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Heard on the Show:
Injuries Photos of Shannon Burke’s Wife and Dog After Shooting
Schwarzenegger Open to Studying Marijuana Tax Idea
Florida Championship Wrestling

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.



Segment 1 – Bubba’s Brief Media blitz recap, Akia store, Florida Championship Wrestling

Bubba started with a clip from yesterdays’ Rays game. Bubba thinks Troy looked pretty good yesterday, Brent said he was nervous when Tampa was down 3-2. Bubba said he did a whole media blitz yesterday, he was on Dave McKay’s show. Bubba said he’s glad they did what they’re doing. Bubba had 25 in the studio; Bubba is impressed with 25 for coming in so quickly, he said he was screening calls. A cop on TV discussing the 13 year-old boy who lost his family distracted Bubba; Bubba wanted to find the Grady Judd audio where he said the Dad will burn in hell. Bubba asked 25 to get some shirts for him. Bubba wonders are we a bunch of marks with the Akia store. Bubba wondered if anyone who is listening to the show would ever wait in line for three days for something. Pablo said he didn’t appreciate the Mexican Olympics, Bubba called the guy out with his fake accent. Bubba said on BubbaRaw, they’ve got Amo and her slave. Bubba said you could advance bid on one of the items they’ve got. Thursday Kevin Hayzlet will be on the show, this Friday will be Single Mother Boxing. Bubba raved about Proflowers.com. Phil said he drove passed an Akia store, he said he sees 8 cop cars, but no traffic. Rich in Jacksonville thanked Bubba for having various people discussing divorce. Bubba said we need Tort Reform in the worst way. Bubba was impressed at 25 coming back so quickly; Spice/25′s girl was disappointed with 25. Bubba recapped what she said yesterday. Spice said he would’ve broken up with her the day he discovered that. Bubba thinks 25 likes to have control in the relationship. Bubba wonders if the booty is that good. Bubba wonders if Guido left Bubba’s car dry, Twenty-five said he’d check. Bubba plugged a Florida Championship Wrestling event next Wednesday. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba thanks the people of Jacksonville, MJ at Stingray Chevy in Lakeland tonight, Marijuana discussions, David Pool audio

Bubba gives a timmble for the people of Jacksonville for giving them great ratings, Bubba said Jay told him that if they continue to beat Lex and Terry, Lex and Terry will more than likely not be renewed. . Bubba played some old Kentucky derby footage from various races. Bubba is bummed out that his shirt has Clem Gym remnence. Bubba thinks the announcer for the first clip is crappy. Bubba said if you’ve seen a horse race live, it’s like a thundering hurd. Bubba said B-Fudd is on hold, he’ll get to him shortly. Bubba thinks the name “Indian Redcap” sounds racist. Bubba thinks they should have horseracing announcers qualify. Bubba likes the third guy. Bubba thinks the credit should go to the Dave Rice-esque guy. Bubba doesn’t like the fourth guy. Jim from Lakeland said MJ would be at Stingray Chevy at 6:00 tonight. The guys like the new Camera. Bubba thinks they should have some video of the Bubba Army down there. Steve from Virginia asked about his 17 year-old son who wants to try pot. Spice thinks the guy is almost 18, he’s surprised that the kid hasn’t tried it yet. Bubba said this question has never had this question. Bubba and Spice discuss how it should go down, they think the guy should downplay it. Bubba said that at least Steve’s kid came to him with this question. Steve asked if Bubba will get any bigger T-shirts, he’s about a 7 or 8x, Bubba thinks Steve would be the only guy who would buy it. A guy called in with a suggestion, Bubba goes out to Stingray Chevy. A guy called in and said that the kid has to remember drug testing. Sean said he tried it just once. Bubba said that Arnold was asked about the legalization of pot. Bubba played audio discussing the news. Bubba said weed isn’t for him. Bubba wonders why we can’t have personal freedoms in America. Bubba said he’s for the legalization of Marijuana. Bubba wonders how could they make something that grows in your yard illegal. Spice said a weed high is way different then a cigarette high. Bubba said we’re on to the Generation X’s deal. Bubba likes how Arnold said we should get a discussion going. Bubba wonders what places have legalized Marijuana, Brent said Holland and Great Britain, and Britain has just decriminalized it. The scare tactics disgusts Bubba. Bubba sarcastically said he liked the TV station. Bubba got to the news about David Pool dieing. Bubba said he had David on the air recently (4/23/09). Bubba played a selection from the interview, stopping periodically to point out David’s UN natural breathing. Bubba said he was at the gym last night, Jeff Critz stopped by, Bubba said he’d give him a key. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Brett Favre discussions, L & T talk about Bubba without saying his name

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tack dodgeball. We then heard Manson’s Shannon Burke song. Bubba played “Rocky Mountain Way” as bumper music. Bubba recapped briefly what is on the site. The guys discuss Dom DeLuise’s death. Bubba said no one has stuck up more for Brett Favre, but enough is enough. We then heard Manson’s “Queer For Brett Favre”, which only appeared on the out of print album “the Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track 12, and is on “Bubba Show classics Vol. 2″, track 1. Bubba thinks he’ll have Manson do a new bit. The guys think Favre is the George Foreman of football, Brent said everytime Foreman comes back, his punches get slower and slower. Bubba thinks L&T will lie to the listeners and say that they’re number one. Bubba thinks he’s done talking about MJ, he’s nothing in Jacksonville. Bubba was trying to find an email saying that Lex and Terry mention Bubba all the time, but don’t mention Bubba’s name. Bubba had audio saying that the swine flu isn’t all that big of an issue. Earny said he heard Neil Boortz yesterday. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – MJ Kelli Discussions, Bubba rants against Clearchannel

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard “Run Through the Jungle” by CCR as bumper music. Mike from O town said he knows someone who was an intern at 104, he’d like to get a hold of Bubba. Mike said he listens to Schnitt just because he likes to get mad. Bubba said Schnitt has eighteen months on his deal. Bubba said Ryan C Crest is Clearchannel’s guy. Bubba went on to say that Clearchannel gave Elvis some more affiliates, MJ wasn’t even mentioned. Bubba said Clearchannel has an AP for various personalities, MJ was not in the rotation. Bubba said that Jones is a joke of a station, and Clearchannel is giving slots to Randy Rodes. Bubba said nobody wants to play ball with MJ. Brent said there are a tun of Sean Hanity listeners who want to participate. Bubba and Brent said you have to ask anyone you can think of, they don’t like Clearchannel. Bubba said that if MJ can’t see the writing on the wall, he’s more narcissistic than ever. Brent said the reason why Premiere isn’t syndicating his show is because he doesn’t out perform the radio station. Bubba said he has half a mind to go to Stingray Chevy tonight. Bubba said he’s going. Brent said no one at coperate will tell him this – lawsuits are irritating to the industry. Bubba read an article discussing the Shannon Burke situation, Shannon’s wife described what went down. Bubba said Clearchannel screws with good people.. Bubba said the story makes him want to cry. The article said that she’s been a victim of domestic violence, Bubba wonders why the guy is out walking the street. Bubba said she’s lucky to be alive. Bubba reset the 911 call. Bubba said all this stuff will be on the site. Bubba hopes the guy never has the ability to broadcast again. Spice said he wouldn’t mind hearing his side. Bubba thinks they’re all Clearchannel’s trash. Bubba joked he can’t work at CBS until they fire a girl, she’s that hot. Bubba said everyone at CBS listens to the show. Bubba said they are some very good media people. Bubba thinks they should do the cool media party. Bubba said he’d invite some Clearchannel people (Jack and Ted, Ron and Ian, and russle Link). Bubba said the people he’s mentioned know both his on and off air personalities. Bubba wonders when was the last time Cox or CBS had someone who has tried to pick up kids or shot dogs. bubba said the problem is not the competiton, it’s clearchannel. Bubba said they’re public enemy number one with Clearchannel, Spice said good, they can likc him. Bubba had Portorr on the line, Bubba called him a hypocrite and hung up on him. Bubba wants the drop of Jack Nickelson saying “You can’t handle the truth” on his button bar. Bubba found the drop and played it a few times. Bubba thinks the guy who through the baby out the window yesterday had a big white woman, Bubba wanted dave Rice to find the clip from yesterday.

Segment 5

Bubba had Tucker Carlson on the line. Tucker said he likes the E-cigarette. Tucker remembers the time he almost got arrested on a plane for leaving his seat. Tucker said he had to change the name of his news site. Tucker is shocked that Bubba has federally trademarked. Bubba said the reason why he did that was because Scott Shannon started using it, Bubba thinks Scott has gone back to WPLJ. Bubba is upset over all the jocks who have stolen material from him. Tucker loves that Bubba has federally trademarked. Bubba said that on Bubba Raw Volume 2, there’s footage of shocking the puss, Tucker is blown away by that. Bubba said you gotta mix it up a tad, Spice doesn’t get what makes handcuffs so sexy. Tucker said whenever he sees handcuffs, he thinks of drunk driving. Bubba said that when he was in San Antonio, he knew a girl named Rebbeka. Bubba cuffed her, have sex with her, then leave. Tucker asked if they were un employed, Bubba said he worked at 7. Bubba said he was so in love with her, he tried to get her pregnant, Tucker thinks it’s the other way around. Bubba asked Tucker to say “fatass sucka..” Bubba then said that he was laying in bed, crying because she was breaking up with her, she told him that she was seeingg her Dad’s best friend, and don’t practice safe sex, Bubba said it was the last time he ever talked to her, Bubba said he almost ate his glock that day. Tucker said he doesn’t have aPHD in women’s studies. Bubba thinks Tucker won’t tell on himself. Tucker said he often wakes up in costume. Tucker said he’s woken up in costumes like fireman, bus driver, and prison guard. Brent asked how Tucker’s debate went with Huffington. Tucker said that chris Matthews told a story about being at Ford theater, Tucker doesn’t get what’s so great about meeting the first woman. Bubba said the average American isn’t smart enough to realize what is happening. Tucker said that Obama has an appealing personality, he said it’s hard to hate on Obama. Brent said that Chris Matthews annoys him, but he agrees with him saying that the Republicans have been in bed with the Religious right. Tucker said you can’t get elected President without Religion. Bubba wonders if we’ll ever get a President who will everr do what’s best for america. Tucker thinks gay marriage is over as a political viewpoint. Tucker thinks Bubba is a Republican or a Libertarian. The guys discuss Spector, Tucker said he’s a liberal republican. Tucker thinks dumbness is destroying the country. Tucker said Bush discredited so many ideas. Tucker thinks charlie christ won’t be President. Tucker said policy takes a long time to take effect. Bubba thinks he should stay governer for as long as possible. Bubba told Tucker about the Mexican Olympics from yesterday’s show, Bubba said they should give Tucker a password to BubbaRaw. Tucker thinks Bubba should run for office again, Bubba said no, he likes his job as a radio host. Tucker thanked the guys for having him on. Bubba asked Spice if he was still alive. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba discusses the news

Bubba read na email in regards to yesterday’s segment where he and the guys discussed the man who through his girlfirend’s baby out of the car window. The emailer chided Bubba for making rushes to judgement, thinking the guys are wrong for saying his girlfriend was a fat white chick, it turns out that was the case. Bubba and the guys discuss a woman who had a face implant. bubba thinks wife beaters are broken. Bubba said if you have the worm to do this sort of thing, you need to be killed. Bubba thinks the guy should do life in prison. Bubba wonders how fare is it to kill a kid who has it’s whole life in front of him or her. Bubba said you control your own rights. Bubba said there are people you know that kill people. The emailer said shame on you Bubba. Bubba hit the Jack Nickelson drop. Bubba said that the girl is 17, Bubba wonders where were the parents at? Bubba said that had he been in court, the baby would’ve been alive. The emailer said Bubba is a pig, and asked Bubba to have morals. Bubba thinks she could’ve prevented the baby dieing. Bubba had audio discussing the story. Bubba said when it’s time to go to court, you have to go to court. Bubba read the guy’s track record, Brent wondered why he’s out walking the street. Bubba said once you have a kid, you’re responsible for another human. Bubba shame on her for not showing up for court. Spice said if a guy puts his hands on you, take action. Spice said if you’re chick is beating you up, you’re a pussy. Bubba said that he talked to some cops yesterday, he heard this guy is done in prison. Bubba remembered the woman who helped out Hank Earl Car. Bubba thinks this will wake up some women who are in abusive relationships. Bubba thinks Amy can’t handle the truth. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubbaarmy.com, we then heard Manson’s “Caylees Not In The Cradle”.

Segment 8 – Gycho advertising discussions, various phone calls

Bubba and the guys discuss the Gycho ads, Bubba said that Gycho gets him. Steve thinks we should throw women in jail. Stacey said she left her first husband because of abuse. Bubba tried to play the drop of the guy saying it was a dirty game, he screwed up a few times, but found it. Bubba said it’ll be a dirty game when he’s on the receiving end of a prisoner. Barby said a guy put a baby in a microwave because he was stressed out, Spice isn’tt sure if Barby is a woman, Bubba said he’s freaked out. Bubba thinks he’ll have to pay some homage to Jacksonville tomorrow. Bubba thanked Cox for believeing in them. Bubba took a call from a woman who thinks he’s never been in a domestic violence situation. Bubba said he wasn’t being disrespectful towards women. The woman said that once you’re in a situation like that, your family is taken away. Bubba said you have to look at a guy’s track record. Bubba doesn’t think the woman made educated choices. Bubba thanked her for calling. Bubba said a guy was on hold who said that MJ is demanding security at Stingray chevy. Amanda said the woman attacked him because it hurt her feelings. Amanda said that if her man put his hands on her, it would be over. Bubba said it’s not a color issue. Bubba wondered how clearchannel can justify having Lex and Terry. Bubba doesn’t think Jay will ever get the proper praise. Bubba said he’s been approached to write a book about Clearchannel. Bubba wonders if they don’t have freedom of speech, then what do they have? Bubba said that even if they bank rupt him, he’ll have his day to talk about Clearchannel. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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