5-08-09 Friday

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Heard on the Show:
Henry Lee Summer Meth Possession Case
Stingray Chevrolet MJ Video
Bubba’s Bikes For Badges

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recaps.

FM Show

Segment 1 – Bikes for Badges tomorrow, Ray’s discussions

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays beating New York. We then heard “Car Wash” as bumper music. Bubba said the song goes out to Ned, Ned said he’s got a bit for him, that he probably won’t play, Ned said it’s a heat geter. Bubba asked what the working title was, Ned said he couldn’t say the title. Bubba said he was glad it was Friday. Bubba plugged what they got coming up, Manson said Donna was opposed to Manson’s Mom going on air. Bubba asked if anyone watched the Rays last night. Bubba said he tried going to bed early, he ended up having weird dreams. Bubba said Orlando gets gridlocked around 3:30-4:00. Bubba gave Brent a plug for his gig tonight. Bubba said you could make a donation for Bubba’s Bikes for Badges. Bubba plugged what’s on btls.com and BubbaRaw.com. Bubba said today was the last show they’re doing before the Bikes for Badges. Bubba wants to know how fat he looked on camera. Bubba goes over the Rays game. Bubba thinks he lost are sports sheet Brent gave him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Mj at Stingray Chevy video, Bubba Reads emails, Paul Harvey Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes for Badges. We then heard “Cars” as bumper music. Bubba said everytime he hears this, he thinks of Manson’s Favre song. Bubba said that he heard Favre is going to stay retired the guy’s think he’ll go back into the game. Bubba said Jason from Stingray Chevy would be putting some more spots on the show. Bubba said some Bubba Army guys sent him some video of MJ at Stingray. Brent said if MJ threatened to come to one of his appearances, he wouldn’t have a security guard there. Bubba played the footage of MJ pulling up to the place. Brent can’t get over how short MJ is. The guys laugh at how MJ walks. Brent thinks MJ has man boobs. Bubba thinks they should put that up on the site. Jason said that he sent the guys the footage. Bubba said you need to be verbal with MJ, not physical. Bubba said he’s going to try and get Steve Curn on the show to talk about the Florida championship Wrestling event this coming Wednesday. Spice thinks a few of the up and coming wrestlers live in his building. The guys discuss Manny Ramirez getting suspended for 50 games. Brent said fielding wise he’s not that great, but he’s great at batting. Bubba said that Big Sloppy hasn’t done anything worth mentioning this year. Bubba thinks Neil from clips4Sale.com sent in some Yayas. Bubba has audio of NBC Nightly News discussing the issue. Bubba played audio saying that the Governor of Florida taking a 2% paycut, Bubba wonders why do reporters ask the dumbest questions. Bubba then read some emails. The first email of the day started off by saying that she originally wripped Bubba a new one for the Crab Trap son Ned did. Bubba gets sidetracked and asked how much Barry Cohen got paid. Bubba went back to the email, she liked the “My Trunk” song. Another email said that Hank Shwarts got arrested for meth. Another email said she was very educated about gangs. Spice thinks the show is like a gang, Bubba thinks they have a mob kind of setup. Brent said he doesn’t like getting lumped in with Fat Casper, Spice said Casper hasn’t proven himself. Another emailer said that Bubba sounds like Paul Harvey. They played a clip of Paul, Bubba doesn’t think he sounds like him at all. Bubba said when he worked for ABC, he saw Paul getting wheeled into the station. Spice said he tried listening to Paul Harvey, but he got out of left field. Bubba said if he ever sounds like that, shoot him. Bubba wonders if they have a bib to whipe up the slobber from Paul. Brent said he likes when Dick Clark does the Newyear’s eve show. Brent said Dick Clark was the biggest Dick to ever deal with. Bubba said Pete Rose is a really cool dude.. Mike from Ohio said he got his Bubbapalooza tickets. Mike asked what the rules are with cameras, Bubba said you could take photos, just no video. Brent and Spice thought Vegas was a great experience. They then played Ned’s “Crab Trap Boogie Song” from “Bubba’s New and Misc. Hits Vol. 5″, track 8. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Hank Shwarts’s arrest discussed, Virtual Fence, Jacksonville Ratings

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba played some Hank Shwarts as bumper music, Bubba thinks that was the same scream when he was pepper sprayed last night. The guys think Axl Rose is not worth mentioning when referring to people from Indiana. Bubba wants to call Denzil to see what he’s facing. Bubba thinks Brooke Hogan dating girls is just for the show, Bubba thinks Hulk wouldn’t allow it. Bubba thinks Brooke’s roommate is on the “Not to be trusted” list. The guys think there’s an error in the article. Bubba likes how Brooke indirectly called her Mom a drug-taking whore. Bubba said he’s not buying the virtual fence. Bubba thinks the Mexicans are laughing at the virtual fence. Spice thinks this sounds like something Bush would do. Spice said the more he looks at Barrack, the more he sees he’s a puppet. Bubba thanked the people of Jacksonville for making them one in the ratings. Bubba played a timmble for the people of Jacksonville; Bubba wonders what Lex and terry will do with this. Bubba said he’s got some information, he can’t say what it is on the air. Bubba wondered who Double Down is just because he worked for Mark Chase. Spice said that when Bubba was fired, Double Down entertained the idea of putting Bubba back on 98 Rock. Spice said Double down runs Lex and Terry’s syndication. Bubba read the ratings for Jacksonville. Bubba said Jay refers to L&T as “The Closers”. Bubba thinks Clearchannel will continue to lie. Persons 18-34, 1 with a 14.3 share. Bubba hit the timmbel sound effect. Persons 25-54, number 3 with a 7.1. Bubba said he wants to get a Clearchannel person from Jacksonville on. Bubba wants to know how Lex and Terry are spinning this.. Bubba said L&T is a failing empire. Spice said that L&T didn’t even recognize the funeral, Bubba said Gean Lasker attempted to bust into their studio. Bubba went over a list of affiliates L&T have been on. Bubba said he feels for Clearchannel people. Jake said he’s listened to L&T during commercials, they’re not even mentioning the ratings. Bubba said they make fun of themselves. BJ from Ft. Meyers asked Bubba to stop talking about the ratings. Bubba called him a jackass, then hung up on him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Clearchannel discussions, Hailey Cummings Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba Raw Volume 3. We then heard a clip discussing the Shannon Burke situation. The clip said that Shannon’s exes have filed restraining orders against him. They then played Manson’s Shannon Burke song. Bubba said he has someone on the line, but can’t say the name for some reason. Bubba said he knows a black woman in Jacksonville, she’s like Michel Williams. The woman said she tells her kids to not make her lay them out in front of all these people. She’s been listening to the show for three days, she loves it. Spice said he loves her, but he can’t understand her. Bubba thinks there more ghetto then Steve Harvey. John thinks Bubba is obsessed with Clearchannel. Bubba said the show is based around everyone’s lives, Clearchannel is just another part of his life. Bubba said he just processed a legal bill for $992.00, and another one for $13,462. Bubba said it makes him sick to write a check to these people. Bubba said all he’s doing is trying to get the word out. John said he agrees with bubba when he said MJ is a sore loser. Bubba said he’d think about giving a one day rest from discussing Clearchannel, Bubba then hit the Price Is Right loser horn. Bubba describes what went down with him and Clearchannel. Bubba said he couldn’t do this for much longer. Bubba thinks what Clearchannel is doing is illegal. Bubba said Cox doesn’t even help him with this half the time. Bubba did an imaginary situation where he talks to a judge. Bubba said you couldn’t pick on people who aren’t public figures. Bubba said what if they couldn’t do a show anymore? Spice and Brent aren’t sure. Bubba said he doesn’t want to settle. Billy from Clearwater asked if he remembers seeing Bubba on the road. Bubba remembers the guy, Bubba said he was trying to be nice, Billy said he was sorry.. Todd from Northport said he really digs the show, he thinks Clearchannel are a bunch of bitches. Todd suggests the Bubba Army defense fund, bubba thinks it would be a corny idea. Todd said he’s never met anyone who listens to MJ. Erin in Tampa said she loves the show, she said it’s his show, she said it’s no fun going through the legal system. Erin thinks MJ’s voice is as annoying as Getty Lee’s, Bubba said he has to disagree with her. Bubba has audio about Hailey Cummings; bubba is convinced that Fox listens to the show. Bubba thinks this will turn out like the Sabrina Acenburg story. Bubbathinks one of those three people will have something to do with it. Bubba and Brent think the step Mom did it. Spice said when the baby disappears; you gotta look at the baby sitter. Bubba said he doesn’t want to be white anymore after hearing a woman talk. They then played Manson’s Imaginary Situation of Ronald Cummings’s wedding; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba Wishes Janie Cakes a happy Mother’s Day, the guy’s bag on “Hey Baby”

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes for Badges. Bubba said he was going to get clowned for his next music selection, it was “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. Ricky said he was in line at a store and said that Ronald Cummings took money out of his daughter’s foundation jar and used it to buy some cigarettes. Manson said he’d never put a tat of his kid. Bubba thinks Ronald killed his daughter. Bubba called up Janie Cakes, but got the answering machine, she picked up, Bubba played her bumper. Bubba wished her a happy birthday; Spice/Bubba asked why she let the answering machine picked up. She said she knew it was Spice. Janie asked if they heard about Hank Shwarts, Spice said he tried to check the guys fan site, but none such site exist. Bubba played audio describing what went down.. Bubba said the people in Indiana really pick you up when you’re done. Janie said she was getting her nails done at 9. Bubba asked when will she be down in Florida, she said she’d be down in June. Manson said his Mom disowned her kids. Janie wonders if she’d be mean if she’d talk to her, Janie thinks they should have the fight in the Bubbagon. Bubba said that you know you’re old when you have to ask your parents about kidney stones and cataracts. Janie said she really likes smoking. Janie thinks Bubba would eat a lot of stuff. Bubba got distracted as he thinks someone or something brushed against his leg. Janie suggested Bubba have E-yayas. Brian in Miami said he was listening to Neil Rogers, he said he gave Bubba credit for beating Ron and Paul. Bubba said he’s got a lot of respect for Neil. Bubba said Howard asked him who else does Bubba like. He gave his list: Kevin Matthews, Neil Rogers, Neil Boortz, Tom Leykis, and Phil Hendrie. Bubba thinks Neil should take over Shannon Burke’s spot. Bubba played a bit of the clip of him on the Lightning Round. Ned said the title of his song is “Dead Baby”. Bubba played a bit of the original; the guys have a hard time understanding what the song is about. Bubba then played Eric clapton’s “Cocaine” to explain what Ned had to do make the bit. Bubba said shame on anyone who uses the “hey Baby” line. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba on the Lightning round, Ned’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Power of the Fu T-shirt. Bubba plugged the Bikes for Badges event and described what will go down. Bubba thanked the Rays for donating. Bubba went over the stuff you can bid on. Bubba said he’d invite Rick Baker and Chuck Harman in the studio. John from Jacksonville congratulated Bubba on his ratings. John said he was proud of Bubba, even though he’s not a fan. John said he no longer listens to Lex and Terry for making fun of bubba. Spice asked him who he’s not a fan of, John said he’s not a fan of J. Bubba played audio of the Lightning round. Bubba said the guys on the Lightning round are really cool off the air. Bubba said the local media has really helped him out with the Bikes for Badges. Bubba thinks they need their own TV show. Brent said that every television producer over thinks it. A guy called in and said that the Rays hosted the Beerwiler family. Ryan thanked Bubba for letting him participating in the Bikes for Badges; Ryan said he used to be a white trash guy. Bubba wonders how this bit is on him, as Ned said he gave it to him to play. Bubba said he doesn’t like the way this bit will go. Bubba thinks Clearchannel is shinning up their recorders. Bubba stopped and started the bit at almost every line. Bubba thinks the bit is so wrong for a man who drives a trike with training wheels. Bubba doesn’t like the part where Ned mentions David G. Bubba wants a ruling from Cox about playing the bit. Ned thinks they should send it to the listeners. Ron said he found the Trunk song from Youtube, Brent said Youtube is violating Bubba’s federal trademark. Jill in Tampa found the song not funny, she liked the Trunk bit. Nate loved the song, Ned said Boo Ya! Jack DA Bare enjoyed the song, he thinks Ned needs a record deal. Toby in Tampa said he loved the song. Josh in Lakeland said that there’s a funeral fund for the kid. Greg loved the song. Cory said he’s new to Orlando, he loves the show and the new song. Ned thinks it’s a landslide, like Obama. Bubba replayed the bit; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Single Mom Boxing Introductions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Single Mom Boxing”. Hammel was in the studio. Kady has a three-year-old. Jimmy from 2001 came in with something for the Bikes for Badges. Bubba likes how Jimmy has his own handler. Bubba asked Jimmy to thank Don for his emails. Skyler has a two-year-old daughter, and dances the night shift. Kady has a three-year-old daughter. Bubba asked “Sexy Thick” how she is, Bubba said she’s cute dumb. Bubba told Twenty-five that the girl he’s interviewing has heard headgear on backwards, Twenty-five through Fat Casper under the bus. Banana Willy said she’s pro choice and doesn’t want kids. Bubba thinks she has morning after pills. Sexy Thick wants to have a kid when she’s 40, Bubba said he thinks the cut off age is 35. Bubba thinks he’s been to 2001 more than she has. Spice asked about her wring, she said it means nothing. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Single Mom Boxing

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Single Mom Boxing”. Bubba said what’s in the package. Spice said he wants them to fight, Hammel cut in by saying it’s topless boxing. Spice rang the bell. Bubba thinks Kady is a good fighter. Bubba thinks the girls don’t like each other. Spice egged them on saying they should act like it’s a baby’s daddy who is back on child support. Bubba thinks this was a great match so far. Jimmy twist is that, whoever knocks someone out, they’d get free house for a full year. Bubba thinks this round is a draw. Spice rang the bell, Spice said that Skyler is practically banging Kady against the fence. Bubba said he’s trying to score this, Bubba thinks Twenty-five are on crack. The fight stopped as the result of Kady getting a bloody nose. Bubba said he’s really short on time. The second match started, Banana Willy VS Sexy Thick. Bubba thinks this fight is like watching a catfight, Bubba thinks Jim should step in. The fight stopped briefly as the result of messed up headgear. Bubba said this is horrible boxing. Bubba asked to take Sexy Thick out of the ring to be replaced by Skyler. Sexy Thick said she’s not into fighting, and that she likes to watch porn. The match started, Skyler VS Banana Willy. Bubba thinks they should have anyone fight against Skyler. Brent said that Skyler has some form on her. Bubba asked Kady if she was okay, she said she was. Bubba said he wishes they didn’t fight in the first round. The last round kicked off. Bubba egged Skyler on. The guys like Skyler’s right. Bubba gave Skyler a timmble. Bubba thanked everyone for coming in, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius shows

Segment 1 – Jesco White news, B-Fudd Checks in, Ned’s new bit

Bubba said the stunt they just did was crazy. Bubba said Brent handed him something a week or so ago, Bubba said Jesco White is crazy. Spice said he heard something about that on Howard’s show. Jesco is a mountain dancer, his brother shot his Dad. Bubba said they’ve got some calls featuring this Jesco guy, Spice said he’ll find them. Bubba got caught off gard by a gas explosion. Bubba explained who Jesco is. Bubba said Jesco thought he was Elvis. Bubba said Jesco is in jail. Bubba played audio about that story, Jesco was busted on drug charges. Bubba said if you’ve never heard of this guy, you should Google him. Bubba discussed Hank Shwarts’s arrest last night. Bubba replayed the audio he played earlier today discussing the situation. Bubba said Hank needs a friend right now. Phillip from California said he was looking through US Magazine, he saw a pic of Hogan with his Bubba Army shirt on. Phillip said Hogan really upgraded with his pic in a girlfriend. A caller suggests Tucker call in more often. Josh in Tampa said he’s with Dean’s Guitars, Bubba thanked him for helping the guys out. Jason in Canada said he’d like to see what those baby killers are like with no teeth while they’re sucking his dick. Bubba recaps the Mctear case for the guy. Rob from EST Virginia said that Jesco is a legend there. A guy said he saw Jesco a few days ago, he said MTV baled him out. The guy said the whole family is a legend. Bubba played Ned’s latest bit, he ment to play the original. Spice said he doesn’t know who the original artist is. Bubba played a bit of the song, the guys wonder what the lyrics are about. Bubba thinks the dumber and blacker you can sound, the better you’ll succeed in rap. Bubba then played Ned’s version, stopping and starting every so often. Bubba thanked Ned for the heat, Ned said anytime. Bubba thinks the final straw was where Ned makes it to where it sounds like a baby is singing with him. Bubba played B-Fudd’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba had him sing a little of the song. Spice asked B-Fudd to act like a black guy, Bubba thinks it sounds like he’s taking a shit. Bubba called him B-Fudd/Dieion. B-Fudd said the new Star Treck movie is coming out. B-Fudd said he wants to pick up a bag of cork. B-Fudd is looking for a white girl with a big butt. Spice/Deion said he wants to snort some cork. Brent thinks B-Fudd is turning into Retard Tommy. B-Fudd stayed in the black character. B-Fudd asked what high pitch? B-Fudd saying Sponge blows Bubba away, Bubba thinks it sounds like Carl Harris. Bubba asked B-Fudd what he’s doing this morning, B-Fudd said he’s drinking coffee and watching “married, With Children”. B-Fudd called Star Treck “Tar Track”. Manson asked what the name of the captain was on Star Treck, he said it was Summer Weelin. Manson thinks the show would’ve gone nowhere. Spice asked what Captain Spock’s real name was, he didn’t know. B-Fudd said that he’s had bad gas for the past two weeks, the guy’s think he got a twelve and a half-inch cock up his ass. B-Fudd said he could make his own bubbles. Bubba thinks Akira is all the rage in porno. Manson wonders how much cocaine do you have to do to get a bunch of loads off your face, Ned guessed around seven. B-Fudd asked the guys to be nice to Hammel. Bubba asked B-Fudd if Hammel has ever touched his cock, B-Fudd said no. Spice asked what does B-Fudd likes, he said anything. B-Fudd asked if it’s a special effect, he saw a porno where a girl’s ass was so big, a dude was able to fit his whole arm up there. B-Fudd said he didn’t beat off to that. Matt from New York said he thought Bubba was going a little light to the gang banger guy. Bubba asked who is he to judge someone on the English Language. Bubba recapped the time he got pulled over, he said he was being respectful to a cop, who acted like an asshole to him. Spice/Bubba said check out my badge. Brent said one of the Florida Highway patrolmen was pulled over on his way to work. Bubba remembered a time when Denzil got pulled over. Denzil got out of a ticket by saying that he was. Matt said he was on his way somewhere at around 2 in the morning, he got pulled over four times, he said one of the cops said he was just fucking with him. Bubba said all you have to do is be nice while you’re getting pulled over. Matt said there are assholes in every occupation. Matt said Bubba was going to do a swop with Howard. Bubba said he’d do one next. Bubba said he had to call David, he dialed him up. David asked Bubba to hold on for a few seconds.. David said practice is going on. David said he doesn’t have the gig for a national race this weekend. Bubba asked how big of a party will David have, he said it would be huge. David likes how bubba has his guys there to back him up. Bubba said the Bubba Army is pissed off at Nascar. Bubba said they got screwed last year. David said Bubba has always helped him out. Bubba said he thinks the idea he had with David is going to work out. Brent wonders if 700 dirt track wins equal one Nascar wins, David thinks Eastbay pays better. David thinks he has heat with Ned. Brent said that David has won one point four million dollars. David said this is not the first time he’s been on the track. Bubba asked if you’re allowed to add fuel, David said no. David thinks they should do Rooty’s rookies. Bubba said David is a good sport. Bubba said you have to screw with Tony Stewart. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Jabberjaw comes in, Bubba flips out, Big Dick has to host the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Clem Gym shirt, we then heard Manson’s Shannon Burke song. Bubba played some old school rap as bumper music, Bubba is hung up on the phrase “Splice the ham”. Bubba said David just texted him, he’s not happy with Ned. Kevin wondered if Jabberjaw took Bubba’s advice and gave James head. Bubba wanted Jabberjaw to come in. Pink Cowboy thinks Ned should shit in a box and get some brown tongue action, Bubba, Ned and Brent are grossed out. Ned said “you ain’t punching no one, you faggot.” Bubba had Jabberjaw in the studio. Bubba thinks Jabberjaw is like a black guy. Spice asked if she uses any slang words, she said no.. Jabberjaw said muff dive isn’t part of her vocabulary. Jabberjaw thinks James migrates down there. Bubba said that he’s never gotten a tap, Spice/Bubba protended to eat some pussy and asked for ketchup. Bubba asked Jabberjaw if he gives her oral as a precursor, Jabberjaw said yes. Bubba asked Jabberjaw who does she think hates Bubba the most, she said Big Dick is a smartass. Jabberjaw thinks Fat Casper because they put him through so much, she said she hates Dick the most, Bubba said that if Dick wasn’t acting like a dick, it wouldn’t be much of anything. Bubba asked Jabberjaw who the biggest fuck up is, she thinks it’s Pantera. Jabberjaw thinks Carl works the hardest, she thinks Miller is hilarious. Bubba said he could play head games with Spice anytime he’d like to. Spice asked Jabberjaw if she’d ever blow him. Ned thinks a vagina looks nasty. Bubba asked Jabberjaw if she’s ever had her pussy eaten, she said no. Jabberjaw said she enjoys getting her snatch eaten. Bubba asked Brent why he has to jawl Bubba up, he doesn’t even make the F sound, and it sounds more like a b or p sound. Bubba thinks the guys are making him sound like the Afwacck duck. Bubba thinks he should leave early, the guys are doing a good job at mocking him. Bubba asked Jabberjaw if he sounds like that, Jabberjaw said he kind of does, he asked her to shut up. Bubba said Hogan loves it when Spice and Brent do Bubba VS Bubba. Spice asked what they’re like in the sack. Bubba asked her where does he drop his load, Spice guesses his laptop, he drops his load inside, Spice said “Yeah!” Jabberjaw then said that he wears a condom. Jabberjaw said her favorite position is missionary. Brent said he liked getting extra calories. Bubba said he has to be on bottom to finish, Spice said he’s into handjobs these days. Jabberjaw said she’s not offended by anything they’ve said. Jabberjaw thinks Big Dick is an asshole. Bubba wonders why big dick is so smarmy. Jabberjaw said this morning she was getting audio on his computer, Big dick asked what he was doing wrong. Bubba cracked big dick with a wiffle ball bat, Dick then dropped the Mic, then rolled out of the studio, calling Dick a mark. Bubba said he’s going to give Dick the chance to settle down. Bubba called Dick a mark again. Dick apologized for what he did, Bubba asked him if he’d like to switch jobs with him. Bubba asked Dick to sit down and talk behind the Mic, Manson/Big dick said he was hot out of a cannon. Big dick said he was getting ready for the Bikes for badges. Dick said he doesn’t host the show, he just pulls audio. Spice asked him what he did, Ned suggest they go to the phones. Spice said they should straighten out the heat between him and Jabberjaw. Jabberjaw said she doesn’t like Dick, she called him an ass. Jabberjaw thinks Dick is bitter at the world. Spice asked if he’s on medication, Dick said he’s not. Dick said that he’s come in high, Jabberjaw said he’s better when he’s like that. Big Dick said they had to go to words, he said he got an instant message. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Big dick being A Dick

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubbaRaw.com. We then heard Ned’s “Ladies Love Dark Skinned Boys”. Bubba said fuck you to Big Dick for cutting a promo on him. Bubba wondered where that came from, Spice thinks he’s frustrated with the situation. Bubba said he wanted everyone in the building, less big dick. Ned thinks it looks like the cast of “The Hills Have eyes”. Bubba said they had so many people last week, this week the turnout was smaller. Bubba said it’s not for Big dick’s job, it’s if you like Big dick or not. Brent said he liked Ted Comocozi as a person, but hated working with him. Spice said when he was an intern, he hated big dick. Bubba goes over the list of people big dick works with. Spice/25 said Big Dick is an asshole. Twenty-five said that Dick likes to try and take action on stuff. Bubba thinks they need Big Dick there, as he gets stuff done. Spice finds this whole conversation to be very ironic. Dave thinks people have issue with Dick when he takes issue with someone. Bubba thinks it’s a battle between him and Jabberjaw, Bubba doesn’t think Jabberjaw would ever get in his face. Bubba wonders who big dick works for. Bubba asked Casper what his spin is. Casper said he’s never had a problem with Dick. Pantera said that everytime he’s come to Big dick, he’s never had a problem, but he can see where he’s had an issue, he thinks Jabberjaw is the problem. Manson said Pantera would’ve sat through 9/11. Bubba played the sound clip of Jabberjaw saying ‘I do not like you.” Jabberjaw said she likes him personally, but doesn’t like working with him. Bubba said he loves working with the guys, but doesn’t want to see them that much. Casper said Big Dick told him that he doesn’t smell so good. Casper said he doesn’t have a crush on Jabberjaw. Casper said that everytime she comes in, he gets thrown under the bus. Casper said he wishes she had told him there was a problem. Bubba thinks Casper is creepy. Bubba said Jabberjaw is a girl, Spice said that Cigarette John is board out of his mind, John said his progress has been going good, but he did fall off the wagon last night. John said he liked Jabberjaw and liked Big Dick. Brent/Bubba said he’s been doing this for 75 years.. Carl said Casper is an intern and is learning, he likes Jabberjaw, and he likes big dick’s work ethic. Miller likes Casper, he likes Jabberjaw, and he thinks people can’t handle big dick’s style. Bubba asked if his management style is bad, Brent said it’s not so bad. Twenty-five said he likes Casper, he likes Jabberjaw, he said Dick is cool, but he thinks Dick talks to certain people like Big Dick. Bubba thinks Big Dick ran Lummox off the show. Manson said he’d ride a chocolate cock. James said he likes Fat Casper, Bubba asked him if he’d ask her to give him some head. Bubba thinks James will ask for head in computer language. James said he’d just ask her to suck my dick. James said he likes the way big dick treats people, he gets a kick out of it. Bubba asked Twenty-five if he’d let Jabberjaw fuck him, he said yes. Dave said he likes Fat Casper, he likes Jabberjaw, and Dave locks the guys up when he paints the picture of big Dick giving a blowjob. Dave thinks it’s a double standard with some people who don’t look it when big dick cuts on people. Bubba said he likes Jabberjaw as they took her from the competition. Brent said Jabberjaw knows what she’s doing. Bubba said he’s happy to be at Sirius. Bubba said Howard would treat people differently. Bubba said Manson took Wednesday and he didn’t have a problem with it. Bubba thinks Twenty-five cent his high. Twenty-five said he’s not high. Any from Huaston said he can’t get on, he thinks Pantera is a dick. Bubba said he’ll fix it, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Blind Glen Checks In

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then heard Manson’s “It’s A Racing Deal”. Bubba played Blind Glen’s bumper and brought him on. Glen told Ned to wake up, he asked Ned why he hasn’t been on, Ned said it’s because he can’t be filthy. Glen said he’d like to stick up for Jabberjaw, she’s never heard him throw Fat Casper under the bus. Bubba said Glen knows more than he does. Ned thinks Jabberjaw through Casper under the bus, Glen told Ned to bite him. Glen asked Spice if he took his step kid to go shopping for Mother’s day, Spice said he did. Glen said that ever since Sirius and XM merged, you don’t get any sports, you have to get the XM package for sports. Bubba isn’t sure how it works. Glen said you don’t get any sports if you have just Sirius. Bubba said Glen’s world is all-audio, he’s a lifetime Sirius subscriber. Glen said he doesn’t have the Best of XM, he said he called Sirius up. Spice read on Sirius’s home page. Glen said he didn’t know it’s offered for free for the first three months. Bubba thinks there’s a customer service issue. Ned said he doesn’t like it as it’s not games, Glen also wants to hear the baseball games. Spice doesn’t think you can bring the service over. Bubba and Glen do an imaginary situation where Bubba acts as the customer service rep. Glen thinks Bubba knows stuff better than Sirius does. Glen said he’s not into the talking computers. Glen wants a new Hogan shirt. Glen asked Spice about his girlfriend sucking his cock. Bubba said he can’t cum via a head job, Glen said he can. Bubba asked Glen what he does sexually, Glen said when his wife was healthy, and he got it at least three times a week. Glen wondered if James ever tosses Jabberjaw’s salad, Glen said he loves to do it. Glen said his wife is a clean person, he said his wife used to use a strawberry douche. Bubba asked Glen if he can make her squirt, Glen said she can’t. Ned thinks Glen eats the dog’s ass. Glen wonders why he hasn’t heard Scout and big Gulp in a while. Glen said he’d be there in June. Bubba said he really loves that guy. bubba thinks there’s a customer service issue with Sirius.. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – A Manson classic to kill some time

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com, we then heard Manson’s “Caylee’s not In the Cradle”. Since Bubba ran long, this is all we heard during this segment.

Segment 6 – The guys go on CB, Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Vest. We then heard some Notorious BIG as bumper music. Spice wonders if you can play that song in a club. Bubba wonders if you’re being racial just by singing a song, Brent said no. Bubba had Ned sing along with the part where Notorious BIG said “If you don’t know, now you know, nigga.” Mike said he couldn’t get a meet and greet. Bubba thinks he’s talking to the guy on a CB, Bubba thinks he should get on his CB voice. Bubba made the adjustments and got it going. Bubba patched Ned into the CB configuration, Bubba said they’ll figure out how to deal out the tickets, Ned told him to cool his jets, Mike excepted responsibility. Ned told the guy “You snooze, you lose, asshole.” Bubba and Ned talked on the CB, Bubba wasn’t sure what Brent would sound like on the CB, and they patched him on. Spice joined in on the CB, Bubba wasn’t all that impressed. Spice said a barecave is a police station, Bubba thinks differently, Ned thinks it’s just people marking out to the CB. Spice said he’s not bringing it back to them anymore. Ned said he’d suck dick for some backstage passes. Scout and Big Gulp were on, Scout said it’s kind of hit or miss when on the hold. Bubba asked how Arizona is, Scout said it’s good. Bubba wonders what Hogan would sound like on a CB. Bubba said they’re family, so they don’t have to pay for anything. Bubba said they’ve got a wrap around sticker coming out, Scout wishes she had that on her truck. Bubba doesn’t think they’ve ever had Hogan on CB. Hogan said he got a blowjob on the side of the road. Bubba went out of CB mode. Hogan said he just got done with a court room. Hogan thinks that through all the stuff that he’s gone through with Linda, Vince Russo is a saint. Hogan joked he could roll into the wring in a wheelchair. Bubba said that in twelve years, Hogan has never touched her. Hogan said he loves Brent, he called him the legal beagle. Hogan said he likes Bubba’s gym better. Bubba asked Hogan why he can’t go back to his place, Hogan said he’ll have to talk to David about that. Jerry said he saw Tucker on a TV show. Jerry didn’t get tickets to Bubbapalooza, but he’ll be there. Bubba thinks once people find out how they can get tickets, people are gonna complain. Jerry asked why Tony isn’t on anymore, bubba said he talked to Tony at Talladega, he said he’ll be on the show soon. Chad from Pittsburgh got three front row tickets. Manson/Fare said that everything is a shit hole in Pittsburgh. The guys clown Bubba for blowing off Heather. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Parking discussions, palin family clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza. Bubba wonders why they played the bumper. Bubba said Tasha came in, Bubba said Spice was eye hawking her. Ned said he read a love notes she left on Spice’s windshield, he rubbed his nuts on it and put it back on the windshield. Bubba said him and Garnet aren’t having problems, Ned said he runs a tight ship. Ned said he’s got more wheels than Spice does. Spice said he was trying to rent some parking space. Bubba had audio from various members of the Palin family, Bubba chides her for what she’s saying. Bubba does think she’s a roll model, Spice asked her to shut up and show your tits. Brent said this is a circular conversation. Bubba wonders why him saying “fuck” is getting looped into saying fuck on the show. Spice wonders how awesome would it be if Matt had asked her to show her tits. Spice thinks homeland security will have a condom department. Manson wondered what the conversation between these two people would sound like, Spice and Manson did a recreation as to what that must’ve sounded like. Bubba said all of this could’ve been avoided had they had “Abortion City” in Alaska. they played the bit from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 1″, track 2. they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Shortest Segment in BRN History

Bubba said he’ll see everyone Monday, they ended the show.

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