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May 12th, 2009 by admin

Heard on the Show:
Former WTSP Anchor Jennifer Howe Charged with DUI
FHP Fires Trooper Accused of Pistol-Whipping Teen
Marijuana Grow House Busted in Lakeland

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – Sports scores, the economy discussions, Manson’s kid getting into racing?

Bubba started off with AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” as bumper music. Bubba wonders how much does AC/DC make off of their music, Brent thinks a lot. Bubba said good morning to each of the guys, Spice then did his Brian Johnson impersonation, Bubba joked that it’s Marge Simpson on the lead. Bubba said the owner of the Lightning will be on Friday. Bubba plugged what’s on btls..com and bubbaraw.com. Bubba thinks you can vote over and over again for David. Bubba said Steve Cern will be on later today. Bubba said Tyler is obsessed with wrestling, Bubba said Tyler hates the girls, Spice said it’s a house full of marks. Bubba thinks Spice told him about Daniel Easton as he was loading up his plate full of Yayas. Bubba said he’d get to the top five countdown. Bubba said he can’t wait to have Grady Judd on the phone. Charlie Christ running for US Senate disturbs Bubba. Bubba got sidetracked by Rush Limbaugh saying Dick Cheney is motivated by love for this country. Bubba wonders how did this all come crushing down on us, Manson said it’s a long story. Brent and Manson explained it. Bubba read on AOL that all this mess starting the last two years of Clinton’s administration. Bubba wants to get Bill Kurdis on the air. Bubba said Donna emailed him saying that Trace is going to get into racing, the guys clown Manson for having to put up with racing. Bubba said he can’t wait to get a bell. Spice said he’s glad he made his decision for saying no to racing. Bubba reminded Spice about Guido. Spice said he doesn’t want to mix business with personal affaires. Bubba said Donna is going to email him a lot over this. Bubba said he can’t wait until Tasha’s son goes to the track. Bubba hopes Dave is saving all this chatter, he said he’s going to mandate a Spice’s kid is racing bit. Bubba said he got a hankering for cheese eggs from Waffle House. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Gas prices, some emails, Ball Watch discussions, Hogan discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “I Shot A Dog With A Handgun”. Bubba said he messed up on the audio. Bubba said that gasoline went up $0.17. Bubba is disgusted that life is a big shakedown. Bubba said he read that it takes seven months to get oil out of the ground to get it into your tank. Bubba said Rick from Arlington Toyota has some hybrids. Bubba thinks that as the economy goes up, gas prices will go up. Bubba thinks they should have a fixed gas price. Ray from Hollywood asked when will Bubba come to Miami, he wondered what happened with the Hailey Cummings situation, Bubba said no one knows. Wesley said the standoff Bubba mentioned earlier, it happened near his house. Bubba played the special bumper/timble for Grady Judd. The guys wonder how boring it must be to stand in front of an empty growhouse. Brent explained the Supreme Court’s ruling about searching someone’s house, provided they have a warrant. DJ from Orlando was on, Bubba dumped him. DJ said the Build A Bare organization is all about trying to get an even playing ground. Bubba read an email about catholic Town, the guys think the bit can’t be played on regular radio. Another email discussed Ball Watch’s origin. Bubba said when the railroad first started; there was around 40-50 different timezones. Another email said they got in trouble for helping Linda with some footage. Bubba read some texts discussing what Linda is up to. Bubba is disgusted by Linda’s actions. Spice said Linda showed up at court with two bodyguards. Bubba played a news clip discussing the situation. Bubba said Hogan couldn’t beat anyone up now, as he’s so crippled from back surgery. The guys clown channel 8 for making the story sound extremely corny. Paul from New York said he’s concerned about Ned. Paul said he hasn’t heard from Ned in a while. Ned said it’s hard to talk on this show. He said he talks about Dead babies, we then heard Ned’s “Dead Baby” bit. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, E-Cigarette Discussions, Bubba talks to Janie Cakes

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba Raw Volume 3. We then heard Manson’s “Linda Hogan Gold Digger” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 5″, track 1. Bubba played “Mother” by Pink Floyd as bumper music. Bubba said he’ll try and call Hogan, he got sent right to voice mail. Bubba thinks they should send Ned as Hogan’s body guard. Mary from yesterday called in with an update. The girl in the photo can’t be reached, as she’s not talking to the media. Bubba thinks the priest should continue to have sex with her. Manson thinks the priest will start his own church. Bubba has audio of Ms. California on a radio show, Brent said he’s taking himself out of this segment. Bubba thinks she’s making herself looking completely dumb. Spice said it doesn’t matter what she says, she’s hot. Bubba thinks she’ll be a preacher. Manson as Ms. California said that Satan made her do it. Glen wanted to talk to Ned, he asked him if he’d like to go on a show and talk about the Religious right. David said he listens to them every morning, he loves the “Dead Baby” song. Bubba had audio of Keith Olberman discussing Bababbooey’s horrible pitch. Bubba read an article saying that in Sautiaraba, it’s okay to slap your wife if she spent a lot of money. Spice said a slap is less extreme than what they normally do. Bubba discussed a human sex trafficking ring. Bubba played audio discussing the situation. Bubba doesn’t get why we have to call it human trafficking. Bubba said the media has really blown this out of the water. Spice agrees, that is until he hears the words “physical abuse”. Bubba read an email saying that back in the day, they didn’t like the show. Spice wonders if the email has any positive. The emailer likes the show now. The last email of the day asked about the E-cigarette. The emailer thinks Big Tobacco is freaking out over this situation. Cigarette John is all over the E-cigarette. Bubba tried to call Janie Cakes, he wonders why the phone sounds so low. Bubba got sent to the answering machine, she picked up and sounded horrible. Janie doesn’t miss the days of working. Bubba thinks he’s not number one when his Mom is on the phone. Bubba asked what happened the last few times he’s tried calling her, bubba wonders who was she talking to on Sunday night. Janie said that they were at the Ice-cream place, Bubba thinks differently. Bubba said Janie sounded like crap. Bubba asked her how she’s doing on the E-cigarette, she said she’s down to two or three cigarettes a day. Spice said that Big dick is sending her some new flavors in the mail. Janie said it’s no wonder Big Tobacco is freaking out. Manson said all this does is prove that everything in life is a work. Brent said that if people switched from regular to the E-cigarettes, the death rate would go from 40,000-4,000 people. The guys think Janie was doing something last night. Bubba asked her if she got laid last night, she said no. Janie said it’s a good thing she’s not screwing that much, as she’d smoke a lot more. Bubba thinks Jeff likes him more than she does. Janie said she was sorry for missing his call. Bubba thinks this will suck if it will be outlawed. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – The guys bag on MJ

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard the who’s “My Generation” as bumper music. Bubba asked Brent about Steve Cern calling in, Bubba said they’ll call him around 9. Mike said he heard something on the Schnitt show, he thinks Schnitt was talking about slander and liable with Wanda Sikes. Bubba had Manson impersonate MJ, Manson/MJ explained how Wanda Sikes was right for bashing Limbaugh as far as the First Amendment would go. Brent as a lawyer said this whole thing is ridiculous. Manson/MJ said you have to be really talented to be both MJ and Todd Schnitt. Bubba as the judge asked why he’s even here? Manson/MJ asked how is bubba coming in as friendly competition? Brent said the Good Old boy network in fact does exist. Manson/MJ said that he’s never stolen anything, Bubba explained “stealing money” means someone is getting paid way too much. Manson/MJ said his penis size is irrelevant. We then heard “bubba Took Your Number One Spot” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 1″, track 3. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Daniel Estuin calls in, more MJ discussions

Bubba clowns Spice for his choice in bumper music. Spice said Daniel Estuin was on the line. Bubba brought Daniel on a short time later. Daniel thinks in a real world, his book would be picked up by a big publishing company. Daniel lives in Spain and is originally from Russia. Daniel said he’s sold over 25,000,000 copies worldwide. Spice had Daniel explain the Bilderberg group. Daniel said the idea behind each group is to manage the planet. Spice wondered if Daniel has meetings, Daniel said he went to one a few years ago. Daniel said that in 2002, he predicted that Oil would go up by 2007, he said he was off by two days. Bubba asked who started it, Daniel said they go back to 1954. Daniel said that the CIA financed the first five or six meetings of the Bilderberg group’s meetings. Spice said that last year, Obama went to a Bilderberg meeting. Daniel said that both Obama and Clinton attended the meeting. Bubba wonders that have been the powerful leader of the group, Daniel said the Queen of England. Bubba asked what the Bilderberger’s stance is on the war, Daniel said that it’s great for some sides, and not for others. Daniel said that back in 1991, there was talking about the United Nations army, 2006 was when it happened. Bubba thinks Daniel is the only guy who is exposing them, Daniel said he’s been on the cover of the NY Times. Daniel said he’s not a conspiracy theorist. Bubba asked about the skull and bones, Daniel said that there are secret archives about that kind of stuff. Daniel said that both John Kerry and George Bush were members of the skull and bones club. Bubba thanked Daniel for coming on. He plugged his book. Bob from Tampa called to say that he greased MJ with BubbaArmy a few times. Bob said his kid went over to MJ and said Bubba Army, MJ asked where the Dad was. Bob said MJ videotaped him. Bob said he got into an argument with him over the situation. Brent wants to find the tape. Bubba wonders what kind of nerd walks around with a video camera. Bubba said MJ has controlled his own destiny. Bubba said the fans love to cheer for the underdog. Bob said that he takes his kids to school and listens to the show, but when he flips over to FLZ, they didn’t want to hear it. The guys remember MJ had an event in San Francisco, the guys think he didn’t sell enough tickets. Bubba thanked Jabberjaw for getting some audio. Bubba said if you don’t hear them on the air, Bubba can’t get a baleout. The guys go over a list of things they’ve bagged on MJ for. Bubba has audio of MJ from his afternoon show. Bubba said that this is what is wrong with radio. The guys bag on MJ’s voice. Bubba said he doesn’t agree with 9/11 jokes, but you can’t stop people from making those kind of jokes. Brent said he can’t wait to play this in court. Bubba thinks he’s trying to cover his ass. Bubba doesn’t like MJ’s bumper music, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Tact Dodgball”. Bubba said he’ll have Steve Cern on. Joe said he listened to MJ every day, but ever since Bubba came back, he listens to the show. Joe said you can tell MJ is back peddling. Bubba thinks MJ should admit on the air that this lawsuit was a bad idea. Bubba said this is my house. Hogan was on the line, Hogan said the normal drama is going on. Hogan said Charley has two bodyguards. Bubba thinks when it’s all over, society will chew her up and spit her out. Hogan said that Linda claimed she’s never read the article. Hogan is stunned that Linda is saying he beat her up for 20 years. Hogan said he never touched her. Hogan said neither one of them hit each other, Bubba said he saw her hit the kids. Hogan wonders why does she have bodyguards now. Hogan said her story lost all credibility when she said she didn’t read the article.. Hogan said that one of Linda’s bodyguards fell asleep in the courtroom. Spice thinks the bodyguards are Hogan marks. Bubba thinks this is an abortion. Hogan thinks this is the biggest circus you’ve ever seen. Hogan said he needs body guards, he said he needs six of them. Hogan said Linda’s lawyer needs $400,000.00. Bubba thinks there isn’t gonna be anything left, Hogan said he’d like to be an intern, Bubba said he could be an intern anytime. Hogan said he shows the judge everything. Hogan said he mentioned Bubba’s name in court. Hogan wonders what percentage of stuff is Linda liable for. Hogan said that he’s legally responsible for Nick’s driving. Hogan wonders how you have a publicist when you don’t have income. Hogan said they can tape him all he wants. Hogan said the more he doesn’t get into the gym, your body breaks down. Bubba said Hogan has to get into the gym as soon as possible. Hogan thinks Rayfool screwed himself by talking about the trademarks right out of the gate. Hogan said there are a bunch of motions. Hogan said that when Linda fired Baranko, she kept the money and said it was for unpaid bills. Hogan said he’s going in on Wednesday to get cut again. Bubba wonders what happens to the Graziano family, Hogan said it would be over. Hogan said he was training for Wrestlemania until his back went out. Bubba thinks the lawyers will end up with everything once it’s all over. Hogan said it will more than likely end the way it’s going to. Hogan said this case is so far wacked out, Hogan thinks Judge Greer should take the bull by the horns and get this fixed. Hogan said they’ve got all this stuff, it’s a waist of time. Bubba thinks Linda is churning the system. Hogan said even Judge Greer is disgusted by all this. Hogan wants a boat. Brent said it’s a good thing he’s not a judge. Bubba doesn’t get how Linda has everything. Hogan said he needs a chicken sandwich. Bubba said Hogan thought he was crazy when he had Heather sign a 69-page prenup. Hogan can’t get over Tara. Hogan thinks Donna will come to the Clem gym, and end up kicking Manson to the curb. Manson said he can’t get anyone to properly diagnose him with his back. Hogan said he gave Spice a song from Brooke. Bubba played a little bit of Linda talking to some reporters. Bubba doesn’t like Rayfool answering for Linda. Hogan said a guy has been trying to call into the show, he said that the guy said that he was at a Blue man group show and saw Charlie with some underage kids. Bubba thinks they should bring Vince McMahon in, Bubba thinks Vince would know how to handle the situation. Spice/Vince said Linda is a whore. The guys clown Linda for saying her promise wring is a friendship wring. Hogan asked where did Charlie get the wring, he then realized it was a stupid question. Bubba doesn’t even Kino what to say. Bubba said he’s got Brooke’s song on the other side of commercials. Bubba said this is the reason why we need tort reform. Bubba said that in today’s economy, you couldn’t sell Hogan’s house. Bubba played a bumper saying Hogan was on the phone again. Hogan asked about Frank Graziano’s phone calls, Hogan said the charges were dropped. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Brooke Hogan’s New Song, the guys goof on Stacks

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Power Of the fu T-shirt. We then heard Manson’s “Operator Please Block This call”, originally appeared on “the Kabuki Project” track 15, and “Bubba Show classics Vol. 7″, track 2, parody of Jim Croce’s “Operator”. Bubba played Brooke Hogan’s latest song as bumper music.
Bubba wonders if it’s about her Mom, Spice said he hasn’t read that deep into the lyrics. Bubba likes her voice on this track. Bubba wonders who the guy on the track is, Spice said it’s a guy named Stacks, Bubba said he knows the guy. Bubba said he could do without the Stacks guy. Spice found some info about Stacks. Spice read that Stacks is dating Brooke, Bubba thinks Hogan will be back on the phone. Bubba thinks Stacks is faking his personal life. Manson/macho Man said he thinks he can wrap better than Stacks. Bubba wants Spice to find the Macho Man rap out takes bit. Bubba thinks it would be illegal to put it on the site. Lee from Alabama said she thinks Linda has no idea what it’s like to be a regular woman. Bubba said he was listening to a top 40 song about Alcohol. they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba’s News Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the bubba Army biker leather vest. We then heard Manson’s “macho Man out Takes”, originally from the now out-of-print album “Morning Domination” disc 1, track 12. The bit is also on “Manson’s Greatest Hits” track 3, and “Bubba Show classics Vol. 7″, track 17. Bubba played Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom”, Ned claims he didn’t request it. Bubba remembers he forgot to call Steve Cern. He dialed him up. Spice thinks Elton John would’ve been a great wrestler. Bubba inserted the sound clip of Evil saying hello a few times. Bubba gave him the Evil treatment via voicemail. Bubba ran through the Evil soundboard. Manson started singing along, he thinks it’s really gay to like this kind of stuff. Bubba wonders what it sounded like if you heard that message. Bubba took a call from a guy who said it took him forever to get the bubba Army patch on his vest. Bubba wonders if Charlie is running for Senate, Brent said it’s official. Bubba said he’s not going to second-guess him, as Charlie knows better than he does. Bubba said the problem is we need term limits for house members and senate members. Bubba said you can’t even be 50 in the house. Bubba said he loves the mayor of Tampa. Bubba said he’d make her governor if he could. Bubba played some audio about this situation. Spice said he likes Charlie, but he’s torn with his decision. Bubba had audio discussing a kid who got grabbed by a Mom at a little League game. Bubba wonders if Mother Hubberd is giving the report. Bubba wonders why this is news. Bubba had audio of Larry King asking Jessie Ventura if he’d run for President. Brent said it doesn’t matter who you are, you don’t defy your President. Bubba had audio of bill O’riley interviewing someone about Ludachris, Bubba thinks this is O’riley’s way of making blacks look bad. Bubba does find this clip funny at all. The guys say there was no knife. Bubba had audio about Brett Favre, Bubba thinks he’s done with Favre. bubba had audio of a cop who got in trouble for fighting with a kid. Bubba wonders if other people think they’re hillbillies. Bubba wondered why the cop would want to hit a kid with a gun. Bubba thinks they should revamp the FHP. bubba thinks they should just integrate it within the cops. Bubba wonders how tough the cop is, a teenager choked him. Chris in North Carolina said he loved the show, Chris drives a blood mobile. Bubba said that Jennifer Hawl got arrested for a DUI. Bubba wonders what you have going on when you’ve been barred from seeing your daughter. Bubba went over what will be on tap for tomorrow. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. who cares

    Gas what the heck the prez needs to get on this . Are those wall street jerks at it again ??? diesl 2.40 an on the up swing .

  2. Lyle

    response to “who cares”

    Well, if you are a fan of the show you do As#hole.

    “who cares” typifies the timid, weak “Save me Mr. President” types that elected this guy in the first place. A true mental giant among us.

    Presidents are figureheads. Historically, they normally do not represent the party in control of Congress (thats Senate and House for you “who cares”), thereby establishing much needed checks and balances between 2 (supposed) radically different polical philosophies. We are going get to experience the result first hand. Be patient..

    Keep it up Bubba and Team! You guys rock. If Howard decides to take a much deserved retirement and enjoy the rest of his days, my subscription stays active ONLY if you guys remain and get the NUMBER ONE (#1, numero-uno) spot. There. I even marked out a little. But, I mean every word.

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