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Heard on the Show:
Download Manson’s Shannon Burke Song Now!
Carl Russo Photo
Super Mexican Olympics
Shannon Burke Shoots Wife and Dog
Kentucky Derby caller fails to keep his eye on longshot Bird

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.


Segment 1 – Sports Scores, Bikes For Badges discussions, Kentucky durby discussions

Bubba started off with a clip of the Rays winning against the Redsocks.. Bubba said he’s put the lid down for the weekend. Bubba wished Huff the best of luck tonight, Spice said he’ll be going to the game for tomorrow. Bubba plugged Bikes For Badges this weekend. Bubba said you don’t have to have a motorcycle to participate. Spice read from the site with the details. Bubba said if you register on line, it’s much quicer, and you save ten bucs. Bubba thinks the last Hooters he’ll hit will be on Gandy. Bubba said ned will be there with his trike. Bubba thanked Chad from Miller, Bubba said that $0.50 of every Miller Light sold this Saturday will be given back to the charity. Bubba recapped some sports scores. Bubba and Brent both fell asleep watching the race on Saturday. The guys discuss the horse race from Saturday. Bubba is bummed out that Papa Clem didn’t make it. Bubba convinced Heather not to go to tthe race some time. Bubba thinks Brooke Shields is really hot. Manson said if there was no betting, horse racing would die off within a week. Bubba recapped some Nascar results. Daniel from Winterhaven called in to comment on the horse that won. Bubba likes how the guy paid $9500 for the horse. Brent thinks it’s hillarious that black people were singing “My Old Kentucky Home”, Bubba and Brent point out how it’s the most racist song ever written. Bubba played audio of the horse race. The guys think it was a horrible call. The guys don’t like the announcer. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Classic Horse Racing Audio, Shannon Burk Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Mexican olympics. We then heard Manson’s “It’s A Racing deal”. Bubba said that’s a bit he doesn’t agree with. Bubba thanked April for giving him, Big Mike, and Tyler a ride to the airport. Bubba said it was a disappointing weekend of racing for him, he then explained what went down. Bubba reset the clip of the announcer from this past Saturday’s Kentucky durby, Bubba thinks Mind that Bird was ana fterthought for the announcer. Bubba found a horse race from 1973, he thinks it’s way better than the guy from this past Saturday. Bubba said the winner is usually the one who hangs back. Bubba thinks the guy on Saturday will never work in horse racing again. Bubba hopes the guy in the 73 clip picks up the excitement. Manson thinks Scotty Ferrall should’ve called the race, Manson/Ferrall then called the race. Matt was on the line, but his window was down, Bubba asked the guy to roll the window up. Bubba got the bullhorn and hit the siren. Bubba got on the bullhorn and asked the guy to roll his window up, the guy said his window down, the guys think he’s under a waterfall, he was then Eviled a few seconds later. David called to ask about Shannon Burk, David said that Shannon missed his own charity event. Spice said that Clearchannel Orlando stations aren’t allowed to talk about the situation. Spice said he had a bunch of people come up to him talking about the story. Bubba said he had one misshap with a gun in 1990. Bubba said that he accidently shot his neighbour’s portch, Bubba said he knows now what not to do. Bubba played audio discussing the story. The guys think Burk is replaceable. Ned doesn’t like the guy because he’s a bad shot. Bubba thinks Manson has a bit coming on. Bubba played the 911 call, Bubba thinks Shannon is way too calm over this situation. Brent said one of the problems is that the guy is lying on the call, as the report says different. Bubba points out how Shannon asks her not to call anyone. Bubba said he thinks you’re not gonna hear this anywhere else. Spice said he’d like to see Chris Cantmire’s memo on this, Bubba then said the former program director of a station in Oralndo was arrested for trying to pick up a twelve year old girl, but it was a cop. Spice read some info about Adam Cooke, the guy Bubba mentioned earlier. Bubba read a letter from Clearchannel in Jacksonville. Bubba said it’s a problem as they’re doing something illegal. Bubba and the guys talk about how dogs will more than likely pick a side. Spice said that if one of the guys did something like this, he’d expect some backlash. Bubba asked the people in Orlando to flip around the dial during commercials. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Clearchannel Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Mexican Olympics. Bubba said he got a text from David Ruidiman, they’ll be started a driver developmental program. Megan from Tydisville called into say that she has the same kind of dog Shannon has, she said the dog is one of the sweetest things she’s ever had. Spice said there’d be no reason to put a gun up to the dog’s head. Bubba thinks it was a screw you move to his wife. Manson said his wife could cheat on him with 18 other dudes, he’s not gonna do anything to the dog. Bubba hopes Shannon never sees the light of day. Scott said 106..7 is talking about it, the guy isn’t saying all that much about it. Richard said you’re not gonna hear any coverage of it on Clearchannel stations. Bubba said Clearchannel is a bunch of hypocrites for casting judgement on everyone but themselves. Bubba and Spice do a recreation as to what clearchannel should’ve done. Bubba then played “Caylee’s Not In The cradle”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Spice on Mother’s day, Cigarette John Update, workout wheel, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes For Badges. We then heard “Piano Man” as bumper music. Bubba said he needs Mexicans for tomorrow. Bubba said the only Mexican who is coming in is the defending champ from last year. Bubba said he thinks six people stop him to look at his watch. Bubba said you can go to ballwatch.com. Bubba is thinking about getting Heather something for Mother’s day. Bubba said Manson is working on a Shannon Burk bit. Bubba said that it’s Spice’s responsibility to buy something for Tasha from her kid. Bubba suggested Spice use Proflowers.com, he likes how they email you if you’ve selected reminders, Bubba jokes that if Spice sends guys flowers, he’ll fire him. Bubba asked why is Spice so mean. Spice said it’s always something with a Holiday. Bubba said that even though he’s not with Tyler’s Mom, he still sends her stuff. Bubba asked Spice to trust him on this. Spice said he’s not mad about doing this, he’s mad over the Holidays. Jason said that Shannon was holding the dog upside-down. A guy called in and said he’s got Shannon Burk’s cell phone number. Bubba has Cigarette John in, John said he thinks he’s off cigarettes. Bubba introudced the workout wheel, Pantera is up next. Tim said he used to listen to Shannon Burk, he’s shocked about all this. Bubba likes the black guy on Shannon’s show. Six Pack said he’s a Mexican, Bubba put him on hold to get his info. Pete said he’d like to sign up for the Olympics, but he’s only half. Dan from Dayton said he met Bubba at a ProSource apperance. Dan asked about something toney Stewart is doing. Bubba had audio of Toney being interviewed after he got second place. Bubba had audio of a radio host who died in a car crash. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Movie discussions, Janie Cakes’s E-cigarette update, bary Cohen news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes For Badges. We then heard AWB’s “Pick Up The Pieces” as bumper music. Bubba said the new Wolvereen movie is on fire. Bubba wonders what the executive producer does, Brent explains it. Jeff said he knew some people at Clarchannel, he said Burk will be gone. Bubba asked the guy to get in his truck, he thinks the BS will be the new midday show. Bubba called up Janie cakes, but got sent to the ansering machine. The guys discuss what happened to the cowboys. Steve on protection said that Brent had it right, but it depends who is who.. Steve said the director of photography could run the show if the director isn’t all that experienced. The guys discuss the movie industry a little. Bubba wonders who the most talented actor is behind the scenes, Steve said Morgan Freedman is talented both on and off screen. The guy said that John Goodman was drunk during a movie. Bubba said Gean Hackman is one of his favorite actors, Bubba said he could watch anything with hackman in it.. Bubba said his SAG card renewed itself, but he’s never used it for anything. Bubba said it’s only $68.00 every six months, Steve thinks Bubba is a walking comic book character. Bubba said TMZ has great footage on line, but he doesn’t like how the TV show. Bubba played audio of TMZ discussing Ms. California. Bubba said he needs a catch up day every so often. Bubba has audio of Perez Hilton, Spice is disgusted with how Perez gets away with everything. Spice said they need to get back to what the pagent is all about, how hot she is. Spice thinks Perez is eating his own logic. Bubba thinks it’s wrong that she didn’t win. Bubba went to Janie Cakes, he played her bumper. Janie said she was on her way to Rough In when he called. Bubba wonders why doesn’t the dog just lay around the house and likc his privates. Bubba asked Janie about her e-cigarette experiment. Janie said she had three cigarettes yesterday. Janie said she hasn’t charged it, she said their pretty strong for her. She said she had Jeff puff on it a few times. Janie said that her cigarettes are $67.00 a carton, Brent thinks that would be a deal breaker right there. Bubba had audio of Linda Hogan on Entertainment Tonight, but he screwed up and played a clip about bill Mury, he caught himself though and played the right one. Bubba said he finally figured out why they can’t get a fair trial. Bubba got sidetracked with Ned passed out in the Green room. Bubba said the guys have been very critical of Barry Cohen. Bubba said that for years, Barry has represented judges for free. Bubba explained who Berry Cohen is for those who are unfamiliar with him. Bubba had Spice Google Barry Cohen. Bubba read an article saying that one of Cohen’s clients sued him. Bubba thinks we should have tort reform. Brent wonders how what Bary does is ethical. they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Manson’s new bit, Jesus License plate, Scotty the body Checks in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Power of the FU” T-shirt. Bubba said Manson has a new bit, Bubba said Ned has puked twice in the Green Room. Josh in Miami said he wentt to school with a judge’s son, Manson is distracted by the click in his phone. Bubba said he got emails from people saying they’re upset that they didn’t get bubbapalooza Tickets. Bubba Eviled him for asking for more tickets. Justin said he was engaged to a udge’s daughter, but they split up. He said that her Dad had signed a warent asking for Justin’s arrest. Bubba said he felt bad for Justin. Bubba went to Manson’s latest bit, parody of “You Give Love A Bad Name”, Spice asked Clearchannel to shop this one around. Bubba said they’ll put it up on the site. The guys like how Manson inserted the “Don’t call anyone” line. Bubba wants to get Shannon’s wife on the air. Bubba said they’ve got to find someone who can go against Rhonda Storms. Bubba had audio from the news about the Jesus License plate, the guys laugh at the news reporter. Spice thinks we should draw a line in the sand with church and state separation. Spice wants to see the reporter. Franky B said he’d like to confrence Carl Ruso and Bubba on the air. Bubba doesn’t exactly remember the guy. Bubba hit a bumper to go to commercials, but he stopped it, saying he accidently did that. Spice found a pic of Carl Russo, the guys cracked up, Bubba thinks he remembered him. Bubba goes over the lineup at his first radio station. Bubba said he doesn’t think he has a Scotty the Body setup. Scotty came on and said today was his birthday, hes’ the same age as Bubba. Scotty is turd hurding with US Waterboard. Scotty said he has to make an appearance in Court today. Scotty said he works a lot in the East coast. Scotty said he lives in Claremont. Scotty said his kid was out of controll, he said he wasn’t there for him during the first five years. Scotty thinks his kid is on the lamb. Scotty said that going to court is not a big fear for him. Scotty said he spent seven years in prison. Bubba said that Scotty did about seven to nine lines of coke, Scotty joked that Bubba should go on protection, Bubba said everyone knows who he is. Scotty said the movie “Blow” was a little too scary for him. Bubba said that Scotty would call up a limo for Friday night, but have it sit there for a weekend. Scotty thanked the dancers, which is where a quarter of a half of his money went. Bubba said Fribrizi convinced Scotty that his toilet paper roll was bugged. Bubba said he wants to see Scotty the Body sometime. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Manson’s Latest Bit to fill some time

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s latest bit. Since Bubba ran long, this was all we heard for this segment.

Segment 8 – Bubba Reads Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba Raw volume 3. Bubba thinks it was on Friday when they talked about Hank Shwarts (Satellite show). Bubba asked Spice not to disrespect Hank Shwarts. Spice asked Bubba if he shaved this weekend, Bubba said he tucked. Bubba stopped and started the song. Bubba read an email from a guy who thanked Bubba for the advertisers he endorses. Another emailer said he emailed Brent about something, Bubba suggested the guy go to prosource.net. Another emailer asked if they have Bubba Army window stickers for the guy. Another emailer said they heard the latest Caylee Anthony song, he loved it. Another emailer asked about the Bikes for Badges, Bubba restated that you don’t need a bike to participate.. Bubba said he’ll be on Dave Mckay’s show tomorrow. Another emailer asked who sang “I Kissed A Boy”, Ned came back into the studio, he thinks he has the swine flu. Another emailer asked about The clemulis Package. Another emailer said that they’re disappointed over missing bubbapalooza. Another emailer asked when will Bubba be in Ft. Lauderdale. Another emailer said that Danny the stoner made it as one of the finaliests. Another emailer asked about vacinations. Another emailer said that he was at clearwater Beach and saw Hogan there, he said Hogan was a real nice guy. Bubba thinks Hogan never takes his Bubba Army shirt off. Another emailer said that he agreed with Bubba’s treatment of a caller last week. Another emailer said that he found the Bubba Wanna Corndog album, it was shocking back then. Manson thinks they should do some more Jeopardy bits. Another emailer said he loved the show, and said screw the haters. Bubba said the new Shannon Burk bit is up on the site. Bubba played it, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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