5-11-09 Monday

May 11th, 2009 by admin

Heard on the Show:
Michael Phelps Threesome Sex Scandal
Obama and Wanda Sykes Got Jokes
Priest Known as Padre Oprah Strays in South Florida

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – Manson’s latest calf issue, Bikes for Badges recap, Rays and racing discussions

Bubba started off with AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” as bumper music. Bubba said he noticed Manson has been hobbling more today. Manson said that he couldn’t walk yesterday, Bubba joked he could beat him in a foot race. Bubba said he thinks he’s in better shape than Manson is. Ned thinks he could beat Manson in a foot race. Bubba said he had to apologize to Ned for clowning him for his training wheels. Bubba said that when they pulled out of the original Hooters, when he heard a sound, it was Ned’s bike. Spice did some facial expressions, the guys cracked up. Spice said Ned almost hit him, Ned said you’d have to get out of his way. Bubba said he felt pretty badass, considering what was following him. Bubba describes what the leader of a bike pack should do when pulling in. Brent thinks Shelly Herndind’s Dad should be on the show. Bubba thanked the Feen energy guys for coming out. Bubba said Mark Martin won the 500. Bubba said the Magic lost last night. Bubba then recapped some sports scores. Bubba said he’s mad at the Rays currently. Manson thinks they should have one person from the show take a day off and replace him with another person at the show. Bubba played audio from last night’s Rays game. Bubba wants to know who struck out. Rob from Marshal called in, Rob is a trashman. Rob asked about Hank Shwarts, Bubba said he knew already. Rob said he’s doing great. Bubba described what Rob does, he asked if he has someone helping him out, Rob said yes. Bubba asked how much does a garbage truck cost, Rob said it’s around $225,000.00. Kevin from Tampa said that he’s noticed the rays have been losing a lot of really close games. Brent said Carlos was struck out last night, Bubba is disgusted. Kevin said he agreed with Bubba in regards to his comments about Dale JR, Bubba thinks he’s pissed off JR Nation. Bubba said Dale JR was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Bubba said Dale has missed his pit stop at least four times this year. Someone rang the bell, quiet at first, then a little bit louder, someone then hit an anti racing bumper, Spice sarcastically said that he couldn’t agree with the guy more. We then heard another anti racing bumper. Steve called in to comment on the race, we heard another anti racing bumper, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Reads Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Dead Baby”. We then heard Karl Douglas’s “Kung Fu Fighting” as bumper music. Bubba said that the song has gotten a lot of positive response over it. Bubba then read some emails. June 8 will be when you can hear Baseball on XM, and the new iPhone ap for Sirius. Another email asked why does Bubba watch MSNBC, the emailer suggested Bubba watch Fox News, Bubba said he feels Fox News has been programmed by George Bush for years. Another emailer commented on a caller from Friday discussing cops getting pulled over. Bubba read a transcript of a phone call regarding that. Bubba thinks it’s a dick move to pull over an entire pack of police officers. Bubba thanked Spice for pulling up a picture of an anker on Fox News, Bubba thinks she looks all right. Bubba thinks she has fake jugs. Another email asked if Bubba saw a Megan Fox video clip. Another emailer said that he was at a Catholic Church, he heard a priest mentioned Bubba by name. The emailer said that the priest called for Bubba to get fired, the guy wanted to yell Bubba Army during the priest’s rant. Bubba restated what he said from a few days ago. Bubba played audio discussing a priest who got in trouble for some photos. Bubba wonders how could he be the bad guy. Manson jokes they should send Bubba to another city. Manson thinks they should have a straight pope. Bubba replayed his Lightning round footage, Bubba thanked him for being a mark. Bubba doesn’t think the guy listens to the show enough, they’ve had far worse material than that. Brent found information on the church, Bubba wants to email the guy. Brent said that Al sharpton would never come on the show. Another emailer said he had a run-in with MJ. The guy yelled Bubba Army a few times, MJ then ran off. The guy said he and his son asked him if he was MJ, he said yes, he and his kids taunted him with Bubba Army. Spice said his Sister clowned MJ. Another emailer had a Bubba Army sign at a baseball game. Another email suggested “Bobbing for Jalipenos” for next year’s Cinco De Mayo. Another emailer at Steps toeing loves the show. Another emailer asked about window stickers, Bubba said you have to order them. Another emailer said she was in Richmond Virginia. Jimmy from Tampa said he was born in Catholic, he said he agrees with Bubba. Mike from Tampa said there’s a movement to get marriage among priests. Another emailer said he loved the show, the guy said no one advertises him. Bubba said no one has to advertise them. Another emailed said they loved Michelle Williams. Bubba said the state released more info on Richard Mctear, bubba played audio in regards to that. Another emailer said he emailed CBS to get him on in Vegas. bubba said he’s never heard Kevin and Bean. Brent said Mark and Brian. Bubba played audio of John Edward’s wife on Oprah, Bubba thinks she should’ve left him. Bubba stopped and started the clip, the guys think it’s all for profit. Bubba wonders if it’s just the name value for Oprah’s guests, but doesn’t ask any hard-hitting questions. Bubba said porn is always there. Bubba played an audio clip saying Ms. California had a porn deal. Bubba thinks porn does the body good. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bikes for Badges discussions, Bubba rales against the people who got him kicked off the air, Thoughts on Religion

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Tack Dodgeball”. Bubba said he got some good coverage for Bikes for Badges. Bubba thanked Jimmy Hart for coming out and helping out. Bubba then played a news clip discussing the Bikes for Badges event. Bubba said Dave Mckay cane out. Bubba said they may be different, but they’ve all got one thing in common – Clearchannel is evil. Bubba said he could never work at CBS. Bubba said he met the under cover officer who was shot, Bubba said he was a great guy. Mary from Tampa said her Mom knows the girl the priest was with. Bubba wants to get a hold of her. Jake from Miami said that the priest went to high school, he dated Jake’s Aunt in high school. Jake said he used to go to the church, but he doesn’t go anymore. Jake thinks the church’s name is the church of St. Sales. Bubba said Captain thunder came out. Bubba said he had people from as far North as Rochester New York. Bubba thanked people for coming out. Spice got a little heat with Oren for outbidding him with a ball watch. Bubba thanked Ned for showing up. Bubba thinks he didn’t see anyone with anything over than Miller light. Bubba thanked everyone on staff for helping out. Bubba said he’s leaving out a tun of people. Bubba thanked the people who donated their winnings. Ross from Miami wished he could’ve been there. Ross doesn’t understand what the big deal is with the Catholic priest situation. Bubba thinks the world is being destroyed by Religion. Bubba questions just what Religion is all about. Bubba said when Thomas Jefferson was talking about God, he ment it as anything you want it to be. Bubba wonders how idiotic not loving a woman is. Bubba proposes a Religion that practices common sense, Brent said it wouldn’t be a Religion. Bubba thinks he should’ve kept notes when he was talking to Ross. Bubba said Religion is just big business. Brent said the Twin towers would be standing if they’re wasn’t Religion. Bubba thinks Salon.com got them thrown off the air, bubba doesn’t like how they stuck up for Sami Al Arian. Bubba thinks Lex and Terry were behind them getting fired. Bubba rales against Douglas Vanderlaan, the guy who got them fired. Bubba doesn’t get how the FCC said that the transcripts don’t match the tapes. Bubba wonders why we’re making a big deal over the Janet Jackson’s nipple gate. David from Jacksonville says he’s a Christian, Bubba said he doesn’t have a problem with his choosing. David said Christians aren’t all the same. Spice asked David in what way did God reveal himself to him, David said it was during a difficult point in his life. David said he fell off scaffolding and landed on some broken blocks. Manson wonders why God saved him, but he didn’t save anyone who died on 9/11. David said he’s very impressed with Brent’s intelligence. Bubba thinks David is a pussy for saying Brent and Manson don’t like him. Bubba said he respects Brent and Manson for not believing. Manson wonders what would it would be like if your kid was Muslim and was born on Christmas day. Brent said that Bill Marh said that some Religions are worse than others. Bubba thinks that as good as Religion is supposed to be, people end up dying from it. Manson said all Religions are written by men. Mario from Ft. Lauderdale said Bubba hit the nale on the head with the idea that we should all try and get along. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Manson’s new bit, more Religion discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Jesus Vs ala” from “Bubba show Classics Vol. 6″, track 10. The bit is a fake Wrestling match, featuring Hulk Hogan supporting Jesus, and Macho Man supporting Ala. We then heard Manson’s “Burning in Hell” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 1″, track 25. The song says that if you’re not a Christian, you’ll burn in hell. Bubba said you’ll see David Rutiman’s car, you can click on it to vote for him, Bubba said the fans aren’t up for voting after last year. Bubba said David promised he’d put a Bubba Army sticker on his car. Jim in Winterhaven, he said he found want ads from Clearchannel. Spice thinks the jobs have already been filled. Kevin from Springfield said he got a hold of Steve Post, he got a plug for David, the guy said he met Bubba at Talladega. Bubba said he’s close to getting David’s racing program for kids ready to go. Bubba said Dale JR should worry about making the race. Bubba said Manson has a new offering, a new Shannon Burke offering. Manson said it was a listener suggestion, Manson said he loves listener suggestions. Bubba loves how Manson plays long news clips in the songs. Bubba stopped and started the bit. Bubba thinks Manson inserting the sound effect of a dog barking and a gunshot was a little excessive. Bubba wonders if the jailers in Orange county are playing the show for him. Steve in Gainesville thinks Manson is a genius. Steve said Jesus was born in the summer. Manson said no one want to die, Brent thinks the Muslims want to die. Bubba thinks we don’t need a book to be good people. Adam asked if any o the guys saw Phil Jackson saying “fuck you” during a press conference. Adam wonders who gets fined by the FCC for that, Brent said it’s a cable network, so you can’t fine them. George from Richmond said that three of the four signers of The Declaration of Independence were deists. Bubba thinks you should have the right to worship whatever it is you’d like. George thinks the ten commandments are based on laws, Brent said it’s not. George wonders why the guys are nice. Bubba said he’s not gonna talk to the guy if he keeps talking over him, he was Eviled a few seconds later. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – More Religion discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Dead Baby”. Bubba played audio of Phil Jackson saying “fuck” during a press conference. Bubba doesn’t think the audio sounded good, Spice thinks NASA was talking to some astronauts. Bubba said the Religious people are going crazy. Bubba thinks Religion is real. Bubba wonders if second-guessing anything can get you in a lot of trouble. Bubba said that the only way to prove Religion is if someone was to die, come back to life and fill the people in. Manson said Religion is just blind faith. Bubba wonders why women are put down in some religions. Brent said every war is based on Religion. Bubba said he hasn’t seen the phone lines this busy since they’ve been back. John from Daytona asked if the guys know the difference between the Muslim and Christian beliefs. Bubba said he’s got a problem with Religion be fragmented on down to people killing other people. Bubba doesn’t think people should think right and wrong. Bubba said we don’t know if Jesus came or not. Brent said that the concept of God coming to Earth originated in Greek mythology. Brent said the reality of Religion is they fight over stuff. Bubba said if you want to pray to the stoplight, that’s your right. Bubba said there’s no factual evidence. Manson wants to know when Christ revealed himself to Bubba, Bubba asked Manson to stop being a smartass. Brent said the reason why Catholics don’t want priests to get married is because, when they die, their stuff goes to the church, rather than the families. Mike from Brandon said he agrees with Bubba on Religion and State should be separate. Mike said he believes in God, he said he reads the bible, he said it works for him, but he doesn’t push it on people. Bubba wonders how god fearing the Muslim religion is. Mike said weather you believe or not, people should realize we’re in a Religious war. Ned rang the bell, Bubba hung up on him. Nick said the problem with Christianity is that we feel the need to push our views on people. Bubba said he’s suspending all Religious discussions at this point. Bubba thinks Religion is extremely hypocritical. Bubba thinks he should be the pastor of the good people church. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba’s News Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Power of the FU T-shirt. We then heard Manson’s “I shot my dog with a handgun”. We then heard bob Seger’s “Mainstreet” as bumper music. Bubba said Manson’s latest bit was over the top, Manson thanked him. Spice said Cigarette John has been going crazy with the E-cigarette. Bubba wants to help John out with his teeth. John from Naples said Saturday was a great time. John said he donated some money, Spice thanked him. Bubba read an article saying that people who run charities are well off. Bubba asked the listeners to look into the organizations they like. Bubba read some figures of some charities. Bubba said before you donate to a charity, you should investigate via the IRS’s 990 form. Bubba said that Jose C needs money. Bubba read an article saying that a guy was peeing in his backyard, then peed on his neighbor’s car. Spice said he loves peeing outside more than he does inside, bubba agrees. Bubba said he and Tyler go into the bushes and pee.. Bubba had audio of Jimmy Hunter reinstating his zero tolerance policy for drugs. Bubba had audio of Wanda Sikes comparing Rush Limbaugh to a terrorist. Bubba doesn’t think Presidents should go to the event. Bubba thinks Limbaugh will have a field day with this audio. Wanda joked that Limbaugh was the 20th high jacker, but was so strung out on pills that he missed the flight. Wanda went on to say that she hopes Limbaugh’s kidneys fail, she then suggests Limbaugh get waterboarded. A guy called in and thought one of the drivers was on Cocaine. Bubba had audio of Obama saying that Dick cheney should’ve been there, but he’s busy writing a book, titled “shooting Friends and Interrogating People”. Bubba likes Obama for roasting people he doesn’t like. Bubba read that the guy doing the photo op for Air Force One-stepped down. Bubba read an article that said that Michael Felps is really good in the sack. Ned thinks Felps is so stoned, he can’t feel his penis. Spice thinks 3 1/2 hours of sex is too long. We then heard Manson’s “Got so fucking High” from “bubba’s new and misc Hits Vol. 8″, track 3. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bababbooey’s pitch at the Met’s game, various news

Coming out of commercials , we heard a Spanish bumper, we then heard Manson’s “shot His wife’s Dog”. Bubba urged the listeners to vote for David. Bubba thinks looks better everyday. Bubba said that Bababbooey was asked to throw out the first pitch at a Mets/Pirates game. bubba thinks they should send Ned’s first pitch. Bubba thinks they should send all of their pitches to Howard. Manson has never thrown out a pitch. Bubba said he’s embarrassed for the guy. Bubba plays audio of Bababbooey being interviewed, he said he hoped it didn’t end up on television. Bubba played a little bit of a clip from Howard’s show, he then stopped it, saying how he doesn’t want to repurpose any of Howard’s material. Bubba thinks they melted down youtube. Bubba thinks Artie has lost a little wait. The guys think Garry hit the umpire. Bubba thinks it’s the worst pitch he’s ever seen. Bubba thinks Gary won’t be able to hide from this. John from Newport Richy said he’s going through a situation. He had a kid with a previous relationship, he’s in a custody battle. He didn’t plan on getting into another relationship. Bubba asked the guy to stop covering his ass. John said this whole situation is messing his head up. Brent thinks the guy is a simpleton. The guy said he had a relationship with a woman fourteen years ago, hooked up with her this weekend. Brent thinks the guy wants to hear himself on the radio, he was Eviled a few seconds later. Rob said he hadn’t heard the guys say that Shannon Burke was trying to kill his wife, but the dog got in the mix. Bubba said he took a line from Cowhead, saying that the guy was probably using the dog as a silencer. Bubba said that England is officially out of Iraq. Bubba read an article saying the owner of the wild chimp is having to turn over all assets to the victims family. Bubba said if you’re gonna have a 200 pound chimp, it’s on you. We then heard Manson’s “Bad Monkey” and “Eyes ripped Off My Face”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Brief Three Dog Night discussions, Hogan with a new account?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba Raw Volume 3. We then heard “Mama Told Me Not To Come” by Three Dog Night as bumper music. Bubba thinks the song is old school Ned, Spice/Butt-head said he couldn’t say what he was going to say. Bubba wonders what kind of voice that is. The guys discuss some of Three Dog Night’s music. Bubba accidently put himself on protection, he ment to put a caller on that. Heather said that someone approached her to pull a credit report on Hogan to see if he’s opened a new account. She said she didn’t do it, as it’s unethical. Bubba congradulated Michael Atwell for winning his first race, Spice clapped, bubba played the timmble sound effect. Bubba read about a Tim T-beau thong. Bubba said that he’d be partying if that were ever to happen to him. We then heard Ned’s “Tim T-Beau Song” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 8″, track 6. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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