Bubba would wake up manson. megan got on, bubba Eviled her but brought her on. Megan saidd the same thing happened to her when she was nine. Bubba said that all to often, this kind of stuff brings up some bad memories. Bubbawonders how can guys do that. Bubba said that you can’t reprogram a child molester. Brent said Scotty the body change. Bubba said if he were to come out of prison, he’d want a woman. Manson just wants to walk. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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