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Heard on the Show:
Donald Trump’s Miss California Carrie Prejean Scandal is ‘Celebrity Apprentice 2.0′

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – MJ’s Lawsuit tactics, B-Fudd checks in, various news clips

The guys discuss the latest in the MJ case. The guys think that once the case reaches court, MJ will be a laughing stock. Bubba played B-Fudd’s bumper and brought him on. B-Fudd said the Catholic priest is gonna “bobcat” you. B-Fudd said that a priest in Seattle is going to court today, the kids were touched around forty years ago. The church tried to settle out of court, but no. Bubba wonders how much would B-Fudd settle for if he got touched. Bubba and B-Fudd do an imaginary situation; Bubba got caught off guard with B-Fudd’s fake crying. B-Fudd said he wanted $90,000,000.00, Bubba said he’d give him $10,000.00. Bubba thinks he could get it to $55,000.00, B-Fudd suggested $80,000,000.00 for the guy to go to prison, bubba said the priest who touched B-Fudd is no longer in that church. B-Fudd suggested $50,000,000.00, Bubba said $55,000.00 was his final offer. B-Fudd said he’d have to leave it at that, he said his lawyer would make more, Manson thinks it would be a great hallmark movie. B-Fudd said Spice Boy would play him. B-Fudd suggested $30,000,000.00, Bubba suggested $100,000.00, B-Fudd said he’d take it. Bubba discusses a video clip of a two-year-old girl talking about her Dad’s worm, Bubba finds it’s disturbing that the cops haven’t investigated it. Bubba then decides not to do it, as he thinks other radio guys will copy him. Kevin in Tampa informed Bubba where the Dallas Bull is. Bubba had audio discussing Charlie Christ running for senate. Bubba wants to get Charlie on the air. Bubba thinks he could never be a politician, he thinks he’d be a nervous wreck. Bubba had audio saying Ed Graziano was denied release from prison to go to his dad’s funeral, the guys think Ed ordered the hit. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, Ms. California audio, Phil Campbell mini montage

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tack Dodgeball, we then heard Manson’s “Shot His Wife’s Dog”. Bubba said good morning to the people of Clearchannel. The first email of the day said that Linda Hogan’s lawyer was ran out of town for lying to the judge. Another email asked about Dr.. Brian, Bubba said it’s not time to talk about him yet. Another email asked Brent about a girl who used to masturbate, then yell at her pussy. Another email wondered where the Tim T-Beau song is (Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 8, track 6). Bubba wondered who is doing the tunes deal. Another email discussed leg pains. Manson just wants to walk again. Another email marked out to the show. Bubba said they’ve got to go to Canada one of these days. Another email said he has a boat, he’d like to give it to Hogan. The guys think Donald Trump saying that Ms. California will stay was just a way for Trump to put himself over. Bubba thinks “I’m proud to be an American” would sound better coming from a prisoner of war. Bubba thinks she should’ve said, “I’m proud that I’m not 242 pounds and a buttertoothed bitch.” Bubba said she’s just hot. Spice thinks she’s a hotter version of Joe the Plumber. Bubba thinks he’d rather cover Ms. California over Octomom. Bubba said his great Uncle was a general, he probably shouldn’t bring that up. Brent said either you receive a meddle or you don’t. Manson/Ms. California said “I’m hot, damnit.” Bubba said he’d love to crank her down. Brent wondered how she got railroaded. Bubba said this all stems from “some fruity blogger”. The guys think she should’ve said that she hemmed up by a Homo. Bubba thinks she knows nothing about the First Amendment. Bubba doesn’t like her saying, “Let me be clear”, Bubba thinks she’s talking down to him. Bubba thinks she doesn’t have a personality. Spice asked who want gay marriage with hot chicks like this running around. Bubba thinks she takes makeup to a new level. Bubba thinks she has a lot of eye shadow on. Brent thinks she’s a narcissist. Bubba started to play a TMZ clip; he then cut it off. Bubba said Phil Campbell fired off a letter, Spice/Campbell thinks he fell off a ladder. Mike suggested Manson uses miracle balls, he was then Eviled a few seconds later. Dan said the reason why GM is in bad shape is because they gave up some of their stuff, management and Union made them do it. We then heard Manson’s “I can’t say My ABCs”, a song discussing Phil Campbell, MJ’s lawyer getting arrested for a DUI, and being unable to properly say his ABCs. We then heard a bit where Spiceboy acted as Phil, recording a commercial while intoxicated. This bit appears on “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol.. 6″, track 9. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Phil Campbell’s letter

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba court”. Bubba said there’s a lot of good stuff on btls.com, Spice said you click all you want for David. Bubba thinks the chines were thrown into the ocean. Bubba thinks YewLittleBitch has had a love/hate relationship. Bubba said that every Monday; they’ll be talking to Jim Hunter. Someone ran the bell; we then heard an anti racing bumper. Spice and Manson sarcastically act interested. Bubba said that Spice and Manson were mandated to leave the studio. Ned said he’d rather have a cigarette. Bubba said a lot of NASCAR guys live in Daytona. Bubba said there’s not a driver who can say that can’t do the Bubba show when Jim Hunter has been on. Mitch from Miami said that he found Ned’s line funny, Bubba said he should stand in line for his green card. Bubba played a clip from yesterday’s show where Bob from Tampa discussed his situation with MJ. Bubba stopped and started the clip to comment. Bubba said kids are so funny. Bubba said he was at Publix after he got acquitted, a kid called him a disgusting pig. Bubba said Phil’s letter validates what Bob said. Bubba said MJ is pathetic. Bubba said this can’t get to court fast enough. Bubba wonders who died and made him king. Bubba said Manson worked with him for two years, Manson said he’s very insecure. Bubba read the letter, Bubba stops to point out this is not an altercation. Bubba said he’d never want you to do anything other than verbally abuse him. Bubba said he’s not doing a call to action. Bubba asked that you leave the guy alone privately, but if he’s out and about, express what you think of him, at a reasonable distance. Bubba said that he’d bet Manson that it would never happen. Bubba said your family has nothing to do with it. Spice said it’s not about family. Bubba said he’s a better father than MJ. Bubba said if someone disrespected his family, he’d take the guy out. Manson/MJ said he’d sue every listener in the Tampa bay area. Brent said Phil is a horrible lawyer, as he contradicts himself in his own letter. Spice said MJ isn’t that important. Freddie in New York said he was listening to a racing show, he said that if you have a Sprint phone, it counts your vote as twice, Freddie said it’s just like last year. Bubba thinks this is just a big shakedown. Bubba said he was on NASCAR’s site, he can’t find any standings. Eric from Tampa said he’s a local racer. Bubba thinks David Steal has won a few events in Indiana. Someone hit an anti racing bumper. Bubba asked what kind of motor is the guy running, Eric said you could run a 410 or a 360. Someone rang the bell. Bubba wished Eric best of luck. Jennifer from Tampa said the Bubba army will do what they’re gonna do. Bubba said it’s not illegal, she said it was intentional. Bubba said if a guy goes into a bank with a Bubba Army shirt, it’s not on Bubba. Bubba said people have made fun of him over the years, he’s never sued anyone over that. Bubba said he hopes it disgusts Jennifer how MJ treated Jabberjaw. Jennifer remembered the lawsuit man, Bubba said that was fake. Jennifer said she used to be on the fence. Bubba said that people are getting fired daily do to a bad economy, but this is the most wasteful thing going on in the court. Bubba said MJ doesn’t want to go to court. Bubba thinks they had a power outage. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Tucker Carlson Calls In

Bubba played AWB’s “Pick Up the Pieces” as bumper music. He played Tucker Carlson’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba thinks Tucker is grooving to this song. Tucker said he’s in traffic digging the song. Tucker said his driver has the day off. Bubba said his mom is down to three-cigarette aday. Bubba asked about tucker’s progress, Tucker said he went away this weekend in Maine, he had some real cigarettes. Tucker said he’s not going to smoke again, he said he’ll be 40 this Saturday. Tucker said he fired up a few packs this weekend. Tucker said cigarettes are the most addictive thing, Tucker finds the E-cigarette not that appealing. Spice said he’s never smoked a cigarette, Spice said he has, he didn’t like it. The guys clown Ned for claiming a cigarette is delicious. Bubba asked is it as good as an orgasm, Tucker said it’s not that great. Tucker said that his wife doesn’t smoke. Tucker thinks his wife is extremely liberal. Bubba said when you’re the air to the Swanson fortchen; you can find a girl who will put up with anything. Bubba asked Tucker about Charlie Christ running for the senate. Tucker said he wants to get out of the state before it gets really bad. Tucker said long term, Florida is in trouble. Bubba said that he thinks the next hurricane could bankrupt the state. Tucker said there’s a new movie attacking Charlie Christ’s private life. Tucker said anyone who would make a movie about a public figure’s private life is a pig. Bubba asked how would he feel if Bill O’riley were to sue Keith Olberman for his stuff. Tucker said no one gets punished for suing people for no reason. tucker thinks the people who file ridiculous lawsuits should be exe off of Christmas cards. Tucker said he runs into the Bubba Army every day. Bubba explains to Tucker his situation with MJ. Tucker thinks MJ is a pig. Brent said a ruling from the ninth circuit court said that radio shows are hyperbably and shouldn’t be taken as fact. Tucker asked how short MJ was, Bubba said about five foot five, Tucker said he’s tiny. Brent said during a Jewish holiday, the listeners sent him some photo shops. One photo shop was one of MJ wearing a nazi uniform, with his crew in nazi gear. Bubba said the Jewish community asked him to take the picture off his site, which he did. Tucker hopes Bubba crushes MJ. Bubba thinks MJ has a five head. Bubba said he’s $275,000.00 deep into this lawsuit. Brent read the definition of slapsuits. Bubba said he knows what slander and defamation is. Bubba said that calling MJ a child molester would be a problem. Bubba wonders if and when does this get in front of a judge, would the judge find this offensive? Tucker said if you disagree with someone, counter them. Bubba said the judge that allowed the McDonalds case is an example of a bad judge. Tucker remembers when he had been accused of rape, when he wasn’t even in the city. tucker said his lawyer was able to help him out, Bubba thinks the name Bob Bennett sounds like a character performed by Phil Hendrie. Bubba said court TV will be there. Bubba said Court TV covered his hog trial. Bubba asked Tucker about Wanda Sikes, Tucker loves Wanda, he loved her crank call to the prison. Tucker thinks someone should criticize the President. Spice asked about Bilderberg, Bubba said he couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. Bubba asked about the Skull and Bones group, tucker said it’s not what it once was. Tucker said he’s never seen a conspiracy that has ever worked. Tucker said he had to split. Tucker thinks he’ll be followed into a restaurant. bubba asked Tucker if he’s ever been in the Oval office, Tucker said he’s been there many times. Bubba thinks about having a mini vacation to Washington, Tucker said he’d hook him up. Tucker thinks he’ll be dropped from the whitehouse Christmas party this year. Bubba said he made a contribution to Obama’s campaign. Bubba asked what would be a cool country to run, Tucker thinks Sweden. Bubba heard a siren in the distance, Tucker joked that the feds were coming to get him. Bubba said he gets so many people who say they love when Tucker is on. Bubba thinks the kids are too young to appreciate what Washington D.C. is all about. Bubba thinks you don’t appreciate Washington until you’re an adult, Manson said he doesn’t appreciate Washington. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – FHP discussion, various phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “I Shot A dog With A Handgun”. We then heard “Pinball Wizard” as bumper music. Bubba thinks Manson went a little overboard with the sound effects in the bit. Bubba thanked Mike for bringing by some smoothies. Max said he’s a best selling author, TV producer and filmmaker. Max said that he wrote the jokes for “The Fast and The Furious part 4″, he’d like to give Bubba book offer. Bubba said Brent told him to write down some bullet points, Max suggests Bubba use a tape recorder. Bubba said his Dad left him in the parking lot of a zoo when he was seven. Bubba said he wouldn’t need to record the story, he could just use bullet points to remind him of the story. Max said he went to Vegas, Max said he was trying to write Bubba’s story for the past six months. Bubba said he wore a black suit this year, Max said all you have to do is Google him (Max Bain). Bubba asked about Max Hardcore, Spice thinks he’s in prison. Mike in Michigan asked about Gary, a guy who was dying of cancer and wanted to be buried in a Bubba Army coffin, Bubba said he hasn’t heard from the guy. Spice said the guy hasn’t heard from the guy. Mike also asked about Officer Wilder. Bubba said he got some emails from some FHP guys who were really pissed about the cop who pistil whipped a kid. Bubba said he knows some good people at FHP. Bubba said while Officer wilder was being a dick to him, he was doing his job. Bubba said he’s looking for his personal email account. Bubba said he and the guys reach out to cops every day. James in winterhaven said Terrell Owens is getting his own reality show, Bubba said he’s working on getting a reality show. Bubba thinks Howard started the reality show craze. John said he’s listened since Spice jumped off the building. John said he works at a carwash, he puts Bubba on every radio. Malissa in Jacksonville said her husband is in law enforcement, she said Bubba is correct. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tasha’s car smasher found, Top Five countdown – Christian music, Brent has heat with Cowhead

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba court”. We then heard “Purple Haze” as bumper music. Bubba said they’ve got great news. Bubba said this week is police memorial week. Bubba said it dates back to a few months ago, Tasha car was broken into on 3/15/09. Bubba recapped what happened (someone broke into Tasha’s car). Bubba thanked Dave Rice for getting the surveillance video. Bubba got caught off guard by Bill Kurdis fighting Floyd Mayweather JR. Bubba said they got a little bit of the guy’s pickup truck. Spice said the guys caught a guy named Anthony Gus Cabrara breaking into people’s cars. Bubba said this proves that if you’re a dirt bag, you can’t do it once. Bubba said evidence always works out. Bubba said the guy is in jail. Bubba likes how the cops made the guy give up some DNA via a cup of water. Bubba said Denzil told him that they use the having a cigarette trick. Spice went over Anthony’s track record. Bubba gave the Tampa PD a timble. Bubba wants to get Jeff Critz into the gym. We then heard a bumper for the top five countdown. This week it’s Christian music. Bubba said these guys have got it figured out. They then played the first song, Brent thinks it’s a rip off of “Thunderdog”. Bubba said Jesus wants them to kick it in. Bubba thinks the song should get an intro violation. Bubba wants Manson to judge the song. Manson said every artist on the Christian chart just wants to get to the mainstream genre. Bubba wonders what goes on backstage at a Christian concert. Bubba thinks he should be Jesus, Ned thinks the nails wouldn’t go through. Bubba said the guy is really bumming him out. Spice said this is a good song to listen to while at a Starbucks. Bubba doesn’t like how there’s no mention of God or Jesus in the song. Bubba went to the next song. Bubba wonders why they can’t have rocking music, Brent said Jesus wouldn’t like it. Bubba doesn’t like the song, he thinks it’s too light. Bubba thinks he should do a Brent Hatley concert. Brent thinks he doesn’t look like Boy George. Bubba then fired up a Brent Hatley concert.. We were treated to the following selections:

  • “hatley 25 or 6-4″
  • “Hatley Deeds” from “N.F.C”, and “Ned’s Tribute To Brent Hatley”, tracks 16 and 15, respectively.
  • “Hot Butter Hatley” from N.F.C and Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley, tracks 24 and 18, respectively.
  • “Brent Acres” from “N.F.C” and “Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley”, tracks 20 and 4 respectively.
  • “Brent Hatley” from “N.F.C” and “Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley”, track 8 on both albums.
  • “ZZ Hatley” from “Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley”, track 20.
  • “Brass Hatley” from N.F.C and Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley, tracks 10 and 3 respectively.

Bubba asked Brent if he gets mad at Brent Hatley concerts, Brent said “for the 950th time, yes.” Bubba thinks Brent does look like Boy George, Brent thinks Bubba looks like he swallowed Boy George. Brent said he doesn’t look like boy George, other than that their bald. bubba thinks he should put up a poll. Spice said that on Cowhead’s page, there’s a comparison between Brent and Boy George. Brent said Cowhead should be ashamed. Ned thinks Cowhead looks like he swallowed Bubba after he swallowed Boy George. Bubba thinks Brent is being mean to him. Skip from Ft. Lauderdale said he got a ticket, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later. Bubba wonders if they should continue the top five countdown. Brent said he has nothing to say to Cowhead. Brent said Cowhead is dead to him. Bubba said he was going to call Cowhead. Brent said he’ll talk to anyone on the air, but not off the air. Bubba went to a line he thought Cowhead was on, it was Hogan. Hogan thanked Fibrizi for paying for dinner. Hogan said Cowhead has been trying to get Linda Hogan on the air. Bubba tried calling Cowhead, but got sent to voicemail, Brent thinks he’s fat and lazy. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Cowhead discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Dead baby”. Bubba said Brent got an email asking why is Brent such a poor sport. Brent said he doesn’t want to be accused of being a homosexual. Brent said he wouldn’t have a problem if it was on the Bubba show, but any other show is not cool. Brent said he’s mad over Cowhead. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked isn’t Brent a public figure, Brent said he is, but he’s not suing Cowhead. Bubba said he doesn’t agree with what Cowhead did. Bubba said if one of his guys was the brunt of Cowhead’s jokes, he’d like to know about it. Bubba said it’s not cool for them to be fighting. Bubba thinks Cowhead should take the picture down and apologize. Bubba said that every now and again, you’ll do something that will cross the line. Spice wondered if Cowhead refused to apologize, Bubba said it would be a problem. Bubba said Cowhead wasn’t using his head on this situation. Bubba said he’s got enough opposition in his life already, the last thing he wants his for Cowhead and him to hate each other. Bubba had Brent impersonate Bubba discussing the situation, with bubba acting as Jay, Manson couldn’t stop laughing. Bubba then through it over to Spice/Bubba to discuss the situation. Bubba thinks the guys over did it. Bubba said he once told Dan Delaredo to check his contract. Bubba thinks it’s a misunderstanding. Bubba wants to get it worked out. Spice thinks Cowhead isn’t concerned with him. Bubba said he’s here for another 20 minutes. Bubba thinks they should not continue the countdown, the guys say no, Manson thinks they should stop the Christian countdown. they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba chats with Steve cern, Cowhead calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba Raw Volume 3. Bubba thinks they’ll blast out of there before the bottom of the hour. Bubba said he’s got a race this weekend. Bubba asked Spice if he’d like to go, Spice said no. Chris in Jacksonville thinks Boy George and Brent would be father and son. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he was a clearchannel listener for many years, he now listens to Bubba. Scott from Ft. Meyers said he found Bubba via Stern. Bubba thinks he and Cern had some heat. Bubba called him, Bubba asked him where he was, Steve laughed it off. Bubba thinks the event is sold out, Steve said people are giving Bubba credit. Bubba thinks he won’t be there, it’s there show. Bubba thinks they should send an intern to Cern’s wrestling school. Steve said a lot of athleetes have helped out. Steve said that all the brands are interesting in looking at the talent. Steve said he knew Terry since the fifth grade. Steve said he feels bad for Hogan. Bubba said he’d like to get John Cena on the air. Bubba said Cowhead was on the line. Bubba explained to Cowhead what went down. Cowhead said he thought it would be a good rib. Cowhead said he didn’t mean to upset Brent. Cowhead said he’d take it ddown. Bubba thinks he wouldn’t want to get compared to Boy george. Bubba heard a nose in the background, it was Cowhead’s son. bubba wanted to talk to him, cowhead tried to put him on, but it didn’t work out. Brent said it takes him a while to get over stuff that angers him. Ned asked Cowhead to kick the ass kissing into high gear. Brent said you can rib him all you want, just don’t call him a fag. Bubba said Brent is the smartest guy, he thinks Brent acts childish at times. cowhead said no one called Brent a fag. Cowhead asked if Brent hates gay people, Brent said he doesn’t have a problem with gays, he thinks gay marriage should be legal. Bubba thinks Brent is in the wrong business. Brent said cowhead pushed it. cowhead said he felt guilty. Brent asked Cowhead to put himself in his shoes. Ned said bubba is sighted with Cowhead, and asked Brent to shut up. Bubba said you don’t try and jeti mind trick the original guy. cowhead asked Brent if they’re cool, Brent said yes. Spice feels they haven’t made much progress. Spice said a Cowhead photo shop contest would be cool. David asked Brent to look at the ribbing Gary is taking for his pitch, Brent said it’s based on something he did. Brent said he took a ribbing for weeks after his 39 second fight. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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