4-8-09 Wednesday

April 8th, 2009 by admin

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.
Wednesday April 8, 2009

Segment 1
The guys discuss throwing eggs into a basket from a few feet away. Bubba
and the guys want to do a bang van with Naughty Alishia on Friday’s
satellite show.
Segment 2
Coming out of commercials, we heard an ad for Bubba’s appearance this
Saturday at Lumber Liquidators. We then heard Ned’s bit welcoming the new
listeners. We heard Blink 182 as bumper music, Bubba is having iPod
issues, Ned called them “Queers with guitars”. Bubba said how things have
gotten smaller these days, Manson doesn’t get it either. Bubba said he
really likes Keith Olberman for wripping into Obama for not sticking with
his plan. Brent had to explain to Bubba waht the phrase “The other shoe
drops” means. Bubba said that had Obama said the war was over when he was
in Iraq, he would’ve been the most popular president. Jessica called in
with an iPod tip, she said you have to hold down the center and the top
button at the same time. Bubba thanked her, Spice says the guys at the Mac
store are pompus asses. Bubba thinks he’s behind the times on the external
hard drives. Bubba wonders if the external hard drives will work on Macs,
Dave said yes. Bubba
had audio of Joe biden discussing the war in Iraq. Kevin caled in to
chide Bubba for saying Obama had Fried Chicken and collared Greens on Air
Force One. Bubba wonders why fried chicken has to be a black thing, Bubba
thinks he’s had more fried chicken then any black people. Bubba doesn’t
like collared greens, Brent, Ned, and Spice like collared greens, Manson
doesn’t. Bubba says something isn’t right with the ratings. Bubba thinks
you’d have to have a great promotion one month, then put on something
your listeners wouldn’t like in order to drop in the ratings. Bubba said
that in jacksonville. In January they were 5.4, in February they were
3.5. In the demographic of 18-34, 13.3-10.2. From 25-54, they went from
.8 to 7.5 to 4.7. Bubba reads the Orlando ratings. In twelve plus,
3.4-1.2. Bubba said these are just the monthly ratings. Bubba doesn’t get
how The Monsters went from a 0.1 to a 7.0 in the Twelve plus demographic.
From 18-34, they had a 6.5,
they’re now down to a 1.2. Bubba said that if he was Arbitron, he’d be
embarraced. From 25-54, 5.7-1.2. Bubba gives The Monsters a timmble for
beating them in the ratings. Bubba thinks no one is listening to them in
Richmand.. Bubba thinks the reason why the ratings are dropping is
because of the F Bubba factor. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.
Segment 3
Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo stating the show is in 22nd
place in Miami. Bubba plays The Beetles as bumper music, Manson thinks
it’s a Beetles impersonation group. Sean called into discuss the ratings,
he thinks some of the new ads might have scared off some people. Spice is
curious as to what advertisers scared people off, Sean then got Eviled.
Brandon said he’d like to woop Bubba’s sass, but he got Eviled before he
could say anything. Bubba said he’s not up on pop culture. Bubba said that
one of the producers of the movie Wolvereen is a huge Bubba fan, and
connected with Bubba on Facebook. The guys discuss the movie getting
leaked on line, despite that it’s not a finished product. ubba likes that
Alex Young, the president of production at Fox is a big ubba fan, and an
even bigger Ned fan. Bubba said the only wolvereen he knew of was the
Michigan Wolvereens. Bubba is not into Science fictin movies. Spice reads
the top ten movies of 2008.
The Dark Night – no. Iron Man – no. Indiana Jones – no. handcock – no.
Wall E – no. Kungfu Panda – no. Twilight – no. Madagascar – no. Quantom
of Solis – no. Bubba thinks the last movie he saw was Mr. Bean’s
Vacation. Mark from Jacksonville said he used to decode films, he saidd
that they send uncover teams to catch people who pirate movies, Ned
thinks the guy just wants to see the movie Wolvereen. Tonie called to say
the monthly trends are bologna, he got hung up on a short time later.
Bubba read some emails. A Canadian guy said he has a picture for him, the
guy with the stanley cup and a Bubba Army shirt. An emailor suggests
Sirius replay the Friday FM show, Bubba said the guy has no idea how it
works. Another emailer said that Bubba has stooped to the level of
pulling tricks on girls. Mike turned out to be the Pink cowboy to makr
out. Juicey Fruit, the openly gay trucker called in to say he and Ned
hung out recently. Juicey Fruit really loves Spice’s
nerd character. Ned says he’s talks dirty to Juicey Fruit, Bubba then got
Ned hooked up with the CB setup. Ned and Juicey Fruit went back and forth
a little as if they were going CB to CB, Bubba cut it off a few seconds
later as he didn’t like the way it was going, Juicey Fruit was then
Eviled. They then went to break a few seconds later.
Segment 4
Coming out of commercials, we heard an ad for Bubbaraw.com. We then heard
some T-rex “Bang a Gong” as bumper music. Bubba is trying to get a hold of
Bill Keller. Bubba wonders how we got from the Religious asspect to Easter
bunnies. Bubba brought bill on a few seconds later. Bubba asked Bill what
the difference is between different religious figures. Bill said he’s an
evangilist. Bubba said Bill is a straight shooter and has thick skin.
Bubba gives some names of some preachers he grew up watching. Bill said
that these healers haven’t healed anyone. Spice asked about TD Jakes, Bill
said that TD is a ball of wonder. Brent asked about Dr. James Dobson, Bill
called him a sellout. Brent asked about Al Sharpton, Bill said that he’s a
race hater. Brent asked about Rick Warren who gave the opening prayer at
Obama’s swaring in, Bill said the only reason why he did that was because
he got a homosexual group to pay him. Bill doesn’t understand how Rick
Warren is so
hypocritical. Bubba asks why Bill is so freaked out over homosexuality,
Bubba had to dump Bill for saying “going back door”. Bill has a problem
with homosexuals publically displaying their lifestyles. Bubba said the
largest epidemic with homosexuality is with the Ctholic priests. Bubba
said that there are far more radio stations that offer prgrams vs God.
Manson said you can’t hold Christians responsible for the child
molestation. Brent tore into the new Pope, saying how he was a member of
the Nazi party, he said the Pope wrote a letter saying that if any police
come by to investigate child molestation, do not comply. Bubba thinks
Bill shouldn’t hang his hat on just homosexuality. Bubba doesn’t think
the homosexuals don’t effect his life. Bill asked how thousands of these
gay clubs have popped up in schools. Brent suggested Bill go read the
14th amendment to the Constitution. Bill says you choose being gay, Brent
says your born with a sexuality
preffrence. Bill said he could care less about what homosexuals do in
their private time, but he has a problem with them going public. Bill
said he syns every day, and anyone who says they don’t syn are lying.
Bill says that when he syns, he asks God for forgiveness. Manson and
Brent say Christianity is based on hypocrisy. Bubba wants to know what
Easter really is. Bill said Easter is when God reserected Jesus. Bill
said that if it didn’t hapen, then people are stupid. Bubba thinks it
could very well be a ferrytail. Bill said he’s no different than anyone.
Bill said what locked religion in for him was the reserection of Jesus.
Bubba brought Pastor John on to talk with Bill. John said he disagrees
with Bill regarding his comments on Rick Warren. Bubba likes John’s
phone, he likes how it’s nice and loud. Bill told John to check out
Warren’s Larry King interview. Bubba asks the guys to at least agree with
each other to a certan extent. Bill said that a lot
of the listeners are going through hell. Bubba said that Bill helps
people with the bible. Bubba said that in the Bible it says homosexuals
should be killed, Bill said it was the old testiment, Brent said it was
the new testiment. Manson said the old testiment was good back in the
day, not anymore. Manson asks why would God tell people how to treat
their slaves. Bubba said that Bill is fragmenting death on down to
spiritual death. Bubba asked Bill if when you die, do you just go to
sleep. Bubba said that the smartest man many many years ago said that if
there is a God, you can rise from the dead. Bill said the christianity is
not some blind leep n the dark. Bill said you can’t denie the millions of
transformed lives after they’ve found religion. Brent read from the bible
discussing homosexuality. Manson wonders why we need a human sacrafise in
order to save man kind. Bubba played a news clip of a woman who killed
her son and then herself at a gun range
in Orlando. Bubba wondered how can it be, Bill said the woman was
mentally disturbed. Bubba read an email from a woman who asked how can
Bill be so down on homosexuals, yet the death row inmates ask for
forgiveness, Manson says it’s just how religion is. Bill said that a
homosexuals just need to ask for forgiveness. Manson asked what the
difference is between Bill syning and the average person syning, without
falling off the waggon. Ned thinks Bill is a self hating homosexual, Bil
said his wife of 26 years would disagree. Spice is creaped out by bill
laughing. Bill said that if you’re on hard times, you can go to Bill’s
site and pray with them. Bubba thanked Bill for coming on, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.
Segment 5
Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance this
Saturday. They then played Tucker Carlson’s bumper and brought him on.
Bubba thinks they should have Tucker on to debate Bill Keller. Bubba
wondered why Bill got thrown off of TV, Brent said it was because of
pressure from the muslums. Bubba recapped what Bill said earlier. Tucker
said that Christians are nice people, but he doesn’t like them. Brent said
that a lot of Christians commit crimes and end up in prison. Bubba said
that Tucker is on more now than ever. Bubba reset the Oberman bashing
Obama, Tucker thinks Keath’s audience is stupid. Tucker asks how Keath has
moxy, Tucker jokedhe has a team of writers. Bubba thinks they should take
Chris matthews off the TV. Tucker asks if anyone wil ever brag about
working for Jimmy Carter, the guys don’t think so. Tucker names some
people who worked for the Carter administration. Bubba thinks Ford was the
dumbest President. Brent wonders if
Obama will ever get us out of Iraq. Bubba asked Tucker about the Palin
situation, Tucker thinks it’s over for her. Tucker thinks she got
horrible advice. Tucker thinks you have to say something in order to keep
the story going. Tucker somehow got cut off. The guys really like
Eminem’s latest video called “We Made You” where he mentions Palin. Bubba
said he’s backed up, both on the show and in life, he hasn’t had a bowel
movement in three days. Portor called in to say that Bubba is almost like
Bob Lassitor by saying how great a bowel movement is. Prtor said that he
didn’t like the guys calling Carter white trash, Portor is disgusted how
Brent knocks Carter, Bubba hung up on him. Bubba said when you’re brother
pees on Air Force one, you’re white trash. Bubba said the only thing good
about the Carter years is that Indiana State almost won the ncaa finals,
but got beat. they then went to commercials a few seconds later.
Segment 6
Coming back from commercials, we heard “Spanky’s Easter” from “Bubba’s
Holiday Classics Vol. 2″, track 4. Events include an easter egg hunt with
Spanky in a crotchless easter bunny costume, beating Manwell with a
chocolate Easter bunny, and a wet shroud of Turin contest. Bubba said Doug
Goodstein dropped off a copy of Bubba Raw Volume 3. Bubba Raw 3 will be
out on Aprril 14. The DVD features topless chicks, Dennis Rodman, stripper
trivia, etc. Bubba plays a bit of Eminem’s latest video. Brent really
likes the new website. Bubba asked Ned if he’s been using Manson’s
computer to look at porn, Ned really likes Farm Secrets at home, Ned has a
new site he looks at while he’s at work. Brent said that the FBI could
bust him, Brent said animals can’t consent. Bubba said he likes Eminem’s
skills of rapping. Bubba has been able to identify some of the people in
the video. Bubba wonders why the video has several star Treck refrences,
it’s not relivent, Brent said
there’s a new movie coming out. Spice said that Eminem is very deep with
his lyrics. Bubba really likes the break down in the songs. Bubba said
that eminem is looking skinny. Bubba is dusgusted by how Samantha Ronstin
looks. Bubba said Dr. McShary has a crush on Linzy Lohan. Bubba said he
doesn’t like the courses, Spice said that radio will repeat it over and
over again, so much so that you’ll have no choice to like it. Bubba
thinks Eminem’s vidoes make his music for him. Andrew from jacksonville
called to disucss christianity, he said that if you chose christ or not,
what will happen at the end? Manson doesn’t believe the big ban theory,
Brent said it makes more sense. Manson said he knows he’ll burn in a lake
of fire, Brent said the stories in the Bible are coppied from somewhere
else. Pedro from New york called to comment on the pastor. Pedro also
commented on 25 Cent and Akira, he thinks they didn’t have a lot of sex
with her. Bubba said that this
is Spice’s first Easter with a kid. Spice said he’ll probably be doing
the coloring of the easter eggs. Bubba wants to get Tasha on. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.
Segment 7
Coming out of commercials, we heard an ad for Bubba Raw Volume 3. We heard
Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine” as bumper music. Bubba asked Ned some questions
about doing cocaine, Ned wasn’t there. Ned came in a few seconds later,
Bubba said the spontanaity is lost. Steve from St. Pettersburgh called
into say that the shroud of Turin looks like Hogan circa 1982. The guys
discussed the shroud of Turin, the guys think it looks like Hogan. Hulk
called in a few minutes later. Hulk wants to stop by the studio on Friday
with Gary Smith. Hulk said he did a job one time with Billy Kidman. Bubba
thought with Hogan’s last contract he had creative freedom, Hogan said it
was different. Bubba said that while he was touring the T&A place, he
asked not to meet Vince Ruso, as he said he’d cut the biggest promo on him
in front of everyone. Bubba thinks Ruso is a cancer on T&A. Hogan said
that him winning the lawsuit against Ruso is in the past. Hogan still
wants to be an intern, he
said he’s not joking. Bubba said he’ll call Hogan later today, Hogan said
“yeah right”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.
Segment 8
Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance this
Saturday. Bubba has no idea where today went, Bubba thinks Keller went
long. Bubba wonders if Tucker is mad at them, Brent thinks they got
disconnected. Bubba plugged the website for Guido’s work on the Hogan
shroud. David from Tampa sounded depressed, he said he was on a lot of
medication for his back, Ned likes the pills the guy takes. Brent said
there would be no need for Ned to crack the guy with the wine bottle, he’s
already out of it. David said he was molested by a Catholic priest, Spice
asked him if he sounded like this when he was being molested. Ned said
he’d be depressed if he molested this guy. Spice asked if the priest was
with him now, David said no. Spice thinks the fart validation will be
back. Bubba had audio of a news clip discussing a kid with the last name
of Jordan doing great at basketball. Bubba brought Tasha on a few seconds
later. Tasha said things were going
great, Spice said it was really exciting, Tasha’s son lost his first
tooth, Ned asked if Spice knocked it out. Bubba asked Tasha what she has
planned Easter wise. Tasha said they’ll be coloringg eggs and then an
Easter egg hunt, Spice dreds that it’ll be on Saturday night. Spice has
no idea how to handle a kid, Tasha said Spice is a nervous wreck. Bubba
thinks the coloring of the eggs should be a family thing, Sunday morningg
is when the hunt should go down. manson said he has a clear crayon and
writes politically incorrect things on the eggs, the kids crack up. Bubba
thinks it would be a horrible idea to tell the kid that the Easter Bunny
doesn’t exist. Ned said it would be logical to go out to the woods, find
a rabbit, then slice it’s throat, bring the corpse back and say, “here’s
your motherfucking Peter Cottontail.” Ned said he did that with his kids,
he said “That’s what you get for being an idiot in the ned household.”
Bubba and Heather will be
out of town this weekend, they don’t have any kids this weekend. Bubba
said that he thinks she’s beingg a little needy. Bubba said he nows that
Spice desires Tasha, they’ve heard it in the office several times. Bubba
asked Spice if he pleasure himself more than he has sex with Tasha, Spice
didn’t give a concrete answer. Bubba thanked her for coming on. Spice
told Tasha not to infflate the price of teeth. Spice wonders if they’re
trafficking teeth. Manson thinks a dollar for a five year-old is
reasnable, Bubba thinks otherwise. ned covered a Barbie doll in catchup
and said “here’s the tooth farry.” Bubba said Spice has a lot to learn
about parenting, Bubba hopes they have more kids. They then ended the
show a few seconds later.

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